Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 11, 1911, EDITORIAL, Page 14, Image 14

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The '.omaiia Daily uke
rorxiEi by aiu hosewatmi.
F.ntrd at Omaha oslo?fW'e at seconJ
rlas matter.
Sunday bee, on year H
Kuturusjr lire, in, cr lM
lmily Pea (without Kundayl, one j ear. 4 0
llly ie anJ Sun.lav, one veur 6 w
Kvealn He (w;th Sunday), per month. 2V
rally H (Includinn Sunday), per mo..';
.Dally lie million! Similar ). per mo....4V
Address all rnmplslms of Irreg jlarUlaa
la delivery tn Cltv Circulation 1'ept.
Remit by draft express or pnatal order,
payable to The iee Publishing rompanr
Only l-rent stamps received In payment
of small arcounta. Personal checks, en
cpt rn Omaha and taatern eachame, not
Omaha The Bee Pullrtlns;.
outh Omaha-K13 N St.
t-ouncll fluffs U Scott fit.
IJncoln n Ijttla Ilulldlnir.
"hlcanolM Marquette Hul!dlnf.
Kansas City Reliance TMIldlnit
New York-S4 Wrst Thirty-third.
Washlnmon T roorteenth St., N. W.
Pommunlcatlona relating to news and
editorial matter ehoti'd be addroaaed
Omaha Dee, Ed'tnrtal Pepartment.
State of Nebraska. County of Douflaa, as.
UWiicht VV liliama. circulation manager
tit The Bee Puhllnhlna' company, beintj
dulv saorn, aya that the average dally
circulation. Irf spoiled, unused and re
turned ooplea for tha month of October,
1SU, was (4.703.
Circulation Manager.
. Subscribed lu my prcsi-ae and orn to
before me thH 1st dav of November. 1911.
Notary public.
vbacrlbcra learlnsj the eltr
temporarily aboaH hare Tha
llee mailed t (hem. Addreaa
will ba chanced aa of tea aa
' Thus far Armenia baa not joined
the Turks la repressing Italy.
; When bribery Is confessed it la
aually by the bribed, not the briber.
Come again, teacbera, and come
ften. Don't wait. for a apeclal in
vitation. Nebraska's school toachera also
Wave a noticeable air of prosperity
bout them.
' No one has heard that Tammany
fcas skinned its tiger and offered the
pelt for sale.
Developments In the vicinity of
the Omaha poBtotfice ought to be
forthcoming pretty soon.
, Mr. Balfour could never have been
disciple of "Uncle Joe" or he would
Bot have retired under fire.
"Uneasy rests the head that wears
the crown" may not be said of the
6-year-old Chinese emperor.
' Aviator Hodgers put one over on
the railroads In making that coast-to-toast
flight on a free pasa. ,
'Tea, what about those Illegal reg
istrations of poor farm Ionia tea pro
cured by the democratic bosses r
As erring aa is human wisdom,
most men go astray when they do not
follow their own better Judgment.
Refusal to be annexed means that
South Omaha will alt by and watch,
Omaha try out the commission plan
With all the towna fallen In China
that the dispatches have reportod,
the empire's back ought to be broken
by now.-
Government officials have seized
two carloads of Maraschino cherries.
Even our cocktails are not safe from
ttis pur food law.
, If both Italy and Turkey were to
attack us. Uncle Sam could match
their combined strength with Just
four of bis battleships.
. With the confusion of noises in
CbinaTrlposrand the United States,
''President" Madcro slipped into
office without being heard.
: If Mr. Morgan thinks It Is hard to
unscramble eggs, what must the de
feated candidate for office think
about undoing the returns?
t ; i
Dr. Cook sava he will buv
a farm
and live on it. Well, back
to the
' farm Is a good thing, even
by the
round-about way of, the North Pole.
. If Mr. Harmon Is thinking of re
maining in the race he should ask his
Wall street friends to recall that
boom let for "Harmon and Littleton."
; The Atlanta Constitution empha
sises the world's need right now for
cotton. With the mercury steadily
falling, wool is likewise coming Into
J The fact that the American flag
may not wave In Canada does not
prevent It from waving over the
home of the brave and the laud of
the free.
