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Ctccl Magnate Announce Transfer
of $25.OC0,00O ts Corporation.
rhllanthropUt Makes l.arrt filft
of Career fee Pnrpeae of Ad
vnnrrmrnt a ml niffaalon
of Koolr1r.
NEW TOIIK. Nov. 11 -Andrew Car
hrgl lart nleht annoimrrd that h hsd
riven frj.W.VO to th Carnr-ulfl Corpora- !
lion of New York, organised here today
under a charter grent"d by tho New
York Jeslatur Inst June "to promote
th advnncemrnt and diffusion of knowl
edge and undorManfllna- amung tlx peo-
pia o me 1 nueu male?
Id litnwintf (Ma u ( f t llHAfl lh CUT
poratlon, organized especially to receive
tt and apply It" Income to the purpose
Indicated, Mr. CarneRl in a statement
iJven out at his home on Fifth uteiiua'
tonight tald lie Intends to leave with
the corporate body the work of found
ing and aiding lihrarloa and educational
'Institutions which ha h in Individual
ha carried on for many years. I'ha
statement la a follows:
"The Carnegie Corporation of NW
York. Incorporated by on art paed by
tha New York legislature Juna , l'.'U,
wus organised November 10, . 1311.
'n-poae-a af Corporation.
"The purposes of the corporation, at
atated In tha charter, are at follows:
"Hactlon 1 Andrew Car mule, Ellhu
Hoot. Henry B. I'rllc.hett. William N.
'Frew, Itobert 8. Woodwatd, (.'harloa I..
Taylor, Ilobert A. Frank. James Ber
tram and their successor ara hereby
conatituted a body corporate by the name
of the Carnegie Corporation of New
York, for the purpoee of receiving and
. maintaining a fund, or funds, and ap
plying the Income thereof to promote tlie
advancement and diffusion of knowledge
and undemanding among the people of
the United States by aiding tcchnlml
schools. Institutions of higher learning,
- libraries, scientific renearrh. hero funds,
' ueful publications and by ruch other
agencies and means as shall from time
.' lo time be found appropriate therefor."
, ' Tha Incorporators met at Mr. Carnegie"!
' housa Friday afternoon. November 10,
' 1911, accepted the ciurtir, adopted the
constitution and bylaws and elected the
following officers:
. President. Andrew Carnegie; vice
president, KIShU Uoot; treasurer, Robert
-A. Franks; secretary, James Bertram.
' Mr. Carnegie transferred to tha cor
poration, for Its corporate purpose. t'5.
? 000,OUO, par value. llrst mortgage gold
; bonds of tha United Statea Hteel corpoia
tlon. It Is Intended thdt tha business of
jj founding and aiding libraries and educa
tional Institutions, which has been cor
fried on by Mr. Carnegie, as an Individual
for many years, will be turned over to
tha corporation at an early, data
carried on by the corporation.
V Cilft Iteacb Una Total.
' Mr. Carnegie donation of ia.toa.W9 to
t the Carnegie corporation Increasea the
'total of his gifts for various philanthropic,
. tiurposcs, to tha best estimates,
to far beyond thu 200,Ouo,000 mark,
r ... .. . .. .....ii..
J US not ary gin a:on wiaae prwcmwu
M gliule of rttoxumenla around the
world to"e man who soma sixty year
ano began his Industrial career as bobbin I
, boy In a cotton factory.
Tha approximately Uteia of - Mr. car
rtiegle's donations are:
Hero funds (United States, Germany,
Norway), s,iOu.'AA.
'teaching fund. I'JO.000,000.
CnrniKias Institute at Washington,
oii.ees In United State and Canada.
Toilers In Kngland, r.WttOOO.-
Trust for KcoitiMi universities, i.0,0O0,CO0.
Ijiuiilrrline triiBt. T.,oiw.ik).
criii(iie mswmtle al I'Utsburah, fc3,
Xellef ftind for steel workers, fl.WVnw.
Hurenu of American republics. il.fcrt.OiO.
. 1'eace temple at Hie Hague, lu,tM),UO0.
! I.lbiari.s JLA),(m).0Oii.
International peace endowment, 110,
Coo.ftiO. Corporation of Carnegie corporation.
