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    I UK OMAHA M;M)AV Jr,r,: ;uhJuUil, 1J. liill.
Always Erst ikioitf Si
Make Three Miles a Minute?
Cars of Latest Type
by RRF.v oi.nriEi.n.
fCoprrlfhl. 1911. by Herney OI1fll1 )
Three mllea a minute Is the latest prurn
Sse of Bob" Hurmin, speed km. Two
yr-w alto Burman aallpd for Germany
to arrange for the purchase of the
-greeter blltKn" model of a, Kuropean
make. A few dsys ego ho csWed me thai
the deal hod been cUsed end thnt h
would return to the L'nitrd 8la:-s wltli.r.
a few days with tho new rpced creation.
I am tlmn.ugMy farnille.r with the in
car. having been instrumental In havlnt
the factory plan tho ru-.'tiucttini of the
tV horse-rower rime ann.h.laur. o'"l 1
bolleve that Hunnan will ninUe 6kU h
promise to cover three mllrs In a rmnute
on the nurlda beach. lieient.ilB nie.i
InuKh.d at the picdutlcn a few srs ago
of lo In a minute. In 11 lem.osn
covered the d.siame In .f-SS; tn U
1 clipped the two ml'.rs In .C'i. and laat
April Burma'ii tuintd the trlrk In a I. tile
better than .52. And the intrepid Mich Kan
lad ta um for a three-mile a innate
record with a. I t!io carnrstm In h.i
make-up. and determination h been a
dominant factor In the success of Jtur
man aa a raclns driver. There ! ns s.ich
a thing aa a limit to speed, C at In. r.oi
until a mljo 1 covered In nothlnB or
better." In the early day of a jloinobile
racing the scientific crowd un-d to -art
ne nearly to death with the d.p!ay of a
1(H llt of flKurrn which they told rrfe
represented tho solution f the problem
of ccntrifuRal force' as applied to tires
and wheels and that whin 1 attained a
speed of a mile a minute rn a circular
tia-k there would be work for the under
taker. lHit tires properly madn and ap
plied to the proper rim with plenty o( ,
iis la Just as anfo at 1 miles an hour
a at a mile a minute Ball- 1 hardly be
lieve that Uarmiin can stand the strain three miles at " a terrific speed,
but I am punitive that he ean brln his
mark of .I'H tnr the mil down to '
.-nds. When he left for Europe It we
"Wild Rob's" Intention to make hia
ualghtaway trial at Dayton aomo time
In l-'ebruary or March.
I talked to a famous motorcycle rldo:
lh other cay. The motor rider was
amhuuing over tho possibilities of a
motorcycle covering a mile faster than a
giant automobile. It will bo recalled that
Clenn Curtis", the noted aviator, claimed
to have ridden a ml'.e on ''the kayloha
leach In lees than 27 eeconds In The
trial waa not offlc.ully timed, being made
M a private effort, but Ciirtlss had two
experienced men checking him. The
aviator has often told me that a motor
cycle fitted with an elgM-cyl?iider en
Mine could negotiate tho mile Journey on
Ui Florida aands In 13 or S4 seconds.
Opinion seems to be divided as to whether
a motorcycle eould get euff.clent traction
t hUh speed with so little weight. One
thing la certain, however, the next year
will witness some remurkable bursts of
eV-ed. ,
It has been definitely decldtd by the
directors of the 11.000.000 Indianapolis
perdway to atage a t'O.OOO race on Decor
ation day, 1912. Tha dare-devils sra not
to ba asked to yompete In a race for a
paltry $J3,0 puree. The winner Is to re
ceive $20,000 and even' tha driver who
finishes twelfth will be rewarded with
I1.00O Id gold. The neat ' thing wa know
they will be recruiting drivers from Wall
afreet. The raca In to be at a distance of
tyio mllca, same aa tha event last Decora
tion day and will be open to non-stock
vara of 000 cubic Inch dlanlacement and
under. The field will be limited to thirty
atarters and all entrunts must show
aeventy-flve mlle an hour or better for
a full circuit vt the track, which 1 two.
