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Distinction Confened on Church in
United States Causes Remark.
Appointments Ar In I.lne with the
roller of rope pins 1 Al
most Without I'nrnltel In
( harrh'a History.
P.O.MK, Oct. 30. The creation of three
American cardinals has arousd Intense
Interest In Home. The fixing of the date
for holding the consistory and th nam
ing of fourteen other cardinals has been
overshadowed by the announcement of
the honors which ore to so to the United
Ptntrs. Pecreoy regarding the apiwlnt
ments was go well maintained that the
Kieat majority of the feoi'le of Rome
only learned of the selection thin morn
ing. The raint?t congratulations have
been pouring Into the Vatican today,
many of them directed particularly to
Cardinal Merry del Val. the papal secre
tary of state.
The distinction conferred upon America
Is the highest In the history of the
church, considering that that country un
til was still a missionary country In
the eyes of the Vatican and under the
Jurisdiction of the propaganda. Under
Urallar conditions England is the only
rcuntry which has ever had three cardi
nals at one time Newman, Manning and
Jloward, whose entrance Into the sacred
college was dvie to their personalities.
In tho present instance, it is stated, the
pope has decided to elevate three Ameri
can prelates to the cardlnalate In accord
ance with his oft-repented assertion that
he desired to show the great apprecia
tion ho has for the Influence of America,
end the enlightenment of the episcopacy
Tho pope today recalled that when he
was elected pontiff the first pilgrimage
was an American pilgrimage; the first
flasa waved in St. Peters for his election
find the first he blessed were American.
On that occasion he promised Cardinal
Gibbons that eventually he would appoint
not one but Heveral American cardinals.
Will Send Blretta.
To add solemnity to the honor con
ferred upon America, the pope, Instead
of having the new cardinals come here
fox the consistory. In November, will
and them tho red baretta by special
delegations, cacli composed of a mon
einor among the papal and private
chamberlains, accompanied by a noble
guard. The cardinals later will come to
Itcme to receive the red hat from the
hands of the pope In a consistory to be
held early in 1012.
The appointment of Monsignor Falconlo
will render the apostolic delegation at
Washington vacant and this already has
resulted In much discussion regarding
Monslgnor Falconlo's successor. Those
jnentioned as most liUely to receive this
Important appointment Include Monsignor
Stangl, apostolic delegate to Canada,
who Is well acquainted with the United
Plates, where he resided for a fine.
Monsignor Aglus, papal delegate in the
Philippines, where he proved his sym
pathy for the United States in co-operation
with the American officials, and
Monsignor Aversa, envoy extraordinary
to Cuba, who through a long residence
In Cuba and Porto Hico has come Into
frequent contact with America and
American people.
Other In l.loe.
Tho list includes Monsignor Prior, for
pierly rector of Hcda college for Anglo
American affairs, who is here now as
Judge of the Rome Tribunal, the Most
Itev. Father Denis Sehuler. formerly
minister general of the order of Friars
Minor, but lutely appointed a titular
archbishop and finally, Monsignor Ken
nedy, rector of the American college
(n Home, against whom might militate
(he fact that he Is an American.
Cardinal Vlncenzo Vannutelli expressed
himself today aa delighted with the
popo's decision. Cardinal Vannutelli
after the Kucharlstlc congress at Montreal
In 1910, visited the United States and on
bis return to Rome, made an eulogistic
report to the pope with reference to
the condition of Catholicism in America
and the extraordinary influence and
prestige of the archbishops there. He
Urged the necessity of giving the great
republic an adequate representation In
the sucred college..
In tpcaking of the coming appoint
ments, the cardinal said that indeed, he
would have desired the appointment of
even a greater number of American
rardinals than three In order to give
representation to the west. "But," he
concluded, "this will be for another
Men and Religion j
Forward Movement !
Will Be Extended
At a meeting Sunday afternoon of the
committe of 1(0 of the men and religion
forward movement It was announced that
committees similar to the Omaha one
will be organized at once in Lincoln,
Hastings, Urnml Island and Council
muffs, to care for tho work. In con
Junction with the Omaha committee. In
all of Nebraska and western Iowa.
