Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 11, 1911, EDITORIAL, Page 12, Image 12

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It is not a difficult matter to procure a suit or overcoat
mado of good cloth, and lined with good material, but you,
as a careful dresser, want more than this. You want
correct style, good-fitting qualities, and becoming gar
ments. Adler's Collegian Clothes possess a distinctive,
pleasing appearance. There's an individuality about these
suits arid overcoats which places them in a class apart
from all other makes. All good stores sell Adler's
Collegian Clothes. Suits and Overcoats from $15 to $30.
Write for our Faahion Sugfieater. It's beautifully . i "
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Adler's Collegian Clothes in your home town.1 ;
I '
! ; .
nTtirTrrTim-a-tirnniTTiiTiwaii m mm
.v- t."
No Plan --Young or Old
Wanting a Suit or Overcoat Can Afford
to Overlook the Money Saving Features
We QIferCu7p-Hprcon.
FHtST OF AIJj our toro Is on tht wcoml floor of ttw new
City National Hank building, emlly reached by magnificent
elevator aervlce and our rent la HOO a month Jena than the
tame pace on tne nrit noor 7 and that raeapa apmethlng."
Then f nin, we give yon our personal and experienced erv 3
Ice, "which means something more" and Is a big Item saved S
n clerk hire. ?
Another great saving It the wearing Quality of our lining. S
They are all warranted to laBt as long 3 the outalde ma- I
terlals van you beat thatT
And every Overcoat w. have regardless of price la war-
ranwHj water ror. "That s irolng some,"
And best of all, no matter what you pay for a Suit or Over
coat In this shop, we warrant a sure aavlug of $5 and on many
as much as 110.00 thufs what counts.
We are old-timers In a new business in a new building.
Our prices are new and our garment arj new and as perfect
as experience and brajpa can make them.
David Adler Collegian CUthes
$15.00 to S2S.00
Hundreds of patterns and Models to cboose from. If the
above listens as good to you as It does to us we shall expect
to sue you. .
d City Nat.
Fl. Bank Bide.
Not. SU3-4.a-0-7.S-tf,
Clqthes Shop
County is to Heat'
tho New Court House
t'lntnB!eui(.iu f ih county bulldlm
heating tangle lias tcon effectej by th
uar4 of County Commls.lunvra. It, I
rd that lit county kh!l cuniract
wlttt J. J.. Jlanlc-htn ft Co. (ur ht fur
th county building ,nij (ha bid court
houM, and iVdwdi Urulia, timerul
cantractura on tha new county bullalnit.
lio under their tonir t ahould hrat tt.
win rtlmbur the county for tha heating
Cured in One Day
A fw dotea of Munyun'a Cld Hem
Ur will broaa up any cold and prevent
Mia-iiTiunla. It rellevra the head. thrt)t
fci.4 lunya alnui.i lii.imaiy. frlc a
.viita at any ilmiflM . or aent imiaKi,
If you lltrtd aledlrat AdvK'fi write Hi
alunyoiia lioftur. Ttiey mui carefully
Clugnoet- yuur cao m.d ylvu you hiIvIih
l y n ail fcbeul itcly free any iiitsuel
tid and Jctteraui) tin., J-..JUullila. i'u
Eighteen Votes Kill.
Park Bond Question
. Tha propuaed park bond In tha um 0!
wera drfeated at tha election TU
day by Jut eighteen vulei. Thla de
termlrad Friday morning whwn tha city
cuuiuit niat to cnvaa tha return.
tn the park bond ; proKiH)un there
war liK vutea iet. Of tltea 5.5U ie
for and l.fcai ayalnat tha boiuU. The
ni ary two t Inula would aava been
Articles of Incorporation have been
filed by tha Omaha fute and Iron work?
with a capital aiock of f.'O.OJO. Tha offl
cere are: I'rta.deiit, ' U. Androen; wiue
PieaKlent ond manager. May V. Vterllug,
ifiiry and treaaurer, C. A. ('akun
Tho builder haa tn conducted fir tht
laet th.rty-flva yrara by U. Andnen, thi
president of the new oumpany, at Tenth
and iHaljce atreet. whota the new com
pany will continue to operate for :)u
pitwnt. I'lone for tha pollillng of a nt
plant are being diccuceed.
