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Buy Your Coys' and
Girls' Shoes at a
Coys' and Girls
This busy department of ours is confined to
fliocs for boys, girla nnd women our export fitters
have bad years of experience in fitting children's feet
with comfortable, perfect-fitting shoes.
It will pay you to bring your boy and girl here, where
their needs are given careful, expert attention.
All ahoes ar Indelibly marked In plain figures with tho size
Ma prC tb long wearing quallUea leave an Impression Just aa
8hOPB In all leather, either button or lace atylca.
Boys' Sizes ' Children's Sites
-1 to 6. ..$3.00 and $3.50 8, to 11. .$2.00 and $2.50
Little Men's ' Big Girls' Sizes
Sizes $2.50 and $3.00 212 to 6, . .$3.00 and $3.50
Misses' Sizes 11 to 2. .. . .$2.50 and $3.00 .
rot toon rtopm
al 161 sal
m.lCC) FARtlAM .CrajST
to Council Bluffs is
Held Up on Appeal
Products Equal Nation's Gold, Cop
per, Iron, lead and Then Some.
parrs Wraith ml Nrhritk Soil
TrllB tae Vrndmvtn mt !Nlnri
aa4 Kseelleat Shewing
la Ma dr.
Hulletln No. 21 of ltt Nebraska bureau
of labor and Industrial statistic ha been
Issued by Deputy Commissioner Guy.
Values of soma of the slate's products,
as compared with the production of the
United States In various lines, ara givin
aa follows:
.Nebraska alfalfa, hay, dairy
products and food $IUU.S,:ji
lulled Htates and Alaska, total
gold mines
llalance In favor of Nebraska. ..$ l.V76.-JS
Nebraska's ens and poultry. .. .1 i'l.HHi.t
I'nltrd Mates, silver mines, total K.TXUU
Wock I, Uemls Park
llalance In favor of Nebraska. ..I I&.IM.'MV:
Nebraska's live atock IIW.DM.'GO
copier mines,
l.'nlted mates.
Palance In favor of Nebraska...
Nebraska's rom crop $H7.XTT.W(,
I'hltod Ktates. Irono ore K,X4.3H
' State Association "Will Plaii to Co
Operate to Suppress Joy Riding.
aielalT"rrnBram for feit lies),
tral Aiwatelr W ill Be Oatllaed
Atomoblle Parade Will
, v 4B reatar. ,
Th .Nebraska Htat Automobile asso
ciation will hold Its annual convention In
Omaha, beginning December 4 and com
tinulng two or three Cays, depending on
Uia rrorresi of buslneas.
, Kaoh county represented In th asso
elation Is entitled to one' delegate for
each twenty-five members, and as th
membership Is now 1,0)0 about 120 dele
fates ara expected. A banquet will be
held, and U the weather la rsvorsois
there will be parade with about iW
antos In - line.,
On. M.frar r,f ttii.ln.MS fnr the rAnvtn
tion win be the, outline of a plan fr a
commtttea In each county to Investigate
automobile accidents, By this means It
Is expected that the association can as
sist in th prosecution of Irresponsible
Joyriders, whose misdeeds are aften per
petrated with rented or stolen cars, and
t the same time help In the protection
of automobile owners who are Innocent
i blain in caea or accidents.
Legislative) Program.
' X legislative program for the nest ses
sion of the legislature also Is to be de
cided upon. Ieiega4es. probably win ne
appointed, to a national meeting of auto
mobile men In Washington January IS
and 17, Its purpose being -to interest con
gress In giving federal aid for aute high
.ways. Mine director of the-association
I will be elected.
Secretary D. K. .Watklns says that
fifty-eight counties are now represented
the organisation Of a club last week; at
PspUIlon.and will go this week to or
ganise clubs at Ord, Loup City, Nellgh
. and Stanton. .
The Sarpy County Automobile associa
tion was organised last Friday at Pa
pllllon with these temporary officers;
President. M. O. Faae, rapllllon; secre-
. tary-treaaurer, O. P. Miller, Papllllon.
A meeting for permanent organisation
will be held at Springfield nest Saturday.
Big Celebration at PlatUmouth at a
Good Roads Meeting.
r !
Omaba-Kaasaa tllr Ant Road .As
portation Be Organised at the
. Meetlaa- to Hoost Road for
West aide of River.
