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The omaha daily Bee
vToO R K 5MVA T Kit," V.l 'I T K.
Knlritd at Omaha poslolflr as second
eiasi mutter.
Funds v Hee. one year 5.M
Katurdav Hee, otje year II M
1-ally (without Sunday), on yenrMOl
L'aily H"e Htid Rundav, ntif year ti.(W
Kvenlng He (with Hundavt. per month. 2 e
leily lle (Including Sunday I, per wo.k'
liallv He (wlthmft Mimlnyi. jw-r mo 4.V
Address all complaints f Irregularities
In delivery tn Ci(v Circulation lept,
F.emtt tiv rtrsfl. epies or postal order,
rayab'e to The Hee I'nt.Uit'ilnn company.
nly 2-eent stamps received in pavninil
of amall arrounla. rersonal checks, ex
cept en Omaha and eastern exchange, not
acepted .
oFFi cks.
Omaha-The lice Hnlldlng.
South Omeha-2318 N St.
Council Hlufff IS Scott St.
Lincoln 26 Utile Rulldlng
Chicago 1 Marquette i;jIH1!iik.
KntM city Uclianre Pulldmg.
New York-M Wf( Thirty-third.
Washington Tin Fourteenth St., N. .
communications relating to n and
t-Iitnrlal matter ehould be addressed
Omaha Pee. Kditorlal department.
fcute of, County of I'Miuglas, .
Dwleht Williams, circulation manager
of the Pee lilmhl nr conipnnv. being
duly aworn, say Cist the average jla ly
rlrrulnllon, lets .polled, unused and re
turned coplee, for the month of October,
mi. wa w.Tv3.jjwirnTWI( I1AMfl
Circulation Manager.
ubserlbfd lit nv presence nnd (.worn t-J
before one thla 1-t riav of . K"vmb.rr. ,IJU'
:,otury I'uhlic.
T.sW EehnVe ta RaaMpaiim. Perhaps It In not no much whether
Tho derisive vote by which the Kt a business mm or a lawyer.
American Federation of Labor over- that we get an honest, capable
rode the attempt of the radical to man. Moreover, the trouble ha not
drive Mr. Gompcrs and other labor M been with the laws enacted, but
leader, out of the National Civic much of It In getting those lawa
Federation Is at once a severe blow obeyed In the spirit. Business men
I -. -- a A I. II.. 4 1 k la .1
to nnreaannln rarllca am and a migut neip out materially at im. cuu
I m a i ii
tribute to common sense and fair " ln" "ue
play. These same radicals In the
Over-Supply of Acton.
Five thousand actors arc said to be
Mine Workers' union were able to
force John Mitchell out of the Civic
Federation, though Mr. Mitchell out of employment In this country
says, It required a packed conven- The number may be exaggerated, but
tlon to do It. It is gratifying to figuratively It repreBents a depression
knew thla nower doe. not control thea'or -orld wblch really ex
th htffw conr nf nnion labnr. Some of these unem ployed thes-
The National Civic Federation Plans are undoubtedly capable actors,
represents the public, the employer "hlU """ othT Probably do not
and the while the Amerl- belong In the star class. The naturally
can Federation of !bor represents ulet tone of business all over the
only the employe. Why hould they coun,ry P'" ,t8 Va,rt tuh, ,,,t-
not Ret on together? Why should
tln, and, then, back of that Is the
tho Interests and purposes of one be " " . , .w . u v
O'cruuilQ tile luiufc, iiiav iucy uao
Inimical to the oilier? It Is a dan
gerous doctrine to preach against
the co-operation of employer and
employe where their welfare Is mu
tual. The prosperity of the em
ployer means, or should mean, the
prosperity of the employe, aid busi
ness and labor are best promoted
under the highest appreciation of
this relation. No worklngman can
reasonably hopo' to succeed who,
holds himself In a state of antago-
ahaerllirr leTlK u'
temporarily aoll hv Th
lire mailed to Ihrm. ,diraa
trill lr bntiBCd aa of a
Rather shady doings out In Shady
i Bend, Kan.
