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    THK-HKE: OMAl'lA, THUUSDAV, KOYhMlihlt V, 1911
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Mrn's Pure Wor
Med Suits
"in q nn n n
lMain blur, fanrr " - '
mixture, etc. Al.
ll'AHh r. - MA v. ' i I"
Bought at a Sacrifice From a Prominent Maker
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. hi -
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it sum
Ve Save You-at Least $4.00 to $10.00 on Every Overcoat
These overcoats were purchased from one of the highest grade manufacturers in the United States
who had 2,000 ot his finest make left on his hands. He sold them all to us at a great sacrifice in price.
They are now on sale.
It Is Our Invariable Rule When We Secure a Big Bargain to Give Our
Customers the Entire Benefit of That Reduction in Price.
This is without doubt the greatest Overcoat Sale ever held in Omaha.
tin5 ,
!h i 'Jf
5 S of-""'
For Men's Overcoats
Worth $14 to S2)
Men's black or gray fine silk lined
Crnvenctte Overcoats. Men's Astra
khan, shawl collared, heavy weight
Overcoats. ' Men's Kersey, Beaver and
Melton Overcoats, ltough and smooth
finished or fancy mixed Overcoats,
vith popular, protector collars that
button up to the neck.
For Hen's Overcoats
Worth $29 to $25
All popular styles of Overcoats in
sizes for men and young men con
vertible collar overcoats box coats,
long heavy coats, etc. made of ve
lours, kerseys and novelty fabrics,
guaranteed sleeve linings.
Our Guarantee:
We positively guarantee every one of these Overcoats is a new, up-to-date style.
W positively gunranteo that we will tell tbem at one-quarter to ono-balf lest than regular prices.
We guarantee that every Overcoat la of good, dependable Quality. ,
mi a s
8 AM
For Men's Overcoats
Worth $25 to 1 35
High class, hand tailored coats,
made of all wool kersey, beaver, mel
ton, cheviot and Scotch fabrics, in
Oxford gray, black, tan, brown and
Jancy mixtures; convertible collar
coats, semi-form fitting, double or
single breasted, Venetian cloth body
I lit i 1
Our Entirfc Second Floor,
Old Store, is devoted to
this Sale of Overcoats, which is oit sale now and will
continue throughout this entire week. These won
derful bargains come right at the opening pi the season. v' ;
One Legal Separation to Four Iar
risgr iaansaj City.
(iprclal Law Officer Will Attrad
Trial, sad ir. that Dlvore. Are
Hot Obi. lord Tnronah
Colin. Iob.
KANSAS CITY. Nov. . A "dlvorc
proctor" who lry 1. to b. paid frtun
a fund raised by th. reform oruanli.
tiuna of Kansa. City to cup. with tit.
"dlvoroa evil" U to I), tn.t.ll.d her.
November IS.
Thl offio. wia created aa a ram It of
rrltlcltm of ' th. divorce machinery of
thl county, Mlamatad p.r.on. taking
advaotaa. of It have com. to Kama.
City from varloua point, and hav been
grantl a.paratloa oo alight pretext and
hort residence. .........
The proctor will have th power to
eurnrooa wltneeeea, to go to other atatv
Every woman'! bcart rirond ta
the charta and swectuess of a baby's
voice, because nature Intended her for
motherhood. But even the loving
nature of a mother shrinks from the
ordeal because such a time is regard
ed as a period of suHerinij and danger,
Women who ne Mother's Friend are
saved much discomfort and suffcrinff,
and their ejatoms, being thoroughly
, rrcpared by this great remedy, are
In a healthy condition to meet tha
time with the least possible suCtrinjr
end danger. Mother's Friend is
recommended only for the relitf and
i comfort of expectant mothers ; it is in
no sense a remedy for various ills,
but its many years cf success, and
the thousands cf endorsements re-
i ceived from women who have used it
are a ruaraotca of the benefit to be
' derived from its nsc. This remedy
does not accomplish wonders but situ,
ply astists nature to peifcct its vroik.
iomer-a i-nena allays nausea, pre
vents eating oi
the breasts, and
contributes to r,?T7V fl f trfc r?I
fctroae. healthy JLk JLIIli
motherhood. Mother's Friend is sold
at drujf stores. Writ for our frea
U' ffr ext-tnt r.iothtrji
and take d.poattlons and to croaa-cxm
in at th. trial her. ot p.raon
who seek a legal nparatloii. Judge,
attorn.y and th. reform leader Inter
ested predict that th new office will
booom. generally aatebll.h.d. Th Kan.
aaa flat, liar aa.oolatlon alao ha under
consideration a plan to appoint proctor
la th larg clUe. of that siat.
Th creation of th. office wa uk
geated by Judge Thoniaa 3. Seaborn and
approved by th olh.r .ven circuit
Judgea of Juckaon county, Mlaaoui, be
fore whom divorce trial aro hnld here.
When an effort to name a proctor wa
made, however, th. county, oouaa.llor
held that the court could not legally make
the appointment. Outalde force then
took the matter In hand.
Oae Dlvoroa ta Koor Marrlaavea.
