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F or the
Police to Arrest
Society Women
Who Play Poker
If I riml i.n
III.. I til- 1 1.
'I . M.H'ii'I.
' I ill!. I 1
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i : ;. II ut !
inl-un n--
(;irf. tl
u s 11 1 r. 1 1.
. Will hu lllih'.l
1 anil ll.iulri; 10
"i i -i K h i tl-.r-'p sami'', In
' i i Hi'' II nit lis hrm i
u.l":nUi li.ivp I'.'en srrliv.islv
Kinvl thrlr nlc
Players' Club Plans
PafJiday, returned with Mis.
There Is a possibility that the Players'
club will give the flrat presentation of the
ooxedv. which they are now rehearsing,
at other place before playing l:i
Omaha. Till Is a favorite cuetom Tilth
ptofpsslonal players. Besides bilnglnx
'nore money Into the club treasury, it will buslne tr'.! tn New Yoi-it
Ie excellent practice for those taking part
in the play.
-Ml of the roles have been a.isiancd for
the nust play, which will be given No
vember IS at the Brandeia. The comedy,
"A Cottage In the Air," which is adapted
from JJe book. Princess I'rtscilla's Fort
night. Is by t):e author of Elisabeth and
JF"r Oil man Garden.
Thoee who will take part are Mrs.
Harry Doorly. Miss Ftntxes Todd, Miss
Aiabella Kimball, Mrs. Rex Morehouse.
Mirs Louise McPherson, Miss Kutn
Hitchcock, Mrs. George Mclntyre, Mr.
Ilex Morehouse, Mr. Oeorge fclntyre,
, .Mr. Harry Poorly, Mr. Homer Conant,
:Ar. Robert Dinning, Mr. Taylor and Mr.
l-'n?ynn3 Ulootlgnod.
Pleasures Past
:in. Henry V. lot'.- ar.J 3 lis a Dorothy
Morgan entertained at a beautifully ap
pointed luncheon today at Hillside In
compliment fo Miss Louis Lord, who will
bo a bride of the week. Small tables
seating eight guests were used. White
chrysanthemums formed the centerpiece
for the table for the wedding party and
rod rosea were used at the other tables.
About fifty guests were present.
M'3 Uall Howard, MIhs Mnurte and
Miss Iela Whitely bbac a Hallowe'en
party Friday evening at the home of J
Mis Howard. Those pretrnt were;
Colonel and Mra. H. W. Jewell leave
today for the routh to be Rone eeverul
weeks. Th?y will be accompanied as far
at Chicago by Sin. C i:. liarrlntlon. who
Is on her way to Xe-.v Vurk to visii lnr
daughter. Mrs. I". I,. Woterrield.
Mr. Ktank Hamilton will lave on n
hip week. j
Miss Mlr'am 'attiHut' wi'l I save
Tuesday for diU-ayu, where he n 111 be i
one of the attteiulanH at the Wilson-
Ford wedding. .Miss Patterson v.llt go tn i
New York after .the wedding to resume
her voice sf.uly with Mr. Harry Rowel
r!iel!ey. i
For the Future
MUj G i ace Bui bank of West Trieste. -
field, X. M who will be maid of honor!
at the Yaughan-l.ord wedding Thursday
evening, w ill entertain at dinner this
'lllit",i. Nov. ii - A ti' I ,.f oiie.iuih
. brtwerM Wiinmil iruM. I s v w I 1V t'l
t 'minim r. polliv ( uptn'ii l umuuHiilir'; ;
; station In tli f.ishloiuibie nn tli : t, ,
. iclcncc lI'MI'rl iivil- 'is till ri r, t.i-
1 ti(in of tin- i;uu'lli!ii; liw rvM'rtril I
'tixlsv. lit the iillcc iiitnity ns.ihi'.t
K'llul.liiit, t'Hptniii I'l'ilniiii,' put a I . hi I
Ion wonvii's p. ker partlr. In iiiiiin r:s-it !
of Wllh ll it ! ,;(i. '!! :'l.!l.- Mill ii.l.i I n
j Isrs,' Sllll'1. - f " '
J Two iiu'll In wlio.ii' 'i.ini.'S the h.miii i "v f(
. liavo bt-cn held defiid him to sM! them. v 11 '
after lie luul sebt t'ctoclli e Hrouuil WTr-i- ic;u h l.'i.i. V I
litis them to stop. river nil s- f.
i "I'll have nil the patrol Winiii nt tin- 'luie j. '! v,
station In service toi!i." he mild. ",',ui l res '!t
Hit in. t Inn - Hi e ant AiN.
