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Ha-r Moot prill It.
Omh Ganaral Hospital, Song-. 858.
Eiptlm Chooolf t Jvo. Myers-Dillon.
Oas, XlN. ristaras, BarTSss-arandsn,
Om. Kaoh Wki, Expert uto repairs
SllTsr Plating-, Om. Plating- Co. D.13S5.
wow Vhi Elsctrlo Llrhta On Its
Black Hill train the Northwestern has
dUcontlnued the use of ana In the coachea
and aleepers and has substituted electric
-".fit. Clark U Wanted The Union
Gospel mission Is looking- far a new night
clerk Charlie Miller, who haa held that
job for the last few months, loft
unexpectedly Sunday morning and with
him went $17.
Bobber Help Himself The Subway
Clothing- company. Sixteenth and Dour
las streets, ipporta that the ahowcase In
front of Its atore waa brokenby bur-
glars Sunday night and robbed of a three-
piece suit of clothes and an overcoat
Trait Man to Josephs Nearly a
tralnload of Omaha, Florence and Coun-'-
ell Bluffs fruit growers will go to 8t.
Joseph over the Burlington, Wednesday
night, where they will take part In the
lSallonal Horticultural congress. In sea-
slon there. Several of the local men are
down for talks upon fruit culture.
Auto apply Company Bankrupt The
Jacobs A Anderson Auto Supply com
pany, whloh haa been doing business on
J 'ark avenue, haa sought financial relief
In the bankruptcy court. A voluntary
petition has been filed showing liabilities
amounting to $1,163 and SSKS assets
Botlrrs Is Arrested United States
J'eputy Maralial Bid-s has returned from
Walthlll, Neb., with Turner fltrlokland,
Indicted Inst wstk by the special federal
srand jury for Introducing liquor on In
dian reservation.
Pa"i WW B 3iVmtw cftJo. Ty
)f .as (Bfct ill title af lnlt4 H4as
rieftia CiBtmi-aiajf atfnrtl, Tha duty ef dlu.
tmralng asont s to distribute eovernment
onya t Janitors, parier and olhsr tm
plftyes, AeeerJInif t, the Information re
eelved tha United ' States National bank
lias been, appointed disbursing aj-ent for
the Omaha, dlatrlet.
eeaii Omaha, fists Cliaa-fa jrands
and reur houses at Twamty-eigluh and
Tws tianafera have been mtioriled en ft
J3 Streets, Pouth OrHS-ha, And three lals
and pna hausa at Ferti.fourth ftn4 U
Ji ), m taught ilts property frm Vrll.
lam fft'S0H far 110,600, and seld It tu
I, W. Sautter And ethers, trusteed, for
Oeai t Bantu Batd judge, 'm
pait'Aa ttiij (da eicUdt sen, iuirtt, jgt,
::, itavs fi)h ti i-utlt yer.4 ftp a
skit's Visit With fs!Uvial TUfey Will re
i til tiitt"; icT Jucju t-ataKa to fedumi
),:a duties neat Menu,?, when ti.a e ef
WIlH&m a i-urue, the saloon keeper
Charged. WUil manslaughter fop ihe death
pf O, Forbes Mo'.jerUon, probably will be
placed on trial, During Judys Kstella's
Sbsanee Judge George A, Day will uet as
providing judge and handle the criminal
?oltry foe Prises Turkeys, ducks,
geese and chickens will be given as
prlies Instead of the custemary hand
painted china, embroidered linen and
silk stockings, at tha card party to be
held Tuesday afternoon by the women
of the Columbia circle of the Saoret Heart
parish at Lyceum hall, Twenty-second
and Locust, streets,. Eighteen carefully
selected fowls, , picked and ready, to pep
Into' the oven for Thanksgiving dinner will
be carried away by the fortunate contest
ants from the party,
Oraaha 'Amateurs
Initiate Hoffman
If. .Gertrude Hoffman and her com
pany of Russian dancers had only re
mained In Omaha until last Saturday,
they might have gotten some points In
terpsichorean art that is not usually ex
ploited by press apents, A number of
prominent Omaha men gathered In the
Heyn studio Saturday night and pre
sented a burlesque on Hoffman, with
appropriate stage eettinga and wonderful
scenic effects, All ef the. acts put. on
by Miss Hoffman while here were copied
by . the local amateurs with the utmost
care, and so' skillfully presented that
they were easily recognised as the parts
of the play put on by -the famous
dancers. Following la the cast .
t " CAST,
Pshaw-Rats, the King ef Persia and
Eh. . 1?" W ' ' it; i-taniBlav Hartnianovlts.
