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    Tin: m:K: omaiia, Friday, novemheu
Tliis Crisp Weather
Demands Worm Clothes
"Wnrc pplendidljr equippod to
outfit your boy from head to too
with clothes that will keep him
warm and comfortable and at a very
reasonable outlay.
" Tha Overcoat Illustrated li tha Imperial
Jr., just like the big brother wears, and
vllh the convertible collar, worn turnoJ
. down or military.
It'a a warm coat, big and roomy and
handsomely tailored. Lota of otber mod
els too,
In gray or
II Wli Til lVJ s. -
brown mixtures and
plain, colors. Prices,
35.00 87.50 op
o 813.50.
Boys' Suits with
the Benson k
Thorne label insure
nil t h e service,
style and comfort
that can powlbly bo
put Into a suit.
rtylcs that the
lines ana possessing a
infactory to parents.
Norfolk or double breasted styles, In many
pleasing patterns. Trices 5.00 and up.
Russian Kults and Overcoats 83-73 to J17.50.
Hors 81.50 to 8.50
Everthin else the boy needs warm
Rweaters 81.00 to 83.00 Underwear,
knse. ties, caps, shoes, all the very best and
moderately priced.
m to cm rrmn
bo; Ih ttartaaral ttAmirlit
longevity higuiy eu.
Fall and Winter Catalogue Now Ready.N
Owner of Bridge Patent Notifiei
Iducators of Infringement.
Nebraska's iaif Auditor Unrm te Df
Molaes to Transact Official llasl-
r OTallaahan Coalelel
of f'oasplrary.
From a Ktaff Correspondent )
DES MOINKS. la., Nov. 2 -(Special
Teleirrm.) Th Plate, rioard of Educa
tloh of Iowa Is threatened lth a suit
for Inrrlnaement of a jiatent. Tlie esse
grows out of the fact that tho mate
highway department, which It an append
as of the state college at Amu has been
recommendlr certain Improvements In
the construction of bridge and N. M.
BtaryCo., brlrig builders, claim to have
a patent on the tame.
The company has arranged a conference
with the state board with a view to set
tlement out of court and to have their
right recognised, but say that If this
cannot, be done they will bring- suit
against the board and the college for In
fringement. y
Itarloa Can Ore Orrr Circle,
State Auditor Harton of Nebraska held
a conference With Rate Auditor Bleakly
in regard, tT the Woodmen Clrelcv with
offices In Omaha, coiurnlng 'which a
Joint Investigation hy the Insuranre de
partment of the two states wna recently
made. The nature of the report Is not
, The atate Insuranre departments of
Iowa and Houth Iakota are having
trouble locating the habitat of Superior
lodge, Degree of Honor, a fraternal as
sociation organised In South Dakota, but
having business offices In low a. Neither
stats' claims responsibility for the same.
OTallaahan Held ftejllty .
, James-O'Callaghan, Mfrmer clerk In tile
coonty treasurer's office, was today
found guilty of conspiracy to aid In the
robbery of the vault In the county, treas
urer office.
James O'Callaghan la a brother of Rob
ert OTallaahan. the former Western
league baa ball magnate. The district
ooitrt jury returned Its verdict shortly
after t o'clock.
ment r choice of those Immediately and TALKS TO NEBRASKA EDUCATORS
practically connocrca wiin ma operation,
Details of slem.
The manner In which the system was
installed at Watcrtown Is then detailed.
A planning room was provided, which re
lieved the foreman of a lare amount ot
clerical work and Insured a continuous
flow of work without cessstluti or Iota
of time, as well aa the protection ot the
material In atock. Men were assigned to
.keep th tools ot the other worklngmtn
sharpened ; laborers or messengers fetched
and carried for tiia blither paid rnachln
lute, who were thereby enabled to flovote
.their whol attention to productive work
;and th plant waa kept In thorough order
. by ether men, ao that It could b worked
- at Ita highest efficiency. Experts showed
' the Workmen Just how fast ' their ma-
chines should run and how doep their
'toola should cut, thereby Increasing their
rffldensyi " , ,-
Hence It was possible at Watertown to
. i educe '..-.stcrldlly the cost of 'manufac
ture. The 1alor cost of one sot of parts
. for a twelve-Inch cartridge was put from
I4M) to .1271 and corresponding reduction
j wrra' made. Jn other'work, ' '.'. J '
t 'All this as done,' the report "sel
forthw'thout .afffctlng the pay of th
emplo) a or requiring ' especial exertion
'by them. , ' . r ,
.'General Crosier Insists that' the em
ployes at one of th other arsenals (prob
ably meaning Rock ' Island) ' who have
protested againtt th extension of the
"Taylor system" to tliat place, are under
an errouneous conception ot the plan,
. They have been urged to awa't the
practical trial of the methods. N
t Par' H laereasea.
