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    , .THE r.KK: OMAHA, WKDNKaSIUY, XOVKM1.KU 22, 11)11.
A Comfort Shoe that
is Neat and Dressy
These remarkable shoes give
lasting comfort to all woman
kind who want to enjoy real foot
ease, because they, arc made on
specially constructed lasts and
patterns that will fit every foot.
If your feet burn, ache or become
tired or swollen, from standing
or walking, you will find grate
ful relief in Mayer MarthaWash
ington Comfort Shoes. In addi
tion, they give your feet a neat,
stylish, attractive appearance.
i i
' ViiU 2 i '
They are made without buttons l-EE-Ev
Open Season for Christmas Buyer
Outlined by Merchants.
By Visiting; "hops lie fore thrlatmae
Itamh noyrn Have More TIM
and Arc Ulvrn l;sperlere of
Expert Haleapeaple.
or laces-you crin easily slip them on or
off at will. Rubber at the sides gives with
. every movement of the foot and insures
a perfect fit over instep without binding.
Get, a pair of Mayer .Martha Washington
uomtort .rsnoes ana learn wnat
real foot comfort is. Tliey
come in alt sizes and three
17 tf '
$mJ A. let
P .V
.... tfI4 LT Washington Comfort Shoes, but lack 111
. .. 'lr-
Laeti Nr tk
sad Ik (lrer Trsd
Mark Ike sole.
Be aura von omt tha vmuM.
' Thara ara numerous Imltatlnna '
motto to Inah HVm M.m M..,h.
Waahinvtoia Camfnrt fikn... ti
tka comfurl, woartttr qualiiut. fit and
rv. Tha ri Martha WtulUnaton hat tha
nam Martha Wathtngttm" ami Mayor Trad
Mark on tho sol: KrUl any comfort shot offrrod
tvtihout tho "Martha Washington" namt and
Mayor Trodo Mark. - i ,
'-- Th beft shoeroerchuits handle the genuine.
.If you can't ilnd a dealer, write to us.
' Wa alM auk rka la.MMMM J Sorabl. Mater HeaarMIt
SftOM lot Man, Wom..n UUdr..l.cldn' l.dltd.
Spaclal Mailt" enaaa, aa aUo Maja "Vara" CwaaiaaakoM.
F Mayer Boot & Shoe Co:, MilwaukeeWis.i
iito iMixiir
?SP PRocr
Wa know all th Irn fend out ol the whlakey bualuoaa and
raknowlllfpoaalbleto iirnksand I1 the hluliral graUa wlila
key aunaaaour lAkerwtaiJ X Htrauatino-l'roof lor only t l.M
iialloii. '1 ho.rujtaon tl Any wblakcy dlatllter. If lie
would tall you tUa truth, would have toatlrult tbnt tba actual
coitof uiklngBlloapt wh1ky,p)vylim tli internal rav
enua tut oil it. atKjroiiM, oontjilurr, ahlpping apiia, ato., f i
only about I l.M. Air dlaUllnr tlioubl ba antlailod with a pro
(Hot loo a mtUon., That la all tba croftt wa tiiiMtaml iiit.
J I1 to tba nt Poat at $!., mikoi our trloo to Jrou
thcraany reaion why you" ahould allow nnacnumlouaa.
eealt-ra to plunder yon any loogarT Any raaaon why you 1
ahould pay thira tt.Oft, W.M. 4.00 craven more for wblakay tli I
very peat of whlpli coata them only fl.Hrt a r:I1oiiT OrUlnly
not especially when we offor you the awry bfit whitkmy it it
pvnblm to product for only 11.96 m motion. Krery drop of
JjikewoodX w blakev la Aaect In Hnml Himlilit Wl.l.u.v fi,n
ih .Z h?. ltu-proot wanu Drink aa - uch of It aa you
pinaaa. If yoxi don't pro uounoa It the bvitwhlakv ?nn n.itKH J ..r.n... .
-ri!;.f-K!VWU!?rompU?,uni,5rou,ra,", AMyonrordertoday. lJonotaeud
I topayexobanKa whan we iellour uoorta sq low,
Deaartmant l0 KANSAS CITY, MO.
(Author oi Sweet William.- etc.)
'.. "v.; ', .
A Sweet Love Story of.
the Ola Fashioned Type
Illustrated in Galor
Fishing Burglar '
'- ; Makes Good Catch
KlahluX was t-4"d t, tbo .. (
apartment, Thirteenth and .. ,l l)oi!?
Ktreeta lunt nlKht, according to a report
made to the police, v J. M. , Graham, the
eliM'trU'lan lit the - new lnon t rurlflo
heHdiiuailera" ...bulliiinK, told 'the polloa
that a mun with a pole ftxhed halt of
iiln vulualilea out of his room.