Men will be sent out from Omaha to
all county se.its north of the Platte as
far west as Central City, to organize
county committees In the county seat
towns. The county committees will iOok
after the work In the smaller town.'.
This week the committee on evangeli
sation will start its series of noon meet
ings among the worklngmen In ware
houses, railroad yards and pnck'.ng
The last Sunday of each month will be
rally Sunday and the committee of W
will meet at S and the men of all th
churches Interested at 4 There will
also be a men's meeting In each church
each Sunday morning before the reg
ular services. On November 14 the min
isters will hold a retreat and in the
evening a dinner for the committee of
100 and others will be held.
President McAfee of Park college will
be here for an address on November ;lfi.
Following tho meeting of the com
mittee of 100 Sunday, Hev. M. n. Wil
liams addressed a men's meeting at the
Young Men's Christian association.
Fred Hoye Addresses Large Meeting
of Lithuanians.
Three Vooni llandlta Escape From
Detention Home and Cannot Be
Konad Robbery of Cloth
Inn; Store.
Carrying the war Into the beatt of the
enemy's country, FYed Hoye and several
of the other candidates yesterday after
noon addressed a strong republican
gathering of the Lithuanian voters In the
Old Settlers" hall at Thirty-sixth and q
streets. ,
The meeting was held in the Pevenlh
ward, which la admittedly one of the
democratic strongholds and the local re
publicans claim that there has never
been such an enthusiastic outpouring at
a republican meeting in that section.
Captain Lynch was chairman of the
meeting and Introduced Judge Pen
the trained nurses Is said to have been
elied as she nearrd the South Omaha
hospital after dark.
The police are withholding the names .
of the j oimg women attacked, but It is1
asserted that the ml'creant has been
active since the forepart of the week
Jack made his last appcaram e Friday.
In connection with the appearance of
Jack, the hupger, the police have an ac
count of a strange man Who called sonn
ids ago at the hospital where by his
j peculiar manners ami conversation he
frightened the young nurse of the Instl
I tut Ion.
I The taller Is alleged to have brought
j flowers to the nurses, to whom he also
; delivered a dissertation on the beauty of
j their profession, lie said that he bad
often wished to be a woman so that ho
j might become a nurse. He added Hint he
I had a preference for brunettes with rosy
i cheeks. The police are Inclined to think
j that this Is the same man who now ap
pears as Jack, the hiiKner.
Wllltnin 11 urns Injured.
William Hums, proprietor of a coal yard
at Forty-fifth and q streets, slipped and
fell In his coal yard yesterday morning at
10 o'clock, fracturing tils rlfcht leg In two
Haker, who emphasized that the repun- j places.
llcan candidates were friends of labor. He Hums hail been out in the coal yard
showed that while Felix McShane was Hm . returning to his office when he
regarded as a "good fellow'' by his sip,.,i upon a board walk In such a
friends and Intimates, his friends ami ' manner that his leg was caught between
Tariff Board is
Busy on Schedule K
WASHINGTON. Oct. ao.-The tariff
board's much-discussed report on tho
woolen industry Is to be transmitted to
congress upon the opening of the next
session in December and the board's re
port on cotton will follow probably be
fore January 1. This, it became known
today, Is the administration's program
with relation to the big tariff fight that
will bo waged In congres this winter.
A staff of fifteen clerks at the census
bureau is putting the finishing touches
upon the board's woolen reiiort. Com
pletion of tho tables now being prepared
wll practically terminate tho statistical
work on the report, and It is expected
that It will be printed and placed in
President Taft's hands in nmple time for
transmission to congress soon after
Speaker Clark's gavel cails the first reg
ular session of the Blxty-second congress
to order December 4.
So far as can be learned no exhaustive
investigation has been made with tho
idea of specifically attacking the tariff
board's coming report, and democratic,
leaders now in the city said today that
until the character of that report la
known they cannot say whether they will
assault or support It.
Intimates had always been or the giioeu
youth, and not of the horny handed sons
of toil. The speaker In closing admonished
the laboring men to remember that elec
tion day would show whether they were
true to their own friends, or deluded
those who had never protested or shown
Ihelr friendship until tho days of campaign.
Following Judge Taker's speech, the
chairman Introduced Fred R. Hoye "next
sheriff of Douglas county, lloye's ap
pearance on the platform was greeted
with applause and many of those present
voiced their loyalty to him and the ticket.
