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    TiiK OMAHA SUNDAY. H1011: NOVUM UK1J 1!). liUI.
Postmaster Sizcr Deposits $6,000 in
the Lincoln Banks.
heehrn Death Aerldental Doty
Talks at Lincoln Onlarliu
IJles at Capital One
Socialist Elected.
n'mm a Ptaff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Nov. 1S.-I Special.)
Pi.f (master Sixer today deposited
l;,000 from the Lincoln postal savings
bank in local banks. Today's deposit was
Die first made since the postal bank
was established In Uncoln. The first de
posit has been held, awaiting the ap
proval of the surltles by the department
in Washington. Hereafter depoclts will
s bo made each day.
i vi wing itivu &i jju iirr iiuuiw iu u
patrol wagon on the street . In front of
the house. Mrs.vMary Smith today filed
lult In district court for $25,004 against
Counctlmen Yungblut and Meier and Offi
cer F.oi'gh. Phs alleges that she was
greatly humiliated by the action of the
When workmen, under the direction of
city officials started to change the s'.de
walk on South Eleventh street as di
rected by tho council, the woman Inter
fered with a broomstick. She was placed
under arrest, but neighbors persuaded the
Dl fleers not to bring her to tho, police
Death Is Accidental.
-V coroner's Jury this afternoon decided
that the death of John Kheehen, who was
killed In the Hock Island yards yesterday
ac HoVcby, was accidental. No blainu
was attached to the company or to any of
Its en.pluyes. was thrown from a cinder car
Mien a coplmg was made. He fell under
Iho wheels and was badly crushed.
Assessors Uultj Uneastnur.
That assessors i-hould ijuit guessing at
real estate valuation' and that they
hould adopt Home uniform system in
ilnlr work of valuing property, was the
kiessage brought to the Lincoln Com-
lieiclal ciub by K. W. Doty, a tax ex
pert from Cleveland, O., w!i fpoke at
ilie rwonday luncheon today.
"There must bo a unit of valuation
!rum which to work," he declared, "As.
lessinent is slxply a comparison o:
ralues. There la a mathematical relation
Ittween tuu vuiue of tne different pieces
II property that can be accurately ar-
& dved
Aldrlvh la Better.
had known the history of the
1 n . . . . .. , .
V Xf ransmissistippi congress, inai. it nao
I ased lesoluilons for free sliver and
ud opposed railroad rato regu.ntlon by
tougre8, 1 would never have given It
i chance to crowd me. off Us program,"
leclared Governor Aldrlch today.
The governor was u( his office today,
laving recovered from an attack of ton
llilUs. However, he did not appear to
lave recovered from his trip' to Kansas
City. ... .
Aged Man Dies. .
WU.'l&m leiiu.-ttoiv.Mcl'eak, one of the
HJmI cliUeua of Lincoln, died this
tiouuns. Death was due to pneumonia,
tie was ninety-eight years old.
One year ago Air. McPeak moved to
Lincoln Horn Omaha, where he had re
dded for several years. At one time he
fas engaged. In business In Omaha. '
The I uncial wiH be held Sunday after
tooo. A'etT Postmaster at Haveloek.
Wonalur brown has announced that
loutge W. Amierson will be appointed
(oilu.oater at Haveluck to succeed A. A.
Hyera, who has been elected Sheriff of
ilia county. Mr. Anderson Is a machinist
ti the Havelock shops, has been a resl
ler.t of that place fur years, and has
otn a republican worker of considerable
I J&luer.ce. Mr. Hyers, the retiring post-
uaeter, has held the office for nine years.
e socialists elected one county offl-
In Kebiaska, so far as the returns
r . . . ... . . . .
lave Dcen aigesteu nere. jacoD juamnacn
If Hayes county was elected coroner. The
lepub. leans had no candidate In the field.
Slow Progress Making
iii'the Stewart Trial
ItEATIUCE. Neb.. Nov. lS.-S'pcclal.)-The
trial of Thomas K. terart, charged
with Menllns l,3C3 while . employed as
bookkeeper at the feeble minded insti
tute, Is progressing slowly. Kvery Inch
of ground la contested and every scrap
of evldcnro carefully scrutinized before
It Is accepted.
Dr. tJ. L. Koe on the stand yesterday
Identified the check for J:7.7" which had
been raid the Klein Mercantile company.
The entry on the cash book' showed that
the figures had been changed to $1,337.77.