Uraham Uvea un. the first floor and It
U Ma cuMdiii to leave hN window opeij
at itlKhta. Hometlnie during laat night
a burglar poked a inile through the win
dow with A hot 'on tt. With, tills Im
plement lie managed to hook' a pair of
trouaers. a put kettoOok- confkliilug fit
and a dliunond ring; valued at fir). ' Mr.
Uraham awoke i JUKt' ai ' his pari ta ( were
dlaappearlng through the window, .
Tm Die uu the Hraffold "
U painloti, compared with, the weak, lame
bark kidney trouble i-etiNa. JRIeetrio
lor la the remedy. I4V-. -Fr eale
Ufa ton l)ru Co. , '
Omaha ahoppefa did o 'milch belter
by themelve and by the nalenpeopla In
the Rtnrea by early ahopplng lat Christ
man ae.iKon that they will be asked to
repent thla aeanon. It look three or four
Jear.a of ronatant repetition of the
aloaan, "Do your Chrlaltnaa ahopplng
earli"," before peoplo took heed, but laat
aeanon thpy took heed to aueh an extent
that condition were noticeably Im
proved and the mnrchanta hope thejr will
do even better thi year.
At a meeting of retail merchant a Mon
day afternoon at the Commercial club,
ut the call of Chairman C. t. lieaton of
the retail trade committee of the club,
Kobert Manley. of the - IJrandels Stores
and C. B. Black were appointed a com
mutes to outline a campaign of adver
tising calculated to Induce Omahana to
do their shopping early and. Jeasert the
mad rush of the laat few daya before
Christina. '
lleneMt to Shopper.
About -the best argument brought, out
at the meeting, . from the standpoint of
benefit to the shoppers themselves, wa
this: "If you shop during the last week
of fhe season you will perhaps be waited
upon by extra clerks who are not famil
iar with the stocks. If you shop now,
you will be waited upon by tMe regular
clerks, who are thoroughly familiar with
the stocks and who will give you the
bent service possible."
Other arguments which will be used
"If you shop early you will get your
pick of the holiday goods; If you put It
off the best may be gone.
Tou can shop now with much mora
comfort than you can Just before Christ
"For the sake of the salespoeple In the
tores, whose energies wilt be taxed to
the utmost just before Chrlxtmas, do
your Christmas shopping now."
There are now but twenty-seven mora
shopping days before Christmas.
Judge Scott Fails
to Make a Citizen of
W. J. B. Sherwood
Because of peculiar ldeaa
naturalisation of the late District Judge
Cunningham R. Bcott pf Omaha. William
J. B. Hherwood of Lamalnsr.
find that he never has been naturalised
and for seventeen years baa voted and
lias enjoyed all the other privileges of an
American .cltJsen;,.whlleJui , has been a
lunauian ..subject, . t; ...
In response to stsreoueet Vf Rharwnvi tnr
a certificate of his admhiiflon to citlsen-
snip Asel Bteere. chief deputy clerk of the
dlatrlet cotfrrM1WrlWiC8 Can niminxi.;
of the naturalisation ' recorda.' whfCh re
veals that Sherwood'! -. admlssion-lf he
ever waa admted-never has been en
tered In the court journal.
In his letter to tha clerk nt t,
cotlrt Sherwood says ha waa Viimitt.
cltlsenshlp liy Judge Scott in IBM, At that
uuio na was a resident of Omaha, con
ducting a school of telegraphy.
t'nder present laws naturalization mat
ters are In charge of the United s....
Department of Commerce and Labor,
which delegates the naturalisation powers
to district courts thoughput the coun
try. In those day th dimrlpt-.TPourts had
full power to naturalise. Sludge Scott was
of the peculiar opinion that 'the "judge
themnolvea must attend to all the details
of naturalisation, district court clerks and
deputies not being permitted to do the
clerical work.
' Mr. Steere's Investigation allows that
in me onerwooa case judge Scott entered
on the affidavit book the affidavits of
witnesses that Sherwood had lived In the
1'nlted States the required time and also
Sherwood's oath of allegiance; but there
Is no reprd of actual admission to cltl
senshlp. either on the affidavlth book or
the court callendar or In the journal.
Mr. Rteere has advised Sherwood of the
situation and said he will take up the
matter -with the Impart men t of cnm
and Ibor and see what can be done If
Micrwooo so c, wires.
Sherwood's letter does not k .
doe-Ires 'his citizenship certificate at this
lime, i ...
Nw York tilCAGO Su hrawco
Key to th HituatUin-beei.VlUit(-Als.