November 18 has been set as the date
for the good roads meeting at Platte
mouth, to formally celebrate the comple
tion of the Duff-Pollock bridge across the
Platte river at La Platte- part of the
newly projected Omaha-Kansas City auto
route down the west side of the diver.
The bridge Is railed the Duff-Pollock
bridge because Italph Duff of Nebraska
City and Tom Pollock of Plattsmouth
raised the money for It by popular sub.
scrlptlon, contributing a goodly share
The Omaha-Kansas 'City Auto Road
association will be organised at this
meeting, which probably will he held In
the afternoon. Plattsmouth business men
promise lively entertainment for the roads
boosters In the evening.
It la expected that a large number of
Omaha automobile men will attend the
meeting. The Omaha Commercial club
will be represented by delegates.
Mrs. Vermilya Taken
to the Jail Hospital;
5; Body to Bo Exhumed
CHICAGO, Nov. l-Mrs. Louise Ver
milya, charged with the murder of Po
liceman Arthur Ulseonette, was formally
placed under arrest today. 6b remained
quiet on her bed during a preliminary
healing la her home. The hearing was
set for November SI and a mittimus Is
sued ordering her committed lo the
county Jail hospital..
The hearing was held In Mia. Ver
, tnllya'a home jowlng to her Illness. Muni
cipal Judge Walker and the court at-
laches crowding Into the little bedroom.
-- 8tie manifested little Interest In th pro
, teodlnga languidly answering questions.
N Poison IS expected to be found In the
viscera of- Richard L. Smith, who died
at the bom of Mrs. Vermilya, according
Ik' Coroner 'Hofmsn, who returned last
night from North Henderson, whet
- ttttrtth'a body bad been exhumed.
"I don't want to be unfair," he said.
: "but X will b greatly surprised It the
chemical teat do not reveal arsenic. Th
rotor of th liver I wrong; It Is th same
color that was fund in Ussonnett'
liver. - In fct, th condition are almost
i identical, and 1 am ur th dark green
laa color w found mean arsenic."
i aa convinced is Coroner llofman that
, SmliU a liver will snow arsenic that he
aid h would' beg, a operation at one
tor th exhumation of th body of Frank
Brlnkamp. son of lire. Vermilya and her
first husband, Frank Dnnkamp.
State Employs New
Experts for Hyde Case
KANBAS CITY. Mo,,"Nov. 6. With
twenty-five talesmen In th Jury room
and forty new veniremen ready for exam
ination, the third week of the Dr. B.
Clark Hyda murder trial . began today.
Attorneys believe the panel of forty-seven
temporary Jurymen will be completed this
week. Two day are allowed for exer
cising premptory challenges, so It Is pos
slbl that the first evidence will be heard
next week. .
A possibility of George A. Smith, a
talesman, having to be released, de
veloped last nlKlit. when he was taken
severely 111 with acute Indigestion. He
had been suffering for several days, but
his case whs not declared to be serious
until lust night. A physlclal was called
to attend him.
It developed today that new scientists
will enter the case In behalf of the state.
At the last trial the defense made a de
termined attack on the states experts, de
claring they were frequently witnesses In
big murder trial. The stats has refused
thue far to make known the name of
more than, one new expert, He Is Ralph
W. Webater of . the University of Chi
cago. He Is a oo-worker of Dr. Walter 8.
Haines, who testified for the state In the
first trial.
Calunce In favor of t". H $ 7,67i,818
Nebraska's manufactured prod
I 'nil I'd mates, crude petroleum.. iM.HiKj.ixr
Palanre in fsvor of XcbniKkn . . .1 ai.ilS.i",'
'Ntiakei' ' whfat, oats, rye.
and bnrlev I hO fll .tiil
l'nlted Htstrfs, sugar, tctxl out
put , r,2,;,:i'-o
balance lu favor of Nebraska. . 7,t!4,'73
Nebraska's' parkins limiislrv t 17.7V) -1
I'nlteU ftates, t'jbacco crop, total .i.7J9.r,'ii
Pain rice In favor of Nrhrncka. .1 2.010,1?;
ire nd total for Nbrsl $t;M.7l3.XM
Orand total for Vnlted Mates.. u;ln,l&.s:W
Bslonoe In favor of Nebraska.
grand totHl f Ki,93r,0M
Which equals the totul proiluc
lion or both K-ai and sine fin,i7,.i;:i
Relation In, favt.r of Nebraska..! 3,flM, 4M
In other word. Nebraska produced In
wtalth.Jn jn.10 jrodui'ts In value co.ual to
the t'nltcd Flutes total production of
gold, sliver, copper. Iron, crude pctrolitim,
tobacco, lead end sine, with f:i,0o9,4M bal
ance In favor of Nebraska.