The key to aucccaa In bualnoaa la the
Judii-lQUg and peieiettnt ue of newupaoe;
have coughed and coughed f
arc sore and!
Go at once to vour dnc.
or. Do not delay another hour. Ask him all about AVer's
M T a 1 aVM a .
Atrry recrorai. 1 nen take it or not, at he says, f J
Y "I have coughe
Cave Dweller Gans
Broken Up by Mogy
Bois who during the laat few daya
have, decided to become cave dwellera
nave Had their aaibltluna nipped in the
Uud by probation Offktr Hernateln.
J'rom atviial of tha city hnve
oome reporia of the dljjaUig of cavea,
aonie. of them pre tentloua urrim u.n
and three rooms. They have beau, dug
tenant iota and la aide h'lla. ito
latloti orflcxr Bernata
of the raves, their locations and tha
namea ol the chiefs cf the claps who
have bet'Q heudlna the ii ,...,.. .
offlcfr was eent out to round up the
wa mm noury them that It they did
not desist from thair lubure they would
U arrested. Whe-nver boa were found
at Work on caves or occupying u,,,,,
they were given the alternative of filling
h -ii. iKiita or going to Jail. They
t hose the former,
J'fobBtlon Officer n.'rnsteln contends
thai cava dwelling Is even w,,. .....
- - .
limn pool hall or eUow-bck
ur j sviurr.
Local Financiers Appear Before Taft
Monetary Commission.
However, Tbere le Ilralr f
Opln I tn ae to How Director of
Reeerer Aaaoplatloa; Shalt
De Named.
All tha Omaha business men on the
stand before resident Taft's national
monbiary commiealon at tha Ronto yester
day morning expressed themselves In favor
ul the Alditch-Vreeiand plan of currency
reform, with ita National Reserve asso
ciation. They were Luther Drake, T. C.
Byrne, Frank L. Hallr-r, J. E. Haum, H.
R. Gould, former Senator J. II. Millard,
H. R. Cpdlka and J. A. Sunderland.
Senator a. M. Hitchrock waa Invited
to take the stand, but declined, aaying
he waa ao prejudiced against the plan
that ha would not mako a good witness.
Judge Walter I. Smith of Council JJlufls
also declined to be questioned, saying
It waa. mors Important that the rommia
slon should get the opinions of the busi
ness men.
T. C. Vyrne and J. A. Sunderland, while
agreeing In the main with the provisions
of tha plan, objected to the proposed
appointment by the prealdent of members
of tha board of director of the National
Reserve association. AT. tha directors,
they aald, should be elm-ted by the as
sociation, except tho comptroller of the
currency, who ahould be a director ex
officio. len If a president should not
regard party In making appointments, he
would be accused of doing so nnd thla
would work to tha dutriment of tha plan,
they thought.
Robert M. Bonyngo of tha commission
assured them that the commission waa
still undecided as to whether It would
be best for the president to appoint.
rkooalnaT tha Directors.
Aside from the matter of the method of
choosing directors, none of the witnesses
had any suggestions to offer toward the
Improvement of the plan. F. I Haller
and N, 13. Updike said they trusted the
bankers with their money and they would
also truat them to work out the scheme
for better financial system.
"We are willing to put our financial
affaire In the hands of specialists." said
Mr. Haller. "When Henator Aldrlch ap
peared before the Commercial club to talk
on currency reform, there was a distinct
prejudice agalnt htm, but ho shed his
horns successfully In hla address to us.
His report was the most exhauattve and
his plan tha beat that has aver been pre
sented to us.
'Tn this matter I cannot Imagine n con
aplracy among bankers against their cue
tomers. I don't fearnny banking trust,
because tha anti-trust laws axe betnjf en
forced In a way to warn the bankers to
keep out of trouble.
"When a commission as competent as
this has thoroughly threshed out the
matter, the business men generally will
aoocpt their verdict."
Mr. Byrne appeared particularly n
oenaed by .Wail street methods. He said
there would have been no panic In Mi
U tha national banking laws had been
enforced In New York In that year. He
waa reminded that the first "run" was
on the Knickerbocker Trust company, a
state institution.
