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VOL. XU-XO. -J.!.
LBig Mwaoued Eeot mmes To PassEE
The Omaha
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Commences at CCQLtPOTH
i Zu Sua Liza
Order placed many months ag-o arrived recently ready for your approval at last. Alterations delayed us, but you will bo repaid for wait
This then is vin invitation to YOU to attend the sale in our NEW ADDITION MONDAY AT 8:00 A. M.
TIiom; who liave attended Chum S;hs- pre
viously know thai it pays to be on Imnd curly.
Never va.ti early attendance so necessary as at
tliis time. Nome of t.h pieces arc so elegant
and unusual, and PRICED SO LOW that they
will Mirelv sell quickly.
NOVEL JARDINIERES 11 urigaviau L'c;i
mri Pottery quaint in color and design. From
Dresden New, desk sets', comports, plaios, tea
set?, etc, charming to look at. England con
tributes Quaint Pitchors, odd Teapots, new
Doulton ware, dinner nets, etc., etc. You wiil
he pleased with this manufacture.
Haviland and Cie Sent new designs in dinne.1
and breakfast ware always attractive. Ladies'
boudoir brotrkfnst sets complete on tray Appetizing-
even to look at French Hand painted '
plates such ns you usually pee priced CQa
at will be marked . . 0 JC
You will want some of these 4 weeks till
gift time.
(iit't suygv.-tioii. remind?- us to mention,
New Manicure Comb and Brush Trays also
toilet articles, all hand painted and all at very
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Da era rat and (.rystallicr productions, the
newest, in table glassware,
t boasters for glass for use on polished i fl
tables, Monday IUC.
Some would sell at 25c. .
Par away India sends hand wrought Ben
ares Brass tlardiuieres, rather rare in this sec
tion. You will want one piece at least.
Wonderful Imara bowls from Japan Jind
novel wicker Jardinieres these have drawn
many admiring- comments from those who saw
th em iu window. And the little children will
be simply delighted with the Cups, Tlates, Oat
meal sets, etc.. containing- catchy little rhymes,
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New flower holders of glass for tablo uso
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No attempt here to quote prices it would
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tory idea of values. We know THAT THE
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Special Sale on Thanksgiving Linens Ew3ondayS
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The Doll Congress is in session on the Second Floor. Bring the little ones. Our ag
gregation is different, quainter, cuter and more unique than what you usually see.
Joyous Bird of Thanksgiving; Starts
a Census Dirge.
iMvina to a Combination of l?vil
the Amrrlran Turkey Sup
ply In Ten Vnri lias .
Been Cat In Half.
Possibly the most cheerless iul'orma
ti ',n conveyed by the census Is that hood
ve may no longer know the great Ameri
can table bird. K. Dana Durand, direc
or of the census, has Just finished count
ing the American turkey, and ho find
liis ranks decimated In every common
wealth of tho union, save in four distant
interinountain states, where, hemmed In
)y insurmountable barrier of transporta
tion rules, he has escaped the cold-storage
!'l:int and canning factory.
Hot ween (he cholera, the "blackhead."
iind the ax, this bird that has Kobble
tobbled his way into the affection of the
American people is wasting rapidly. Per
haps soon liia name will be but a memory,
uul future generations may know him but
l the picture on the can. This much is
certain: Unless times for him change
for the belter, there will not be enough of
Mm left to go around for a bite apiece
!i Thanksgiving day, and there will be as
much real turkey in the gaudily labeled
in an there is of true diamond buck in
tlio uvernge dish of terrapin today.
He. indeed, would be an optimist who,
under such distressing circumstances,
' uiiid sit down to his Thanksgiving dinner
in the proper spirit.
in ton yea.-d the American turkey sup
!!'. has been cut about lu half. The een
of M fliowj that whero there were
in ihut year ii,5?l,95 turkeys to go around
.isvX,W hungry America:! r.iouthf, there
I'i'W, i.ccordlng to tho recent census
count, but u, a clear loss of uot far .
