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tbi yooko rtonm
own arrows
- sr
Nebraska Judge to Hear
Against Court Officer.
Lawyers of Iowa Bar far
Trlbate to the I .ate Carroll
Wright la Memorial prrhra
at Res Molnri.
wltnses If she knew any of the men aha wanted me to turn around and go home,"
he said.
Sheriff Denies Conversation,
Sheriff Wolford followed Illcord on the
stand. The rlierlff entered a general
denial of Rlrord'a charge against him.
Benjanitn Painter, one of the four boya
who hid behind a hedge near the acene
of the attack then teatlfled. The fact
that the hedge waa thick and his memory
poor prevented him from giving any
valuable tcatlmony.
Details of a meeting at Bherrlll Clark's
Shady Rend mill to plan the attack were
recltrd by Watson Ucranton, the nest
witness, lie recently pleaded guilty to
sssuult and la awaiting sentence. Reran
ton aald Bherrlll and Kverett O. Clark,
Cheater Anderson, A. -N. Nmms. Jay
Kltawater and James boose helped plan
the attack. . ,
The three men now on trial. Rhorriu
Clark, John BchmlU' and A. N. Blmins,
did not participate In the attack,- Scraiw
ton aald, but he met them on the road,
headed for the "party."
net In the road.
Rceoaralaeel Three Me.
"Yea, I re oo grilled SherTlll Clark, A.
N. Vlmma and James Boose," she an
swered. Mlaa Chamberlain waa aaked If aha had
stot stayed, at .Green's house whon her
another, who Is Urean'a housekeeper, waa
absent She denied she had.
"Did theae men treat you roughly T'
queried Attorney Richie.
"They were not very rough, but 1 suf
fered 111 effects from their treatment."
After a few more questtona the defense
losed the crosa-examlnation of Mlaa
Chamberlain, with the privilege of re
calling her, . (., . . t ,
The state then rested Its rase. A ,re
aess was takes before-the defonse began
lUr presentation of testimony. , -
i Recpr4 I'ndei-' Iraee-Flre.
The testimony yesterday of Kdward
Illcord. the barber decoy who betrayed
the school teacher, and of Cheater An
derson and Rolbert KlndoUparger, has
caused a hush to fall Vporr t-orner con
claves In which the "tar party" pre
viously had been dlacuased largely In the
light of a joke. Orlm dota.ll given In
evidence have created a . ' generally
mora serious -view of What la now often
styled "the county's dlsgraceJ'
Edward lUcorA resumed hl testimony
at the opening of 'court this morning,
I'rosecutor MeCandlesa aald alls Cham
berlain prebabty 'wsuld take the aland
a eoon as HI cord finished lila atory.
Rlcord told of meeting Bherrlll Clark,
one of the defendants, m the Bunday
following the attack.
"What do you think they will do to
ineT' Rlcord teatltied he aaked Clark.
"If they send you to the penitentiary,"
the witness alleged Clark aald, "Mary
will go, too, aa 1 have evidence which
Will convict her."
At tola point Attorney J. J. McCurdy
of the defense took Kloord for croaa-ea-
. amlnatlon. The wltneaa again told of
Cheater Anderson proposing to him that
lie take Miss Chamberlain driving, and
detailed a plan thty dlacuased for Rlcord
and the school teacher to be found In a
compromising poaltlon by the "tar party."
An attempt of the defense to question
Illcord regarding his previous acquaint
ance with Miss Chamberlain waa topped
' ly an objection by the state,
"llaa anyone tojd you that If you teatl
fled you had Improper relations with
Miss Chamberlain you would be sent to
prison?" Attorney McCurdy aaked sud
lUcord was averse to answering thu
siueatlon and asked the court If a reply
aa compulsory. Told that It was, Rtcord
"Sheriff Wolford."
"Did you know, "asked Attorney Me
f.'urdy, "when you stsrted on the. trip
that the Intention was to tar Miss Cham-
"I did not," he answered.