M ill. AHii v '! I'V, , I.., Nv. -Sue.
i I..IA ilh.i ! '.i'. w in e walklm; on
ii'l lni:'t In frii'il of thl' city nt n.oit
:i e .1 1 : ! i . '.,! l 'i ':...
1 .
.1 .' I ..
I . 1- tlfv l Vll.i
r.'.t lita.i.-.t tie
'e I I li'. v iliioc
i'" :i :e i;rnl
Plague in Italy
is Decreasing
CIIIASi). SwIUerlnnd. Nov. . The bill-'
letln istieil by the Italian government
Miotvs a further decresse In the number
of elmltrn mses In that country for the
p'i led from October U to October
T lu re were no canes In the cltlen of X
plcs anl Uenon or In the province! uf
Ca-crtii and Canipobasso.
The total number of chscs reportej f,r
the period vere p-fi and of deaths $1 of
the- i altstiisetta province reported fil
r,M and ." deaths ami Messina 18 ca.'es
I iiril - iVoll.s.
Total Kclipse
ct the fiinetloiis tit stomarh. liver, kid
nrvn slid bowels H quickly disposed of
with l'.ieetrle Pitters. Se. For sala b
I'.ealon I ritK "o.
evening In the olive room at the Hotel
Rome In honor of Mlsa Louisa Lord and
Dr. Roger Throop Vatighan. Covers will
be placed for
Mlies Misses
Louise Lord. Dorothy Morgan,
Alice Cary McGrew, Gladys Peters.
Elleabeth Fickens, Grace Buthank.
Messrs. Messrs.
Prentiss Lord. Ralph Peters.
Wayland Magee, Wilson Austin,
Hal Yates, l, Vaughan.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kelly.
One of tha largest parties of the week
will be tho "Rube" dancing party given
this evening at Chambers' academy by
the Junior club. Tha members of the
younger set will all attend in rube costume.
Kuth Comp,
Isabella Ncal.
eivelyn Neal,
.Minnie Oovet.i,
j;url LlndberK,
Ken Johnson.
I.ila Marshdll,
Maud White, y, Whilely,
t.,ali Howard.
Lawrence Kulinke,
Karl Brady,
lOllsworth Deveroux, Jred Witt
i hasjes 1)1 ugh, - Robert Marshall.
Mr. and jars. Charles Martin enter
tained tit a travelogue party Paturday
evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Q.
W. Barker In honor of Mr. and Mra.
Licorge liarker and Mr. ahd Mrs. Joseph
Marker 3. I'ollowJng tha pictures an en
joyable musical program was given by
Miss Miriam Patterson, voice; Mr. Cecil
Uerryman, piano, and Mr. Ocorge Barker,
vlotlnlut. The guest! Included:
Mioses Misses
Agnes Uurkley. Alice t.ary McGrew,
ist airice -lanrucK, .Miriam Patterson,
Martha Dale.
Wilson Auetln,
Paul Gallagher.
Frank Frederick.
Sidney Stcbblns,
J. Laurie Wallace,
Cecil Berry man,
"ri.nk Burkley,
L'lmer West,
Mr. and, Mrs. George Barker.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barker, il.
Dean and Mra. James A. Tancock.
Mr. and Mra. Frank Martin.
Mr. aJid Mrs. Isaac Carpenter.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maxwell of Grand
flautds, Mich.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Carpe.ntar.
Mr. and Mm. Arthur P. Bmlth.