! It turns out that Omaha had a big
registration, but a short vote. Ap
parently,, tha man who has to bj
driven to the registration ' booth
pecds a follow-up system to get him
to cast Ms ballot.
t ' -
' One thing the selection of Omaha
as the ineetis; !aee of the State
Teachers' ; association has accom
plishedit has brought JJncoln to
the point of presenting the sihool
xua'ams and schoolmasters with oou
tociilere to cultivate their friendship.
Teachers an: Politics.
Much ado Is made- over a dcrlara
tlon endorsed by the nohool teachers
In stsslon here to make the office
of state superintendent appointive
rather than elective "In order to take
It out of polltlca."
We sympathize with the desire of
our schoolmen to steer clear of polit
ical shoals, but how much further an
appointed state superintendent would
be from politics than an elected atate
auperlntendent is decidedly open to
question. It would depend entirely
upon whom the appointment de
volved, for we aee appointive officers
engaging just as actively In politics
as those with whose political for
tunes they are allied. Politics are
not always distinguishable by the
well known party labels. It has
been charged, even, that there U pol
itics In teachers' associations, al
though the lines may not be drawn
merely between republicans and dem
ocrata. So far aa Nebraaka la concerned,
the office of state superintendent Is a
constitutional office, and can bo
changed only by constitutional
amendment, which Is a slow process.
As we aee it, the independence of our
schools and educational institutions,
and of thoe In charge of them, turns
not so much on the source of appoint
ment or election as upon the tenure.
Here In Omaha the whole teaching
force of our public school has been
practically taken out of politics by
establishing a permanent tenure list
reached through satisfactory aervlce
during a probationary period, after
which removals may be only for
cause. We aee no reason why the
same plan should not apply to prin
clpalshlpa and superintendences by
observing rules of promotion, and
affording civil service protection.
There should be no need of reap
pointment or re-election every year
or two, and under such conditions
the competent, conscientious and
efficient educator would not have to
waste much time on politics.
Lonr and Short Haul Puzzle Again.
I be first serious clash between the
Interstate Commerce commission and
the new Court of Commerce comes In
the lattcr's granting of a temporary
injunction against the order of the
commission In the Spokane and Iteno
rato cases. Theso are the notable
eases that Involve the "back haul,"
and nioro especially the long and
uhort haul propositions. The. belief
Is that before the case is finally de
termined it will have to go to the
supreme court. The principle of the
long and short haul Is so vital that
ruling by the court of last resort is
defilrsble, so the railroads and the
government may have au -established
precedent to go by.
The Importance of the long and
short haul principle is evident in the
fact that the power given to the com
mission by this section of the Mann
Elklns Interstate commerce act Is
second only to the commission's
power to restrain advances in rates.
Congress has never been willing to
say that under no circumstances
might a railroad charge more for a
short haul than for a long haul, but
neither has It in the new law given a
definite rule to guide the commission
and the roads. The old law offered
some guidance by declaring that such
ratea might not be made "under oub
stantloily similar circumstances and
conditions," but those qualifying
words are stricken out of the new
law. That seems to have left the
commission to determine under Just
what circumstances the long and
short haul principle might be disre
garded, and now that the ruling of
the Court of Commerce denies this
ultimate authority to the commission
nothing Is left but to seek final
arbitrament of the supreme court.
On Bunainj a Corner.
Keenest iutest awaits th su
preme court's response to the gov
ernment's plea for a decision pro
claiming as the law of the land that
"running a corner" on a stock ex
change la a violation of the Sherman
anti-trust law. This follows the an
nouncement that the Department
JUBtice would undertake to prev
corners In wheat and other irnin.
the ground that they were ronspl
cies in restraint of trade, though
point arises In the are urn twit nf
specific cases against Jamea A Patten
and others charged with conspiracy
to corner cotton in 1910.
Two vital questions are brought
out In the hearing before the supreme
court One Is. Would It h in vitia
tion of law to conspire to force prices
uuwu wen aa upT The second is,
Would it be an Illegal conspiracy if
planters or producers combined to
control prices? Both questions were
asked by Chief Justice White and left
unauawered. They surely will re
ceive attention before the hearing is
disposed of.
