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Mr. Ceorfe
u.h.r f the AiaMa l.rand Lodle. No. 135. Independent
WIS say) V "w ' - W
Order Odd renew, Clencoe, Ontario. V
; " have been using Peruna for some time for a cough and catarrh
! of the throat with vary satisfactory reiulta.
i ( "HavlDg neglected the couch, catarrh developed, and my physi-
j (lam laid I waa threntened with catarrh of the stomach. My breath
! s waa very offensive, and 1 was troubled with nauaea.
; ' "Less than two bottlea of Peruna cured me." Mr. Geo. Parrott.
j t Dyspepsia Twenty Year.
C: Mr. Sidney . Weascla, Morrltton,
Cpot., Canada, writes:
j t'l have been troubled with dya
tepsla and Indigestion for twenty
rjeare, during which, time I tried dif
ferent doctors, but did not get the
tfesired reaulta. J have been .compell
ed for weeks at a time to give up
Jvork. , being eornplotely prostrated,
jl had to confine myself to a milk
(diet, aa nothing would remain on my
VI had about given up, thinking
tny caae Incurable, when I heard of
Peruna and decided to. try It. pa
bottle made a groat change, and after
using another bottle of this wonder
ful medicine, I had complete freedom
from pain, my appetite had returned
and I could attain enlov mv tnnili.
"I bclleva Peruna la the Krandeat
medicine under the sun. Today 1
weigh over 225 pounds, is It any
wonder that I praise Peruna?":
Pneumonia Followed La Urlpx.
Mr. T. Uarnecott, Aylmer, West,
Ontario, Can., writes: "Last winter
I was 111 with pneumonia, after, hav
ing la grippe. 1 took Peruna, when 1
became oulte well, snd I ran mv that
any one can be cured by It In a rea-
BQVDie "mo at little expense." .
. ....
p . nJ'-"'' "
Thtro are two very prominent reasons why Oscar J. Plckard ahould
31 re-elected a member cf the Board of County Commissioners for an-
er Una. Tlrst, ho knows alt detalla of the history of the $1,000,000
Wurt house, having been a member cf the board since the project waa
f -jut undertaken, and his knowledge and experience will b valuabitt to
tli'o county lu the completion of the building. Bcond, Mr. Plckard, aa
tSalrman of the committee on roads and highways, baa in three years
TiRdo Douglaa county's system of paved roada the best la this part of
country, and the county should have bis services for another three
Sttrt In extending the system. Mr. Plckard waa born in the county, he
Ua been a taxpayer for thirty years and for three years he has been one
ft the best commissioners the county ever had. He la a member or no
Jlcial clique and has kept himself free from corporation influence.
Judge Willis G, Sears
Judge of tiia District Court
If You Approve tl Kit
Record on Iha Beach.
Uj Komber oi the Vvtlig
KtdL'ne Is Ef vei A.
D3si Sport tes in Ihd Bee
Governor Kiddles Democratic Pre
tenses in Strong Speech. '
tor Democrat Will !
Ilrlp l.a I'ollrttr In rhraaka
Whr Repabllrana Hhoald
Win la Stale.
rCnntlnutKl on Fourth I'aae.)
of Colonel Itryan that we keep this tmnch
an at present constituted, free, from lai
ctvJoui habtta. Iwme morals and booie
fighters; In other words wa want no mn
upon the benrh who for yeara and years
haa been adillcted to the. iib of Intorl
catlna; liiior. 1 do not rare what any
man's belief or vlrwa tray be upon the
control of the liquor traffic, oae thln
!a certain, whether a litlKant be a brewer
or saloon keeper, he nevarthn'nsn wants
hla Intnreatn when ?ttiey ara before this
court to ba decided by a ezurt composed
of able and eonarientloua UWyera.
"So when It cornea to Rlvinit Colonel
ISryan'a advice In the matter of tha att
prema court aerioua consideration. In
vestlKate the ability of the three men
he has on exhibition with him threw Units
a day In the various town of this state.
Theae men up to (lata have had nothing
to Kay In their own behalf, but we must
excraa thla for they are traveling with
Mr. I try an.