Rev. and Mra. K. R, Curry.
Mr. and Mra. Aubrey Potter.
Mi. and Mrs. Zabrieke.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph West.
Mr. and Mra. Krra Millard.
Mrs. Arthur Lockwood.
The losing aide of the Z. Z. aiila' con
test or the First Methodist Sunday school
gave a Hallowe'en party Friday evening
in tha church parlors for tha winning
Hide and thp visitors during the contest.
Colors were carried out In yellow and
white and all kinds of Hallowe'en deco
rations. Among those present were:
Misses Mlssws
P.dna McManigal. Mao Cook,
Oertrwle lor,
Louise Tata.
Anna Hrana-e.
iraoe flbeare.,
Iniogone Jonca,
Wedding Bells
The wedding of Mrs. Anna McXamara
Barnes, to Mr. John H. SMalds of Chi
cago, was celebrated 8aturday morning at
S o'clock at 81. Cecilia's church. Rev. D.
P. Harrington officiating.
The brown was gowned In quince shade
of crepe meteor with overdress-ufs'arh
shade of chiffon. She wore a large hat of
gold lace. v
Miss Nellie McXamara, a sister of the
bride, wan maid of honor and wore pale
blue marquisette over the same shade
of mesBallne, trimmed with hand em
broidery, and with this costunio was worn
a large black picture hat with white
Mr', and Mrs. Shields have gone to Cuba
for a wedding trip and will be at home In
Chicago after January. 1.
i'iioto bv Oadv, Omabu.
Apartiiier.t i, The Sherman.
Tii2 IS !aQ
Njyflmbfir.-6, 1911.
Name and Ad'tres. Schfol.
Francis Bowman, "1 10 South Sixteenth St b'dw. Uoscwater.
Ruth F. Buh, 2531 Decatur St Lour
Edith C. Capron, 2024 Far nam St High
Alexander Crawford. 2822 North "Nineteenth Ave. .Lake 1898
Michael Cuff, 1121 North Eighteenth St Kellom 1900
Viola J. Denilng. 4501 Hurt St , Saunders 1897
Raymond Djureen, 3314 Ohio St Howard Kennedy... 1 904
Ida Duffack, 3018 L'rana St Howard Kennedy.. .1 897
Steva Kberhard. 807 South Eighth St. St. Phllomena 1902
Paul Eugene Hrwln, 1309 South Twenty-seventh ., Lothrop 19HI
Inez Eskelson, 3312 Parker St Franklin 1904
Frederick Eupkey, 830 South Forty-first St. Columbian 1906
Knlph Gantz. 5211 Center St Heals 1900
Edward Gordon. 4034 Seward St Walnut Hill 1904
Sylvia Greenaway. S07 South Eighteenth St Leavenworth
Lester Hagllnd, 4602 North Thirty-first Ave Saratoga ...
j Fourth Morningside
j Foot Ball Player Has
j Typhoid Fever
SIOUX CITT. la.. Nov. 6.-The fourth
of the Morningside college foot ball
regulars to be atrlcUan with typhoid
fever, Robert Vernon and "Turk" Elf
fert, have been taken to Pt. Joseph's
hospital for treatment. The players now
In .the hospital are Vernor, left end;
Eiffert. left guard; K rouse, halfback, and
Wlckes, center. The origin of the fever
Is a mystery to the athletic authorities
at the college. The athletea do not eat
together, nor do they ever follow an out
line of diet. Inoculation with typhoid
bacilli aa a means of curbing the disease
la delng dlacussed now as aa Immediate
meaaure by athletic managers at the
Claudia Harris,
lasel Peterson,
Zulu Waugh,
Kred Well,
;tae VVylle.
Holtna I'illlaon,
Mary Harnett.
Louise Ohumale,
Kiln Gtbtw.
Kunloe Vandevford,
Mettle Caseel,
I taneea Ha yen,
Hattie Hemew.'T,
Kthd Watson,
Mae Heather.
Marie Jersoit.
