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Some Men Prefer
The "Chesterfield"
It's a dressy looking coat,
warm and comfortable, easy to
slip in or out of, long enough
to keep your knees warm and
be out of the way of your heels.
Either fly front or buttoned
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and medium shoulders, in new
grays, browns or black.
It's a hard coat to pass up
once you have been inside it.
The Imperial
It 8ampecK's Idea of how a con
vertlbl collar coat should be mad
hla Idea la universal with young
men, judging from the number of
these coat a we tell every day.
It't roomy, luxuriously warm
meets every condition you can
mand of an overcoat.
Handsome rough fabrics all colors
1 tie- ht r- f America
SIS to S35
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Bampeck Suits are tailored right, and loo It that'a one reason we
aell the same young- men every seeson and their friends.
Brown and gray mixtures and diagonals ittm moat favored, but
whatever your Idea of how clothe outfit to be, lt'a reallced In
S18 to S35
tit TrwjKo ptcmrs
Deer Trained to Drive
f ' vV' i. it '
t i n' t ' v ' ' -t
(fir v n - v. AVT will flrww, , '
.'.--. .t- I i,.
Death of Chicago Policeman Wat
Caused by Arienio.
Jkt Koinei Societies Have Numerous
Calls for Aid.
Creeers ef lew Capital Cltr Are
Keeatag Vp Ft1i, Ceaacll
DflnnlMl te Make reelect
La4taar Affair.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DE8 MOINES, Nov. (.-(Special Tele
gram.) With the first touch of winter
weather the charity organisations of the
city were called upon this week for aa
sistanoe from the unemployed and the
statement Riven out today la that the ap
peal! for help are more than double at
this time than they were a year ago.
Never before In , the history of Dee
Moines have these organisations been ee
overwhelmed with appeala for aid.
The pinch of winter haa brought to the
attention ef charity worker much die
Gift Suggestions
It often putties
people at to what
gift to select for
a friend. D 1 a
mond Jewelry ia
always the most
acceptable, and
always will be re
membered long
est and appre
ciated most. This
store, where you
are certain to get
just what vou
. pay for, has a
large stock o t
diamond Jewelry,
.and pan show
you tome choice
designs that are
aure to your favor, we Invite
your Inspection. If yon see nothing
here to suit you, we shall gladly
stake special designs for your con
liberation. Don't Merely Itay-In?et
Sixteenth and Harney.
tress, lack of work and the large Class
of transients who came to Dee Moines
In the hope of securing employment, are
given aa the causee of the present situation.
Market Hoes Permanent.
The city council of eOa Moines took
steps today to make permanent the mar
ket place plan which has proved a great
success the last' fall. Orders were given
for the Immediate remodeling of the old
city hall, now soon to be vacated for a
new one and to utilise It for a market
house during the winter. Some additions
will be made and the building will' be
ready for use In a few weeks.
The Grocers' association of the elty has
not yet given up a bitter ftght on the
market plaoe, butt he open market will
be continued all winter.
Coasolidatloa of Stores.
Sixteen I and lo-cent stores in Iowa
will be affected by the merger of big
companies managing such stores under
direction i of F. M. Woolworth of New
Tork. Wpol worth already has fourteen
stores In Iowa and Knox Co. have
two atores that wyi go Into the deal.
Over WO stores are affected.
I T rvr t a t-?t I l
Satraace oa Ooari
I! la I Till
Kail Dowa Stairway' ratal.
HAMPTON, ia., Nov. a (Hpeulal.)
rrom Injuries received from falling down
a stairway at the Central hotel, Thomas
McCullough, a former stock buyer o
Latimer, died last night. Two sons, John
ft. McCullough, Wlndom, Minn., and
Frank H. McCullough, Nashwauk. Minn.,
survive him.
rioneev Btasjej Driver Dead.
IOWA CITY, Ia., Nov. S. Hpeclal.)-
Jaoob Qreaser, a pioneer stage driver and
father of eighteen children, pasaed away
at hla home In Iowa City at the age of
a years. Eight children and fourteen
grandchildren survive him.
Marderer Appeals Datoaco Case
IOWA CITY. la.. Nov. (.-(Special. -
Ouy Ilaker of Lne Tree, convicted mur
derer of Oliver Driver, who was held by
court for 13,000 daniagee to the murdered
man'a wife, has appealed the damage
case to the Iowa supreme court
Daalel F. Drawbaak.
HARRIBUURQ, Pa., Nov. t-Danlol F.
Drawbaugh, Inventor of one of the earli
est telephones, died today, aged II He
had a notable legal fight with Alexander
Oraham Bell and lost. Recently he had
been at work on m wireless burglar alarm
and was seised with an attack of apo
Dr. Vletev Keweasah.
