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For the First Time in His Life Mutt Does' Jeff a Favor
By Bud Fisher
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Out - nx wftiTOvjrMSR
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vIito- siiff KBf- ill: Hou: y life
.1 ' I .
.National comTiilMinn h
loiitponel action on thH Now
York ticket sca'plnij cea until
lecembr 1. It 1 to be hoped
that Is not the firat step in a
lvlan to evail action, for the gnin, to
kay nothinit of John T. Bruah cannot
afford that. Thus far Bun Johnaon does
not appear to any great advantage (n
this controversy He made a very atrofiK
declaration about the evidence he had Brush, -but disappointed a good
many people by not disclosing it right
off the bat at the first opportunity. And
vet, Mr. Brush must not plume himself
too gaily with tho thought that "it Is
up to Johnson." for as tho Pporting
News says, 1 it was not Johnson who
originally preferred these serious charges
against Brush. It was the friendly base
ball writer of New York, who have, to
use the Sporting News' words, "turned
thousands of dollars Into tho gates of
the- Polo grounds."
These men In the press box, who have
overlooked hortfomlnfs. forgiven faults
and shielded turtli.-a that were not ap
proved In their hearts-elways with the
larger view that It wm for the good of
the grand old game could not smother
their Indignation at the wrongs they
felt were being perpetrated upon the
patronage that makes bane ball an insti
tution in New York and they made the
charges. They made them first; they
made them strong, ana tney maae mem
because In their Judgment they were
warranted. How is John T. Brush then
going to "put it up" to them 7
Charges made by friends are not so
easily waived aside. They bear consid
erably weight before a court or Jury. No.
we rther think, that despite Ban John
son's guato, that this is "up to" Mr.
Brush more than Mr. Johnson. Mr.
Brush stands accused by his friends of
a most serious offense. It Is for Mr.
Brush to disprove the charges before he
call on Johnson to prove them. In Ihe
meantime. It would have been as well,
perhaps, for the American league presi
dent to kept bis hands off this case
until the proper time came for doing
something, fop it is action, not talk,
that Is needed to clear the situation.
Two Big Battles Will Be Fought Tc
day at Benson Park.
Shooting Good on the Platte
Cornhuikcr Are to Meet the Jay-
hawkers in a Week.
Several Important tinuito Scheduled
tn Me flayed hy Well Kuan
iBB-TPirationa In Varlona
Tarts of the t lt.
Orvie Overall, the big Cub pitcher, who
"laid off" last year to run a California
sold mine, appears to be the center of a
very interesting situation. First, he savs
lie will never play outside of California
again. The Cubs still own him. He s
Ineligible because falling to report last
year. San Francisco In the Pacific Coast
league wants him and he wants to go
ttiere. Murphy cannot sell or give him
away under present clroumstances. Orvle
must arply for reinstatement to the Na
tional commission. If ha gets it. he must
report to the Cub boss for duty. Then,
If Murphy saw fit to let him go to 'Frisco,
he would have to call for waivers and
there Is the snag. Two National league
teams. It Is understood, will not waive.
Now, then, another outlaw league is
threatened on the coast. . Cal Ewlng,
owner of San Francisco, and President
Baum of the Pacific league, say Overall
has been offered S5 000 to pitch two days
a week for the Htocklon club in the Out
laws. Orvle prefers going to 'Frisco, but
if prevented by the National league or
Murphy, will Join the Outlaw. Kwlng
and Baum argue, therefore, that organ
ised base ball will be the gainer by
awarding Overall to 'Frisco, for without
him the Outlaws will have the backbone
broken. Whether that Is so or not. why
should the National league or Chicago
lmilst on holding to Overall when it was
certain he would never be of service to
a major league team for the simple rea
son that he refusedto play there? He
was not of much service the last year he
pitched for the Cuba and It would be pass
ing strange If they made a right to hold
him. As to the California outlaw revival,
It Is Intereetlng to know that the talking
emanates from a jrour.g man who has re
cently fallen heir to his father's fortune.
We do not know of an easier way to dissi
pate father's eatato.
