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TIIH TIKE: OMAHA. Till! 175? DAY. XOVEMDKTl Ifi. 1911.
tfMMaaa4i i
sTfi vrvTt Another Big
Drexel's Shoes
Watch for Our
Sale of Linens
Sale of Under
wear Saturday.
"at V
n M
. ill
M riii.
1-1 1
. V
Vour I'nreMrlcted Choice
Any Woman's Suit
In Our Kntire Htock
That Has Been Selling
!'r More Than IjMJJ, nt
j Just Price
This includes all our elegant
tailored suits that have been sell
ing at $37.50, $39.00, $45.00 and
up to $98.00.
Jtut think of buylnff the prettiest
stijts in Omaha at one-half the price of
a week ago.
Vour Choice of Any Woman's
Fashionseal Suit
In our Tntire QIT ffc
stork r Ol .Otr
"Fashlonseals'' always sell regularly
at $25 and at that price they are known
to be tho beat tailored suits In America.
Women's Long Heavy Mixture Goats
Here are the favorite, cloaks of the year. The long, graceful
models that are so wonderfully popular thlB season. (P-f f
Nowbero cleo la thero a variety like this. Specially I f
priced at VV
rVo the Xew Hod Fox Fur Hets They are extremely popular this
caBon $25 to $59 set
Two Specials in Basement Cloak Dept.
Women's Tailored Suit Good,
practical Btyles, medium
and henvy material!!, . ff" Aft
values up to 110. at . .v JeVU
Women's Winter CloaksWarm
and roomy most v practical
coats In years, for win-1 r QO
ter wear, specials . . . .vv.vd
Special Sale of Winter Underwear
Women's Fine Ribbed Union Suits II oavy weight silk
finished lisle; nil sizes; flesh color, blue and (Jf J"Q
while; worth up to $;, nt, u Kuit vl3w
Women's Fine Ribbed Part Vool Vests and Pants-
Natural aud cream, worth up to $1.00, QA
I n Ion
nt, each
Women's Fine IUMmM Cotton
Vests and rant Fleecy lined
worth 60c, at, per, 9Q,
garment vu
Children's "M" Waist
Suit Fleece lined
50c, will go on sale
at, per ault
Men's, Women's and Children's Fine Knitted Silk Fin
ished Mufflers Full fashioned snap fastener OT-
black, white" and all colors; worth 50c, each. . . & wC
Women's Kid Gloves
Women's Gloves Fino French lambskin, mocha and
cape gloves, ono and two clasps; black, white, gray
and tan; litted to the hand. Main glovo
counter, nt, per pair
Women's English Walking
;ioves One-clasp, out seams,
tan and white worth $1.25
a pair bargain square,
per pair
Women's Kid Gloves Black,
white and tan; all sizes, in
2-clttBp effects; worth up to
$1 bargain square, ft?t
at, per pair Orfv
Special Demonstration All This Week
Never Burn Cooking Plate
Pits on top of nny btove. It bakes, ronsts and
toasts in half the time it takes in the oven. Saves half
the fuel expense. Complete outfit (50c. Come and
Main Floor l'ompeian Itoom Kntrance.
Urandcis Carries Complete Lines of Oneida Community Hilver.
Thursday is Chocolate Day
In Our Candy Department PompeUn Itoom.
Those delicious Italian Chocolate bitter Sweets with soft, rich
creamy pure fruit and nut centers; regularly 40c a
pound Thursday only, per pouud
All Ttils Week Demonstration and Halo of
La Vida Corset
With Miss Virginia W hite In attendance. Como and be prop
erly fitted In the corset that will give the most graceful lines
to your particular figure.
Over-the-Counter Sale
HollJ Oold Tuff Muttons, from 91.60 to S9.C0
Solid Gold Stlek I'iiiH. from... SOo to 97.33
Volld DulJ Hlgnet Kings. . rom 85o to 89.85
hull J Gold Har 1'liiN. from B1.30 to SS.63
8olld Gold Heauty I'lns, each, f roll. ..... boo to 3.0J
Solid (iolil Sri Kings, from $1.10 to f.13.40
Solid Gold llrooches, from , 91.65 to 933.60
Solid Gold Lockets, from Mo to 99.60
Prices marked In pluln '.'iKnres sulc prices inarWtu
In tad.
