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M O T I E' l
Special Bargains in Suitable Gifts Every Day
Omaha's Great Xmas Store
Christmas buying Is now at Its height. The wine are buy
ing parly. They are buying now while the stocks are more om
plrte and th aisles are lean crowded. Io your Christmas buy
ing In the only easy, satisfactory way. Do it now at Orandcls.
Goods purchased now will bo held until you send for them
if you desire.
See our great free holiday attraction The Doll's Corona
tlon and Parade in the Pompelan Room.
a iiii-iwiawawaMaMaaiaaMaaaMitMaaaJPWMa
Last Remnant Day
Before Christmas
We must have more room In our store for Christmas goods
at once. Odd lots and remnants must all be sold Friday. It
la their last day. We will not put them away until after
Christmas. We've cut the prices in two aiid force them all out
In one day.
Here are plain nnd fancy silks, all silk chiffon dress mesBallncs
In llRlit, medium and dark shades, crepe da chine, dress taf
fetas, foulards, etc. Cc values on bargain square, 5fl
t yard
91 Novelty Milk, yarn lw1 IVau tie Mcssnllnc, peau de
Cygnes, twilled silks, satins, etc. bargain J A
square, at yard 4VC
20 to 27-inch lrea. Hilks. IVau tie Crepe, 2 and 3 tone strings,
measallnes. French Silks, etc. regular price $1.26, jt
bargain square, yard VC
All the Warp lYInu, Fancy Urocades, fancy Marquisettes, gauzes,
pieces of velvets bargain square, 4a
t. each i(lr.zar
20 to 32-Inch wide 'silk, Paon
Velvets, corduroys. Boule-
Several hundred silk scarfs,
printed trepe de chine, satin
stripes, 2 yards v long, at,
10 and Gl)
Special Bargains in Remnants and Sample Or on
Pieces of All kinds All Over Laces uaL Kd.
Also insertions, Jabot laces, etc., to 2 yards In each piece, at,
8,h '- 25
French and German Val. Laces and Insertions
Toint Paris, Piatt Vals, Torchon and Cluny effects, narrow
Armenian effects, lace edge headings, etc J 1 c
2 big lots, worth 12V6c a yd., at yard C'uC
A Jllg IOt of Sample Pieces Women's l upcy Netkwear ' -fl
-Odd and Knda of various klnda, worth up to 50c, each. ,1UC
SaturdayGreatest Fur Sale
Ever Held in the History of Omaha.
We've held big Fur Salca before, but never one that yjll
equal this big event for Saturday. Scores and scores of high
grade fur coats and fur sets at lower prices than you would
ever believe possible. See the windows. ,
Christmas Gifts of Jewelry
Our great special Jewelry sale is still In progress through
Cut thia eutire week. A wonderful chance to buy the best of all
Christ ruaa presents far below regular prices.
Solid Nickel Tea Spoons, aet of six 35
Rogers' Grape Pattern Tea 8poont, act
Solid Sterling Silver Tea Spoons, wort It
16.00. set of six sa.7r
Solid Nickel Knives and Forks, at
Child's Set, knife, fork and spoon,
worth 60e, at 5?
Rogers' Chests of Silverware, spe
cial at 85.086 knives, C forks. 0
tea spoons, 6 table spoons, one butter
knife and one sugar shell In solid oak
Beaded Bags, worth up to $10
and 12, at -53.98
Sterling Silver Card Case and
Purse, worth f 10, at ..85
Long Coat Chains, finest gold
filled, worth $7.00 and $3.00,
t 82.40
Solid Gold Rings, worth up to
$5.00, at 81.G0
Pearl Opera Glasses, worth $10.00, at $5.08
Men's Gold Plated Watch
with gold dial and an Ameri
can lever movement, worth
$4.00, at 81.70
Men's Watches Illinois gold
filled hunting case, guaran
teed 10 years, 7-Jewel move
menta $12 watch. 80.80
Men'a watch, 14-k gold filled
Jaa. Boss or Crescent case.