Victor Neaoomb, aed T, former prest
dent of the Louisville Nashville rail
road, is dead. He organised the United
States National bank In ltui, of which he
was the cashier.
Key to the Situation-Bee Want Ads.
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Box of 80 , ,, ....ei t
Limit, i boxes to a cuBtomr.
Will Charaa Htr with Mar
of Arthar Olsaeaaette,
Wke Died at Her
(Continued from First Page.)
The Queen of Perfumes
The most popular rerfume la Europe, a new, delicate and lasting
Free With Every 25c Purchase
A box of T1ILLMA and ladies' pure liuea handkerchief.
The Last Chine to Get This Ulijhtful I'trlume
(apeciaj Trice Cuts fur Saturday i
IDC jjo juara uiycertue noapr a lor n4
Beaton Dru Company
Tuzm ifld Fifteenth Streets.
35c Woodbury's Facial soap.
EOo Le Mars lioniotn and Almond Lotion
lie Pompelan Massage Cream
To 4711 Lllao Vegetal
11.00 Piaaud's Vegetal, all odors, Saturday
40c Buaa of Persia soap
i i
CHICAGO, Nov. .-Prof. Walter Haines
of Rush Medical college reported to Cor.
Oner Huffman today that he had found
abundant arxenla In Pollqrman Arthur
BlsHonette'a liver to causa death.
After the announcement that Blsson-
ette's death Was caused by poison Chlof
of Police McWeeny prepared to ewear
out a warrant for Mrs. Louis Vermllya
charging her with the murders of Arthur
Msaonette and Richard T. Hmlth, an Il
linois Central conductor, who died mys
teriously while a roomer at Mrs. Ver
mllya'a home.
Elcht Others Probably Mardered.
The first thread In a poison mystery
that the polios say is likely to reveal a
series of murders, more willful and cold
blooded than any In police history here,
a as unraveled today with the announce
ment that Blasonette had been poisoned.
lllssonette died suddenly a week ago, after
becoming ill at the home of the widow,
Mrs. Louis Vermllya,:. with whom he
boarded. The examination of his viscera
shower arsenic In more than sufficient
quantity to cause death, ,
With police fnveetlgarton of Blasonette's
death was revesd a series of eight other
deaths within the. lat few years of per
sona related to or closely -associated with
Mrs. Vermllya. Pmlth died a year ago
while a boarder at her home.
Mrs. Vermllya for the last few days has
been . under close police guard at her
home. According to plans, she will be
taken at once to a polioe station, al
though her physician declares she Is se
riously III: . ;
Other deaths were. '
VHKD BRINKAMP, first husband of
Mrs. Vermllya, leaving ,000 to the wfclow.
CHAULKM VKKM1LYA, second hus
band, died two years ago, leaving 12.00U.
FRANK CHIN KAMI', son by first mar-
rlase. died a year ago, leaving mother
HARRY J. VKKMll.YA, step-son, aiea
a year ago, after a quarrel wiin ma step
mother over the sale or a nouse.
LILLIAN IIHINKAMP. granddaughter
of Fred Hrlnkamp, died In 1U06 at home of
Mrs. Vermllya.
H1C11AUU T. SMITH, died a year agf
while rooming at her hom; reported to
have left her t2,UU0 life Insurance, and de
clared by some to have been a third hus-
ha nA.
Cora Brlnkamp, daughter, died when 8
years old at former home, Harrington. 111.
Florence Brlnkamp, daughter, died at
4 years of age at Barrtngton.
The decision to arrest Mrs. Vermlly
was made after a conference by the ex.
amlntng doctora, Coroner Hoffman, Chief
of Police McWeeny, state's Attorney
Wayman and other officers.
Other Bodies to Bo Bahaaaea
Previous to the examination Coroner
Hofman had declared he would cause to
be exhumed the bodlea of at least part
of the others to see If arsenlo could be
When first examined after Blseonnette's
death Mrs. Vermllya declared the police
man was engaged to marry her. This
was dlspioved by the discovery later of
hla will, made only a short time before,
leaving all his property, amounting to
about 11.800. to his fiancee, Miss Laura
Rivard of Minnesota. Other statements
made by her also were proved to be un
true and Captain Harding, while unwill
ing to arrest her, Immediately placed her
under surveillance.
Bhe then became seriously 111, suffering
from convulsions and appearing to be In
almost the same condition that had
marked both Smith and Blssonnette be
tore their deaths. An extra guard was
placed over her and nurses kept at har
side constantly.
Last night sha asked permission to call
htr lawyer and make a will. A doctor
was than called, who announced that the
was suffering from pneumonia.
Rtporta from Peoria. III., where Mrs.