S. W. LINDSAY, Jeweler
18:6 Dsuglas Stteet
For Weak Arches
and Flat Feet
A uooil nfforlng. Women's shoe
t-leiitll'lcally constructed to Mrength
cn wmk arches and relieve flat foot.
Wonk nrrh and flat foot Is a font
tlm arcii or which Is either In tho
Incipient stage of breaking down, or
already flat from neglect, accident,
excemdve weight, or having been
badly shod during the growth period.
You will have pains In the heel, arch,
too, limbs nnd Inhered walking- Suf
ferers iiro often treated for rheuma
tlmr; tint relief can only tie found
In proper footwear, designed to re
store and support the weakened orcli
until It iigiilii hei'iuues normal. See
a of theo shoes.
Drexel Shoe Co.
1419 Farnam St.
fTut ra
A Quality Whiskey
Kight years In bond 4 years
longer than most so-called "old"
whiskies. Therefore 60 per cent
rr.ellowar. Tha government stamp
Is Uncle Finn's acknowledegment
of superiority. The age la on the
stain p.
Full Ouart Uottle $1.25
Four Full Quarts. . . . .JJ54.40
Kxpress prepaid on 4 quarts or
"If It comes from Hitler's, It
must be good."
Both 'Fhon. , ISO 9 rarntm Bt.
Cwv CflOWjji tZ$&YJ cujj
OMAKA'n rvw.v
rreih rralts and TegetaaUa
1000 socks Potatoes, from Je
rome, juaiio, uy tne sack, per
. 18o
A Simple Remedy for Dandruff,
Falling Hair,' Itching Scalp
Faded and Gray Hair.
The old idea of ulug aage for dark
ening the hair is again coining In
vogue. Our grandmother used to have
dark, gloaky l ulr at the age of seventy
five, while Jur mothers have white hair
befoie thy re fifty. Our grandmothers
utd to muke a "aa It a"' and apply It
to their hair. The tea inaJo their hair
soft and gtoaky, and gradually rektoied
tl-e n-ilurul color.
Una ohje.tiuu to uiltig surh a pr-
ivallon wus tho trvuble of making lu
i.iiw-l!!? a It had to le made every
tto or three uuys, va aiiuuiit of souring
quickly. This objection has boon over-
ome. and by akiug almost any first
liisa driiKglst for Wyetli's 8age an 1
Sulphur llalr Keiuedy the public tan
et a superior prepuratiun of sage, whli
the admixture of sulphur, another val
uable, leinedy for hair end scalp troub
les. lully use of this 'preparation lil
not only quickly restore tho color of the
hulr, but will nUo tnp tho hair from
falling out and make It grow.
tlit a hitti fruni your druggist to
day. I'xe It and see for yourself how
quickly dandruff goes and fciay hail
Tills preperution I offered to tiie
public at firty cents a botl!e, and 1
recommended and acid by all Urustta
Hlierinan t McOom.ell lrub- Co.. for
!l6ih andilHHlgv, Cor. ICtli und llaniey,
for. I4th and leiuaiii, :07- N. ICtli St,
Loyal Hole).
Callf.iPiitM Ktu-UrFl.. '.a
rive t'rlday-and Saturday, per 9So
fresh Ton. aloes, per lb. lOo-SOo
Apples, per box. 191-00, 41.09
and . ;. 98.00
duu iub.' imported figs, special.
per lu
New Chestuuts, per lb.
Nice fresh Honey Cake J,
Hi. .
lUo pretzels, f resti ' ku'd'crlsp,
per id go
1.75 (6-gul.) Oil or Gasoline
Cans, with pump attached, to
close out, each SOo
New Extracted Honey, per pt.
' Jar ,,
layer Raisins, In cartons, fl!o
Johnaou's tSweet Clier, iuj SOo
and BOo
New Mime Meat, bulk 10a per
Jar ISO, BSo auu 9o.
vnron, uranre ana u:uvn I'eel .