I' r-.., -
I Emperor William has applied tha
recall to his over-loquacious son.
I That packer' case has been de-
layed onrush to euro It thoroughly
by now.
' L . -
Mr. Rockefelfer evidently believes
! In pious finance, with Just a dash of
strennoslty In It.
The man who la on good terms
with bis conscience Is that far to-
I ward uappiueaa.
'Maryland, My Maryland." Is no
longer one of the official songs of
tha democratic party.
Three SwlfU are mentioned In
that Chicago packers' suit, and yet
It makes alow headway.
With o many dark horses In the
race, democracy's chances next year
resemble ft big, black cloud.
Mr. Rockefeller got the Mesaba
railroad for $1,000,000. Trobably
let his office boy turn that deal.
Ex-Senator Aldrlch Is cheered or
five minutes by bankers In New Or
leans. Think of it. banker actu
ally cheering.
Our Congressman Lobeck has al
ready departed for Washington. We
should hear something drop at tho
national capital soon. ,
Young Mr. Dickon seems to have
got on somebody toe with that
atray remark about the beefy ankles
of Ney York women.
Champ Clark on soma subjects
resembles old Madam Blaze, who
1 "never slumbered In her pew but
when h went to Bleep."
It goes without saying that it tha
foot ball promoters know their bus!
ness they will not neglect to send
'compllmentarles to the weather man
Why doenn t the Houston . Post
throw Senator Bailey' toga over
Congressman Henry' shoulder and
;b dona with it Joa Bailey's, we
The superintendent of the Anil
' Saloon league Is going to be superin
tendent of tha Detention borne for
juvenile delinquents. Presumably
s promotion.
! If there are a lot of empty chool
'room in Omaha it would seem that
tha thing to do would be to arrange
i? poeslblo, to fill them up before
building more aehoot houses.
Send In your preferred names for
consideration for coiunilationer un
der Omaha's new plan of city gov
trnmeut. Tho lists are open wld
enough so that any good and capu
hn citizen may qualify.
built too many theaters and lowered
the grades of acting mre than they
have elevated them. The charge Is also
made that they have put the empha
sis upon the cheaper play, turned the
spotlight upon the flashy article, ap
pealing to the loss lofty sense of
theater-goers and that they have let
down their bar to sensationalism In
a reckless measure.
It Is not to be questioned that men
and women are stalking before the
nlsm to his employer In all things and foolI,ghu an,i mouthing foolish lines
uu uu who have no business there: who are
merest n,s interests wnen tney are . tretch of tha Imagination
reciprocal. actnra nnrt whoae onlv element of
Labor and capital may still have , e8 , ome Tagrant caper that
to flgbt out their difference at ban brought them into more or less
times, but they should work to- chean rnmit- tn aome case even
gether when they can. Combined moral debasement has been the asset.
organization I not necessarily an in- xnei0 people, of course, have crowded
dlctment of those who enter into off th Biag) 80rne reai piayere and
them. It Is not the principle of tho deplorable fsct Is that the the.
unionism to which any sensible lover atrical entrepreneur find ready re
of fair play take exception, but only Bp0nse to their appeal at the box
with Its faulty application. - In the office. Of course, they do or they
same connection, worklngmen of "would make another sort of Bppeal.
broad view do not object, to organ- They are not In the bulnes to ml
lzatlon of capital, but rather to the interpret popular likes and dislikes.
abuse of power which organization And that Is their defense, indefensl
gives. For labor and capital in the ble, ethically, a It may appear. The
processes of modern economics, legitimate and meritorious caste will
both organization and cA-operatlon get the encore when the patrons of
are not only doBlrable, but esse 'al. the theater give it. In the mean
time the cheap and nasty theater
Patent Eeal Eitate Valuations. flourishes because it meet the de-
The owner of a patent for real mand. Still, that la not to say there
estate valuation i endeavoring to is no room on the stage today for
convince our property owner of the genuine acting. Tho actor of excep
fficacy of hi "system" and to per-tlonl power I not wanting for a
uade the county assessor and Job and one that pays a handsome In
county board to make 'a deal with come, at that, though he be tn the
him for territorial rights. The in- minority.