To the laymen It would scorn to be
Just at bad to lower prices as to raise
them when for the same wrongful
purpose of cornering thk market.
The bears or today may be the bulls
of tomorrow. They are slmty rela
tive rerm, which mean the same
thing in the eud pooling the, play.
Often It la necessary to lower prices
before they can be raised As for
planters or producers combining to
control prices, It was admittedly don
by a few southern cotton planters
last year, and Mr. Bryan acme years
ago advised the California raisin
growers to form their own trust. But
nelthur case offers conclusive Justi
fication for the set, unles It be held
thdt the end Justifies the means.
Sceinj the Bright Side.
For guidance on the i-md to liajpIneM
commend us to the same politician or
partisan newt-pantT on the rn irnlntf after
tlectlnn. Douglas county went repub
llran by upward of 2n, ami there was
little In tha atate return to encouraaa
a democrat. Hut the cVm n ratic candi
date for eherlff letd. To read
the World-Herald double-column an
nouncement ,f the fai-t one would eup
Poe this the only thine to the election.
State, county, evnrythina H ne but what
matter? McShane wan mivrd, Kt Jjy be
uncjiiflned. Thla la the trim ay rlt that
hcara the munlc of the phonograph while
duaf to tha raep. Km pen of th.a and
pcsklmlam will vanish from tho earih.
Lincoln Journal.
Still, why not? Why should any
one begrudge our democratic friends
the consolation they may draw from
riveting their eyes upon the one
small ray of light that presses
through their curtain of darkness?
Vo know how it Is ourselves, for
last year, when Douglas county gave
the high man on the democratic
ticket nearly 10,000 majority, we re
publicans managed to find balm. In
one lone county commlssionershlp
left to us out of the scrap henp. But,
lo, and behold, thla lone place on the
county board has now been aug
mented by the addition of two oth
ers, making three out of five, and
transferring the control of county
affairs back Into republican hands.
But the wheel of politics always
continues to revolve. There will be
other yeara and other elections, and
we reserve the right to crow, no mat
ter what happens, and we probably
crow leas loudly now when the bird
of victory perches on our banners,
not knowing how long she will bo
content to sit there.
A Suffragette Experiment.
The wife of Mayor-elect Blanken-
burg of Philadelphia Is eald to he a
suffrugette, with the determination
of sharing her husband's official nu
thorlty. Critics of tho new mayor
have gone so far as to predict that
Mrs. Blankenburg will be mayor.
That must be pure speculation, or,
perhaps, peeve, duo to defeat. If
ahe Is a suffragette, then It is safe to
say she will share her I.usband's re
sponsibility at least, Insofar as offer-
lug suggestions goes, and tho major
does not deny that ho will be open to
receive suggestions.
But what if the mayor's wife does
take an active hand In ber husband's
official dutlw? , Aud wlio knows how
many wlvos arolhelplng to guide the
hands of our mayors or governors, or
Other public , officials? Them are
cases where, Tio mader what tho
woman's lnfluewpe .injjght be, her ad
vice, or even dictation, could scarcely
make things worBe. What higher
service could a good wife render hor
husband than helping him to avoid
mistakes In his business, and if she
can do that, Is alio then not helping
tho city or the state?
If Mrs. Blankenburg Is a suffra
gette, as reported,' It Is a foregone
conclusion that sho will bo concerned
In her husband's new, position, for
she is a woman of strong convictions
or she would not be a suffragette.
So here Is a chance to try out suf-
fragettcism by a Gort of proxy, aud
If It works well on poor old Philadel
phia It may be worth trying elso
whero when things look otherwise
The refusal of South Omaha to be
annexed puts several problems up to
our Water board. Is South Omaha
to be served with water at same ratea
aa Omaha? If we have a water
famine, must Omaha deny itself to
keep South Omaha f-om Buffering?
If South Omaha wants extensions
and betterments will it have to wait
till Omaha's needs are taken care of?
Yep, nothing to do till tomorrow.