Per lh goo fh
telf- Rising Pancak flour or y
Buckwheat Flour B6o K
J'loin I'tiadlr;;. per tin, 9oo. i
COo and so
3 Ch Co csnrwg
May We Show
the very latest in .MUX'S FU1U
NISHiNtis? bur stock la coui
pleteALL WAV aud l'JtlCEll
ItKilJT. Ask to see our Hue of
(all Bilk) Knit Neckwear,
. Stephens' Shops
for Men
1018 Faruaut ht.
1U01 l'aiuam ht.
Kvery fifth hat customer gets
a 1. GO pair of gloves free. '
Ask for S. & H. Stamps. We Redeem
Them With Beautiful Premiums.
Ah Wool
at 30c.
75c and $1,
l M 9 O If
Here are Overcoats Galore for
Big and Little Boys
At this store von are not limited to a few stylos
We try to show everything that i "Wtrth showing and
Worthy of a place In a boy's nardrobe.
The overcoats rnn.e In -onvertlhle collar styles and
Mvles that button up close lo the neck. They're marie
of finest quality chlncajllla rloth, cheviots and velours In
greys, browns, tans and the staple colorings.
We have marked thorn to sell at 12.50, 3.00.'
93.60. 14.00 and and we would like for you to com
jare them with any others you may find elsewhere at
anywhere near the same price.
Thursday Wa Will Have a Special
. Selling of Boys' Suits at $2.96
They are broken lines and odd
lots that have been selling up to
$4.50 the suit. All wool materials
In medium and dark patterns that
will look well afti'r the severest
use. If you appreciate what an
extra , nir of panls with a hoys'
suit means you will be one of the
first here Thursday inornlnir for
many of these suits have an extra
pair of pants to match.
Also soma suits tlint are worth to 93.6a will go at $1.98.
Thursday You Will Buy
a Real $25 Tailored
Suit for $15
Fact of the matter la these are broken lines but
you will find practically all sizes if you come early
in the day.
We would rather reduce the price on broken
lines that reduce the rank of some of our other
suits in order to fill up the gap from our heavy
selling. That's the why of the sale.
They are made of the better class of mixtures,
sctkpb, liard-fi:iiuhed worsteds and cheviots and
there l nearly every fashionable color you would
expect to find in suits of this character for your
.j . Our regular $23.00 values for only, 13.00-lf
kit you tome Thursday.
i $19.50 Coats for $14.75
Kxtra heavy reversible materials that are sty
lish and are sure to keep you comfortably warm'
in the severest winter weather. The shawl collars
are quite handsome and will appeal to all who are
fashionably inclined.
i Wl'k
' mm
of Chief Attractions and Things of Interest
Seen at the Land Short
Booth of the big duett and the loud noise; where
they gave away five acre of orange land to the
lucky guesser on the Jar of nuts. The land ot
flowers, oranges, grape fruit, lemons, figs, dales,
nuts, olives and alfalfa the year round. Address,
North Halt River Valley irrigation 'Co., Phoenix. Ar.
Los Angeles, San Diexo. The Booth where you
saw everything worth while and then some!
Including climate and opportunity. Address
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, 'or ban
Diego Chamber of Cinm.erce. Better still, go
out and see for yourselves.
Taffs Dental Rooms
Where you saw the famous tiacramento Valley
Exhibit. Inquire about the next, excursion to
this beautiful country, Nov. IS.' Trowbridge
& Roister, 404 City National Rank Building.
Omaha, Nebraska.
At the Tulare County Booth you saw the big
peaches, potatoes, corn, pumpkins, prunes, ana
plums. Also the fine oranges, lemons and citrus
fruits. You can farm for pleasure and profit In
Tulare County. Addrnss, Tulare County Board
of Tia, Vlnalla. California.
Patterson in the Famous Han Joaquin Val
; ley. ; Why not go with us and see this Para
dise for Plain People. Payne Investment
Company, Omaha, Nebraska.
Where you saw the riatto stiver Valley Exhibit,
showing wheat, oats, flux and corn raised on sub
Irrigated soil; land that pays for Itsslf In two
year.. We sell this land on terms of one-third t )
one-half cosh, balance 3 to 6 years. Address
Rlatte River Valley Land Co.. Sterling. Colors.! o.