On re-dlrect examination Ricord testi
fied that he made two attempta to at
lack Mlaa Cliamberlatn while they were
In the buggy, but waa unsuccessful
"She would not stand for trie putting
iny anna around - her and aald ahe
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DISS MOINES. . la., Nov. 21.-tSpecls1
Telegram.) Judge T. C. Munger of IJn
coln. Neb., today ret the date for the
trial of K. R. Mason, over which he la to
preside, for December 11. when the gov
ernment will undertake to ahow that the
former clerk of, tews federal court still
owes over $13,000 In feea accumulated dur
ing his thirty years as clerk. Attorneya
for the defenae were not ready for trial
at thla time.
iy I.adsle llnnse.
Des Moinea Is to hays a municipal lodg.
Ing houae and employment bureau. The
city council set aside 12.500 for the build
ing and to convert It Into a lodging house
for Idle men In search of work.
The movement Is backed by the social
service committee of the men and relig
ion forward movement, which presented
the matter to the city council. The lodg
ing house will be operated In conjunc.
tion with the department of public safety
nd the. churches of the city. The money
given by the council will be for the In-
tallatlon of baths, beds and for the sup
port of the lodging house.
lienor Paid Wright.
High honor was paid to the late Carroll
Wright, general attorney for the Rock
Island, by his associates of the bar this
afternoon in the United States court.
here a special memorial aesslon was
held and resolutions presented by the
Polk County Dar association were ordered
placed In the records. The session was
presided over by Judges Bmlth, Munger
and Mcl'herson of the federal court. The
resolutions were presented by James R.
Weaver, Jr., aa president of the Bar as
sociation. Addresses eulogtstlo and remt.
nlscent were delivered by James C. Davis,
Horace IS. Deemer, William II. McHenry,
Charles O. Baunders, Walter I. Bmlth,
General James B. Weaver and Bmlth Mc-
herson, and a letter from W. W. Ilald-
wln of Burlington. Many of the addressee
were, eloquent and referred In highest
terms to Mr. Wright and his work as a
lawyer, cltlaen and friend. The federal
and state courts all adjourned for the
(Continued from 1'age One.)
oroner Unable to
Fix Responsibility
for Logan Wreck
LOUAN.. Is.,- Nov. ai.-(Bnocial)-Cor.
oners jury. Kred W. Btern
Leonard and J. II. ux n-t
Case presiding. Inquiring Irfto' the cause
of the death of , William J. Jtsvlltfid.
engineer of second No. I, found that he
came to his death hers last evenlnc about
1:40 o'clock In a head on collision on the
Illinois Central road between extra No.
west bound freight and second special
no. i, the blame of which was unknown
to the Jury, The second special No. 1. car-
nea eoiuiors from Philippines Inlands en-
route to their homes In Illinois, and
other points to the eaat, and some nine
teen were painfully bruised by the inv
pact or the two trulna running at a high
speed. Crew of train carrying soldiers
asserted that there was no other signal
displayed at the station here than for a
clear track. However, the operator, Mr.
morris, says ne blocked the train at
once on receiving orders at 1:07, and that
the train crew paid no attention to the
algnsl displayed.
Invites Consumption
It weakens the delicste lung tissues.
slerangee tbe digestive organs, and
breaka down Hie general health.
It often causes headache and Clssl
nesa. Impairs the taste, an ell and
hearlug, and affecta tha voice.
Bring a constitutional disease It re
quires a constitutional remedy.
Radically and permanently cures.
In usual liquid form or fit chocolated
tablets known aa Barsatabs. 100 doses tl.
IOWA CITT, la.. Nov. Sl.-(Speclal.)-
Iowa Jails are worse than Russian prls
ons, was the emphatic declaration of Kv.
Canon R. Hall of Des Moines, Is., when
he addressed ths delegates to the thir
teenth annual meeting of the stste con
ference of charities and corrections here
today. Dr. Judy on the aame platform
played the Ideas of higher education.
maintaining that they widened the . gulf
between aristocracy and derqocracy and
tended to make those who came tq con.
fill t with them to forget , tbe huqiblor
people of the world. (
New Theater at Kort Uodge, Oseas,
FOHT DODGE. la... Nov. ;i.-tpec!al.)