Pioneer Nebraskan
Dies at Long Pine
William C. Bishop, GO years o'.d. for
merly In the drug business In Omaha and
, well known In the state, died Sunday at
his home In Long Pine, Neb., where he
had been conducting a hotel during the
j last five years. The body will be brought
j here for burial In Forest Lawn cemetery
j and services wilt be conducted Wednes
day. He died of erysipelas and a roin
I plication of ailments and had been aerl
i ously 111 for about a week.
I Mr. Bishop was a native of Oieen Lake,
Wis., and came w est thirty-nine' yeare
ago, settling In York county, where lie
engaged in farming. In 1890 he came to
Omaha and engaged In the drug business
with his brother. Lr. J. C. Bishop, first
at Thirteenth and ('enter and later at
ftsteenth and Locust. After nine years
he went to Boulder, Colo., where lie con
tained In the druK business. From Colo,
rado ha went to Long Pine five years ago
and angaged In the hotel business.
He ! survived by Ills wife and two
children, and the following sisters and
brothers: Mrs. J. C. I'anter of Chicago.
Clarence Hanseu, 3368 South Seventeenth Si.
Jary Harrison, 2602 North Twentiolh St...
Alvin Hill, 2611 North Nineteenth Ave
Gerald Hittlo, 3S39 Decatur St
Ethel Holman, 2203 North Thirtieth St
Harold Hubner, 515 Hickory St
Adlna A. Jerpe, 1823 Spencer St
Jeannette Johnson. 424 South Thirty-fifth St
Harold O. Kastmaii, 1715 South Tenth St. . .
Joseph Klaha, Jr., 176(J South Ninth St
Emily Kullsck, 713 Hickory St
George B. Martin, 3716 Jones St
Mary Mirionsky, 1257 South Sixteenth St Conienius 1S97
Margaret S. Monks, Apartment C, Stiermau Lake ,.1904
Arsua Nelson, 3832 Parker St High 1S94
Albert Federsen, 4014 South Ninth St High 1890
Leota I. Pendleton, 5024 Hickory St Deals 1904
Arthur A. Peterson, 3404 Blondo St Franklin ., 1897
Jeannette Peterson, 4250 Douglas St Saunders 1905
. Frunkliu
.Howard Kennedy:
. Col u in bin n
.Lincoln . ,
. Liucoln
18U 9
Ernest Pictseh, 1716 Canton St
Benjamin Polito, 1214 South Twelfth St...
Ruth M. Rager, 3399 Camden Ave.,. ......
Delia Rich. 3817 North Twenty-second St. .
Helen A. Rogers, 1612 Lothrop St
Agnes Satrapa, 703 Marcy St
.... .Vinton . . .
Pacific . .
..... .Monmouth
, High
" Lothrop .
Pacific ..
. 1895
.Lake 1898
.Webster 189s
.Sherman 1903
.Train 1900
.ComentOs 1898
Park .
Cmma bcrgelt,
Kdlth Johnson.
Mvrta Bchnelder,
Maude Lavlts,
Mary Yarik,
Hertha Pyle,
t m Ogle,
Ktliel Sheet,
Kllsabeth Kern,
Pearl Hlnlr,
Delia Luve,
Cercla Swenson,
Irene Plgge,
Pas? more,
Frances Brooks,
Jioruictto MoUuiritan,
Personal Gossip
Mrs. Ileiman Ki'iihi;.-, ho lias Ixea
spending tha summer In the cast, U ex
pe.cted home Tuesday.
Mra. J. 8. Weltze',1 of St. lxiuts Is ex
pected the latter pert, of the week for a
t.iief visit with her father. Mr. V, K. Her.
Mr. P. K. Vlerllng. who has recntl,'
undergone an operation at the Prenby.
terian hospital. Is recovering t I fac
tor lly.
Mr. and Mrs. R. t.. Huntley, accmn
rsnieil by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Oulou,
left last week In a private cr to spend
several daya In l'enver and other Colo
rado points.
Mrs. Mary K. Ner.iin and da -flu sr.