C. I. Underwood, bookkeeper nt the In
stitute, testified that he heard Stewart
tell Tulleys that he had totalled the
column. Mr. Underwood also testified
that lr. Thomas, present superintendent,
had given Vr. Ttoc a receipt fur $70 more
than was tinned over from one admin
istration to the other, and that Stewart
hnd come out to the Institution snd of
fered to replace the amount, but that it
was refused by Thomas on advice of
Accountant Tuileys and attorneys. Tho
receipt had .been written out by HVw
art and the face of the book showed
Hiat It was correct. H was shown by
Underwood's testimony that several
checks which had been .outstanding when
tr. Hoe's administration terminated
came in fo:- payment after Thomas took
The state finished its side of the case
with the exception of one Enes;
Louis V. Ouye Says These Are
Factors in High Cost of Living.
Labor lontinlsslnnfr Advocates Scl
entitle: Inalrnetlnn that Will
luerease Profits of Small
Kdvcd at.'
If I 1
I -af an Sltf
Hal I
BROKEN BOW, Neb., Nov. 18. (Spe-
llul.) John Craig, republican candidate
ior sheriff, who was defeated by Joe Wil-
n with, a majority ot 26 votes, .has de-
llded to ask for a recount of the ballots,
Vhlch' will be done in the near future.
Jialff and his supporters base their claim
in the fact of there being two candidates
ly the name of Wilson for sheriff on
lie bullot. Joe Wilson of An?ley being
Ihe democratic pandldate, and John Wil
ton of Calloway, the soclallst'candidate.
The contention is that similarity of names
ould be liable to cause a sufficient niim
ler of mistakes In the various voting pre
(Incts to overcome Joe Wilson's majority.
This, of course is purely speculative and
t will take a recount to determine
H'hether or not Craig's claim Is well
Injured Woman Hecovrre.
GENEVA, Neb., Nov. lS.-(Special.)-Urs.
R. A. Matteson, who was thrown
Irom a buggy Wednesday evening and
lad her nose -broken, is recovering.
Key to the Hituation Bee Want Ads.
Custer County Fair
Society Reorganizes
BROKKX HOW, Neb., Nov. S.-(Spe-clul.)
The annual meeting of tho Cus
ter 'County Agricultural society, for the
purpose of electing a full set of officers
and ninppInK out a program for the com
ing year, was particuiai ly successful and
called forth' a good attendance. Finan
cially, the Inn year has been a good one
for' tho tociety. Over a year ago it was
considerably' In debt owing to improve
ments that were put on the fair
grounds; but the receipts for this year
wefo close to $6,000, covering all out
standing debts and giving the society a
surplus. The election resulted as "fol
lows: President, C. II. Jeffords; vice
president, H. M. Sullivan; secretary, C.
T. Orr; treasurer, A. Morgan. Dlroctors
for three years, Fred Hayes, Tom Fln
.en and lien Miller. The board , of di
rectors consists of nlno members, three
of whom are elected each year and hold
office fos three years. - '
SIIELTON, Neb., Nov.. 18. (Special.)
The laying of the cornerstone of Shel
ton'a" new 'public Bqhool. building 'took
place Friday at 11 a. m. The Bchool
children and ' teachers marched through
town to the school grounds, laid the
stone and deposited tho box and eon
tents. The ceremony was . in charge of
the ' ministerial association of Shelton.
After laying the stone the services were
neJd la the Methqiiat church, which was
filled to capacity,' America., was sung by
the congregation, after which Lawrence
K. Treat gave' a history of the Shelton
school. ' This was followed by an ad.
dress by Dr. A. O. Thomas, president of
the . Kearney State Normal school. . In
the afternoon the children from the town
and country, also teachers were given
free entertainment at the picture show
lollowed by a basket ball game betwee'.i
the local and Wood River school teams.
The building is 82x112, two full stories
and basement made of pressud brick and
tione and will cost $3C,CC0.
PLATTSMOUTH, Neb., Nov. 18.-(8pe-clal.)
Karl R. Blluh, who his ben plain
tiff In a lawsuit against the liurllngto
for almost three years seeking heavy
damages for the loss of a . leg, and .the
suit is now pending in the. state supreme
court, yesterday reached a settlement
of his claim with the company. The de
fendant Is to pay him 110,000 and the costs
of the litigation so far. Mr. BUsh re
ceived the Injury on July 1, 19(J9, while
acting as fireman on the switch engine
In the Plattsmouth yard. Ills engine Was
run by Mr. Nellson and . the crew was
backing, north when an extra freight
struck the tank ot the engine. Mr. Bllsh,
who had heard the warning too late to
save himself was in the act of springing
out of the cab when the collision occurred
and the tank was Jammed against the
engine so as to pin him fast. It was
Koine time before he could be released.
