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Ju- "US BOYS" Looks as if Shrimp Flynn Is
POTWU W flU I tit
i ,
Kumber o( Bet Wolrenno flayers
Are Out of the Came.
Tram rrohablr will Mur for I. In
roLn 1harly lgr)it m4 Ma
M-a4 KrUay MKkt la
ANN ARHOIt. Mich., Nov. Sl.-Drclar-in
I that Michigan wilt faco a tlariKei-ou.t
to on Saturday la tli Nrbrufk foot
Vail elovrn, Ctiaclt Yost drove lila nqiiail
tbrouah two liard prai'tlce aosaiona today
and ttila crrntiiK and a hut fi linnvajo
od of th lioadllnn fpaturia.
Thn Mlchitfn UuJ Ivh for Lin
coln, Nrb., Thundnjr find Yo.t rOin(es
la wurk Ms tntn as liord loim rrsw a.i tic
tUd today.
fitan Writ, who Injured til In
taa I'ennaylvanltt came, dan hetn tahlti
(hints ry and a expocud to biitm)
(ar Batuixlaj'a truglo. It i u Muontlun
wbrthpr Pontius Hill bo abl lo r,lr
tha caina. and "liotUM" Tliotimuli. full
kavk, haa tlven liU mot lit r word that
Va will nut play a;:uln tliU Heatiun. Illn
fci-olUar km burlmi hud 8atiauy, Thla
uiakiv It e?eiu certain, kurriiic Injurlca,
that tha Mlchtaun buck floid vlll hv
Cidlf, Ve!la and Meek, the lattor aaaln
filling Thomaon'a aha.
Tha tnaltrr chiefly worrying tho fn
la tha poKflhllU lliut the team will be
nIJably WtAkciivd hy tho abaenco
of a number o.' tint' cii'onRevt tntn.
"Bottlra" 'ttiomi-n, by ail d.l the
bet cround bttUur on tha qnud, tlia
itaih of hosi! Lrutliet i prevented iU
p!ain In. the l' Kama, haa tlated
that he wil; -iiy io iii4ie th. Reaiou,
cut ut refiicct t li.u Irolher' m mory.
Itnuif ni lu-c.ii uro 1 bclnit hroulit to
bear on him however, d But lirt
poanlhle that he nay art the finiri-.
Wella' All'-Aiiu-Hcun pul Inst year, will
Matbly not vu. llo Hutlt-ed a aevrre
injury on Saturday a 8 a mo whou hla
jlEtit leu wan twlutcd all out ot ahape.
I'onttna Prebably Ottt.
Pontlua in anothur who will prolably
tot play. The lit end l-.aa had a woe
ful lime with one ot hit hit: thla year
nd althouf h it hothef htn) In
ttlnK about, la easily thrown out of
llace, and It scemo haid'y ll'.iely that
he will be allowed to iU'k a irrmnnent
Injury. . Tha other two. crif (le, ' ax.
rlplea tlicy are now,' among the first
trln mn, "Jauilc" Craig and "Shorty"
McMillan tliowed by lh(lr work atalnat
the eaMeinoi that' thotr Injurlta art
well disposed of, and, barrlnz Unex-)M-led
lnjiiilca this wouk, MeMi'lan will
tmieral the Uam and Craltf dUpoft htm-
elf In Uiw Uvckfleld where hie Croat
leed Is Uablu to cuuit the Cornhucker
ItcWlrra no end of trouble.
In the event of ThompHon'a not l'lay
ng. Mei-k .ui the cull on fullback, lie
kicked well ayultiMt Ptunvlvanla, but In
tarrying the lull U Hut lit a oluss with
the regular. II.uiIm.I will take Wells'
place If ntcrn.isry. while Torbirt and I'ar
pel are on tKo luct lsn of a nrtk and
nn-k race for tha vatunt end loxitluu.
Juit now the luller Vienm to hu a
shade tho tatter of the argument.