At lienaon I'&gle purfc the fiiRt
ball game today will be between
Excelsior herd and the Defenders,
the second fuss will be hetween
Shamrocks of Routli Oroha, and, the
town t?am from Vallny, Neb. These
latter two teams will bump ooch other
with a remarkabio record as neither team
has lo.t a game this season. The 8hum
rocks were scored on once by a drop
kick, but the Valleyltes have a spotless
record, 1
There Is not murh. difference In weight,
the Shamrocks averaging 163 3-11, and the
Valley boys tip the beam at 13 3-11.
Harry Callahan, on of tho best line
men lit this state, will piny u tackle
for the Shamrock.
First RHtne called ut 2 o'clock sharp.
Second game at 8 o'clock. Folio Whig Is
the lineup of the ceoond game:
Phillip ..
Callahan ..
KminHiy .
O'OuSsor ,
Coaiy ....
Kaaan ....
yuily ...
.R 0.1 L.O
.L.O.I R.O
i B
....K.H B.
Substitutes, Valley:
more; shamrocks,
Thomas, 1'axton.
Following is the lineup of first game:
.W. Ilaocar
... Carl Hall
Cbaitar Hull
. ..L. Hangev
ClaybauKh. Whit
K. Fitzgerald,
UH B .
at t
M. Shulakr.
A. SkuUliT...
Faran ........
Brow u
Oulnana ....
Q B.
.. Lanvon
.... Umi
, Morrlaay
... Millar
.. S'.oslct
... RallalB
, (Yarmany
.' Kllchay
... C'tlrtla
,, gawtcia
Jimmy Austin closed the American
league season with a batting average of
.an. which Is a plenty for a man of Jim s
speed, but It is not as high as he Is to
go. Every year for a number to come that
he bat left-banded, he Is bound to Im
The National commission takes enough
stock In the New York ticket scalping
tory to determine that herafter world
aeries ticket will be handled only by the
commission. It is a. good determine.
At Florence (iridlrou.
On the Florence gridiron this U O. P.,
or, rather, the Laughing Office People of
Council Bluffs will lock horns with the
Monmouth Purks. On account of injuries
received in lant Sunday's argument. Frank
Golden will not bo able to play. Wright,
the Parks' "tar quarter, may a I ho sit on
the shelf. The game will be the second
mix of a double header, the first duel to
be between the ftwlfts of Porkville and
the Monmouth Park Keticrves. Both
games will undoubtedly bo. classy affairs,
as the contesting teams are about evenly
The South Omaha Ramblers will go to
Council Bluffs, where they will battle
with the Dodge Light Guards. The Sol
diers are strongly figuring on walking
away with the gravy, but expect a tough
argument. The south-town warriors will
be outbeefed, but as they are game to
the core, a little extra avoirdupois don't
worry them.
At Fort Omaha the Athletlos and Sher
man Avenue Merchants will tie up at I
this afternoon. Thes two teams average
about 11 years old, and weigh In at about
US pounds. It will be a good game, as
they are evenly matched. Unless the sol
diers find some team to play them today
they will rest up. If they can secure a
game they will play the Initial argument
at 2 o'clock.
Seen from liar side l.luea. '
Friday the, liuikv Wiwhli,. ..
tlon wlil play the Valley team at Valley,
At rlaht mid Kdward Mlarv rvrv,,n..,.
Is playing a grand aaina for thn Kiimn.
Tt.ailkarl vlna dav thn Monmonih Kirk
foot bail army will meander down to
Valley, Neb.
Last Sunday the Relmonta surprlsod the
Shamrocks when they held the fast Irish
lads to two touchdowns.
Four of the old Waterloo stars are
hitched to that Valley, Neb., team. They
are a hard quartet to beat.
By next Sunday Ieo McCreary will be
bark In the ring. He Is one of the main
etaa of the Monmouth Paiks.
' Frank Quiglty has been playing the
leather egg game for thirteen years and
baa never been seriously Injured.
The Dodie Light Guards are not very
light, but still they don t happen to be
as heavy as the Kurt Omaha troupe.
