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Darid City Schools to Close Three
. Days for Convention.
Nebraska School Hrvlrn t'raes All
to Come to Omaha and hn
Many (iood IIcmoiii for
the Saaarstlon.
Frank R. Brers, superintendent of the
tavld City schools, has notified the
Omaha Hoard of Education that he will
he will be present when the Nubraalaa
Teachers' association convenes here with
hla entire teaching staff. Tho David City
teachers will spend three days In the
metropolis, visiting the city schools
Wednesday, the Sth. and attending- the
association meeting the Sth and 10th.
Superintendent Ned Abbott of the
riattsmouth schools will also be present
with the teachers of his town and will
spend two or three days attending the
Arrangements for the convention are
how complete. The general sessions will
be held In the Auditorium and sctlonal
meetings will be held In the high school,
public library building. Young Men's and
Young Women's Christian association
buildings, city hall and the Hotel Home.
Where headquarters will be established.
The Young Men s Christian association
has otganized a rooming bureau which
will provide the visitors with ample
private rooms.
Iloost for Meeting;.
In a six-rage announcement of .the con
vention and a write-up of Omaha as the
metropolis of the west, the Nebraska
School ltevlew, published at Norfolk,
says :
"When the teachers of the state of
Is'ebraaka, those peoplo who devote their
time and energy to Instructing the youth
pf the treat commonwealth, that they
tnay become future greats, congregate in
Omaha November 8, v and 10 for the an
nual convention, they will find every
loyal resident of the city extending the
glad hand of fellowship.
"Omaha, the metropolis of the west,
will outdo Itself in entertaining the
teachers of the state. The teachers will
be the guests of the city; every citizen
Will name himself a committee of one to
Bee that the instructors are given every
Convenience and comfort that Is possible.
"With the hospitality, which Is char
acteristic of the thriving city, the teach
ers cannot but feel that the coming meet
ing will be a teachers' meeting in every
sense of the word.
"Omaha's doors will bo thrown wide
cpen to the visitors. All they will have
to do will be to pull the latch string, and
It won't be hard to pull, for the doors
will be standing ajar, with the people
ready to greet the distinguished visitors."
Johu Dale is Hale
and Hearty Tuesday
at Eighty-One Years
John Dale celebrated the elghty-flrBt
nniversary of his birth Tuesday by a
luncheon with Ms sons at a downtown
destaurant and a long walk. Aside from
reading, his chief rvcreation is walking
and he thinks nothing of doing two or
three miles at a stretch.
Mr. Dale is head of the Insurance firm
of John Dale & Hon, and he personally
maintains the eight-hour day at his desk
every day. When his son Fred came to
take him to the birthday luncheon, Kred
had to wait until his father signed a big
bunch of letters that he had dictated
three hours before und which his steno
grapher had Just laid on his desk.
Mr. Dale has Just returned from the
ecumenical council of tho Methodist
church at Toronto, at which ha had the
honor of being the representative from
Nebraska. Ha visited his boyhood home
twenty miles north of Toronto and
preached in the church there. All but two
of the boys with whom he played seventy
cars ago are dead.
Mr. Dale Is a trustee of Hanscom I'urk
Methodist church, which was organised
In his home. Much of his time outside of
office hours Is spent in church work.
By New DruffUaa Method,
. -
Doug-la Chin Vanishes.
Two Hundred Thousand Women Mad
nappy with Tma Hiw Knowledge Thru
a Copy of This Kemarkable Book,
OVB DRUGS." Isn't This
Convincing Evidence As to
Its Value f
K Will Bend This Book to Ton at My
My friend were charitable and they
tailed it obesltyj others referred to me
as be STOUT, but 1 know, it was Just
plain bulky weight. I was miserable.
you too, are equally miserable if you are
To reduce your weight you must find
the cause, you must get at tho very
Before I succeeded, 1 tried everything
within reason and some things beyond
It was maddening. disgusting.