Miaa Roberta Newton, who have he mi In
Lin-ope since last June, expect to land In
New Turk on Thansglvlng day and will I
rearta Omaha a few days lute.-.
Miss Helen Cudahy. who haa been v'.a- I rirat Lieutenant William N. Uaekall of
iting Mrs. Frank Wlllielm and Mlsa ! the signal enrp. will remain on duty
I rsnres Nash, returre.l t Clittago last ! at Fort Omaha until November SK On
t v-rinc. Mr. Mwanl Cudah-. Jr . who iim)r ne goes w nan rranrisrc. ani
thence to the Philippines.
Ktrvt Claa 8rgeant Joha Ttn.ns. for- j
mcrly on duty at the Plgnal Corps Hup- I
.ily depot st Tort Mason, Cat, la to r-
port to the commanding officer at Fort
Caroline Schneider, 2017 North Nineteenth St .
Arloa Sedgley, 2544 Chicago St. . '. v
Louis C. Showers, 1413 Brown SI
John Shranek, 409 Pine St
Helen Slmanek, 2220 South Fourteenth St....
Donald B. Smith, 4107 Izard St Saunders 1890
Henry Spanswick, 3509 Burdette St Franklin 1903
Enitl Stochlin, 513 Poppleton Are Train 1896
Raymond Timmlna, 2920. Fort St Miller Park ...... 1902
Goldle Vanderwarke, 4602 Chicago St Saunders 1901
Willie Voss, 1420 Weeterfield Edw. Rosewater. . . 1903
Kennith Wldenor, 25S0 Manderaon St High 1895
Nollie Wilson, 3701 North Twenty-first St Lothrop 1898
Susie Weldel.931 South Twenty-flrBt St Costellar 1901
Raymond M. Wftlla. 4327 Erskino St Clifton Hill 1895
Alice Wescn, 3216 Lincoln Blvd Franklin 1S99
Baby Dies Every Ten
Seconds from Some
Preventable Cause
KANeAS CITY. Mo., Nov. 6.-' Watch
the light flash. Kvery flash a baby died
from a preventable disease in tho civil
ized world." This wus the grim wording
of a placard which attracted wldo atten
tion at the Clilkls' exhibit In thla
city today. The exhibit opened last
Thursday and haa attracted thouaands
of visitors from other cities. infant
mortality was the question to wrlilcli es
pecial attention was given today.
A small red electric light globo In a
case flashing every tea seconds bearing
the placard causes hundreds of mothers
Mrs, Ellen flchaedla of Boulder, Mrs. to P "d ,ook n'x t'tled eipres
George W. Sprague of csr.aha. John
Bishop of Council Fluffs and Dr. Bishop
of Omaha.
stone meanwhile drawing their children
closer to them. Figures and photo
gtaphs showing tits Inroads of prevent
abl diseases among Kansas City children
wero shown. Of 1M3S children In the
schools examined last year by the health
board It was shown that 1.804 were recom
mended for treatment. The records slso
showed In that number 3.464 suffering
from adenoids. In many rases entirely
unknown to tha parents.
Sixty Conniil Plniti passengers, riding
to their work In Oinahu. veto given a
scare at Fourteenth and Pouglas streets
at D o'clock this morning when tho cm
In which they were riding wan derailed
While rounding the corner the rails
spread and the trucks went off tho tra k
The car toppled to a dangerous angle and
the pasKeiiteis were panic stricken. Tin
ear again lurched and righted itself, but
the passengers scrambled out as fiiat n
they could. A wrecking crew cleuicd
tho track In a short time.
aaa rsceiTed lit ligaest prusc every
where far its mnasBaS deucioas qii
ucs. y"i-nmakeiX, terr'stae recipe;
SW i in Sfw.
t napea vsr. sh., imt
lll!sWK loaolinufaad
JnslHim iituai
4 fmaM tm fit nv I smsm. fTipiali n n
r bWJm UMg4lkvMiai tml
i. 1 Kmm TJ l waU 3 mlm k
jf uas. C Mai I ttai IIM at Jo..