"One of Mr. rtryan's enhlbtta whom he
la advising the pmp!e to place upon the
benrh of the supreme court la nn old
Kehtleman, grnlal and personally correct
In bis habits and morula, but It may be
a!d In oil truth thnt he never con
ducted a larga or Important caae through
tha district and supreme courts of this
Record of Iha llepabllcaa.
"The republican nominee have for
years been upon the district and supreme
benoh In this state and have a record
that any court anywhere can Justly -feel
proud of. Men of larga experience and
wide Irarnlng, they will bring to the su
preme court distinguished legal ability
and attainments that would be of assist
ance and benefit generally to the litigants
of Nebraska.
"In thla show that Mr. Bryan la travel
ing with I am most astonished of all In
his performer for railway commissioner.
It will be conceeded on every hand that
tha most Important offlre In the state of
Nebraska I a railway commissioner. Not
even the supreme court Itself passes upon
thing so Important and of such wlda
special and unlversay Interest to tha people
of Nebraska as does our railway commissioners.-
This Office constituting at Is does
the people's court, the poor man's court,
tha r-h man's court, where'n all meet
nn a common basis, should be kept In the
hands t ,the peoj)h?snd;pu1 of the hands
of tha special Interest. I say to you that
a Jpadlng. dmra,la the state of Ne.
bra ska, scarcely second In point of influ-noa-end
abUUMbovafaaicyan himself,
has said and 'UM,-U aai'Ulk that Mr.
Harmon, tha democratlo candidate , for
railway commissioner la in the hands of
the common carriers of thla atat. Ills
position and Influence will be used when
ever necessary In an important case or
ay matter before the communion to ren
der -a decision In favor of the railroads,
tha - rxpreaa companies, tha telephone
companluB and telegraph companies, and
diss rob the people of their just rights.
i:V il Herlaa-toa and Ilarsnaa. '
' 'I am unuoq.ualntd with Mr. Harnian.
I knpw , udthlng about his personal
worthiness- Ur his (a till ity, but I hav a
right to take my, choice In thla matter
from democratic sources, and I say to
you that Mlka P.' Harrington, on or the
big Ideinacrats of thla state and nation,
Is laying a better foundation for his
charges against Mr. liarman than I
Colonel Bryan for hi praise and quali
fication of Mr. liarman.
"The fact Is that Colonel Bryan knows
very; little about Nebraska Issue and
Nebraska political history of recent years.
Thla may aound strange, but neverthe
less It Is true. It Is true because h
says ao many thlnga that are contrary
to the recorded political events as they
appear In the last three legislature In
the vtate of Nebraska.
"A great deal of political history, or
economical history, or legislative history,
or whatever you may term It, has hap
pened and occurred and bean recorded
while Mr. Bryan was In China or South
America or some other foreign seaport,
and he has been so busy advising and
prophesying aver since that he has nsvsr
taken time to post himself accurately
upon what has taken place In the last
four or flv years In Nebraska. H only
hears It In th form of gossip or Irre
sponsible assertions. I say this because
of th atrang and Inexplicable advice
that Mr. Bryan Is giving to the repub
licans of the state of Nebraska.
llryan aad the Proarreaalvea.
"Mr. Bryan aays to the progressive re
publicans or th state. Com and vot
th democratlo ticket; Uave your own
party. Vot for Senator La Kolletl. th
republican. But her wa call a halt and
aak why, for what reason ahould w do
thlT What la thtr In th record or th
history of the democratlo party that
would lead a progressiva republican to
forrak his own orgaiUsatlon and loin
force with a party that both In th
state and In th nation haa been a fail
ure In constructive statesmanship that
ha fJlen down lit carrying forward any
progressiva principle of government In
th last halt century? A party that 1
today, both in thla atat and in th na
tion, reactionary, nonprogressive and
hupelessly divided on every great eco
nomical question.
"In th last two decade the opponents
of republicanism In Nebraska bav held
th executive office on-half the tlm.
have controlled a many legislatures as
haa tha republican party. Tell me, what
particular piece of progressive legislation
haa lt en put through and signed by a
democratic executive Independent of th
aid of the republican party.