-The new I1M.O0O vaudeville house, the
Prlm-eas. will be formally opened In this
city Wednesday evening with the produc
tlon of "J. Rufua Walllugtord." There
has been a record breaking advance aale
of seats because not only Is there a com
mondabl booster spirit In the city, but
the Fort Dodge public will have Its first
opportunity in over two years to se
legitimate drama at home In a theater
Russell Kobee of Des Moines hss taken
the managership of the new house and
will occasionally book legitimate attrac
tions, aa the atage Is ample In alse to han
die all road attractions. The house seat
S00 and Is thoroughly fireproof.
Perslkleu. Advertising
to Big Returns.
is tbe Road
The Diamond at Christmas
With tbe approach ot the holiday season, one's attention turns
to gifts. Jewelry Is always most acceptable, and Is the Ideal present.
Diamonds, always the most desired of ornaments, are never more in
demand than at the gift-season period of Christmas. The extreme
beauty and rich color of the diamonds ahown here, cause kctm con
sideration of their purchase, for they are the choicest of atones,
priced at very low figures. For tbe gift you are to buy you can
make no wise r choice than to select one of Krenser's diamonds.
. ; All auld under guarantee to repurchase at price paid, less ten
per cent, at any time within one year.
15 -& DODGE.
tinnal banks to the extent of one-half
their capital to accept properly eecured
drafts drawn upon them drawn with
documents attached, or sgalnst cotton,
wheat or other products In transit or In
warehouses. It authorises the national
reserve association to buy and sell In
this country and abroad bills of exchange
drawn on foreign countries, based on
transactions In American products or to
pay for our purchases abroad. It gives
in this manner a national and Interna
tional currency, a newer and wider mar
ket to notes, acceptances and bills of
exchange based on the agricultural and
other products of the United States.
"It authorizes the organisation of
banks in foreign countries to assist in
the extension of our International trade.
"It requires the association to faclllate
domestlo exchanges by transfer of bal
ances from one branch of the association
to another.
State Banks aad Trust Companies.
''It admits state banks and trust com
panies to membership In the organisation
under provisions which co-ordinate the
conditions of membership of all banks
with reference to the character of tholr
reserves against demand and time de
posits, and with reference to the char
actor end number of examinations and
aa to the frequency and character of re
ports of condition. The treatement of
time deposits Is believed to be equitable
to banks of all classes. It Is believed
that the character of examinations and
the enforced publicity of frequent re
porta will prove an Important factor in
creating publlo I confidence In solvent
Men With Burglar
Tools Are Lodged
SIOUX KALIX, 8. D., Xor. M.-(Bpe-clal.)
Among the first to be prosecuted
in South Dakota under a new state law
which makes the possession of burglar
tools a crime equal with the actual blow
ing of a safe, two men, giving their names
as James Wilson snd J. P. Murphy, have
been lodged In the Sioox Falls peniten
tiary by the sheriff of McCook county.
Murphy will serve a term of one year,
while Wilcox will serve six montbs.
The arrest of the two men was brought
about In an unusual manner. The fore
man of the railroad car house at Salem
discovered a package of tools secreted
near the csr house. While engaged In
Inspecting the tools he was accosted by
Murphy and Wilson, who warned him to
leave the tools alone, as they were the
tools "by which they made their dally
bread." Later the two men were ar
rested. The tools proved to be a complete
burglar's kit, including a bottle of nitro
glycerin. Murphy has since his arrest
been Identified aa a yeggman named
Torke, and has done time In several
states, while Wilson waa only recently re
leased from the 6ioux Falls penitentiary.
Relstlves at the church were the brlde'a
mother, also Mr. and Mrs. Burt Brenlxer
and Miss Myrtle Barnes.
Bey Drowsrd at Oelwela.
OELWUIN, la., Nov. 21. (Speclal.)-
Anthony Klynn, aged 12 years, was
drowned here1 yesterday while skating on
the thin Ice on Long pond. Although the
water was less than three feet deep, he
soon became chilled and floundered to
the bottom. Lads who were with him
were frightened so badly they could give
htm no aid.
Jodament Aaalast Iowa Central.
HAMPTON, la., Nov. 21 (Special.)
