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Rifllil Now You Need These Warm Wool Dresses
The Prices arc Templlnoly Low
Dei Hotnej Kan Found Eot to Hate
Ended life.
4 'O;
J4c Bradeliase seuteoroe Pnratr
Deputr Vmmnir Triir rest
Ma4los)r. Keller's
Trial !.
rmm a fluff Correspondent.)
tES MONIES, Nov. 11. ("pedal Tel
egrsm.) Th eurprlslnf Informstlwri
u retolvej ber4 today In personal
letter from New VOrk that Lovery W.
Uk1, who Visa reported to have com'
muted ulcM in Modioli two weeks aire,
is In fact nllvc and that what hsnrsrsl
w Hint lis took an overdose of mor
phine ana was only esved from death
I after a I. or a etrut's'l.
i T) press dispatches hud carried nsws
1 of lila death and U was accented hers
at hit old hm aa correct. The news
created a naatloit, a 1i ns4 at oae
tl:na tn one of the fit; "a moat prom
, lnent real eetets man and wore recently
liad keeu angatrad In promoting a, rail
road la tna aoath. . tla lived in KVw
York and ri la. The' na of hta being
allva cam a aurprla to hla ralattve
bora. .
Tea Yrara for O'Callaafaaa.
Juf.f Biadahanr In Ilia rm of Jamra
O'Callachan tanlanoad tho former uaputy
treurr to kn lndtermlnato aantanco
ot Kdlrig ten eaia at Kort Modlaott
pnltt!ar-. CCallaalian waa eonvlrlod
of conaplrary In tha cttrmjit to roll tha
rolk cottnljr trcMury tlio ulilit of
M rch tl.
Kellr'a Trial (.
Thaaa of iwiUrtji 1. Kallj-. held
n a Chaita of killing lpt Sheriff
c'laranca Woolman of Ccjiuii Uluff and
Edmund ftteriiua: of te Mulnea. waa
aaatKnad for trial In court on N'ovombor
II. Ttia trim fbr ir. Kally will
to triad wara committed at th Klrk
wood hotel early In Iho year.
(Continued friitn Flret I'asa.l
oay lnUude.1 lii-nverTTlia" graVp! hi
ten mtnutta tho mercury dropiwd from M
dugreea to S) an! thea In niuit l!j:l.y
fashtve, acfunipfJ"!! uy a heavy fall f
iiwk, dacllned to ; Ctkioe 1.-I0w ri
PIICHRK. B. 1).. No.-. l..The 0r
rnowatorm In J tnxa jivolla hcra t )Jay.
With aero and lujn w-j
8IUUX CITY. I:. No. ll.-8aow la
t - ' I
The Diamond Store And Why?
Fremzer'a I tha diamond atore of Omaha. This mutt la adralt
tafl by tha people of thla city wlo hava Vetn bul:.f the-te procloua
tom for wauy yr. And tha rcHu?i why thl U tha dUroond atoro
lie lu tha fact that wa aiercla sreater care aud dlarriiuinatlou in
tha teWtion of tllaiuonda for our atock than any other dealer.
Dlamonda tar been a gpeclalty with u for more than tweuty year
and we Lave achieved the name of glriuf better dlamonda for the
price than any other western atoro. Our expert! are constantly on
the lookout for the finest stonea and we alway. gtv. the greatest
value. All diamonds sold by u are sold under contract to buy
ba.-.k at any time within one year at price paid, loss 10 per cent or
lull price allowed in eichange at any time. V
There arc times innumerable when one longs for a chnngo
from the conventional shirt waist nnd skirt; nothing will af
ford a fuller measure of ilcnsurc and satisfaction than one of
these delightfully stylish wool drespes.
All wool serges, panamas nnd challics, offer many possibil
ities to clever designers, each garment here possessing an in
dividual style, readily distinguished from its neighbor.