Total, 213.tOO,0O0.
Tnkey to sucess In business Is the
Judicious and persistent us cf newspaper
Meter an of YSwee R
0 TZ
HII, H ,
j a, i.j . . nlv vlgoroui old ago U due to lta ua. Kor building up
the sjHltm. iuipurili.s torn, and vitality to nil i4rts of tue body and tbu Jnaurlng longevity. It U unequaled
mid bring gp.endld lebult. If people kuew more abo ut Duffy' I'ure Malt Wblshey we would have lew drunk
tones au J wore ago! people." James A. lUpp, 441 S. Raymond St., Marinette, Wl. .
U o bso!utely pure dUtlHatlon of rlean selected Brain, carefully iuUed. When taken at mealtime It tlmu.
.h. mUonn surfaces and little alanda of the atoinacb to a healthy action, thereby Improvlug the digestion,
... ...imii.ii... r h. tnA and
Uie dlgtU ptocete la of great
neci-Bsary to their susteuanre. and Indirectly to tne wooie systeiu ireubiu.
Daffy's litre Malt M'bUhry is the only whiskey that was Used by
the Oovnniueot a a jtuMVlclne during the Bpaulnh.AmerU.-s ar.
T'.w senuln. Is sold IN HKAI.iCU u.vJlKiil bovkltt seM flee
President Visits
Scene of Famous
Civil War Battle
After a day spent In traveling through
Tennessee prteldcnt Taft late this after
noon was driven for thirty-five mile over
the battlefield of Chlcknmriuga, where
hltitorlan concede one of the bloodiest
conflicts of the civil war was fought. For
moro than two hour the pre dent
motored over the hills and the valleys
whore Generul Ilrngg. at the head of
the confederate army and (lineral Hon
crnna. on the union side, fought forty
eight year ago with a total tors of more
then &5,0oo.
With the prns'dent rode former Con
gressman rirosvenur of Ohio, who was
lieutenant colonel of the Eighteenth Ohio
In the battle, and who I now a member
of the. Chl kamauga Natlonnl Pork com-
rn!fslon, and former United 8,"l, Sen
ator Frailer of Tennessee. '
The preKlOont was whirled by scores
of monuments and paused more than once
to read Inscriptions on the shafts.
On the summit of Jelly' hill, on of
li hotly contested apol on the battle
field, Mr. (Itosvenor explained the way in
which his regiment and those with him
defended that point years ago.
Ever since that bottle." said Mr.
drosvrnor.' "wo've been trying l con
vince the 'rebels that we won."
'Yoj had a pretty hot tlm of It, didn't
ou?" asked the president.
Henry Eames Talks
On Growth of Opera
The opera. Its growth from satiy form
and how best to Judge excellence of the
works of modern writers, all were AM-
cuxsed yesterday afternoon In a mu
sically Illustrated lectur by Henry P.
Kamea at the Omaha Schsol of Mudto.
The lecture waa the third of a aorles
Mr. Fames la giving on "Tha Apprecia
tion of Music."
A large gathering listened a . Mr.
Fame at the piano showed how tome
music, generally regarded ai ultra mod
ern, haa a most ancient origin. II traced
the various forma of musical spreasion
from period to period, taking a wld
range of esample from th Italian.
French and Uerman, and In the last
analysis finding there something th an
cients had kr.own.
The folk songs of each people wer
mentioned with their Important bearing
upon present-day music.
raying tribute to Italian opera as th
form most generally recognised, most
aotiularly enjoyed and prestuited In th
theaters of th world, th speaker ad
mitted hi personal fondness for th Qr
man. declaring tha renllsm of Wagner
and Tils grasp of th elemental of lit
had an appealing power that to a stu
dent of music for music's aak. sounded
the command of a master.
He cloied by playing "Wotan'a Far
well" from Wagner's "Valkyr."
Methods employed a the mechanism
of musical writer were Illustrated by
song. Mlsa Zo Frlea gav an arU
from 'Thais." . Mr. Horton gang one
from I.ully, whtl Mis Arndt oho
song from "Mlgnon."
