Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 12, 1911, EDITORIAL, Page 4, Image 18

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Tun Omaha Suxhay Hem
Enteral at Omaha postofflce as second
clase matter.
a. . . .'. I ..'.
Remit br draft xrrrx or postal order.
pavaUri to 'I'll P, Publishing company.
')ly 2-eent stamps rfrlw in payment
of. small account.' Personal checks. s
rrpt i n Omaha and tamers exchange, not
0-pvl. . . . ,
i oFr.cF.s.
rimst-a Tli' Pe Building.
Fouth Orrilia N ft.
Council i uii.-i., jM'oit t.
I.1nrolti-.?B t.lftle Building.
hl' ari). Maro,utte Building.
Kansas CltyReilnnre Building
Nw Yerfc-; Vet Thirty-third.
Washington?? Fourteenth t.4 N. W.
cAn n ru:. pon r ence.
Communications relating to news an
editorial matter should 1i ad'lrcased
Omaha, Be, F-d'torlal Department.
; ' 50,703
Hate of Nehrnaka. County of Douglas, .
Dwlght Williams., circulation manager
rif Tli line Puhltthlng company, being
duly sworn, saye that tho average dally
clro-j'atlnn, le upmird, unused and re
turned copies tor the month of October,
111, ii ft,7rj.
Circulation Manager,
"uhecrlbed In my presence and aworn to
hefore me this 1st dav of November. 1911
(sai) Hubert hunter
Notary Public.
Snbeerlhere leaving- the rlty
temporarily abanld hare) Tka
Mailed tn , bm. Address
will be changed aa often aa
Ths roan with common sense can
usually keep his dollars.
Maine must continue to sneak u
in. Hurrah for decency.
The Brick trust baa been attacked.
Watch for the flying mUsles.
Simplified, spilling In another re
form that sooms to need relnflatlon.
The Tobacco trust reorganization
plan la judicially approved. Have
As QIc Business become leu a ham.
pered, it should become lens hamper
It la almost time for Mr.. Turkey
Gobbler to take an inventory of him
self. ... , , ,H
Still, it was only a question of time
when the coal man was sura to have
bis inning.
It. did pot enow exactly the "next
day,", but yotf notico' the flurries ar
rived a few days after.
wo, i jug-rang is making use or his
Anierlcan'tralnlng'by helping to un-
uorse me Aiancnu rider.
This laut hand-out 6t 125,006,000
by Mr. Carnegie must bring him
down. to hi last billion.'
The "men higher -vs" in some of
l DOS UDUft rnafraitlna fakua nr. In
lianger of getting theirs. v .,
The election is over, but this is the
year that politics holds the board
ior a continuous performance.
Of course, those institutions that
are afraid of the taint will not accept
any of Mr. Carnegie's $25,000,000.
Mr. AVanamaker gently says he
feels sure the trusts will adjust them
selves. rofiBlbly with a little help.
Millionaire Long of Kansas City in
sists it is a pleasure to give away
money. Then the pleasure la mu
tual. , One good thing at any rate none
of the defeated candidates hereabouts
are talking of instituting election
Out this way Dr. Wilson will do
just as well not to make too much of
the fact that he did not vote for Mr.
Urjtfn in 186.
It is assumed, of course, there la
no partisan selflbbnetts in this demo
cratic protest sgalnst the president's
speaking tours.
The geuerallsslmo-in-chief of the
militant suffragettes Is heudlng for
Omahi. Look pleasant, men, and
fortify yourselves for the ouslaught.
A correspondent writes to know
how to pronounce the name of the
uw Chinese minlBttr to the United
States. It i3 pronounced Sie. Ills
full uamo Is S. Alfred Sxe.
' The cert mnuu a uera hrlof i.l
simple," said the UUpaUhes in de
scribing Madero's Inauguration as
president of Mexico. Sounds as much
like a valedictory as a salutatory.
Sacramento caunot be clear in its
own mind about the comuiUnlon form
of city government. It was the first
Ity to adopt It and then renounced
It. and now it has taken It up again.