French plaids, deftly blended, transform a riot-of colors
into beautiful patterns and soft, warm effects. Plain colors,
too, of navy, brown, red nnd copenhugen. Junior and small
women's sizes. Prices $14.75, $17.50, $19.75, $22.50, $25, $29.75.
Every Little Girl Needs a Wool Dress Now
One would almost think they nil came hero for them we
are fitting bo many these days.
French Challies with liny little polkndots, nro new with tho
season, and very pretty.
French plaids and serges, panamas and mohairs, ' navy,
brown, Copenhagen, black and wine colors, sizes 3 to 14 years,
prices, $3.50, $3.95, $4.50, $5.50, $0.50 to $13.50.
Tho handsome Man
tailored Peter Thompson
dresses uro found hero ex
clusivelyjust tho men
tion of Peter 'Thompson
sets every little girl a
wishing. It's the best all
servico garment you can
get for tho daughter.
Navy and Royal blue,
black and cream serge.
Also middy suits in all
white serge.
If If
1S18-20 Fnrnam
falling her and
temperature dropping
STKNCKTl, In. Nov. 11. (Special.)
Blood polaon, auppoaed to have been
contracted while handling moti- canned
tha death today of Mra. Fanny Hagerty,
for twenty years deputy county clerk
of Clay county. Tho blnod polnn at
tled back of 'the yn nd went to the
hrnln. It la believed Mra. Hugcrty got
the dlueoaa germ off tha money on her
handa and then ruhbed thorn Into her
No rinanclcl Interest in Motion
Picture Privileges.
Thee TboaaauA llollnra Credited to
Oeaeral Fond and Will U Ap.
plied to rn imcbi
Operatlaaj Kseaara.
CINCINNATI. Nov. U.-Tlia National
&a c. nnniMioii In a Imati. i.iU iu
putillo to!ay aaya that neither the New
Trk . National league playcra nor tliv
mcmbtie of the l'hlladelphla American
league club are entitled to a, ahura of tho
money obtained from a moving plvturo
company for the privilege of taking mov
ing picture durln the laat world'
championship aerlex.
Th eommUolon dirclare that tha IJ.&C)
aald by the plcturo concern for the con.
ceraion I: been credited to tha general
fund f the commlraloii nnd will be ap
plied to tha laymn of operating ex
pense. Tho matter wai Vrou;ht to tha atten
tion of lila oommUeion by rreildtut T. J
Lyuuh of tha National league, who, dor
lntf the playing of llio world' aeiica, waa
handed a written communication by
member of tho New York club In which
they asked about the puturo pilvlltiget.
Tha player tald tiu-y were dlsiuttsfleu
With tha trcat:r.t-:.t received at t!ie hand
of the cor.iniliKlon In tresrd to the pla
tures, anl they InqulreJ why tho prtv
tlsaa were sold without their convent.
lo It acswef tod&y tu commltialos
an-ter to i'jct'on of the New Tork
playvr !n detail and cay t'i letting o"
the contract did rot concern the members
of eltller Hub aril that they did not
hftvo any financial lii'.ere.'t In tha
ter. Ditfrnu faeerrry
In tha abdmulnal retion la t njventad by
tha uta of Ir. King Nw Ufe, ptll, the
palnlen pu; 2..C. Kar ea'e by lloa
tun li Lg to.
Deputy Fire Warden Eeturni from
usceoia with It
Harm Kkaak, fioand Over la l'alk
C'naaty, WIH lo., Teatliaoay
of Alleajra Confederate,
Oliver Urifrin.
deputy Stat fire War.hal John Trou
ton returned to Pouih Omaha yo.terdiy
with a wrltttn confetaloti of Oliver
Orlffln, who I being held a a wltneas
In tha araon tae asalnat Harm Bhank
bound over to dlstrlot court under S COO
bond, charged with aetting fire lo the
barn of William Everett October M lat.