Apples, Apples, Big Red and Yellow Apples, nice
clean potatoes, sugar eet, grains as grown at
Botchkiss, Delta Count?, Colorado. "Yon remem
ber? Remember also lands from a0 per acre
and upward. Address Gould and WUloujrhby,
Uotchklss, Colorado.
Where you saw the Sun Luis Valley Kxhlblt.
showing especially the big train and field peas.
unequuneu for nog leeu; nearu tuuut tne new
sugar factory; and vhore you learned that you
can buv irrigated lands In this rich vallev on
letms of one-tenth. Address C,-A. Robinson, 1st Nat'l Bank. Denver, Colo.
The Rio Clrande Home Co., of Alamosa, Colo., oc
cupied Booth No. 1. I'lils Is where you suw the
fine cabbage, celery and other vegetables; also
Ml varieties of Colorado grasses oats tnnt yieiueu
lil'i bushel per acre. 72 U. hushels of wheat, wonderful alfalfa, choice
potato, etc.. from the Hunny San Luis Valley. Colo. Write them today!
Where you saw especially the fine Apples, Potatoes
and grain raised In Marsh Valley, the "Garden
Hpot of Idaho." Address Dowccy Improvement
Co.. Downey, Idaho.
Where you bought those To Be Cos for a
Vlokel and the Ia Trudas for a Dime. You
Remember! Tracy Bros. Co.. who sell more
cigars in Omaha than any other house. Why?
oualtty. All first class dealers sell our goods.
T racy Bros. Co.. 14 li Doug. StJ , Oma ha. Neb.
8hiiin Lightning- ltods, the boo.h that In
terested many showing the (Trade Mark)
of tho best in Lightning Protection.
Address, W. C. Shinn, Lincoln, Nebraska.
Where you saw tha beautiful alfalfa and
took raising exniuu. tou reinemuer: lATge
of cattle and sleep. If interested
alfalfa raising .vrite to tieneral Passenger
Agent. Chicago na loritiwettru it., 11.,
II As4liit'4i'ri
rJIII Mil IMVIUI II panorama
11111 111 II UUIUI II in
"w" ----- A
Omaha, Nebraska, for pamphlet dealing fully with the supject.
Wnere you saw the attractive cyaloirania of the City
of Balem and tne wiuainett vaiiey created ny lieu.
L bchrelher. The artist is identified with leadini; art
clubs in Chicago aud the He Is also super
visor of drawing in the Salem grado and high schools.
Address Jeo. L. Hchrelber. '09 Ulv. St., Salem. Ore.
"Famously fertile Willamette Valley Booth was tno
blRReat agricultural and horl'cultnral display. Mon
tr r Ira tea fruits, nuts and vegetable. No blliiarus,
storm or drouths. No crop fail) res. Five new iil--rdttds.
Write to Commercial Club tv-erctary at Corval- .
Us, Albany or Salem, oreson.
"lie Mu explain to you hoi to own . & or 10 acre fruit
and garden tract. Albany, Orttfon. one of the best
towns in Oregon, aud in the very heart of the famous
Willamette Valley It. CO !rr the entire tract -tin
easy monthly naynvnta. No taxes, no Interest, good market. Call or
wri'e llecker & Warn. 828 Krandels Theater Building, Omaha ,
Whero you saw tho two-headed calf,
the large -abbuge, the flax grown on
od, and the wheat grown without
irrigation Address Ardmor Commer
Clal Club, trdmore. South Dakota.
South Dakota
m m m m The booth with the six-foot wheat: the 100 bushel oats;
I lAMla. the perfect apples: tho national silver trophie.4 won in
II I tl B 1 competition asawist the fruit and farm seittoua of the
mm esw world The famous Gunnison Valley in tha heart of Utan,
No boom prices yet. Alfalfa's natural home- Spalding, Livingston Inv. Co ,
kit Newhouse Rldg . Salt 1-ak City. l City Nat Bk. Hldg.. Omaha. .t.