fallible remedy for lnlaultle In real
estate aa.easment. may nosslbly Bnk qullWn under the state
h.v- h-c rUacovnrerf an natanted I depository I8W Will not need Dere-
and, if o, the patentee .how. lauda- rter ta ,v DOnd to ecur POIU
ble enterprise In endeavoring to of tt moM The PrtiumpUon
enread It. benefits far and wide. ln n,s ou,Q P
The inevitable and admitted ten- P' to state bank that are deposl-
dency of the proposed .ystem.. how- torU, ot county' nd cho1 dl8"
evtr, is to increase realty valuation. ir,cl luna iM o
wherever applied, irrespective of a.- KU uero lor lo' re"on lUM wo
or assessments of the same kind of 8Uth 0mah,i' and but faW 8ma11
a-c a ' ' -1
EJobklncf Backward)
llikDnv InOmnnn
i aiuuaMj saa e iiiukm
-sj-3-1 Nov. a. 4
Thlrtr Years Ago
Thla Thanksgiving eva was one of
many dancing turtle. Iloner Hook
and ladder Company No. I held Its an
nual ball at Maaonle hall. Thote In
charga were: Matter of oeramonlea,
Charles Fiahcr: floor managera, Louis
Jtemm. Loul Koater, Ueorga Schmidt.
Oua William: ' rweption. J. Rotholta,
Philip Dora. Iula Kroltach. Peter
Inen; a.rrangamenta, !'. 8. - Mitchell.
Georga Bclimldt, Loula Stemm, Ous Wll-ilama.
The Omalia Land Leagua aocletlea
danced In Htandard hall. Tha committee
on arrangements were Mlaaes Ktacla
Crowley, Parah E. Dretinan, Anna Nlchol,
Beretta McDonald, Meaar. Michael Lea,
Michael Leahy, Jamea Brennan; recep
tion, Uaaara. F, W. Gray,. John Ruah.
Michael tiohovan, Jamea Hannlgen,
Thomas Tailon; floor, Measra. Charles
McDonald, Richard Hanley, Illcbard
Pierce, John Reagan.
Iron Motders No. 1D0 held forth In Cen
tral hall. Its roater Included: Maater o
eeremonlea, Robert Kaiser; arrangement!,
James Dunnlgan, John Colbath; recep
tlon, J. Madde, Hugh Koreter. T. HpHng
ated, 8. Ilawa; door, O. H. Mackey,
Charlea AJams, J. Carroll; floor, J.
Knight, R. fierce, Jamea McLaughlin,
J. Jacobs; Introduction, James Robin
eon, P. Farrell, Thomaa BoUnd, R. Peck
ham, J. Hammond, B, Crarron.
A commence party waa given by Mr.
and Mr a. L. M. Dennett In honor of Mlxa
Hoyt of TJtlca, their gueat. The favors
for prlies were exquisitely hand-painted
Announcements for Thanksgiving In
clude service at the United Presbyterian
church by Rev. Dr. BtelUng; at the
First Methodist by Rev. J. W. Harsha;
at South Omaha Methodist Episcopal
church by Itev. J. AV. Inghram of the
Christian church; at St. Barnabas church
a Jo(nt congregation of Trinity, St
Mark's and BL Barnabas; at Saints
chapel by Elder E. C. Brand.
About noon today a runaway team at
Twenty-fifth and Dodge streets threw
Mlaa Aldle Berlin from the buggy In
which she waa riding Inflicting severe In
Juries, but no bone were broken.
John Lund, formerly of Lyons. Ia..
has located In Omaha to go Into the
clothing buatneji.
Dr. Parker has removed to . hta new
residence at Twenty-fifth and Dodge
atreeui. and Dr. Van Camp to his new
houae. southeast corner Webster ar.d
Twentieth streets.