"Mr. Bryan tell you that the demo
cracy of Nebraska la th progressiva
Political orgaulsatlon of th state. Is th
organisation that you mutt go to for
development and good government, but
never doe he give ua any detail, or any
circumstance, or tell ua of any legisla
tion that hla party has placed upon th
statute books.
Utawmir Baal Brraa't laawea.
'Voloiiel Bryan for year haa been ad
vocating th initiative and referendum,
a measure which, both la prlnciul and
p.actlc Ui absolutely right, and that
tha people ought to have It. Mr. Bryaa
haa bea boasting that thla la on of tb
tenets of democracy, and aa ttatng aa
of tha proud embeUishmrnts that . baa
Dia.-keJ hla parti' progress) and develop
ments. But what ara tha facta T Three
a ago. wit hi a democratic executive
nd a democratic- aenate; tha initiative
and) referendum, ma&aur cam up In th
waa eg tke IVuvbua bill, audi under the
leadership of an able democrat, fnr rears
Colonel rtryan's boon companion, the in
itiative and referendum was defeated in
a democratic legislature, and that only
three years ago. The Initiative and refer
endum, as originally proposed, was bit
terly opposed by the democratic majority
and never could have been submitted to
the people only by reason of the progres
sive republicans In the democratic legis
lature. vAnd when you come to the con
sideration of some moral legislation, I
am here to say to you that the 8 o'clock
law that this legislature of three years
ago boaita so much about, was placed
upon th statute books of this state
against the will of a democratic majority,
signed under dure by a democratic ex
ecutive who promised he would not, but
did, and because he did, was retired by
the democratic party to private life.
"Mr. nyan In giving his disinterested
advice to the progressive republicans of
the state falls to mention these cold facts;
fails to point out wherein or In what
way the progressive republicans of Ne
braska or the nation could have greater
Influence than they have in the republi
can party.
Democrats Are Reactionaries.
Mr. Bryan Is, undoubtedly, a progrefslve
democrat; Is a genuine patriot, and no
body has higher personal regard for him
than has your humble servant, but In
order to he accurate Mr. Bryan should say
open and above board, Mr. I'roxreaslv
Republican, come Join my standard, let
me be your leader, mine Is the only
leadership which can ever successfully
give to the state or nation a. true pro
gresstve policy. Mr. Bryan might with
some consistency say this, and If he did
say this, he would speak mote, correctly
than he doea when -he advles a whole
sale awltchlng to the democratic stan
dard, because the democratic party Is
reactionary; It cannot be progressive, be
cause Mr. Bryan, the progressive. Is
without the pale of his party organlxa
tlon. He Is compelled to make a cam
palgn to be a delegate to the democratlo
national convention. In face of the fact
that every precedent and every courtesy
entitles him to thla position without even
asking for It. Bo little faith and so little
regard ha Colonel Bryan In the demo
cratlc party, and so far have they drifted
from hi teachings and hi standards,
that he deems the only safe and proper
thing to do Is to take a chattel mortgage
upon every democratic voter, putting
him under bond over his own signature
that he will support the Initiative and
referendum, and, between the lines,
Colonel Bryan a a delegate to th
national convention. I say to you that
in pursuing this course. Colonel Bryan
deems It necessary to do ao because the
democratic, organlxatlnn of the state Is
against the Initiative and referendum;
I against these progressive measure
that he stands for, and will defeat them
if possible to do so.
Leader of Democracy.