and one-half miles. Only two cara of the
aame make will be allowed In the race
and the flrnt thirty to enter will comprise
the field; those unable to qualify will bo
replaced from the overflow list. Last
i May there were over forty amrters and
' many of the cars were wrecked through
faulty steering geara and through being
1 Improperly constructed. For net yeafe
j rsce one of the greatest automobile en
gineers In the Industry will Inrpect the
i entire lot or nominations and disqualify
those likely to couee aceldenta through
Klvlng away of aome vital spot. Taktn In
all. the next race at lndlanapolla will
be conducted along lines more thorough
thuiv pre ailed this year. The promoters
have learned much from experience and
I believe there will be few accidents In
the 1VU classic.
Savannah automobllUts predict that the
course for tho Grand Prise and Vander
1.1 a cup races will ba a revelation to the
rueing drivers. The .hustling southerner
have epont thousands of dollars on the
toorse In an effort to hava tha world s
record broken during the big race. The
course is much longer than the Sunt a
ili,.ka triangle, on which tha world-a
jreord was made by llcrrlik three woeks
a;.o. and. of course, th'.s la an advantage.
titit the surface of the Santa Monica
cout-se la absolutely smooth and Is ao
n .!' like asphalt that It was not even
n c.niary to una oil to lay dust.
From what I can learn Ilia cars for the
tJi'end I'rlse will be much less powerful
si. J heavy than pieviounly, though the
t-i.gmva ill uevcJop more sp-ed thau
any of the former nominations. Of course
ti ts will help a lot towards preventing
iIja cuuie belnu rut to ribbons In some
of Hie soft spots which always are found
on a toad course. Again, the dlstanc of
uM'ruximatu'y i mllea is agalnet the
ct.(iiicr of lowciir.g the Banta Monica
n.ujk. which was made at a distance of
rJ mllea. Many wafers are being made
aioong thoao lnteresied In record on the
aveiage of the tirar.d 1'iiie tailor when
)..; had covered half the great distance.
elgn factories. Tha mechanical "high
brows" will bo g'jets of honor at many
banquet and gatherings and will prob
ably Impart few of the Yankee secrets
of manufacturing while abftorblng from
the Europeans much that will be useful
to their employers and of great benefit
to the purrhssers of rsrs.
There Is ono portion of the contest
rules which should be changed beforo
Fanctlon la granted for the Indlannpolla
sweepstakes event. It Is that cla.ialflea-
tlon which enables a promoter to put a
minimum restricting on tho entrants. As
it now stands a car to bo eligible for the
rnce rr.uM weigh at le.nt 2.000 pounds. If
a manufacturer can produce a car of
great power and endurance, but of ex
tremely light weight and with the chnnoe
of little tire trouble, surely t should bo
permitted to race It against the larger
cars. Compd an entrant to prove his
car Is practlr&l, hut after he has done
this there should be nothing to discourage
the building of 11k lit cars.
I'realdetit Taft Is a dyed In the wool
speed enthusiast. I have talked with half
a rioscn motorbitn who drove the presi
dential cur durlnr; portions of Mr. Taft's
tour t,t the country. All of them told me
that the president never objected to fast
riding and often requested them to "hit
It up" on good stretches.
1 am touring this weelt along the Olid-
den tour trail on my way to Atlanta and
Savannah. The excessive rainfall has
made the roads almoqt Impaxvable In
many places. How the Olidilen tourists
ever got over tho route with any perfect
scoro cara In the lot Is a mystery to mc.
Burely they could not have been any
penalty for the use of "cuss' words.' Hu
the fried chicken and southern hoa
pltullty I receive more than makes up for
tho hardships encountered along the high
Arrangements Made .
For Races in Havana
NEW YORK, Nov. 11 All arrangements
have now been completed for the opening
of the new racing plant at Havana. Cuba
The date of the opening has been changed
so that the racing will commence on
Thursday, December II. tn place of Frr
day, December 1T, aa first scheduled. This
will make It one day earlier and will give
plenty of time for the shipment of the
horses from all racing centers and give
them a chance to be rested tip before be
ing asked to race over the strange going.