President William T. HornuJay of
the Wild Life Protective association
has dlcovered a kind of prohibition
that prohjblta-r-game Uw, . Mr.
liornaday evidently has not located
the right place to take his noon
Fun1ay be, on year.... I? "
Saturday n, cn ar.. IM
Jllr Kee ( lihmit Sunday), on year. ()
I 'ally Hee and Sunday, one year 6
Evening Bee (with t-'unday). per month..Sc
rally Hee (Itrflud.njf riunday), ler m..M
I'allr He laithnnt Sunday), per mo .'
Addrraa all ciimpintnta of Irregularities
In delivery t, City t 'Irculnilon Dept.
1 1 I. JI IT! A V . ' I.
Mr. Carneyie'i Latest Gift.
Mr. Carnegie's latest benefaction
of 1:5.000,000, announced In the in
auguration of the Carnegie Corpora
tion of New York, brings up his total
bequests to $100,000,000. What
small significance such a sum really
has to the average mind, aftr all!
Yet, the only way this sort of philan
thropy can be measured Is by the in
adequate money standard. The
moral, the Intellectual, the really
practical results lie far out of the
reach of any measure we may con
In making this gift the donor ex
plains that it la "to promote the ad'
vancemcnt and diffusion of knowl
edge and understanding among the
people of the United 8tatea." Within
mis oroaa scope are ail the co
operating forces In -the combat
against Ignorance and evil, and this
combat is aa old aa time Itself. A
tremendous stimulus can be given
those forces through this latent rein
forcement. The administration of
this bequest, of course, la conditioned,
but with no restriction in promoting
the advancement and diffusion of
knowledge and undertsandlng. The
basic problem of this country today
is the same that has vexed civiliza
tion from its dawn the problem of
overcoming ignorance with intelli
gence. It Is the problem of the
press, the pulpit, tho school, of art,
of science, of government Itself.
The Democracy of the Voting- Booth,
Visit the voting booth on election
day If you would see militant democ
racy. There in that long line lead
ing from perhaps outside the door to
the voting compartment 1 the com
posite American, after all, the most
emphatic, impressive exhibit of the
republic. Rich and poor, high and
low, employer and employe, black
and white, Jew and Gentile, Catholic
and Protestant, native and foreign
born, every type of American citizen
ship, la there represented. The pres
ident of the great republic may rub
elbows with his footman, the million
nlre may meet the impecunious town'
loafer. Race nor color, nor creed
nor faith knows distinction there.
There all men who have sworn alle
giance to one flag and claim protec
tion under It stand for once on a com
mon level, with equal rights and priv
ileges. The line may be long, the de
lay tedious, but they all wait alike
and they all vote alike, so far as the
law's requirements and privileges go,
each casting his ballot according to
his own will and pleasure. And every
man who goes into that secret cham
ber oh election day and fails to vote
as ha wills has no one but himself to
blame tor It
Who that has stood and watched
one of these long lines ot cosmopol
itan Americanism can believe the peo
ple of this country have not the right
of ruling themselves? "Let the peo
ple rule," shouts someone. The people
do rule and have been ruling, und it
they, fall to get,, what they . want at
those election booths the blame can
Dot be shifted, You say they did not
hava the right men up for election,
Imperfections, of course, exist in our
election machinery the same as in
every other part ot our governmental
mechanism, but so long as that lint
ot composite Americanism keeps
passing into the election booth It will
not quite do to say that the democ
racy It this country Is not real or that
self-government Is a failure. ,
Progresa on the Iithmui.
Kvery American should Inform
himself as fully aa possible aa to the
work his government is doing on the
Isthmus ot Panama. The construc
tion of the canal la a world work of
transcendent Importance and Its
progress should be the subject of
deepest .concern to our . people.'
Therefore, all ahould read the pub
lished extracts from tho annual re
port of the Isthmian Canal commis
sion filed at VUasblngton. They aet
forth what has been done toward
solving the great mechanical prob
lem Incident to the work, beside
showing just what progress has been
made In the building of the canal.
