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Council Bluffs
Eng-liih. of Lighting Company, Obeys
Orden of City Council.
Ownership Clilmrt r Tira Cor-
rations, .Xelthrr of Which U
i Willing to Take Any
Threatened by Injunctions and damage
ulta. Manager A. K English of tha
Cltliens' Gas and Electric IJght com
Pany yesterday obeyed the Instructions
of the city council Imparted at tha meet
ing Monday night and yesterday re
moved tha big pole at the corner of
Broadway and Bryant street. It stood
exactly at the point where one of the
pedeetala has been located to bear the
flaming are light, and the efforts that
have been made for the last three montha
to ecu re It removal han all failed.
The huge pole belonged to the electric
light company, but It carried the Postal
Telegraph company' wire under an
agreement made several yeara ego. The
telegraph company claimed It and for
bade ita removal, or lla use for any other
purpose than to carry the electric light
wire. Manager English finally took the
matter up with the council and the
council acted. City Electrician McKln
ley wm Instructed to remove any city
wire ih pole might be carrying and
Manager English waa directed to remove
It. K kept hie couneel and detailed a
party of skilled linemen early yesterday
morning. Two of them ascended the
pole and In a few minutes every rental
wire was detached, crossarm were re
moved and thrown aside and the tall
pole waa bare from the ground up. The
work was so skillfully dona that not a
wire was short-circuited by a single
toacb and the operators at the keys along
th lines, which extend from New Tork
to Ban Francisco, never missed a click.
The cement was broken from the base
and the pole waa half. dug out and lean
ing over before the first Tostal employe
happened to come along. lie was a line
man and, It required five minutes before
he fully realized what was going on. II
raa to th office and reported. If any
action waa contemplated It waa too late
and not even a protest doveloped.
All of the cables for the new naming
aro lamps has been placed and the last
connections with the cables In th
pedestals were being mad yesterday. Th
lamp have been on hand for several
weeks. Th only cause of delay has been
th failure of the General Electric com
pany to send th proper hangers for the
new lamps by which they are attached
to th pedeetala.
Manager English ha been contemplat
ing for several day th us of tem
porary hanger and yesterday decided to
us them for the Installation of the
lamps. It la probable now that within
a week th current will be turned on th
new system and the business section of
Council IHuffe be transformed Into one
of the best lighted cities in th United
.States. lt , , ,v , ., ,
Saturday is Overcoat Day
For nearly 30 years we've been fitting overcoat to well dressed men.
Manufacturing tailors recognize us as the leading eiponents of good clothes In
Omaha. That is why we control the sale of the very beat makes of men's over
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Holger Birkerod
Entertains Many
Musks lovers who failed to find a seat
tn th crowded Danobo hall last night
missed th opportunity of hearing on of
th moat remarkable voice that ha ever
charmed a Council muffs audience.
Iloiger Itlrkerod, the tanlsh baritone, did
trior than Consul Llngoy and other cul
tured Danea expected of him. II held a
big audience for two hour In a state of
rapt admiration. ' '
Three-fourths of the audience were
Danish cltlxens, but fatherland pride was
not required to accord their fellow coun
tryman all of the appreciation possible.
Tbe genius of th man compelled ap
proval. Th hall waa not th best adapted for
cuncert purposes, but tha splendid volume
of th singer' vole swept away Impedi
menta and waa unaffected by environ
ment Only the lanea could understand
th word of th solos, but th rare voice
pok in the universal language of mualo
to all ears. la Some of the many enoores
Rwedlsh, Norwegian and Danish folk lor
ballad war given that carried th listen
era almost out of their seats. II played
with a master band upon th emotion
and between selection there war genuine
tempest of applause. Thus who have
heard Jeand Reszk and Battlstlnl de
clared last night that Ulrkerod was In
very respect their equal with dramatic
Intensity la th Interpretation of his
aocsnot possessed by them. At the
cloaapX.tb concert th Danish singer
waa almost mobbed by his fellow country
men. a snorc iniormai reception was
. held and he wa presented to many
Council Uluffs cltlsena.
Th pianist. wi:,iam A. raraona of
Brooklyn, Indicated ability of a high
rder, not only In his accompaniments.
but when he gave several Instrumental
solo to permit the singer a rest interval,
They leave today lor New York to fill
flv engagements and cross tha continent
(or several weeke on the coast.
Bfarriasr 1. 1 re a era.