Palters Will Play (cslrr,
There Is no reason to rxtwet uny ulianje
In the reriter ot the llni. I'nttcrsurl at
(-enter. Uurivls and Kaynor at guards
and Qulnn and Uogle at tackles are a
quintet through winch no teuni hax ct
bren able lo make tousistrnt eslna and If
they exhibit their! strcns'.h sho.ild
lirova foimldable obstaclu tu tha Corn
iiueker mass )Ij. luilaln Conklln,
playing lila last fcauie In a Muhlgan uni
form, will hold down tin end. Always
ldy, never Injured nu a cjuionent
lrt In every play In the roi'euulro, the
uougbty tuptahi i- ix,-c.trd to flnith lili
athletlo career In a blaso ot glory.
Neither Coach Yojt nor lnrector Bor
telema has aoythlag (lefinltu as yet as
to when the team will have for the wont. !
It Is probable H'.oum it that the atait will
be made on Thuidduy inuiiiing wltb a
layover at Omaha or itoine lolnt between
that place and Kintoln unill the moruhig
ot the gamo.
Tha great dlsla.ica and the fact that a
comparative Ignoiunce of Nebraska's
blrength lit tha toot ball world has In
stilled a fevhiig of confidence In tha re
suit will coerule to prevent any con
siderable iej dolefallon of rooters.
lTof. "Jerry" Knovlton of the law
laculty and len Mortimer Cooliy of
tlie riiglueei'Inc uepertmetit Si to at
lieud and enough Hudi-. i o;,ria of the
ii.aue and blua.Mlll he on hand to dr.v
lite louily ftellna from the hearts of
these distlnfcuuljcu edagoguea, but a
large number Is not expected to luuke
the trip.
WIG litMK UP WilOl K Slit SOX
loatest nltfc Michigan Will Be
Weir krd lib latrrret.
Hated anion the Important lLariies of
the whole season, the NebraskA-Mlcliigan
content at Uiiroln nst Baturday will
in 1 1 art attention troll, all the foot ball
fc oi Id i'rrparations fir the blggmt bat
tin tver held in Nebraska are Kolrig on
every day down at the Cornhuaker ln
i i tuth j, hire Manager "1 mg" Kager
u boiliiii-i adlltloiial seating stand and
Mitiii.ii up the (2 mark oh the atnlotte
l i u J mh rei'trr e.ery ether seronA
).i'ilci sdiiii. uf Lue Wcef is fc-
rv , vahouraj (7D,o W) (he, ho! home tir JgSfe
S I S, CAUSE & V ill liCYcim, TRIPPED OVER f-T fl lAbAIN; ,
AiMi- SV-fi vSv c JrAnirA,N fi I AcY.SHRlMR that there , rrJifr i p H
-laO3 r E CAPTAIN) U . I wonrYnii ? mommyto en --lT J I-
pi iiiim nii.,-jvy.- vjt. t; m . r .or vs. x - i g.r - r v i -ttni si -s i
1 . . Aa CHliT UP EHANER I'
J I H I V-.IX II tti VMIO n t L I I I
v I I - ' ' . J s NJ- r-i i
period to draw between 10,000 and IjJXW
enthiislasta to the eoHlel city.
The Kebrnnka gnd Michigan alumni
will ttn t, Lincoln on a special train at
lt: fatv.ri)Air mornint;. TTia Michigan
(teleratmn will be acvompanlod by a
bund. At the HurllnBton station In I.ln
colii Urn Nebraska eadot band will meet
tha trttin and will head a proceaelon ot
tho two alumni crowds In a march from
the depot to oni of tha hotels.
M ambers of the Omahn attimnt SBHoria
tlon '111 moft at liinehtion In tho ITnl
verlty club's roonm Thursday. At this
li.e ai-ratiKemrnts for the trip will be
Foralsh I. In oa Kvort.