His foot was afterwards amputated.
. GENEVA, Neb., Nov. . 8peclal.)
Three strangers who were trying to sell
silks and- furs in Fairmont last , week
were arrested by Sheriff Ashton on sus
picion. This morning W. H. Taylor of
Exeter, Neb'., identified some of thj
goods as having been taken from his
store, and , filed complaint with the
county Judge. . .
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MNCOIN, Neb., Nov. IS. "Chief amontf
the great questions with which the peo
ple of this nation arc grappling- Is the
high cost of llvlni; ahd enforced Idleness
on the part of the tollers caused by tho
lack of employment, the burden ot the
former resting upon tho results of the
latter," Fays L. V. Ouye. "And here let
me say that I consider idleness, duo to
any cause, a calamity resting not aione
upon the Individual, but upon the society
ks a whole.
"The causes of hlsh cost of living and
the periods of Idleness are In part trace
able to several reasons, principal among
which is the general desertion of the
land by those who believe that they can
more easily make headway In tho largo
cities." '
Karma Are Too l.nritr.
"A iiegatlvn influence Is being brought
to bear upon this thnse of farm life,
namely, tho constant desire of our farm
ers to reach out for more and more land,
resulting In the enlargement of the
acreage tilled by the individual workman,
thereby canning a dwarf production and
the stunted fertility of the land.
"The basis for the back to the farm
movement should. In my opinion, be
embodied In tho effort for greater earning
capacity for the small farmer, through
a less acreage and more Intensified'
system of farming, thus readjusting his
social environments, the employment of
scientific methods of teaching and de
veloping agriculture and- other vocational
subjects In our schools and through the
efforts of those who may be engaged In
spreading tho scientific principals of
"I wish to say for the great state of
Nebraska that we have approximately
20,uoo,OOj acres of unoccupied land, similar
In quality to those now under cultiva
tion and which produced In 1PI0 products
valued at W4.713,8fl, which equalled the
total production of all tho gold, silver,
copper, Iron, crude petroleum, tobacco,
lead and Elnc produced by the entire
United States and Alaska and yet leav
ing a net balance of $.'!,0&9,4ul, In favor of
Nebraska, her greatest problem being a
method of checking this enormous stint
In the method of unthorough cultivation
and the running waste for tho want of a
sufficient population to turn our idle
acreage to account. One hundred thous
and families would not exhaust Ne
braska's idle acres should their efforts be
confined to a proper method of cultiva
tion. The high cost of living and want
of employment would thus be minimized
and the world would become the great
BLAIR, ; Neb., Nov. It. (Special. )-ln
September. tW, George W. Wentworth, a
resident of this city,-employed as watch
man on tho Missouri river railroad bridge,
while going to worlt, riding alone on a
small hand-car, . was knocked off by a
train. Although bruised and sore he con
tinued to work for four or five days after
wards, dying about eight days later. Ho
had been suffering from a complication
of diseases for several ycai-s, and his im
mediate death was attributed to kidney
trouble, although there was talk of his
Injuries In connection with his death. The
family later moved to Cedar Itapids, la.,
where they have recently brought suit
against the' Northwestern railroad for
the sum of $16,000. On W'ednesduy At
torney McLaughlin of Cedar Rapids' was
In Blair lining up evidence for the rail
road company. The train crew that hurt
Wentworth, and brldxe employes were
examined, and the trial Is expected to bo
heard about November 28. Justice of the
Peace George P, Metemple has been ap
pointed administrator, and In connection
with Cedar Kaplds lawyers Is pushing the
claim for the Wentworth family. At
Wentworth's death the family received
$1,000 Insurance from the Maccabee lodge.
Unrlinutnii U Reducing Train
Crews Iteenoaa of Black
NEBRASKA CITY, Nov. 18.-(Bp'eclal.)
Because of light business the Burling
ton railway has dropped down seven en
gineer who have been promoted within
the last two years. They have gone to
firing and the firemen have been glvtn
other Jobs, on the division out of thli
city. A number of train men have been
put on short time or given vncutlong for
the same reason.
Deputy Fire Warden Williams has been
here several days inspecting- the fire
dangers In and out of the principal build
ings and factories of this city and suggesting-
a number of changes. He also
inspected all of . the cellurs under the
pluces of business and had them all
cleaned up and put in shape, threatening
to euvoke the aid of the law where a
willingness to comply with his request
was not given with a pleasant smile.