Foot ball players will have to travel
long way before they get a better me I
than they serve at Valley. The "All Stars"
M here V. O. Mlrkm Mast Make lm
prnt rment If Kanaaa a ail Mleh
taart Are I)r?Meal ar Held '
I. err Score.
A two days' shoot on l'latto river, three mllea west of Melhla, at Fred Maetera'
hunting lodge. Fred Masters and W. A. Wunratii of Omaha shot ninety-nine blids
la two days. They were mostly mallards and wldguotis.
We think Pa Rourke Is wise In adopting
the plan of training abroad. It should
produce better results than working at
home, where the boys can see them too
Thls'tslk of an outlaw league on the
Pacific coast menacing the majors sounds
fishy to us. There are three ball players
now for every Job.
Perhaps If pes Uolnes should not get
ready to place by spring Colorado Spring -might
take up the franchise, making
three Colorado cities in the league.
If the publlo aever know before how
great an umpire BIH Brennan was. It
knows it now, since Bill 1 on the etagy
tj te!l 'em, himself..
Another think you have lo -v for j
id Cy Youni he never went on th j
Liiivercliy of UiLtilguu.
visited said town election day and
heartily agree that they had the bent
food foundry In the country.
For mixes with the fast Bel.ont com
bination address George Hagemaitr lull
North Seventeenth; telephone, Webster
The Monmouth Parka have an open
date. For Hunday. November a. To ar
range this date call Lou Levlne, Douglas
270. '
t'ailyle., the main squeeie of the Dodge
Light Guards, Is highly elated ever tna
giand showing made to date by his husky
Manager Byely would like to arrange
a game with some fast horde for Thanks
giving day. Call Bed 5."4 and ask for
Bill JJyerly.
Although tho "All Slar" got trimmed
at Valley, they put up a plucky fight and
would have farsd much better with a lit
tle signal practice.
Had hen of the Huperlors Is a valuable
asm-t to their back field. Hn Is a dooti
giving interference, can carry the pigskin
and li a sure tackier.
Today the Hhamrocka iroliHbly will
have their hs'irilict Insula of the season
when thev meet the fast Valley team at
the Uci.noii r.agle park.
At fnlloitek fu- the Excelsiors Sandan
Is a v.lxuid. lie tips tilt; beam at lit and
when lie gets Ills peiia lo working he Is
a tuuglk gaza boo to stop.
The Valley, Nel., rouad, accompanied
by aOotit A) rooiers wnl arrive over the
I nlon lv.cifin tula morning about 10:10.
They depart tonight at 6 30.
Thoae Elmwood Parka are rather averse
to leaving their own gridiron, but they
can't expect every team to go out In the
Jungle where their field la located.
Slssv Ooldon waa the particular star
for tne "All Htars ' at Valley, Neb. He
performed at center and always was on
the Job, with lota of vim and pep.
Thoae Joe Hmlthe that rest on the other
side of the rnurtoy w.juld like very much
to have the Woodbine family come to
Council Bluira and battle wtlh their team.
A couple of al-iir teams Lc
muutered togethe- ' ' '.- rna.
Frank Uuigley will pick one aggregation
and liany a. ...... .. ... , - yi.iur
F'lixgerald, Tuttle, Coady and O'Connor
are four old timers hitched to the hham
rocka that have atood all the hard knocks
of foot ball and are still there with tne
goods- I
It is an evident fact that Wright of the
Monmouth Parks wis wrong when he
said the Superiors did rot score two
points during th Monmouth Park-Bu
perlor Jangle.
No, the Spalding haven't tumbled oft
the brMiic ytt, but they are about to com
mit euictde or something else If a few
ocd foot ball players don t come to
their assistance.
Three of the -.nnmouih Parks were
d.ti hed Into the crippled column last Sun
day ty the Ei"M c 1
Johnson were th boys that rode home In
the soft cushion wagon.
For the second time this treason the
Mm mouth I'art r.a mid tun airn.
Athletic organisation played a tie game.
As a rule the third offense Is the charm.
o they ought to lock horns once again
; tills season.
For gsmes tth the rihsmrocks, al
jdreaa Frank (J'lUley, 3111 Maple street.
