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    tiii: t?i:i;.- omaha. fuidav. wxuMnKR . v.m.
The McNamaras Have Nothing on Mutt--He Pleads Guilty, Too
By "Bud" Fisher
I , . - - - I ....-.,..... l . I i i -"ilsiJ ;not ) crALJ p J jRfr,,.LTY'l
i fefemyj- 'VO few 7 IMsS Tltfcy rite s
'None of Stari of Wett Appcir Among
Thoe o! Pint Choice.
tamp Relieves Ihnl Kale Forbid
( Tari.e l)rlrr Ik ICaer
shonl.l lie KJtacr Modified
r Knfnirnl.
: Ends-White ci' Princeton, Bum-isler of
I Tale.
Tack ira-Hart of Prinieton, Devor of
: Went I "ni 1.
uatri-rishr of Harvard, Vvtt of
, lrin'ion.
Onir Ketch urn of Yale.
Halfback:-Wemlell of Hirvrl, Tliorve
I of Carllmlr.
Quaner-Ilci. of T.
Kuilback-pkltun cf . tmniu'ls.
sixxiND t::am.
Knds Ktn'.lh ef Harvai, Very of Tenn
! Riat.
Tacklec Mufik of Cornell, ImIihIIv ef
I Tale.
. viuaia Sqrabr of L'bitaKo. Mclvl(t af
! TaJe.
1 'wnler-Ki;thci:thal f PrUxeton.
nartrl,ck-r0Hiic of liriion.
j Hi If back Mwj of Dartmouth, Oaiup
I f !. ,
j Fullback Koneowalil of Minnesota.
, KrHtaAabkauRh of Brown. Kailrtt of Buaar of VVlaoonaia. Brown of
I Aanapnitr.
UuaMarrancls of Tal. Arnold of
Wmt point.
' Cr',r IVpana at Annapolli.
Vviartorfcack CaprOri oC Uinnaaoia.
. Halfkaraa Marrac ol Paanalvaata.
"Ma!tsaf atfrttlKaa.
rullback-Huduon of Trinity.
Tha foot beat acatoa ot Hit so
tno la Mjaory ono of m1rar'.a. In
' aet. aX4a frora Uta aoddni traMfnrtna
1 Um of tima fro loainc taama to
; Ttctortou lumi. ' ftnd vlco rtraa. etran
I tha fealj f;naily Wgiti t tafco part (a th
, astraordlitary hiTP'n.'nsa, and oa on
I day, namely, tba day mi tba Prlnoeion-
, rkartntoutii etui AndovivEaatr Katiwa,
I ta eti of wbiclt gamaa tha ball per.
fnaeri would t9 ba a miracle,
' naaaely, rua.i.nj alone tha 'ground for a
troaatdarabkr dka'.anra and thoa fcoJfilli
; np over thH rrobar. In tha of tha
I Princeton-Darln-oul. 1 ganr.a tola baU wai
tarted by a parUiily mUeed drop-aim
j and thua wnt cer forty ytrii. h!Uln
tha ground oooaalonatly btfair It atrtiefc
I on Ua and on. axn Irrtcularlty and laapao
inp ovar tha goal bar. Then. too. the.
I favorite r a vary groat proanrucn of
j tha Important fimM were. r:iime.I
'eTeotual'.y aa loarra; nor waa there
iaoy con;iucy about that usaelf, but
Itbay oam In tha moat unexpacud wayt
'acd upon itr3jd:a.-y oeeexona. Not
only wera teams lncona:tent In their
work, but aUo Individual Hen w4 had
played tteadily througu tha anaaon until
iom Imvortat gam auudenly aaemad
to )" Lb air pcrtixctiva and. banco, their
effactlvaneti. Thl Waa trua it aeveral
'po'loni. Tha princ'pal conteata. of tha
ar war won and last through a fumble
or a fluke. Nona of tha other work
! counted. Harvard loat her cam in
Princeton while attempt. ng a drap-klck
, under Princeton goal. Tala lot her
gaae to Princeton, wljtn wall into
IPrinoeton'a tairltorj. by a ailp of the
bll going, tbr?ucll ,U fullback1 hnj
and being picked up by the Princeton
and. who ran the entire two-th:rd of
tha leneth of the field fr a touc'.vlown.
jNor could h! rroenre on the apot be
regarded a rrovMentlal for Princeton.