All I had to do was to remove the cause
and I swear under oath, that by my
simple method, without drugs, medicine,
harmful exercises, or starvation dit, 1
reduced my weight 37 pounds In five
weeks, and guurantce that 1 can !' the
same for you. 1 do not use medicinu of
any kind or worthless stuff to rub on
the body, tint a simple home treatment
even a child can use it without harm
You cat all the food you want and go
right on reducing with my delightful
druglt'ss treatment. Through this mar
velous combination home treatment. I
succeeded because I had found the rlifht
way. 1 can now climb to the summit of
Pike's IVak with case. I could not do
that until I hail taken off 37 puunds of
my ponderous weight. Mv treatment re
moves fat surely, permanently and
quickly, and improves your health AT
It Is simply astonishing the number of
men and women who write in regarding
the w underfill results of this new process
lor Danisinng rat
W. I j. Kchmlts, Montevideo, Minn
states he lost 3n pounds the first month
He is now Iosmil- 2 pounds dully.
Mr. J. K. lloiselie, Hox 4i, tirent Uend
Kan., sas my treatment reduced him
fifty pcu.ids.
J. T. Uright M. D.. Covington, Ky.
says my tieatment reduced him :i lbs
If you are interested in your own haiv
pin ess and health and figure, you will
permit me to tell you how to reduce your
weight Natures ay.
I have printed a book for you, entitled
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Jermanently reduce your weight any
amount up to 70 pounds, without harm
ful exercises or starvation diet, dmss or
medicines, and with my treatment the fat
never returns. The expense of the book
is so great that 1 do not want to sen
to the Idly curious, so piiase do not write
for it unless you are fat or unless Vou
wish to beautify your form.
Send for my bowk, "Weight Reduction
v 1th. nit liruKS. and all I otter free It
Is yours for the asking and 1 will tie glad
to send everything to )ou, chaige pie
laid hr me.
1 have found that the best way to know
Happiness la to tfive it.
Ulneerelv your friend,
Bait 80 0 Central Sank Bids;.,
0 Srr-rtfrswMBPw.i.swajl us ipuwsji f i mr-mmam m rmmwmmmm ff'H mvmmiammmmmmmr!mmmmmrii'
rr tarn- mJ 4i.ti i wmr is mhh i i i i i ni i i si nsm n i si m ,1' - - 111111111- 1 1 1
Cl BAD B 1 r& B CTI
on weonesoav ofirrmg a
T,aj'" iw hhikiT'H'SI m ian I 1 p hi p I
Sin M'A'v '. .ni nmmt.,- ittKi.oniAMt
Douglas Street
lines on
Contractors. Bricklayers ant) Carpenters Rushing Work at .lilpatrick's.
They Promise to Break Through on First Floor Within One Week.
Everything Possible Is Being Done to Avoid Inconveniencing OUR CUSTOMERS.
Do What We Will There Will Be Some Confusion on the West Side.
Brown's Bald Pate
Discussed in Court
Harry Iloyd Brown's bald pate was a
bright and shining mark for Amos K.
Henley, attorney for Mrs. Lillian Bell In
her l,000 libel suit against Brown, J. W.
Elwood and the Madame Josephine Boyd
system, when he made his closing argu
ment to the jury in Judge Sutton's court
Tuesday morning.
Who was the person who knew all
about beauty culture?" asked Henley.
'Who was the Well known authority on
diseases of the hands and scalp? Prof.
H. B. Brown. There he Is," pointing to
Brown. "Do you notice much hair on
his head? He is Madame Josephine Boyd,
who spent years In study and made an
nual trips to Kurope to learn more about
the beauty business.
lie said four months before he went
Into this business he was a newspaper
reporter. I suppose he had to leave that
because It is work that requires a man
of brains and honesty and principle and
good judgment."