Aeroplane Great
Aid to Italians.
Port. Arrived. Balled.
It Merlin LuilUnta.
...Teutonic Pre, orant.
JOITHAMHTON Curian Anaonla
Ul'KKNSTOWN Bi. Paul Kroonland.
lot THAMPTuN .Hint lan La terrain.
M M "N Canada
DO V tiK
LlVKH PI lOl..
ForThree Long Years. Suffered Great
Deal. Cuticura Soap and Ointment
Brought Marvelous Results. In
Few Weeks Cured Completely,
"I was troubled with acne for three long
years. My face was the only part anectea,
but it caused great dlsliEurement, also
suffering and kw or sleep.
At trst ttirre appeared ted,
hard plmplu which later
contained white matter. I
suffered a great deal caused
by ttu itching. I wis in a
Hate of perplexity when
milking the it reels or any
where before the public.
"1 used pills asd other
remedies but they failed com
pletely. I thought of tiling
up when nothing would help, but something
told roe to try the cuticura nofcp ana umi
meot. I sent for a Cuticura Booklet which I
read carefully. Then 1 bought some Cuticura
fcosp nd Ointment and tiy following the
directions I was re lit Ted In a few days. I
used Cuticura Soap for waiting my face,
and applied the Cuticura Ointnvmt moraipg
and evemr.f. This treatment brought mar
velous results se I coiuinued with it for a
few week aad was cued completely. I etui
truthful! say that the Cuticura Remedies
art aot only all. but mora than they claim
to be." I signed) Q. baumel, J01J W. noil
Place. Chu-o. 111.. Way 28, 1911.
For more lliau a generation Cuticura Rem.
die have afforded the moat economical
treatment lot aff ectlona of the akin aod scalp,
a. caka of Cuticura Hoap (2Ac and a box of
Cuticura Ointment 140c ) are often sufficient.
Although sold throughout the world, a liberal
aampla of each, with 3J p book on to kin.
will b sent free, on application to Poll
lame 4 Ctiea. Corp, Dept. IVe, fiesiea.
ROME. Via Frontier, Oct. 30. Official
reports from Tripoli describe the great
value of the aeroplane In the war. -By
their reconnaissances It has been possible
to learn several hours In advance the
movements, the strength and sometimes
the efficiency of the enemy. In this way
tho Italian commander has been able to
distribute his troops in such a manner as
to make almost certain the repulse of an
attack from any direction whatever.
Military critics here are of the opinion
that when a signalling system from the
aeroplane has been perfected the real
direction of engagements will devolve
upon officers In these machines. Accord
ing to further official reports the Turks
have resorted to all methods of opposing
the Invader, including the poisoning of
wells. This, however, has failed of its
object, as in compliance with the orders
of General Caneva, nobody Is allowed to
touch water without Its first having been
scientifically examined.
He Wrote "Goodbye"
and Turned on Gas
An hour or so nfter sue attempted
to wake Nile Shrlver. a lodger, yester
day noon, Mrs. It. ill. Tanner, 2225 Dodge
street, detected the strong odor of gas
In her house. (Shrlver had refused to
answer when she called him. Aftei
knocking again on his door and getting
no answer. Mrs. Tanner called B. A.
Brown, another lodger, who broke down
Shrlver's door. The gas Jet in the
room were open. Khrlver lay dead on
the bed.
A note he left said "goodbye." Police
Surgeon Harris found that the man had
died several hours before. It is thought
he turned on the gas when he retired
Saturday night, after returning from
the theater. The body was taken by
Coroner Crosby.
Ten Degrees Below ,
Zero in Montana
PIULON. Mont.. Oct. 30. I'liUHually
cold weather for this season of the year
Is reported from Big Hole basin in the
southwestern part of the state. Ther
mometers at Wisdom, Mont., registered
14 degrees below sero Saturday, according
to reports received here today.
Albert Ch sinan. a laborer, was almost
killed by asphyxiation early yesterday
morning when he accidentally turned the
gas on In his room before retiring. H
roomed at 101! Pacific street. Mrs. John
Aalier, proprietor of the house, snielled
gas and found the roomer who hud en
aVagrd the room Just the afternoon before
lying on the bed apparently dead. The
police were called. After two hours of
work Lr. Crlss managed to bring the
young man out of his stupor.