12 or 16 sire; guaranteed
16 years, Elgin movement
$21.00 value at .-813.98
Women's 0 size, crown case,
guaranteed 10 years, 7-Jewel
lever movement, worth $12. GO
t 87.50
Women's 0 size, Jas. Boss or
Crescent 14-k. gold filled case
guaranteed 25 years, worth
$20 00. at 812.08
Women's very small open face
watch, gun metal case, with
fine lever movement guaran
teed, worth $12. at.. 80.50
Men's Extra Heavy
Wool Underwear,
la tan and grey
all wool $1.00
and $1.50 values,
at, gar
Men's Negligee and
Golf Shirts, In
blue cuainbrays,
fancy madras and
percales, values
up to 75c, , J
Extra Heavy Fleec
ed Shirts and
Drawers, values
up to $1.00, will
go on sale at -
35c and 50c
g " .J 'mm
- ii i - .
Every kind of doll a girl could want Is here. Dolls that onn
and shut their eyes, Jointed dolls, Indestructible dolls, charac
ter dolls, dressed and undremted dolls, big dolls and little dolls
from the best makers In the world are 1P . man
all on display at Z5C UP 10 $10
The "tamplA-ll Kids" The happiest babes in Toylaud artistic
comical, washable and unbreakable dressed with taata
care lther boy or gtrl. at. each 98
All the Newest Toys in Brandeis Basement.
See tbe new rubber tired Cycoblles. the newest practical wheel
toy for 3 to 8 year old boys and girls, equipped with automo
bile ateering wheel and padded bicycle seats, at g) and 310
Uttla Bisque liaby Dolls, fully
Jointed. with hair 19o dolls
t two tor Be
Ths nr Three Coin (nickels,
dimes and quaj-tere) registering
and adding bank, at trie Toy
action, at see
Lares kMnrtm.ut of Wood I'vnril
Hoxm, many uoveltin that ara
Imported troll Germany, worth
up to aOo each, at fe
!... -.,.i t. i ... .
. - lujmur., imported to
sell at 75c a aet complete with
lamp, chimney and reriector
pedal at , g5a
Sample Mwn of Mlaalon Iurnl
tua an, I White Enameled Toy
Jurnliure Many lame. bautl.
ful toy aamplra at prn-ea iuu. I
la than reKuiar.
' Alidfft mm, era Kta. at tlia
Oaina lrpa.rtmeiit; at. aet..lo
That you
have been
reading s o
much about
are on sale in
our Station
ery Store.
IW U i
TwL2a cL2r
Christmas Purchases Made Now Will
Be Laid Aside for Future Delivery
Send .
Instead of
gloves or
books so the
recipient can
make her
own selec
tion. Ask
about them.
$17.75 for a $35 Suit This Friday
This offer all came about because we have been doing an exceptionally large
suit business this year. There's a rack in our suit store on which we piece every suit
that can be classed as the remainder of a linebroken lots, in other words and
when a certain number has accumulated we force them out through the medium of
a cut price.
This big lot Is composed of some of the best numbers from our $25.00, $27.50,
$29.50 and $35.00 lines. There's lots of style and goodness In them and they are
cut along lines that Insure a perfect fit. Made of splendid serges, cheviots, wor-
ouu mixtures, tuoice oi me enure 101 oniy i.ii.
7. A" r 1 1
m ut ,oats tot
Fur Muffs, Fur Scarfs, Fur
Sets for the Children; Silk
Underskirts, Silk Kimonos,
Sweater Coats, fancy Waists,
Lingerie Waists, Auto Coats,
Aprons, Infants' Sacques
these are only a few of the nu.ny
practical presents you can eeture
from our second floor ready-to-wear
departments. And they are
articles that are always needed i
and much appreciated. Make It a
point to Inspect these magnificent
stocks Friday or Saturday.
$5.95 to$12Kimonos,$4.90
I.ook tlioe ovr if for no other
reaaon than mere curiosity to rs
what kind of a hitrKaln it is.
venture to fay you have never seen
ftitrh fine Milk klinnnoa sold for ao
little money. Unite the thing for
I'hrlatmn present, too. Cut extr.n
full, and ahown In a wide range of
elegant pattnrnn and colorings.