' telephones lir ugrUs 4"34 Jid VS'ehster 2uh",
joi- Captain Hurry t, North
- . r
Twenty-fourth street, South Omaha; tel.
ephone, South ,
They have u good team at Valley and
they might posnlhly be able to whip any
Omaha combination that could be mus
tered but nevertheless If you do drop a
game to tne beloreinentionea town you
receive excellent treatment.
Two Omaha Youths
Stars on Eastern
Foot Ball Teams
Georgetown's splendid showing agalns
the Army team at West Point last Sat
urday was the hlahent tribute that could
he paid to Omaha's gi eat coach. Fred
K. Nellsen. Georgetown foot ball teams, In
the pant, have been rather Infer lor to the
other branches of athletics In the senjol
on the Potomac. Coaches from the most
famous eastern foot ball mat-nlnee tvive
from time to time been enllated to put
the Southern eleven up to p.ti'. All of
them failed until Neilsxn, a una Umi
Nebraska star, was i.ngas'ed for the WUi
team. The result was a suioeasful year
With a victory over Virginia, the first
In many seasons.
Of the Army game the Washington
Post says:
"Georgetown must be conceded the
honors, because It outplayed its op
ponents at every angle of the game.
Army's shifting offense, the strongest at
tack of Its Calendar of plays, and one
which wrought havoc with the Yale line,
did not buffi Georgetown, and George
town's attack showed to a much better
advantage than did the opponents',
"After the game Coach Beeeher of the
Army lauded Georgetown, saying that
the team was the best that had been
on the Army field this year. He said
that there had been Just two real foot
ball teems at West Point this year. Yale
and Georgetown, and if given his choice
he would take Georgetown.",
Tom Lanphler, a former Crelghton
player, now at West Point, plays substi
tute right end for the Army and started
the game. Hi was taken out and the
regular Gillespie put In his place as soon
as Georgetown started to march toward
the goal line.
Ilia LoatT Wall.
The man who had bawn waiting for a
h..ce . me i-Miu i. n lie began to show
a. ana of nervousnoas.
"Aren't you a'uiont th-ough thera?" he
dwn.anded of the stranger with the re
ceiver. "You don't seem to be doing any
"No, I ain't through." snapped the other
man. "An' the reon I ain't talking Is
'! use I'm waiting. I Juat called up a
number I warned an' tn' girl said th'
I hone had been taken out an I'm wailln'
for 'em to bring It back." 4 'leveland
Ptalu 1'ealer
LINCOLN, Neb., Nov.
ro garnet; of great Importance remain
o 1m pluved In the Miasiiurl valley this
all. Nebraska will be a contestant In
.tcli of those. The first, which conies
week from today at l.awrence, Kan.,
.there the Cornliukers go against the.r
ancient und honorable rivals, the t'nl-
ernlty of Kansas Jnyhnwkers, probably
vlll decide ths chaniilonnlilT of tho local
conference. The second Is the big west
ern battle betwetn the Pnlverslty of
Michigan and the local eleven.
No content of recent years In the west
2nd no game at any time In this portion
if tho west fins ever attracted ho much
Intel ext as the coming Michigan-No-
brnsUa buttle, It will be the greatrst
(tame ever played here and will be at
Icmltiil hy UiouHamlH. lis bearing on the
ihum lon.-mtp of the middle west Is such
that should Michigan -he held to a low
score; hy the ('ornluwkers, Minnesota
n ill have a cli-ur claim to--the title in
this frctlon, for Minnesota so far tias
inudn a brilliant showing. There Is to
be no meeting between Michigan and
Minnesota this fall, the battle through
which the cliuniplonshlp waa decided
dining the last two years. The uopners
defeated Nebraska four weeks ago, 21
to 3. It. Is now up to the Ann Arbor
players to better thin showing. Local
supporters of tho Cornhuskers do not
hellevo tho 'Wolverines are strong enoimh
heat the Cornhuskera by twenty-oii
points. Those who have reen the Com- j
hUHkers in action in an men- game sir
of the same opinion. '
Kansas (Varna laiportaut.
Th game with Kansas next PaUwld.v
should result In the elimination of oie
of the two teams from the conference
struggle. Vntil the clash with Amis
last Saturday, the Garnuuekers were
rated as the gura thing for the title.