, General Croaler lays stress Uion the
claim that while .further marked econo
mies to the. government will result the
adoption of th system will be 'accom
panied by increased pay and conditions
generally satisfactory to the employes, aa
demonstrated by actual experience In
shops In which the system had been op
. crated.
Th report further declares that so
forcibly have tlie claims been demon
strated "that they cannot b disregarded
fey an. administrative officer honestly de
sirous of serving the Interest of the gov
ernment." Briefly stated, the chief features ot th
lyaletn contemplate offering additional
tay ifl workmen for work performed In
the maanar and aaqusnce selected from
' th results of careful study and completed
a I thin the time which that study Indi
cates as sufficient for th purpose. The
saving In time results, said from any In
treated efficiency of marhlnea, chiefly
Remarkable and Convincing State
' t ment of the Success of Cuticura .
1 ;ap and Ointment in the Treat- .
ment of the Pain, Itching and
I'J-rarnlngpfEcietna: '
"I, the undenttned, cannrit (Ire enough
P't' l tefutrura firmed tes. I hsd txwa
; u.K-ting tnr at leat a year for erima oa
au fuat. I had tried doctor after dnrtar til
as avail. Wbrn a young girl I sprained
Bay ankle Uute diltcreot Ibuea, payUig Utile
r ae atlealian t It, wltea Ave yttrt
?mlt (-At showed upon any left ankle,
wta wanted end sent lor do lor. He
14 it M rceeax. tie die a siull bone
'wii t) ankle aoeut the im of a nu-a
..d ttxiut nit lnu long. The snisll hole
t o to about iue si'.s of aa l-P'. aod
tri erema ip:'d to t:.e Vnee. Tt doetnra
r r ruuiJ heal the bole k the ankle.
Tli ahait toot (ao water U the ,tUne.
, "Mr kunbjj.d and any sous wr uu right
sad day wheeling m fiotn oa raom to ai
a: her In the hop ot giving m aume relief.
I would tit for hours at a tint la frowt J
th areolar' hoping for daybreak. - Th
pti waa intent 1 waa almost craxy,
in tact. I would loe tay reeMn for keoit
ttatnue. One day a Irlrnd of miae aropped
ea a i
k'-'-: t '
: i i 1 1 ' rn i n mi n
(Continued from Fage One.) .
Plant supplying South Omaha, jMindeo,
Kast Omnha and the Florence plant and
wfttie'gvlhg value. - - -
Th board of appraisers finally sub
mitted its report on July 7, 19a, fixing the
appraisement of the entire plant at
M.?!, signed by nenxenberg and
Mend, Alvord withholding concurrence
by direction of the Vater board's attor
ney. Immediately following the announce
ment of the appraisement Fresldent
Woodbury of the Omaha Water company
made a formal tender of the entire plant
to the city of Omaha and demanded a
check 'for th amount of the appraise
ment. Appraisement Is Itejeeted.
The Water board went through the form
of rej'-ctlng the appraisement and order
ing a new appraisement and then of em
ploying experts to draw plans for a new
plant. On July 9, 1909, President Wood
bury brought suit 'In the United states
clrcui' court for , specific performance
to compel the-clry and Water board to
accept the plant under the appraisement
and to pay for It. The Water board law
yers argued that the apptalaement was
excessive, that -the terms agreed upon
by the contending parties were not com
piled With and that the finding .was
reached by only two of the three ap
praieera n.,d should have been by all
On June 29, lf07. a decree was entered
by Judge M linger In the; TnlMd Ptates
circuit court, dismissing' The bill of com
plaint the . water oentariy.t An ap
peal was taken to the United States
circuit court of appeals by the water
company, and on April 7, 1908, n, decree
was Ivriiad from that court by unani
mous action of all the Judges, revers
ing the decision of the lower court, de
claring the appraisement valid and binding
upon th city of Omaha and requiring the
city to complete the purchase. i
Th Water board lawyera made applica
tion to the supreme court of the United
States for a writ of certiorari, which is
equivalent to an appeal from the derision
iif th circuit Court -of appeals," and the
same was granted. The case was
argued before tha United Slates supreme
court by John Lee Webster for tho Water
beard and city, and by R. S. Hall and
Howard Mansfield for the water company.