Tbe Hampton Electrlo Light and Tower
company waa today given a verdict of
IS. 000 against the Iowa Central Railway
company In the federal court at Fort
Dodge for the loss by fire of Its local
lighting plant last Msy. The lighting
company sued, alleging that the fire was
started by sparks from a switch engine
belonging to the rallwsy company. The
tatter company secured the transfer of
the case to the federal court.
FORT DODOK. Nov. 21.-(Speclal)-Mr.
snd Mrs. H. W. Wakeman,. of Otho, Run
day, celebrated their aixtyflfth wedding
anniversary with their seven children,
thirty-five gTandclilIdren, and thirty
two great grandchildren In attendance.
Tbe great grandparents are hale snd
strong, rugged people who settled In
Webster county in 1868 and reared their
family in pioneer days. Mr. Wakeman
was born In Saratoga county. New York,
In 1S25, and Mrs. Wakeman was born In
Genesee, N. T. , five years later. The
first six years of their marriage life was
spent in Indiana, and then they moved
to Tarmersburg, la. The rest of their
married life has been spent at Otho.
EEDALTA. Mo., Nov. .21. John I
Jones, the striking railroad shopman, who
late yesterday stabbed to death A. M.
Mac key, will be given a preliminary
hearing here on Friday. At the coroner's
Inquest last night it was shown that
Jones had stabbed Markey while the lat.
ter was trying to stop a pair of runa
way horses. The statement that Mackey
was related to Mrs. Fred Dent Grant and
Mrs. Potter Palmer of Chicago, proves
to have been Incorrect.
FALLS CITY, Neb.. Nov. .21.-(Speclal.)
Following the prayer meeting hour at
the Baptist church, Miss Beulsh B rentier
and Harry H. Cashell appeared before
the pastor, Rev. Miner, and were married,
what one aptly expressed during the
yesr In sayjng that his Institution and
allied Interests 'makes dollars out of the
general prosperity of the country where
they could make only pennies out of spe
cial privilege.' The reel Wall street pre
fers prosperity , to special privilege, and
nowa that they serve themselves most
when building np the commercial, manu
facturing, agricultural, transportation
nd banking Interests of the whole eoun-
New York Leads la' Membership.
New York still tops all ' other states
with membership In the American Bank
ers' association. according to the report
of Fred K. . Farnsworth ot New York,
general sec(Vy of the association. - Of
the 12,073 institutions having membership
In the organisation,' DID, or approximately
one in every thirteen, hails from New
York. Pennsylvania comes next with 13
snd Illinois Is a otose third with 7M.
Fourth place Is claimed by California
with (10, hard pressed by Ohio, with 609,
the five state named furnishing 8,549
members or nearly ens-third ot ths entire
The annual Income ot the association,
Mr. Fsrns worth's reort proclaimed, was
IM.71'6 for the last fiscal year. Of this
Sum, the annual dues constitute 1199,972
having reached that figure from S1Z7.750
In 1U0&. and ll.0fl In 1S73.
Mr. Farnaworth touched upon the pro
posed National Reaerve association, de
claring that the Currency comml salon
will hold Itself In readiness to prose
cute a vigorous campaign when the pro
posed measure shall be framed as a bill
and will come before congress."
Address of Mr. Aldrlck.
Mr. Aldrtch spoke In part as follows:
"Among the Important tasks assigned to
ths National Monetary commission la that
of devising a plan by which this great
country may, in tbe Interest of all its poo
pie. ot every class snd every section, se
cure that Immunity which for centuries
has been enjoyed by the people of every
other great commercial nation from the
disastrous results of monetay panics and
acuta monetary disturbances.
There is general sgreement smong in
telligent students ot the subject that to
accomplish these benetlclunt results we
must provide a better reorganisation of
credit, a thorough reconstruction of bunk
ing aystems and methods.
Plan .( Organisation.
The plan of organisation Includes posi
tive provisions:
1. To maintain the integrity and Inde
pendence of existing banks, stats and
national. The new organisation Is outside
Of, superimposed upon, the existing sys
tem. Ths proposed association Is not a
bank snd Is not a. competitor In any
svnss for the business of existing banks.
In its ownership and in its domestic
business it Is cuallned strictly to banks
snd the government.
' It provides clearly for an equality
ot privileges and advantages to all banks,
great or small, wherever located.