J. O. Fhllllppl of the Chicago. Burling
ton Qulncy Is In the city.
property elsewhere. It Strikes us,
therefore that In the matter of as-
state bank, in the county outside of
these two cities, but we take It that
tk. nnlsl -111 V .t..J I .
segment for taxation we are con-
fronted by a condition rather than h" Interior countle.. where a choice
a theory, and that, while ,w dqubt
less need radical equalization of ex
tstlng valuations, to elevate the gen
era! level arbitrarily and buy a
patent right for that purpose would
be a costly luxury.
A Uttle careful scrutiny will read
la presented between national and
state bank depositories.
Ambassador Bryce surely could
not have been essaying humor when
he observed that "compared with
forty year ago, New York City i
ell sroverned." Boas Tweed aat
ily show why this is .o. Our WB.r Bos. Murphy .It. forty year.
Twenty Year. Ago-
Addressing the Sundown club at the
Paxton hotel. Andrew Roaewater main
talned that all publlo service monopolies
in cltlos should belong to the municipal
Frank Sieaapanlak. Zl. and Miss Veron
ica Hajnowaka, 1, were married.
Justice Holmes postponed action on the
suburb saloon caaea for three days
The funeral service of Police Officer
Vance Fields was held at his home. 1818V
PC Mary's avenue, conducted by Rev. J
A. Turkle. paator of-Kounu Memorial
Lutheran church, and burial waa at For
etit Lawn.
The Fifth Wars' Kickers club held forth
at 11M Sherman avenue. John T. Cathers
was In the chair and T. II. Dalley acted
as secretary, while "Uncle Joe" Redman
regaled the members In the mystic beauty
of a alee little Indian story, otherwise
stating that the meeting had been Called
to kick agatnat pricks In the park situa
Measrs. Davis, Donnelly and Burdlsh
were appointed a council committee to
confer with President Wiley of the
Omaha Thomson-Houston Electric Light
company relative to a new contract for
the city. Mr. Wiley's original proposition
was tn siTpply tho gasoline district with
30-candle power Incandeecent lights at (20
each per year, 'and then he aeked leave
to change Ms proposition to 1,200-candle
power arc lights at 1110 each per annum.
sessments for taxation here in
Omaha and Douglas county do not
stana by tnemseives, out are part or "The period in which we live will
the grand assessment of the whole g0 down in history a. the era of pin
state of Nebraska. If the same val- head. In high place.." write, a cor
uatlon method were applied all over respondent to the New York Sun,
the state It would affect u. equally, dgnlng hlmelf "Grouch." The
or, rather, proportionately, with the gun ahould set him a better example.
other taxpayers, but if we are to es
tablleh a new and higher scale ot Mr. Carnegie says the United
valuation while the rest ot the state! States has the worst banking system
rt mains where it la we will have to In the world, he must "admit,
pay the penalty of .elf-Imposed though, that it. money la aa good
higher taxes. We want to do our la. gold
share toward defraying the expense.
of state government, but we doubt H they must have another revolu-
whether we are unselfishly generous tlon in Mexico, u could be made a
enough to bear the tax burden, ot profitable enterprise by putting In
property owner, throughout the winter excursion rate, for .lght-
ttate as well.
And yet there were democrats before
Mr. Bryan wus born. Charleston News
and Courier.
Yes, but not so many have shown
up since.
The court bouse contractors now
tet up that the county commissioners
are dolaylng their work by not fur
lilbblng beat for their workmen, who
rhculd have finished the Job last
Ala). Thats a good one.
While Mrs. I'aakhurst bus been
stirring mu the ote-for-wotueu
tamp ia Nebrasks, thote ucgalliint
men lu London nave been side
tracking the suffrage special, which
was presumed to have the right-of-way
there. The best laid plans of
men and inUe oftou iiilucarry, to say
nothing of the plans of women.