Walter . Kokersall, toot tall editor of
the Chicago Tribune and the man who
will he umpire In the (tame RaturtUy,
spoke ot tha Mlchls,ati-Nebraka a;am as
fid lows in the Tribune yenlerday.
"The tut-tain to the 1011 foot ball season
will be ruiift down with tha playing of
contests mi riiuurday, the results of which
only will httve bearing on the ranking
tit thn teams In the .different, sections.
With Princeton the undisputed champion
ot thn ent, Wlcrohrin and Minnesota
tied for the wenlorn conforefica champion
ship, VaniierUlt ruling supreme in the
south and Nebraska the leader In tha
Mlrgo'irt vallny conference, taturday'it
simrcles will not tarry the Imnorunca
ot tlione plsyed last week,
"With a I'ennsylvanla analp dahgllnf
from thr beltn, tha Wolverines will
Journey to Lincoln to meet Nebraska,
undisputed champion ot the Missouri val
ley conferenea, This should ba one of
tho best contests .of tha day, as both
elevens am playing an advancod brand
nt tho gridiron gamo. Yost wtlt ha able
to put a stronger team In the flold than
aaalnst the Quakers, an the eleven will
he better prepare..! to meet tho StronR
attsclt of tho Cornhuekcra. The hard
anrttes Mli.hlgnn he plitywd hnvo told ott
th i pleyem, and thry will wMcomo Jha
f iml wlilsth- en fnt'.irdav - The contest
i:ui:M fuMilsh a rihhI line on the brand
of foot bull pliyx ri tho two section,
for NebniKku, n (aid (o l-uve Its strongest
team m yeare."
riret Vest Mett t slasT MIcblgaA
Tact lea Score oa Nebraska.
LINCOLN, Nov. 81. polM Telegram.)
In by far the flctceft scrimmage work
of tho hQinoii of inn Coach Htlehm's
li oud Ml.csourl valley t-hamplons, were
humbled this evening In thirty-five mln
uuts ol the faslvHt. foot ball seen on Ne
braska fleht In many months, the fresh
n en team defeating the regulars by
srors of 11 to IT. ;
That was not all. Preceding tha fresh,
men game the substitutes were sent
against the regulars for twenty-five min
utes ot taat acrlmmago and walked off
with a 13 to score In their favor. When
darkness finally forced Stlehm to coll a
halt In the play tho varsity waa given
the Worst drubbing Nebraska has bean
forced to suiter. The score should hare
K'iven the freshmen at least two mors
touchdowns, for with Mailman and How
ard tearing around tha Nebraska ends
and through the line the first year men
lugged tho bull tor nearly double the
distance the vaisity was abla to negotiate.
Coached In the Michigan stylo ot play
by Assistant Coach Kathbone, the fresh
men preaeiitttd an offense which seemed
unsolvable to the regulars, and in a few
minutes after tho first kk-koft had car
ried the ball over the varsity goal, Halil
gan breaking away with Howard for sev
eral long runs. The varsity came Lack
and held the freehmsn for downs after
the first year men had returned tha kick,
off to the center ot the fluid. Krnle and
uwen Frank alternating carried the ball
over for a touchdown fur the varsity.
Then the freshmen held and the varsity
was forced to give up the ball, llalllgan
ass In starred with Ituward and thla pair
f:n'ally lugtod the ball over tor the seo
nnil score. The third touchdown
n ado after a lonu rim by Lrnle Prunk.
uhlio Jerry Warner broke looes for toe
tarKity'a third touchdown. The araity
i f.ii:d lu one attempt at goul, leavlug
the fit bt-year men the wlnneis In the
hli'eret scrimmage of tha stason.
Nrliuska's stonewall lino, which played
r.u l.tiiliantly la the Ksnsas game, seemed cC puiKT before tha fierce line
ptiiii,lng ct tlie shifty italligan, while
Hon are, tho old Omaha High School
player, rtiot around the ends for runs
averaging front ten to thirty-five yards.
