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    T11H WeAs: O'maIW, FiilDAY. XoYKMBhn 24,
One More Democratic Leader Put
Under Ban by Peerless One.
Fear Mlaaonrlnn Will Wnnl n Act
tia t'mpire and Thm Stand !u
"Way of People'a Onward
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Nov. 23-(Speral.)-Chnmp
Clark ia hut a capntdc lender In the opin
ion of William J. Itrvan. who Bets out
odltnrlally thla work what ho thinks of
the Missouri man as a sneaker of the
house and head of that part of the party
now In power. Mr. r.ryan aH:
'There Is i nRresidve majority In
c onreKR, liut It lacks leadership. Ppeaker
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("lurk la the one of whom leadership was
expected, liut his usefulness In that capac
ity la bring Impaired, partly by fear that
lie will be accused of Imitating Cannon,
and partly by the mistaken Idea that It
Is h's special mission to preserve har
mony anion; the democrats In the house,
in both cases he errs. Cannon a not
a moral leader he was the master of a
machine. The appointment of committees
enabled him to coerce republicans and
corrupt democrats. When the democrats
changed the rules they dd not Intend to
deprive the speaker of any power that
legitimately belongs to a democratic
leader. On the contrary, a democratic
leader oukM to be the stronger because
his lc.-idcrship rests uixn his ability to
poisiincle rather than upon fear.
"The Ferond errors Into which Speaker
Clark has fallen Is still more dangerous.
The fijst en or tends to make him a nega
tive quantity, but the second may con
vert him Into a positive force for harm.
If he conceives ills highest duty to be to
preserve harmony he will exert his In
ihntice to prevent the consideration of
Huny measure upon which democrats are
divided the trust question, for instance,
i'li'icss is more Important than har
nony. Tha men who oppose reforms are
ilwios quick to threaten a bolt If reined
.al ict;!on Is attempted.
Tail slay Wit,
"The democratic party Is a progressive
aity nine-tenths aof the rank and file
urn progressive, lut the 'one-tenth is
.Hitverful because, it Is made up of men
.villi large corporate connections and of
politicians whom they intimidate.
"The progressive clement In the party
.Ti us l have leadership In the house. If,
lor uny reason, the speaker refuses to
Had, someone should be selected to mar
shal the reform forces and lead the fight.
Mr. t'ndsrwood has gained undue promi
nence because he has been allowed to
Speak for the democratic majority. lie
nas icu-ino party into surrenders whlcn
embarrass It. lie In the head of the re
actlonary element of the party the man
vhom the progressive leaders will havt
:o oppose.
"Who will lead? Mr. Clark Is, so fai
as Is known, right on all public questions
Will he step forward and order a charge?
Or will he aot as umpire and watch th
fight? He won his spurNns a flghte
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yan s upemng
Friday and Saturday
Fifteenth and Douglas Streets, Omaha,
and he cannot hope to retain the confl
uence of hla friends if he turns the leader-
ship over to another.
If Mr. Clark had exhibited as speaker
the qualities of leadership that made him
speaker he would now be without a rival
n t herace for the presidential nomina
tion. He haa time yet to make himself
a formidable candidate, but to do so he
mut lead.
Thare are several planks of the demo
cratic platform which have not yet been
taken up; are they going to he earrle.I
out or repudiated? We have fjught for
nineteen years for the election of sena
tors by the' people Is It to be killed In
The people need a champion In the
houseto whom will the honor go?
NKHRASKA CITT. Nob.. Nov. :!!.-
(Special.) Mrs. Sarah Coe, widow of the
late General Jsaac Coe, died tit her home
In this city yesterday after a brief Ill
ness. She has been In poor health for a
number of years, but her death was un
expected. She was nearly S4 years of age,
being born In Mlddletonn, Conn. She
was married to Cencral Coe In 1SI6. and
they remained on a farm In Connecticut
for six years and then went south, where
they remained for several years. In IS."
they came, to this city, where they inndt
their home all of these years. At thf
breaking out of the civil war her hus
band was uppolnted brigadier general fot
he portion of Nebraska south of tin
I'latte, and Ills Jurisdiction extended ovoi
.1 portion of Iowa. Kansas and Missouri
She was a mother of two children, boll,
jf whom survive her Mrs. Eloise Coe
Ireland and Frank E. Coe, both resident,
of this city.