After the L'nlon J'aclflo get. com
fortably settled in its new
ters building lie next problem will
' be to provide more adequate passe n
ger fetation facilities in the form ot
a new dei-ot or enlargement of the
prenyl station, which is over
t rowed. e'ni k'(1 and alruost OUt-
Business Men. in tonres!
Writing upon the Industrlal-polit
leal situation, one of the leading fig
urea in the industrial world suggests
that congress is made up too much
Of lawyer, and not enough of busl- The De. Molne. undertaker who
nesti men. for tho good of business. accu8es tl. wife of eoaklpg him with
lie think practical buslnes. men. ac- a bottle admit that he first oakod
customed to deal with purely busl- herself with the contents.
hees problems each day, would bo
Hewst Prorta of Relief.
Bt. U.iui Ulob Democrat.
The I.orlnior committee h already
listened to &.SOO.0HO of words ot evidence
Ere thla ta all rrad by all aenatora the
Lorlmer term will be Bearing a close
better fitted to make law. for the
regulation and conduct of buslnosa,
taking the view that that Is the big
problem of the day.
Many people will agree with this
view, at leust Insofar as it applies to
the multiplicity of lawyer and the
scarcity of business: men In govern-
Arl Talea They Tell
Kansas City Times.
T I,. ti.M front Attorneva tnll It. KhtT
menial positions, nut. u mis writer ,.., ,,.. tnrough Georgia wa a aun
ever undertook to get certain partlc- Uhliie scattering expedition compered with
ular business men to lay down their the Sherman law'e mareh through Wall
private affairs long enough to run for I street,
congress aim iena ine nation a little M ul Htei ttpr Melf
of their valuable time and energy hel Washington Herald.
knows bow difficult the task is. Talk H. aa aome hotel manager Bay. a tip la
of renin-rrtuin nlrk.d m.n tn ho.t- kind or a unoe oy wo.rn m v
" " ' r 1 . , ,.,.. ,t,n 1,1. rfll. II IXIil.l
ne. men of proved Integrity ' and ,.., lo t. 1o ,,,., interest to put a top
notable auccess. to give up their time to the bribery
for" nublic service and tha first thlna
v ..c. ... u, , wuiuu i uiuiv iu,toii Transcrln.
to ao tnat; the orrice pay. oniyi Aviation la bunging into use som new
17,500 a year," or Whatever it may. land Impressive termlnologUa. "Aerial
Possibly there are too many law- somnlpathy" waa what Rodger says at
yer-made laws, and yet It 1. to the " " - ' , ' -
lawyer the bu.luesa man always goes .ounda a great dal worse than waick
Army Gossip
Matters of laterrat Om sind
Hack of Flrlaai .le Gleam
fro as Arnsy aad sry Register.
Ten Year. Ag
Many mekiber. of the legislature favor
The Bee' call for an extra aeeslon to
remedy the management of the school
fund. Speaker W. O. Soar of Burt
county threw the weight of hi Influence
on the side of tha call.
Former Senator W. V, Allen of Madison
write to Tb Be to say that la predict
ing the future of fusion he sees no reason
why the co-operation between the popu
lists and democrats ahould be undone, but
as a pop. he believed In maintaining the
entity and Jttcgrlty of that party and
Its principles, drawing the line or de
marcation bit treea. populism and de
Nellie A. Gilbert againat Alex Alloth,
for threatening to do her great bodily
Injury, and Alex Alloth againat John Oil.
bert for poisoning Alloth's brlndle bull
pup valued at tiou, were the title of two
case tried before Juatlo Crawford, In
which the defendant won. Forty wit.
nesses were on hand for each case.
ThcaOmaha High achool foot ball team
heat the Lincoln High tn a hot game,
score, II to 0.
Frank Cope, working for tha Omaha
Printing company, had his arm badly
luo rated In a cylinder press.
Mr. and Mr. 8. A. Miller left for
BUovi. Mlaa., to spend the winter.
The Beo received a telegram from
Washington announcing trat ueorge
Htlmrod had been named aa eucceasor to
the late Judge L. W. Osboru aa conaul
general to Samoa.