P to i.nlt Brut her, a fast
fn.nlfJlw' ' " " y 1 1 J erom Hey nokof.
Posodant, u, perfect lady pf the
V-h JlOtZTL ' V " ,Sklrt less If off man,
rullewlug- (lie preaentaUan si the play,
A full ' Matidttfin pinner wltn femplete
Chinese trimmiiies was served, Thg same
erov'd (hat put en (he 'Dlrt Itude Heff,
tran" stunt Saturday night Intends to
blage a burleetjue en "A Pee There Was,"
neat Saturday, The plaee In "whleh this
burlesque la to ba given hag net been
selected as yet,
Charges of Irregularity Made in
Connection with Will Probate.
Some Lanryera Are Arruarrt of Mek-
n Praetlce of FlllaaT Claims
M'hea o Heirs Are to
He Konnd.
The Peters Mill company of Omaha has
completed plans for. the location and
operation of an alfalfa mill at Arapahoe,
Wyo., about midway between Bhoehont
and Lander, on the Wind River reserva
tion. At thla mill the alfalfa will be
ground Into meal and then ahlpped to the
arent plant, in Omaha, to be converted
Into h eflnlshed product and aold. '
lias developed that along the Wind
river the benches are especially, adapted
te growing alfiilfs. There la already a
liirtre ocrrag out by the settlers,' and
laft yenr the yield was very large. That
the mill company may not find Itself
without a supply of the raw material, It
lijfis taken a long time lease on 1.000
r.ciis of the bench land and has It seeded
t ialto a crop aext season.
'The end of the second year following
the termination of the receivership of
the fhlcago. Great Western railroad has
1 cert, reached and tneasureable Improve
ments are noted in every department of
tiie system. Kxceptlonally high operating
expenses covering a protracted period are
aft Id to have caused the road's financial
: During the last year, practically every
division of the Great Western has con
tributed to the Increase In gror;s earn
ings. The freight revenues show a gain
of J2T9,780; paasenger, 3iJ.UI and express.
Ril.S&i as compared with the previous
A Vlaer lC the Otsmirk
l dyspepsia complicated with liver and
kidney troubles. Electric Hitters help all
such cases or no pay, 60c. For sale by
Beaton Drug Co,
Charges ef Irregularity In connection
with a probate case of a man accidentally
killed by the Uurllngton railroad and a
suit to recover from tho road have bean
made against Attorney A. K. Walkup by
Weaver & Oilier, attorneys. befoi
County Judge Leslie. Walkup counter
charged that he had been Informed no
objections would be made If he would
divide his fees with Weaver A Oilier.
This was denied strenuously by W. JI.
County Judge Leslie halted proceeding
In the. case until the heirs can be heard
from and denounced the practice of tome
attorneys of probating cases of helrlcsj
men killed by publlo service corporations,
securing judgments against the corpora
tions and dividing the spoils.
The case waa that of Ben Oelbortt, a
Russian, who was accidentally killed by
a Burlington train alx montha ago. AS
attorney for one Harry Rolestetan,
Walkup filed a $5 claim against the es
tate, claiming Rolestetm had loaned the
dead man that amount. Thla situation
enabled Rolesteim to file application for
appointment as administrator of the ea
tnte. . He secured the appointment, made
Walkup hla attorney, and aued the Bur
llngton for damages. Settlement for $2,600
was effected by .Walkup.
Notice of Gelbortt'e death and -of the
probate ' court proceedings was served
upon his heirs by publication In Omaha
papers. , IJvlpg In Russia, they never saw
the notloe and knew nothing of the case.