Hoye Makes Address.
Mr. Iloye recalled that the first posi
tion ever held by him waa that of a
laborer in a packing house. He recounted
to the attentive ears of his audience the
struggle of his life, when, as a boy, he
had been forced to spend In toll tho days
and hours that other boys had been
privileged to spend in the school room.
For fifteen yeurs ho said he had carried
the hod and "worked on the wall as a
bricklayer. With the assistance of the
tried workmen with whom he had sur
rounded himself ho had risen to ho a
contractor who never forgot that he was
first a laboring man.
Hoye asked the audience If they, in
their good Judgment, could afford to elect
to office McShane, a young man, a rich
man, a man who had never been forced
to look at a dollar from the wage-earner s
point of view.
The speaker concluded by telling the
audience that he had come to talk to them
In the plain blunt speech as one man to
another. He had not sought to Influence
them by the use of high sounding terms
or lurid rhetoric. Just as one friend or
labor to another he asked their vote at
Hoye's speech wos listened to atten
tively by those who were present and
his emphasis on his fealty to labor won
much applause.
George McBride, candidate for county
surveyor; Frank C. Beet, candidate fo
county commissioner; George Icwey
candidate for county clerk, and Charle.
Alstadt, candidate for police Judge Ir.
South Omaha, addressed tho meeting.
Mayor P. J. Trainor commended th
candidates present and the whole repub
lican ticket to his old friends and neigh
hors, whom he thanked for their atten
tion. At the close of the meeting, nearly 23
people repaired to the Polish dance a
Twenty-seventh and J streets, where tlu
candidates received a cordial welcome.
Annexationist Issue Letter.
The committee in charge of tho an
nexation publicity bureau Issued a cir
cular letter In part aa follows:
"People of South Omaha, do you reallzt
what It means to be a part and puree,
of a great city like Omaha? Do you
realize that if South Omaha Is annexcu
to Omaha that the value of your property
will Increase, which Is something it hab
not done during the last ten' years?
"These are pertinent questions. The)
mean much to every man who lives In
South Omaha, no matter whether he is a
real estate owner or not.
If there Is anything you do not under
stand about the annexation question,
come to the headquarters In the Hannan
building. Twenty-fourth and M streets,
and let tho committee go over tho mattci
with you."
loans; Bandits Persist.
Toney Zager, Joe Brady and John
Itabyn. three boys under 10 years ol
age, escaped from the detention home In
Omaha Saturday night and proceeded to
South Omaha, where they robbed the
clothing store of M. Steinberg at Thirti
eth and Q streets.
The robbery was discovered by Charles
Avery at 5:30 yesterday morning. Avery
was on his way to work when he noticed
the boys wrestling in the place, which
presented the appearance of having been
sacked. He hastened to call the police
but the young bandits escaped through
the window and fled, taking with them
?15 worth of goods.
The three were arrested on Friday last
for robbing two stores early In the week.
When taken, they confessed and some of
the loot was found in the burn of .let
ter's brewery. They were tuken In
charge by the Juvenile officers, from
whose custody tiny escaped a few hours
later only to put up a new "Job."
Late yesterday afternoon Detective
John Zaloudek discovered some of the
goods stolen from Steinberg's store In a
carpenter shop near the Jetter brewery.
The boys are still at large.
Hoarser tieta Iluay,
Jack, the hugger, Is In town the north
ern section of town, to be exact. He ap
peared last Monday night when he ut
tacked a young woman at Twenty-fifth
and K streets. 'A few nights later one of
two boards. One fracture was caused Im
mediately below the knee and one above
the ankle of the right leg.
lr. John Koutsky was mlled and sent
the Injured man to his residence at SMI
(J Btreet.
Youthful llnralara auaht .
After having escaped from the I Men
tion home where they hud been held
since Saturday for some robberies com
mitted earlier In the week. Joe Brady, a
12-year-old lad residing at Twenty sixth
and Jefferson streets, and Toney Zager,
uged II year, residing at Thirty-first
and Monroe, streets, committed a new
robbery Saturday night and another one
last night for which they were urrested
i.t 8 a. m. this morning by Ciller or le-
tectlves James Sheahan and two officers.