. Mr. Kaine will talk on "Th Sonata
and Byrnphony'' next frlday afumoon,
Iowa Philanthropist
Wins Suit from Wife
FORT DOIXIK, la, Nov. JJ. (Special
Telegram.) Mr. Nnt. Coffin waa re
fused separata maintenance, and her bun
bund, tho Si years' old philanthropist,
I S. Coffin, wa granted a divorce In the
decision filed today by Judge C. K.
Albrook, who heard th sensational trial
a taw weeks ago. Judge Albrook de
mands that Coffin pay her fXO back
alimony, but require her to pay much
of th oosla.
Mrs. Coffin' demeanor during th trial
Impressed th Judg unfavorable. It aald.
fin seemed exultant and contemptuous
and not Ilk a woman suffering from dis
grace or weakness. "She married him
for 1,1s money ." th ruling '.
Thouirh near
Rapp, who
feels fine, ridea
He attributes
eran of three
"I have used
and find it to be
divine to tha ivtinii its full proiiortlon of BourUbtnent. The action upoa
Importance, a U bring to all the tissue
UOTTLI'-t DNH-never In bulk frl.- 11
ou l-4uvU TbO Uufty Slall V lilskey Co.,
Coroner' Jury Accuse! Woman of
Shooting Hniband.
John M. Miller Told by AVldovr tba
llarclars Had Killed Her Hnsbaad
Denies Leaving; Illy F'
lonlsg Killing.
CHICAGO. Nov. 11. (Bpeclel Telegram )
Mrs. Jan Qulnn, whom the police are
holding fallowing the murder of her
husband recently and suspicion deaths
otf two previous husbands', has a dsurrli-
er, Mrs. Charles Kaenbuber, In Omaha.
The police iihv leirned that several al
leged robberies occurred at the Qulnn
home- whlln Qulnn was away, ar.d sus
pect Mrs. Qulnn of planning them. The
police say that after ach robbery Mrs.
Qulnn went to Omaha to visit her daugh
ter. : .
CHICAGO, Nov. ll.-Mra. Jano Qyinn
waa held to the grand Jury on a charge
of murder In connection with the death
of her husband, John M. Qulnn, by a
coroner'a Jury today.
Qulnn waa found dead In bed November
with a bullet wound In his body and
Mrs. Qulnn doclared lie had been killed
y burglars. The coroner Jury delib
erated less than an hour. v
Mrs. Qulr.n lli'tened to the reading of
(be verdict without exhibiting the least
Finn of emotion.
iTwo witnesses were heard at th In
John M. Miller, a boarder at the Qulnn
home, on cross-examination denied hav.
Ing left th city th day after th shoot-
ng. He said, he was awakened by. a
revolver shot early In tun morning and
ran Into Quinn'a room and waa told by
Mrs. Qulnn that a burglar had killed her
husband. The witness then dressed and
eft th hous to find a policeman
Policeman Alrolt testified to the work
by the police on th case,
Mrs. Qulnn
declined to testify.
Th Chicago pollc will continue their I .
Investigation Into th mysterious death
of Mrs. Qulnn' two former husbands,
John McDonald whom sh married, In
London, Canada, October S3, IMS. ""
Warren Thorpe, whom ah married at
Daf Lake. Mich., In October, 1301.
Tho woman waa locked In a coll In th
Kensington police station.
Violinist Wants
Divorce Set Aside
LOS ANQKLEfl, Cal., Nov. U (Special
Telegram.) Frans Wllntk, renowned In
ICiirope and America as a violinist, who
married Miss Newton of Los Angeles
In Omaha In October. 190, today retained
a lawyer to sue to set aM th divorce
sh recently obtained here on the ground
that It 'was obtelnd secretly. Summons
wa liad by 'publication, when th wlf
mad affidavit j.hat she dll not know her
husband addresl.'' He declares that h
wa In eorreeptmdenoe wtth her up to
three weeks affo. attotlt the time Sh se
cured th divorce. 8h alleged cruelty
In that when thty were ln fcurope. wner
they were nterta.hud by royalty, h was
extremely jeaioua ana loroaao tier epuu-
ing Kngllsh. une couta spean no orjer
longu. Wllcsek fransW eaV "h 1 glad
to ba rid of hla wife, who U th second
tp divorce him, but he want tha custody
of hi son, Newton. Wilcack, years
Politics Appears
; at Labor Meeting
ATI-ANTA. Oa., Nov. H. rolltlc
threatened th peac of th label de
partment of th American Federation of
Labor today at today' version of that
dfpartmtint, Vhen chnrgee wcro mad
that John B. Lennon of Masaaonusett,
ptesldtint of the department and treas
urer of th American federation, had
taken an unduly active part In th recent
prohibition election In that state.