You don't have to be rich to start farming.
and sold on crop payments. Kemember the
fine products of this year's crop. Address
C. L. Beutty. pine Bluffs. Wyoming.
"The Wylle Way," where the tickst
wa given away dally, our new
t older will b published Deo. 1. No
rharee. Write for l today
Yellowstone Park
Great Half Price Sale
-v a mm r -m A .
iieuulne Seal Plush Conts- SUin
rer satin lined, $u").00 values
choice $23
Loiik Colour onl Velvt Conts
Splendid hargnlus 8.15
T."t llamlsome Suits Offered for
Tlitit'silay. Take Vour choice
Suits at $10.00
VMAtO Stilt at $12.50
1):J0.1M Suits at $15.00
And many others.
$."r.00 Lung Itussiau Ppuy l ur
C'outs; special Thursday, $9
4tll)0.H) llenvcr Coats 30 inches
long, great snap at SG0
IiiiHliiii Mink Pur Coatn -Handsome
long garments $05
SOO lilies' end MlfiscV 1 lot li
Cont To $15.00 values, in
splendid ascortiu?nt of new fan
cies $7.05
Lntlics' Wool li ctscs Made to
soil to $15.00; Thursday, your
choico S5.05
$18.00 Wiio Wolf Fur Seta On
tpecial sale, choico . .. .-.$10
Children's Winter Coats Worth
to $5.00, Kizes 1 to 14 years; bit;
assortment, choice SSI. 05
indies' Ioi'U' l-'lnmielette KIiikmios,
values up to $2.03; ou sale nt,
choice OSc
Silk I'ndcrxkii ts, worth $3.!0 und
$4.00; on sale at $1.50
Large Scotch Plaid and Heaver
Shawls Values up to ?5.00; on
salo at $7.50
Outing Flannel Night Gowns1; Sleeping Garments
Big Special PurHiase on sale .t
1 ! . . . . . .l'f 1
Kicuu'M jarjraiti i rices c cr oiitTfu. y- 4
Men's and Ladies' Outing Flannel'Or8
uuwiis viiiui's to .f-.iju a gHiineui
sizes 13 to L'0, cut extra long and 1'ull;
in four lots,'$1.45, 98c, 69c and 49c
Dr. Denton's Sleeping Gar
mentsFor boys or girls all
sizes, 1 to 10 years; at. . .49c
Children's Heavy Outing Flan
nel Gowns Sizes 2 to 1G vi s.,
cut long and full; on sale 49(5
Children's Outing Flannel
Combination Skirts, in pink or white,
50c quality; on sale at 19(?
Ladies' Outing Flannel Pyjamas
Very best qualities, all colors; on sale
at 2.50, $1.98, $1.45 aud 98c
Men's Outing Flannel Pyjamas 2.00
to $3.00 values; on sale nt $1.45 and 98c
Men's Blanket Bath Robes All colors, values to1!
$12.00, at $5.98, $198, $3.98 and .$2.45
a m-' m
IT I - 1
H 111
' :I1
If I
irfiBig "'"I Purchase Hosiery
kT4i'.5f fleeced, lisle the very best quality at a (saving of About
flAv J .
'1 k 1 uHio.1 -.- nniallrv I'lahinw. flnlhl Ima. ..1 rin.
ton black or black with white feet, rulr 18 Ho
values, at .'."..35o
Ziadles' Bampls 811k Stock
ings BOc and 75o, all col
ors; on sale, pair, 49o, 850
Men s r0c Cashmere and Silk Hose;
on sale at 2So
Children's Shaw-knit Hoce, alio
wool and fleeTed, 25c a pair values
at 18Hc
tadles Fleece Lined or
Wool Hose, Jersey ribbed
or plain, regular or out
sizes, perfect Jjc and 60u
Chlldroii k Fine Wool and Cashmere
Hose, -ilso pony brand hose at 360
Men' 4haw-knlt Hose All colors,
including wool and rashniere, val
ues up to 3bc: on sale Thursday
. at, pair 12V4o I
Millinery Sale Extraordinary
Nearly 1,000 Trimmed Hats in Splen
did Assortment of Nobby New
Styles to Be Closed at
Greatly Less Than Half Retail Worth
500 Trimmed Hats, worth up to $12.00,
on sale Thursdav, choico,
nt '.$3.50 .and $2.50
300 Trimmed Hat3, values to $6.00
Clcau, new goods, practical new
stylos, at $1.50
100 Trimmed Hats, that sold to $2..'5(),
at, choice 39f
Extra Specials for Thursday -Every
Item a Bargain
Blanket and Comfoitab-o Sale
lliK'i rade plaid HluiiKets, nice
oelioite shades. No. litil co!it-
forta jlo, plaid . $3.91
No. Kil comfortable, plaid SJ.JS
Assorted plaids, No. 1SD. pr. 6J.60
Mo. iihi pairs, plaids. .. .3.98
Tills is the best lino of pluid
blunkets ever shown lor the
lAmobHeag Outing Flannel, a good
heavy weight and ood colors:
at, yard lOo
StJ-lnoIi Percales light and dark
colors; HMu grade, at, yard 84o
i'lannelettes In Persian stripes,
piaids, etc. lit light and dark
colors, viilueu up to JSc; jour
choice 10a
Shirting Cinghau.M, in good lung
lengths, 12VfC goods 80
gilkoline, neat patterns for com
forts; at, a yard lOo
Uood bargains lu Comforts and
Colt u Hals.