Marriage licenses were Issued yesterday
Sa in following namea persons :
Piame ana Aaarera. Age
jainee item, imiuna I
Jjult Asner, uinana a
"nor K. Matson. Lincoln. Neb . 97
Eleanor lungilsli, Newmans tlrove. Neb. :t
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Boys' $1 Knickerbocker Pants
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Council Bluffs
Council Bluffs
Its Beneficial EffccU
Altrays Buy (ha Genuine
wm hi nv e
Sold by at I leading
Morris, a Mabrayito,
Signs His Own Bond
EdJIa 1C! Morris, Nfgro prlss flutter,
wrestler. Jockey and Mabraylta, Just fin
ishing a two-year term In the federal
prison at Leavenworth, Kan., can Qualify
aa being worth 110,000. Ha yesterday
signed his own (10,000 bond to appoar in
tha district court for trial on numerous
Indictments la connection with Mabrsy's
operations tn Council Bluffs.
Morris waa brought here when Mabray
was taken to Dei Moines and both were
locked up in tha county jails of tha two
cltiea to be held as star witnesses ln tha
oasea against Ban Marka and tha others
that are enpected to follow. Morris yes
terday algned hla.pwn bond and waa re
leased from the 'Pottawattamie county
In tha Mabray coda Morris was known
as No. 11, and tha indictment in which he
figured, that led to the Indictment upon
which he waa to be tried at Council
Bluffs, occurred when ha Is said to have
led Jamea Webber Into the Mabray "bis
store" In Council Bluffs and oaused him
to deposit tS.000. Webber recently died at
hla home In Bliomokln, Pa.
Attorney Ooeral Cosson, who haa man
aged thar Mabray casrs here, oonswited to
the release of Morris, and aa there waa
no one available to furnish tha bond re
quired but himself, he waa considered to
be sufficient, and under the Instructions
from the attorpey general's office. County
Attorney Capell applied to Judge Arthur
In tha district court for an order per
mitting the negro to sign his own bond.
Tbe home of Morris Is ln New York
city and owing to bis arrt by tha state
authority he la deprived of th provision
of th federal prison law that permits
transiwrtatlon to b txsued to him to his
former home. He got l& and th suit of
clothes he Is wearing when b left the
Leavenworth prison last Saturday even
ing. Morris waa Interested In a prise fight
or wrestling match that wa pulled off ln
an empty building located oi. Broadway
and blxteenth atreet, and which was
fully gone Into when the civil suits ag
gregating nearly fbOO.coo were thrown out
of court by.Judg Smith McPherson last
spilng. It Is SLSserted that th money
Webber lost In the old Sixteenth street
saloon on th night of July S, 1WT, was
furnished to him by a woman of the un
derworld In a Pennsylvania city. It is de
clared by all of th Mabray men that
Morris was generally a faithful employ,
prompt to "die" In th stipulated wanner
and at th proper time.
Minor Mention
Th ConnoU Bluffs Offlo of
Th Omaha Bee is at IS oott
Urt. Both JThOBtS 43.
Cowaell Blaffs rrodwea Market.
Th following quotations, showing prices
paid to producers, are corrected dally by
William HlKiteaon. city welf hinaster, for
publication In The Bee:
Corn, eld. ); new, Mc per bu.; wheat.
2c r bu : net. 4.VJ-V.O per bu.; hv, M wfjll.uo per ton: alfttlfa. Ioom,
lit uu IS 00 rr ton: butter, suo Mar lb ;
twit, be cr dot.; cUlckcue, to, live
N. 1 Plumbing Co Tel. 360. Night l-Uvt
pavls. drug.
Leffert a. opticians.
H. Borwlck for wall paper. .'
Hav Morehouse em boa It.
Corrlgana, undertaker, rhones Itt.
Qenuln Vlctrola, llfi. A. Mosp Co.
For authority on watrhea e Leffert
Woodrlng Undertaking Co. Tal. M. '
Lwla Cutler, funeral director. Phoo If.
WANTED Ulrls at Wodwards cacdy
Every Victor record in stock. A.
Hosp Co.
Express delivery to all parts of Council
Blutfe. F. Fulk, phone II 671: lnd. L
ise perfection oil hvaurs no smoke or
Ouell; price. l.N to &. P. O. l Vol
Hardware company, oiH Broadway.
'A judgment haa been entered In th sujt
of Bumlerland Bros, of Omuha UKulnst
J. T. Harris of this ilty for fc and
execution ordered by Judge Arthur.
