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"fTa OOt rlllt n
Cft-yptian CbocolaWa BOc, Myers-Dillon.
Oas, Elec ) lstnrea. Burg-eaa-Grandaa,
Dang-nter at Hatfke Homa Charles
Ilaffke, democratic candidate for dis
trict Judge, I all smiles today. A baby
daughter was hern to Mrs, Maftke this
iroi nlnit.
Biackenridge In Editorial Bartaw
The Editorial Hevicw for Norrmhrr con
tains an article ly llalph TV. Hrecken
r i!f on "rrogress Toward Reform In the
Administration of I,ow."
Fartish Back on the Job K. V. l'ar
r..h, man .er of the puhllclty bureau of
the Omaha Commercial club, la' back on
the Job after an Illness of several weeks,
lie l still weak, but hopes to be able to
take tare of his work.
Taken 111 at runeral Mrs. J. .1. Part
ridge of Twentieth and Kinney, Is ill as
a result of her attendance on Miss Anna
YVllsnn In the latter s last Illness. She
attended tha Wilson funeral Sunday, but
was taken 111 In the evening. On account
of her advanced age considerable concern
is felt for her. She la an old time resi
dent of Omaha.
Cathollo Student Club Meats Mem
bers of the Cathollo club of Crelkhton
met Sunday at the college building to
reorganize for the winter months. This
club is composed of students from the
four professional departments. The club
waa addressed by J. A. Ilennewitx of the
law faculty and Paul Martin, dean of the
law school. Monthly sessions are planned.
Unique' Wedding
least is Given at
South Omaha
John Papck and Eva Alexute were mar
r'nii at 3310 T street, South Omoha, Sun
day, with all the marriage rites of their
J native Lithuania.
One of the cuHtoms observed waa the
, breaking of the plates by the throwing
of silver dollars by the stuests. Each
guest threw until he broke a plate. It
he succeeded the first time, he was out
fl; if ten shots were required, he waa out
10. The coins thrown by the male guests
Went to the groom, and those thrown by
the feminine guests belonged to the bride.
The bride got about twice as much money
as the groom, for the women were not
as adept as the men in breaking the
All the plates In the house of the
bride's parents were broken and a fresh
supply was secured from neighbors. The
broken plates filled a washtub. Five
dozen chickens and large quantities of
other eatables were consumed at the wed
ding feast, which continued for hours.
Woman He Sought M Housekeeper
Disappointed and Goes Insane.
Doetnr Admits He H llnldnniet
Man la Tan n anil that lie la
i: to fiet Along Willi If
He Hue Ilia .
lr. Jerome Campbell, who admits that
he is the handsomest man In Maxwell.
Neb., has been arrested and taken to
North Platte to stand trial for vending
nonmailable matter through the mails.
He was Indicted In Omaha a short time
ago by the federal grand Jury.
The doctor advertised for a house
keeper, and among the replies was one
from Mrs. Orace Deputy, who, at the
time lived at 412 North eighteenth atreet
In Omaha. Correspondence was ex
changed between the two and some of
the letters written by Campbell found
their way Into the office of the V'nlted
States district attorney. The indictment
For some reason an agreement was not
rtaohed between Campbell and Mrs.
Deputy and ahe brooded over the out
come. It Is said, until she was driven In
sane. At any rate an insanity charge
was brought against her In district court
on September I. It was found at the
hearing that ahe was a resident of Lan
caster county and she was ordered sont
there, Fhe was taken In charge by her
mother and Is now said to bo In the
asylum at Lincoln.
In dickering with Mrs. Deputy Camp
bell said that he was easy to get along
with as long aa he had his way, and, he
Incidentally mentioned that he weighs J15
pounds, stands over six feetln height
and Is admittedly the handsomest mun
in town. It was not this statement, how
ever, on which the Indictment hinges. He
wanted Mrs. Deputy to take the place of
his wife, who ha suid died some time ago,
and he offered her the liberal remunera
tion of $3 a week. She held out for S4.