II ut after all, the mechanical
problems are not the final tasks
confronting the government. There
is the problem of civil government
for the canal tone, which must be
established without delay. Working
out the details or this Is going to In
volve all the wisdom and resourceful-
news of a grat nation. Without the
right sort ot government, the canal,
however successful the mechanical
construction might be, could never
become what It was destined for.
It Is the judgment of wise students
of the situation that congress this
winter should empower the prfsident,
to proceed with the organliatlon of a
canal loue government. Enacting a
law to that effect at the coming ses
sion of congress would enable the
president to retain the choice men for
permanent employment now on the
canal payrolls. Or course, in making
selections, the president would be
guided by the advice or the chair
man or the canal commission, Col
onel (loethals and others at the head
or affairs now. One thing or para
mount Importance is to get the right
miin for operating head of the canal,
hlmory It. Johnson, In a very able
discussion ot Panama canal legisla
tion in the North American Review,
urges that this man be an engine!4
officgr Instead of a civilian, "ho
training has developed both his initi
ative faculty and bis sense of dis
cipline." , . ,
The proper form of government
must be such as to provide the slm
plftt and most economical adminis
tration. In tlmf-a of war, ahould any
transpire, msrtlal law would, nat
urally, be Invoked. This would place
command of the tone In the hands
of the superintendent of fortlflca
Uons for the time being. The first
step toward all this should be taken
this winter by congress.
Powert of Party Committeet.
V Much misunderstanding as to the
powers of party committees prevails
even among . those who ought to
know better. The editor of a nearby
republican weekly, who bolted one of
the party ' nominees In the recent
election, Justified his course by ex
pressing his conviction that the can
didate in question was unfit, "no
matter If the members of the state
committee are willing to stultify
themselves and disgrace the party by
supporting him."
This editor, who bad himself
served on the state committee only
last year, ought to know that , the
laws providing for direct primary
nomination hare taken from the
party committees whatever power, if
any, they ever had over the nom
inees, and that the certificate of nom
ination Issued by the canvassing
board is final when uncontested.
Tho committee has no authority In
law to remove any candidate, or to
name a new candidate, except toi fill
a vacancy in fact. It Is presumed to
get its commission from the same
source as the party nominee. Unless
a nominee should himself volun
tarily withdraw, the committee has
but one duty to perform, and that is
to conduct the campaign for all the
ticket to the extent that ita re
sources permit. Were this not true
a despotic party committee might
overturn the overwhelmingly ex
pressed will of the rank and file and
substitute someone who could by no
means procure a nomination In the
regular way.'
What relates to the state or local
committee is equally true ot the na
tional party committee. After a na
tional convention has named the
standard-bearers the committee is
powerless to change the tfeket with
out the consent of the nominees. A
nomination for president requires
the votes of a majority of the con
vention delegates In the democrats
convention of a two-thirds majority
while the committees are made up
of but one representative from each
state) , Were, the committee to usurp
power to make nu,ltltutlons on the
ticket,, representative,: ot a small
minority of the whole- party might
easily control.-
. The. fact," then,' is that there is but
one appeal from a questionable nom
ination, when the nominee persists
In running, and that la to the people
who elect, and' who, aa a court of last
resort, may decide In favor of nlB
competitor. If the people, with full
and free choice, do not so decide, the
Verdict must be either that the. can
didate la not objectionable or that
the voters are not aroused to the
seriousness of the'objectlons.
. -1 I
'"Everyone preaches thrift, but all
too few practice It sufficiently. Tbrirt
is absolutely necossary to get ahead
in the world. Thrift looks to the
future aa well aa' to the present; It
combines acquisitiveness with saving,
and more particularly avoidance or
waste. ; , . ' v
The thrifty housewife has been
sung in song 'and story from the be
ginning ef the world, and the la In
as much demand today as ever. The
thrifty man la a man who accom
plishes things, and has something to
show for what he has accomplished.
Habits of thrift should be incul
cated in children, not only by book
adage, but by practical object lessens.
The rewards of thrift should bo held
up to them us Incentive and Inspira
tion, and the disasters of the thrift
less as warnings,
Thrift In the whole people as a na
tion Is not less important than thrift
In the individual. A thrifty nation
will not lag In the race for world ad
vancement any more than a thrifty
person In the race for individual
, A Divorce Proctor.