Among the Indlctmenta returned by the
federal grand Jury wa on against "Prof.
R. K. Dutton. I'h. D." a fake healer,
professing to have divine power, though
he accepted , moneys for working nia
Wblatlee for the Army.
The quartermaster general of the army
I acquiring samples of whistle to be
used In giving the signals for movements
of troops In accordance with the new
drill regulations. It haa been found that
the present horn whistle does not give a
sufficiently shrill blast to be heard above
the tiolse of the flrlnjj. It Is believed that
a metal whistle, of a newer design than
the present service type, will better an
swer the purpose. When the samples are
received they will be tested under prac
tical conditions and the personal observa
tion's of the chief of staff at Fort Myer.
Army Concentration.
The ecretary of war I evidently In
favor of the concentrated post Idea and
the mobilisation of troop at large gar
risons. He I quoted aa saying that much
In a dlsl.atch from Leavenworth. Kn.
where he ha been vlxlttng the army post
with the chief of staff. Mr. Btlmson
also announced that after hi preaent
trip of Inspection, which Include Fort
Riley, he "would be ready to announce
what posts should be abandoned and what
post should be enlarged to accommodate
the centralising movement." It Is not
expected that tha subject will receive
serious attention at the coming session
ot congress. The expense involved In
the scheme will discourage congressional
action, and the fact that It will be dob.
tkl. 1 .
..".. in years to come to effect material
economy in pORt administration and troop
supply does not alter the altuation In th.
least, so rar a the house of representa
tive Is concerned. When It cornea to
the abandonment of army posts, there
are other queatlons thn economy, pres.
.ii or luiure, to inriuence the Issue. The
opposition existing In the nelahhorho,t
of large post marked for abandonment
naa always had, and I destined to con
tinue to have, appreciable weight with
Personal Roads tor Army,
The quartermaster general of the army
I anxlou that omcthlng should be done
to relieve a peculiar situation, amounting
to positive hardship, concerning line of
fleers who are obliged to furnish personal
bonda when they are detailed for duty in
tne quartermaster's department. Cap
tains of the line who are so detailed, for
instance, are by existing law required.
Immediately upon assuming the duties of
their position, to furniah a bond. In
volvlng them In a personal expenae of
from $10 to $13.50 per year. The aervlce
of an officer In the quartermaster's de
partment by detail Is obligatory on his
part and considered a military duty
placed upon him by order of superior
military authority which he Is required
to ooey a he would a detail or appoint
ment to any other military duty. Under
these circumstance It I not therefor
considered to be quite fair that a cap-
win or tne line ahould be subjected 'to a
personal expense for obeying an order
aaigning him to a purely military duty,
wiiicn, even ir n were peronally so In.
cllned, he could not avoid.
Discipline and Enlisted Par.
The surgeon general of the army will
renew ni recommendation, formerlv dia
approved. In favor of the establishment
or a syatem of deducting amount from
the pay of a aoldler equivalent to hla
abaence from duty on account of disease
r u.sauiiuy attributable to hi viclou
habit and Intemperance. Th statistic
of admission to tha hospital at army
posts on this account have reached what
the medical officer, regard a excessive
proportions it ha been proposed by
General Torney that aome radical meaa
ure8 be adopted to discourage and punish
f rt 1 SI aWiAssss t . .
..... u. .uerniees. under exlating
vv ie man who u disabled
Dy l5,nK excused from duty
- in government, which lose the
i'moiair- amy
var department rtM
approve the recommendation when It was
iK .MUK-e!.COn,,lderatlon of th Wect
,v.n. wun the Idea that tha
proposition might be taken up later. The orricer are quite, con
vlnoed that the mean suggested by Gen
era! Tnrn,v .ill
-iTi . , " m" rrectlve and
wiU reault , a maintenance of the ,f.
l' ! army "t pp.
y.MV. ,
Will Osear Be Goodf
New Tork Tribun.