Reception Planned
for School Ma'ams
Arrangements have been completed by
Miss Kate Mcllugh, principal of the
high school, for a big reception for the
v. siting teachers who come to the stato
convention, which will be held for three
days, beginning November 8. Miss Mc
llugh, who Is in charge of tho arrange
ments for this feature of the meeting.
has announced that Max Landow and
MIsh Marie Munchhoff have been engaged
to furnish music for the occasion. The
reception will be held at tho Rome hotel
It is planned to make the coming con
vention the most Interesting ever enjoyed
by the state association. There will be
tours to several of the big manufacturing
plants, with a large number of guides.
The trips will include the packing houses
in South Omaha and the Union Pacific
We Must Unload Some of the Dress Goods
and Silks. On Wednesday, November 1st will
offer remarkable bargains. FOUR VERY IM
LOT 1 Dainty IVrisians, Stripes, Plaids, Fan
cies und Plain Taffetas, some Silks in
the lot worth $1X0, all at
LOT 'J Yard wide Satins for linins;, and a
choice lot of Poniards, worth up to $1.00, CQa
all at 3lC
LOT ;i A most attractive aggregation and
great variety, Fancies, Stripes, Figures, 27-in.
Mack Shantung and Mossalinos. A lot of
lengths of yard wide Pongees, $1 and 7Q
$1.25 goods, all at one price, yard I JC
LOT 4--.'W inch Mlaek Satin Messaline,
yard wide Black Taffeta, excellent
grades, all at
Needless perhaps to state, All Guaranteed,
for that is The Kilpatrick Habit.
Four Staiters at the Dress floods Section,
.which you will not (because you cannot afford
to) overlook if in need.
LOT 1 All wool Dress (joods, np to
75c, at
LOT 'J A choice ljt of fine Dress Goods,
mainly foreign goods, sold up to f0
$1.25, at '..IIJC
LOT .'High class Suitings, including the new
English and Scotch mixtures, many QQn
sold up to $2.50, at.'
LOT 4 A few exclusive Pattern Suits, several
new this season; some sold as high flO
v or one week we will make 4o your
measure Skirts of any of these materials,
at 92.00- Splendid tailored and no fit,
110 take and no pay first ordered first tle-livcrcd.
Tearing out walls in reserve section causes
over crowding in many departments. We will
make lots of room on Wednesday with your as
sistance. Not trashy merchandise bought as junk, but
high grade regular Kilpatrick merchandise,
such as you have been in the habit of buying
from us with satisfaction always.
Thousands of pairs of Hosiery to go on Wednes
dayWomen's fine imported hosiery. Plain
colors, black and odd weaves, mercerized ami
fine lisles, formerly sold at 50c ard up, OC
all at, per pair fcUv
Will close tuit two lines of gauze wool
which sold up to 90c, at,
Wool Plain Vests ami Pants, wore 75c,
Many more bargains not advertised.
Main Floor Section of fine wash goods at Klo
vator. Must make room for an extra elevator
to carry the crowds upstairs. Here again you
Wednesday will be i-old silk warp fabrics for
evening dresses, dactpiard weaves, rough
weaves, printed and plain; formerly
sold up to r0e, at, yard
A lot of winter weight Women's Stock
ings, black only, pair
Fine fashioned lngrnin Lisle blacks,
limited lot at, pair
Hoys' and girls' underwear, heavy
fleeced shirt and drawers, sold up to
.40c, at '
Women's Vests and Pants, heavy fleeced, reg
ularly 35c, on sale 10a
The Basement Sale of Blankets and Bedding
Still Continues. The people do discriminate,
and it is a hopeful sign.
Two special items in yard goods for Wednes
day in the basement salesroom:
10c Outing Flannels, lots of them,
I.Il2-i 11. Zephyr Ginghams, splendid qualities, us
uallv sold up to 19c, Wednesday, 10a
van! IUC
Children's Section, Second Floor
out several lots of Sweaters at
$1.98, $1.50 anil as low as
-Will close
Main ltoom, second floor A big lot of Sweat
ers, desirable colors; the warm kind;
usually sold up to $3.00, at one price.
as $22.50, all at
Please Take Small Packages With You and Bear With Us a Wee IJit on Deliveries.
l 1
' j 1
V, -
T jy,. w"Wti lrW " "wT,t-' "
"irti 1 n inn it 'i-' ' A-?-'1' S in niir""'"-' 1 ' 1 ' --'
Miss Anna Wilson Leaves Her Money
to Omaha Charitable Societies.