I ir the laat year th. ratio ot divorces
to marriage. In this city wa one ta
four. During th twenty-three, qourt days
of October, 111. elghty-ala divorce suits
were filed here a compared akh twenty
four suits brought In tba corresponding
time laat year. Ptfty divorce were
granted, in on day at, ' th laat term
ot court and seventy-tour cult war. tiled
on another day.
Ot th. suit tried here In the Wet year,
about SO per cent were not contested.
Ot th default eaaea.ine-thlrd were filed
by non-reeldcnte of the elate, not with
.landing that th. law require peraons
from other atatra to live here a year tJ
wtabllah a residence.
t'eraoual service oa the defendant I
not obligatory. Many of the suits ar.
filed at Independence and notte to th
defendant publlahed In a comparatively
Inconaplcuou way. After the publication
moat of th. aulia ar transf.rred to Kan
aua City for trial. If the alleged provoca-
tlon occurra within the atat a realdenoe
cf on year I not required.
Dlvrre. Too Kaay.
A Canadian couple, for Instance, agreed
to separata after two week ot marled
life. They came here together. Upon
their arrival In Kanna City the huaband
slapped hi wife, lie then caught th
next train for Texas, ill wife got th
name of wltntaae to th "(lapping" and
after remaining here a few week ob
tained a divorce.
Th judgea have agreed to postpone
hearing divorce proceeding until th
proctor can get tint haud evidence hi
all auspected caaoa. He will see that
defendant ar notified of th suit, filed
against them; that the plaintiff ground
ground for divorce ar really tangible
and. by croaa-queatlonlng wltneenes, will
seek to minimise collusion.
"What w need most la better mar
riage law," any Judge K. U. Porter
field ot the Juvenile court; "about one.
half ot the delinquent children brought
before me ha divorced parent."
Production About Two and Three
Quarter Billion Bushels.
Qaalty ! Aboat Fo.r Per tent Be
lovr the' Ten-Year average
Yield of Potatoes I.
WASHINGTON, Nov. I.-Th crop re
porting board of the bureau of statlatlc
of th United Htate department of AH-
eulture In It November crop report Is
sued at 114 P. M., today, estimate from
th report of Its correspondent and
agent, the yield per acre, total produc
tion and quality of th principal crop,
not already announced a follow:
Corn Production, t,7T.301,OUi) bushel.
compared with I.I2S.7U.O0Q buahela last
year. Tleld per acre, 23.1 bushels, com
pared with 17.4 bushels last year, and
K.0 bushels, the ten-year average. Qual
ity. 0.l per cent, compared with 81.6 per
cent, th. ten-year average. Th percent
age of 1910 crop of corn on farm, No
vember 1, 1911. .attraated at 1 1 per cent.
or l3.K3,00v bushels, against .S per cent.
aiV.OOS.OU) bushels) of th. 1K crop on
farm November 1, una, and II per
sent, the average or similar estimates ot
th laat ten yeurs.
Potatoes production. ISU.TSS.OOO bushel,
compared with &U.8U.00D bushel. In 1910.
tleld per acre. 0.t bushels, comparej
wlttj Nl bushel In li0, and Kl bushels,
th ten-year average. Quality, per
cent, compared with 17.1 per cent, the ten-
year average., ,
Flnxseed Production, U.CR.0OO bushel,
compared with ll.U8.0uo bushel In 1910.
Yield per acre, T.I bushels, compared with
t.t bushejs In 1910 and I buehela, th ten
year average. Quality, U.I per cent, com.
pared with SO. I per cent, the ten-year
Wheat Average ' weight per measured
bushel. 87. pound, comparej with lit
pound In 1810 and 87. 8 pvunua, th ten
year average.
Oats Average weight per measured
bushel, 53. 1 pounds, compared with 817
pound In Dl and 81.1 pounds, the tea
year average.
Barley Average weight per nieaaured
bushel, 4&.0 ouuUs, compared with tii.
In 1810.
Apiiles Average production of WU crop,
per cent, of full crop, against 43.8
per cent of a full crop In 1910, and 4S.4,
th ten-year average pereenlag of a full
Gompers Against
Lump Settlement
For Injuries
WASHINGTON, Nov. s.-8amuel Gom
pers, president of th. American Fed
eration of Labor, wa th principal wit
net before the employer' liability and
workmen's compensation commission to
day. II gav a general endorsement to
the commission's plan for compensating
employes of th. Interatat. railroads for
Injuries sustained on the roads, but took
exception to th provision making each
company llabl tor damage sustslned on
It own rosd.
He argued that all roads should be
required to contribute to a common fund
for Insurance ' against accidents.
Mr. Oompsr advocated th periodical
payment of damage Instead of by a lump
South Omaha Decides to Remain
' Free aud Independent.
Voting- ! Oasaka Proper llaa N.
. Kffoot Either Way Sloe.
Packlaartewu Decided
th. Question.
