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    TI1K HKE: fttfAHA, 8ATCTRDAY. NOVEMBER 18, 1911.
Nebraska League of Mnnicipalitici
to Meet in Lincoln Kctt Tear.
Yon Can'
Sampeck Clothes
Delegate Writ Pleaoed rlth Rp.
tloo In Omaha and Learn Morh
Itelatlve to Oorrrsmeat
of t itles.
Clean cut, individual,
refreshingly different;
they're the
you want
fellow ha
I only kind
you vo
I - n 1
For instance: Tho Eng-
li aIi soft
" ::-''' brimfnl of clothes character and
'aggressiveness,' brings a fellow's self-confidence to
the surfaco-nnd places him high in tho ranks of
' "good dressers.' ' ; '
" ' ' Here'' nn overcoat that UU tho coldest weather a ready
' welcome yen won't aoo it laewhero every line and stitch
19 orlElnul with Eampcck. -
Terhdr 'du hare some lfes of your own as to how jour
clothrs "should be made. You'll be surprised to find how
cleverly Kampeck has anticipated your requirements in these
cults and overcoats at i
, , i ... . ,
: Some. More'
st received another shipment of theae popular hats, In
n aim gray uie snappiest,
Ibis seanon
tit ydtjbo
British Premier , Befuaes to Tub.
Equal Saffrtgo Bill.'
M'fc Pankhaitat, Who la la Oaulit,
. There Will De Mora
Fighting an Mora lot.
LONDON,, No. 7Korty suffragette
Interviewed 1'reinler Aaqulth In Downing
treot today and attempted by threat of
i renewal of hostilities to obtain a pled-
that the government would undertake at
the next cession of Parliament to pais a
bill giving- equal uffrage to the aoxe.
Mr. .Aaquith tola the women that he
stood, aa alwaya, against woman suf
frage, beoauae he thought It would not
be lor the good of the mate. Ho added
that the women, nevertheless, bad a rem
edy la their own hand.
The government would leave Common!
free to amend the proposed manhood
franchise bill ao aa to extend the Iran
chlse f women If the latter were able
to persuade a majority or Parliament to
adopt their cause.
In an official announcement later the
eurfragette aay the attitude of the gov
ernment aa outlined by Mr. Aaqulth la In
direct hoatlllty to clalma of the woman.
They purpoie to inaugurate a "war of
demonatratlon" In Parliament November
1. The militant membera promlae that
women will be there in thousand to fight
for their rlghta.
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attempt to make her secure money from
..'lAwordlfaT to her story. Patterson even
proposed that she beuume an Inmate of
"George's Tlace." In Chicago, She aald
ona of Pattarson'a acheinaa waa that
she should Inveigle an old friend into
a compromising position by means of
which be might be blackmailed.
Accidentally meeting Strousa one day
aha told bint th atory of her married
life. Ua expressed sorrow and Invited
ber to take a trip to Europe with him,
aha asserts, but she refused. Her hus
band, however, abe aays, waa delighted
at tbe invitation and Insisted upon her
going, threatening to kill ber If she did
The story goes on to state that Fatter
auu dainaudud from Strouas, which
the latter turned over to Mrs. Patterson,
but Patterson, upon receiving It from her,
declined to write an acknowledgement,
which Stroma desired. It Is alleged, to
protect hiuiaelf.
filven Five Tkeasaad.
While t abroad Paltciaon Instated on
more money', which Stroussi the narra
tive declares, declined to furnlih and eent
hi companion back to the L'plted States.
Diamonds for Christmas
t olkg with a discriminating- taste have come to realize that
there Is no more Batlafuctory gift thau the diamond, lta recipient
la alwaya delighted and appreciates the present for years and years,
ever remembering the donor and his wisdom. The Frenier store
displays a collection, of diamonds that is choice and pleasingly
priced. The diversity of the stock will permit every prospective
, purchaser to find Just the diamond ring: or other diamond Jewelry
that he seeks, aud It will be priced at such, a figure that he will not
hesitate about buying. The wise plan for diamond and Chrlatmas
hoppers Is to see Frenzer"! collection of diamonds before making
a decision to buy.
! :r4 II
kind of clothes
when tho other
them on tho
you'll have, onco
been insido them
roll suit at the right, just
"Ruff" Hats
lot or neadwear we've had
She aaya that he gave her personally
$5,000, with the Injunction that her hus
band be kept In Ignorance of the fact. .
Tho tatter upon her return nuked her
how much money aha had and flew into
a rage when aba aald aha had none.
Eventually he bullied and threatened her
Into admitting that abe bad K00, which
he took.
.The Jail mall carrier la overburdened
with letters oi sympathy and encourage
ment which are bolrut sent to Mr a. Fat
tmaon from all quarters. Her mother la
ejipected here toruerrpy from Sandoval,
Ul., to remain with her during the trial.
(Attorney' Hilton declares he has recov
ered ratteraon'a bank book allowing that
he depoalted 11,600 to hJs own credit on
the day of hla marriage to Gertrude OJb
on. llr. Patterson ahot her husband while
they were walking together In a suburb
on the morning of September 25 last. The
beauty of the prisoner, and her tragic
story promiao to make the trial one of
the most closely watched In the recent
hlntory of the Denver courts.