The varsity rtwls were repeatedly boxed
in behind tho freshmen Interference, and
uuly toward the close of the sorlmanogs
dlil C'hauner and Li'fgren show anywhere
nar the form displayed In the Kansas
The trsshmen line outplsyrd tha varsity
lu nearly every detail, while HalUgan and
Howard pivved no slulv as to biffle
th varsity tacklers.
With Warner In th quarterback pol
tlou and with Purdy at half, ...e scrube
outcliarged, outtackled, outpunted and
outplayeel thu regulars in evory depart
ment, wrlniniif their scrimmage by tins
touchdown. Purdy played a wonderful
game, as If anxious to eatsblish his place
mi i uturd.iy. once he broke loots on
long run aud scored one of th scrub i
touchdown. Wsrntr played grest lull
for the (Mi lls and scored the other touc'i-
down made by the substitutes.
Itarely. who hes beu held In iserv"
for the Miviiissn game, hijured Ills leg
aaain tonight and may not be able J
persistent AwvsrUttug.
U Ksluiua,
if, Ue Koaul U
Aisigtant Coach at Wisconiin
Scores Schooli' Methods.
Asserts lit Ksist It Is tastomars- to
Pick fat Itestr Hoys and Pat
Tbeia Taroaah Prep Xehool
ad College,
MAIMFON. Wis.. Nov. K.-That college
foot boll Is honeycombed with corrup
tion all over th country and that the
whole system should be submitted to a.
thorough hiMiHoeleanlriK, Is tho opinion of
Dr. Charlex McCarthy, assistant coach at
Wisconsin for many years, lir. McCar
thy's comment on tho situation, While In
duced by tho Pickering affair of Min
nesota university, Was directed to col
leges In the eaxt as much. If not more,
than the western Institutions.
' I know that never In tho history ot
foot ball," he raid, ''was there more cor
ruption than at present. In tho east. It
Is even tho cuntom to pick out somo
heavy boy with fair Intelligence and got
some alumnus to see that he gets through
prep.' school, and then college. They are
carufol not to get plug-ugllas. It Is sys
tematic and well organised.
'In tho west a Well as In tho east
alumni association will loan money to
a promising man on a note. If he makes
good the hot Is never collected. He can
not 'squeal' or th note will be collected.
The slants who are showing up on these
teams are evidence enough."
Doane Coming to
Bell6vue Saturday
. on Special Train
CIIKTK, Neb., Nov. 1L (Special.) The
Doane-Ilollcvus foot ball game cornea off
riaturday, November 15, and prospects in
the Doane camp are gloomy enough.
Monday evening's practice was poor, th
team appearing to be in tho worst
slump that they linv been lit this sea
son. The scrub managed to score on
th varsity for th first tlm In mnny
weeks and th Varsity play was poor In
all stages of play. Coach Johnson feels
that unless things brighten oohsiderably
In a day or so that Donne may suffer
defeat next Saturday. 11 Is, however,
doing his best to pull th team together
and sine, so fur as tho physical well
being of tha team Is concerned, prac
tlcally every one U In prim condition,
ha ought to b able to accomplish much
In th few days that ar left.
In spit ot th gloom th .students ar
making strenuous preperatlons for the
gams In order to show Bsllevue that
they still have their old-tlm spirit and
a large number will witness the game.
Manager Wilkinson has mad arrange
ments for a special train.
Monday evening a large moss meeting
wss held In tho chapel and after numer
ous yells and aongs. Manager Wilkinson
told about the plans for the Bellevu
trip and Coach Johnson mad an eloquent
pie for more college spirit and the i res.
one of every loyal I'oaolt at the depot
reauy to tali the train Saturday morn
ing. He also said that ther would be a
big surpriss tor th vsrslty boys at the
mas meeting to he held Friday night.
Michigan Men Join
with Cornhuskers
and Co-Eds at Feast
il'roin a Staff Correspondent.)