It. R. Gould of tha United States Na
tional bank favored Including state banks
It the National Reserve association. He
Also favored tha appointment of directors
by the - prealdent, declaring; that he
uouldn't Imagine a president small enough
to make the appointment a political mat
tor. Hitchcock la Aa-arrUred.
Senator Hitchcock was aggrieved be
cause Henry W. Tates, president of the
Nebraska National bank, a known op
ponent of tha plan, was not a witness,
and announced to Secretary Wlqkhsm his
Intention Of bringing Mr. Yates before
tha commission thl afternoon. Mr,
Wlckhsm e.Vd the meetlnga w1;re open
to all and no special Invitations were
sent out. ' , ',
It developed during the hearlpg that
Omaha banks Issued tl, 000,000 in ashler's
checks and H.600.C00 in clearing hqusr cer
tificates during the panic of iwf. AH
were secured by commercial paper and
the banks lost net a dollar. All the checks
and certificates were re(yrned i to the
banks and destroyed except auput 500
worth, which were held out as souvenirs,
President Millard of the Omsha National
bank said all of his cashier's checks were
returned except one for 16, which was,
kept by Vice President William Wallace
as a aouvenlr.
K. B.YreeUn4 nd K. U. J3onynga are
tha only members of the commission left
on the Job, the pthera a having become
ill or worn out. The commission has held
hearings In nurthefn.i western and' Pacific
coast cUUh and haa Kanaas City and
8t. lula,Tt to Visit on Its presen( trip.
The Un.erslty- cub entertained Messrs.
Vreeiand.'Roninge and Secretary Wick
ham at lunchevn.
To the timid soula who aro anxious to
..ear Mre. Kmn.rlme l'jinkhurt heB all,
ipeuke In Omaha, but see ai.ald of the
.mUtant tactics for which the British suf-
ranette la famous, the Boyd (heater man--tui.r,t
tends an asutance lhat Mis
ankhurst (a very juli In j, ,ytech
nd not in the least Harming ju hor
Mrs. Pankhurafa adJreaa at the Boyd
neater Kuvembi-r IT la un 'The Engipjt
'. email's r'lalit for Ota Vot. th-
I ..ale starts Thursday.
Samson to Produce
"Jolly Musketeers"
One hundred youn' people of Omaha
UI present the comic umii. 'Tha Jnttu
Musketeers," at the Ak-aiar-Ben den In
vebruary, under the auspices of the
Knlghta of 'Ak-Ser-Ban.'
It will bo. the society event of -,he sea
son. The production wi: be In cliirso cf
Oscar Ileben pd Prof. Prcemuutol will
have, charge, of (he music.
Otto Meyer, loading man In tha ten
torial parlors In The Bee bulldlna. la
orioualy considering the production of a
new p. ay. uilch could be appropi lately
eaiiea, iita liuneloes Man ar4 the Har
ber." Mr. Mlr gets this from
an incident that h amened a few days
ago. lis was malting aintuth and clean
the face of a pleasant man who had
ciliated Into his chair with easy agility
111.4 settled himself with anakallke sinuoa
.ty. Alter otto' had etiavsd tha man
beyond a surplclcn of hirsute attachment
and before lie could shift the chair from
tho reclining position, the ouatomei
lltipted his face around onto (he head
rest, leaving the back of his neck ex
posed, and murmured, "Neck shave,
p rasa."
W hen OttQ caught hs breath, he ejacu
lated. "Wall, I'll stand for anything once,
but flip-flops in this barber chair will
ba barred hereafter." And when lmro
to leave tha bonelesa man was aa ell!' as
a preacher at a funeral..
Te Diaaolv the l aloa
of stoma.. u. and kidney ttoublcsand
cure blllousnsKs and malaria take tlec
trio Bitteis. Ouoiantevd. Wo. for sale
by Beaton Drug Co
Include Reversible and Blanket Cloth
Materials, many color comblna'lons In tan,
gray, blue and brown shades sizes.
With Each Suit a Silk Petticoat FREE
No need for much talk the salt values sprak. for themselves. The
garment are the newest ntylfs, made of the bent materials nnd are actual
925.00 and f27.50 values, -special Saturday for 915.00.