It has also been decided not to clore the
stakes until November 27, which will give
owners plenty of time to make arrange
ments before shipping and will not Inter
fere with their buslnera while the meet
ings at Lalonla and Norfolk are being
carried out. There vlll be twenty-seven
stakes, which will rang In value from
Il.titX) to IT..O00. and will be attractive to
all owners.
At the present time the schedule of
racing will be from December II to March
SI ; ' there will be seventeen daye' racing
In December, twenty-nine duya In Jan
uary, twenty-nine duya In February and
thirty-one days In march. This will make
aa nice a season aa ono could wish for
and will give the horsemen plenty of
time to hip bavk to Norfolk for the
spring meeting of the Jamestown Jockey
club, which will be followed by rimllen
and then on the Canadian tracks.
Mashed with a Itasor,
wounded with a gun, or plereed by a
msty nail, Uucklen'a Arnica Halve heals
the wound. Guaranteed, 25c. For aale
by Beaton Drug Co.
3 zmz, SRawrr by ja cufzj-dArrzzY co, fen, jsjz
Athletic Soloni Will Gather in New
York to Legislate.
Propnaals Will Make Kvery Athletic
Hob, College and Athlete Alt Vp .
and Notice Wllhoat Aid
of Alarm Clock.
NEW YOIIK, Nov.ll.-Wat pronrlseg to
be the most exciting1 meeting held In
years by the Amateur Athletic union la
rcheduled for the Waldorf-Astoria on
Monday, November 20. On that date the
athletic solons will gather In annual con
erencc, and according to the present
. lans aome legislative bombshells will be
.Ired that should aroure comment wher
ever spiked ahnes are worn those days.
At this meeting the Amateur Athletic
union executives propose to read Into tho
constitution aome reforms which are not
only extremely dratlo and needed, but
so radical withal that every athletic club,
college and athlete will pit tip and take
notice without the aid of an alarm clock.
It la the plan of the reformers to In
corporate Into the Amateur Athletlo
union code a number of new rules for
the belter governing of amateur track
and field athletics, two of which are ex
ceptionally draatlo and should make for
a much-needed reformation In the ath
letlo club sphere. The first of these calls
for an athlete who leaves a club affili
ated with the Amateur Athletlo union ta
compete for two years unattached beforo
he I eligible to join another club, and the
second specifies that no athlete pursuing
a course In any college or university shall
bo eligible for membership In an athletic
club so long ns he Is attending a colic go
or university either a an undergraduate
or as a post-graduate atudent.
The proposed amendments to the Ama
teur Athletic union constitution covering
these reforms are worded as follows for
the consideration of the Amateur Ath
letic union delegates when they convene
on November SO.
"Amend article x, section 1, paragraph
2, to read as follows:
"In all open competition a student at
tending a utilvcrHlty, college, school or
other educational Institution must repre
sent his educational Institution, and tin
less he bus graduated he shall not be
allowed to represent a club or other or
ganisation u.vtil he files with the regis
tration rommlttctt a certificate that his
period of scholarship In the educational
Institution has finally terminated."
"Amend article x, section 2, to read as
follows: ,
"No one Khali l.e eligible to compete
In any athletic meeting, games 0r .en
tertainment given or sanctioned by this
union unless he ehnll be a duly registered
athlete and a member of the organiza
tion from which he enters; nor shall any
member of any club In this union be al
lowed to compete as a repreoentatlve of
such club in case he has within two
' ears competed as a member of any other
club unless said club shall have disbanded
or practically ceased to exist, or unless
he has taken a bona fide residence In an
other district of this union.
Aa to Residence,
"No persons shall be eligible to com
pete for or enter any competition as a
member of any club In tho territory of
j.ny active member of this union unless
lie -shall have resided within tho terri
tory of said active member, and shall
have filed with the registration commit
tee of said active member a certificate
of residence at least four months previ
ous to entering for competition.