Walkup and Rolesteim went to court and
were about to divide the 12,800 between
them when Wtaver & Oilier, aa friends
of the court, appeared and cited proofs
of the alleged irregularities.
Had Not Heard of Death. ,
Affldavita of Mr. and Mra. Abraham
Flnkle, relatives of Gelbortt, who live In
Russia, that they had heard nothing of
his death until .ecently were filed. The
Lion Bonding and Surety company, which
had bonded Rolestein aa administrator
for $2,500, withdrew from the bond, raying
It had been induced to go on It by mis
representation that only a small amount
of money would be handled by the administrator.
Judge Leslie ordered thac until further
order the $2,659 shall remain In the hands
of ' the court; that notice of a hearing on
disposition of the funds of the estate
shall be served by personal service on all
the heirs, no matter where they are; and
that there shall be no final hearing until
proper returns of the services have been
Judge Leslie then denounced the prac
tice of some attorneys of taking up such
cases, securing judgments against rail
roads and other publlo service corpora
tions and then dividing the moneys ob
tained with holders of trifling claims. He
declared he will not countenance such
practices and he will urge his successor,
County Judgo-elect Bryce Crawford, to
take a similar position.
When the Hat Drops
I'Mr. Monarty Hedges
State Representative John Moiiarlty
and Motorcycle Officer L. . O. Wheeler
inmost came to blows in police court
or the arrest of Jack Patterson, who
was arrested for speeding Sunday after
noon. -When, the case ' . was oalled
Morlarlty appeared for Patterson and
said the defendant wanted the, ease con
tinued. Immediately afterward Wheeler
accused Morlarlty of trying to bluff the
court. Mortality resented the remark
and Invited Wheeler to take off his star
while he pounded his head. Wheeler
stripped himself of the star and Morlarlty
T. J. Flynn. manaaer of tha ,.
ault department, and P. 11. Johnaon man
ager of the novelty department at Hav
den Bros., have returned flout a buvinir
trip to New York. -uymg
Persistent Advertising ts the Road to
Big Returns.
Great Opportunity
for Lonesome Man
The postmaster Is In receipts of the fol
lowing letter, aJid not knowing how else
to perform the task aikod of him, he has
turned the matter over to the newspapers,
in the hope that some lonesome young
man will answer.
Dear Mr. Postmaster: 1 am going to
ask a fnvor from you. 1 am a voting
ladv about 29 years old. & 1 tinderstan1
their Is quit a lot of nlse young fliow
In the great golden west that would like
a nlse wife. ( It would not bo too much
trouble for you. look tip some men friends
and rend me their names and addresses
and I will rite to them at once. I am
tired of the noisy city and Would like to
go out to the country for a change. 1
want to cook for two t am beautiful
Gen. Del'y.. Milwaukee, Wis.
Fanners Realize More for Grain
Than During Last Season.
Prodacers Are JJow Raahlu-r Thetr
Holding to Market to Take
Advaataare c( the lre
vatllnsr Qnotalona.
The Nebraska farmer ts getting consid
erably more for hli grain thla year than
lnat, the atatement being made by Omaha
grain men that the Increased price will
more than offset any shortage in crops,
aa compared with last year's yield.
Wheat of the grade of No. 1 hard, which
Is now quoted at SSff to 11.01 per bushel,
was selling a year ago on the Omaha
market at 89 to, 82 '4 cents. No. S new
white corn, now bringing 61 to 1H ccuts
In Omaha, was selling a year ago at 3S
to S oents. No. S white oats, now quoted
at 46 to 46H cents a bushel, sold on tlu
same date of 1910 at 30 to 301 cents.
The farmers are rushing In their corn
to take advantage of the high prices.
Seventy-four cars were received on the
Omaha market Monday morning and
country elevators are said to be full.
Burglars Arrested
for Jewelry Thefts
; Stolen Jewelry amounting to $350 haa
been recovered by the arrest of Fred
Babcock-and Harr Adams, who are
being held at Minneapolis. Thev confess
to having robbed the residences of H. M.