While the case waa still pending la the
United States supreme court the city of
Omaha, on demand of th Water board,
voted t'UiOO.000 bonds for the purchase of
the plant ' and extensions. v
Tho water company lawyers scored nn
Important point by directing the court's
attention to the voting of bonds as ac
quiescence In the reasonableness ot the
award and recognition ot the city's obli
gation to buy.
from the effect of the Instructions given
the workmen" by ' Which their efforts are
mo e advantageously applied. ' .-'
Ceneral Croxler declarea the average
premium of all machlulets. who have been
placed on premium work fn the machine
shop at Washington has been 2C per cent
of their aages. In concluding his report
he expresses th belief that better pro
duction can be had by proper car on
the part of tho management, but that
continued high production la Impossible
without correxpoudingly high wages.
(Continued from 1'ag One.)
In in m me.
ho KHr had th gUiur
tut ot Ihtn the eirlsluted. 'Mrs. rlnntfan.
fy ip ti.e woiid lun I tU try th Cult
cut JUnvJw-t!' Sni't dufvJMed wtlk the
s 4iort t'i'l lueir luaiutnra, and aol being
a' le t tl-p l all, I on ldd to (tv tbs
uiituia r Hp and Cultcura Olmaait a
Afif using theut Ihre oy that
tiut ti'it at teund as a tilvar doiisr
t'l I Uii.t huon. 1 awoke la Hi mamma
.llSbut vtijr luiie pain, in fart, 1 thousiii
wm la keavea. alter unliig tha Cumin
JiiiiMe lor thraa Wunllit 1 wm erlrtly
:.u,id to ...!&, thaiiks te tU luilfu I
Kjp r(i Otuimetit. 1 a til b tlly-lour
ft t of at my neitt blrth4y title and
ti ri it LriMi.i," thisneU) U'. Julia Sae
gitt. '4Ueuulfit..kt.Louls lis., Mai. 7,') I.
CuiKvur bot sid fHntmeet i told
tbtovi tiuvl tit wntld. grnd la Potter Iwug
It ( Caip., lrpt. liA, fcoktoa, for lrr
Mr. Taft had . a cordial expression
greeting for each of th ofricera.
When th reception had ended and th
admirals had Sailed away In their barges,
th president prepared to return cour
tesies with a call on board th Con
necticut. The gun of the flagship thun
dered a salute a he riino aboard and
again when he len. It was from the Con
necticut that the prcaldeut got his best
view of th anchored fleet.
Mara Salates for rrealdeat.
fth exchange of calls completed, th
Mayflower picked up Ite anchors and
ttartad down thd water Ian formed by
th battleship on Ita starboard quarter
and the altnder llrtle destroyers to port.
With th presldeutlat flag again on th
mov th saluting began anew.
This time It waa not In ihorua. As
th Mayflower's brklg cleared, th Con
necticut, the flagship, let go with twenty,
i n guns. Next In line was tb Michigan.
As the Mayflower cleared Ita after gang
way, th Michigan took up th trtbul of
th apcaktng cannon. Bo it was with th
Delaware, tna North Dakota and the
thir ships down the line. Each In Ita
turn paid compliment to th president.
Mr. Taft stood en th bridge and lifted
hla hat as he panted tha colors of th
various vetaela. . t
On buard each battlrthip and on board
the destroyers the sides were, manned
with bluejackets, giving a living outline
ui iiiv iwi-wnw Ituiia. Lii itia uutrtar
docks the officers. In tha gold and lac
ot special full drea uniforms, wr aa
aemblud and at attention. The marine
guard were also drawn up on tb deck
and th ship bands, uniformed, stood out
a bright patch of color In the grouping
on tb afterdecks.
As th prtstdent's yacht passed the
battleahlp do aboard there war trum
pet flourishes aad drum ruffle from each
Just before th bands crash out wita in
national anthem. "Th Star Span glad
lianner." From near and far there came
th auund of buale. and crash of th
band. It waa a spectacle that sent a
thrill through all who aaw and heard.
After making a round trip of the naval
columns, th Mayflower drew clear ot
the fleet and steamed dowu i:i bay to It
anchorage and there was a brief respite.