Our amiable democratic contem
porary seems to think that the de
feated democratic candidates for dis
trict Judge have quallflc 1 for any
thing they want by going up againBt
a hopeless race without wlnclug. Our
advice, however, la for some of them
to think twice before entering the
lists where there would be a real Is
sue Inviting tho unobscured search
light of publicity.
The frantic efforts of our Lincoln
frlenda to hammer down Frank L.
Ilaller'a candidacy for regent simply
because he Uvea In Omaha fulled mis
erably In accomplishing the object.
Unless we mlsa our gueas.'lr. Hallor
will have the biggest majority of any
one In the running when the official
returns are canvassed.
On again, off again. Judge Dean,
whom the democratic World-Herald
elected Thursday, only to take it
back Friday, may coutinue to pass
out his cards labeled "Formerly su
preme court Judge."
Taklnar Troahlea to Policeman.
, Baltimore American.
Turkey wants ua to stop Italian artocl.
Ilea. In tha end they all come to tell their
troubles to the big International police
man. Hauitlns .allanal l'rld.
St. Loum Ulobe-l-H-moei at.
Tha great naval displays on tha At
lantic and Paclflo coasts are not of inu -h
benefit to the Interior of the country, ex
cept to provoke a aort of long-diatance
admiration for Anglican prowess.
Oaly MeeoMrf-ltalrra.
Indlanapolla News.
I A per capita riiisuiiiptlnii of W09 gal.
ins of beer a year In this country sounds
ratJier alarming until we learn that the
pr capita consumption In tiulclum la U.t
gallop, and then we are lncl.ned to be
astounded at our own moderation.
ll'OokinBacWanl j
IhisDay in Omaha
r COMPILED l ltOM Ot'.t, FILES "j
z5 xov.'i i. Lcrsisd
Thirty Year Ago
A brilliant reception was e"!vn by "Mr.
rul Mrs. Wool worth to their daughter,
Ml Jeannle Wool worth, at their ri al
ienee on fct. Mary' avenue. The party
was largely full dress, and the ceatumos
Hirtlcularly beautiful. Miss Carrie Mll
.ard wore an exqulHto pale blue amah
with passementerie trimming; Mies Wool
worth, a beautiful Tartu muslin trimmed
with Spanixh lace; SIlss Kena Mote, pa.e
pink silk, white lare trimming; Mia.
t'arlr, white vilk brocade trimmed Willi
pearl pasi-ementerle with diamond orna
tr.ente; Mlsa Touzalln, black lace; M Ins
Clary, pale blue silk; Miss Etta Wella,
pink satin; Mis lieiiln, white llk
tilrnmed with ruby velvet; Mifs baundeis,
Ivoiy white; Misa Wells, pale blue Bilk;
Mlna llariBcom. white rllk; Mlsa Laku,
while aurah and luce; Miss lyottle Cona
tion, pale bluo llk, Mlsa ltoddls, white
nun'i veiling. About fifty couplci at
tended and danced until lung after mid
night. The hall of the Young- Mechanics' club
of the Union Pacific shops took place at
eltamlard hall. Tha committee on arrange
ments Included J. c. Muhoncy, M. Flem
ing, J. I'.yan, J. Murphy.
A alight blaxa In riaxe's drug store at
the corner of Farnam and Thirteenth
streets waa axtliiKuUhed by a pall of
water after the inflammable nature of a
turpentine liniment had been proved.
BaHtbound Union Pacific train was
eight hours late on account of snow.
Llptherla and mumps are prevalent
with the children of the city just now.
u. A. 1'lercy. a stove man, is confined
to his room from the effects of a serious
Hed Line car No. 4 with a load of lady
pasacngers got off the track at F.fleenth
street siding early this morning, and net
tled the breakfast of tho occupant
pretty thoroughly.
A. W. Mutton and Miss Kdna C. Hur-
chard were united In marriage by Judge
Itlley. 'Uoth bride and groom are ful-
owera of the "art preservative."
E. V. Vlnlng has gone east with his
little, daughter, who will' join hor mother
at Clifton Springs, N. Y.
P. C. Euckus. proprietor of the -cent
store. Is about to remove to 1209 Farnam
street In the room formerly occupied by
A. L. fhimiK. ' canvass of the late election
polled In liouglus county shows a total
votn of approximately 4 500. Court house
bonds carried by a majority of 812.