Orlfrin, who l a in, h ii wlih a wife and
two children, ha been held u a wlt
heea In tho case, lie recently M.m
tha prosecuting authority a that h would
icii wnat lie knew about tho cao, and
In hie written confeanlon h ,!iiir. thai
fchank, who waa a mr.mbur of a Hvrv
firm that waa a rival to Hhank In Osceola,
bivatohod tha matter of "Btandlng by'
hla employed to him vcral time. ' on
tha night of tha firo Urlffln declare
Bhank came to a rcetaurant wher h
was at 1:00 In the mmnlng and told him
to come with him. Together Ihey took
ral oil and hay and tar(.d tho fir that
destroyed tha Jiverett barn.
Peraona Have lloeu Killed by fm
balluir l ame of t jaulde (
Cyanide of potasnjuin la one of tha most
deadly polMon known to chemlatry. and
la very aeldom Ufed by phyxu-iana. Wheu
It Is found aliuhitely necesxary to l"e
kciiba lyanlilj In order to relieve spa-.
iihkIIc coughK, it la then prcacribed In th
Sin;illit qunntlllea. usually about one
clfchth of a grnln. live grain of cyanldr
of poiaaalum, or a (-tiantlty about a large
aa a amll-a:cd pva, la sufficient to klh
a strong man.
In api.earaiica cyanalde comes In gray
while, opaque pleoea or In granular pow
der. The rry atalllne compound, when Been
In tha tin cann, which It In uaualiy picked
In, loo!: absolutely liannlcr. yet tlicr
have been cae where dt-alli hua been
cauacd by pereuna aimply Inhaling the
funiea of cyanide. In Ulnghamton. N. Y..
ons night aeveral .ara, lr. Halley,
a rl armaelat, wa poumllna a plm-o o.
cyanldo of potassium Into pulverised
foim. Tha ne : nuiriilng ho wa foimd
dead on the foor nf h!s drug atore as a
result of having Inhaled tha fume of the
deadly po'.aon.
The aula of cyanide of polaasium b
drugrtata, except when called for In pre
seriptlona. 1 pn-hlbUed by law In many
stales. Nevert heiev the polHon can b
puichaied T.ithout any trouble, and In
la:t quuntlt.!-, by peraona who give a
icaaonable cii'lai.alk n for what purpuve
they want to use It. It la commonly ue.
for d)elug ttatiiera and In doing othei
sorta of coloring work. In photography,
In electro-meiailurgy and aa a recoveret
of gold It la eatenvlvely ued.
If a person tilea lo buy a amall quan
tity of cjanlda of potassium in a drug
tore, tha druggiat will refuee to aell !l
lcau he la generally suspicious of tin
notd the purchaeer ha for the potaon.
but If a pound la aaktd for, accompanied
with the ep:anaiiun that It la to be used
for cleaning silver, a person usually ha
little trouble In getting it. Washington
. Taasersby on sixteenth street are being
attrscted by a miniature man walkiu
around In the window of the Walk-Ovei
uho Phop, u B. 16th St. The Lilliputian
fgure. ovrt.Hl by a meohanlcal device,
walka over ahoea arranged en a ctrcula,
shelf; tyvtfylng tli eaa. camfort anu
stl uf tna Walk -Over ahoea
Several Make Filing: of Coit of
Election Juit Orer.
Several District Jaders la Tkla
Peeltloa, aad Ho Report SeTeial
Complaints vvlta Hallway
(From a Ptaff Correnpondent.)
LlNCX)IJf, Neb., Nov. lL-Pneolal.)
Campaign expenae accounts of tha can
didate In the last election are being re
ceived at the office of the eecretary of
state. So far the following have filed
account of their expenses during the
W. H, none, candidate for supreme
Judge., says he spent I631.8J. Of thla
amount I too was turned over to the re
publican atate committee.