Now there is doubt whether they can
conquer the Jayhawkers. This meeting
Is the Yale-Harvard battle of the Mis
souri Valley conferenoe. Neither eleven
has yet been defeated by a conference
school and will go Into the battle with
high ratings. Should Kansas win It will
have a clear title, provided It also de
feats the Missouri Tgera the Saturday
following. Nebraska can secure a clear
title through the defeat of Kanaaa and
by the Drake victory over Ames In the
final game of the season, Amea Is bow
an undefeated claimant for the chief
honors. Its showing against the Corn
huskers waa brilliant and the tie reault
gives It a chanoa to make a counter
claim to that of the Conthuskent.
Cornhusksr rooterg look fcr a victory
over Kanaaa and expect a low score for
Michigan In th last game of the fall.
But neither of these expectations can
be realised unleea Cornhusker play Im
proves wonderfully during the nest two
Nebraska has made a flszle of the for
ward pass this fall, and Its kicking de
partment Is on of the worat In the
valley. Then, too, the playera have han
died the' ball in miserable fashion, the
fumbling In both the Minnesota and
Ames games being responsible for the
bsd showing. Ames would have been
defeated by several point had the Ne
braska men held the ball. Minnesota
would have gained a smaller score If the
oval had been kept by the Cornhutkera
whan received on punts and passes from
What Kales Have Done.
No team should expect to play con
sistent ball under the reformed rules
without an accurate field goal kicker, a
long-distance -punter and variety of for
ward case formations which can be
used with an accurate, quick passer and
a sure recelvor. Nebraska has nono of
thee essentials, and, for that reason,, Is
a weak foot ball eleven In opposing
strong defensive eleven.
In the battles with th Kansas Aggies,
the , Kearney Normals and Missouri the
Conihusksr ran up large score because
the fleet back Held wm able to get by
the wings. There was not a good end
on any of these elevens. In th Minne
sota and Ames struggles the ends war
strong, and th plays built around th
fast Cornhusker backs failed. They will
(all against Kansas and Michigan, too,
and Coach 8tlehm should take this fact
Into account right now In preparing for
tho final battle of the fall. .
If Nebraska I to win from Kansas
It must develop It forward pass play
and create deception formations. The
men must be drilled for hour In throw
ing th ball on th pass and In receiv
ing It. A drop or place kicker must be
trained. (How cany a victory would the
Ame gam have been had Nebraska had
an accurate goal kicked!) Th Ames
Aggies wer practically helples on th
offense. But they were strong on the
deterua and kept Nebraska from scoring
They had th kicker, though, and were
able to get a tie through two goal from
placement. Two kloks gave a weaker
f.r, '-wu
.... v Vf f .
; " i . I .
.;. ' 'j . I
'v. ' :." v':'-'V
... ? !, ., ' , ... .: .-
- - . ' . . . .,
i . , ' ; ; ; ' ' ; ' . ;
' . ' '-' ' .' v.. 1 ' , '.-
, r 1 . -' f ' ' I'
' .'.".- :.
f ,'.-!
jr. "
on the Wolverines and toward hoMtnffl
down th slse of the Wolverine reglstra- ,
tlon. It is out of the question to di j
anything wltb the Ann Arbor eleven'")
line. The end will meet any attempt i
of lh Cornhusker to skirt th wings. It ,
would not be surprising to see th Wo! !
verlne forwards and the ends drive Into
the Nebraska Interference and smash, i
plays which are Juet barely started. Then
there must be strong defensive formation! j
on the Nebraska ski In ordsr to stop
tho Mlchlgsn forward passes. Fielding
Yost Is a wonderful coach and know the I
value of the pose. He will be prepared,
with a deceptive assortment of the for
ward flings.
lterferanc Still Wrak.