The president Iun-he4 on board his yacht.
ItUIJON. 8. D.. Nor. J-fPpeclal Tele
eram.) Friends of Penator Crawford
know nothing nt a reported conference to
discuss Oovernor Vessev as a Crawford
candidate to aueeend Senator Rotwt J.
Oamble. They declnre no one had au
thority to quote Senator Crawford ' and
that he had no knowledge of the meeting
if one wss held: that nn a i-ran cements
had been made for a conference between
Oovernor Vessey ort the subject and hone
Is likely to be had.
Want B.autlful Hair?
Then Try This Shampoo
I Maid Marion on Beauty.)
"It la a well-known fact that wet
shampoos work Inlury to both hair and
scalp, as all cnntnln more or less potash
and 'free' alkali, necessary to create a
lather. These two chemicals reduce the
vitality .of the hair glands and delicate
tissues, and drenching the head to re
move the lather usually npgravates the
"A very fin dry shampoo that la
cleansing and beneficial to hnlr and
acalp can bo made by mlxlnir 4 ounces of
either orris root or corn meal with 4
ounces therox. A tablespoonful sprinkled
on the head, then, brushed well through
the hair, cleanses and exhiltrates the
scalp, takes every particle of dust 'and
oil from the hair, and leaves It soft,
glossy and easy to do up." Adv.
ert. amvta, Siii4
KtW YORK Onion .tUdrwsiila.
NfW YoilK OvmuU ( luciou.u.
I HrHhot I'auiMaU
T 1 1 ! KM'K .ftUMta
0 KKNu roW.V. . r !! FrssoeBla.
N Aei tt buna , Vmi
sol THAtieTi.N. Kroa t. itellta.
lirMHilS.,i. r. IWM
chase price. The accumulation of Interest
on the purchase price since July 9, 19og,
to date amounts to more thun 2,5"0,(X1.
Aa a result of this appeal the city is
saved from, payment of this Interest and
required only to pay th sum of th
original appraisement.
"Wa regard this as a great victory for
th Water board and one which will leave
the city ample money out of the Interest
of th bonds to make extensions and im
provements." .
" Compass-, ta Keep Restate.
P.resldent Woodbury of th Omaha
Water company,' when apprised of the
decision of th court of appeals, stated
that the question of lntereat. was th
principal cause ,of tha litigation that pad
been carried on sine July a, laoa, th dat
on which thS appraltal pf th plant wa
accepieo. oy me wster company.
The arppTSteea value- of hf plant was
H-I,l!9& 40. On this sum' th water com
pany' claimed and demanded Interest at
the rata of 7 per cent per annum.
Not being fully apprised of th full ex
tent of the decision of the court of ap
peals, Trealdent Woodbury wat of th
opinion that. If It had been held that the
ctly would not have to pay interest. It
would probably' be charged with all ren
tals from th data heretofore named and
up to the time of turning over the plant.
. ttlatory of the Case. '
Th ' history of th purchase of the
Omaha water "works embraces a long
series of litigation In Ita various phases,
most of which has grown out of the act
of tha Nebraska legislature of February
I, 1903, compelling the purchaso of the
water works and providing for th cre
ation of the Water hoard, which should
hare charge of the administration of the
water works when they became the prop
erty of th city. " "
To comply with th mandat ot this
law, an ordinance was passed by th elty
council of Omaba March 1. 1903. electing
to buy the water work plant under the
purchase clause, and directing the ap
pointment ot a board of appraisers to ap
praise the plant, on of the appraisers
to be appointed by the city, a second by
th watr company and th third to be
selected by these two. The appraiser ap
pointed by th city was John W. Alvord;
hy th water company, George II. Hen
benberg, and these two selected Daniel
W. Mead as th third member of the
board. '
Under th so-called Howell bill, making
compulsory the purchase of the plant, pro
vision was also made for th creation of
th water board to be appointed by the
governor for various terms, two to be
appointed each year or until their sue
ceaaors wer elected. The first board
consisted of Jamea K. Uoyd. T. J. Ma
honey, Milton Barlow, I. E. Congdon, J.
F. Coad and Martin. It was under this
board that th appraisement waa com
menced. In May or June, 1903.
Thl apprataement waa long drawn out
and Involved considerable controvert)
relative to th procedural Carl C. Wright,
then city attorney, aeslsted by John L-e
Webster, specialty employed at attorney
for th Water board,1- represented th city
in th litigation.