On Saturday night the boys after hav
ing made their escape from the Detention
home, came to South Omaha where they
deliberately planned and carried out the
looting of a clothing store at Thirtieth
and 9 streets. Tho alarm was given to
the police early yesterday morning, but
the two young bandits hud already made
ihelr getaway.
Nothing daunted by the fact that the
police were scouring the town for them,
ihe two boys last night broke into and
ohhed the store of Louis Lundgren at
1'hirtleth and V streets.
As soon as the police received the news
of the lutest depredation. Chief of IHv
.ectlves Sheahan took a couple of his
men and went out on u still hunt. At the
nomo of the Zager family It was found
.hut the boys had been there, but were
jone again.
The police after an hour returned to
.ho house and the two young burglars
.vere found playing marbles in the kitchen
jf the Zuger home.
The police are amased over the desper
ate conduct of the boys, who do not look
jver 12 years of age.
t Ity'a Bonded Debt.
An Itemized report has been completed
jy the city treasurer's office, showing a
.otal Indebtedness of l,flm,8:6.e0. Tho re
tort recounts that 6.000 people in the
jouih Omaha territory yearly avail them
ielves of tho Tanner subtreasury art
. hloh, It Is Claimed, provides a convenience
hat saves thousands of dollars in car fare
ind business to the taxpayers. The fol-
wlng la the report:
Genoral bonds. .. JUW0. 1M.00
Jrading bonds lux.WJ.BO
aving bond Ml,fi!KMi
.'urb and gutter bonds :l?MM
janltary sewer bonds lU.DM.U)
Stylish Suits and Over
coats for Young Men
IOUNGMEN find it a con-
vciiicncc to buy their we;uin npparrl
nil tho way through at tho lWg store.
Tho clovorost Clothing, Furnishings nml
Hats obtainable, bought by young men
experts for young men to wear.
Tho Herg reputation for quality and stylo
in back of every article of tlresa sold, too; tho
prices hero are surprisingly low.
Most attractive is our splendid and exclusive
showing of high grade suits for young men
not freakish, "dub" clothing, but tho kind that
has genuine stylo and dash ami snap to it. In
other words, suits that genuinely well dressed
young men like.
$15, $18, $20, $221 and $25
- I. 1 1
niece, pill North
South Omaha.
Twenty-sixth street,
Victor Iterorila lor November.
The great I'aderewskl has demon
strated that he Is still the same I'ader
ensklus nf yort with his wonderful de
licacy of touch, his beautiful singing tone,
his mnoilM and eccentricities, and his
power lo stir tho emotions and charm
the senses of his bearers. And thousands
of music lovers who never had Ihe op
portunity of hearing him before can now
enjoy his excpilslte renditions, for the
great pianist has agreed to make records
for the Victor, and the first two records
have Just been Issued with tho November
list of new Victor records.
Trinity choir sings the well known
hymn, "Holy Ohost. with Light Divine,"
set to the beautiful melody of (lotts-
chalk's "Last Hope," and also gives an
Iffrcsslve rendering of the noblo "Holy,
Holy, Holy." Two beloved old Scotch
s..iigs are given by two well known con
cert singers "Jock O' llaieldeun." by
John Young, and "Scots Wlia linn T
Wallaoo Bled," by Itelnald Werrenrath
anil they aro rendered In a wanner that
makes them truly effective. That genial
warbler, George V. Watson, sings two
favorite yodels, and Oeorge M. Cohan
contributes an amusing "rube" song,
"Hey There! May There!" dono In his
best rural dialect.
The two selections by the Victor Dance
orchestra-a brilliant two-step, "The Life
Preserver' and the "Ulrls of tho Baden
Walts" will doubtless be wnrmly greeted
by the huge company of dancers who
have eomo to consider the Victor as tho
best of all accompaniments.
CHICAGO, Oct. 80. A representative of
tho South Dakota State Agricultural rol.
lege will rooelva tho most coveted prlso
to bo awarded at the National Dairy
show here. Hussell Jensen Is the student
to bo honored. Ho will receive from the
hand of President Taft tomorrow morning
tho "Tuft cup," awarded to tho agricul
tural college student moat proficient In
Judging cattle. Jensen waa given 1,371
points out of a posslhlu 1,600.