Ifor It ee hie haWt. Thla young
man Whit naa the ram on who
jraa to-tllrds ot the length of tile f'eld
for Princeton a touchdown agalnet liar,
wrd after a drop-ktck. Princeton de
fealed Dartmouth by the kick already
mentioned earlier In thla article, which
ran forty -five yarle and then bounflfd
the bar. Harvard ui-featml Dart
taoutb by a blocked kick. Wlacomln tlrd
Minnesota, ('apron scoring illnnesotai
touchdown by running bavk ihe Initial
klckoff. ou,l M,i Uter ruimlns hair the
1 length of the f.eld for touchdown for
. Wiavonain. Ti ue It I that on trt lm
jortant 8atiirJer the we;:ifi uae
atrodoui ard lb lichig iq v.retc.ud iwii.
U.llon. r.Uiily ft t10 i,)IUBl nunies
of lata yeara the cjndinoi.g have been
Th. fo ui,l pa.i ),aa uen 10 more
ioinliifiit j-miiiou t,r old: l:i ft-t.
In lute ganire f iial,v le. It haa
leulted In rfcur on one or two occa
ii In conteeia that t.,arit a good
oal. It lu. n'4 been productive, of any
mtifculir laya. The oarlde HoK ha
bn, a always, a matter of luck, that 1.
If the ball b.,undii etiuight Hie dftmalv
!! atcurea im..iw., ,M 0f jt
tha aide on the attack han Inet nei'eral
ard 011 the tick. Tim la the dlftiiem,
l-ti.eii tho long klcu ami the ahoit one.
If. on the othr l.anJ. the ball perfurnia
a ftk aot'o anJ iltlier Jamra eldew In
ot hut on the end and bound clear
er Hie d'frnrive rnln had, the lay
iklt 111 a fine gain for th l.lckcr
.ie, o!oiy cm lu tuii-.-.Joiu at
Illtl- etJtndituie of But n hu
u till itli 4 . the bail . !ll boundv
Surely, no u-'.nn'fu1 iuiy or Uail
Viactlct tan funmn tiie a'tiun of thla
lllii;r i"hrc.
'J'hwa muiiw to be a idu d vt-rxily of
ip!irt 011 II. 1; p.alirr of the iulr o fir
a v;)ilal Injuriee ai coiurined. which
oily a moie carvfal analyse at the end
of the kt.iknu cen really determine. With
out F!llailal Information it atrina at If
!sjuri (lu ins ba id. arm, and aliouMcr
"d Vvtn iok,i 'ivaleii thi jear than
m x"c' -i . - ' . - -
.'T-h' 4 I IL - i.'. . ..
:? i:m L'i'e' N
t W'; Jfv vii- ,v
bafore, but lnjuriea to tk body or gplne
much loa.
Tho offlckala have, on tha whole, don
a good Job. There waa In mld-aeaaon
too great laxity In twp reenecte. namely
allowing ''tha man attempting to .block
tha kick ta run Into the kicker after he
had gotten tha ball (way and allowing
pimhlng and pulllna. chiefly puahlng of
the runner after lie reached tha line,
If men In trie back field follow (he run-
ner . 1010 iee line ire endeavor ' to go
through, nln time out of terr they
muet. even if they keep their hand off
him, eventually puah him, for he la
atoppad when they are atlll running for-
ward and they go aga'nat him.
There waa also too much Interference
In the aeulral aon on forward pane inn.
Jt waa rather atranae that th offlclala
aeemed to b trior Intent tipha thia In
tha caaa of a kick than In the cane of a
forward pea, for th man receiving the
paaa is very apt to he bumped, not hard,
but elmiily by a man putting hlmaelf In
hla way, nd It wag seldom oaUed by the
offlclala. All lUeee matter Improved
aomewhat toward tha end of th seaaon.
but need considerable emohaei yet.
Maay Karetleat Pantere.
Turning and drop-kicking have Wn
exceptionally good, and th kicking from
I'lacotnent, particularly la th cas of the
inuians and In aom western lean..
haa held ita own. Conalileilnit the. fir.i
mentioned, punting. It la doubtful It. there
ever were In any one aosson on the
gridiron ao mny good average kicker
ana inea men were fcirord t kirk,
many of them under moat trying con.ll!
llcna of weather and fluid. Inon-klcklnj
too. has been good, but has been flaky.
in me t rincetnn-Haryird game, for n.
stance, each team had a Unp hick
H. S. Coach Has
Joy Clark, the newly appalnted basket
ball coat It of the timalis II lull school
..ual. In one of the Vu '.r.Co: nif d men In
the wet on th gymnasium game
)ud with an
abundance of material on
t - 1 V
- . - S . ..
1- s
I r; ' ;
j-h ,:
-, A i ., '
I 1 i 1M m. Ill H-ltt-sg
Drivers Who
blocked, oiie resulting In touchdown
aguiimt them and the other would have'
Ksultcd In a similar disaster had the
man who picked un the hall been fat
enough to keep away from hla pursuers.