Rafiranantatlu r w
'- wm.r Lnaerwood must
be deeply grateful to Mr. Bryan. Th
-" "e to remark that Mr,
' ' "" wouio. max a candidate
Roderick Dhu blew a blast on
instantly a thousand men ran scurry
ing for safety.
"Sir waitor Scott mletake:" grtnneo
Roderick, sardonically, 'illi figures are
correct, but he got ,the action wrong."
nicago inoune.
"That fellow ha a lot of bright Idea."
"Ten." reulled Mr. Orowrher; "but
they're most of 'em too laiy to be prac
tical. For Instance, lie wants to imro-
uce a flork of xoata to do the street
leaning for the entire town." Washing
ton Star.
'I sm going to win your heart.
brother.'' en Id the missionary to- the
annlbal king.
All right, doctor." replied tne King.
That suits me. Thev say the way to a
man's heart ia through hla stomach.
Would you prefer to be roasted or
broiled?' Harper Weekly.
Funnlman Here'a a ioke that I can't
think of a heading for. Can you suggest
Editor rafter reading ltl Yes: "Back
from the Dead." Boston Transcript.
Teacher (aternlvl Johnny, what Is the
matter with your eve? If you and Willie
White have been righting again, i snail
give ynu a good whipping.
Johnny (with the victor's generosity)
Yes'm. But you needn't mind aboyt Bill.
He's had his. Judge Library.
Aunt Mandy What' the matter, .Eben?
Uncle Eben I'm through with this
preferable to Mr. Harmon, but that,
... .....u.uif in atniiM. hla tin.
lnatlon would prove a mlafortune to the
gaa tuff that we've been U'ln atld of He.
I Jlt tried to trim the wick on on of
em, and the consarnea ming oublj-u
a thousand little white pieces.-x un -
"Why don't you be a reformer; a pio
neer of thought?"
"I don't want to be a pioneer. re
plied Senator Borghum. "I want to be
one of the fellows who eome along after
th pioneer have cleared things up and
organise syndlcatea to pt the proposition,
on a paying basis." Washington Star.
The harvest now la gathered In
'TIs time to go to work
And aelect the choicest pumpkin.
And ave the money for the turk;
Prepere your mince meat early,
Cultivate a face aerene.
And don't forget to have the best
Big tablecloth clean.
Aftd when tha great day haa arrived
And the folka are gathered home.
And the turkey fiaunta nia iraarem
That now have ceased to roam.
Don't grumble at the price of food
Or dare to knock or nag
Tour Jawa have other work to do.
Don't fletcherlse the rag.
Tour turkev may be chicken,
Perhaps 'twill be a goose;
A duck may take the leading part.
Don't grumble what'" the use?
But whatsoe'er your bill Of fare,
Or what your rate of living.
Be sure you don't forgot the thanks.
And don't omit the giving.
3 Royal has no substitute for 3
making delicious home-baked foods vu
M The only Baking Powder made K
M from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar M
The Villain .till Parser.
Indianapolis New.
A we approach nearer lo Thanksgiving
there 1 disquieting rumor that. Instead
cf being cheaper this year, turkeys ar
to be higher. And yet, under th burden
of our present pernlclou prosperity, such
mrnor ar more disquieting thun surprising.
People Talked About
The bluahlng cheeka ot Mlea Cranberry
are taking on the huea of Mr. Turkey's
In the Chicago view the efficacy cannot
be tested adequately until It Is applied
to beef price.
After twenty years of patient Inquiry
Hamlin Garland, the novelist, declare
he ha found no proof of the existence
of eplrtt. Mot of th investigating too
place after I p. m.. without a competent
Nat Ooodwln ha agreed to hang on
the Chrtstmaa tree for Edna Goodrich a
draft for $d6.00 and a receipt for a
board bill amounting to $:.& Easy
money? Ferhapa. but living with Nat
Trying; Hard to Bo Uood.
Indianapolis News.
The harvester trust I now trying to
frame up aome way to be good, but Is.
apparent-, not making very rapid head
way, which l not aurprlaing considering
the fact that It ia thus entering an en
tirely new field of effort.