EHTHEnVILLE, la., Nov. lT.-Spcial
Peter Howe, a resident of Montgomery,
la., a small town northwest of here, baa
disappeared aa completely aa If the earth
bad swallowed him. It seems that Mr.
Howe In company with two other gentle
men from Montgomery, were enroute to
their homo from Sioux Valley, Minn. In
an automobile. Mr. Howe was In the
front scat and while the machine was
going about fifteen mile an hour he
attempted to get in the back seat by
stepping on the tender and in doing this
he fell off. This happenend at about
o'clock In the evening and as aoon aa tbe
machine could be stopped the other tnsu
went back to find him but all they could
find was his cap and one overahoe.
Parmer were notified and a aearch waa
made with lantern but no trace of him
waa found. It la thought, aa this hap
pened noar a slough, that he crawled
into it and wa drownod. He haa a wife
and child at Montgomery.
Kail from Bridge ratal.
FAIRFIELD, la., Nov. IT.-tSpeclal.)
Arthur Berry of Mount Pleasant waa
probably fatally hurt here today when he
fell from a bridge. He waa employed
with a Chicago, Burlington & Qulncy rail
way bridge crew repairing bridges. His
skull was fractured and he was removed
to a Burlington hospital.
Apldeatally Shoot Belt.
SCRANTON. la.. Nov. 17. (Special.)
While playing with a revolver while
cleaning It In hla father barn yester
day. Clarence Carson, aged 21 year, ac
cidentally ahot and fatally wounded htm
sulf. The bullet entered hla right lung.
Little hope la entertained for hla re
covery. Only One Hhuo m' I X I !V C
That la laxative promo Quinine. TAok for
the aiifiiaiure of K. W. Li rove. C'svd the
World over lo vur a cold lu tue uay. Zm.
15 -& DODGE.
it m
.Ak. -a... M I
At the final Sfi.slon of the third annual
convention of the Nebrenka League of
Municipalities Krlday afternoon Mayor
Oeorge 1 Wol of Fremont wa nnanl
mminly eiectod preelrtnnt, following the
announcement by Prrirtdent Robert P.
Starr that he would not accept another
term. The other officer elected were:
C. J. Miles, llastlngfi. vice president.
Itoco C. Ozinan, I.lnoln, aecretary-
J. Tl. Hummell, Omaha; R. Ttossemever.
Superior, and K. LehmUuhl, Wahoo.
Omaha delegate announced that the
next convention Khoukl be taken, to aome
moro central city, where It would be
convenient for the representatives cf the
smaller town. However, Lincoln wa
the only town to put up a strong plea and
by vote it was decided to convene In that
city next year, the meeting to be held
during tho ncxslon of tho legislature.
The delegates were enthusiastic over
the success of the convention and the
entertainment providod for them f. o,.
Omaha city coumtl and the Commercial
uud. i ne rollowing resolution wa
idopled with cheers and hr ...,.
were given by the di.-Ingatea for Omaha:
vnoren Tho lingua of Nebraska
diinlfliiulitlrn In Its third nnnunl conven-
lon. HH the mieal rif lh. rhu ne n i.
as rei-elved every courtesy and atien-
lon. am! itm mnt lirr ,,t.,,lu B ..t
- - , ..... ...urt.ii u muni iiimkb
ant auccess, lamely due to the efficient
nn oi me foiumiitee on nrrnnirementK
Inyor nahlmiin end the cltv offlrlals and
!! club; therefore he It
IteHolved. Th fit Wsa ianrlae a
Of fhnnka f h- ...
efforts in our bohulf are fully appreciated
Omaha Thaak Deleaatea.
Louis Perka Of the Omnhn. olev en,,nnii
then thi-nkel the delejMtea for holding
the convention In Omaha. The thanks
were extended In the nntna nf th mvn
and the city. He said:
"The mayor and th eli mnnii e .v..
- ' J ...... . . V. & L 1 1
City of Otnaha doslra at tftia tin,. .
thank you, both on behalf of the city
ana us Officials, for the Cordial assig
nee you have rendered fhem In
effort to make the third annual conven
tion or the Leaffiie of Nebraska Mitnlcl
palitle a luccess. Reallilnc th.
yon have conferred upon our community.
It ha been our earnest desire that noth-
ng be left undone that mlirht- lr sa nu
manner contribute toward your enter
tainment and comfort. While, owlna- to
adverse weather conditions
dlffioultlee that could not have been anti
cipated, we regret that we have not uo-
ceeaea in attalnirur results a.i.nrf..
with our good wui. we wish to aasure you
that our earnest desire haa boon to afford
you the full meaaure of our hospitality.
We wlsh.te extend to each and everyone -e request to make your future
visit to OnmbaArequent and of long
duration. Whether you com aa delegates,
official or Individual It will b our
happy purpose to assist you In every
-ay mat you may enjoy to- the utmot
Omaha' good will toward you."