Vash Goods Depi.
Bathroho materials all good
colors aud patterns, yd. U8c
Bathrobe Blankets full size, a
good assortmeut of patterns,
each SS2.50
Baby Blankets, each, OSc, TSc
and - 590
36-Inch Tercales, neat patterns,
light and dark color 12
Dress Ginghams, fancy plaids,
stripes and checks, ntl2',ik
27-inch Poplins, In all the new-
eat shades; at, yard. . . .25
Plain aud fancy cilk ini::ed
goods; at, a yard 25f
Hayden's Make it Possible for the People of Omaha to Eat Fresh
Vegetables the Year Round.
10 bars Heat 'Lin All Hocp.
Head and compare these prices:
heads Fresh Leaf Lettuce Tie
4 largo bunches fancy Texas iiad
Islies lic
3 large bum lies fancy iShulots ...lUo
"S large . bum lies, fancy Texas Cur
rots 1U'3
3 large punches fancy Texas tieetA
for ..10o
5 large bunches fancy Texas Turnip.-,
for .. I
1 .arse head Iettuc-H rui:h 10c
1-arne Cucumbers, eacl i'-iu
limy California Cauliflower, lb. 7lao
Kaiuy Wan or tiree-i Heaim, lh. ..7V-c
lancy California llipe Tomatoes, per
lb 7Mic
Fancy Cuimage, lb i'-jc
haiuy Hubbard S.juash. lh 1 ',c
Fancy lirussell Hprouts, lb l.",u
Fam y Cape t'od Cronlierrles, nt., ltlo
2 ttunches Fresli l'ursley ;,o
Jersey Sweet I'otatoes, lb.
Did lieeis. Carrots, l'ursnlps or Tur
nips, lit 2 'j'-
15 lbs. tirmi.ilated Sugar, 1 oD
H-II sat k Hei-l llixh drade li.anioiid
H Fun ily liour. mdliing like it for
the money, per $1.J5
Gallon Cans Guidon Table Syrup, a So
3 pkgs. Diamond H Self llising Pun
rake Flour :;o
Tiie Hest Soda or Oyster Cratlicrs,
per lb ii
The Uest Crisp I'relzel.i, per lh..i:
9 lbs. Kest Kul'.ed Breakfast Oatmeal
for i:u
9 lbs. White or Yellow Cornmeal . . 1 .'.o
6 lbs. Good .lapuu Ith'e J.'.c
3-lh. Cans Funikin, Hominy, iiuli
or Jiaked beans b'rj'j
Hromangelon, Jellycoii or Jcllo, pcr
Iackiige 7 So
fliapa Nuts, per kg 10o
Corn Flakes. Uruiikfait Food, per
pkg i fee
Oil or Mustard Sardines, can o
Golden Sunlus Coffee, per lb....s:io
The Dent Tea 8iftlns. per lh,.12u
Batter, autterlue and Chtese vale.
I lbs. Go id Hntterine
Good Table lliitteniie. per lb 15'j
'1 lbs. Fam y Table lluiti-rine . . . . lio
Tho t'ej.t Creamery Luttcr, bulk or
i ai'ton, per lb 340
Fi.ll Cram Wisconsin Cbceae, !' . IGu
Try HAYDEN'S First