W. H. Weatover, for Judge Sixteenth
district, democratic, declare that he had
no axpenaea. Mr. Weatover had no op
poaltton. George A. Day. reDUolican candidate for
Judge in the rurth district. I227.JS.
Alexander C. Trop, candidate for Judge
Fourth district, tarn.
Urune O. Hoattler, Twelfth dlatrlot. no
expense. He had n opposition.
Conrad Hallenbeck. democratic candi.
date for Judge, Sixteenth district. $00. '
II. M. Grimes. Thirteenth district. 1128.50.
Complaint Afftlnat Itoad.
r. B. Hunt of Burchard filed a com
plaint aealnst tha Burlington netlrond to
dsy. He elleg. that the train eervlce
at nurohard la Inadequate. He makes
no specific charges in his complaint.
Aids lor Cart! Dalldloar.
Hlds for the buildings fsr the new
agricultural college at Curtis will he
opened at the state auditor's office on
December 1. according to an announce
ment mad today.
The Haven-White Coal company of
Omaha today filed a complaint with the
Rtate Railway commlsalon against ths
Ureal Western Itftllrosd company. The
company alleges that the rsllroad com
rsny does not maintain a track acaJes
at Omaha. As a result, so the coal com
psny Alleges. Jt Is unable to tell whether
or not it Is losing In ths carload lot ship
ment it receives.
New Good Reads PI a a.
An Omaha-Hattsmouth- Kama Pltv
good roads movement is to be launched
at nattsmouth November is. accord!
to Information received by Becretary
wnmen or tho IJncoln Commtn-lai ri,.K
today. The Lincoln club has been asked
to send representatives to a meeting
which will be held In connection With the
eelebratlon of the Pollock-Duff bridge
opening at riattsmouth.
Pap Baal f gait.
A loet setter pun valued at tn I. h.
basis Of a suit brought bv Oeorira Whll.
against the Adams Express company In
a iocbi justice Court. Whit declares that
the dog was shinned bv Adama ...,..
from firoUen Uow to Lincoln last FeU-
ruary. hen he called at tha
office fur the animal he says that the
agent torn mm it wa not there. In hi
application to the court he asserts that
It was lu tli office at this time. Later,
he Bays, Agent Garrison took It to his
home for his son to play with, after
which It was lost. Garrison says that no
one called for the dog and that he took
It home rather than see It Suffer uncared
for t the office. He admits It us lost.
1-lahop Tlhen, asR'nted fcy priests of
Lincoln, will dedicate Bt. John's Catholic
church at Blxlh and f streets tomorrow
morning. Tho building has been closed
for ten years. It was formerly used as
a place of worship by the f!ohnUn
Catholics that had aettled In that
of the city. Father Mcghane. chanlatn
of flt. Ulixaboth's hospital, will havo
charge of the ooncrt-gatlon.
Allegation Made
Judge Erred in Case
(From a Btaff Correspondent.)
IJNCOLN, Neb., Nov. ll.-(Speclai.)
That Judge Cornish of the diMtrlCt court
.if Lancaster county had no authority to
aanui Theodore Htantslce to bond is in
acoordence with an opinion rendered by
Attorney General Thompson mor than
two aud a halt years ago. Manlalcs had
been committed to bail after his con
viction of arson in the court here, the
amount being set by Judge Cornish at
The ruling waa msde by the state
offlolal in response to a request from
County Attorney Itanisey of Cass county,
the substance or the opinion being that
in felony cases the district court cannot
admit to ball, but can only suspend scu
euve and remand the prisoner to the
justudy if tl; sheriff.
Btanlelcs. after being convicted in the
ower court, carried his case to the stee
upieme court, dixpoaed of ronsldtrnbl
)ioprty and loft the state. Only a few
ays ago, after his case had been called
n the hitiher court, he was captured at
L'tica, N. V., whore he la still being held
y the polU-o of that city.