Knitting Fad Hits
Omaha Women and
Keeps Them Busy
The kiiitt'ng craze has struck Omaha
women. In fact they are In the f ml neck
tirandmother knitting a pair of red
mittens for email Johnny Is a familiar
sight. Hut this knitting Is no longer
confined to grandmother. All the. women
are knitting -school g!i K debutantes,
busy housewives and society matrons.
The local stores cannot buy yarn fa.t
enough to nie-t the dein.m'.a of the vic
tims of the fad. One store recently sold
$.M0 worth of yarn in one day.
The clerk at the yarn counter in an
other store says she is selling twice as
much yarn this fall as he sold last e:ir
at this time.
In several of the stores there are
demonstrators teaching an eager circle
of women of various ages and station
the art of crocheting and knitting with
the gaily colored yarns.
The yarns are of more brilliant and
beautiful colors than ever. The greens,
purines, reds and yellows are enough to
make a humble woolly lamb wonder what
the world Is coming to.
All eorts of garments are helm?
crocheted. It is possible for a girl to
crochet her whole outside apparel and
be In the height of style, for not only
Jackets and caps, but also crocheted
atoles and muffs are strictly "the thing."
Sofa pillow tops, college robes and even
gaily colored flowers uie crocheted. The
crocheted handbag Is also the latest style.
Chief of Police Donahue to Get After
Offenders Hallowe'en.
Hotel Clerk Held
v on Perjury Charge
James Wilson, clerk of the Llpsey room
ing house at SOI North Sixteenth street.
Lucky Woman Has
Proposals to Wed
Since Land Drawing
Miss Elirabeth Crowe of 1.110 ' North
Twenty-eighth atreet, an employe of the
cloak department of Hayden Bros., has
received four proposals of marriage since
the fact became known that she drew
No. 2,2Xi in the South Dakota land draw
ing. One was from Womlnu, one from
South Dakota and two were from Ne
braska farmers. Miss Crowe is a sister
of Policeman Mike Crowe.
Crazed Passenger
Flourishes a Gun
Passengers on I'nlon Pacific passenger
No. 10 were btidly frightened Sunday when
Lulgl Lognmarslno, flourishing a revolver
and muttering threats, tore through tho
train. Luigl was given full sway of a
car as soon as tho passengers could get
out and he waa taken In charge by offi
cers when the train reached Omaha. It is
believed the high altitude of the moun
tains affected his brain. He calmed down
when ho reached the Omaha station, but
was locked up for the night.
thief ihnt I'rnnk lime Oetel.
oped Into Much n Nuisance that
Something- Mnst lie Hone
to Moo Them.
Chlif of Pol ce Donahue will hold par
nils responslbl for the actions of their
children on Hallowe'en night, accord tig
to a statement mado iy him.
' I rciiuest the people of Omaha t fur inn with the numts of the boys who
are annoying or destructive," cald I'hcll
Donahue, "and 1 will ho'd the parents
responsible for the commit of their boys
and 1 will not hesitate to piosecuto In
the police court those win) refuse or
neglect to comply wtlh this reasonable re
qui st for keeping order.
"The Halloween pranks of the boys of
Omaha have developed Into such an In
tolerable nuisance in disturbing the
peace, creating anxiety and even In tha
destruction of property that drastic meas
ures must be taken to break them of tho
"I appeal to the parents of boys who
are likely to be mischievous or destroy
property Hallowe'en nig'it to keep them
at home when mischievous pranks are
office building. ''HW, to stories high, on
sixteenth, between Chicago and Cass
The three struct lie will cost abuut
Nrn Method of Klesh Hednetlon
I'rotra Astonlsliinttlr
oeeessf nl.
JOHNSTOWN. Oct. .V.-The truth of the :
H. T. Ftetler of
be reduced his j
pounds In an In
claim made by
Johnstown, Pa.
weight by fifty
Outbreak of Thefts
Reported to Police
The residence of J. D. Bowers, 30H1 Pop-
pleton avenue, was robbed of Jewelry and
and one of the registrars of the FirsfN clothes of the value of $100 Sunday night,
precinct of the Third ward, was arrested
on a warrant charging perjury and ar
raigned before Judge Leslie In county
court Monday morning. Ho pleaded not
guilty and was released in 1100 ball, fur
nished by M. J. Salvito, to appear for
hearing Friday afternoon.