New Waists
We firmly believe no waist de
partment gives any greater values
than ours and there la always a
style distinctiveness about each
garment that makes It different
and of more worth to the wearer.
Many new additions will make
their first appearance Friday.
Faroale find rinjrham waists, B9o. .
Fftautlful ling-aria walata at SI. OO.
riannal shlrta, navy or gr7, $1.89.
Tailored white Bedford cord
walata, S3. BO.
Chiffon, net and meaaallne waists
In a great variety of styles, S3.SS.
Hie fur foatri at the Bounett
store will strongly appeal to
you if you are looking for prac
tical Christmas presents. Constructed
of personally selected pony, near
seal, tivec mink, coney and astrachan
furs; lined with Skinner's guaran
teed satins; made to be best all the
way through. Each price represents
a definite saving. There are
Fur Coats at $20.00.
Fur. Coats at $45.00.
Fur Coats at $57.50:
Fur Coats at $62.50.
And various others.
Girls9 Coats at $5 Friday
$6.60 and $6.95 are the prices they have been
selling at this season. There's a good range for
your choosingnavy cheviots; heavy gray home
spuns with gtorm collars; cardinal and dark
green cheviots with red broadcloth collars all
winter weights nd of a quality of workmanship
nd .material that will give entire satisfaction.
Jet us suggest luat you buy Friday for Christ
masyour girl will certainly appreciate a gift
oi a coat.
A Friday Sale
Girdle top, extra lorn
comets of fine coutll cr
batlate, boned with non
ruatable boning, Hiippllod
with el l.oae supporter
and rinintlly trimmed nltlt
ace; lrw string inrouith
the hunt I 'if --our rpMilnr
12.60 modcln specially
priced for Friday's elll J
at $1.69. )
Another extreme
coraet with either
medium or high buat
and extra long hlpa
--one of the very
beat we have ever
offered In a regular way at
91.76. Friday only 8o.
AU ooreete aclling at
99.00 or more are packed
la dainty, holly Christmas
Boxes If desired.
Extra Values in
Xmas Hosiery
Tlam silk llale hosiery with
wide garter topn and double
heels, aoleit and toen all heels
are hlKi "pi Iced and the hone
in full regular made SOo the
Women's fine meroerixed,
full faahloned hosiery with
garter tops and double heels
and toex; strictly fast color;
apeclaily .priced at iISc the
pair or three pairs for 91.00.
Women's extra analitr, fall
faet I
reg-olar made.
gauae llale hose with lavender
tops: S So the pair.
Children's hose a very com
plete atock Including all of
the moat wanted and best
wearing kinds 19Ho to 3 So
the pair, according to the
Women's extra fine,- a-olap,
lamb akin gloves in black, white
tan, mode and brown; 98o the
pair. '
Women's 9-olaap rloves irado
from npeclally -aelected Hklns, ail
the wanted colors. 91.3S the pa.r
Women's extra fine, a-olasp kid
gloves . in a very large rann of
colors as well as black and white;
91.7S the pulr.
Women's 9-olasp, superior qual-
rioves in black, wh'le
ity cape
and tana: S1.60 the pair.
Women's silk lined
gloves in all of the staple shades,
91-BO the pair.
Hen's fine dog skin gloves in
Various hhades of tan, 91.00.
Ken's spool ally fine cape gloves,
In tan only, 91.60 the pair.
- Men's silk hned Mocha gloves
at 91.99 and 91.60 the pair.
Big' Bargains for,
Friday Only
25o laundry aets reduced
to 'c
50c trimmed doll beds... -5c
$1.00 trimmed coll beds 50c
"Baby Mine" character dolls,
at fl.oo
$3.60 toy bazaars a toy store
full of toys 91.08
39c Game of Egypt . ...2c
XOc game of Phoebe Snow 5c
$1.75 box of Bradley's water
colors 9)1. OO
Toy refrigerators at ....ftOc
Toy washing machines , .OHc
Christmas Bargains (
in Colonial .