Nebraska's Interference Is still a wealc j
part of the machine. It was stow In
forming In the Ame game and did not
protect the runner much. Th individual
Interference Is better than the team pro
tection. There Will have to he a decide
Improvement In this tine before th Kan
en and Michigan games. Mayhap the
Comhuskerw will com through these fins!
days of the sen son and round Into shape
with all defects remedied, and play the
ball of which they are capable. Unlas
they do their defeat-and by a larg
score Is a certainty In the Michigan,
game. Kansas aleo will- find them muck
easier than has been expected if condi
tions do not change. If there la fumbling
and poor handling of the ball on punt
and forward passe In the Kansas tat
lie, tho Comh linker will b lucky to get;
awny with a tie oor.
lluiillcr of th Irish-ApiTlcan AthlotlO
club of New York.
eleven a chance to dlopute Nebraeka'
claim to the championship.
Kansas Has Great Kicker.
Kansas, In Dslaney, lias a long-distance
punter and a good field goal kicker, who
won the Washburn gam with three suc
cessful boots front field. He Is apt to
repeat this performance tn th Nebraska
gam. HI long punt wlil punle th
Corn h ua ker, too, and may be disastrous
If the Cornhuskers do not Improve In
their handling of th ball. Coaoh Rtlehm
ha been drilling' hi men tn rerelving
punts, but their work must Improve
rapidly during th next few day If they
ar to do well with Delaney's kicks.
Because of Nebraska' weakness In
the us of th forward pas and it poor
handling of th ball, th Kansas gam
will be a close struggle, uraiess. of course,
these defects are removed before next
Certainly, they will have to be taken
away before th Michigan engagement,
or th Cornhuvker will bow In deeper
defeat than they did when at Minnesota.
Several successful forward pass forma
tion will do a great deal toward scoring
Harvard Base Ball
Squad Practicing j
For Next Season
BOSTON, Mas., Nov. U.-Belng a.
strong advocate of fall work. Coach Hex
ton ha been having a larg bnsa ball
squad out practicing at ' Harvard. ' In
i xplte of unfavorable weather some en-
couraglnir work lis been don.
From present Indications next year's
team will be one of heavy hitter, and '
1 Coach ("exton Is therefor very happy -
Coach Bexton ha been devoting a great ,
' deal of attention to the material for tha
: box position, but the weather has been,
I iAi nnl,1 tl.ut H a nllhjkP, h if tldA 11tH
chance to ahow their real ability. The;
pitching staff at present consist of!
Baheon, Ilerqulet, Bird, Buffum, Ernst
and Hardy. All of then men have beea
working hard, and at present Babsacv
Ernst and Hardy seem to be th mosl
promising. Olbt,on, who played third i
both of tho Yale game last year, hag
been moved to second and will be give
a try out in the position in th tring.
while Captain Potter will undoubtedly b
given a chance to show what he can d
In the initial sack position.
Wlngate, captain of th frenhman team
last spring, looks to be able to secure a
plaoa sUewher en th team If h do
not make good at third. Desa, at short
seem to b assured of a position a
th team In th spring, as hi playln
laat year In tho big gam waa of lilga.
calibre, and b ha been Showing ua
specially well this fall. Reevea ha
been doing th catching for th firs
squad during fall practice and will prob
ably hold that position In th prtrur.
In th outfield th following have bsesj
showing up well: Bsrtson, Haas, Bolton,
Hogg, Gannett and RandalL None at
these, with th xoeptlon of Bab eon, had
played on tha vanity team.
mar tea 1st to Fits
by fear of appendicitis, take Dr. King
New 'Life Pill, and away go bowel
trouble. Guaranteed, file For sale by
Beaton Drug Co.
lli I I
.Mum in ii I
s r
I! -1
La n
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There la go tnocb rubbish weak spirits and adulterated
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to prove a really good straight whiskey, w find it necessary
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we will include one test bottle free. Test the free
bottle and if not absolutely satisfactory and the beat
whiskey yoa ever tasted at any price ust return to
us the 4 bottle and keep the free bottle and we
will refund your $3. IS without question or argument.
Brookland Club Whiskey le straight whlakey no
bland no mix no Imitation pure, with sireugla and
excellent for medicinal purpose!.
Four Quarts of Brookland t'lub Whiskey with the
tame amount of water added will make eight quarts of
belter whiskey than these cheap mail order gooda try ll.
We will cheerfully return your money If you east us to.
We would gladly send out free samples to tt but so many
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