LlNCOlA", Nov. 11. (Special Teleirrain i
-I'pon tha rtKiue.t of th Innocents, the
oitf Michigan banquet planned for the
lectptlon of the Michigan team haa been
consolidated with the COrnhuehers' ban
quet on th snm evening and will be held
at th city auditorium. Meats will be1 lim
ited to' l.OoO and co-eds will be admitted
for th first tlm In th history of the
Tha Michigan men had klriady ar
ranged for a big banquet and had sold
sbout 100 seats when Invltsd to come In.
They will bring Ike Port -Crook band
to Lincoln to meet the Michigan dele
gation from Omaha and Kansas City at
th train and to jlsy Michigan songs
during tho game. Th Nebraska band
wtll meet the Omaha delrgslton of Corn
busker alumni which arrives In a special
train fsurdsy marnlnn.
John L. WvpaUr of Omaha will tie
toastmaiter at the Joint banquet. Fol
io lug Is the hst of toast and speakers:
Kast Msets West," Judge Cuagrav.
"Miehlgsn," Iiesn Ooliey, Kaunas Citv.
' Vvest Meets College," Uoveruor Alii
rich, Linouln.
The H.aaou of lll." Thomas Matters.
Jr., Omaha
"Tu tba Team." Captain Hhonka.
,' "To Nutnaska." Chancellor Ave:.
Jsrkaoa White W Inge W la.
JACKSON, Neb., Nov. t.epocial )
Tke Jaesscn Whit Wing defeated the
limner .Ml I -spi enrioma In a fast feaiiia
of loot ball here ytsteidsy bv a s-oi of
li to i. The Jackron boys bromine to ba
one of the hesi blah school teams in this
pait (f th lists It s only tin fall ti,
iam was oiKauiaen ana a.1 rar Iml one
fcan.e Ljut beuu iLalkcd agaiiibl thciu. j'
the Whole Team
Annual Election of Athlctio Union
Held in New York.
Location of Athlete's C'DlleaT or
I'ntverslty la Poture Will
lleculatr District In Which
He May Compete,
NEW YOflK. Nov. A.
Klrby of New York, chairman ot the
executive commute of tho Intercollegi
ate Am.iteur Athletic association. Was
today elected president of the Amateur
Athletic Union or the Cnlted dates. He
defeated (iecvrjre I' Pawling of Tlilla
delpbln, president of the Middle Atlantic
association, by a. Vol of 22 to . Tho
election took plucc at the twenty-fourth
annual meeting of the Amateur Athletic
union, held hero, with d:-!e?mvs In at
tendance from all pnrts of the country,
Mr. Klrby will succeed Everett C. Hrown
of Chicago.
four vice prenidenta of, tlie union were
elected, as follows: Plrirt, A. J. Lill,
St. Joseph Athletic club. Boston; (Second,
Ir. B. M. Ilopklhson, Baltimore Athlctio
club; third, Ocorse Jamc, Olympic Ath
letlo club, Fan .Francisco: fourth. John
J. O'Connor, Missouri Athletlo iclub, Pt.
I.OUI. James K, Sullivan was re-elected
Various amendments to the rules were
acted upon. The proposal to bar for two
years an athlete, who, having competed
as a member of one club, shall Within
a year endeavor to compete for another
elub, was compromised so as to make
th penalty one year, and passed.
Chnna-e In Hales,
Another Important change In tha rules
regulates th district In which a college
kthlrts may compete. Heretofore this
matter was decided by the place ot
resident of the athlrte. Under tho new
rules the location of his colletfe or Uni
versity will bo tho controlling factor.
In his annual report JCverett C. Brown,
th retiring president, said the tinlon Is
growing steadily despit "the attack of
envious critics In this country and Jealous
rivals In other countries."
The report ot the record commute
awards th all around championship con
tested at Chicago lent Augut to F. C,
Thompson of Princeton, with 0,700 io!nts.