A' CW tW tUJk
fs; . 'JLjj! Ji T csust pum,
JkfZ - '' LJ.l hm
"v e JV ' swosr
IT-Ti., i I
Private Humntr fmtth of tbe signal
corpa at Fort Omaha haa been ordered I
:o report to tha officer In charge of the j
Washington-Alaskan Military Cable and!
Telegraph system at (Seattle for Im- '
mediate duty.
Dlrsx-tnlr Kffcrts.
The o.roitolrs period la stilt r.olleeabie
In wide re-ars. cut away erfscta In
tailored coats and straight narrow sil
houettes, and though rumor declares for
fuller skirls, smaller waist lines and
! puffs at the elbows, fashion will no!
tarry ot im predictions for some time
to orris barajse of tha universally be
coming effect of present makes.
glye this
for croup,
w hooping
conph, or
colds and
couKhs, It
cures the child. Da. Buix's Cocas
Enter is constAntly rfllsMe and truly
meritorious. PftlC'E, m CENTS.
"My llUle girl raffs, frea a has e14 er stu-k
f crone, nit Ir. Hiill't Cu triipvurwl tbstbUS.
r., tit W.r,o ft., fmJUm.n, UL
Write rue tt 4mr. Mantlet) this paper. A44rcaa
sv!?' 'iBiiat
..llillllliill III,..
ms$ n,,. km
llrf 1 1 III? sometimes lie- Pp1!1
That "Skunk"
taste sometimes de
tected in pure beer
is the result of exposing it to the light.
Light starts decay even in pure beer. Dark
glass gives protection against light.
SchlitK is brewed in absolute cleanliness
cooled in filtered air then it is aged for months,
to prevent biliousness, then filtered through white
wood pulp then every bottle is sterilized, and
delivered to you in brown bottles, thus protect
ing Schlitz purity from the brewery to your glass.
If you knew what
wc know about beer
you would say "Schlitz
Schlitz in brown
is brandtd "Mlitx" '4
riionesi Ixuglas 15D7
l 1,un"s) independent A I6i3
HrT"!! ' TTi .cnniz Monica iieer Depot
IhQ, it&forft 7'3 S. 9th St., Omaha, Ncbr.J
MILLER LIQUOR CO., 1309 Farnaci St. K.
i III IlllWIIall I llllllinil'lllllll
I The Customer
You Need the,
g Most It the
t'ojiitiel f'odr's Indians passed through
Mlasuurf Valley Sunday. 011 their war to
ttietr homes on the Rosebud, and Pine
Ridge reaerratlnns. havtrisj finished 'he
shiny easna. Tticri Ware akaut i"4 In
th parly. At MlasMjrl Valley the In
dians were m by CelonsH Bill Mcl'uns
ot the Buffalo Bill company and Jske
tUMe of the North-eatrn. At Rtuti
Till. Mosida. ttie Istdlafis wre pM oft
arul with the trxm7 la'4 in a supply of
clothing and frortslom for themssives
and fatntlVHU. When the train rearboj
r.uhi1llr, there were neart L Indians
trwiit f rim the rsarratl,Hi. they
1 tt.cT l tli Jwni-:orr,liji if tluir in.-oiiJe.
( TiD er Qsstf BcEsf Ills Disssb 1
Sir Th Car SvK.MVwtn. ft. 9mn. J
JDreaa... Zc at all grocera i t
o. a. max bjuos9 "tin rr jj I
One Yon Have
Never Sold a
Cent'i Worth
of Goods.
Visitors will do thousands of dol
lars worth of business in this city dur
ing the fall and early winter months. -
Who will get their trade!
You can get yonr shre if you make the proper effort.
First of all, you must let the possible New customer
know that you are looking for him.
He cannot dodge au Electric Sign. Ue will see it and
he rnut read it.
You cannot afford to ignore the force of this argument.
Electric Signs can he rented on n nominal basis.
Ifl our Contract Department representatives show hovr
little it will iwt.
Omaha Electric Light
& Power Company