Peel Of! The Old Skin;
Dring Out I he New
(From Uutde to Beauty.)
You know that beneath that aallow,
over-red or blotchy complexion you have
a akin that' ritar, aott and white. If
you could only have thla more beautiful
akin exponrd to view instead of the hor
rid old akin you n?w behold in your mir
ror. Ton ran-and by a very simple,
painless, harmless proceaa which you can
us youistlf. Out an ounce ot common
mcrcollsed Wax at your druggists and
this evening sprtad a thin coat ng of it
ovtr your face and r k. Toiuerrow
morning ash It oft with warm water.
Small powder-like particles of to lifeless
top skin come off with the wax.
Kepvat thla treatment dally until all
tha woiik-out scarf fckln ha been ab
sorbed. Then you'll have a lovlicr,
healthier looklug complexion thau you
now think possible. Blackheads, pimples,
brown lta, freckles, chape or any other
surface disfigurement are of courae re
moved with the sklu It.-rjf. Adv.
An Innovation in Oil Heaters
The Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater, with its
drums enameled in turquoise, is an ornament to any
room, whether in the country or city home.
No home is quite complete without a Perfection Oil
Heater, it is a necessity ia the (all and spring, when it is too
warm to start the regular heating apparatus, and too cool to be
without heat In the midst of winter it is often convenient as
an auxiliary heater, as. there are always some cold corners
in a house.
The enameled heater always preseoU a nice appearance as the
enamel will not tarnish or bum ofu It i not an "enamel paint," but t
is the same as the enamel of your cooking utensil.
The Perfection is the roost reliable and convenient portable beating
device you can find. An autecaatkalV-tocking flame spreader prevents
turning' the wick high enough to smoke.
Lkkn fwlier. AA yean Is Sew
t k. hriMH Hnur saaaMMel i ar f a
mt dnuuis circuW la say ssssrg st
Continental Oil Company
to The Bee Explains How to Avoid Typhoid
"Typhoid Prom Dairy lfllk.
And tills brlngi me to one
of these chronic bactllux
te.rrler who oixe spread a
blanket of typhoid lever
over a large part of West
Washington. 'i lie epidemic
tcrurred in the rail of l0s,
and In lea than three week
the District of ColuniuJa
nad lib cases of typhoid, of
nese fifty-four were In
Georgetown, and upon in
vet:aatldn It wa learned
that all had been drinking
milk supplied by two dairy-
u.eii from th edge of the
Ity. The dairies were in
vestigated and found to be
tlean. It u learned, how
ever, that eai'h had been
Mending out milk bought
from a woman who had a
larm nearby. Thla woman
1 shall call Mrs. X. Tna
milk waa traced to the con
sumers, and It waa found
that. In nearly every case It
had given them typhoid
fever. The history of Mr.
X. waa Inquired into and it
waa discovered that she had
I. ad typhoid fever eighteen
year previously. She wa
bacterlologlcally examined
nnd It waa ahown that aha
till had typhoid bacilli la
her. bii waa loaded wltti
tnein and wa giving theiu
out all the time. When she
wankied thn pan or handled
the milk she unknowingly
mixed borne uf these death
dealing bacilli with the
product of her cows, and In
due time they were taken
In the atomucn of the con
sumers. In short, fifty-four rasea
of typhoid were directly
traced to her. I aay that
nad the dairymen who
bought this m.ik pasteur
ised it before delivering It
to their customer UU
treatment would have de
stroyed the bacilli and the
outbreak of typhoid could
net have oceurred.
Tha U. S. government maintains a medical staff second to none)
In the world. These experts have proven, time and time again, that
pasteurized milk is the only milk absolutely free from the dreaded
typhoid. To he sure ot receiving pasteurised milk In Omaha you must
Call the Alamito Sanitary Dairy, Doug. 411
YOST-High Grade Furs
LL Comer th and Farnani. Telephone Douglas 8040
ror udite as xu the uv . cuavlco. Id.
tux V ISZZlllZ
1212 t-U wages.