A Harming Sham. '
la not to have liticklen's Aiuica Salve to
cur. hums, sorea, pile, cuts, wound and
uloera X. Vor sal by Beaton Prug
Weak nerves mean nervous-
TV7 1 Ti 7
Aflli 1 V P.TDP. 9 ness nenous headaches, de
food, fresh air, and a nerve tonic Let your doctor select the
a medicine. AVer's Sarsaparilla, free from alcohol. fuL'
A handsom slther harp I th nioet at
tractive fcatur. of th high school manua
tralalng eshlbit at the Auditorium thl:
week and I on of th moat complicated
piece of work' shown.
Th slther wa mad by Oscar A. Al
brecbt of i:S hprlng street, at the blg
school In K'i. It Is sbout two. feet lone
and ten Inches wide and Is bul't on ar
nltld mahogany frame. The piece work
f the frame and the many Intrtcaete o
;. construction ar blended together o
to form on pleoe. The strings an.',
.eyboard aer alao road by AlbrechL
South Omaha prefer to remain a free
and Independent community, a shown
by th vote on th queatlon ot annexa
tion. It makes no difference now what
I th result of th voting on the question
In Omaha proper, sine. Bouth Omaha re
fuses to be benevolently assimilated.
A total ot 1.131 vote were cast In South
Omaha, th opponents winning by a ma
jority of 471. Th annexation adherents
carried three of th seven precincts, but
tli gains war effectively wiped out.
especially T.hen th returns came In from
th Fourth ward, showing 414 against and
only 187 for th proposition. Th vote In
detail oa the annexation question:
First ward ...
becond mard.
Third ward....
Fourth ward.,
Kifih ward...,
fclxth ward...
auventh ward
.. US
.. 17J
.. ZJl
.. 1US
.. lis
Invitation to Game
Sent by Wireless
KANSAS riTT. Nov. 8,-They do thing
In an up to-daie way at the University
ot Ksnsaa.
Mill Kllen Uuikhardt decided that she
would like 'to tske her oo-ed churn. Mis
Maria Wetter, to the Kansas-Oklahoma
foot ball game on the Lawrence field
next Saturday, if he did not write a note;
nor did she telephone or telegraph.
She told the operator of a wireless sta
tion al the university and forthwith Ute
Invitation went whining through the air
and waa grabbed by Arthur Keplinger,
a-ho hue a wireless telephone and .Miss
Wetter was found at her home on East
Thirty -fourth street. She accepted end
the acceptance was returned by tb air
Eealty Men Name Committees with
View of Taking- Up Work,'
Proposed to Dictate to the Fnblla
Service Corporation. Term
l-nder Which They Shall
Acting on th suggestion of George T.
Morton, newly elected president, the Real
Eatata, exchange has taken up the work
of planning a city beaut If ufT and a stand
Ing committee on "city planning" was
appointed. A committee was also ap
pointed ta cooperate with committees
from other publlo bodies looktnir toward
th adoption of . a better -- city lighting
system. . , , ' .
Mr. Morton, In his Inaugural address,
spoke In favor of a metropolitan hotel,
Interurban, car lines, and .the activity ot
the exchange In dictating- franchise terms
to publlo service corporation whose
franchises ar soon to expire.
The following stsndlng committees eere
appointed by President Morton:
Membership Q. a; Wallace, H. M.
Christie, I P. Campbell.
Public Service J. W. Robbtns, W. II.
Green. George TunntcllfTe, II.' Wyman,
W. T. Graham. ' ' ' . '
Valuation W. H. Gates, Bpauldlng.
J. B. McKltrick, H. C. Freeman, Denn
Glover. ,
legislation 8. P, Bostwlck. C. G. Carl
berg, H. E. Henderson. , . t
City Ughtlng-H. A. .Wolf,B, E. Mc
Caffue, F. l. "Wead.. ' f uv ' .
City Plannlng-E. T. Ileydon.- C. C.
George, I C. Sholes, P.'W. Kuhns,' E. A.
Benson. .
-... .
Tit a Qn
i xufe kjcgcidiiuiii j. ictiiu
y Mtg- Company s Commodious
'Piano Salesrooms
will bo a place of activity for the entire coining week,'
with nn attractive display of KNABE piano3, . the
World's Best,, both in. uprights and grands. This is
a feature that Bhould not bo overlooked by the visi
tors in OMAHA this week. An array of bargains are
being offered for this week of which only a few are
mentioned below:
Kimball Concert Grand, used, rare bargain - $350
A Concert used Knabe at an attractive discount.
An upright walnut casv used - . - - - - $37
Upright Gilbert & Co., used - - - - $110
Upright Hardman, used - - - - - - $125 B
Upright Fischer, used - - - - " - $135
Upright Kranich & Bach, mahogany case, slightly
used, but in fine condition - - , - . $200,
These are only a few of the bargains that we offer for this week. Many new pianos
in the latest case designs and among the world's leading makes have been placed on our
floor and are being offered at great reductions.
Visit our player piano department we guarantee
your time will be well spent. "We 6ay without fear of
contradiction that our Btock is the most complete, our
prices the lowest and pur terms the most reasonable,
quality considered, of auy house in the middle west.'
We are the only firm in Omaha that manufacture our .
own pinnos.
ldb M