Boqnet lor Preside Si...
; Th reUring president. Robert V B.r.
wa presented with a hun -
a"gv ' V
chrjsanthemum. Loul Berks makfng the
""u"i' pecn. Ho extolled Mr.
Starr far tbe untiring effort tie has put
forth o make the league a auccess and
assured hlra of tho unn, win . n .u.
perpetual friendship of hi fellow workers
In the cause. In response, President Starr
thanked Omaha and the Leaaua r r,.
nlclpalltle for their hearty co-operation
wnn mm in accomplishing th nnrnn...
o fthe organisation.
City Clerk Dan Butler of Omaha mnvmA
that a rising vote of thanks h. .v,.n.
the aecretary-treaaurer, Rosco C. O-
man, ror the erriclent ervic be had
rendered the league and tha antlr .in
vention arose with alacrity.
All oiricera elected or r..i.i,i
present except Mr. Mile and
to the call for apeachc. Prealdent Stan
inanaea the convention for the elecUou
of Mr. Miles, whom be endorsed as thor
oughly competent and a hard worker for
the common weal.
Visitor Be Fir Aparalaa.
Th delegates wera a-lvn n,n. .
.!' U.
the Omaha fire department I nth
noon, when a brigade wa called out by
ayor uaniman and paraded past th
city hall. The visitor cheored the fire
men aa they passed and praised the ef
ficiency of the douartment. Mr rhi
Salter and hi aidea led tbe parade.
Kvery vlsltlna- delesat. injui in
of coramendauon of Omaha's hoanitaJitu
and the success of the convention. .
A feeling Of felloWshlD between Omnh
and the other towna ot tha stat ha h.
eatabllahed by this convention," aald on
ui me ablegates, "and It will result In a
more uniform growth throughout the
state. We are going back much wiser In
in waya a municipality should b rw.
rned than when we came, and it la a
wisdom that can be used In every town
1 nthe state."
Mayor Dahlnian was a oonstani attend.
ant throughout the convention and beard
all tha papera, participated in the dis
cussion, conducted a question box and
ai in cob ci anion o ithe meeting ex
pressed his satisfaction at lta success.
MARSHA LLTOWN, la.! Nov. 17.-(Spe-
clal.) That a stick pin may prove to be
a dart ef Cupid wa made known here
today, through the announcement of
the recent quiet wedding of Mies Lena
Morey of this city and Mr. William H.
Halpenny of Dea Moines. The' wedding
took place at Newton several day ago,
but wa not announced until today. Th
romance of the tory I that Mis Morey
while employed at the Savery hotel In
Dee Moines found a handsome diamond
scarf pin. It proved te belong to Mr.
Halpcnny, te whom she returned it. but
refused to accept a reward for ber hon
esty. From thi acquaintance sprang
th friendship that culminated In th
wedding. Mr. Halpenny now weare th
scarf pin as a trophy of her conquest.
Mr. Halpenny Is a traveling salesman
for the Htudebaker Vehicle company,
gale of Hereford at Cralar.
CRAIG, Neb., Nov. 17. (Special.) The
Frank Ulrica dlspvndon sale of Hero
fords here Thursday resulted In an aver
age of 1123 33. The small number ef cattle
offered kept down the attendance of out-of-town
breeders, the crowd being chiefly
composed of local farmers. Mr. I'lrich
will Jeav for hi new horn in Florida
la the pear future. -
Iivwa f ltr Mia rails Slaty Feet.
JOWA Cirr. la., Nov. 1?. -(Special. )-A urge from the top of a wind
luilll today ttsulted lu tbrsa broken rib
1 UlfjTt.
and a broken finger for John Wolfe, a
farmer living just ea& of Iowa City.
Andrew Ttllettaoa.
BATTLE CREEK. Neb., Nov. 17. (Spe
cial.) Andrew Tlllettson died at his home
six mile south and east of town on
Tuesday of tumor of the stomach after
an Illness of raon than a year. Tha de
ceased waa an old resident ot this county,
having lived here from boyhood. 11 waa
57 year of age. 6 er vices were helu Thurs
day at th family home. Interment being
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Trustee Will nay Postal Bonds.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 17.-Th trustee
of the postal savlnm bank today decided
to announce their willingness to purchase
from th public postal saving bonds at
par. This action was taken to maintain
tha parity or these bonds, the sale of
which was recently mad In New York
at the low rate of K 5.
Garrett Transferred to Argentina.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 17.-John W. Uar
rett. minister to Venezeuela has been ap
pointed minister to Argentine and has
been accepted by the Argentine govern
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rav- rv5r ,
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I . IIP '
w ml UU' it
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n.r h
I I Pk. V I II
- 'CW .1 if
1 l L
for Thanksgiving delivery,
not a wooden model. r
Ear-Drops Fashionable
since inven
tion ha devis
ed the insuri
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permits the
wearing of a
Jewel on the
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the neces"'
of piercing
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come Into
Kreat favor
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worn eaten
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lading of the
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BBS BX,&a.
aU.tiac oa Conn
O. 101
ish m