Culled from the 'Wire,
A fuUe cry of fire In a moving picture
theater lif I'lttHbui'tih revolted In a atam
p.H of the riuwd for tli iiih. t-een
clitldrrn 'ie Injurml. none eetioUHly.
Hrnator Hoke Hinltb'a u ceaaor aa k
eiimr of 4ieorKia will be chom-n January
11. i'.nZ, at a apeclal ele lion culled by
Covvi nor-pru-tei John M. tjlaton.
Mother of Baby
Emperor Elopes
!' SAN I'HANCISCO, Nov. ' a.'-Princesa
Laid, mother of the baby emperor of
China, and" wife of the prince regent, has
eloned With an arlnp -., ui...
. ........ -j . . , oiiu ljiit
cordlnaf to Clilncso newspaper dispatches
r:elvcd here. .
A number of newspapers published In
China refer to .tha. "diaara.... h.
come to th royal family," but only one.
..... mm ,u.i-o. t ne largest newspaper
published' ln4 China, gives the princess"
nam and an account of, the elopement.
The mother of the
says, fell lit love with the actor . and
corriKnuea with him f for some tlni.
prevloua to the rebellion n
- ... -... paper
arewe the couclualon thatMh. prluce
CVJ ne xuaacnu cause was lost
and decided to flee. The prlnoea lnd
to havw taken o fortune' m jewels with
her and to be livliiar with Yn. i ...
- -an iuuk.
'An actor and.a barber are eomiideied
as belonging to tha loae.f ne'-. .
In China and. Chlneae. here 'aaUl- todur
that fli. al,,. . . . . - 1.. ' 7
"""ii ocine princess was
the greateat disgrace that could come to
the Manchu dynaaty. ' '
Bi special purchase on sale
this week at Uayden's. See
Thursday eve papers for an
nounceiaent. Watch our windows.
ox want fulV
X ipice value. 'Ilien
M in Li oa
(mil spices
,caI,1 air-ught package.
( tout rcar'-4.r
X TOI. Bitot, avJlTlir
blsnan ot Ika (aiaoaa
Infringement of trademark la charged
esuhu-t the Atlas oil compay of Cleve
land. O.. by the Marshall Oil company of
Murshalltown. la., In a ault for damages
and recovery of profits, started by the
Marshall company In district oour.
It is alleged that for a year the Atlas
company has been selling an automobile
oil under the Marshall company's trade
mark. 'Trench Auto Oil." The Marshall
company aaka an accounting and an older
commanding the Cleveland concern to
pay over all th profits It has made by
selling oil under th 'Trench Auto Oil''
tradnmark. An Injunction restraining tha
Atlas company from further use of the
trademavk also la asked. A temporary
rtstialiilng older, to remain in effect
pending hearing on the application for
permanent Injunction, waa Issued.
Fitting Home for Thanksgiving and Christmas
qHE near approach of Thanksgiving suggests dining room furnishings, and
J- the closeness of Christmas there are only 27 shopping days left calls
attention to the purchase of gifts. Lifetime furniture makes the most ap- .
propriate gifts for Christmas, and our dining room furniture adds the much
desired air of holiday spirit for turkey day. The assortment of dining room ;
pieces offers' buyers the widest choice at the lowest prices. This is furniture
that will give service for years and years, and will add to the beauty and
harmony . of the dining room. Our Christmas suggestions are almost num- "
berless. The prices on some of the most exquisite Christmas gifts are so
moderate that sagacious shoppers will recognize the wisdom of buying with-"
out any hesitation. We invite inspection of pur holiday furniture offerings v,
and challenge comparison for quality and prices. , : ,
Sectional Bookcase, 313.00
't'k llaaaviiaaBSasaaaaaa
,'j Iff"'"'-' ""' ' " 'n JlliMi'JfTj
; li
' " MlWiaiiimilliaiiiijiaiiul
, .ihiMi,.iiaiiii.iiiiiiaifcHiuaili7Jbi,, "1
Li mil 1 ' aaji' "ei;"'"! i
ffl.SSj-j .J: -
This magnificent sec
tional bookcase, either
a Gunn or Wacey, in
golden oak, imitation
mahogany or fumed oak
is priced nt only $13.00.
t is a rare bargain, and
think what an excellent
gift for Christmas it
will make; The artistic
lines along which it is
built and the detailed
construction mark it as
a selection for a practi
cal and pleasing present.
Colonial Mahogany Poster Bed, $20
.Nothing adds so ' . , ', ' .
much charm" to the",
bedroom as a beau
tiful four - poster
bed like-the one
represented here.
There is a very in
viting air about it.