At th euit-the question arose to to
tha seniu. of tha sppralsojliant. the at
torney for th elty holding that tt should
not Include such ot th property of the
water company that lay within the city
limits of Omsha. Th Water board con
tended that the appralaement should em
brace tha entire plant, Including th ex
tensions to Dundee,, tfouth Omaha, over
the property of th East "Omaha Land
company, and the 'pumping atatlon add
filtration plants and eettljpg. reservoirs at
Florence. ' - ' . . "
Scape f Apprateeaseat.
Th question of th "going" value of
th plant waa also pressed by the at
torneys for the water ronipany. The at
torney for the Water board held out for
th natural deterioration of th plant and
Ita Inadequacy to fulfill its contract re
quirements with the growing demands of
th city, and th disinclination ot the
water company to enlarge It pumping
and piping capacity.
Hepardtess of these objactlona th ap.
pralaement continued until the matter
finally got Into th United State circuit
aourt and a titer waa Issued directing
that th board of appraiser should pro
read with the appralaement aa a whole
with separate finding for the plant as
lying within the corporate limits of th
CHICAGO, Nov. I John Qulnn, a mo
tornian, waa found shot to death In. his
bed today In circumstances that caused
the police to hold Jane Qulnn, his widow,
for an Investigation.
Mrs. Qulnn told the pollc hor husband
had been shot by a burglar, who escaped
with tlflO Qulnn had under hla pillow.
A gold watch and chain were found under
the earn pillow and later a revolver
wrapped In a piece of cloth and one
chamber'-discharged "wss' found In the
bath room of the Qulnn home. The police
believe this will disprove Mrs. Qulnn's
statement that her husband ' was shot
by ' a burglar. '.'.". i'tf. ' ,
The weapon Was Identified by J.' W.
Miller,' a roomTvasne 'Miat .had' toem
taken out o le.deaaar4iulnn carried'
13.000 11? IrnJuratjcr and. hl WlXe; ws the
beneficiary, J. '., v 4
DENVKR, Nov, 1. For the. first time
In ten years Colorado la Importing pota
toes from Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illi
nois. .Prices have advanced from- $1.60
per hundredweight to )3 and a further
advance of.&o cents Is.' predicted. This
condition la. due to partial failure, of th
Greeley crop, and, commission men say,
to the fact that speculator have secured
control .of the Idaho and western, slope
crop, v i . . v e . .
If your back aches, rheumatic ' pains
shoot through your Joints and you have
frequent desire to urinate; painful or
highly colored urination, dixsy spells,
it's a sure alan that the kidneys are
not in aood working condition and need
attention. Oet the best remedy obtain
able. The following formula Is one ot
tlie very best. Uet from ,our druggist
a one-nair ounce pacKage aturax torn
pound, one-half ounca fllud extract
Kuchu and six ounces bext gin. Mix these
well together and take in doaoa of one
to two teaspoonfula after each meal and
at bed time.
Thla simple prescription acta directly
on the kidney by cleansing these sponge
like or nan, also gives them strength
and power to properly perforin their
function of filtering the blond of poi
sonous waste matter and uric acid, and
aids to eliminate these Impurities from
tha svtetn. In this way, dread dlahete.
chi-nnltt rheutna.tlsm and dtahvlca can hp
avoided. Adv. , . ....
Asthma Catarrh
JrrteusHro ttrt
Scii ua fa beaw.
tii UMklM, wiikt. eM Ikt (Matack wivh
Slan. Um4 wilt SKCMt fal Ulity yaan, " '
I k sir rasters tirasfly aailMtut, lattlrt
Wit trtt? krl,tkt rkig suy, t ilal
it, awt Ihrtal, t4 let csk,taci nsu
fal ailkn, CrnaUa it la Bteltait
wilt Mg cauana at a a t avgsttrt ta
Afi a r a.
tmmi aa aaatal fee taterlxhrt btetla.
Try Craaalctt Asia,
aeptle Ta'aat Taklata
fo the trtttais larau,
TaT trt laipla.tSaa
la ts4 tsilMpiic. Of
M ia ataatft,
Vsfeg Crcsotttw Ca.
41 tertleeal N. V.