The specific charge against Wilson Js
that he "doctored" the rooming house
register in order to aid the defense of
Albert Anderson, charged with perjury
for fraudulent registration, and then on
the witness stand swore that the regis
ter was correct. Anderaon was discharged
in county court Friday.
The complaint against Wilson la made
by John J. Mahoney, democratio candi
date for police Judge, and County Attor
ney English. In the Anderson hearing
it. was necessary for the prosecution to
prove that Anderson registered aa living
at the rooming house and that he did
not live there. Neither charge was
proven. The prosecution asserts its fail
ure to prove the latter charge wua due
to Wilson's "doctoring" of the register
and his swearing that It was correct.
Entrance was gained by cutting the
screen from a front window.
While waiting for a train in the Bur
lington depot Sunday night John Pollard,
723 North Sixteenth street, fell asleep and
awoke about an hour luter to find that
he had been robbed of J2S and a watch.
While the services were being held In
the Jewish synagogue at Nineteenth and
Burt streets Saturday night two over
coats were stolen from tho cloak room.
Tbe coats were valuable ones and be
longed to L. Nathan and A. Kune.
Kate Cataazo, 201S Martha street, re
ported to the police that her home had
been entered by burglars Sunday night
and robbed of $10 In cash and several
pieces of Jewelry.
General Ray Dies
in New York Home
Mrs. W. B. Millard received a tele
gram Monday morning announcing the
death of General Patrick Henry Ray at
his home Jn Youngstown, N. Y. No de
tails were-, received other than the word
that the burial would be In Arlington
cemetery at Washington.
General Ray was formerly stationed
here, and his young wife and Mrs. Mil
lard were close friends. About two years
ago Mrs. Millard received a letter from
Mrs. Ray, and at that time the general
waa In good health. He was about 70
years old and had been retired for sev
eral years.
Slashed with a Htior,
wounded with a gun, or pierced by
rusty nail, Bucklen'a Arnica Salve heals
the wound. Guaranteed. 2oC. For sale
by Beaton Drug Co.
It is the daty of every expectant
mother to prepare her system for the
coruinff of her little one : to avoid aa
iar as possible the suffering of 6uch
occasions, and endeavor to pass
rough, the crisis with her health
aud strength unimpaired. This 6he
ni&7 do through the use of Mother's
Friend, a remedy that has been bo
long in use, and accomplished bo
much good, that it Is in no sense an
experiment, but a prepa atioa which
always produces the best results. It
is for e xenial application and bo pen
etrating' in its nature as to thorottgldy
lubricate every muscle, nerve and ten
don involved durinj the period before
bahycoines. It aids nature by ex
panding the skin and tissues, relieves
tenderness and soreness, and perfectly
prepares the system for natural and
safe motherhood. Mother's Friend
has been used and endorsed by thou
sands of mothers, and its use will
rove a comfort and a benefit to any
woman in need of each a remedy,
Mother's Friend
is sold at drug
stores. Write for
free book for
expectant motli
trs, which con
tains much valuable Information.
Mrs. Lowry .lones of Frentrfht reported
to the Omaha police that her husband
came to Onuihu October 20 with 1200 and
has not been heard from since. She said
he came to Omaha to get a position as a
cook. Information recurcd by the police
brought nut tbe fact that Jones p
pcand nt tho Reliable Employment
agency and applied for work, but left
wit hunt any success.
Architect Walilih of New York, acting
fur H. 1". Kstabrook. ha let the contract
to Ornnt I'aismia for the construction of
three buildings for Mr. Kstabrook west
of Jtffcrson (Muare.
There will be two flat buildings, IftxliU,
two stories hlKh. on Cass street, just
east of I'nlty church, and a store and
credibly shoit time has been fully estab
I shed.
The facts are. as proven !v a careful
investigation, that Butler received, at his
own renuest, on forty days' trial, from
Prof. P. O Turns of No. IT West Thirty-eighth
street, New York, ft simple. In
lsible device, weighing less than one
ounce, which when worn as directed, acts
as an Infallahle flesh reducer, dispensing
entirely with dieting, medicines and exer
cises. The results with Pteiler. as with
other prominent men and women, were
gratifying and astonishing. It Is said that
the offer to send these outfits for forty
days' free trial has been extended for a
.Mnrrlaae l icenses.
