Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 09, 1911, NEWS SECTION, Page 11, Image 11

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Ealph E. Sunderland Tells Why
Commission Form is Assailed.
Electric Company
Has Claim for the
Delay at Court House
Claim against the coantv for losses
suffered by thf Johnston I'Jectrto com
pany on account of the drugging of con
struction work on tho new count v build,
lug and In the dynamite explosions in
tho building are to bo pressed by the
Johnston company. In a letter Just sent
to the llolml of County Commissioners
the Johnston company calls attention to
the fact that Its claim for losses through
slow progress of the general construction
Is Increasing gradually. The company
has desired to do Its part of the work at
the earliest possible moment so it can
have the matter off Its hands and so It
I will not U to be k-epin men on hand
' for the Job. Tho rlrcu-ioal work cannot
'be completed until the general construc
';rZtr;L:z ,;;;n:':!CASES against druggist
slonrrs holds the. contractors to this pi
vision the penalties will be In excess of
tion is nearer done and tho Johnston let
ter says tho slow progress of tho l.tst
thirty or sixty flav hot cncoof.igliv.
The rompany "wants to know it the
county niches It to file a claim now and
an additional oh when tho work t com.
ploWd, or wishes it to wait until the
woik Is done before filing any claim.
The Johnston claim will bo In the neigh
borhood of
Members of tho Hoard of County Com
missioners and others now are saying the
new county building will not bo occupied
In-fore next fall or late next summer at
best. I'nder the contract with Caldwell
& lrake, the general contractors. It
should t-ave been finished June 1. this
year. Tho contract provides that the
contractors ehall pay a penalty of fioo t
day for all time taken beyond tho timo
If. F. Olson, propiirlov of t!- iVui;
store at Nlnetcvitli anl Ilarnry
sfiets, who was nr-csl 'l when Ms slum
was raided Saturday, was dinrharg.jd on
two cluircos filed nn.i.rsf him In p'lcj
couit. Olson wa chanted with rll:ti
whisky without reipiirlni tie purchaser
to n l er.isior an I also for s-V.hmh
llipior wiiiicit a I'.ccase.
Ti e chin gc cf si Hint lnjuor wlthon'. a
llieii'o w :i t.iivl on n search ,
Attack M'a Mutle m Ihr Plan
t l)ra Xolnci I.) Thimr
Intrrmtnl In the
Old Rule.
, libelous and slanderous statements
to have been uttered by the Omaha Pnilv
News form the basis of a libel suit for
2."..ii0 against that newspaper bv I'red
Ho e. w ho w as defeated for sheriff at
the last election.
The suit was filed late yesterday after
noon In district court. Iloye sets forth that
slanderous and defamatory statements
relating- to his Incumbency on tho Kir
and 1'ollce board were made by tho News
In a tenlolnt editorial published during
tho last campaign.
Ralph K. Sunderland, leailrr tf the (.'ill
nn' unl"n ha sent tlio lollowintf letter
to tha editor of The Hoe answrrli-B the
T!m cl-Higs i"..d not core.- the law tr.U
on a tei hnicil.ty Olson was uuun.i:'i;,.l.
Assistant oir.ty Auoinsy Mairr.c S'.U
ho would lobe.lly fllii another n.mpUiul
against Olacn which v.saia ioer ibe
hi such a way iu t- w arruut O.son I lu(
bound over to th district coort.
attack mail on the commission form of
govmrnifiit; '
"As u to be fxpeclcd the rncmlcs of
Commission government in Omaha, hava
gain come to the front.
"According to a local dully paper an
tttcmpt is to be made to dcetroy the
comrninslon plan law by having: it de
clared unconstitutional or otherwise In
valid. "The people of Omaho have by iluo
process of law necured the coininl; tion
' Ilan. of government, effective next sprltiB,
and they not only resent tho attack upon
it, but will defend their right to put it
into operation.
'"The people of Pes Jioines Old the
aame thing about four years av Admin
Ixtratlon politicians whoso iwnoiiai ln
tereaf surpajised their interest in the vvtl
lare of the city, appealed to tha courts
Upon technical grounds for the annulment
tho commission plan law.
"The citizetia rose up in defenxe of the
law, although it provided for a th'-n un
tried plan of government, anil they de
manded their rlnht to use it. jThey won.
"Tho dcclxioMH of thn court were in
the interest of the whole city and today
great honor tn pnld to the Judg.-f) who
stood 3 a bulwark asalnut the destruc
tion of tho commission r?an, which has
irovea so beneficial to t'ie citizens of Dcs
"Omaha, citizens liave been keen ob
servers of the progress that Is being made
In the direction of good government and
Ihe (obstructlonist. whether operating in
tho open or covertly In the name of som
'taxpayer,' can not' deceive tho leople of
this city nor defeat their will.
"Would any citizen or city official at
tack tho validity of the commission plan
law for the good of the city or would It be
for aomo other reason? .
"Fortunately for the good of tTift city,
the citizens at large re awake to their
own Interests and reallio their own power
(o protect their interest", i They know
what they want and will stand together'1
pBainst every effort to destroy that which
they , want most, namely the commission
plan of government for Omaha."
Many Bid for Repairs
on Federal Building
Bids for $12,000 repairs to bo mu.le at
Ihe federal building within the'next six
fnonths poured Into the custodian's office
yesterday, and among the several score
received only 'six were sent in by Omaha
contractors. (The remainder came tuoatly
troin firms in Chicago, Denver and Knr
BaE .Cty. These bids were ent to. the
puptrvlBlng architect at Washington and
the!, award will be inad wine '.ttnio
KvitMn the next week.
When Jess redersen, the l'anlsh wrest
ler, who meets Jr-s Wcstergaard at 4ic
Auditorium tonight In a finish match,
stepped from his trnin at tho I'nion depot
lie was met with a surprise which will
make him think of Omaha for years to
come. Tederseu has a brother by the
name of John. Twenty years ago Joint
and' Jess separated In the old country.
John came to tho United States to try
and make a fortune. AV'hcn the two
brothers separated little did they know
that It would be twenty, years before
they taw each other. John read about
Ms brother Jess being In this country,
and it was, with a hearty grip that lie
franped the hand of his brother when he
arrived in Omaha this morning. John
lives at gioux Falls, 3. D.
m .
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