Lnnon aumndered the cbalr tern
porsrll) and emphatically denied tb
reintru No action M taken.
the century mark, Mr. Jamca A.
served ln tho $minoie Indian
Wax, th, Mexican War wd tho Civil Wv,jk'XZ
a mcycie ana laxea lonj waoKa.
his wonderful vior to Duffy 'a
Pure Malt Whiskey, which haa added many
healthy and happy years to the lives of hun
dreds of thousands of men and women in all
walks of life.
He writes: 4 'I am a fine old man, strong and
vigorous at the age of Oborn in New York
in 1S15. At the ago of 85 I rode n bicycle from
MnriuettP, Wia,, to tho Philadelphia National
Encampment, u distance of 1,380 miles. In my
84th year I walked from Marinette, Wis., to
Cincinnati, u distance of 7D0 miles. I ara a vet
wars. Knlisted in 1837 in tho
Sominole Indian War, fought through tho Ever
clatU'S iu Florida, dismissed in Buffalo in 1840.
Unlisted in tho Mexican War iu 1844, serving
five years, fought through tho country that ia
-ow the Stute of Texas, and into the interior of
Mexico; laid 11 months in Mexico City. In 'Go
l enlisted at Fond du Lac, Wis.; serving in
Sherman's urmv, inarching through to the son.
Duffy' Pure Malt Whisk.y for 10 year
ail excellent tonic atlmulant and believe
nd organ ot th body the nutrlmeot
U0 a large botHe.
itocliebter. N. .
l'octor s t tvtc an
Jury of Women Fails
to Agree on Place to
Eat Lunch at Noon
IjOS ANOra-ES, Cal., Nov. It-Unable
to agres upu(i an tiling. the liii
woman's Jury to sit In Los Angeles was
discharged lata today. The case waa that
of I. 11. Nagor. accused of having vio
lated the speed ordinance and arraigned
In Justice Forbes' court.
It was a stormy day for the women
Jurors. After listening patiently for
three hours to testimony and argument.
tho J(ry at ji:30 0-cOCK wa notified to
get ready for luncheon. Twelve different
eating place were selected by tha
, turors. Then two raid they did
( ant , go fct , ln valn $iA jus
tie Forbe urg them to reacn an
agreement as to a place for luncheon.
Urinaiiy at 1:0 o'clock h ordered them
locked up again. Th Justloe, too, lost
hi luncheon, ' '
At I o'clock, after four and a half
houra" deliberation, th Jury reported
that It waa unabl to agree upon a ver
dict and th oourt ordered lta dlncharge.
Andrew Bonar Law
Will Succeed Balfour
LONDON, Nov. H -At a meeting to
be held at th Carlton club Monday, Wal
ter Hume Long will propose and Austen
Chamberlain will second the nomination
of Andrew Bonar Law as leader of th
unionist party in th Hous of Common
to succeed Arthur J. Balfour. "
Mf. Uw'l election I assured and the
leadership of the party will ' be placed
In tho hand of a man with a brief par-
llamentary experience, who ha never
held a acat In any cabinet. In his short
DOiltlcal ca.rttr. however. Mr.. Law has
prove,i iimclf a brilliant speaker and
. resourceful debater. The liberals frankly
,nmlt h(i fitness to be the party leader
.ni im0ni all th names suggested for
position regard him th roost danger-
eus from their party viewpoint.
Mr. Law, who ta aittlng for th Bootle
division, Lancashire, southwest, wa
born In New Briinswicrt m 1?W. Ills father
was the Rev. James Law. lie waa edu
rated In Scotland. He Is an ardent golfar
and chess player.
A strong protectionist, tha unionists con
Mder Mr. Law their most persuasive
I spesker on tariff reforms. 'Therefore, the
party will more than ever be committed
to tariff reform and espect that hla lead
erahlp wllj Infuse a tron fighting uplrl
In' tho ranks.