Mis. Henrietta Uurgess. wife of I.. S
Burgess, died at her home near Julia
yesterday of bronchitis. Her death wm
sudden. She was born March 1, l!OS, ii
Massachusetts and at an early age mai
.led and the young couple came to thi
dtate to make their home. She was th
mother ot Seven children, five sons an
two daughters, all wer at homo sav
two sons, who reside in the western pa.
of the, state. Her funeral will be he.
Friday from the family home and th
remains will be Interred In the Lee cemt
nF.ATniCrc, Neb.. Nov. 23 -(Special.
An organisation to be known a-i the Gage
County Alumni Association of the Univer
sity of Nebraska was perfected here last
night by the election of thes officers:
Miss Marie I'pson, president; Antolne
Itlllyer. lee president; F H. liake, sec
retary. Ororge Kllno of Lincoln, secrc
taryof the state association, was here
and assisted In forming the society.
Twn hundred republicans have signed
papers for the organisation of a Taft
club In Hentrlce. The meeting for that
purpose will be held Thursday night.
Tho Chicago, Burlington ft yuincy rail
road yeeterday paid Into the county treas
ury Its taxes for 1911, which amounted to
HT.Tlfi.St. The svmaiint paid last year was
l25,rS3.70. Of the totsj amount paid yes
terday the . company protested payment
of )lS1.3u on account of an alleged Illegal
evy In school district No. SO In Adams
Charles Slems, for thirty-five years a
resident of Oage county, died yesterday
morning at his home In this city of B'it
trouble, aged 70 years. He Is survive! by
IDA GROVE, la.. Nov. 23.-8pecial.)-da
Grove business men have written th
,cf lob, 1. nf the Minneapolis & St. Loui
w. naitl th.t If the rumored extensloi
i3 to bemade from Storm Lake to Oman
thut the line come by way of Ida urov
and Penlson. Henry Naeve of Denlaan
m his way home from the Dakota:.
topped off tn Minneapolis to see the off I
:lals df the road, and they told him the.
ni.nHd tr hnlld the line from Storm
Uike to Omaha as soon as possible. Th.
Minneapolis & tit. luis nas a uno iron.
Minneapolis to Storm iJike and It end.
hra while another line runs from Mln-
...nnii. m na Mnlnea. The Storm Lakt
branch was always Intended as an Omaha
Ine, and now extension Is proposed, i.
anlri twn routes me being considered.
hi. nf finhatler. Oalva. Ida Grove
and Denlson, and one by way of Schaller,
Jdebolt and Denlson. U the tine is dumi
Ida Grove will offer every encouragement
I tlirrnllr of .Nebraska
I'orni local Organisation
S hartra Mfiua Dead.
four sons, hi., wife bavins paas4 away
a year ago.
James Arthur 1-aaby and Miss Kllsafeeth
Wilson, both of Chester, Neil)., were mar.
lied here yesterday by Raw U. O. Urown.
Tattle Hock tilrl 'tart la Hnnnrray.
TAHi.K HOCK. Neb., NOV. (Spe
cial. )-Mlss CitM Mltehell or this place
was serioimly Injured In a runaway ac
cident between here nnd Tawnea City.
She had boen to the latter place In a
bu;gy with Hoy I-avma-'i, and they were
returning home when in descending a hill
tho shafts came down nnd the hors.
commencing to kick and run, the driver
lost control and the hor.n ran quite a
distance, when the buggy upset. Roth
were unconscious for a time. Mlsa Mitch
ell was carried to the home of I. T. Mil
ler and a physician was Immediately sum
moned. Her face and forehead ware
frightfully cut. the flcrh from too latter
dropping down over her eyes, and It took
several stitches to close the wound. Her
eyes are both swelled shut, t'nle.s In
ternal Injuries develop sho will recover.