"No person shall, be eligible to enter
or compete In any district championship
meeting unlers ho shall have been a
bona fide resident of such district, and
shall have filed a certificate of his resi
dence with the registration committee of
auch district at least six months prior to
the holding of auch championship meet
ing; provided, however, that undergradu
ates of an educational Institution shall
not be limited by this restriction, but
shall be eligible for the championship
meeting of the district In which the edu
cational Institution Is located; provided,
also, that a registered athlete who has
resigned from a club that Is a member
of the' Amateur' Athletlo union shall for
two years after such resignation be en
titled to compete In the championship
meetings of the district In which he has
been a bona fide resident for at least six
months' prior to the hoUlln's of such
championship meetings."
Des Moines Team on
Market Once More
Presto, rhango! The dopesters had tho
Des Moines situation settled for next
season. Comlsl-ey owned the team and
Duffy would run It a the training Bchool
for the White Sox recruits, when all of
a suddon Duffy announces he has signed
to manage Milwaukee In the American
OKBoelutlon, tlun Norrls O'Neill, nt least
the nominal purchaser of the Des Moines
franchise from Father Jawn HlgRlns, an
nounces the team for sale at the cute
little figure of $20.ou0. Still, It la not
proved that Commy riot-l nit own It.
Why couldn't tho Old lloMfti now step in
nnd act as the i(iirchaser from O'Neill?
Well, let ua hope that a live man gets
the team before the guns: rings.
So far there la a dearth of entries for
tin big race, and I doubt If nolo than
twelve cara at the Puuklo will gj to the
pott. Ti ls Is duo In a laige measure to
I l.e number of events which have been
run within tho Ui.t fow wli. There
a Uriie wli u a manufacturer coulu
ti,n r a race In a modest manner, and If
bo loMt, the cost would not be heiv;
rnoigh to count. Hut now it Is different,
luu-lug must either be dune on an ex
pensive and elaborate scale or cot at alL
With a big road race being run every
few weeks during the latter part of tug
iuioa the drain baa been heavy on many
of the makers who find that they have
fur exceeded the appropriation for racing
iDd early tn the eeasoik That Is why
tl.o Indianapolis promoters ate euxloua
to run their event at the real oiwoinjc
uf tiie ktaie.ii. The manufacturers are
ely to race and have aper.l nous vt
li new season's racing fundi.
V.ilf members vt tha Society of Auto- :
imc-Lt: Jlng Inters are on the ocean eo
route to Kngland. France and Germany 1
f r the purpose of visiting the Kuropeaa (
c -jtuini bile shows and golug tbxuugb f or-j
Tine Yeaif-aipoiiod Caf
l.r-; V.. .-7 '. ? ! Tr-T'-T!; .JV..-"?
er...-:C '1'. , - " : " " ;"-''f ''-'""TVS
Roadstcr-40 II. P.-531.773.00
Viherc for less than $300 nore cai you ssvj. s sj:h sriliciliois ?
Kutenber motor; Hosch magneto: Warner Iran nilsion: fiont axle Tin. kin; rear axle Tlnikln, full floating: Tim
kin bearings throughout; H.hwarts wheels; Splcvr universal joints; c lutch, vune, leather faced; double drop fraine.
Cellular radiator; Tire, painting and upholstering optional. Tlrea- iixi. ,
' ' :- ' " ; i u's 'v l
'VjUi- f ; A')
Touring Car-40 H. P. -31,775.00
r? r lltfll.AM f ..A.:iev afA Distributors
1. UyilLUII WU. 20(1-11 Naroey SI.
Z etiagtoa k Valfe.
Dstrult Motor Car.
.i : . .7 .. . . . r WtJiV'Y' ' . . ;:i. I . kv?e.X ' i ws-t-.-w-r-
pPp FbkIcuI $710 yP
shield, ren '-raillBhta and genera-0 tOP' Uy' S
lor. o.'l ittinj.h, tools and hnrr,. - sm S
klZZMxv Kctir eji ;icc: i 20 Tt. i., aKdltig- l:s -N
gears, iicaLlv n p.ip'.eto. "'lilrv-f?raaMssS'
Tlio Ilupmobilo Iturieibout 'is the first
of its' typo today ns truly as it was
in its first season.