Ills selection, being a compromise on
due to th rival claim of more proml
pent leaders In the party, la cerfain to en
gender much dissatisfaction and it
Impossible, at th present moment.
predict how events finally1 will hii
Mrs. Ruth B. Owen to
Make, Homo in London
DENVER.' 'Nov. 11'. (Special Telegrom
-Ur. Ruth Bryan "Leavltt Owen, wife
of a lieutenant In tho Prlttsh army, has
permanently renounced America. Friend;
in Denver received word today that th
dughtr of w. Bryan would .homy
to piak her permanent residence thr.
iowm haa t-o on duty, m a letter to a
accepted a position in a military school
la London, and that they will leave
shortly to mak their home permanently
in tb English capital. Mr. Owen aaya
th visit to American soil will be few
and tar between.
Hibernians to Tako
in a Large Class
Th Ancient Order of Hlbernlana ot
Omaha and South Omaha are arranging
to Initiate a class ot 100 man nst Sunday
Th exercise, which will confuyi the
entire day, ar to b held in enuin
Omaha. According to the dutaH now
oumplet. Ill members and candldati-a
will met In Hlhernlan hall. N1S N atreet.
and from there will proiet in a body to
8t. Agnea' church, whfr they will attend
mass. The Inltlstlon exervlses are to be
held ln the Ancient Order ot I'n.ted
Workmen hall. Twenty-fifth and L
streets, starting promptly at t o'clock.
Th ceremonlea of the day will be closed
with a amoker, during which several ad
draase will be nutdo.
C. D. Hutchinson was elected president
of th Orchard Mill Improvement elub at
a meetlns: held at th horn of II. F
Donley on North Fortieth tret last
night. Other officer who wer elected
ar: J. U Jacohson, first vie president;
U. 8. McAUUter, second vice president
J. H. Lynch, treasurer; Hon. Mis E. V
McCartney, secretary; lr. F. J- !
pecher, assistant secretary. The next
aweting Mill be held at the borne of
Herman Frlcka, Charles street, Frl
y evening, November M.
The club proposas to start a campaign
among Iroprvvameot club looking to the
election of commissioner for Omaha
who will be men of broad view tor city
bition enough to fill them with furniture and make out of them
bother about the money, our liberal credit will start you our
you a squaro deal.
OQ-95 for an Excellent
V&v SJ Base Burner
An excellent, well made Has
Burnor, with guaranteed fire
pot: patent automatic feed
magaslne, large cold air cir
culating flues; Ursa base and
heat radiating surface, richly
Lamented with silver nickel
(n'Wa HI :,(J! s
l!P!-lt5 I i ill I : ;; 1
Just like cut and
a raot. wonderful
Have a fir bo
that is guaranteoel
for flv year.
Prices are excep
tionally low for
t b e o wonderful
ranges. Investigate.
Pleads Guilty by ' !
Telephone, Pays
:. ,;Fine by Mail
IOWA CITT, J. Nov. H.-Sptcal
Th telephone waa put lntp novel use
here today when the Amaaon Vinegar and
rtckllng worka of TavenpOrt ustd .it as
a mean ot appearing in court wb-n th
company was ummoned to appear oa
for Justice V. J. Horark to answer to a
charge of food law violation. . Instead of
appeering In pron a repreesntatlve of
the firm called th juage up n
long dtsunc telephon. pleaded guilty
and then assured him he had just mailed
a pajiurnt of ko lor Ins fine. Adunersieu
vinegar caused the trouble.
6POKANK, Wash.. Nov. U.-Organlsa.
lion of ail North American Indians Into
a national brotherhood to us political
nflueroe In national eleettona will be at
tempted this Wlntsr. AU 'lbe ar asked
t send two or more representatives to a
convention In Washington. l. C. Wcb
ard C. Adaroa. a baif-b.-ea.I lelwr
Indian, who Is an attorney at Washing
too, 1 '.espousiblo tor th plan. Con
Axe you living in a littld 2x4 hall bedroom
and trying to make believe you are happy?
Know the pleasure of living in a real home?
Around this city of business you will find
the city of HOMES. In which circle do you live?