Horn 3.0X),OU) turkeys, whereas the huu-
ijf. mouths have increased to, inoro than
ttlt Ibis railing Oftf
in Maid old ilas4n lniafi;s, where the
vi .-ii Pilgrim Father ret the Thanksglv-'
in; fashion when he solemnly shouldered
.: flintlock and potted a hefty gobbler
nt u." the prime) al oak, there were but
:.': lurkeji to anawer the roll cull t)f
Spirits for Rheumatism
!''. r,D of S'llrln in the treatment of
l ! ninulifm has )mvxi an iunovnilou
njnong tho 'Tedical profession. Wneii
i J wiih certain other ingredients and
t:'teij t.roperly it is s.tid to le ail airiest
uif.iilili'e euro fir i lieiiiiiiitlsm and baek
si In'. Here Is the formula. "I'roni j our
fli utuisl vet one ounce ot Tori compound
i !t! original sald rft' knee) anj one
u..i co of y r i i I of HHij;itl!U coinpuumi.
I4i;.e ihesi; two ingredients home and put
1 1 -'H into ii haif pint of good whiskey,
.-'.like the bottle and take a tahlespoonf ul
l.efore each meal and at bed-um." He
s l a come immediately. If your druggist
Yoes not have Toils compound In stck
'e will get it in a trw hours from his
v.hokalo house. iJon't be Influenced to
i.tle smrt patent medicine Instead of
;!il. Insist on having the genuine Tiri
onirsiund lit the oilinal one ounce oealtd
i -.'liuw 'U.Ujie. Ad,
Census director Durand on April IS, 1910.
The leading turkey states of the union
In 1M0 were Texas with B4S.671, Missouri
with 4rn,titw, Illinois with 446,ft. und Iowa
with 424,.'XHi turkeys. Hut ten years later,
in 1&10, Texas had 2!.0u3 fewer of tiie
great American table bird: Missouri,
155.090; Illinois, ZCti.OW, und Iowa, 300.145
less. Here are tho four leading sources
of turkey supply In the United States,
whose aggregate output of turkeys In lflO
was nearly 1.000,00b birds less than it was
ten years ugo. .
The Ohio turkey crop dropped off 200,200
birds; the Kansus crop liO.WT; and thus
continues the doleful story until you get
down to Hhode Island, where the popula
tion has Increased 24 per cent and the
turkeys have decreased 015 per cent; and
where there are 50si persons to the
square mile and only 1,109 turkeys lu the
whole state.
In only four states did the turkey really
and truly Increase his tribe. That was
in Idaho, whore the Increase was from
10,211 to 14,274; In Wyoming, where the
gain in ten years aggregated 2:119; Mon
tana, where the Increase wus from 12.ICT
to W.475, and North Dakota, where SS.D73
turkeys lu ) have grown into (J1.475 by
Disease and Hate Sheets.
Why did the turkey Increase In ihe.e
four states, while his numbers fell off
from CO to CO per cent In even' other slate
of the union? The rate uliin t i,
railroads point out tho answer, As dis
ease made turkey raising onx a lurge
scale almost lmpoelhlc In somo of ti.
eastern states, the middle w-st und the
soutn were drawn upon bv th i.i
storage compuiiiea for turkeys In great
numoers. Railroad rates governed this
great movement of dressd toeVv .,r,H
here, at least In part, is the answer ,o
me question why the turkev ernn n. in.
creased in the interinountain slute
named, while In the rest of the country
It har. been reduced one-hiilf. The trans
portation rates from tha turir f,.. ...
Texas to tho cold storage pl.iiits In turkey-hungry
New Knslainl. ..r i k
fie, to Hostou, an average tllstancn of 2 -43
miles, or firty-six hour, is i.s prr 100
IKiundi In carload lols f W0 H.unds.
Tho rates for the same product and same
eerM-e irom points lu the fourlnter
mountain states nnm-d to New York an
average distance of 2,2! mif.s. or 'tly.
three hours, i., $:m MollljJa anJ
from Idaho in carload kits of "4 Vi
pounds. The freight rates on less tlian
carload lols from these two states are
considerably great jr in proportion than
from Texas.
Hut. after all, Ineo.u,j,ties in freight
rates alone do not explain tu turkey
Phenomenon. It ts entirely plausible that
the turkey supply of the intermountaln
states should remain lelatively untouched
as i long as the southern, central and
ml.l.llu wfc3tein states .un
. ... -'Ji'i'i r i oe
needs of the country at the present range
of prices, but it doe. not explain why
farmers in the turkey -depleud states
have not increased their supply islead
of letting it run down.
In th cae of chickens, ducks and
geee this would b a lr,ipi. problem
merely a matter of se.tmg nmre ,iell, or
buying more Incubalors. With turkey
I" tllffere,,,. There are .or. j-tllo
tKs In a turkey setting than there are
In , ertn of cnlcken c8a( eo
Personally Conducted
Tours Every Week
to Sunny California.