Brilliant imitation cuttings
in pure white glass, as fol
lows: Straight edge seltzer glasses,
dozen 7Bc
Handled custards in two different
styles, dozen .?5c
High stem goblets, dozen. .$1.2.1
Finger bowls, dosen 91.50
6- Inch plain handled fciass
baskets only ,...49c
7- inch plain handled glass baskets
only 73c
$1.60 bandied, fancy etched &las
baskets at fl.M
Footed Individual salt dishes,
dozen -lOu
Plain, cut top and bottom Indi
vidual salt dlHhes, dozen. . . ,40c
Footed salt aud pepper shakers
with silver plated tops, pair, SOu
Women's $3. SO Shoes
for $1.49If the Lady
Can Wear a Small Size,
There is about 600 pairs In this lot repre
senting the odds and end3 of new styles
and all leathers that are good for winter
wear. Button and lace styles lu
Patent Colt High Shoes
Dull Leather High Shoes
Tan High Shoes
Chocolate Kid High Shoes
To be exact the size range Is from 2 to 4, inclusive, and owing
to the heavy business always encountered at thla time of tbe year,
we have provided several extra salesmen so you will not be kept
Knickerbocker Classics
This Famous Series Regularly Sold at 35c the Copy
Will Be On Sale Friday Only at 15c
Tills Is a new line of 16-moa.. embracing all the elements of a well
made book and conalstlng of the worka of the worlu's beat writers.
l'i lilted from new plates on good paper and attractively bound and flu
lsheu. "Ve mention a few of the titles:
"Jane Kyre."
"John Halifax." .
"Kipling's Ballads and
epanmeiital Ult-
"l-ady of tbe Lake."
'Lamb's Kssays of
"MsKgle Miller, or Old
llagar's Secret."
"Man Without a Coun
try.'' Mrs. Browning's
Robert Browning's
"Beside the
Hrler Uush."
Child's History of
"Alice in Wonderland."
Courtship of Miles
"Crucifixion of 1'hillp
Familiar Quotations.
"Hitter Sweet."
"Hlack Heauty."
"Black Hock."
Burn's I'ocnis.
"Crown of Wild Olive."
Uruintnoiid's Addreectc-a..
Bonnie r Kmerson's KsKavs.
r.merson's 1'ocnis.
"avorite J'ocim
Books, for Girlsthc Usual 50c
Ones, Friday, at 19c a Volume
11 . J ?, oo"b are aubatantlallj; bound and attractively n.ade and
.... ........... i.iuvui ciuiureu a wrnera as nosa urev a rm
Sue. J 5c. COo and 65c.
ncv. Mead. etc.
Scrap hooks at
Specials-' Friday
500 floor brushes In 111. 16 and
18-Inch sizes, made of superior
quality bristles; values up to
$1.76. Friday, or while they last,
each 4c
Seaweed sink brushes that regu
larly sell at 10c. Friday.... Oc
lte stove polish brushes 10c
One lot of gray granite 'preserv
ing kettles In one two and three
qt. sizes; values up to 2.0c, at 10c
15c, good quality steel stove pipe
at lOo
50c French steel butchef . knives
at 'Mc
79c coffee mills .0c
$2.75 combination bread and cake
boxes made of heavy pressed tin
and finished to resemble oak.
Friday only 91-9
Are Cut Price Days in The
Dig Pure rood Grocery
19 loe. graaalatad Bu
ff a lot i.oo
Bennett'a Capitol flour
iclal price, per
aack .gl.90
( lb. can B. C baking
powder and lea
tamps . t ...... 9149
Bennett's best coffna
and 10 at'pa, lb. . .So
S lbs. Bennett's best
coffee aud vtampa.
at 91 JW
Assorted tea.1 and Ti
tainps, lb. ...... 0S
Assorted teas sad 60
alanipa. lb. 483
Tea Hlfttnga and to
lain pa J in
Sweet (iherken pickles
ana iu sips.
Full cream cheese aad
1 atanipa. lb SOo
Virginia Hwtaa cheese
sod 1ft Bl'pa, lb... S5o
iU VTTBmxsra.