For very fourth marriage in Kan
sas City last year another marriage
ended in divorce. .This shocking
condition is attributed, chiefly, to de
fective divorce machinery. Eighty
per cent of the divorces were granted
without contest. One-third of this
80 per cent Were ot couples from
other states, lured to Kansas City by
the law'a facility. The law requires
outsiders to reside In the state one
year, but it seems to have been en
tirely set aside and divorcee granted
with utttr abandon.
Aroused to the enormity of such
a baleful condition, Kansas City has
decided to Install a divorce proctor,
whone duty It shall be to summon
witnesses and hear testimony before
a divorce Is granted. Thla should
have a restraining Influence, but the
divorce evil will not be solved In
Kansue City or elsewhere by taking
hold or it at the wrong end. The
divorce Is the effect, while tho evlj
lies iu the cause, and the cause Is to
be found, very often. In the reckless
marriage. 1 ;
Uutll society devises some method
of safeguarding ' marriage, It is
bound to have the divorce evil with
itr. A juvenile court Judge In Kan
sas City says thai one-half of the de
SUNDAY fiEE: NOVEMBER ' 12, 1911.
linquent children who come before
him for correction have divorced
parents. Here Is something to think
about for those who waive the whole
subject aside with. the flippant re
mark that marriage is only a lottery.
One of the most direct evils ot di
vorce lies in the fact that the child
Is the chief sufferer. A vast num
ber of unhappy marriages are child
less marriages, which also accounts
for some divorces. But the state
ment or this Kansas City Judge
stands out as a haunting reminder
that something must be done to stop
divorces that disintegrate families
blessed with children.
Old Men at the Helm.
The recent death of Associate Jus
tice Harlan. of the supreme court has
directed thought to the old men hold
ing conspicuous places In the affairs
ot this country. Justice Harlan was
78, and up to the end as vigorous and
alert aa any man on the supreme
court bench. In the government
service, In literature and In business
the old men seem to be holding their
own tolerably well, despite all that Is
aid of this being the day of the
young man.
Among the men of letters one turns
instinctively to John BIgolow, who,
at 94, Is still active, and William
Dean Howells, at 74, hale and inter
esting. James Wilson, secretary of
agriculture, is 76, and gives no sign
of Inactivity. Approximately ten
United States senators have passed
their three score and ten. In the
buslnoss world Its most dominant
figure, J. Plerpont Morgan, is 74,
James J. Hill is 73 and John D. Rock
efeller and. Andrew Carneglo, retired
from active business to strenuous
philanthropy, are respectively 72 and
74. And the list of old men In less
conspicuous places who are still ac
tive would be almost interminable.
Certainly it Is long enough to dis
credit the idea that man passes his
day of usefulness at 60.
As a matter of fact the old man
should be even more prominent in
active life In the future, for the ad
vance of science toward correct living
should begin tp tell in practical re
sults. Age depends largely upon
youth. How long a man lives must
be determined, under ordinary cir
cumstances, upon how well be lives.
It Is a laudable ambition for a young
man to aspire to longevity. It has a
moral as well as physical aspect that
gives a healthful tone to all his work
and play. Llfe'a substance cannot be
wasted and conserved at the same
time, though it may be judiciously
used and conserved together. Age
ripe with experience Is needed for
successful leadership.
Tested by the enrollment, the
meeting of the State Teachers' asso
ciation In. Omaha must have been a
success. -We suggest that the teach
ers on returning to their schools give
their pupils this simple examplo in
arithmetic: If 4,022 members reg
ister and pay a fee of $1 each, how
much is the treasury to the good?
In casting up the balance, the re
publicans throughout Nebraska have
gained two Judges of the district
court as a result of the recent elec
tion, and that too, under a redisrict
ing law passed by the late democratic
legislature In the expectation that It moro , favorable to the
Omaha and Council Bluffs street
railway passengers are still waiting
to know whether they get their trans
fers, and at that are not sure they
want them aa much as they thought
they did.
"Butchery, Fire and Desolation."