There waa nothing between him and Ihe
goal line. The drop kick made by Do
Great Record
hand It l expected l.e will be able to put
Omaha 11111 on the map this i.moh.
Clark wan captain t,f tiie cliiiniiliri)lii
local h.Rli Fchoyl five lu i-ttr.". and Marred
St light' fomaitl. In lj lie ilioed up
menu ns a legular (oinatd on the leii
er unlveia ty team. Tho erm 1MI7 and
lit saw him idayhtg rlahl forward on
tli rhamplooelijp rniveislty of Chicago
fie. In botli tlieee ear Chicago won
tliri national IntrrcolU tf'.a'.e basket bull
title, tief.atlnu Peunrylvanla. who won
tho eMer,i tll'e In three two years in
the deciding game. '
In T'li Clark wai eifi'ttd captain of the
Chicago five and lu that sear ho coach.d
th team m addition to piayltiK. eijnce
" en he has retlid im active participa
tion In tiie gun.e.
The new ns.-h will begin practice lm
mediately and excreta to have tl,e squad
in shape within the next three weeks for
aoiue preliminary game with teams of the
Voci k Mens Christian aociail.iu prior
to the opening ,,f ,(le resular school
a he tiule.
I'lactice will lo hn.i p;1 M0I1(Uy
W nine,, lac and Thureday alternoona of
tveh w.eK In the Young Men's Chiiet'an
afo lai:..ii gymiualum under tha dire.--lion
i f ('..Hi, C'aik. The antind will .1...
Piat-l'i two r.fttrnoona of each week .n
the gjiij.uMuiu ai the high S. hool.
. i . .
ii.-;, .,i want a r!:shle nie.licln for
I " " ) i i cid take Cliamlreiialn'a Cough
l:en.til . I; alwe Ire depended UKn
Und in p',aint and sf lo take. Kor
by u'l di utjifct ..
I alrtuuut Utililiinii,
FA l: XI.. XT. Neb., 7 -tSpemaH-.-the
Iwiniiwu clt, banket ball team has
oisa-riitd f- th j,.,on f IJli-u and
would like to hear fiom any hlgn school,
rolleae or . Il,er teams game,
rir Fair m. .nt team ta composed of old
h'Kh a. hooj piaia 04e, Jt rank
liklttV, Folimoiit, Ku
I S?K T ktu Kaivr " Til Car X . 'iX
, i
Know No Fear
Witt, which resulted in Princeton's vic
tory over Datiiuouth, will pasu down into
foot bull history aa th most extraor
dinary slue tha Introduction of the spurt.
It has already been deiji ibad and It Is
tafo to fay thst no kick ever gav rls
during a few hour after it had been
made to so widespread, a eilscuesion. It
should be stated that kicks of a similar
chaiacter, although by no means so re
murkable, hnv resulted in scores pie
vlounly, and In fact the caeo had hen
dlFi iiK.sed by tho in Ilk committee, al
thtniKh no such extra ji dinar'y hapiiehlng
as in thla taee has tvei- come before
them. Probably a tatinfnetory solution
of the difficulty will bo attained try a rule
to tho effect that the ball, afier It once
takea It flight, muni not again hit the
ground before it panne t;ver tbu goal
bar or over either post. The i canon fur
not allow !u : lie lo n hlng of Ihe ball
hy an opponent to vitiate th kick is the
difficulty of ruling upon thla. Il would
be easy enough for an official to Fee
that the ball wai struck by ail uplifted
hund or arm in case th ball were de
flected, hut a man might easily touch
the hall wltd his fincer tip and he alone
he sure that he hud thus touched II.
The season will certainly give rise lo
a very considerable dlscUKstcti of the
I present mica, mid a party that adv...
cates an Increasing number of downs
four instead uf throo, ull over tha field,
or at leant within the twenty-five yord
llnc--will gain many adherent.
The rules forbidding tackling below the
knee ai.ri decreeing that the ball Is
tit ad when any part of a man except hla
fi touches the grcund alien in the
gruMi of an opponent should ba either
modified oi enforced.
Ccaeh Clark )eaterday t jok charge of
th high a liool basket ball niuad for Its
first piactlce in the gymnasium st the
Young Men's t hrlaltan ssaoc'stlou build
ing fjleiday. About thirty boys turned
out (or hu (Irat ja ike snd more are
expected to Join the antral next wee!.