Mabt School for Mrt'nok.
M'COOK, Neb., Nov. IX (Special.) Mo
Cook's Roard of education has do,dixl
to open a night school In cont eotlon with
the publlo school system with one teacher
employee! at tho start. Tho board hat
also ItiiKrurted Sntterlntenr.rnt Davis to
Inti-oducr the Crete plan of domestic sci
ence In the high rchcol as soon as practicable.
Kiil W. Itottmaa Improtlnt.
NKIISASKA CITT. Nov. 23. -(Special.
Fred W. Rnttmann. cshlr of tha Otoe
Count National bank, who was so seri
ously Injured In the Missouri t'aclfla
wreck at Fort Crook ' some time since,
when his wife, daughter .and father-In
law acre killed while aiming near him,
la ala to bo out, but as yet ho la far
from bolnt a wall man.
Cooralaai at tire nil lalaad.
(WAND ISLAND, Neb., Nov. Mv (Spe-
11.) Three hundred and twenty-mp paid
avdmlastons was tho report of the uttend
ance at the coursing meet which onencd
here yesterday. Quite a number of the
best hounds of the state art aald to bo
bere. It Is, however, not a state cham
pionship event.
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la lung hemorrhage. Stop It; and cure
weak lungs, coughs and colds with Dr.
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sale by Reaton Drug Co.
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Rig Returns.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
. LINCOLN, Nov. 23. (Specl:il.)-Startlng
out on a country road last night. Charles
and Paul Stalder, two youthful tyts of li
and 8 years, respectively, strayed into a
country house south of town this morn
ing, barely able to talk and tell a t aim
er's wlfo that they were nearly frozen to
Both had spent the night on the road
and, although thinly clad, had attempted
to Ho down and sleep a part of the time.
A Ki-year-old girl, the Bunt of the boys,
was with them and was tho cause of
their straying from the detention homo,
whore they had been held until last night.
The children's parents camo here from
Curtis some time ago In a covered wagon.
When taken In this morning at the Con
ley home south of this city the two little
lads were In , a serious condition from
exposure, but this afternoon it was
thought that they would recover from the
effects of their experience.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Nov. 23.-(Cpeclal.) 11. C.
Mead of Coiad and several other men
from his section of the state, who filed
the first Irrigation complaint with the
State Railway commlsshm under the en
actment of the lato legislature, mu be
compelled to go to court to obtain the
relief asked. The Coxad Canal company,
the respondent In the complaint, alleges
in Its reply filfd today that the act passed
at the l'Jll session, whereby the commis
sion Is given control, applies only to the
tales to be chai-ged. The (supply and
power prices of water distribution, the
company maintains, are still under the
,.r......l M.t Vif. Ktate Irrigation board.
Mead and the other complainants allege
that the service or mo. . oxaa v.aoai com
pany haa hc-i-u bail and that parlous parts
of tho ditches operated by It have been
out of coiiiml."lon for seine time pust.
Joint Ilincrgeiicr Hospital.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb., Nov. 23. (Spe
cial.) The members of the county board
and tho officers of the city are negotia
ting for the establishment of a Joint einer
b'ency ho;-pltttl on the poor farm, two
miles north of the city. The need of a
county Institution haa often been 'Jell
At such times application haa been made
to the city, which Itself has an inade
tjuale and poorly at ranged hospital for
contagious diseases. It is expected that
some arrangement will be made whejjeby
the maintenance is prorated In accord
ance with the number of cases admitted
Heal Hatate Urals at Deahler.
DESHLIiK. Neb., Nov. 23 (Special. )
William Othllng sold his eighty-acre
farm, four miles southeast of town, to
William Doehrlng Tuesday, consideration
18,000. William Doehrlng sold hla place
of 1W) acres southeast of Hebron to Wll
Ham Othllng for $13,ouo.
I .- , .
Carey Act Land Opening M.WiO acres at
Jerome, Idaho. December 11, 1811. This
land Is (art of the Great North tilde
Tract, which has a record of THREU
all Intormation. write or wire the Twin
Falls North Side Land and Water Co,
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