Personally conducted tourist sleeping cars
leave Omaha every Wednesday and Friday
for San Francisco and Los Angeles on the
China and Japan Mail, These Tours aro or
ganized and handled under tho direct man
agement and supervision of the Tours
Department, which fact is a definite assur
ance of tho very beat service and a. Tuuan
tee that the published itinerary Trilfba car
ried out.
Thes personally conducted tourist sleep
ers leave Omaha Union Station and run on
the following schedule:
Lv. Omaha. . . 4:03 p.iu. Wed. Fri.
At. Cheyenne . . . . . . .11:30 a.m. Thura. Sat.
Ar. Ogden 6:30 a.m. Fri. Sun.
Ar. San Francisco... 2:50 Sat. Mon.
Ar. Los Angeles w . . . 8:45 a.m. Sun. Tucs.
Union-Southern Pacific
Standard Route of the West.
Special attention is called to the fact that
the trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles
is particularly interesting as tho route trav
eled is along the coast line.
Every inch of the way to California is
protected by Electric Block Signals. Dust
less, perfect roadbed. Excellent Dining
For information relative to fares, routes,
reservations, etc., call on or address
L. Bcindorff, C. P. & T. A.
1324 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
Phones Douglas 1828; Independent A -3231.
tural experts tell us, and you can grow
richer on paper raifdng turkeys than
raising chickens. Hut it has gotten so
now that in somo states you can ralne
turkeys only on paper. I
His Two Appendixes.
The trouble with tho turkey Is his ap
pendix, or rather his appendlfts, for
fowls have two of these bothersome in
cumbrances. It appears there hafl come
into the land In the last decade or two
an organism to oe exact, a protozoon
which is thoroughly at home with the I RAILROADS FYHIRIT AT
cinciien uu leaves on mis nom practic
ally no ill effects, but which is death to
turkeys. It makes, first tiling, for his
turkeyship's two appendixes, enlarges
and, then chokes them up, mottles the
livor and works so much general distress
that the plagued and weakened bird lies
down and dies. This disease is called
enterobepatitis, but it is known and
dreaded wherever they raise turkeys hs
"blackhead," becausv frequently, at one
stage of the dlneae, the heud of the
stricken bird turns black.
When tills protozoon gets into a flock
of turkeys. It usually kills ;0 per cent
plunu increasing It begins to look as
though the great American titblo bird Is
doomed to Join the dodo and the bison,
unless tho 1910 turkey count of the census
bureau cpurs aome bold and resourceful
explorer in the field of animal husbandry
to produce an appendlxless gobbler, or
finds a way to exterminate the deadly
protozoon that threatens to rob Thanks
giving day of one of its oomfortliiK and
satisfying charm?. Colller'ii Weekly.
School Children Athrill Over Prep
arations for Thanksgiving:.
nu Meets with tahesltatlaic tin
Uorsenieat and to-operatloa of
Taos Devoting Their Time
to Charity.
the old blrd.s. It is blackhead," say the
experts of tho Department of Agriculture,
that has put New KngUnd out of the
turkey business. Rhode Inland once was
famous for the number as well as the
quality of Us turkeys. Now look at It.
Census Director Durand could find but
l,l'() in the whole siaie. and they were
held at the exorbitant prioo of M.Ij 1
aplex.e. j
Uul there must be ollior cnun's than I
"blackhead" that ore responsible for the !
dwindling in ten years of .50oi( turkeys
down to 2,000.0)0. for all of the dates of
tho union, ave the four Interinountain
states, Fhow decreases ranging from 30 j
to 60 per cent sine.) JftOO. Much of this j
territory, especially in the south, Is free '
irom hiuckliead, smd the trouble boie
K.emn to be the sheer Inability to ralne i
turkeyH eipial to the demands of the
cold storage plants for dinrihutlon I
throughout the country. The turkey Is
an easy bird to hatch, but a difficult one
to bring through the noult Ktxuo
the farms in the uninfected terrlton
rppcars, are simply unable io replenish j
the stock taken annually by the cold .
Mora-re plants to supoly tho-;e section
where disease has wiped out nlmoM
of the. native flocks.
Ileuee the I pmril I'rlev.
This bliuatlon, naturally, Jus led to a
general and very (.arked In the
pr'ce of tui Wej x.