Vermllya formerly had lived. Indicated
that dead bodies had possessed a morbid
fascination for her.
llaicl Brlnkamp, divorced wife of
Prank Brlnkamp, added further suspicion
gainst Mrs. Vermllya when her sister
told the police that Brlnkamp had feared
a .violent death and that there had been
an agreement with hie wife that which
ever died first, the survivor would in
vestigate the cause of death.
HIM Hlvara at Kankakee.
MARSHALL. Minn.. Nov. 1-Mlfs
I.dla Rivard. to whom Policeman Arthur
lllssonette left his eetate, lives near here.
She Is about tl yeara old and two months
ago went to Kankakee. 111., where she
has relatives. The relatives here did not
know that the girl was engaged to the
officer, but they admitted She had corre
sponded with him for two years.
NEW YORK. Nov. t An Invitation to
breakfast with a multi-millionaire did not
trnipt Vnlted Slates Marshal Henkel
when he Journeyed to Pocantlco Hills to
day to serve additional papers In the gov
rhment's Suit ageluat the Vnlted mates
Steel corporation upon John P. Roeke
feller and found the oil magnate eating
his morning meal. The marshal, when
be returned to the office, said he had de-
cliuod the Invitation to partake ef the
western frontier of China, haa declared
Its independence, according to reports
received here today. Vun-Nan, which
fronts on Thibet and Burma, la known
as the Switzerland of China, haa an area
of nearly 110,000 square miles and a popu
latlon estimated at 12,000,000. It contains
China's richest mineral deposits and
boundless stores of anthracite ooal. Agri
culture and stock raising are extensively
carried on, and the province produce
some of the best grades of tea. It was
the principal scene of the great Mo-
ammedut rebellion, which lasted for
sixteen years and waa suppressed In 1872.
ApnaUltta; Scenes In II sskow.
HONG XONO, China., Nov. 3.-Delayed
dliipatches from Hankow sent via Wu
Hu, describe the situation there on the
lght of November 1 as apalling. A
great conflagration was sweeping over
the city and fighting was in progress
In several quarters between the rebels
and loyalists. The Imperial batteries
were firing explosive shells Into the native
quarter, while the rebels on the other
side of the river had brought long range
guns Into play from the Wu Chang fort
ifications and were firing with fair ef
fect on the loyalists posltlona. . .
Baale for New Coaatltatlon.
PEKING, Nov. 3.-The National as
sembly today completed a draft of the
basis on which it proposes to construct
the new constiutlon of China. It was
submitted to the throne and accepted Im
mediately, The tentative plan provides
for the perpetuity of the Manchu dynasty,
but the power of the emperor Is closely,
restricted by the constiutlon which la.
to be written by, the national assembly
and subject to an amendment by parlia
ment. The Imperial princes are made
ineligible to the offices of premier, mem
bers of the cabinet and administrators of
the provinces...
Police Station Baraed.'
LONDON, Nov. I. A hews dispatch
from Shanghai says that the native con
stabulary of Chapel, a suburb usf Shang
hai, which forms part of the Chinese
quarter, mutinied today and burned the
polios atatlon and the residence of the
chief of police. Porelgn volunteers were
mobilised to maintain order.
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based on the claims that the election
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alleged Irregularities. Next Monday was
definitely agreed on as the date for the
MEXICO CITT, Mex., Nov. l-By a
vote of 163 to 19 the Chamber of Deputies
today decided that Pranclsoo I. Mauero
has been elected president of Mexico.
The vote approving the election of Jose
uerea ss vice president waa 134 to 21
The minority vote in both caes was
Judge Asks Pardon
for Men Convicted
on False Evidence
CHICAGO, Nov. 3. Two men have
served seventeen years of life sentences
for murders of which they were lnnocnt
and still are In the Illinois state prison.
sacrifices to police desire to "get a con
viction," according to the belief of former
Judge Henry Freeman, who sentenced
them, and to testimony of several police
officers. '
The men are Charles Kaurth and
Thomas McNally, sentenced for the
murders of Patrick and Peter Prunty,
Former Judge Freeman today began
active steps to obtain pardons for them.
The. testimony of. Police Captain John M.
Halhes and Patrolman August' Weber
before the pardon board Indicated that
the police suppressed evidence, at the de
mand of Chief Joseph Klpley.
Captain Haines said he was repri
manded for expressing a -belief in the
Innocence of the men. "I was called
down," he said, "and 1 aaxed the chief
if he wanted me to swear to a lie. 'No,'
he said, 'but we don't want these
wrangles' ".
'I think the evidence which procured
their conviction waa created by the police
and was not truthful, though I did not
dream of It at the time." sold former
Judge Freeman.
Rartne Aato Driver Hare.
COLVMBIA. 8. C, Nov. 8. -Joe Jeger
seergrr of Ilaclne, Wis., drlvlntf a Case
car at sixty-seven miles an hour In the
state fair races today, was badly hurt
when hla machine threw a tire and went
into a fence.
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