A llloodr Affair
la lung hemorrhage. Stop It; and cure
weak lungs, coughs and onlds with Dr.
Kings's Now Discovery. Mo and $1.00. For
ma by. Beaton Drug Co,
WASHINGTON, Oct. 30. Mltis Kolla La
Follette. daughter of Senator La Follette
of Wisconsin, was married today at the
home of her parents to George Middleton
of New York, a playwright. The wedding
ceremony waa private, I'aul Kester, a
dramatist, and Miss Mary La Follette
being the attendants.
Hev. U. G. U. Fierce, pastor of All
douls Unitarian church, of which Presi
dent Taft is a member, read the marriage
lines. Mr. and Mrs. Mlddleton went Im
mediately to their home In New York.
Bee Want Ads will ' Boost your busl.
neb aod taut It to grow.
TotHl l.ltW,Ml6.f
Ten per cent of the IfNM.TON.flo bonds
or street Improvements are being paid
ff eacli year by abutting taxpayers.
High school bonds 1100,000
district school bonds (Ui.ouo
Total l'Su.0tW
School children South Omaha, S.7 ; per
-'upltu. IM.
Annexationists to Meet,
There will be a general meeting of the
tiincxatlonlsts this evening at the heail
.uarlers In tho Hannon block, Twenty
.'ourth and M streets.
All the public are Invited and It is ej
ected that the friends and sympathizers
I the movement will come out in force
or the occasion,
It was announced that the publicity
'ommlttec would put substantial reasons
or the merger of the two cities before
.he voters at this meeting.
Boosters' Banqnet.
At a meeting held Suturduy evening at
he city hall the Boosters' club decided
.o give a banquet at the Live Stock ex-
diango on Thursday night. A committee
.as appointed to make the necessary ar
angements, returning a report thla morn.
ng at 9 o'clock.
It la proosed to entertain 300 at the
Maale City tiosalp.
Three heating stoves, cneap. 21 PI J.
Buy your coal. Bouth Omaha Ice Co.
cahnky t'OAL Is clean: no clinkers
less than 3 per cent ash. Tel. Bouth V.
Broadwell-ltoberts Co.
Chief of 1'nllre John Brlggs has re
'.urned after a vacation spent In the sand
Huv vour coal of Gunderson Bros
Cherokee nut. $4 00 per ion. Bell phone
South los; independent F-18M.
'Phone Bell South Independent F
ISiW for a ease of Jetter Gobi Top. Prompt
delivery to any part ot city. v imam
For Bent Six-room house, modem ex
cept heat; also large l.arn. location, ZM
U St. Kent, $."0. Will Hell cheap. Phone
South 1WM.
Announcement is made thst the clerk
carrier examination for the South Omaha
postofflce will be held at the high rchool
building In the southwest corner room on
the first floor, on November 1 at. a a m
The funerul of Gust Bakaert of 1011
North Twenty-sixth street. South Omaha,
who was killed Saturday morning In the
Burlington freight yurds. will be held
Tuesday morning at it o'clock from St.
Bridget's church, from the home of his
Mrs. (Housewife
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Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
The heart become regular as clock-work. The red
blood corputcles are increased in number and the
nerve in turn are well fed. The arteries are filled
, with good rick blood. That is why nervous debility,
irritability, fainting spells, disappear and are over'
come by this alterative extract of medicinal roots
put up by Or, fierce without the use of alcohol.
Ask your neighbor. Many bave been cured of
scrofulous conditions, ulcers, "fever-sores," while swellings, etc., by Caking
l)r. Pierce' Discovery. Just the refreshing aad vitalizing tonio needed for
excessive tissue watte, in convalescence from fever or for run-down, anscmio,
thin-blooded people. Stick to this safe and sane remedy and refuse all " just
as good " kinds offered by the dealer who is lookiog for a lerger profit. Noth
i4 will do you half a much good a Dr. fierce' Golden Medical Discover.
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Be Clean
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The Beer of Quality
made from Pabst exclusive '
choicest hops brewed in a
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