What Tee Comedian Kid te a
Train Coaduclae la
There were two comedians who had
been stuck In a vlllars near Canton, with
Cleveland many a mils away. And tho
tr.U comedian, being the more witty of
the two, and being furthermore v. hat
hey call the "feeder" of the team, says
"What'll wa do next?"
"I'll tell )ou Itt's count the house."
They emptied tnelr pocket and found
hat by squeeslng a cent or two they
could manatee to buy a ticket to Clevc
'sud. one ticket- They did It, and
tarted forth the two grown men on a
ilusle piece of pasteboard. Of course the
conductor kicked.
"There's only ons ticket here," he
'That's mine." said on of the actor.
"You lie It' mine." put In the other,
"Well, you can't both rid on on
1 lift," aald the 'con. "I'll have to put
no of you off the train."
Me me!" aquealed the actor In
-ilioru. "Put m off go ahead and do
l-I spoke first."
"Well, I can t do it here, but on of
you must get off at the next station."
Hut three local stations passed, and
he conductor didn't come back. As a
matter cf fact, he never appeared until
ust before Cleveland wa reached.
"I think somebody's a grafter," he re
marked In passing, "but my orders are
a take the safe aide when there's a.poa
Ublllty of mistake. Oood night I can
ick either one o' you. If ever I see you
again!" Cleveland 1'laln Dealer,
. (Contlnned from First Page.l
King Chong, aecretary of the association.
Every province which ha been taken or
which has Joined the revolutionary cause
will be represented.
Kach has been pledged to sanction only
a form of government based on the abo
lue abdication of the Manchu dynasty
and the Institution of a thoroughly r
PuhllcAn system of representative rule.
A dispatch received todny says the vice
roy of , the proWnce. of Canton Is believed
to be In hiding In Hong-Kong. Five of
the largest cities of the Canton province,
according to the dispatch, have Joined the
Governor (ieaeral Appolated.
WASHINGTON, Nov. ll.-Under the
title of "governor-ganeral of the military
government of the republic of China,"
one of the revolutionists, Huhanwen by
name, haa been elected president of the
province of Kwang Tung, which has de
clared Its Independence, according to ad
vices to the State department today.
Canton la the capital of this province.
After looting the provisional treasury st
Canton, the advices say, all the civil
authorities fled.
AMOT, China. Nov. lt.-Attacke by
robber bands lit different quarters threw
the city into a panlo early today. The
authorities, self-constituted, dealt With
the situation aa beet they could. The
water patrol captured a piratical Junk
nnd Its crew of sixteen men await de
capitation. The Inland Junk traffic pro
ceeded more freely today, but coaRt navi
gation was wholly suspended.
Taotal Chang assumed office todsy. A
eonferenee of officiate with repreeenta-
Uves of the conservative and the radical
elements was held to determine a course
of. action. The officials and the conserva
tives propose establishing a temporary
Independence for the city and the adop
tion of a neutral attitude toward the
revolution. The radlcaJa, however, favor
surrendering the city to the revolutionists
nnd this policy probably will prevail.
Chang Chow, with a population esti
mated as high as 1 00X000. situated twenty-
four miles west by north of Amoy, re
ports that the rebels announce that the
city will be occupied November M. The
people are fleeing, fearing a ropetltlon of
the Taping rebellion. Foreigners are In
no danger.
Meports from Foo Chow say the fight-
In there ceased last evening, when the
Manchus surrendered. The viceroy is
dead and the Tartar general is severely
Imperialist Retain Naaklnsr.
NANKING, Nov. ll.-The- Imperialists
have regained the upper hand In Nankins
and the dragon flag again float over
Klang Tin fort.
During the niglit the imperial gunboats
shelled the revolutionary camp and this
morning troops found that the federal
tosltlon thfee miles ouLilde the touth
gate had been evacuated.
It is believed the rebels are discouraged
over their failure to receive new sup-
piles of ammunition and by the whole
sale slaughter of Chinese by the Manchus
Prrsbrterlaa MtsalOBarte Safe.