Vergil Rector, atar fallback of the
(not bail team this season and last
itar a forward on th five, will not
get Int-) the gymnasium gam this year
liecause of parental objections. Rector
atlll has a weak, ankle from an Injur)-sUF-jalned
In foot ball s. rlinuiaita 11
Save Failure
i, t ti'V J
Winning drivers who smashed all
world's automobile records at the Hnvan.
nah road carnival, and who ara planning
extensive racing campaign for next year.
Above are Frank Witt, in K. M. V., win
ner of the Tledeman trophy (left), and
David Bruce-Brown, In Flat, winner of
th Grand Prix race: below are Ralph
Mulford, who won th Vanderbllt Cup
In a Iioxler car (left), .and Hugh Hughes,
In Mercer car, winner of Savannah Trophy
Pa Rourke Fixes
Early Spring Dates
Pa Rourke has completed arrangements
for four base ball games to be played at
Joplln while the Rourkes are taking their
spring workout there. Th White Sox
and the Rourkas will clash on April 3 and
t and th St. Paul team of the American
association will cunio together on April
f and 7 at Joplin.
Pa ba also mad tentative arrange
ments . with the St. I.ouls Browns for
March 1 and , which will be two days
following th arrival of the Rourkes at
Joplin. Negotiations are also under way
for games .with tha New York Giants
and tha Kansas City team of the Amer
ican, association. It the American asso
ciation season does not open until April
IT th Omaha fans will have a chance
to see some of the old Omaha player in
action, as Pa will arrange for two games
with ft. Paul on Saturday and Sunday,
April 12 and 14. At present It is the In
tention of Pa Rnurke to bring- hi team
back from Joplin dn March 12. so that
th Omaha fans may aee what sort of an
aggregation he has perfected on the
spring training trip.
Jeas Pederaen, the Danish wrestler,
who la to meet Jesj Westergaard in a
finish match at the Auditorium tonight,
will tve In Omaha' at noon today, accord
ing to a telcgiam received by Manager
dllan. Jl aays he is In fit trim for a
long battle mid will demonstrate to th
followers of the mat game lu Omaha
that he deserves a chance with Uotch.
Westergaard has been lu trim for the last
three weeks and Is waiting only for the
rail of time. Advance .-a lea nhow that
a good house will greet Pedeisen.
In the preliminary line It is understood
that Ptters. th Council Bluffs light
weight. Is going after Zekmund with a
determination to settle th dispute. Jsek
Tolllfer, the Omaha barber-wrestler, li
confident that he will have little oppo
sition In his tul with Solomon, al
though th latter la beraldad as a
lark People rar Tases.
YOR1C. Nsb . J)c. T-tSpclal.)-ln the
last sta day County Treasurer McCittud
ha i-oliaoted $t.. This I th Isrgest
amount of money eir collected by any
treasurer In th htetory of the county In
th asm number of daye.
Tha key tur'fii in busliios Is the
Jtidirlou and peiasleut us of a a reaper
irk , r-e , ' ?
.. f . ' vf .
jr1-.... y "
Indoor Track Meetr
is to Be Held This
Spring for Locals
A big Indoor track meet, similar to the
one held last April at tho Auditorium,
will be held next prlnc nt tha same
place, according' to Raymond t.. Cams,
superintendent of athletics In th grade
school, and J. Trultt Maxwell, physical
director at the Young Men' Christian aa.
Kntrtes will Include the local Yo'lng
Men's Christian association. Bellevue col
lege, Crelghton, University of Omalia,
the high echoola of Omaha, South Omaha
and Council Bluffs, and varlou amateur
organisation of th three cities. Th
Svea Athletlo club and the Bohemian
Turner are also expected to enter.
No definite date haa yet been set, but It
will probably be held the first week of
next April.
Mr. Crslhls Wllklna.
LYONS, Neb.. Dec. 7. (Special.) Mrs.
Cynthia Wilklns, the widow of the late
ZephanlsU Willkln. died last night before
midnight at the home of her son, Frank
Wilklns of Lyons. For a number of
years the made her home near Kearney,
Neb., with her son Charles and only re
cently was brougnt to this place that she
might paaa her last days in this county,
where she and her husband lived for
many years. The deceased was born in
Ohio seventy-six year ago.
Andrevr Williams.
ABKRDEKN, S. D.. Dec. 7.-iSpeclal.)
Andrew Williams, aged i9 years, died at
St. Luke's hospital here following an op
eratlon for the relief or an Internal ob
Btructlon. Mr. Williams waa a. mono.
nent business man of lyrola, S. D.. and
had been active In politics In McPherson
county, representing that county in the
tate senate at the last session of tin
South Dakota legislature, lie Was born
In Ohio In lKii and cams to South Da
kota In 1W He was prominent In Ma
sonic circles and a member of the Meth
odist church.
tnlr tieorae lleary l.CMla.