Eeveral changes have occured In mail
agents on the Union Pacific S. It
Fletcher taking the run between Hastings
und Indlnnola; E. A. Crane between
On. aha and Ogden In place of K. P. Iley
nolds, and O. W. Hoyle has also r e
celvrd an appointment on the same run;
3. 8. Hcebe la transferred to the Sidney
division. '
Twenty Yeara Ago
Itobeit P. Hamilton, the well known
contractor and builder, waa united In
marriage to Miss Claia A. Martin at the
residence of E. A. Mum, the guardian of
tho bride, 1S18 Ulnney atreet. Mr. and
Mrs. Hamilton took up their dwelling at
Nineteenth and Blnney streets.
-The Goodrich club gave Its third riajiclmr
'arty ' at Ooodrloh hall. Among those
uescnt were Mishes Laura lilvlne. Mv
Robinson, I 'earl Keeoe, I.ydia Parker
Cva Coombs, Anna Devlne, Blanche
filing wood, Wilms, Uaker, Putnam,
iwiuher and Velelu. and Messrs. Frank
Seaercst. Frank Potter, Fred Simpson,
vviiuam I oaten. Jill v MrReth
Helen, Harry Patrick. Smith. ' nmv
and Outertag.
Rev. W lllard Soott. former nastor nf fit
Mary'a Avenue Congregational church'.
rriveu trom Chicago and was the guest
f Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Connell.
Superintendent of Fohoola Fltznatriiir
via' visiting the schools of St. Paul and
Reports were current that a n-iiiir.
dollar1 beet sugar factory waa about to
oe established In Omaha. The organisa
tion was In the hunda of S. M. South-
worth, "a well known Maaaachusetta
uublness man."
Ten Years Ago
A trunk containing fins wearlna an.
parol, soma of whloh wars weddin -.
ments, was rifled by a tnunn whom vtr.
James Koenlg, tiUS Harney street, be-
irienaea. i ne trunk was In aa outhouae.
R. J. Clancy, chief clerk to' Onv-mnr
Savage, arrived from Kansas City, whera
ne attended the Prison Reform associa
tion. , .
The dliiiicr of the board of
of Ak-Sar-en at the den was ono of tha
mum auceensiui oi similar events ever
given. Among tho vlaltora waa Senator
Dietrich. These candidates for election
to tha board were named by President
fry; Arlhur Oulou, Rome Miller, J. M.
Hendrle. H. A. Thompson. T. C. llyrne,
R. C. Howe. C. M. Wllhelm. Elmer
Bryson and M. F. Funkhouser. Before a
vote waa taken Gould Diets, Jamea A.
Martin, and George P. Cnink were nomi
nated by acclamation, leaving aix places
to be filled, and these wera dwelared filled
by th selection of Messrs. MUer. Hirn
Wllhelm, Funkr.oufer. Hendiij and Howe.
Then the oratory followed.
Mlsa MlllK'tnt Edwards, 18 years of age,
2011, Grace atteet, was awakened from
her night's aieeu ut 4 a. tn. by u masked
burglar, who had been searching for
valuubUs between tha mattrcea and
springs of her bed. He hUsed. "If you
cry out 1 II kill you; krep still and you're
sute." He had a pistol. She didn't mean
to, but she look the ahort end and cried
out. And she didn't get killed, olther.
Her brother, is. E. Edwards, hastened
toward her room and brushed elbowa with
the burglar en route. The kind burglar
also ottered to let Mr. Edwards live on
it lie did nut pursue him. Edwards ac
cepted his proposition and all lived
aappily ever afterward.
Arthur Goos. IT, iid at his home, the
ljog hotel, 11110 Cuss street.
Ui na Keiguson. SO eais of age, died at
the restdmce of her uncle and aunt, Mr.
and Mrs. F, U. Straw n, 11U7 South Fifty
ilnl street.
Lrajal Prrailsia Isjauraae.
l. i-aul 1 toneer rr,.
While much pro rim has been made li.
the last deoadu a one reform tines, th.
courts generally appear to follow the olu
practice, of placing a premium upon Ignor
ame when It comej to the selection o.