Xo other enr of its class lias attained,"
even briefly, the prestige which 'at
once made the Iluptnobih; the stand
ard of runabouts.
The Ilupmobile Kunabout is a perma
nent model.
lis popularity is ennanent.
m- 1 1 i e
xne ueraana ior it is
pennanent undis
turbed . by the dis
tractions of other
models and con
stantly growing.
To meet this increas
ed demand, we are
building a new plant
of thrice the capa
city of our present
Some fifteen thous
and owners, most of
them users of run
abouts, form a constituency that has
established permanently the extraor
dinary excellence of the Ilupmobile.
They never tire of tolling of the
(staunchness of their cars of their
unfailing service of their remark
able economy.
ou find these owner3 on every hand from
one end of tbJa country to the other; evea
across the seas, for the Ilupmobile has found
a welcome at the very ends of the earth
' alongside of tho beat of Europe's produc
F. O. H. Detroit. Including cornplf to equip
ment of top, wlndhhleld, Kas headlights and
generator, oil lamps, tools and horn; 110-ln.
wlieelbase, two passenger body, with Ras
oliue tank and highly finished steel tool
nnil accessory box mounted on rear elerk.
'l'ho lmprpRsive porformancce of tho World
Tourins? Hupinobile have given rise to a
perslHtent call, lrom all porta of the coun
try, for a Hupmoblle Koaclster with tho
name rhaspla and the longer W'hcclbase of
the frlobe-girdllng car.
So, here you have It a Roadster with the
speolficatlona proved so marvelously effici
ent In the 25.1100 miles of land travel cred
ited to the Hupmohlle Touring car and tho
thousands of Touring cars In . use in all
parta of the World.
The Ilupmobile is thorough-built
from top to
tire. ,
It will continue to be so
as. long aa money can
buy fino materials and
skilled workmanship.
If you are not already
familiar with the good
qualities of the Hup
moblle at first hand, by
all means let us make
them known to you noty
through our local rep
resentative. Hupp motor Gar Go.
Detroit, Michigan
WiJL Huffman Automobile Company
Omaha, Neb. Sieux City, Iowa.
Distributers for Nebraska, Soulh Dakota and Western Iowa
Mitchell Big. SIx
7 Passengers-50 Horse Power-$2,250
No one had the nerve to follow us when we
started to build the Big Six two years ago. And no one has
had the nerve to do it yet. We arc still absolutely alone in the building of
a Big Six Cylinder, seven-passenger touring car for so little money as $2,250.
The Big Six has everything that the high-cost cars have
it's running like an Elgin watch it's making good, ivith emphasis, in
every kind of country, and it is within the reach of the average man. As long as it has
every detail that the auto-heart desires, what's the use paying twice $2,250 for some other
car, just because Percy Van Loon has one?
This car will serve the richest man in the world and
give him the same satisfaction as any other car built. miHiens can't buy him tny tntre.
The car that gives him the maximum sathfac.iin at the minimum cost is the lexical business buy
and that s the Mitchell Bin Six. Jf 't'v thrtt thousand instances t prove it. Roll this
over in your mind before you make your decision and see what tl, 250 will buy you elsewhere.
The Big Six is equipped with top, Splitdorf dual ignition system, 5
lamps, generator, horn, jack and complete set of tools. This equipment is included in
the list price of $2,250. You don't have to hustle off to a supply man and spend perhaps
$200 more for accessories. The car is complete.
Specifications: 50 horse power, six cylinders, 130-inch wheel-base,
selective type transmission, full floating type of rear axle, standard universal rims, 36x43
tires, 56-nch tread (60 inches optional), fore-doors; oiler self-contained in crank case.
The Mitchell Full Line:
Mitchell Getabout, 2-pass., 25 h.p. $950 1 Mitchell 5-pass., 30 h.p. touring $1,350
Mitchell 4-pass., 30 h.p. touring 1,150 Mitchell Baby Six, 40 h.p., 5-pass. 1.750
, Mitchell Big Six, 50 h.p., 7-pass. $2,250