(Continued on Time Two.)
A black band letter tnreatenlng death
If he doesn't stop cutting food prices and
advertising the cuts In the newspapers
haa been rctved by Manager A. King
of Harden Broa." grocery department.
The letter was" mailed at Seventeenth and
Vinton streets. Here Is a ropy of the
This letter la aend to you through us
people e ere Aou of us all over
Ana we are loo Kins inr you inrse oays
to shoot you because we were tola by
people that yous drive out every men out
of business In Omaha. You won t leave
somebody else make a living at all
o you better look out for your live
light know before to late Tou atop cutlng
price in your store it ou aoni you win
get It qu'.ck enought
1 am in ine you sore every uay oenuiu
you. Bo please pay attention to this here
and atop your cutlng prices In your store
at once. I am lu a tuiry to cioae myieter
lont put yur sue in me paper any
The letter lias been turned over to
United State District Attorney '. 8.
Hayden Ilros. have offered a reward of
Sj00 for ti-.e arrest and csnvlctlcn of th
writer of tli fUr,
Rfws4 advertising spsc In u of the
Omaha. pporev .0; ' miraculous deior
V. V. Vest to sun gstung aotno
by advert letag In lb Council Muffs Non tbough hi psilem are few in
' number compared to iwj weeks ago, ..
lot Th be axposed hi fake ln
moalals and toid tli public that tie had
been here before unjir other smaf
Th WorUl-Hsrald tabk the hint and
eliminated "Doewr" Van from lis adver
tu:as columns when T.i i txtenl
1i4 Bnotkds. anj row in "doctor" ran't
buy Mwspapsr advertising spar in
la his Ce-iaod filufij ad, 'Doesur"
Veuo ttti he .r.J mi;;.n uf Mn at
trrfi(. ' curetu tdtefg.t It most
rat iaXr,t er ti.e t.-n-i man. ea.tfrat
ir.g it bou ss eonpUe;y iuat a gee Jot
,ta b . fi eri 1. l.oue, i u
.lor" is ;-: aun e-'
hear , the excuses of voters who are not
reictetered. Mayor Dahlman lis named
them notaries tor tho examination of T
cuses. "The "t6 n6laries' will determine
promptly In the majority of cases whether
a man who did not register Is entitled
to vote by-the probability und soundness
of the -excuse he submits. If an-elector
simply .neglected to reglser ho will be
barred' from th. ballot, unless he can
adduce ..sufficient evidence to prove the
neglect was Justified. On tho other hand
If sickness, death, marrlaK or some other
misfortune of the family prevented the
voter from registering he will not be re
fused the right to veto at the general
election. t ,.
Demos Permitted ta Talk.
Jajuea C. Llndsuy, who, tyss chairman
of he meeting held Saturday' evening at
Magnolia, hall, Twenty-fourth and Ames,'
Insists there. Was -no foundation for .a
nilsiiiideVHtnndliie the (' purpose '"anil
ciMiracter tit, the- metloif 'as. a republican
gathering.; ' . , v ',
'!At the tillsena'- meeting held a Week
prrvloiiH," said Mrs..Litulaay,"annoiince
ment was made of the one held Sat
urday" evening, and it was ' epeclflcally
stated that no- indorscmi'trt w ould be
made, boineone had to pay for the use
of pie hall, and. the republicans of the
Twelfth ward shouldered the bill. Nat
urally, then, it waa organised s a re.
publican meeting. Hut . we permitted
democratic candidates to address tho vot
ers, and they were given Courteous treat
ment, even being Invited to sit on the
platform. I tls safe to sny no republican
candidate would be given such a chance
at a democratic meeting, and the Twelfth
ward republicans need offer no opologlo
to anyone because of Saturday night's
meeting. Rather, they cun take a par
donable pride In the course they pur
sued." '
WASHINGTON. Nov. 6-The Inter-
slate Commerce commission's order re
ducing the fsre on the Omaha and Coun
cil Hluffs Railway and bridge company
and the Omaha and Council Bluffs Street
Railway company from Council Bluffs,
Is., to Omaha, Neb., from II cents tl 10
rents, was today held In suspension by
the supremen court of the United States
during litigation. The companies were
required, however, to file a IW.noo bond
to comrente paasenicers In the event
thst the compenl'-s ultimately lose their
ca -k.