The graceful lines
and modest beauty
are very attractive
to every eye. This
bed is made in rich
mahogany, and is
durable and comfortable. It will be a most acceptable Christ
mas gift. Kemember it is priced at only $20.00. '
$15.00 Library Table Pretty Mahogany; size,
1x38 inches; heavy top and strong legs; grace
ful lines; detailed construction $11.50
$42.00 Bed Davenport Strong golden oak
frame; rich upholstering; strongly made, ma
jestic in appearance : ''$28.00
Lady's Writing Desk Pretty Mahogany; heavy
writing bed; neatly arranged compartments;
strong and serviceable $10.00
' Beautiful Oak Cellarette Four handy compart
ments; revolving tray; convenient and durable $15.00
$45.00 Colonial Clock - Selected' mahogany;
. .beautiful, model of Queeli Anne period; ac
curate" and durablo . . . . . $35.00
umea oaicea Cellarette Tabourette very neat
ly designed; strong and serviceable
Fumed Oak Arm Rocker Spanish leather seat;
heavy runners; roomy and very comfortable . . "
Fumed Oak Drop Leaf Table Size, 36 inches;'
strong legs; heavy top; graceful lines, charming
design ;
Brass Candle sticks Size, 15 inches; they have
a charming atmosphere and are very service
$1.25 -$8.00
Fumed Oak Magazine " Stand Four - wide
shelves; Bize, 12x17 inches; strong; roomy and
pretty $3.00 ,
Brass Umbr6lla Stand Arranged to hold many ( .'. ,;
umbrellas; decorative and durable $3.00
'$6.50 Oak Desk Chair Dainty design; it speaks ' "
beauty and charm from every line . . . ...... . $3.75
$34.50 Mission Clock Cellarette attachment; ' , . ' . 7 7
strongly made; attractive and accurate. $25.00"
Fumed Oak Pedestal Thoroughly built; strong;' ... ;.' ,
high grade in every way ; ......'..; $2.25
Italian Marble Bust " Beatrice V; the carving . 7 7
is extraordinary: the lines of the figure are ' 1
beautiful .7 . . '. . ',. ........... ... ; ... . , $7.00 '
Italian Marble Bust "Aphrodite;" the beauty ;
. .of ! this figure and the grace of. thb , lines are 7; 7' 7,77
striking '. .. , , . . ... .... . v. : . . . . . $7.00 1
iUlian Marble Figure " Tiger 'Lily;''! notiiing.'77. t,', :
' so beautiful is' designed for so 'low a price! . . $10.00
' 'Italian' Marble '' Wanda ;"' carved attractively; - ' "7 :
very beautiful and attractive . . .$10.00'v
Mahogany Drop"Leaf Table One 'large drawer ; , '
strong; legs; and heavy top; serviceable , . . $20.00' '
RememberGood furniture may be cheap, but "cheap" furniture cannot be good.
MilleEY Stewart . &
Established 1884
""''"" ' 413-15-17 South Sixteenth Stret7
WJ1 Attempt to Induce Michigan to I
Return to Conference.
VnlTfrsitr of Balte-4
M1I Satlaflrd AVIt Proaprct
cvf Uosikirra BreaklnaT Away
froaa Oranlsatla.
MINNliAPOUS, Nov. Jl.-That th Unl
vrrtlty of Minnesota la planning to Induce
Michigan to return to the Western con
ference was--asserted In university cir
cles here today. It Is said that with
Michigan back in the conference. Minne
sota and Michigan will begin a battle
for a general reorganisation which shall
tend to better athletic conditions In the
Wrest. If Miolilgantdoes not deckle to re
turn , to the conference ft "IS considered
f rotable that Minnesota will withdraw
rum the conference and refuse to "meet
the University of Wisconsin In athletics,
as sentiment against WtseonMirw strong
as the result of the protest against Cap
tain Karl Pickering a few days . before
the Wisconsin-Minnesota fame.
;Ught work was dons "by the tNim today
isj preparation for the gam with Illinois
aext Saturday. .
.,. ; . i '
.' - IMIrhlgka-Aot Wllllnaj.
-ANN AKBUK. Mich., Nov. Jl.rNo ac
tioh on tha part "oi the I'nlverslty of
Michigan authorities sine the opVnlng of
tha present foot .ball season haa been con
atrued to JJnan'l'mt Mlohlesn waa willing
to return to the Western conference." On
the otlxer. hand, recent' rumors that Min
nesota had decided to break away from
the conference caused what seemed to bo
general satisfaction -in' university circle
her.' ' .' ....