-Headline. In other words, China
becoming a republic. "Wading
through slaughter to a throne to shut
the gates of mercy on mankind."
:i j
In Jofftlng the revolutionists Wu
Tin B-faii' doubtless felt he could not
fare much worse than he bad at the
hands of the old regime, no matter
how things ended.
Ilrturaiur. bat 1 naaf flt'leat.
Kauaas City Star.
Advlcrs from Tripoli Indicate that Gen
eral Khertnan was aadly larking In Ue-
rrlptlvo power when he drscrlbcU war
aa merely belt.
Think What Yon Lost.
Indianapolis Newe.
And when you knew sa wtll Just how
II theae election w?re going to come
out It imiiii a aliame that you didn't
buve sand enough to bet on the right
War Inferior Talret.
Huston Transcript.
A humiliating atatlatlcal report shows
that although we consume In the aggre
gate more beer than any other land
Belgium, the British Isles, Germany and
Denmark exceed u in per capita con
Hew Hare Ike Mighty Kallea.
Ixiutavllle Courier-Journal.
Even 1( the British secretary of foreign
affaire did take Pptaker Clark e Cana
dian annexation expression aerloualy nj.
body In America would. Rven If Mr.
Clark should take himself aerlously In
that matter nobody In America would.
Chicago t-oat.
Here's to Mme. Curie. Phe not only de
serve the Nobel prise, but she deserves
to have It awarded Just at the present
moment It will help to ahovel Into Ita
Stave the goaalp which the Parisian yel
low Journala have been printing about
her goaelB which they are retracting on
bended knee. The story of this little
woman's life la a splendid Inspiration not
to her sex alone, but to all mankind. We
re'olee that aha h been given the
Nobel award, and we know thut Ita ItO.O
will nowhere receive a more noble use.
IhbDav In Omaha
NOV. is t ,.-H
Thirty Tears Ago
The Union Square Theater company
was the attraction at Boyd's new opera
house. Tho critic says that It la some
thing of a mlnomer to call the company
the Union Square company, but Still the
combination was In many respects the
best which has appeared in Omaha for
some time. The only familiar names are
those of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wolcott.
The illness of E1 H. Dexter, the tenor,
who was to have participated In the
Trinity church concert, resulted In the
postponement of the concert for one
Today was sentence day in district
court and Judge Savage gave out quite a
few tlcketa-of-leave to Lincoln.
An advertisement reads: "Brash, the
olothlor, 1203 Karnam street, wants the
mud to dry up or else he wants the city
to move It Into the Missouri river or
somewhere else."
The Swedish Library aasoulution cele
brated ita first anniversary with a grand
ball at Turner's hall.
Ten cars of hogs a day, 70) head, la the
average now received at Boyd a packing
house. ' ,
"Sixty-five Mormon dupee" went west
on No. T. who came In over the Wabash.
Mr. A. Benson has purchased the In
terest of the lata V. J. Johnson in the ice
and coal business.
Two petitions are in circulation in Lin
coin, one asking that Elmer B. Frank be
appointed clerk of the United States cir
cuit court to succeed Watson B. Smith,
and the other that K. B. Stearns be ap
pointed clerk of the United States district
court in case Mr. Krank Is promoted.
A neatly clad boy baby was left ot the
door of J. S. WrlRht's piano room In the
city hall today, where it was found by
Marshal Angell and Officer McClure.
Accompanying- it was a letter addressed
to Mr. Wright asking that ho provide
the baby with a comfortable home, which
he says he will do.
United States Senator Jones of Nevada
went through Omaha westward bound,
also Vlconte d'Hauaonvllle, one of the
French commissioners to the Yorktown
Twenty Years Ago
The Omaha Athletic club house was
formally opened on Harney street.
There was much speech making. Tresl
dent George W. Ames began it and was
followed by John M. Thurston, Max
Meyer and J. I. nodlck.
John L. Webster, attorney for the
water works, secured an Injunction from
Judge Dundy of the federal court pre.
venting the Omaha Board of Public
Works from tapping certain water main.