If you want WINDOW UL.AF3 call Bell
phone bW, iiluK city Ulaas and Mirror
Works, lo7H West Broadway. We make
a specialty of UUA&INU at low prices.
opealug. Everyone invited to Inspwt the
many beauiltul tilings in art gooits. rpe
olal bargains for the day. Faubla Art
Jack Steele, tn legless junker, whose
Up to the plolce led to the detention of
Mis. May Hunter and her of h-r
absrnt hUBlMkiiit of the murder vf John
Wagner litvar l'aclflc Junction, was mmii
to Jull by 1'otlue Judge tittUiT yesterday
for tru days. Jt was th old (amlllur
charge of diunk.
Th local council of th Arcanum will
give a stag patty this evening In the hall
on l'rarl street and a splendid program
of entertainment, lunch and cigars has
been prepared for th member and Invited
guest, the business sraslon of the coun
cil will be called at t.M o'clock, that the
regular meeting may not lutcifur with
the social stunts.
L'nder the hallucination that he had
don sometliliiK wrong at some period of
his life and all vf the policemen in the
I lilted Btatea were hunting him. Amos
Brauley la being detained at the city jail
for Investigation. Desk Heriieant Short
took the man Into custody after encoun
ivrihg hlm and, Hate-Ding to his slrangu
Joseph Sandol, at Mercy hospital, where
he has been a member of the "old ae
colony" fur many yeuia, has become o
mentally weakened that It haa been de
elded to remove htm to the county farm
at McClelland, where it Is expected he
will receive excellent car and comfort
able quarters In the county home. An
order for his removal has been approved
by the Board of Insanity Coinmi.aioners.
No notice has been received by the
West Council Bluffs Improvement club,
th plaintiff In the suit prosecuted before
tiie Interstate Commerce comii.l.aion.
which led to a ruling rey Hiring the atreet
railway company to 1m. ue tranafers on
all bridge tine tickets, of the rompsny's
appeal to the I'nlted Utates auprema court.
1'ie.iOcut V allies aa) s the company has
appealed. While the sppeal la pending
tiie company will not be required to oby
tha manual of th Commerce iourt and
j-ue the transfers.
Owing to th fact that Hallow en hood
lums broke all the wlndowa In the county
building In th S.xth ward. It rendered
the building unfit for use as a registra
tion and voting booth and th registrars
of the First precinct of the ward were
located at the J. 1. Hockwell residence
acroHa the street, 2315 Avenue B. Unless
the building can be repaired In time for
the spec al election It will devolve upon
City Clerk Duff to hunt up a new poll,
lug place. Only the weakeat Interest was
manifexted In the rcKlstration yesterday,
ln many of the precincts not a singls
nume was added to the lists, u.nd a most
meagre number ln any of them.
The Woman's Belief corps has mad
the selections that will form the program
for the Htephall series of concert lectures
that will be given at the Second Presby
terian church Wednesday and Thursday,
November 16 and ltt. The lecturea are tor
the benefit of th relief fund. Th first
lecture will oe on "The Influence of
Music." Thursday afternoon the theme
will be "Music and Childhood" and Thurs
day night, "Music and Life." It Is said
of Miss Bophla Slep'iall that aha is a
singer who thinks, tier mlanlon is also
to emphasise the value of mualo as an
educator and It Influence upon onaracter
and life. She Is the possessor of a beauti
ful voice, splendidly cultivated, capable
of exprr.sliiK the finer shades of mean
ing and of kuman amotion.
WllllamiV. Shannon, Stat factory In
spector. nQsVed In Council Bluffs yester
day and will remain for several days
for the purpose of ascertaining the causa
of the delay of a dosen or more owners
of tal) buildings ln complying with th
orders of Inspector Hibble several weeks
ago to equip their bu.ldinga with fir
escapes. - It Is said that th excuses of
some of the persons may not be accepted
and prosecutions may result, ln half a
doseit places at the present time work
men are engaged In constructing such
devices and In about all of the cases it
has beep eju'erlnitted contracts tor th
work have been let.
Th Council Bluffs High school foot
ball team will journey' to Shenandoah,
la., Saturday to play the fast eleven at
that town.
Th Council Bluff team haa struck s
winning streak and Captain Hiibti'd ex
pects to give th Shenandoah team a
hard rub and expects a victory at least.