Morris Horovrr, a barber who was ar
rested here several days ago on the
charge of currying oomeuled weupons,
was permitted to leave the city to es
cape prosecution. The officers were going
to deport ' hlin. he beinj; a subject of
P.ussla, but they decided the beat wiiy
was to permit him to take his departure
Word has been received In this city
that Lentcr Klsiier, for a number of years
first lieutenunt of Company C, of this
city, has been made general manager of
the Gulf Jiag company at Sun Frahclnco,
Cal. This Is a branch of the ISemls Bag
company and one of the largest corpora
tlons on the Pacific coast.
Modern Woodmvu Kaily at Harvard.
HARVARD, Neb.. Nov. 18.(Bpei lal.)
H. C. Wilson has been working for sev
eral days to increase the membership of
Hurvard camp tpj. Modern Woodmen of
America, aqd on Friday evening ieputy
Wilson assisted, by the members of
Haivard camp and visiting members from
other camps in this locality, initiated a
claja of some twenty members, conclud
ing wlib supper and a general social time.
Funeral of Juuira 8labaugb.
GENEVA. Neb.. Nov. 18. -(Special. )
Tho budy of James eiaybuugh, who died
of typhoid fever at Wayne. Nub., arrived
hero last evening und was Ukeu charge
of by the Odd Fellows. The funeral took
p ace today.
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WEST POINT, Neb:, Nov. 18. (Special.)
Henry Iden and Ml ICUaubeth Zlefe!d
were united In marriage at Pierce, Neb.,
on Thursday by Rev. J. W. Hcheip, pan-
tor of the German Lutheran church. Mr.
Iden is a prosperous farmer living north
west of this city and he and bride have
commenced houHdkeeptng in their new
The nineteenth annual convention of the
Cuming County Sunday School associa
tion will he held In the Methodist Epis
copal church nt W'lsner November 22-23.
The speakers will bo the clergymen of
the county generally, assisted by the
officers of the State Sunduy School asso
ciation. The local officers arc: President,
H. A. McDonald, Wlsner; vice president,
Dr. I. Ik Thompson, Beemer; secretary
trcasuicr, Miss Emma It. Miller, West
An attempt was made by tho wife of
Adolph Stogolmaun . of Ileeiner to have
Mr. Stegt'lnianii adjudged Insane by the
county board who, however, declared him
sane. The uccused man Is extremely deaf
and acts strangely at times as a result
of this affliction. '
The annual meeting of the W'e.Ht Point
Poultry and Pet Stock association Is an
nounced to toko place on November 20.
This association has a large arul. Increas
lng membership and Is doing excellent
worlt In its line. The annual poultry show
will take pluce at Went Point on De
cember 6 and continue for five duya.
The Coord If Education has appointed
Miss Cecelia Poster of Uncoln us princi
pal of the West Tolnt High school, suc
ceeding Ml as Lucy llemsreet, resigned.
Miss Foster in a graduate of the Uni
versity of Nebraska and has taught two
years In the hlmh school at O'Neill.
Newspaper Chanava at Uraail Island
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Nov. 11.
(flpeclal.) A number of tho lealllrif
democrats of this city, among them Sher
iff Punkel, F. V. Ashton, V. 11. Thomn
spn, E. Williams and lhiyard II. Paine,
have, In conjunction with Mr. Cell and
Mr. Polhemus, recently of Ho ward
county, purchased the Free Press, a lo
cal democratic . weekly, of Augustine &
Hon and will continue the publication in
connection with the Anzelger-IIerald, the
local German democratic paper, of which
Mr. Gell recently purchased a controll
ing Interest.
General Criticism of Court's Opinion
Marks Trust Hearing.
Senator Oliver ltrpile to Attack on
WJrkrrtliam hy Pointing Out I n
tancea Wherein Harmon
Failed to F.nforee Law.
WASHINGTON. Nuv.. 18 A nrl at
tack upon the decree of the circuit court
of New York In the dissolution of the
American Tobacco company and a specific
comparison of the activities of Attorney
General Wlckrrsham and Former At
torney General Judxon Harmon, in en
forcing the Sherman anti-trust law
against great combinations enlivened to
day's hearing of the senate committee on
Intel state commerce, which is Investigat
ing the trust problem with a view to new
legislation. :
Benator Poinerene of Ohio, in vigorous
questions directed toward II. II. Martin,
a witness before the committee, asked If
ha knew of "any Justification for tlis
head of a department, ot th government
to take th position that. h will not
enforce the criminal provision! of ' tho
Sherman anti-trust law."