Licenses to wed have been issued lo
Name and Address.
Aif-...i li...wl'W Miiuth Omnhn
Flosslt Smith. South Omaha
William K. Huff. Rhodes. la. ...
Avelda Toedt, Adel. la
Arthur Wilson. St. 1-ouls
Lilanche Hranson. Rell. Mo
Will Kell. Norfolk, Neb.
Wllhelmlna Miller, Norfolk, Neb
Arthur T. Albright. Harlan, la.
Miiiiilo Terry. Auburn, Nob
I.ouls Waltner, Omaha
Katctina, Kamer. Omaha
Kdward Carmody, Onmha
Ooldle Shrpaid, Omaha
.. 3i
.. :vi
.. 2t
.. 23
.. 23
.. 21
.. 18
Klere AtsrU
of malaria, liver derangement and kidney
trouble Is easily cured by Klertric Tlltters.
the guaranteed remedy. Boc. Tor sale by
tlcaton lrug Co.
iff A
mm w ii. xm
To Business Men
In vour own tniBliifss you split tho
ppimtcs 'till tha Indian yells for help
--you prld o youraolf on being a good
business nmn a gixd buyer. Anil
you aro good In buslnrps. Hut whn
It comes to buying the elotliea for
jour ow n lint k you orn as helpless ns
a bubo lit tho lunula of u high-priced
tailor. Why don't yon apply Home? of
your business nhillty to tlio hujlng
of your own clothes? Why don't you
inwHtlgtite the market? Why don't
you come and ceo whether or not we
can meet, your exRctliiR demands?
A Matchless
Overcoat Value $15
Talking about value here are
ovorconta that have- no equal for tha
price. They convincingly fiubstan
tlato our oft repeute.l underselling
claims. Nowhere in all Omaha can
you obtain such genuine ovorcont
value skillfully tailored through
and throuRh styled to conform with
fashion's Intent Ideas of strictly all
wool materials. Including tho new
"ruft" cheviots
gest and ltest llqiilpiwd ClotlilnR Store.
Offlclul Mat for Last Week la Issned
Tliroufh Office of Wll
lard Kddj.
George Eay Attacks
His Mother-in-Law
While in a drunken rage at 2:30 Monday
afternoon George Itay, 2S27 California
street, assaulted his wife's mother and
father, Mr. and Mrs. John Stackpole, at
their home, 2013 Cuming street, with a
knife. He almost severed one finger from
the right hand of Mrs. stackpole and
choked her Into unconsciousness. He then
turned on Mr. Stackpole and struck him
on the head with the knife, cutting a
small gash. The police were called and
arrested the man on the complaint of his
Union Pacific Men
- Are All on the Move
Everything is In a bustle at the old
Lnion racirie neadquartera. i.very one
Is hurrying to and fro. getting every
thing into shipshape to move into the new
quarters, lieeks, chairs and all kinds ot
fixtures are being packed into large vans
an dtaken to the new building.
At present the twelfth floor Is the only
one occupied. This floor Is taken up by
the office of President Mohler, the offloe
of the vice president and general mait-
ager and the offices of the general super
Intendent and the superintendent of
tranxportatlnn. All new fixtures have
been installed on thlu floor.
h 5. fl JU
During the last week patents were is
sued to the following NcbrasUans and
lowans, leported by Willard Eddy,
To Albert K. Heall and C. P. Kkellen-gen-of
Clinton. Ia., for vehicle wheel.
To F.dgerly R. llatley of Clarlnda, la.,
for centrifugal separator.
To Theodore Doll of Nora Bprlngs, la.,
for furniture caster.
To Franklin I". Gable and A. C. Phutt
man of GranJvlew, la., for horse detach
ing device.
To William GoRsett of Falls City, Neb.,
for extension step.
To Thomas V. Grady of Dubuque, la.,
for fluo expander and header.
To Hussell Hutten of State Center, la.,
for combined cranking and power shaft.
To John Howard of Albion, Neb., for
hay stacker.
To William Morrison of Des Moines.