Juries. According to the general practice
it would seem that tho only desirable
Jurur Is the man who does not read, doe:
not think and des not have tntelllgencf
evourh to form or entertain an opinion
The professional Juror and the mlscar
rluge of Juvtice. are logical raeulta.
In Other Lands
Mde Lights on What Is Trans
piring Among the csr and
Far .atlfina of the F.artb.
Home Rale.
The stars fn their courses are fighting for
home rule, not alone for Ireland, but for
all four divisions of the United Kingdom.
Sir Arthur Balfour's retirement from the
leadership of the. opposition, even though
discredited by party facllonlsts. Is an
Insignificant unit In the forces making
for local self government It la beyond
human control and, therefore, Inevitable
And for a very simple reason. Imperial
business has grown so grtat and per
pWIng that Parliament Is unable now
to give proper attention to the local eon.
cerns of the kingdom. In the last two
years Parliament has held sessions cover
ing seven months of each year, and was
unnble to dlspoae of all urgent Imperial
question. Theso larger concerns are
Increasing steadily and are pointing Irre
sistibly to an Imperial federation Parlia
ment, with strictly local nffaln relegated
to local Parliament, corresponding to
American state legislatures. Nothing less
can relieve the growing congestion of
rusiness. The British ministry la now en
gaged in whipping Into shnpo the various
sections of the Illnh home ruin hill which
Is to be Introduced In the House of Com
mons in January. Once Ireland is dis
posed of. Scotland will domand similar
rights, and Walea will be a rlr, thtrrt
Already there aro Indlcatlnns of an effort
to hitch Scotland nnd Wales on the Irish
home rule measure, but It la nni huaI
to go far. At present conservative Eng-
iana snows no desire to follow In the
paths chosen bv the more nmmuudv.
neighbors and will stand pat while the
live one move on.
Victims of Wild Animals.
In spite of the bleuln? f noi.v, .a
ministration. India, atlll .irn:.. ....
primitive nature in addition to chronic
umine ana intermittent waves of plague.
A government reoort iimw. h.. a..
laat year twenty-three elephants were
slain, but that they killed fifty-five hu-
.u ueings; me tale of tigers killed was
1.4-1, and of their v'ntlma sr.v nf i ... j-
8,02 und XI respectively; of bears, 2,21)2
.m iui oi woivcs nnd hyenas. 3,328 and
M. and of miscellaneous nnlmnla ,9M),
with 688 human vIctlmB. Altogether In
thickly populated India It'jOhumin belnrs
were aiiiea by wild beasts, and in r.n,
an average of eight boasts for each hu-
n-an lire were kin. Th
snakes Is kept separately; of these 91,104
wera destroyed, but they had . killed
-2.4.8 persons, the proportion of snakes
put out of the way being about four to
one, compared with the humun fatalities.
Boosting; Siberia.
The Russian minister of aarlnuKiim
urafted a bill tor Introduction In the
uuma transferring Siberia from .
potation to the rank of a colony. I.
01" Becomes a law sett r. wi.i
encouraged by ownarshin nw ..... ....
clal grants of seed grain to new co'mera,
treau ior larm Implements and Improve
transportation facilities. Siberia has a
total length of 6,000 mllea and la 2,300 mile
oroaa. j ou could drop Into tills frame
woia, without filling it. tha h.i.
United States. Including Alaska, togethe:
wnn me wnole of Europe. excntlnr n.
sla. And the bulk of thla vast territory,
Uiatead of being bleak and Icebound, a
sheer expanse of tundra and mora, hab
agricultural and pastoral resources which.
If adequately exploited, would enable li
to feed the world.
Hoce Palrlde In England.
llsiUlating evidence of lace antnM li
England and Walea la aunolied h o,.
report of the registrar general on tht
uirtn rata for the second quarter of U11
Births during that oerlod . in .h.
proportion of twenty-five annually pa.
mousana ot tn population. This la th
lowest birth rate recorded In anv n.
quarter sine the establishment of clvl.
registration. Tha excess of births over
deaths were but 106.793. as compared wltt
ui.VCT and 118.161. In tha corre
ponding periods of 1908. woo and lalo
Emigration grows as population declines
for In tha thrca months ended June ,
75,815 mors persons of British nativity
left the country than arrived. Such fig
ures make glum reading for Britons.