George N. Hicks took out a building
permit for a two-story frame dwelling at
1130 South Thlrty-flrBt street costing
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace gave a coming,
out party for their daughters and their
handsome home was the scene of a gay
festival. Among those present were
Messrs. and Mesdamm Broatch. Kll
patrlek, Squires, McCllntock, Coutant.
(Dr.) Moore. William J. Poppleton;
Messrs. Robert and John Patrick, Frank
Hamilton, Howard Kennedy. Barlow,
Wilson. Adair, Rheem. Deuel. Jordan,
McCague, Arthur Pmltht Misses Balch,
Porpleton. (Shrwood. Parker. Stanton,
Sloore, Chambers. Rawlea, Tost, Mo
Cllntock, Smith. Millard. Dundy. Chand
ler. Brown: Mr. and Mrs. Will Millard
and Dr. and Mrs. Ganen.
John Clark, a counterfeiter In the
county Jail, whose wife was thwsrteA In
a scheme to liberate him by Assistant
United states Attorney Baldrlge.. made a
dash for liberty on his own account, but
was caught and placed In solitary con
finement for his trouble. '
Ten Years Ago
Mr. W. T. Utterback and Mlaa Fannie
Dsnghert.r were married by Rev. Mr.
Walters of Park Avenue Presbytorlan
church at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.
W. Dnngherty. parents of the bride, 1716
Routh Fortieth street.
One of the large weddings of the aeason
was that of Miss Hnnchen Rehfeld. dauffh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Rehfeld, to Mr.
Eugene Levi of Nebraska City at Temple
Israel, Rabbi Flmon performing the cere
mony. About 300 friends were present
Mr. Jo Barton sang "Promise Me." The
bridal procession was led by the ushers,
Messrs. Julius Meyer. Bernard Rehfeld,
George Pollgsohn. Sam Lnbnteln of
Kansas City. Will Biswanger of St. Louis
and Moses Oo'dburg of Kt. Tonh; the
matron of honor, Mrs. Hugo Bnndals; he
bi-taeemald. Mlssea Lou's- Metier. Mettle
Krhfeld. Minnie Myer and Blanche Fhr
man of New Tork, the bride and her
father and Miss Lena Klifeld, maid of
Mre. John Currey entertained the South
Side Whist club In the afternoon at her
Sherman avenue home. , Mr. John T.
Phoning and Mrs. K. A. Bryson were the
prise winners. ,
1). B. Thompson and wife of TJncoln
stopped In Omaha on thMr return from
Europe, where thry spent five months,
milking a tour of the continent.
K. O. Strelght took out a building per
m't for a frxme dwelling ,it Twenty
eighth and Woolworth. to cost $J.50O.
Captain Thomas 6wooo arrival in
Omaha from Washington to nettle up
pome matters before leaving- for Manila.
W. U. Her returned from Nome City,
Alsaka. in whose praises he was very
loud. T
Mra. a II. H. Cl.trk of St. Louis left
for her home after visiting Omaha
People Talked About
Wu-Hu Is breaking Into the date line
as a news center In China. Who a Who
is backed off the celestial map for the
The charm of the off year elect "one for
the party man lies In the fact that If the
returns are cold and gloomy at home toe
sua shines somewhere on the political
Anant the projected war on tipping.
Chicago hotel men say to the commercial
travelers, "Go to It. You started the
bualnree. Let a ae you stop It The ob
la up to you!" Now watch them clinch.
Dosplte the sharp shooting Instinct of
the natives and the spur ot military evo
lutions, a Texan fired eight shote at bis
brother-in-law and never touched him.
Disarmament la overdue In Texas.
Rer. Joseph Lambert, the clergyman
who officiated at the Aster-Force wed
ding, has been frosted from his pulpit In
Providence. It. I. The person rttlrea with
the conviction that publicity not as
prudtable a th.ii a It U cracked up
to te.
Special Sale
-rFor This
TI ffany
Special, one fine blue
white Diamond,
weight 3 M carat,
absolutely pei ict,
worth $850.00
at $600.00
Single atone,
weight H Car
atfine white
Dlan.ond ,.135
One fine white stone,
weight 3Ti carat,
worth $1,000.00, at , $750.00
One fine white Diamond, weight 1 1-1G carat, slightly im
perfect, worth $225.00, at $160.00
All our other Diamonds sold at the same reduced prices.