"3. It provides equality in rates of dis
count or rediscount to alt banks, and
these rates sre to be uniform throughout
the country. This, It is believed, will
Insure steadiness snd reasonableness ot
rates everywhere. .
"1. Its organisation Is of a form and
chaiacter that will effectually prevent
the control of its operations by political
influences, local or national.
"5 Kvery means has been taken, every
safeguard adopted to prevent beyond
question the possibility of Its control by
any corporation or combination of cor
porutlons, banks or thcrwlae, by any In
dividual, or combination of individuals lu
Wall street or elsewhere for selfish or
sinister purposes.
"6. Tbe dominating principle Is co-op-era
tin u snl uot centralisation. We were
satisfied that we could not adopt or
adapt to our use an organisation like
the central bsnks of Europe or the sec
on J bank of the United Btstes.
Standard nf t'nutnmeretal Paper.
"In order to establish a wider discount
market In this country the plan estab
lished a standard of commercial paper,
of notes or bllla ot exchange laaued or
drawn for agricultural, commercial or
Industrial purposes, which are avallsble
for rediscount at the branches of the
reserve association; second, it a'loas na-
Here's For a Greater and Better Omaha
if. ' '"V ''-1''J!,'-V J
.. I """f'trS if ''!J
1' '.- ."ass. !-
A v
Are you interested in Omaha?
We are. We bought the "Haunted
Church in Kounts Place, that had
for ten years stood vacant, and
are using It every day for the
good ot omaha.
We have five gymnasium
classes ' every week. 1 ne church
Is headquarters for 100 working
people and SO Boy Scouta.
Tbe church 'maintains an eleo
trlo lighted play ground for the
Tbe membership Is but DO. The
attendauce In over 200.
Kducatlonal motion picturea are
shown every Thursday night, and
religious) motion pictures every
Sunday ntgnt.
Our church bears the name ot
' one of Omaha's best cltlsens.
Our creed la "anything to glorl
; fy Ood and benefit humanity."
This is our "first and lsst call" the public. If. you believe In
V our work help us;. If you don't
kick us. Kven a kick aaas em. .
Wo 'heed $2,000 for - a steam
heating plant. S4.000 to pay on the
church building, and lii&OO to buy
we i
ml, X. M. KairOID,
are making the largest pos
sible Thanksaivina offering to
this end by November 26th. 111.
If you will boost liberally now the
efficiency of our work will be
multiplied many fold.
This work Is endorsed by A. L.
Sutton. Howard H. Baldrlge, K.
F. Derision, C. C. Belden. Rabbi
Frederick Cohn, Nelson C. Pratt
ami inhn .1. Mercer.
Send all offerings sealed, to Dr. U. E. Marble, treasurer, sl-22 City
National Hank, in time to be opened Hun day, the 2th, or bring the same
to the church on that day, morning 10:80 or evening 7:30, that the total
vflerings may be ascertained and tbe amount made publlo.
We believe In you. We ahall soon know whether you believe in us.
Yours for a greater Omaha. ,
JESSE MAPES, Sunday School Supt
L. U HALL. Associate Supt
R. E. MARBLE. Treasurer.
1L II. SMITH Finance Committee.
U. O. XoZ.AvaKX.Xir, Vaetor.
1. Drunkenness, Opium, Mor
phine, Cocaine and other drug ad
dictions are diseased conditions.
2. Therefore, scientific medical
treatment is necessary. ,
3. In case of sickness none but
the best should be .accepted.
4. Our treatment is known the world over and has
proved its merits in over 350,000 cases.
, 5. We give value received, and that is the reason we
are at the head in our specialty.
6. The only Eeeley Institute in the state of Nebraska
is located in Omaha.
Send for our free booklet, "What It is and What It Does."
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Take Harney Street Car From Either Depot.
Tioro la Only One
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It's the Little
Things that Count!
This is especially true
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ting shirt, unbecoming tie;
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AH Orassbt ISe
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Concert Orchestrs.
Brloes, aighti lOo, 8 So, Me, 7 Sc. Mst
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Besae cf Tamily Burlesque.
Mat. SOO, Bight 8:30. Best Beats 00c
Ladles' Daily Matinee. Any Best 100.