Natural Laxative
' Recommended
-by Physicians
Refuse Substitutes
Dajt rmify for
In buying dia
monds many peo
ple are Deceived
through their own
lolly. They go to
a uealer una ln-
rrrt,i lilin fliAl llipv
I A-A want a certain hlgn
I'liy' 1 grade stone for a
(XA niall autq. come
Vft& deal era, wanting
oniy ine customer a
money and seeing
that this
wants a big atone
for a small sum,
misrepresent cer
tain stones to him.
'lliey tell him It la
a pure atone for
Just th price he
wlahea to pay. The
truth l.s, the stone
Is an inferior one
and worth leaa than
the customer pays.
At the Edhoim
store one price is
placed on every
diamond, and a cus
tomer in not lead to believe that he
Is getting "eori.ethlng for nothing."
A buyer receives just what he pays
for, and is not deceived In any way.
Kvery atone is worth Just what is
asked for it, not a cent less or a
cent more.
Don't afrly ny Invst.
aUxtaantk and Harney.
Beauty In
Every Jar
Unsightly Complexions .
Need No- Longer Be An
Embarassment T6 You!
KranfcV ;
Will eradicate blemishes
and wrinkles and keep it
free from secretions mak
ing your skin transparent
and healthy.
Winter Is Coming
Let us install our double
Weather Strips on your win
dows. Can be put on both
old and new houses. Keeps
out the cold and dust. Your
windows will never rattle.
We, also strip doors, mak
ing them cold and wind
proof. We will be pleased to call
and explain the merits of the
American "Weather Strips.
F. II. Turney & Co.
Sola Agnt American Wathr Strip
Doug. 4S9S. 603 War Block.
is bargain
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Bargain a galore in Women's Coats, Sails,
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taffeta and rues
saline silk waists
$2,48 to $3.98
Regular 12 c
hose, In black
and . brown, per
The Novelty Company
214-16 Xorth 16th Street.
Clothiers to Men and Women.
Formerly the Novelty Skirt Co.
I f
Bottled at the
brewery. Just
about 100 per
cent, perfect, i
For health's sake have
it in your hopie.
"Always tho same
Good Old Dlatz"
OS -a 1 Oaaajtaa etjaa, Oataaa. Stak.
rh.a.1 Dalal 3
Jhe Properties of
The Buick Oil Go.
of California
are located In the center of th rich
est pot ever found on or In the earth.
The Hulck well nun. her one is con
ceited to be ihe best well In Callfor
nla. Two more wells are now helna
drilled and this will continue until
1,600 wells are drilled.
There Is no treasut-y atock for sale,
but by business connection I ' have
with Mr, B. K. Moffatt of Chirasro.
I can control all of the stock of this
company there is on the market. No
better investmento can be found. Call
' on me or write for information.
Lucius Wells
1530 City Rational Bank Bldf. '
Omaba, Dab.
Hiss. Wikslow's aooTHiMO Svsrs has been
used for ovet 8IXTY YKAKSbv MILLIONS oj
u lh beat remedy for LIIARRHCEA. It Is ab
solutely harmless. Be sure aad sale for M ra.
Wlnaiow'a :oothiog Syrup, ' and UkS BO Otbar
klud, Twcaty-av ceat a bottlaa
Whtre lo Findthe Btela
New York City, N. Y,
Arthur Hotallna;, Orand Central
Depot Nwa Stand, As lor House.
Harry J. Ccbults. Orand Central
btatloo. .
Tyson Co' a News Btsnds,
Hot.1 Knlcli.rNx-kar Holbnaa Hsuas
Hol.l Manhattan ...
imp.rlal Hot.l Hollas Holm
Murray HAal Hotd faalnraat
braaU L'olua Hstal Waldsnl-Aatart
Thar 1 tru plsasur. satisfaction and security la
tiurchaaina at the rllii.i's Family Liquor Btor. Tou
feel assured In advance tbat you will b really and
fully pleased. W carry nothing- but th purest goods
and take great prlda in our own brand.
Hitter's Straight Whiskey, full quart, 80c
Miller's Old Stock, full quart, - - $1.00
Hlllers Old Standard, full quart - 51.25
Wa Ship Fr-ar Quarts ar More, In Plain Box, by Express, Prepaid.
Send (or Coaipleta Price List
Miller's Fine Wines, Per Quart "-.'35c, 50c and 75c
Prompt City Delivery
. -r? r , . . .'.11 ajum i iiuiics
1309 xarnam Direet
eav bl aaca waii aa-p. wowa aa lb
. Rarsj ftatra.
city of Omaha; of tboa portioua at th