A Temperance Experiment.
An experiment In temperance legislation
based on us recommendations of tha In
ternational Congress of Hygiene for lew
sanlng tha evils of alcoholism, has pro
greased far enough In France to gat rs
ulta The p an involved heavy taxation
on alcoholio liquor and decreased taxa
tion on natural wtnea. The governnun.
returns show a decrease of W per cent In
the consumption of alcoholic drlnke and a
corresponding Increase In tha consump
tion of natural wine and beer. A pint o.
good wine may now be bought In Parts
for t cents. It is cheaper than beer. The
percentage of drunkenness has fallen oft
In proportion to the failing off In tha con
sumption ot spirits.
School Qaeatlea la Delglnm.
The outcome of the municipal elections
neld In Helgluru ou October IS, la ooit
ldred a strong forecast of tha result ot
ihe parliamentary elections to be held
next May, In which the school question
will be the dominant Issue. The IWt,
ihe liberal and tha Socialist, three par
ties opposed to religious control of pubilo
schools, made large gains. In Brussels
the lberal-Soclaliat candidates reoalvwd
.2ii vows, agalnat 13,223 caat for tha
Conservative or Clerical party. The Liberal-Socialists
wera also successful In
ail the districts surrounding Brussels and
at Liege, Namur, Antwerp and Charlerol.
in Bruges and soma of tha Flemish rural
districts tha Clerical party held lu own,
but a cast up of the reaulta aa a whole
shows that the country la on tha liberal
-ide by a large majoiity.
C'anne4 Mnela (or fsstnl,
An enterprising vender of talking and
kinging machine In an Austrian village
anxious to reduce tha high cost of fu
nerals, proposes to dispense with live
singers and live ministers by substitut ng
canned aoiiga ar.d canned saruions. A
catalogue of aermona and eoaga ,s sub
mitted to the relatives, selections made
hereupon the mlouini holy machine and
a tearful operator proceeds to the huua
ot the dad and does his aoltma turn,
tongs and aermona can be had for a
shade under II an hour. In discussing this
tnterprlne a Vienna paper says that the
"machine sermon" has already bei in
troduced, and In conjunction Willi the
"machine music" will make old methods
useless. "The talking machine sermon."
says the bumoil-t, "!". at least ttieae
good f olnte-lt must be short and the mi
jhine does not weep."
People Talked About
Reno's divorce court are crowded with
divorce cases, which constitute 60 per
cent of the legal business. Lawyers,
hotel keepers and boarding house man
agers are piling up money as fast as a
Lr. Woods Hutchinson remarks that
the Ideal future Is four hours' work a
day; aix hours are enough now. If the
ay envelope would preserve Its present
fatneaa, the ideal of millions would be
no mark at all.
Daniel Drawbaugh, who claimed to be
tha original Inventor of the telephone,
is dead at his home In Harrtsburg, pa.,
aged 14 years. The Bell people beat
Drawbaugh to the patent office and
gobbled the profits.
A woman divorced by a Chicago court
and forbidden to marry within a year,
went Into Indiana and took another hus
band within three weeks. Husband No. 2
soon deserted her and -she sought legal
solace In Chicago. Judge Goodman, who
heard the case, declined to recognize the
Indiana marriage and dismissed the case.
To make good a wager mado on the
recent base ball games, Thomas J. Gll
hooly of Gardner, Mass., rolled a peanut
for 400 yards along the main street in
that town last Saturday with a twenty-seven-pound
crowbar. The crowd of on
lookers made the feat extra hard for
Gilhooly by throwing liberal quantities
of peanuts In front of him, so that he
had difficulty In keeping his eye on the
one he started with.
Herman Mets, former comptroller ot
New York, offers to become a "good
angel," for Nellie Ely In her business
troubles. Metx has the money nnd Nel
lie a fine collection of debts, but some
valuable assets Inherited from her hus
band, Clarence Seaman. The two com
panies she controls are to be combined
and financed, with the understanding
that Nellie puts her seal for a husband
m cold storage.