Down town in a hall bedroom or out among the
trees and flowers? Out away from the hustle
and bustle you will find many unfurnished
rooms trreat sunshiny flats and dainty cot-
l taffes. They are waiting for the man with am-
i. ... .-i. 1 if Ti-n'ff riilnul ii I, Tlll'll "' -
J7.50 Art Iteveralbl Hugs, good wearing quality
can be used on either lle, 9x12 ft, 60 Qu
sale price WO sail
11 8. SO Seamless Tiger Brussels, alxe 9x11 ft. a
n.ost excellent rug and one that will give the beet
of satisfaction, Bale Q f ft Q ft
price V
$33. HO Axmlnster Rugs, nine 9x12 ft., beautiful
patterns. Uep rich pllo, larse
a.artmont. sale price
S 19.75
$ ft H ft For a Regular $15.00
JiwfU Howard Overdraft Healer
Tho most powerful and economical soft coat stov
constructed. Olvos you "twice the heat with one
half the fuel." Buying a Howard Overdraft heater
la a good investment.
For a Guaranteed
$35 Steel Rangt
Strongly constructed, large flre-bon, equipped with
Duplex grates, good sine non-warpabl oven and Is
complete with upper warming closet
For This Handsome $10.00
Febricoid Rocker
ICiactly like UJastratlon, and the
seat rookcr value In all America,
gressmen will t meinora-..aej uy ai
h.ast eghi northwestern tribes, which
i!elre control of their tribal properties.
BIOVX FAL.LH. 8. U., Nov. 11. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Laboring under a se
vere mental difficulty, Mrs. Elisabeth
Foster, aged &. mother of O. t and J
N. Foster, wall knowa buslners men of
this city, threw herself from a thlrd
stery window of th family home here
today and sustained Injuries which re
sulted in her death about an hour later.
Both lees ware broken and her head was
severely injured. Ithe had been cle!y
e"-h.-d tc members of th famUv. '
eluded their viglliuic long enough to
V.h- a felony tuck over her head and
take the plunge from the window.
NEW TOKK. Nov. 11. The first
fatality of tb strike of driver of citr
ash and garba carts occurred today
when Kobert ... , -tree
struck oa the bead by brlcUs hu.'ied
from rueftopa. Ha died of a fractured
skull soon after being admitted t a
hospital. Hanry Wilson, another strike
breaker, was mortally Injured as a re-
a home and live. Don't
money-back policy gives
.75 form Excellact $7.50
Soft Coal Healer
They ar strongly . eon
gtructed, have full bodlea
of blue steel, cast Iron top
and base, patent air regu
lator, top ornsjnented with,
pretty urn nnd entire stov
' trlnuved with silver nickel.
" ii unjMJIiBi
Just like cut and
finished In a beau
tiful quarter-sawed
oak, Haa French
bevel plate mirror.
Kitchen Cabinets
Wo are sole agents
for this wonderful
labor saving cabi
net. Hup.dred3 of
Omaha' best peo
ple find dally de
light lu having
suit of the ntta'ck of a mob on a wagon
he waa driving, and t score nonunion
drivers are suffering from beatlnga.
NEW YORK, Nov. 11. Two stock ex
change failures, itpulting primarily from
th recent advance tn the market, were
announced today. Tbe insolvent firms
are W. I Stevens A Co. and Iiail&
Whicher. Neither f.rm was especially
prominent. In the market, but account
agree that their recant operations were
on the bear side.
W. L. Btevens & Co. were organised in'
April of 1W0. Mr. Stevens' partner and
board member being J. W, HennJng.
In the absent ot tb partners and
their counsel no statement of liabilities
or asaew wa obtainable. The firm was
said to have been heavily short of Vol ted
tltates 8lel and heading.
The firm of Ball at Whicher cocalst pf
O. C Pall and Louis E. Wbicher. the
atter the board member, and la' little
'oi than a year old. At Its ottiee a
r af statement a Issued, saying a gen-
r.4 assignment bad been mad to Owes
Abram, fjr the benefit ot creditors
without preference. The statement else
declared that unsecured llabll.Ue wer
lea than fiUU.OUU,
Key to tb Situation Be Want Ads.
IMWj ... I