Itesltlnc f l.nrgo Kslate Is to
lilvldi-d lletween Several of
the Ilenef Irlarles of tho
Wilson Will.
Testimonial Sent
Mrs. Ben T. White
Mrs. B. T. White lias received a beau
tifully bound and enKraved album con
taining preamble and resolutions In mem
ory of Ben T. White's association with
the Chicago & Northwestern railway as
general attorney at Omaha, adopted at
a meeting of the executive committee of
the board of directors held in New York
September 13. 1D11, sU'iied by Secretary
Caldwell and President W. A. Gardner.
Tho chairman of the executive commit
tee, Marvin HuKhltt, foimer president.
as well as Mr. Canlner, president at this
time, were very exprisHive of their ap
preciation of Mr. Wiltu and his xervlces
to tliu company duilrf the last J ear of
his life, when It wui known that h ! j
health needed conserving.
Mrs. Mary Ilnrr., wife of
Samuel Jturn. m, a:: buried Ttiesduv
morning at KureM I. awn unictery with
relatives of tho darcosed the only at
tendants at the I'unrrnl. P.ev. J. A.
Jenkins, pastor of St. Mary's ConnreKa
i:ontl church was In charge of the cue
monies. Tno funeral services were h Id at the lat -home
of Mrj. liurnt', CI 3 B'juth I"orttli
street, at li o'clock. From the home the
procevolon led to Forest Lawn cemutsry
where short si rvlces Wfrt held.
The pall btarers were Thomas J.
Kelly, M. T. Colpetser, Ward M. Bur.
gets, Frank Wllhelm, Willurd llosford
and Walter Huberts.
Mrs. Burns came to this city In lVj
when but a young woman and taught
Kthool. About a year later shs at
married to't-'amuel Burns. She Is sur
vived by her husband and the folio v. -itie;
I'hlldnn: Samuel Burns, Jr., It. T.
Bums, Mrs. C. T. K juntzu and Mrs. t
Beneficiaries of tho ewtato of tire lale
Mips Anna Wilson under her will, tiled
In county court Tuesday are:
1'ronpect 11111 Cemetery nssnoltitlon..IO,ti(iO
(jmuha Cty Mission, llli Nrih Tenth l'l.OJJ
Old Peoples iioine, 2iU vvlrt street, lu.twu
And the Wilson -esldence, V'1..
W irt, worth approximately l,wu
Tim Creche, Nineteenth and Harney Ju.uoo
Child Having Institute W.JJJ
Associated Charities of Omaha W,(M
City of omaiiu
ileus of Dan Allen
CluiHsou Memorial hospital o.vm
W ise Memorial hospital liM
After the about beituKts have been paid
and Abraham 1.. Kocd, executor of tho
will, and W. J. Connell, attorney for
Miss Wilsin, have been paid .),0w eacu
for their services, all the residue and re
mainder of the estate shall be divided
equally among tho Prospect Hill Ceme
tery association, the Omaha City mis
sion, the Old People's home, the Creche,
the Child Saving institute, the Associated
Charities and the city of Omaha,
The value of the es'ata is tbUmated at
between tm.M and $Suu,0u).
A. I.. Heed AikmlnUtrator.
The will was filed for probate by Ab
raham L. Heed of the Byron Heed com
pany and V. J. Connell. Hearing on ad
mission to probute will be had on or
about November 21. Mr. Keed was made
special udmnilstrator of the estate pend
ing the, when he probably will be
made exeeiitct, as he is nominated In the
'i he tlO.Cot) bequeathed to the Prospect
Hill Cemttery association must be In
vested in lnte.eht bearing securities, the
principal to remuln Intact. In case the
cencttry is abandoned or moved the as
sociation must ,iay for removal of the
Louies of Miss Wilson and Dan Allen and
t'ltir monuments to Forest l.uwn cemetery.