Winter Wheat Will
Have Large Acreage
tl (tinning early In the mtIhk and con
tinuing during the Browing; season, the
Burlington, each week, receives crop re
port from all over Nebraska, leathered
by agents and crop reports. The last
report for the aeason of l!'ll was received
.Monday morning and summed up the
entire situation so far ns ihr, west two
thirds of the state Is concerned. I
In dealing with the corn crp, 70 per
cent of a full trop Is estimated. In most
section r husking Is progressing rapidly
ii nd In many places more than half fin
Kverywhere the winter wheat acreaxc
Is fully up to the average and the grain
looks well.
Potatoes are all duu, and while the
yield Is below the average, owing to the
tilgli price the crop will net the farmers
fully as much as usual. In some sections
of the state, particularly In the north
west, tho yield la fully tip thst of
former years,
fugnr beets,' wherever planted, have
done well,, the yield being better than an
average. This crop Is not entirely liar
vested, but alt beets will be pulled before
the ground frecfes.
Apples sre abundant, but are selling at
rather low prices.
Owing to recent heavy rains, pastures
sre In excellent condition, with rait and
winter rantre the best In many years.
Oreighton Alumni
Attends Clinics
About one-hundred alumnnl of Uie col
lege of medicine of the University of
Nebraska gathered at the Rome hotol
Monday morning to attend the Second
annual meeting of the college. I
The delegation wan taken to the Wise
hospital, and from $ to 9:.10 Dr. James
H. Uoets conducted a medical clinic. A
visit was made at . the Douglas county
hospital, where Dr. Rodney" W. Bliss held
a medical clinic and Dr. R. R. Hullisjer
a surgical illnlc.
A luncheon was cerved at noon, after
which the alumni association held a
meeting. Dr. 11, H. Armstrong of
Papllllon. president of the association,
Dr. A. 1. Dvergaard of Fremont. Dr. A.
lane of Wyoming and Dr. I. 8. Trostler
of Chicago, addressed the meeting.
A reception to the faculty will be held
this evening at S o'clock at the Cmmer
clal club. Prominent among the gueet
wfll bo Acting Denn Robert II. Wolcott
and Chancellor Bamuel Avery.
NK.WARK. N. J . Nov. 6 -Allison Mac
Farland wai arraigned today before
Chief Justice tlumn;ere and pli-ndi-d not
guilty to an Indictment charging him
with the murder of his wife with cyanide
of potassium. Justhe Oummore set next
January as the date for the trial. The
slate will seek to show that MacFarland
sought to get ' rid of his wife that he
mlgnt marry Mlfs Florence Bromley of
A mass meeting at which the question
of annexation of South Omaha will lie
discussed will be held, this evening at
Hirst Memorial church. Thirty-fourth
and Larlmore avenue. Raymond O.
Young of the law firm of Montgomery,
Hall & Toung Will dwell upon the sub
trct of "Facts and Figures," and A. 11.
Murdock of South Omaha will talk on
"Is Annexation Good for Omaha." The
meeting wtTl bo conducted by. the Mon
mouth Tark Improvement club.
Following Is the puKrsm the Omaha
High School Glee club' will prexent at
the University of Nebraska alumni ban
quet al the Hotel T.ome Thursdiiy noon
during tho State Teachci-s' association
la) Comrades In Arms .i... Adam
tb) Scarlet nd Cream (From Unl.
of Nebraska)
(r) Poor Ned i K'MM-ncr
id) Hill of Fare -....Zollncr
(e) Just a Girl Smith
Six polling places have been changed
since the last election. The changes ore:
Second Ward Fourth d'etrlct, 17C Vin
ton street.
Second Ward-Fifth district, 1832 South
Sixteenth street.
Third Ward First district. 1519 Web
ster Sitreet.
Fifth Ward-Fourth district, 1S44 Sher
man avenue. ,
Sixth Ward First district, 1119 North
Twenty-fourth, etreet.
Klxhih Ward Third district, 612 North
Seventeenth ati-oct.
T ,r 40 4 .4 Itwtth. is l.n
t.j... iU -.-- -v u -'lpaper
4M..O t- i .......