LONDON. Dec. 7. Sir OVorge Henry
Lewis, senior member of the firm of
Lew-Is Lew-Is, solicitors, died here to
day, tie was horn in sxi.
elevated Train Collide.
- ..... ..v.. ... v v i niuc ere-
vated trains of five cars each, loaded with
pwaaciiKcis hi me oueiesi time oi ihe day,
rail Into eaih other In comma- out ,r u
system of Y trucks into the wewt sldo
Irunk line. Although one coach was over
turned, only' one injury of sufficient
severity to be noted by the police i.
suited. C. Fisher, mot or man of the over
turned car. was cut and bruised severelv.
Many passengers were bruised, but they
were t row detl so closely ihcy cuuld not
be tOF--ed about. ,
I f f r
tr: .rftZ
Athletic Matters Pertaining- to Mis
souri Schools Considered.
Oklahoma, Kansas Aggie and IVaah
bnrn College Seeking; Place In
Organisation Basket Ball
Matter First.
KANSAS CITY, Dec. 7. Representatives
of all the Missouri Valley conference
schools were In the city today for the
purpose of discussing the basket ball
rules, arranging the conference schedules
and naming officials for the games. Other
conference matters undoubtedly will be
taken up, but the meeting called for to
night and tomorrow is announced as a
basket ball session.
The following conference representa
tives are here: C. L. Brewer, director of
athletics at Minsoutl; W. O. Hamilton,
manager of athletics at Kansas; Dr. R. G.
Clapp, director of athletics at Nebraska;
Early O. Eager, athletic manager at Ne
braska; E. O. Ptlehm. foot ball coach inH
assistant director at Nebraska: Ctvde
Williams, director of athletics at Am!
J. L. Griffith, athletic director at Drake,
and F. O. Everhardt. director of thi-.iir..
at Washington university.
The applications of schools d
place In the Missouri Val lev rnnfrnr.
probably will be considered bv the direct
ors. Oklahoma nrobablv will find nnr.
favor than the other applicants, although
the Kansas Agricultural roll. h
Washburn will have upport. The (rues-
tlon of summer base hall mu h ai.-
cussed and conference schools that plan
to turn out base ball teams probably will
arrange schedules. The representatives i
will go to Lawrence Saturday for the pur
pose of arranging foot ball schedules.
The athletic board at the Unlveriv e
Omaha has awarded the coveted -n" t
fourteen members of the foot ball' squad
. . t. u . . . .urn vm.ii games dur
ing the last season. Those receiving let
ters are:
Neal Parsons, left end: Stanton Kalis.
bury, left tackle; Victor Jorgenaon, left
guard; Charles Frandsen, center; Peter
Strehlow, right guard; John Belby, right
tackle; Ray Reel, right end; George Par
ish, quarterback: Andrew Dow i.n h.t
and quarterback; Almet Solomon, full-
Daca; paut selby, right half: Neal Doren.
center and guard; Willard Flor nh.
end; David Larsen, left half.
Letters are given for nrttHr.n i
half the intercollegiate games of the sea
son, with the exceotton nf thla
when letters were given for playing In
two-thirds of tho games. The reason re
doing this was because this season there
were very lew games.
The captain for next Year's team )...
not been elected yet. but will b at a
meeting or the letter men Saturday even
ing. The minstrel show, which win .it,.-
as a means of raising money to purchase
sweaters for the men who earned it.r.
1h progressing nicely and is receiving the
support or an the students at the Insti
tution." The sale of tickets indicates that
financially it, will he a bigger success
than the gala day exerclsea of last' year.
Aside from the student talent a number
of the best amateur actors In the city
have volunteered their service. Thurs
day evening, December . haa been defi
nitely settled upon as the date of giving
the show.
The membership department of the
Young Men s Christian, association is o
well pleased with the wdrk of th boys
it will ask them to repeat th show at
the association room for the benefit of
the members. .
Watson Scranton arrived here today and
began serving his sentence of one v..
in jail for his part in tarring Idiss Mary
Scranton. together with E. G. Clark and
Jay Fltiwater, pleaded guilty to a char..
of assault and battery and each waa
sentenced to on year In Jail. Clark and
Fltxwater appealed from the sentence and
their motion will be argued In court hr
the latter part of the month.
Scranton refused to Join In the appeal.
'i; m.7,.";'-
Cs!!r1n-M litraita AT. I
hi " y-- I oth g-hoaa I