33.50 Deposit and $1.09 Weekly yp
ne "fln Fnni v ninn" nnn mfh's kni-
ms sea a ill Sag laaaw W Illiu
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$12.50, $15, $18, $20 and up to $30
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Refused 4 can
Hi.ii..iil.nm..JMiMM.l.i)i n ...Mm - , . .,,
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thru .
train to
pot merely a through 6lceper, but a complete, independent train, which
goes speedily oa its way, independent of all connections mindful only of
getting you to Florida, on time and in comfort. The
Kansas City-Florida Specia 1
Begins its daily trips to Florida, November 26th and goes through from Kansas City to Jack
jsonville over the route' of shortest distance and quickest time the FriiCfrSouthern Railway.
0 chances enroute except for fresh 'encines and freshly stocked dinera the tlectric lighted
leepera, electric lighted coaches and baggage cart go right through. ,
avinz Kansaa City, your evening meal is served in Fred Harvey dining car, Early net
ornine another dinine car, freshly stocked as only Fred Harvey know how, is attached for
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po misied cocnections-T-ho misted meals. All the way from Kansas City to Jacksonville
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fcervict is '"special" apl the schedule "regular."
it - v . J.M.. c.i c .
Arrives Memphit
Arrive Birroingh&m
f a .1
. ...oau a.
.".3:45 p.
I a. a a a
lAmves Atlanta a:ZU D. m.
!" T
Arrivei Jacksonville.." 7:40 a. m.
' Trains from (otnt north and west make rood conneo
tiers la Kausas UUy wiU) ttl splsudlj paw Irsia.
ror tlekats, slferlnf car rMarraUnoa, and a fre eopr el S
aeuiifuj boolj kout (loV4a, call on oc wilta
Frisco Tictet Office. Wnldheim Buadinjr,
1 1th and Main StreeU, Kansas City.
J.CLOVRElN.DlTiaioB rainfrAtDt,KaVaasCit7
m. J A'
Orrine for Drink Habit
Any lfe pr mother who wants to rave
her liuL'una or sun troiu - lirlnk ' w ill
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(iKHl.SC, the standard liquor habit rem
edy that ae have aula fur year. ar.U I'
mi beusftt la ubtattieit after a trial, the
money lll he o'unJ3.
OUHINU Is in a raj In two forma.
No. 1, ascret ireatmenL a powdar, aha
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laho voluntvilly troulment. OltHINL-'.
costa only 11.00 a hox. Come In and set
a tree LuoKlot ahout OH It I Mi
hharman tt NU'Connell Iirna fa, lltn
ami 1k1si. '4lh and t'ar.iaiu, t0- No.
Uth tit.. Owl Drug Co.. 14th aud Harnay
fcls-, Omalia, Nab.
Jivet F1'. lo VfsHOr CrtJi
lUtr to II Youtt.ful O 'cr. '
Cwtl c:tsfl s Kalt tu.
f ar,B .JM IIT.' f
Omaha's Great Home Paper
A Harmless Way to Darken
Hair; Simple Remedy for
Ail Hair Troubles.
"'' ,-.t know the value of aso
and sulphur for seeping- the hair dara
Li.t. ,'i.y iii.U In b"oJ cond'.tionT Aa
a ir.aiur cf lact, sulphar Is a natural
element of hair, and a deficiency of It In
the hair is held by many scalp special
ists to be connected with loss of color
and vitality of the hair. Uniiuestlon
ably there la no better remedy for hair
and scalp trouble, especially pre-nature
srajoeaa, than sage autl sulphur, If
rrorerly prepared. The Wyeth Chemical
Company of New York put tip an Ideal
remrdy of this kind, culled Wcth's Sna
and Sulphur Hair Itcnely, and nuthorUe
drusflsti to sell It under guarantee tiiat
the tn'oncy will be refunded tf It falls to
lo exactly aa re preaenled.
If jou have rtandruf(, or tf your hnlr
U thin or turning trray, get a buttle of
thla ren.ady from your tlrugsUt today,
anil aee what It will do for you.
Thla preraratlon Is offered to the pub"
llo at fifty mils it bottle, and Is Tecum
mended and told by gll druglata.
Sherman A McConne'.l Drutr Co., Cor.
Kill and Lod2. Cor. Uth and Harney,
Cor. Jllh and Karnum, W- aitU lilb
6U, Loal lioteL