NEW . YORK, Nov. It The I'resby
ferlan Board of Foreign Missions re
ceived the following cable today from
Peo Ting fu, China: '
"Our Chinese missionaries In Uh...
province tire safe. The women and chil
dren of I'ao Tins Tu and Bhun Te Fu
are In Tien Teln, except Ors. Mackey and
Lewis. Inform their families.
tsigned) "Walter n. LowniE."
Mr. Lowrls Is chairman of tu china
Missionary council.
Robber ICaeape After Flfibt.
DECATUR, III.. Nov. lrt.-Aftcr a run
ning flHht in the main street hie two
niusked men who had held ti and robbed
A. A. Munbnrser's meat market cf 00
made their escape.
Humphreys Seventy-Seven
Breaks up Grip and
Just a Cold.
If you have a Cold, Just a Cold,
you need "Se-venty-seven."
It you have a Cough, alight or
deep aoated, you ueed "Seventy
Boven." ,
It you have a Bore Throat, Quinsy
or Ulcerated, you need "Soventy
sevefl." If you have the Orlp, iih aching
boueB, you need "Seventy-seven" and
you need It (lulckly. All dealers sell
"Seventy-seven." 33c, or mailed.
Humphrey's llomeji. Medicine Co., Cor.
William and Ann Htreete, New York.
Ortlinnry Laundries Do Only
Ordinary AVork.
Nonpariel stands of the other
kind, tho perfect laundry work.
Shirts in sanitarv rovers.
Both Phones.
. "Wagons Everywhere.
Members National Laundry
men's Association.
Volley Ball Makes
Its Bow in Omaha
At the Toung Women's Christian asso
ciation gymnaalum Frldy afternoon the
first game of volley ball scheduled In
Nebraska was played. Youngsters from
the Young Men's Christian association
trained by the physical Instructors for
tho game, were the contestants.
Dr. Henry S. Curtis, playground ex
pert of America, he. the game sched
uled end played to prove his statement
that volley bsll will ultimately become
the most commonly played jtsme In the
L'nlted States. The Con t ft A n r-h
all told-were enthusiastic snd the spec
The Best Overcoats
Elloney Can Buy at
TL ! .
Men 8 Heavy Ribbed union
Suits Regular $1.23 values,
at, each 69c
Splendid Shoes lor Men-
Worth $4.00 and $3.00, at,
pair ..$2.50 and $3.00
Monday's Bargains in Ladies' Apparel
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at them and convince yourself.
Reversible Coats $9.50 and $12.50
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ani Fur Coats
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Sals of Beautifully Trimmari Hats
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The entire sample line of charming
trimmed hats from an eastern wholesale
millinery house. No two alike. This is
an exceptional opportunity for the wide
awake woman to secure hats of thla nature
at such reduced prices.
Ladies' $1.50 House Dresses, 79c
Fifty dozen ladies' house dresses
in dark colors, in handsome styles.
Mentor Comfort Underwear
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are all, of course, presented.
It is, also, an assurance, positive and unqualified, that
your garments will mirror the very latest modes.
Every garment guaranteed perfect in fit and style.
MacCarthy-Wilson Tailoring Co.
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JitJ-Ji 1.1 L HI1L1 I'll f JLULliJl
tatorsmen and women allke-h.vl "taken
sides" and were rooting for their re
spective teams.
The east side best the west. Eat It
was a clos game, the final score be lag
XI to 20. Twenty-one Is tho tnsxtmiiiu
score for the game closes when one si te
ha made that many points.
A leather ball, similar to a basket ba r.
but smaller, Is used and nlno players to
a side are lined up In a fashlen as In
basket ball. The "pigskin" Is served stvl
the battle begins. The contest Is to keee
the ball In the air. Nothing but the kar
handa can be used. The side allowing
the ball to touch ground within bound
scores a point for the opponents.
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