J. W. Donahue ot Los Angeles Is placed
second and E. Buhobltiger of th Chicago
Atlihitla association Is third.
Th record of 4:lb for a mil made
by J. P. Jones of Cornell university at
Cambridge on May 27 last was allowed.
This lowers by two-fifths of a second
th reoord of "Tommy" Conneft, made
at Tracers Island, N. Y., In 1SUS. To
Matt McUrath of tho Irish-American
Athletlo club la given th record of 40
feet tS inches , for th fitty-slx-pouud
weight, thrown at Montreal on Septem
ber 23.
SILVER C It EE ft. Nob., Nov. :i. (Spe
oial Telegram.) Scores In th blue rock
Shoot here today were iulte low, owing
to th high .wind. About twenty-five out-of-town
HhJivUrs were here. Dan Bray
ot Columbus took first money, breaking
1S3 targets out ot !D. The six high scores
Dsn Bray, Columbus lfci
(leorge I- Carter, Lincoln l.v)
J. D. Vnn Coot. Broken Bow 177
H. W. Vanity, Adams 17T
i- A. dates, Columbus 170
8. A. Huntley, Blou City 1S7
Ussis Hesalts la Tie.
The first exhibition game of th season
between the Omaha association toot ball
team and the uvea Athletic elub team
resulted In a tie. I In t The Omaha
association team aoored a goal in the
ttrnt halt. lhe Swedish team mads a
creditable allowing in breaking It up and
got Its own "kick and run." The tram's
goal keeper was aim successful in stop
ping a penalty shot, the most terrible
uroeal tlie soal keeper lies tu lace in the
game of soccer.
Xbrasko Wants Gotch Match.
WILKKHBAKRE. Pa., Nov. Hl.-cMpeclal
Telegram. I Kb) saku tonight defeated
Pete Miutli in a finish wrestling match.
Tlie Pule gained both falls lu thirty
eight minutes. A record crowd witnessed
lhe battle. Jack Herman, manager for
X.byssko. has posted I10.VU0 for a match
with tjotch and says he will force the
champion Into a match or give up Hie
Haaket Ball Tan at ktautoa.
STANTON. Neb., Nov. Zl. titpeclftl.)
The Big X basket boll team has been re
organised In Msnton and thn buys are
looking fir games with any team In tha
stale. Yesterday afternoon they played
tke Winner team, bring defeated by thu
rcore cf ft) to 2V. VVisncr made it points
the last half.
Kraaklla Will Play Kortoa."
PRANKL1N. Neb.. Nov. Special.)
The Franklin Academy foot ball team
will play the Norton County High school
team hue Friday. Thla Is the only team
that lien defeated the Franklin team this
year, and prei aratlons ar being mads
lo give It a hard battle.
oulllvaa's Barker la Dead.
BOSTON, Nov. HI Michael T. Clark.
runnel iy wen mown Hacker or John I
Sullivan when Sullivan was heavvwrisht
champion, died suddenly at his place of lure KHiay. lie was born In
trciand sixty-eight years ago.
.4 Hell Show Old Form.
NEW YORK, Nov. tl. -Featherweight
Champion A lie Attell showed ail His o.d
t!tn cleverness loniKht, having tiiw tHfi
of eerv uiuiul but one of Ins mil round
'bout wnh v) pile Jones of
j th ulyiiipi'i Ami. tic club.
lirookiju ut
U. tu His fcltuaUou-Lte aut Add.
22. 1911.
ttotsrsd O. & Pitmt Offlc
Creighton Foot Ball Team in Good
Spirits Regardless of Defeat.
Members of the) Flevea to at Once
Get Down to Hard Practice
and Hope) to Pines; Off
a Victory.
The Creighton University foot ball
squad Is back from Milwaukee, beaten
but cheerful. Coach Miller has remained
over a day and as a consequence the
team took a vacation last night. Stren
uous work will be gone through this week
In preparation for th gam with St.