Railroad mm in the. .y from ttrady
Is.and. Max ell ar.d pole,: farther weal
and along th line of th Union
Pae.fio ' In Nebraska, state that
th stage of water In tU 1'hut
liver I greater now than at auy cvrr.
spending 61 In rrs lustead of feeing
dry, there I a strong fiow of water la
lite rltannel of ths stream, and lu many
. alliie It ha rwered the bars.
Throughout western Nebraska there
l.fvo been a number of heavy rain dur
ing the lest fw weeks, but the stags of
tvmer In the I'laite la attributed lo the
feet I'tat most of ha reevrvolre farther up
rlv.r r ard II natural flow I
ro lnnnr Impeded,
While there I punty . waier In the
Platte, ti-re are elm lent; of ducks
ail aloes; tho stream (rom Kearney west.
Ilji.irrs cuinltig In hate the limit, ovist of
:nv Uri'l I slog mallards, which l.ato
u n a in i r "i r me ti ana the
.frol:- rrsi t, wlilcli hav gone far-
ll'.tr roaili,
WASHINGTON.. Nov. S.-Consumlng
n-.ora beer in the aggregate than any
other country In the world, the - United
State leads all nations .In the total core
sumption of malt liquors, wines and dU
tilted spirits with th enormous total of
1.08,300,000 gallons, ' th Department of
Comraerc and Labor announced today.
Th per capita consumption of beer -rn
th United Btatsa waa only So.a gallons
tti 1110. while In Belgium It Is U.t gal'
Ions, in th United Kingdom tlM gal
lons and In Germany xs.47 gallon. Qet
many was second In the total consump
tion ct beer and the United Kingdom
third. , ' " -.;
In the consumption of- wine ' France
lead with S3.M gallons per capita,': fol
lowed by Italy with gallons and
Portugal with X7. gallons. The per
capita consumption In the United States
1 only about two-third of a galldti."
Ill distilled spirit Denmark leads With
th consumption cf X; gallons per
capita, Hungary end with 111 gallons
and th Net her lead third with 1st gal
loos. Th United Slates per capita con
suutptlon la 1.43.
Robertson Uses Axe
to Settle Quarrel
An old quarrel, resulted Sunday In an
attack upon William Kiln of 719 Pacific
street When he was struck over the head
with an axe by Albert Robertson. A scalp
wound flva inches long was Inflicted, but
serious turn Is not anticipated by Dr.
Peppers, who has tho patient In charge.
Klin telle the police that he was walking
along the Burlington tracks at Third and
Hickory streets with a friend, Charles
McCarthy, when Robertson assaulted hlra
unexpectedly. Kiln Is reported to be
doing well.
Dundee Water Case
is Again in Court
Mis. Jennie E. Brow-n,.M10 Burt street.
Dundee. In district court Monday peti
tioned for a writ of mandamus command
ing the, Omaha Water company to furnish
her water connections. She ay th Com
pany haa cut off her water supply with
out Just reason, she having offered to
pay all rentals and any cost Incidental
to the furnishing of water for her hdm.
Judge Sutton Issued an alternative man
damus writ commanding the company to
either make the connections or appear In
court Thursday and show caus why ' It
should nut be compelled to do so.
Key t the N tuailon-tire W ant Ada.
Th 'teachers of' t'hadron, Neb., have
chartered a PuUrtlnn sleeper over th
Northwestern and thirty-five of them will
arrive In Omaha Wednesday morning to
attend the Nebraska Teacher' association
to be held her this week.
- Advice received at Northwestern head
quarter Indicate that every town In
northwestern Nebraska will send large
delegation of teachers to th' meeting,
and 'In addition to them ther will b
many from the rural school from evon
she extreme portion of Da we county.
Key te ta sUtMwUai toe Vi aot Ada.
Vt'MA. Nov. 1 -Contestants In th Loa.
A ax aire tit Pboenls automobile raoaa ar
rived at Yuma this morning In th tal
lowing order:
lieslngten. ! 43 e'clarkt Tope Hartford.
.S Cadillac, t 4; Red tYosaa Trwx, l;J0l
The Pope Hartford broke three wheel
M the way from .j A lure Ice tj thM
tr:ni.;n at S a'tkvk the rwrjeig ear
left brre In th ftdtowtiig order;
National,, Mereer,
Piat.klln, lliilvk, MiUIbimI No, Ul Flnlxt
era. Maxwell, Rule. V, K. M. K Co e;
l.exluilon. PtpeHartfoi'd and CaCl.iic,
. WA)sHNGT(N, Nov.. C-it s 1 to U
that a railroad man will be killed on bla
Job and X to 1 that he.' will be Injured.