"There appears to be little effort In
the Department of Justice to enforce the
criminal provisions of tho law," said
Benator Fomerene."
t'rltlelars Harmon,
Senator Oliver was the only member
of the commltteo who replied to the at
tack on the attorney general. Also ad
dressing the witness, he wanted to know
what the .latter thought of tho "com
parative reprehenslblllty" of an attorney
general "who actively and successfully
enforces a law like this, who resurrects
it and, makes It effective and proceeds at
least toward successful civil prosecutions,
us compared wlih one of his predacrrsort
who'dld not, and who practically declared
the law a dead letter."
"I refer' to former Attorney General
Judson Harmon of Ohio," sold Benator
Oliver, looking across the table to Senator
The committee showed signs of an
Incipient outbreak. Benator Pomerene
declared It wt, not Mr. Harmon, but ffis
predecessor, Richard Olney, who had said,
In substance, that the law waa a deat
letter. ' .
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OTTUMWA, la., Nov. 17. (Speclal.)-
The Ottumwa Gas. Light, Heat and.
Power company, which has been owned
by local parties, was sold yesterday to
the Western Utilities company, ooav .
trolled by Grand Rapids, Mich., an4
Chicago capitalists. A reorganisation of
the company has been made and an Issut
of 1750,000 bonds floated with which U
make Improvements and extensions.
New Itrsldrnre Hams.
CHARITON, la., Nov. 17.-(fipeolal.)
The new residence of Kria - Johnson of
Charlton waa completely destroyed ' by
fire this week, caused, supposedly, by
an overheated furnace. The. loss total
over $6,000, only partially covered by in
surance, i
Iowa CHr Man Fulls Sixty Feet.
IOWA CITY, la., Nov. 17.-(Speclal.)-A
sixty-foot plunge from the top of a wind
mill today resulted in three broken rlba
and a broken finger for John Wolfe, a
farmer living Just east of Iowa City."
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IUViii citv iv-h v.. i. ,j ...
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Telegram.) While Union Puctflc freight
.u. . whs swiicnmg ut utsing city Fri
day afternoon, Rayrnuiid. the son of ilr.
nd airs. Ed Arnold, ho, live one and
one-half miles northeast of Klslng City,
was run over and severely Injured. Hev
cral boys, it is reported, were playing on
and about the tracks, hen the englnu
backing three cars struck the boy und
knocked him down arid two ears passed
over him. Ills left ear was loin off, Ills
bead cut and his right ankle was twisted
to the extent that It Is feared luu mem
ber will have to be amputated.
College Man Arrested.
CHICAGO, Nov. 17.-Waller Thompson.
Jr., claiming to be a former student at
Cornell university and the son of &
Pittsburgh (P.) business man, was taken
Into custody here today by a prlvute de
leriive aguncy ond is bslng held pendlnn
ii crutiiun. irom apoaane, wasn.. Where
charges of forgery, passing worthless
ruecas and wife dcacrttun are against ;
him. !
Thompson told the police he had been
disowned by tils father after his elope
ment with a young woman while attend
ing Cornell. 1
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; 69c MOAiTltl
The l'uiuous seamless.
self Lasting
A full line of Llsk
Kntaneled lioasters.
Cjirvln Sett
Hets of 3, large, In oval
or round shape:
4 0c, on Monday 9So
hets of 12 Individual
J.'.r, .Monday at Mo
Seta of 24
ujc. Motility at 33o
Handsome 3-plece aeta with
tag har.dles, guaranteed
keen edge blade; all In a
ll'ied case. Very 4PQ f C
apeclal Monday atWftllw
Most elaborate and com
plete display of carvers In
Made of smooth, black
Iron, and all turkey
15c sir.o Monday ... to
18c size Monday ,..10
0c size, Monday ...13o
ri"" r-'' "
Tlil up to dnlu iianae. all
complete, with liigu warming
rlos.-t, polished top and enam
eled flues
I40.uu hU Miiiiil.ty . . . S38.0O
ll. 'J') hUo Monday ....939.00
Gas Hot Plates
ul ..
with ss wed
regular 12 00,
Silver Tableware
I knives and C forka, beau
tiful Ivoroy handles, guar
nnterd ltt-pwt., all In satin'
lned box: $7.00 (1 Or
set, MorUay . ...W4QO
S.!5 Coffee machine. In
nickel or copper mush
Electric Coffee Ma
chines. Plat Irons,
Toaster and Chafers.
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