Thomas next Saturday. This is a prize
on Crclghton's schedule and it means to
cover up the season's reverses with n
brilliant finish. Ies Moines comes after
tills, but no trouble Is anticipated here.
The odds seem somewhat against
Creighton, owing to the result of th
Marquette battle. While Creighton ad
mits the superiority of Its opponents, the
circumstances under which th game was
ployed tend to exaggerate this. The
score was 48 to IT,
The gam wss played on a field literally
covered with les and a troublesome wind
blew throughout the game.
I'rucha injured his shoulder In th
second quarter, but he wilt probably be
back In th tlnsvip against fit. Thomas.
Creighton broke Marquette's low score
record by running up seventeen points,
which Is more than was scored against
It In th entire schedule ot last year.
Ot the eleven points limt year against
It, Notre Dame scored five, Crelg'hton
three, and Mlchlgnn Aggies three. 8t.
Thomas won 3 to 0 last years, and
Coach Miller Is npw directing every, effort
to rovcrse the decision In tho comihK
battle. . ,
With the Bowlers
In the Mercantile league th Columbia
Fir Underwriters took, two from the
Corey jucnehztt) team, getting the lea
gue record fur total pins with 1.717. Jrir
iin took hlgn total with 6H7, Mowers lining
kt his heels with b!V it. timith had liign
singls game with 22S, his team getting
tho in too secohd game.
The A. O. U. W. No. 17 took two front
the Jfl Pax on. j Jonts had high total
ot 5S. Uchtndio to ik nigh single game
with 1K4. Lamb ef the fe4 Paxos lolled
three nice games, getting a total of 67.
'1 tie Midland Oius Liower won two
from the Outlaws, hotter had high total
ot 647, also high aingi or 231. Oreen of
the Outlaws got hign total and high
single with 675 and Zii, respectively.
'ih A. 1. Hoot team won two from the
SpauldiiiKH. Kianua, had hlgn total with
wo. scores:
1st id. 8d. Total.
Mo lis iho ol
Uilitm m iliu bs7
buweis Xlt lu J0 ' oil
Total 5t9 56!) W) 1,717
1st. lid. M. Total.
L. Smith l,i m 107 li
R. Smith los J5 lii ma
Johnson 1st au 11 Mi
, m 110 4t3
A. O. U.
W. NO. 17.
8d. Total.
J. Jsros..
liamU ...
. 177
. 1HS
. X14
. lirl
6?J 607 611 1.WJ
1st. lid. td. Total.
14 Ut 1J 6u&
1H0 lu) lu) 4MJ
m :h) 174 7i
Straw ...
Lamb ....
621 61 623 l,Wi
1st. id. 3d. Total.
B. Zechmelster 16 li4 lit 4.'.5
H. echmeister .... 147 li 1(M 601!
Hafer 1OT 1U) 16i 472
Totals J. 4R 413 47 1,40
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
Kranda lv 1st PA 6:0
F. Jaros 1711 17,1 113 4-
Mokry L'l 14 4-3
Totals 614 47S 451 1.443
3t. Tots I.
li) 47t
141 :.-7
6U1 1,471
3d. Total.
Pi 474
170 ilo
IZi 410
Total .
64.1 4:1S
lit. 2J.
, 144 Ml
r.u lio
iiJ 1.4
Ureen .
K. Clockweli
601 4S
Tha V. 8. Cleaners took all three games
In the Crescent league on tha Maarmuot
alleys last liikiht from the Huuxiiun a
Colls, tlrodlnsky of the Cleaners got
high single and totals with 17 and tit.
Linton got hlKh totals fur th Cults wuti
4J4 and high uingle with lias. Scores:
L. B. t'LKANftitS,
1st. 2.1.
Grodlnsky 1.7 145
M. H. Itosenbloom. i;'4 Its)
M. M. Rosenblootu. 147 141
3d. Total.
U-J 4.14
It' 4.VJ
Ui 43J
Totals 4.-S S4 Swi X.U2
let. id. 3d. Total.