Too Ilnsy to Kan.
St. Louts Globe-Democrat.
Mr. Underwood of Alabama announces
that he Is not a candidate for president.
His opinion that ho will find his 'hands
full In leading; the democratic majority
In the house is undoubtedly correct.
Absolutely Pttra
Used and praised by the most
competent and careful pas
try cooks the world over
The only Baking Powder made
from Royal Grape Cream of
Tartar made from grapes
Let Us Talk to You?
IF it is a question of hair, tell us your trouble.
IF you have dandruff, let us cure it.
IF your hair is tailing out, let us help you to keep it.
IF your balr is Just turning gray, let us help you to restore It,
IF it is a beautiful silver-gray, let it alone and be proud of it.
Let us shampoo your balr once a month.
WE use the best methods known to science to treat the scalp.
WE use the famous Barker Vibrator to treat the scalp.
WE are headquarters for natural hair switches.
Just received a new line of switches Just the thing for the
sew circle hair dress.
An elegant 22-Inch Switch $2.00
An elegant 24-lnch Switch $3.00
Our new line ot combs, barrettes and fancy bands Just the 'tiling
for evening wear.
1522 Douglas Street
Special for Saturday and Monday
Pattern Ilats, worth $10.00, from $5.00 Up
Willow Plumes, from. .$5.00 to $25.00
Feather Hats nnd the new Sailor Hats in the latest
styles. nnd the beet quality.
"Wo clean and dye feathers.
1522 Douglas Street.
1'LltK i'liOltCllO.N INSIKANCU
Assets. October 1. lttl f 594,041.70
Itearrvo r urni, October 1, ltfll 4ti8,i2b.4j
fcecurilies tth ttat Department October 1, 1011
(To B scars On Iasuraacs Coatraota.;
ltate per tbouaaud, ae (oilier ate in proportion), $8.73
Depository llanks anttotnted HMO.
UcsasaS la Calif oral. Indiana, Xowa, Xaasss, Montana, Ifsbraska, Hon
Dakota, Orsion, Soma Dakota, Idabo, VTasalng-ton, Tsaas as it
Wyoming, aaS prspartns; to aotsr Illinois and klicUlfin.
Us a caf sal el preauotag U bast class of business an tad as aiata Managsri
and SuUcito-a.
Home Office: Brandeis Building, Omaha, Neb.
Telephone Douglas 7UU1. ,
Ouy Fawkes was explaining why he
tried to blow up the house of Parliament.
1 was curious to know." he satd,
"what was In the cornerstones of tiio
Fatal mistake! He should have pleaded
that Parliament needed a blowing up.
Chicago Tribune.
"Tha Chinese teem to take an occa
sional change of government as a matter
of course."
"Naturally. The portrait of one ruler
looks so much like that of another that
the populace can't be expected to notice
much difference." Washington Stur.
Maud I'm told I get my good looks
from my mother.
F.thcl I wouldn't repeat that if I were
Maud Why not?
Uthel People will think your mother
was atingy. Boston Transcript.
"I bought some w Ine the other day, and
I astonished the clerk who waited on me
by telling him I noticed he was a spirit
ualist." "What made you observe that?"
"Because when he prepared the bottle
for me, I noticed he was engaged In
spirit wrapping." Baltimore American.
The man of the stone age crawled out
of hht cave and cracked a cliff with his
new flint hammer.
"At least." ho chortled, "I haven't any
stone trust to bother me!" Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
Washington Star.
Says Edison,
"We sleep too much!"
Now etart the fun
And alter such
A direful state
Of human kind.
Let ua orate
In tones designed
To shake the skies;
And let us cheer
Each man who trlen
To strain your ear.
Let wild bells peal
To shake our nerve
While every wheel
Shrieks 'round the curve
A motor horn
We must Invent
With note forlorn
And weird Intent,
Long after dark
1-et rata ml-ow
And canines bark
To help the row. '
White folks around
Are yelling "Scat!"
Let ragtime sound
In every flat
Throw In the dutch
And let 'er run!
"We sleep too much,"
Says Edison.