Let ma call the distinguished gentle
man's attention to the fact that when he
Is giving advice for the sole and only
purpose of disrupting the republican
party, that he better look well to his
own laurel, for at the present time in
the state of Nebraska a powerful organi
sation is being formed and completed tit
deliver the Nebraska delegation to Gov
ernor Harmon of Ohio, candidate for
president, and th democratic organisa
tion of Nebraska is in favor of Governor
Harmon. The Dahlman democracy is for
him, and allow me to say further that
the democratic organisation, with John
C. Byrnes, the corporation lobbyist, as
tha state chairman, Is lending his influ
ence to the candidacy of Governor Har
mon, and ao I say as I said a moment
agd, that Mr. Bryan la certainly incori
alatent when he tells the progressive re
publicans to Join the democratic stan
dard. But this advice of Colonel Bryan's
is wholly Impractical and political his
tory of recent times, and former times,
beara out my statement. Mr. Bryan is
advising th progressive republicans to
leave their party, while If they stay In
tha ranka of the republican party they
will be and are the controlling force in
that organisation; If they leave the re
publican party and Join the democratlo
ranka they will be in the same situation
that the ona day. all flourishing and
powerful populist party are now; that po
litical party that was the pioneer in pro
gressive egl"latlon. loat Its Influence,
lost Its identity, lost all of Its power for
good when It was absorbed into tha
democratic party, and so recalcitrant,
and so nonpermeatlng and Impervious to
progressive measure was the democratic
party that not even th all-powerful
popullt party could afford a leaven.
The democratlo party la today back to
Ita old way and It old tricks, stumbling
and blundering along, ignoring progres
sive elements like Mr. Bryan following
within It ranks, and I aay to you, Mr.
oryan, wun aa aincerlty, if you want
give real, practical advice, advisa
to Join the ra.iks of pro-
canlani and under its
ill march through to vlc-
f.-sr Is jejili of the atat of Nebraaaa
loaa an live Jeglxlalarea rn to tha pmrat
t'.rw of x-Naie-rrr joinicr! arnratlan or
patty ever did.
"As I bow nxnember 11. fbere was la
that traatt of 1SOT only Eva democrats;
thn wan In the bums only a boat thirty
feexxrais; oat of a poarrfbla Ul or ft
memteri of the leglrlatara there was only
about thirty democrats. The rcord of
this legislature shows that the republi
can membership of both houses stood te
the front snd that tluy voted for every
progressive measure that was put upon
the statute books that winter.
"Evety platform pledge of the republi
can party was redeemed. There was not
a singlo pledge that It was necessary to
have a democrat vot to carry I
through. There wns hot a single piece o
important I- gtslatloa put through that
winter that It vns necessary to have om
democratic vote to put It through. whIV
In tho legislature Ju?t adjourned then
was not a rlni?!e decent or moral meat
(Continued on Hfth rage.)
your followe.
gresslve r
bannera you
vsi to
u will
means good government,
representative government and proper
government in the choicest and best
la Fol lotto's latere! . tampalga.
"You advise the nomination of Senator
L rullelte. which is wlsa and good, but
where will Henator L Kollette be If
his followers accept your advice and
vote th democratlo ticket? Io you really
want Senator La Follette nominated by
the republican party? If you do.'advi
your followers everywhere throughout
this broad land to vole for Henator
Follette at the primaries, to get Into th republican organisation and
e to it that many delegates go to th
rational convention and that they vote
at th primaries in these several states
that are to declare for a preferential
choice for president. If you will advls
your followers to do thla, my dear sir,
you will ho. giving sincere and practical'
aavice ana enator Ia Follett can
"Mr. Bryan, if Senator I.a Follette waa
nominated, would you vote for him? If
you are a progressive., why did you ad
vocate i'arker for preaident-the very In
carnation of reactlonarllsm-th arch-standpatter-ond
advls democrats very
wher throughout thla nation to vot for
Tarker and against Theodore Roosevelt,
th king vt progrslves?
"Had Mr. Bryan bten living back In
the days of Abraham Lincoln and
Stephen A. luglae he would hav ad
vised tha Lincoln republlcana to aupport
Douglaa and he could hav don It for
th sm reason and with th same con
siatncy that h is now advUlng pro
gressiva repubilcaaa to vot th demo
cratic ticket and desert th standard of
I Foilett.
What Hrawbliraa Did.
"But Mr. Bryan being abroad, aa I
said a little while ago. will atk me, 'What
record can you point to, or legislation
can you show m that th republican
party of Nebraska has put upon th
statute books r la answer let m aay
to Um karnedl genttetaan that tha legla
latur of 1W7. OYrwtalmlng!y republicau.
elUi revoMU'afsi guvataar, did uo.
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