'Michigan students in general ar not
anxious for future airuKglea bn the grid
iron with Minnesota. The Pennsylvania
gam haa torn, to be regarded as a popu
lar fixture. The games with . Syracuse
and Yaiudrb'" especially the Utter, are
considered strong featurea of th scheU
ule. . :
Lancaster County !
Republicans Will
Form Big Taft Club
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb.. Nov. 20. (Siwclul Tel
egram.) Lancaster county ,Taft rcpubll
ans will hold a big meeting Tuesday
night for the-'purpoae of forming a club.
Several petitions calling for the gathering
were,puaed around today and were filled
with several hundred names before night.
Indications point to a big gathering, and
more enthuslusm has been displayed in
the matter than In -any political event
for some time past.
Several of tha leading , citizens, of the
city, are behind tha movement, including
A. W. Meld. J. T. lorgan, S. W. Hum
ham, H. H. Freeman, J. liaer, II. li
Wells and J. K. Ilumpe.
Justice William W. Eastman returned
to Omaha last Saturday night with his
bride of a few weeks. Mrs. Kustman was.
formerly Mrs. Sarah J. Uieen of Ilulfalo,
N. Y. Mr. and Mrs. Eastman iiv-e
at W30 North Twrnty-elxth stroet.
The Judge Is 71 years old and slates
that he is good for another twenty. Slrce
his marriage li la mikiiy friends have
dubbed hlni "Kid" Kustman, and he saya
that he feels as young and spry as he did
fifty year ago.
Th boy' appetite la onen tb source of
amazameat. If ycu would hav such aa
appetit take Chamlierlain'a Tablata. They
not only creat a healthy appetit. but
strengthen th stomach and enable It to
do Ita work naturally, i'vr sU by all j
iealeia. ,
Dessert Book FREE
Out llhtatiataa Kacia
oak. tTU ndpa tor
a.aa 100 ataeita, aaUaa
aa4 caikUaa, arat on raccipt
af yuui trauil una. (
ucaa'i aU Kaea Oala
Una aritl aaad you a
full iat aaaipla foa ic la
M sa4 oti uui,
CkaHM B. Kaoa Co.
Jucmalo.a, N. Y.
b M IBs
tamaatlvi.. avstna bft
a s-jj , S a 'i , ti 3 '
.t, juannmiurnJ
ZX I ' I 1
SI , 4 1
' '"
;' 'oac FOOD ACT
' , T. LOUIS,iV0. I
Z "Howe Pleasure'?
and are a pei feet
clea and llgain
and thla la hy thay do not pain,
an km or gripe, but cause a cirlluht
ml and aluioat eeataile leaaiirbie
Mosenaeat, In he moat wataral way
and without creating a bad uublt or
weakenliiK the svateu. In any av.
If you'll try them. ,-howel rjleas
are" na regularity will b yvara
10 cents. 5 cents. All Orujglsts.
I'l.KAk R AH! a,! ...a . . .
Tha Blackburn Prodjcts Co, Payton, Ohio.
Best Sport News in The Bee,
ne Full Quart
Try It At Our Expense
1 k There is so much rubbish weak spirits and adulterated
stuff sold for whiskey at all prices these days, that iit order
' to nrove a really good straight whiskey, we C tid it necessary
to let the people try our.celebratedBrookland Club Whiskey
to find out for thenjselves the difference and we therefore
oner to send, I RtK, a Full Onart of Brookland
Club Whiskey to test, and this is how we do it :
We will send you one full quart bottle pf Brook
land Club Whiskey, absolutely free, along with your
first order for 8 full quart bottles of Brook-land Club
Whiskey for f SJi and we pay the express charges.
After you receive the 9 full quart bottles, open, one
of them, test it anyway you like and if not entirely
satisfactory, you have the privilege of returning to
us the remaining 8 bottles and tlie one extra bottle
you may keep free and we will immediately return
your f5.75. .Or send us fJ.15 for4 full quart bottles
of Brookland Club Whiskey, express prepaid, and
we will include one test bottle free. Test the free
bottle and if not absolutely satisfactory and the best
whiskey you ever tasted at any price just return to
us the 4 bottles and keep the' free' bottle and we
will refund your $3.15 without question or argument.
Brookland Club Whiskey Is straight whlakey no
blend no mix no imitation pure, with strength and
Lcelleut for medicinal purposea.
Kour quarts of Brookland Club Whiskey with tha
earns amount of water added will make eight quart of
better whiskey than these cheap mall order gooda try It
We will cheerfully return your money If you ak us to!
VToull gladly aend out free samples to teat but ao many
take advantage of the offer by getting mauy samples.
We Pay Erpreis Charges '
Agdrea V. W. KAMP, Sae'y or '