AnderBon, 3267 Center street on October
30, and of J. D. Bowers. POffl PrninUtnn
atenue, October 2!). The Jewelry which
waa stolen from these two houses was
pawned in Minneapolis. Trie men will be
tried In Minneapolis.
Members of the National Wool a rowers
association will be entertained .by local
artists of note in munio and elocution
when they meet here In annual conven
tion December 14, 15 and 16.
Manuger Parrlsh of the Dublicltv hunun
of the Commercial club announces that
Mrs. William Allen Challla will give read
Inge and Impersonations on the afternoon
of December 15, 'Mrs. Fred N." Hess will
sing on the afternoon of December 14
and Jo F. Burton will sing on the morn
ing of December 16. The poetofflce
quartet will sing on the mornings of the
14th and 15th.
The convention will be oneiied hv in.
vocution by'Dean James A. Tanoock of
Trinity cathedral. !
f'i'l Tii'iiK ffuivax
the V
Yes, save money! That's what you will do K you buv a suit at the Nc
n c.&Ka. jc meiy tanorea r.u ror men and yov.r men hundreds
tlirni. Worsteds, cheviots and cassimel-es. all riw and iust from
wholesale tailor. He closed them out to us at a very low price and we are I J I !
LKismg mem uiai way. values are io, $J8, i'U, $Z2.w; our price
Special values in these suits. Full of good materials and perfect fitting. Strongly made
irom strong iabnes and a large variety to select from. A decided saving to
you at tnis price values $4.C0 to $i 50. Our price, including a
Omaha's Largest and Best Equipped Clothing Storo
gl'.. --,-;, I
1 1
barber's union was hungry, would C. M.
Fleder comes back with this:
"Yea. I'd feed the widow of a member
of the Pernor's union. If she waa hungry,
hut If she went to the county commis
sioner for aid, would Pete El-sasser
Quick Watson, the Imlr tonic."
Daffydllls are pouring In upon The Dee
and the daffydlll column promises at once
a very Interesting feature of the paper.
TlnlMtnK I'ermlls.
,T. Tt. Coiol, V.22 Oak streets, frame
dwelling. IWO; P. C. Cramer, 24;(8 Drown
street, frame dwelling, liOiK); I .mils Oan
sen, 2)1 Valley, frame dwelling, $W0;
W. D. Kdinunds, 31(13 Fowler, frame
dwelling, 2,000.
How to Avoid Serious
Kidney and Bladder Trouble
The serious forms of ktrirtey tr bladder
disease, such as Hiight's disease, chronic
rheitmittiHm or dread diabetes, ran be
easily avoided If taken In time. The fol
lowing simple formula should be taken as
soon aa first symptoms are noticed: Oet
six ounces best gin. add to It one-half
ounce Murax Compound and one-half
ounce fluid extract Huehu. Take one to
two teaspoonfuls of this mixture after
each menl nnd at bed time. It quickly
stops bark pains, rheumatic pains In the
Joints, dizziness and other well known In
dications which show weakness of these
much worked ornuna.
The Ingredients of this formula can be
had In any well stocked drug store and
are easily mixed, lie sure to use good
pure gin also the genuine Murax Com
pound, which comes only In sealed wooden
tubes, as any substitute will not give such
good results.
For children that show signs of weak
bladder or kidneys, ten to fifteen drops
diluted In a little water, at bedtime, will
correct the trouble. Adv.
rfere's a hot one for Pete Elsasser
from Cf M. Fleder, agent of the Barber's
union, in answer to Mr. Klsasser's con
tribution to The Bee's homegrown daffv-
dlll column of Sunday. Klsasser perpe
trated this:
"If a widow of a member of the
Whooping? Coucrh
tBTsuHro tare '
A snd ctlcctirs Utnaint far bresj
chlal trouble, s-oidiog drort. V "peril- Creie
liw stop lb ptroxrimt ml Wtjln( Cong tn4
mine Croat at sac. It U s i ts urr
from AMkms, Tk sir Is4rl Kmlr ssiitc
lie, liplt4 trlta erery breath, mk erMiklnf
i ootb tk tor ihreat ant ff tk ch,
auutlDf ru"ul nlhta. It is laTsiasbi ts atbr
with yauuf cblUrtD.
aaa a poatu tor aseniHi- bsskmk.