Ia.. for binoxld of hydrogen electrodes.
Nb., for alfalfa mill.
To John II. Stewart and J. M. BchenK
of Waterloo, Neb., for forncr-hcad for
tilo machines.
To Charles t Young of Des Molncs.
la., for obstetrical forceps.
To Charles V. Young of Broken Bow,
Neb., for neckyoke.
Nurse Robs Patient
While Latter Sleeps
Oust Andrern wanted an honest and re
liable young man to attend him when he
fell s'ck at hU home. 1701 South Sixteenth
street, so he applied to the Young; Men's
Christian association. A young man by
the name ot Fred Canine was selected
and he entered upon his duties in nurse
Saturday even. I'.y 10 o'clock at night he
managod to soothe IiIk patient t3 sleep,
but when the sick man awakened two
hours later hi attendant was gone. B-j
waa hla pocketbook, containing 118.
Mi's tUanehe n. liransun. daughter of
Charles Kranson of Hell. Mo , and Mr.
Arthur Wilson of St. 1auIs, Mo., were
married by Hew Charles W. Pavidge a',
his residence Saturday afternoon at 3.
C'hapnin !! ubera.
Mirs I'earl Hwanbcig of Houth Omaha,
daughter of Charles Swanberg, and
Charles 8. Chapman were married by
Ilev. Charles W. Havidtie at his residence
Sunday evening at S 30. The groom'k
uncle, Mr. John vV. Ptin:;on, accompanied
Miss Remington
Says :
"I can get more clean,
legible copies at one
writing from RED
SEAL than from any
other carbon paper."
-B aV a.
11 1 s s Ke m t ng io?i
operates nearly a mil
lion typewriter?, and
she ought to know.
No other carbon paper mani
folds like RED SEAL,orgives
6uch bright, clear impressions,
or such good,all-around service.
And, of course, it follows that
no other sells like RED SEAL.
Henry Haubens, president of the I. Ion
Bonding and Hurety company, baa re
turned from a three months' trip to
Kurope H"bert Hlehlow. who accom
panied Mr. Haubens, returned last week.
V. Ml tM c Modern . t 4V. I Bl -i
p (
A Hotel ofrefincc! el
.egance. located in
NevYork's social centre
Easily accessible to
tneatre and snoppind.
districts, U
SimtU Pooaa with Bath ro5?9
Wetherbee & Wood
fifth Ave. tfRfV-fifih St.,
Gray Hair Denotes Age. is Your
Hair Faded or Streaked With Gray?
How often one hears llio expression,
"8hn Is grny and beginning to look old."
It Ih true t lint urny hair usually denotes
nire and Is iilwaya axmnluted with sue.
You never heiir one referred to iih having
nniv Im Ir nnd lookltiK Young.
Tho hnlr In Bcnerally the Index of aire.
If your lislr Is ariiy. you can't lilanie
your friends for rcfcri-lna to you ns look
ing old. You csn't retain a youthful ap
pearnnce if you allow your hair to arrow
may. Many persons of middle nire Jeop
urdlxe their future simply hy iiIIowIiik
the pray liulr to become, manifest. If
your hnlr has become faded or amy, try
Wyelh's HiiKe nnd (Sulphur Hair Itetn:dy,
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name of Wyeth devled a few years atrn.
It Is simple, Inexpensive and practical,
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days. It I also tmnr.inteed to remove
dandruff nnd promote the growth of the
It la a plensunt dronslng for the hnlr.
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i'ryness of the snalp entirely disappear.
Don't neglect your hnlr. Htart using
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This preparation la offered to the pub
lic at fifty cents a bottle, and la recom
mended and sold by all druggists.
Special agent, Hhernmn & McOonncll,
Kith nnd Harney Hts., Itlth and Dodge His.
BMurau-aiM mm, jimi
VOST-High Grade Furs
JLL t-ornor 20th and Turnnm. THophon DnnRlaa 3(MO.
1619 Farnam Street.
Douglas 1513.
He Knows
J Is Good Bee
Is Good Beer
because it's the good old German kind rich and
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im li 1
i 1 fflMmf.
I . lf. Jl f1 CV- r-3
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