Baltimore Sun: Baltimore is to lose
the position of honor It has held In pos
sessing the prelate of highest rank In
this country. But. after all, that position
can never be denied It so long as Cardinal
Gibbons lives.
St. Louis Republic: Of course that
American Pope has not been elected yet,
but the day of fulfillment of Dr. Mc
Olyrn'a vision, when his, holiness should
walk down Fifth avenue In a frock coat
and a silk hat." seems nearer than It did,
Washington Post: Archbishops Farley
and O'Connell are richly deserving of the
honor that comes from Rome. The church
In this country la flourishing, and its ad
ditional representation in the sacred col
lege will Infuse a new spirit of devotion
among clergy and laity.
New Tork Times: The Catholic church
man in America who looms largest In
the public eye Is undoubtedly Archbishop
Ireland. The opinion of his fellow citi
zens not of his faith perhaps does not
weigh with the Vatican, but there Is a
suggestion from Rome that the highest
honor in its gift, except one. will not long
be withheld from him.
Springfield Republican: The selection
of Archbishop Farley of New York la no
surprise, but outside of the church that
of Archbishop O'Connell of Boston cannot
be said to have been generally anticipated.
Archbishop Ireland has many friends
among Protestants as well as Catholics
who will regret that his claims havs not
been recognised by the Vatican.
Boston Herald: ' Archbishop O'Connell
Is a man of ripe scholarship, of marked
cultivation and of wide experience, par
ticularly In diplomacy and administration.
The honor which comes to him Is an
honor to the state of which he Is a na
tive, and In particular to the archdiocese
nf Boston, one of the largest In the
country, of which he Is now the head.
Houston Post: The biggest fool In all
the world lives In Kansas City. The
Judge In the Hyde trial rejected a venire
man on the ground that he hadn't sense
enough to be a Juror.
Washington Post: All the world heard
the news when the price of. sugar
Jumped, but It is suspected that the
dropping thereof will receive but acant
publicity In grocery circles.
St. Louis Globe Democrat: Nickel and
10-cent atores are forming a big merger.
The publlo fail to see how nickels and
dimes can be marked up, but have no
reason to doubt the ingenuity of trusts.
Cleveland Leader: A New Jersey mule
drank s gallon ot whisky and then kicked
himself to death. It Is dangerous to
anybody but a native New Jersey demo
crat to monkey with Jersey "forty rod."
St. Paul Dispatch : One of the moat
elequent details In the trust situation :s
the silence which has stricken Chancellor
Day. 81ni;e the Standard Oil decision
were words have proved Inadequate to
express his sentiments.
Louisville Courier-Journal: Chief Crow
Twice from the Fort Peck reservation is
reported to have had a fine time In th
bright light district of St. Paul. He
seems to have lived up to a great name
during the evening, but ie would not
have been recognised upon the morning
fit. Paul Pioneer Press: Baby cabs In
Minnesota cities, according to the at
torney general, are required to carry
front and rear lights In after dark per
ambulations. As the law Is construed,
discrimination against automobiles is not
permissible. The blow Is somewhat soft
ened by the finding that the same rule
applies to wheelbarrows.
Converting an FitHor.
St. Paul Pioneer Pres.
California's first Jury, composed en
tirely of women, has done Itself proud. It
sat in the case of an editor who had
persistently opposed woman suffrage
though that was not the crime he was
charged with Juist then. In thirty min
utes the Jury decided that he was not
guilty. Now the editor Is converted to a
belief in tho ability of women and the
Justice of their cause, and declares that
ha will be a suffrage booster. All of
which should be a lesaon to the militants.
We Give Away
The People's Com ox a Sense Medical
rJi(iih, or Medicine Simplified, by K. V . Pierce, M. L).,
Chief Coasultioi Physician to the Invalids' Hotel and Sur
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rer 500 illustrations, in French cloth binding, to any one sending 31 ooe-oeat
stamps to cover cost of wrapping" sad msilinl mly. Over 680,000 copies o!