1 ne average price cf tuike.'.s In
middle west i'h between t.7"i and 12.
the Pacific lurgry ure vatud
i allfomlu at V.rj and In Wushtno-tnn
at U.:").
H !s ii the east, however, where fancj
tur!;ey prices prevail. Pennsylvania's
turkeys at : i are cheap, compare-1 with
MasfachUMettK' birds wheh thK
census rrpoi ts value ut MPloce, and
JUsstt'chusette turkeys ere cheap when
compared with Connecticut's . at 1.M a
head. In the matter of price Census Di
leotor Imrand pins the hlue ribbon for
1010 on little Rhode Island, whose l.lufc
tur. are valued at Jt.Vi, or It. 15 each.
'hat another ten yeais will show Is a
'lucmtot!. The Deoartmeiu ,f Agriculture
du., mil undertake to ansuer It. The
lavages of "blackhead" are spreading
ud with the demand ot I be tola ttorf
I'nlon Pacific 'afivlces relatvo to the
Chicago Ijind show, which Is now In prog
ress and whloh will continue until De
cember !, are to the effect that the
crowds are large, but not much, if any,
In excess of those that attended the
Omaha Land show, held recently. In
Chicago during the first six days the at
tendance aggregated 43.00".
Tho I'nlon Pacific und lis affiliated
lines have spent J0,0u0 in making exhlblu
at the Chicago show. They have con-
the poults and about 20 per cent of utruoted two theaters'
In the annex of
the Coliseum, where hourly lectures on
agricultural and horticultural topics, ac
companled by motion pictures, are given.
The company is showing a large numlmr
of oil paintings representative of scenes
along the line through Nebraska and beyond.
Jn this pr-Thanksglvlng uesaon scIioiiIh
and the homes of school children In
Omaha are athrill with preparations for
the annual exorcises and festivities, to
which, this year, a new and novel In
terest has beon added. U Is a yearly
custom, established when the school sys
tem of tho city wiih In Us infancy, for
tho children of the well-to-do to bring
donutlons of food, clothing or money to
their school buildings for dixtrlbution
among the various chirltahln liiftltutlons.
-This year a certain percentage of the
donations will bo kept In stock by the
principals of the sohooln and used during
the winter to ullevlste the suffering or
provide for tho wants of the needy pupils.
It Is an attempt to put Into practice the
old adage that "charity begins at home,"
and It haa met with the unhesitating
Club House Prairie Park Club
""' i.o
U- 'i: . . p&M'l'.'IVn' -.11, .
t g I
oS 3 . fl B a .
t 1 U J i b '
endorsement and the co-operation of the
men and women devoting their time find
energies to charitable work.
A certain percentage of donations will
ho kept only In the schools where It Is
known they can be used to advantage and
where they will helti those who would
not otherwise receive assistance. The
educators and philanthropists are agreed
that the 600 teachers of the city have the
most accurate Information regarding the
wants and needs of the U1.000 pupils who
constitute the training army of citizen
ship. And so In this belief they have
nunvtloned the plan to heap clothing,
food or fuel out of the donations and will
leave the teacher free of restraint In the
dltitrlbutlon of these during the year.
This custom of keeping allvo the oHr
Inal spirit of Thanksgiving the reason
when formal thankfulness for the bless
ings of life is expressed has brought a
pictureniiunnnns and a uniqueness to
Omaha school life. A the day for
donations druivs near the pupils become
more restlees, more observant arid meet
and part on tho campu.i with keener en
joyment f their comradeship. It la the
time of the year whon selilsuiiess Is Itoet
evident; nuarrels are lens frequent: dln-
agreemeuts are settled v.lth the leant d'f-
flculty, and, say the teachers, there Is
more ro-nperatlon In school v.url: rind a
greater desire to help the school a'ld those
needing help who are not ot th ncbool.
Vplrlt la Intensified.
Tho Merit of Tlia;ikHg!v!,i- hi tho
schools i:j the pplrit of I .'hrLstmus in
tensified. The pupil i c::poct less ami
gUo more and the nui prises are greater
snd Hie donations tii.ire varied l:iflnltely
mora varied end by far more practicu!.
ICverytlilng from a block of coal to a ! I
gold piece, from a pair of trousers to a
barrel of dill plcklm, from a glacs of
Jelly or a crate of potatoes to u lino und
flower-opiayed kimono Is brought und
gladly given and as such gladly received.