IJston 14 10 ! 414
McLochlln l' li IK 7S
C rother i 6 7j 1M
Totals 34 373 SJl 1.047
Th Pt Lochs took two out f three
from the La Valdoiss to th Cuuiiuercl u
lewgue. Th lak Yaldoraa shot a total
of Mr In the second game. Keyt had high
fame of Lalser had lilwh totul of
71 for the Pete Lochs. Stlm had high
game of the evening. 211. and modd.ird
high total with 675 for the l Valdoiud.
Tonight the Permita will play the l.usau.
PETE liK'Htf.
IhI. id. 5d. Total.
Martin Ul I4j PS.' i.'i
Kev t 21 1 in li.i :.)
Balitrr I."i 11 2- .' 4
1-. or.ry 1 '? 14 -;
By Tom
Drinl.-wator , J79
KHi 8)4
1st. 3d. S1. Total.
Stine . J'i :i: ll :'il
Newromb lili 179 1W l is
r.lndsev IK i:l lift 43
Stoddard ....i 170. 'Ml 2oJ . .675
Clll'ialcliKcn l'.O 2iJo l.'l 60S
Totnlli 775 953 775 2,605
In the Motrotiolltan Basement leKiie
Maney'B Sunklnts took two frpm Benelin.'s
Mixers last nlnht. Dolan of the SunklMts
had h'Kh total with 5,17 and W. Schneider
was hiyh tor tho Mixers with 4S7. Scores:
1st. 2d. 3d. Total.
Ortman mil 7 ls 4s9
Dolnst 1".2 ll'H JM5 5111
UrUfith 170 156 141 4Gti
Totals Sir. 4.V. 616 1,480
1st. at. 3.1. Total.
W. sjc.lineldPf....
Dick Rchnaider..
6111 4'S 432 1,3173
A Life Sentence
of suffering- with throat and lung trouble
Is quickly commuted by Dr. King's New
Discovery. 60c and $1.C0. For sale by
Beaton Drug Co.
Th key to success m business Is the
judicious and persiHtent use of newspaper
"You will soon be asleep -anyway; for the track Is smooth,
and there are no cinders or smoke to bother you. And there's
nothing to be afraid of, for the train is protected by electric
block signals and the cars ahead are built of steel. So get a
good night's sleep, and well have a Fred Harvey breakfast oh
the dining car tomorrow morning."
It leaves Kansas City at five o'etock every afternoon,
and ia the best train to Oklahoma City, Dallas, Houston, Galveston and Browns
WaLlheim Building, Eleventh and Main Streets, KANSAS CITY.
J. C LOVR1EN. Divitiu Passenger Ant.
' 0,f ft-1 A -4sJ!sJ
n vnassi "
(l-anilljr lisue 5Uiipl,eU it, 1
. lta. htoi-x, Plioiirs Webster I
ltTV): iuLU'iiru.:. il.l ui I
pea loo.
NEW TORIC, Nov. 21. William Hep
burn Rusfcll, principal owner ot th
Boston National league bas ball club
and a well known lawyer In this city,
died at his home her early today' after
n, brief Illness. He was M years ot ago
and was born In Hannibal, Mo.
Joseph II. Mrlendr.
FRANKLIN, Neb., Nov. 31. (Special. )
Joseph IL Melendy, ono of Franklin's
oldest and most respected cltlsens, died
Monday at the ago ot 84 years. Funeral
arrangements have not been made. H
was born In Vermont. For over fifty
years lie has led a church chorus and
was deacon for life In the Congrega
tional church bere. His brother, William,
died about a 'year ago at the age of 92
1,1 vrs llsndrel and One Yars.
LA FAROE. Wis.. Nov. 21. Polly Do
Jean, aged 101 year and 2ft days, died
at the nonne of her son here yesterday.
She was tho first settler of I.& Farge.
Kansas City
TO -
and' Texas