Shenandoah High school has tha fastest
foot ball team ln southwest Iowa and has
defeated all th team in that part of th
of k Wild Fat Lands
Canada Too Strong- to
Scotland Is being drained of her life's
blood. In tha highlands and the low
lands th old people are being left In
loneliness, and by their hearthsides they
are thinking wistfully of th bairns who
one played around them. There Is si
lence now In many Scottish homes. Tbe
footstep of tho young folw no longer
clatter up from the village street or
crush th scent out of tha purple heather
on th hillsides. Th bairns hav grown
up into tall men and women, and they
hav listened to th voice which is call
ing away th sturdiest son and th
tallest lasses of Scotland. Tbey hav
followed th call and hav con to build
homes In th far west, while the old
folk sit with clasped hands, bugging; re
membrance, which Is but a cold and
ghostly thing.
During tha past few years this tide of
emigration from Scotland has swelled
and broadened into a great, rushing, Im
petuous torrent. The son of Scotland
are leaving their native soil not slngl
spies, but In battalions. Th new census
returns reveal a desolated country with
deserted villages and abandoned parishes.
Even ln tha towns th artisans are leav
ing their factorlea and besieging the emi
gration officer for cheap passages to
are amaxing figures which will
strike sharp arrows Into the hearts of
Scdtsmen who hav prld tn their coun
try's h Htory and a love of It soil. In
ten yeara a quarter of a million of peo
ple hav been drained from th popula
tion of flv millions. Canada alone
absorbs Scotsmen at the rate of 17,000
a year, and this year will ae a large
Increase above this flgur. Even In East
Lothian, th most prosperous and fertile
province in Scotland, there are oecreaues
in population ln half th towns and vil
lages. In more barren districts depopu
lation haa been mor swift and more
tragic It Is tru to say that only the
old people and the Infirm and th very
poor bave been left behind In villages
w'ulch ten and twenty years ago were
full of busy Ufa and lusty manhood.
Th vole of th Canailan cdvertlser
calls loudly In th ears '. th Scottish
peopj. Ho goes everywhere, pasting his
richly colored pictures of the Oolden
West upon ever hoarding. II . plucks
artisan by th sleeve and says, "Canada
and a rich life are waiting for vou "
leans over th gate of tha peasant far
mer, and says, "Why scratch and scrape
at barren soilT Come away to th fat
lands of the far west."
Canada already Is a transplanted Scot
land. It la the Scotland of th American
continent. Ita map Is strewn with Scot
Ish plac names. Th pioneers and set
tlers have given to the mountain passes
the names of highland glens, and in the
great farmsteads of th west, in ' its
great apple orchards, on Its cattle
ranches, ln Ita factorlea. In Ita city of
fices, men speak ln th tongue of Aber
deen, of Glasgow, of the highlands and
lowlands. They have gone away from
tho old soil, but always ths exiles re
member the country of their birth or of
their forefathers with an enduring love
as deep aa that of the Irishman for tha
Emerald Island, deeper, perhaps, than
tha English colonist for the mother ooun-try.
Dynamite Wreck Bnlldlngs
as completely as coughs and colds wreck
lungs. Cur them quick with Dr. King's
New Discovery. 60o and tLOO. For sale
by Beaton Drug Co.
Peralstent Advertising
to Big Returns.
Is tbe Road
"The WUard of Wise-land."
All aboard! All aboard! Th two and
a half hours' trip to the "Isl of Wise
land'" will b made at the Dohany Sun
day, mutlnee and night. A merry and
delightful crew of singers and player and
a full pinnae of chorus beauties will
escort you thither under the jolltost and
funniest captain thut ever trod a deck,
"Th Wlxard of Wlselnnd." Laughter
and song, music that vies In sweetness
with th moonlit t and coryphee that
glide through the maze of th danCe
with the undulating grace of a aea wave
will delight the ey and ear and lighten
th heart. Don't forget to take th trip,
aa thousands who hav sailed this moon
lit sea hav pronounced It ' tli beat ever."
for tha Ial of Wiseland lies ln th fair
domain of youth and fairyland.
Holler Skating-.
The Auditorium roller rink will be In
full swing toulght, also (Saturday and
Sunday nights and oa Sunday afternoon.
Mualo by Ureen'a band.
Key to the SituatlonBc Want Ada.
x a n F! n
o nests (a rf5 jnriiT sfimfifi w
W W M-fc VS iif U U J al Id M la Nsla- U U U si VU yf
men Away
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a Large Trial Bottle of Swissco
Hair Remedy.
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Omaha will get a free bottle by aending 10 centa In
stamps or silver direct to hwiksco Hair Remedy i'o
m V. O. Hiur. Cincinnati, Ohio, to help cover ex
pens Of packing, eto.
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City Stat....
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4 ture. lkt
and :tib and
pon good at Bherman A Met'onnrll Pruir Co..
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J larnaiu