Of the IIU.'iOu befi'ieet to the City mission
t:,,tA.) may be cxpeuJid fur an adequate
buildlnt;. bit tills expenditure is not
n:adu an express condition.
'1'liO IIO.CJO bequest to the Old People's
huine la conditio! jd upon the home's ac
ceptance of the Wilson residence with Its
adjoining lots und Its use of tbe same for
a home, i he 910,000 is to be used for ad
Of the llfl.Mo b 'quest to tne Creche .".)
iray be used for a suitable building. If
not used for this ptirposo the entire prin
cipal must be kept Invested, only the in
terest being used.
Money Most H Invested.
The same provision Is made regarding
the bequest to the Child Having Institute
unless It should have an adequate build
ing at tho tlu.e of the testatrlx'j ileatli.
Huch Is the cse and the money must be
The same provision Is made regarding
thri Associated Charltl;' bequest.
The will bequeaths to the city of
Omulia the property at 910-012 Douglas
street, recently donated to the city by
Miss Wilson, there being a provision that
If the city accepts. It shall rocelve 110.000
for furnishing and fitting the place for
an emergency hospital. A codicil, made
since the donation was made, orders that
the donation shall hot alter the condi
tions of the 110,000 bequest.
The document states MIhs Wilson re
ceived $10,000 from the estate of Dan
Allen. She has paid 11,000 to Allen's heir.
Ethan Allen, and wants J9.000 divided,
share and share alike, among li In other
The bequeMs to the Plarkson and Wise
Memorial hospltuls must be used for
one room In each and attendance for
cripples or sick who cannot pay for
The will directs that her Bible slid her
valuable library be either sold and the
proceeds added to tlin other proceeds of
the sale of property or else given to
tome worthy Institution or person.
The document allows Abraham I,. Reed
five years In which to wind up the affairs
of tho entate, the time being allowed In
opder that he may not have to sacrifice
any values by Immediate or hunied sales.
A banquet for President A. L. Mahler
end the vice pres dents and traffic man
agers of the Cnlon Pacific will be ten.
dered by the Commercial club cither tho
second or third week In November.
U. P, Shopmen Issue
Card of Appreciation
Tho entertainment committee for the
Union Pacific shopmen have Issued a card
of appreciation for those who helped In
their program, recently given at tho I.yrlo
theater and to tho Omaha merchants who
attended tho program. Following is the
The local shop federation of the ll.irrl
nian lints desire to publicly thank tho
buslmiNs men and firms that placed ad
vertising matter In our program for the
entertainment held at the t.yrlo theater
Thursday evening, October 'M, 1911. and
also extend to those taking part In the
entertainment our slncero thanks, know
ing that all acts were appreciated by
those present and wo thereforo teal that
we should publicly express our apprecia
tion at this time to all that had anything
to do with making tho entertainment the
success It was.
Thief Uses Pillow r
Instead of a Club
Some robbers prefer rough methods and
have no conscientious scruples about
using a club or a mace to swat . their
victims, but the one who operated on
James DulKhish In the White Front
rooming house at 110U Farnam street Mon
day has a more gentle method. Vhl
James was asleep the robber entered the
room empty bunded and with nothing
more harmful than a soft pillow he pro
ceeded to put him out of commission. Ho
cooly smothered his victim Into Insensi
bility siid then helped hlmnclt to Dal
glaHh's cash, which amounted to $100.
The police are looking for a man by the
iiaino of It. H. Walker.
Tbe t.lad Hand
removus liver Inaction and bowel stop
page with Dr. King's New Life Pills, the
puinleHS regulators, i'c. For sal by
Beaton Drug Co.
akes Friends
There is no way of making; lasting friends like "Making Good"; and Dr. Pierce's medicines well
exemplify this, and their friends, after more than four decades of popularity are numbered by tbe
hundreds of thousands. They have "made good" and they have not made drunkards.
A good, honest square-deal medicine of known composition is
Dr Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.