Try Cnnltnt AnUttfttt
ftrMt Tiiltti for tk
Irritated throat. Tbr
ar imB. affective ana
aattMMi. Of year
4nffM from as, los
la ataaiB.
Vspo Creiofeo Co.
2 Cartlasei SU, N. V.
J3 11 9 Going to neglect your hair until it leaves
JLSQlCl C you? Goin2 t0 neglect your dandruff until
you are bald? Certainly not Then con
sult your doctor. Ask him about AVer's Hair vifr i
- -J - -- w ., vm
tnever stains or changes the color of the hair.
J.C. Arer Co.,
I It! It
ID f (S (0) in .
vy ii y w m
Never before has the "Call of the
West" been stronger than
it is today, and
Never Were the Oppor
tunities Greater
nHOl?n ATT is the Land of J
WVOTUIM Opportunity.
Her apples arc unexcelled; her pears '
, are acknowledged to be the leaderi
the highest price ever paid for a
car of green fruit was paid for Chje-.
gon pears, $10.08 per box; her -cherries
and prunes are !n the same
clais as her apples and pears, f So Is.
her climate; bo are her sheep; 60 are
her cattle; so are her opportunities,
Write today for literature on Oregon, and con- v
eult your local railroad agent about fares.
GERRIT FORT, Passenger Traffic Mgr.,
Union Pacific R, R., Omaha, Neb.
Wm. McMurray, Gen, Pass, Agt., Oregon-Waahington
Railroad & Navigation Co., Portland, Ore.
If -v .
the Remingtontypewriter factory is working all day and all .night
the extensive enlargements to this factory, recently complete have
already proved inadequate to supply the demand, and contracts have been
let for another and even vaster addition to the works.
For 10 months of 1911 our business was larger than for
l I. - I m . m
me wnoie i montns ot any year since the beginning.
The Visible Remington Models 10 and ll, the machines
which not only supply but anticipate all demands of the
typewriter user, have established their fame as the greatest
triumphs in typewriter history.
More than
Three Quarters
f a Million
Remington Typewriter Company
' tliworporattMli
1019 Farnam Street.
Remington Typewriters are in use -more than any other
make, and more than many others combined.
Today, as always, the bulk of the world's typewriting is
done on
C A- T It?
Commencing Monday,
Nov. 27, and contia
uing until this enor
mous Stock is dig
posed of
The Reason
Having bought out the en
tire stock of the BEGEH
Omaha btore, and must cloac
the deck for new action, Not
a tingle pianq wUl li
Thia slock waa bought at
a figure where it enables us
to offer to tho piano buying
publio tho greatest bargains
in strictly high-grade pianos
that have evep been possible
by any piano concern in (he
Below we Men
tion Only a Few
nf fhr RnrrfnitiQ
A number of slightly used
KNABB pianos, both up
right and grand, at a tre
mendous sacrifice,
Used upright, walnut
case tf ffrtft ..... .,37
Hardman tttttt .ttt.,,$G7
J, & O.Fischer i,,,,t 75
Gilbert & Co ,,,,,, ..Q8o
Kranicli & Bach , t , , , 207
Kimball Baby Grand 350
Thirty high-grade pianos,
slightly marred in ship
ment, ranging in price from
$350 to $500, your choice
for ........ ..'.....188
A large assortment of beau
tiful figured . mahogany,
walnut and oak cases, rang
ing in price frora'o$363 to
$600, your choice for :
108 to 208
Square pianos, your choice
tttTtMt S10
Twenty-five parlor organs,
at, from ,,,, ,.3 to 15
Two hundred Piano Btools
just slightly marred, your
choice, for ,,,, f , ,.1.50
We positively reserve the
right not t6 sell more than
three pianos to any one per
son or concern, "We want the
general publie to have the
benefit of this extraordinary
Our usual easy term priv
ilege prevails, while on this
sale your dollar will have the
value of nearly four, Do no.
fail to investigate.
. Call or write store open
evening! during the entire
sale, -
Piano Go,
1825-27 Farnam Street