The Interstate Commerc rommlalon'a
repoVt on ntcrlcsn railroad accident In
the tweive month ended on June 10 shows
that rstlo. In that period M.IM persons
were killed and lM.lis were Injured. How
ever, only paeeengers were killed.
More than . half Uie total number allied
were trespassing vr. stealing rides on
tralhs. 4" ' - , - . ., .
"Interest In muaio seams to be Increas
ing all ever .th country.--- said F.-W.
Teei.le, ihemUr of the firm of Frio.
Teeple, piano loanufacturrr of Chicago,
who waa In Omaha Monday. "Numerous
concerts seem to be the direct cans of
this. In Chicago- there are concert
galore and they are all sell attended
and I notice that Omaha is having a
mscnitloer.t run of splertild concert!."
1 ILjjtf
:-...' o t x gT ulasass I i I I V I.I . : : . - '.'.''.
'With Hip-Confining Band
of Lastikops Webbing- and
th . regular Nemo Self
Reducing front.
SUoe 10 to 38: . ..
No. 819. Lotv bust
No. 321 Medium bust. ..
Th greatest reducing cor
set aver made for
th prico . . ;.
r t-i r- nrni irn ir '"h
. New York, November 5,1911.
" Did you ever ftop to think that your corsets will
'wear much longer if they FIT YOU accurately?
It's well worth while to take time enough to be
correctly fitted in a model that exactly suits your figure
not only for comfort's lake, but for economy,
.'. Here's a safe rule : You will get the most WEAR
cut of a corset that gives you COMFORT.
It is especially necessary that you shall be properly
fitted when you buy a Nemo Corset. As we have
. already told you, Nemos are very positive corsets, made
to Jo things; and that's the very reason why they are
so far superior to the ordinary, go-as-you-please corsets
which are so much alike that it doesn't matter which
kind you buy.
Take that great Nemo feature, the Lastikops Bandict
-it will not be comfortable if you try to wear a No. 522
when you ought to have a No. 523, or if your figure
calls for an entirely different type of a corset. But if you
need that kind of a corset, and select the right model,
properly .fitted, nothing could ever induce you lo wear
any other corset.
Lots of women, who couldn't wear a No. 523, get
plenty of abdominal support from Nemo No. 319
(pictured to-day), and secure additional figure-reduction
and a fine ' in-sloping-hip " effect from the long skirt
' with hs hip-conftning bands of clastic.
That's vhy we Arongly advise you. to take time to",
be correctly fitted in a Nemo the right model in the
right size. If you do this, no other corset on earth will '
' give you so much comfort and such perfect style.
Speaking of corset flexibility arid c7ajf7cs-L-alway,s
remember that Lastikops, Webbing, a, Netmo. JnvehtionZ'.
" used only iii : .Nemo Corsets, is the onj? elastic, fabric ' iri ,
- exigence that - never loses its elasticity, . All others -are .'
nothing tut the same old , unreliable elastics', which may
. wear. a' month or two and may not, . !
ns (H)
p. . - r ii mi T iii
::l IJI'ill-l 1i".H!,,.'.l! r.:l''r 1 1 ti' ,1- i.iiFJ' 8.. ! 'iljrji- I;iIMi' J'NIi MJNIII1N1U1. Miiin.MI.'iliMMJii'.ii
C ... , -1 "lltiiiiiiir
t rl I
Persistent Advertising I the Koad lo
Ills Ill-turn ... ,
Dr.Wiley furnished the text for it when he said:
' 'Nowhere in the world is food so plentiful ; nowhere in
the world is it so badJy cooked. "
We get far too little out of the legitimate pleasures of
the table. The whole world has much to teach us about new
foods and new ways of preparing old foods, but we do not
listen. Meanwhile our own foods are not treated with
proper respect. The Veal smoked ham has disappeared. Only
a few know how much better sweet butter is than salt. We
put fowls in cold storage without drawing them. We do
not let our fruit ripen on the tree. Jf we only knew how,
our food would not only cost 'us much less, but would be
infinitely pleasanter to cat. . , -i
This is the message of Hertry ,T, FincK!s three papers,
the first of which, 'Ungastronomic America,' ' appears iny
" 'x " The November number bffiini the 83d volume. . . ,
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