It still enjoys an immense sale, while most of the preparations that came into prominence in
the earlier period of its popularity have "gone by the board" and are never more heard of.
There must be some reason for this long-time popularity and that is to be found in its superior
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meritorious articles have suddenly flashed into favor for a brief period and then been as soon forgotten.
For a torpid liver with Its attendant Indigestion, dyspepsia, headache, perhaps dizziness, foul breath, nasty
coated tcngue, with bitter taste, loss of appetite, with distress after eating, nervousness and debility, nothing is
as good as Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.
It's an honest, square-deal medicine with all its ingredients printed on bottle-wrapper no secret, no hocus-pocus hum
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you call for. Don't buy
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Expecting it to prove a " cure-all." ' It is only advised for woman's special ailments.
It makes weak women strong, sick women well. Less advertised than some preparations sold tor like purposes.
Its sterling curative virtues still maintain Its position In the front ranks, where It stood over four decades ago.
As an invigorating tonic and strengthening nervine it is unequaled. It won't satisfy those who want "booze," for
there is not a drop of alcohol in it.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets, the original Little Liver Pills, although the first pill of thfir kind in the market, still lead, and when
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Persistent AUverU.lrig (s the Bead ta
big returns..
Dessert Book FREE
Ouf illustrated ttclps
Ev.l, givicx recipe! foi
ewer 100 desferu, ttM
ai.d cjnjlei , t ttton receipt
of ymir grocer', cunte. If
he fluein't eil Ktiui Gcls
tti.s ill feeud yen a
t' il pint ijoii l. (or 2c is
v.isrvl and tl saiaa.
Ckartea B. Ksoi Ca.
Jokaatowa. N. Y.
r k.
If Many a Wife Knew
About Orrine
There would be less of the terrible af
file tlun that votiiws tu many homes from
tliu exeesalve UrltiKlng of husband,
futher or son,
Orrine has lestorvd thousands of men
to lives of subrlaty and Industry, and
beat vt all thsy ksva mad their loved
onus happier,
Orrine is prepared In two forms, pill
and powder; the latlur form can be giv
en sauietly. Only costs 11.00 a box -a
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We .iave sold UKltlNK for years, and
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In and net a res booklet.
bhertiiavn Mct.'onnell Drug; Co., 4th
and liodtfu. 24th and Kemam, 207-f No.
HV'VJtJi, UliarWU.rU liW p4 Uarnty.
Tho Great Homo Ptiper
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f nil varieties cured in
I a few dure without
alti or 1"k of time. No
sy will he arcepted un
1 the patient Is cured.
Write or call.
'Fldality" Ruoture Cure
has. if- H. l at. UltUai
Frank H. Wriy. M. 0.
it bulldini, Osiibl
Harmless Way to Darken Hair, Sage
and Sulphur Makes Gray Hair Vanish
Who dofs not know thn vslue of un'
and sulihur for kfplns; the hulr ditrtt.
soft, glossy and In Kood roudttlont As a
matter of fact, sulphur is a natural ele
ment of hair, and a deficiency of It In
the hair is held by many scalp specialists
to he cunnncttd with hiss of color and
vitality of the hair. l'niuestlunatdy
tlixre is no better reini-dy fur hair and
scalp troubles, ekpclslly premature (ray
ntii. than sage and sulphur, It properly
prepared. The Wyeth t'henilcal Com
pany of New York put up an Ideal rem
tdy of this Itnd, called Wyeth's Sage
and Sulphur Hair Itnmcdy, and author
ise druyiflHts to sell It under guarantee;
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falls to do exactly as represented.
If you have dandruff, or If your hair
Is thin or turnliiK cray, get a bottle of
this remedy from your druggist today,
and see what it will do for you.
This preparation Is offered to the puh'
lie at fitly cents a bottle, and Is recom
mended and sold by all druggists.
Hpeciul agent, Sherman U KcConaclL
Irug Co., ltth and Dodge 8ts., su4 lukak
and Harney tits,