Cream honey cookies
special at, per lb. .IS
Large Jar peanut but
ler and 19 at'pa.. .Sao
Medium alse bot. Gatl
lard'a olive oil and
V stampa 46a
3 cans Bennett'a whole
touialuea and It) at pa
for SS
tt-lb. sack "VfuM'i of
lantry" paairy flour
and 40 siainpa. .91-13
i cana Countrv Centla.
man corn and 10 et na
fur 3&o
10 1111 DISMOBTD
"" iaaTxT soa
liamond Cryatal tablo
alt and 10 atamps.
"ck foe
l-lb. pk IVewey Clean,
er and Z0 at'pa. ..Sao
J Pkga Bennett'a Capi
tol mince meat aod
10 alamos Sea
Candied 1'rel, assorted
and 19 st'pa. U...SM
Z-lb. pkva. Bennett's
Capital vats and pan
cake flour, with 10
tain pa , . 10s
3 cans H rock port grat
ed pineapple and 10
stamps S5o
Less Than Three Cents an Hour
For electricity to operate a THOR ELECTRIC
from the most laborious work connected with
the household. The Thor Is the World's great
est labor-saving device, and no home is com
- plete without it.
Buy her a THOR Electric. A guaranteed machine that will wash and wring all
kinds of clothes spotlessly clean without Injury absolutely without any hand
rubbing. Operates from any electric lamp fixture. Phone or write for Free Booklet.
If your home Isn't wired for electricity ask us for an estimate of the cost
Jos. R. Lehmer
; 1208-10-12 Harney St.
Yhere Gears Arc Used
On Good Typewriters,
After operating a typewriter, the carriage of
which is pulled along by mean of straps
that bend or break, you will welcome the simple,
practical and efficient gear driven carriage of the
Smith Premier Typewriter
It drives the carriage just the right distance
at just the right time; there is nothing to buckle
or stick and nothing to detach in changing from
one carriage to another.
This Smith Premier feature should be seen to
be fully appreciated. Examine it, it's a feature
not to be lightly passed over.
Phone to the city office and oriis of our competent
men will call and give you a demonstration at your office.
Just a demonstration, that's all not a daily effort to
pound you into buying. You will never be "bothered."
The Smith Premier Typewriter Co.
19th and Douglas Sts.
Branches in
jj The Best Known Office Building in Omaha.
There is .great advantage in being in a
building which people can find easily. No
- building in Omaha, or as a matter of fact, in tho
entire west, is as well known. as . -
The Beefiuiidihg
Every man, woman and child in -Omaha
knows where it is and everyone-who has ever
been here knows how to find it. This is only one
of the many advantages in having an office in
Buoot 9ao Is a cholea corner offica bavins a north and west exposure,
making this space attractive at any season of the year, on account
of good llk'h: and ventilation. We will arrange tbls spaua, lv:(i.
suitable for tenant, and there being a vault in the room, it affords
antra protection tor valuables. Kent i-i:r nunt.i 940.09
Boon. 419 tlas a aotith and weat exposure which make.' a well llghtec
olfiie, liVx204t feet In aioe. We are only aaklnt! ic a aquare foot
for this apace which Is very cheap rent, conaldering location and all
conveniences furnished by The Bee Bulldiuc. Price, per month, 91S-C4
atoom 5l Don't pa for desk room space when you can rent a private
office for the same amount. Thla room is ixl. has a large window
on the court, affording plenty of light and ventilation, fries per
uiontu , 910.94
Scorn 940 Size xl-(, having a frame and gUss partition across center
of room making two aood aised offices with every convenience, and
the rental pilce ouly, per mouth 919.09
Boom 401 This room Is located rear the elevator and has a total of ta
square feet of floor space. This U a very desirable small orrice and
location la convenient. Mental, per month 91T.S0
Boobs 407 Is llxllH feet sd has two large windows on the court
Rental price, per n.vnta 917.99
Bee Business Office. 17th and Farnam Sts.
Comic Secti&n
The Sunday Bee
With Happy Hooligan, Little
Nemo, the Katzenjammer Kids
and the whole interesting family