Xothlnt; is unwanted, nor lu anything
ghen which cannot be tittilncd. There In
a place for every article and Ii is put la
thai place by those who know best who
Is In r.ted mid what ii nveried,
"Tht:i cuctom." said an educator who Is
interested In charity, "Is one of the mot
unselfish and tho moot Inspiring the west
has ever fostered. The children take an
Intense delight In It and are more Joyful
over tho t'lcaxure they l:no'.v they will
bring to the aged and infirm and the
hnlplesa and all tho unfortunate of thf
city than they would be If they were the
recipients of soma surprisingly pleasant
treat. The Thanksgiving spirit Is old,
but It eveT find fresh ways of expres
sion, and tills Is one of them."
The I)lstrilatloa.
Poorer children in the schools will be
beneficiaries of the Thanksgiving dona
tions, but the largest amount of the ar
ticles given will ba distributed among the
inmates of the Old ' People's home, the
Visiting Nursee., tho Child Having
Institute, the House of Hope, the
Crecho, the City mission, the Associated
Charities and the Salvation Army rescue
homi. In all except tho higi school the
gift cf anything that inlght bo ubeful to
some one la gladly adopted, but the stu
dents lu the hlsli school have themselves
set the precedent of donating nothing but.
He May Be Defeated
by His Own Evidence
.'-ray'.is hvt.oiiucnd in fed.
e.-al court by Jll'.to.i Ii. Goodenough of
Ixigaii, la., Ir.tended t i show that lie was
njiire.! to l.:e client of ilj.UX) lu a I'niou
Pacific wrrtit r.var Logan, ehow Instead
liiit tiie Injuries o which the suit U
based MUlit hiivo utin cufJ hv oih,.
Kie... ! this proved true Uoodanougli
vlli lose Ms suit asannt the compauy.
in tii attempt to show that one leg
v.aa al'orteiied by Ir jury iji the wreck
Ooodenouth had tho X-ra;.- pictures taken
and when the woe introduced iu evi
dence It was foutid that Uoodennugh had
thirty-eight small birdshot cmbeddled lu
his leg. If Is thought that the wounds
caused by the shot uiiOt have had the
effect of shortening the le?. Another in
jury also was dine ivtif.l, wlien it was
found that Ooodenojgh ruffered a frac
tured hip whsju ho was kicked by horse
during the civil
Stomach Blood and
Liver Troubles
I with weak itamftflk. a.d '. 'i
Tiie Piairle Park club is now an Incor
porated body, v litreas heretofore it lias
heen a purely social organization with
civic lieautlflcation as its main purpuee.
Incorporation was made necessary by the
On the first floor of the new building
will be room for a dozen machine, to
start with. On the second floor will be a
billiard room, lu a, mezzanine story, and
a fine hall. JOxttt. with ante-rooms and
decision of the membership to construct , coat rooms. The building will be of eteel
a cluh house and garage on lots al and cement construction and fireproof in
i wcuiy -si kin arm nanicr streets. This
step was taken to avoid the possibility
of garages bj'nig bulit on tho Ion in
Prairie patk, which Is now free tivtu
fvnul and outUouii .of tvw? kind.
its entirety. A handsome entrance .i
will be constructed from Ames avenue to
the club house, with border of shrubs
and flowers. It Is expected the bulldUig
Till by ready early; nti tuBim:,
Mueh licknen start with weak stomach, aad consequent
poor, impovertklied blood. Nervous aod pale-people lack
good, rich, red blood. Their stomachs need invigorating1
lor. alter all, rain can be no stronger tbaa his stomach.
A ismedy that make the stomach strong aad lb lirer
ctive, make rich red blood and overoomes and drive
out diest-prodacio bacteria and cures whol mulli.
tude of diseaee.
Ctt riot at yomr Stomseh Wmtnf mn4
LImp Lmmlat.a by tmklng m rosn mt
ir. Pierce' a Uoltem Mtaieml Dlaerry
- tUm Sfimmtk K.atoraUrt, Lift
tmvl&mrmt9f mat OlotU Ceaar.
You can't afford to accept any medicine ot mrnhntwrn
' ubtitut tor "Goldca Mediae! Diaooy.
ry, which is medicine or inown cnMposmoN, bavia
a vooiplet list of in'redientt in plain English on it hot
tfe.wrapper, saw be a atUuted cor root under oath.
' r . . I ht a . . . ;..? .1