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away as above. A new, up-to-date revised edition is now ready for mailing.
Better send NOW, before ell ere gone. Address: World's DisrcMAar
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THE ONE RF.MFDY for womaa'e peculiar aileaeare good ea-ah
that its maker era mot afraid to print oa its outude wrapper its '
every Ingredient. No Secrets No Deception.
THE ONE RFMF-DY for women whioS) oootains no alcohol sod
sm behil-foraniag drags. Made from native Medicinal forest roots
of areU established curative value.
On Diamonds
Week Only
Single Stone, wleght
4 carat fine white
Diamond t-S
New York Post: A London clergyman,
visiting this country, tells his audience
that no successful business man In mod
ern times can be honest. Even In an at
tempt at being sensational, the business
man would find himself hopelessly out
Classed. Chicago Record-Herald: Owing to con
tinued criticism the preacher who mar
ried John Jacob Astor and Madeline Force
has resigned . from the ministry and an
nounced his Intention of going into busi
ness. Did John Jacob furnish the neces
sary capital?
Houston Post: A Chicago minister says
the commandment, "Love one another"
means exactly what it says, even that
every man should love every Woman. We
do not dissent from that view of It, but
we feel It our duty to add that there era
Important qualifications to be observed
merely for the sake of peace and concord.
Springfield Republican: The pope's de
cision to create more American cardinals
has "great significance," says a dispatch
from Rome, and "by some It la asserted
that the way la being paved for the fu
ture advent of the American pope." The
Italian majority In the sacred college
will remain preponderant, no doubt, for
many years to come, but ene cai con
ceive of a situation arising which would
make an American pope seem expedient
to cardinals engaged at some future tlmo
in electing a new bishop of Rome. Euro
pean rivalries might make such a com
promise attractive. And It may be added
that a real American in the chair of
St. Peter plight accomplish a great work
if he tcrved long enough.
"What do you think of a husband who
deceives his wife?'! -: t ;. r, o- .v.i - i.
"lie's a mighty smart man." Boston
"Why are cities referred to in the
feminine always?"
"It may be because some of them pud
their figures." Chicago Tribune.
"The people next door seem anxious to
be friendly."
"How do you get that Idea?"
"They have bustid their phonograph."
11.111. I .in Inat
"I don't like the woman you made ma
take out to supper. 8he has such a way
of pinning you down."
" ui 1 1 n U.I nun lirr.
She's a dressmaker." Baltimore Ameri
can. Customer How much for that suit of
clothes If I puy cash?
Tailor Forty dollars.
Customer How much on credit?
Tailor Klghty dollars. Half of It down.
Toledo Llode.
"Two thousand Americans are said to
be stranded In lxindon."- . .
"Terrible! We must raise a fund."
"It Isn't lack of money. The fact is
that all palace staterooms are engaged
six weeks ahead." Louisville Courier
Journal. Woman (to detective) Why, it was this
way: There came a ring at the door, and
there stood two men who satd they were
from the gas company, Inspecting meters.
They looked so dishonest, i thought they
were, so I let them In! Puck. .
Wife I had a doaen proposals ' before
yours; all from smarter men than you
ire. too.
Hub That Is evident: they all managed
to crawl out of It Boston Transcript.
"I wonder how Adam and Eve came
to name their eldest con Cain," said
"They probably knew what they
were raising," said Dlngbate. Harper's
Henry Wadsworth I-cngfellow.
In the elder cava of Art,
Builders wrought with greatest ears
Eorh minute and unseen part;
For the gods see every where.
Let us do our work aa well.
Both the unseen and the seen;
Make the louse, where gods may dwell,
Beautiful, entire, and clean.
El'e our lives are Incomplete.
Standing n there walla nf Tim,
Broktn st i'.iwava. where the feet
Stumble as they seek to climb.
Build todav, then strong and sure,
V Ith a rt-m and ample base,
And ascending and seicure
Shall tomjrrow find Its plici.
of Cost
Adviser,' ia Plain
m- ' "