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Booklovers' Cooftest'
Democrats Accomplish Teat After
Lonj Sustained StroggV.
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Bo. 71 Wednesday, October 35, 1911.
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Central Immigration A ftftf
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Typewriters Should be Like Rubber Bands
."Were it not for its elasticity the common rubber
band yould be of limited use.
Its value lies in the fact that it can be stretched to
meet different requirements.
Likewise the typewriter that will handle nothing
larger than the ordinary letterhead is limited in
its use and is not serving its full purpose.
The Model 10 Smith Premier designed to meet the
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Daring 1ti Last Two Months the
Commissioner llaa llrrn Con
splriioa by Ills Doolie
Muttllng of County Commissioner
Peter E. Elsnr-ser has born nccompllshril
by the democratic machine atler a long
and at times seemingly hopeless struggle.
The explanation Is that Oscar J. Plck
ard, his democratic colleague seeking re
election, was In desperate straights,
flepplto his claims that he was doing two
or three men's work and wearing his
finrera to the bone In the service of his
beloved county desptto these claims
there was considerable murmuring about
Oscar. Fcople were beginning to solve
his delivery; there were signs that his
tamo was about played out. This sad
state of affairs largely was the result
of the careless manner In which Mr.
ttlsoyser had discussed Mr. Plckard nnd
hit operations.
o the screws were put on Mr. Elsassrr.
During the Inst two months he has been
conspicuous by his docile silence almost
s conspicuous as he was during his first
months ns comm'ssloner by his free at
tacks upon Commissioner Plckard. Mr.
Elsasser says nothing naughty now. but
some of the things he Mid before heroic
steps to muixle htm were taken boh up
with Increasing frequency to worry Mr.
When the county bonrd organized the
first of the year Mr. Hertford was made
chairman, succeeding the lnte turn-coat,
Fred Pruning. Mr. Plckard explnlnod that
he didn't want lo be chairman but could
have had the place If he had wanted It.
The fact that ns u plain commissioner ho
would have fewer chances to blunder and
pave the way for bin defeat when ho
should Keek re-tlrci Ion had nothing to
do with the dcciulon.
Opr-iiN t poo I'lcLnril.
The Jlrwt regular meet'ns of the now
board had been In proems for about
fifte.-n minutes when Mr. Klia'ser opened
up on Mr. Pickerel, lie dialled the
j;iir.nlrrliii,' of JJ.0.0.1 or thcreab.iutB by
he honorable chairman of roads and
bridges, Mr. Plcknrd was nnnoM and
Jcoily hurt. The hlra of anyone' auft
jer.ilng that he cauld nuke a nilta'tc.
At the next meeting Mr. Ktatifjer was
aimed with figures. He fired a few more
broadsides Into Mr. Plckard. He kept It
up for months and irunths. There were
conferences of the democrats to deviae
v:a and means for pulling the muffle
on "Pete." He wua dciilel the prlvllejo
jf nuinlng employe at ll-.e court house,
though U should have boon his as chair
man of the court house committee.
Mr. EisasHcr aot to telling newspaper
reiorteis about dolriija of Commlsslom-. a
Bedford, O'Connor und Plcknrd In reisarj
to the new county building. This In
creased the Ire of the democratic comin;;;
sloners with whom "Pete" refused to
Veir It Given Advlvc.
When Architect John I-atfiimr wantcu
;o tell the tomtnlsstoiiers that a nub
ontractor had tuined Jl.'JOO by Inducing
.he board to muke a concession the demo
orats made the meeting an executive cno
When the facts were publliihed 'Tcte'
was blamed and again advised thut "ht
talked too much."
Pete" stood out against changing o'
Ihe irarblo contract, wnlch raved thou
sands of dollars to Caldwell & Drake;
he general contractors. He told ever)
one why he opposed the change anc
igaln he was jumped upon for talking
too much.
Put "Pete'' Is litUo more than t'.u
hailow of hie once beMlcoKo self. l.nsl
Saturday he was presiding when .South
Omaha onnexatlon was under considers.-
Jon. Mr. Bedford expressed 1i!h denlr.
that the boar dtake a recess and go lnt.
star chamber scsalon tnu the oneuicnt
iilcasEer ordered the recess without ever.
oallliiE for a vote.
Comic Section
The Suv.dav Bee
With Hcrppy Hooligan. Litt)s
Nemo, the Kaizenjammcr Kids
crd the uholcirtt freeing fam'ly
C25-7 N. 24th ST., SOUTH OMAHA
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- - T iY M
President Paul P. Harris and Secre
tary Perry Here Wednesday.
Short Weight Man
is Fined by Judge
Joe Levy, who was arretted Monday
morning by City Weight Inspector John
Pegg, was fined (15 and costs in poilco
court Tuesday morning by Judge Craw
ford, Joe Keeeay, who was arrested with
Levy, was discharged, as It was shown
that he was working for Levy.
But one woman appeared against Levy
this morning. She was Mrs. M. T. fcwan
bcrg, 6335 North Twenty-fifth street, who
said that she bought ten bushels ot po
tatoes from Levy last Thursday and
paid for ten bushels. She said Levy car
ried the potatoes to the cellar In a sack.
The lafef. two bushels, however, he car
ried In with a bushel basket. Mrs. Swan-
berg said that when she looked at the
potutots It did not appear that she had
received a full ten bushels. Inspector
Pegu was called to the house and meas
ured them, to find that Mrs. Swanberg
was two buithels short.
Mr. Pegg filed another complaint
against Joe Levy this mqrning for short
weighting Mrs. Yost, 6314 North Twenty
fifth street. Levy will be brought up on
the charge Tuesday morning.
Mrs. Fred Schroeder, 1114 Kouth Twen
ty-street, wife of Councilman Bchroeder
of the Seventh ward, reported to Mr,
Pegg that site had ben short weighted
She will come to the station to Identify
Omaha Club Women
to Have Fine Trip
Wiltn the ciub and other women visit
the Land show Wednesday, they will
be Elven ono of the grandest trips In
the I'nited States, going on a personally
conducted excursion with Robert flruce
Lcffingwtill, the noted travelogue lec
turer In charge.
Mr. Lefflngwell will take the club and
other women through Yosemlte Valley
park, the home of the bis trees. The
Journey will be n.iide in comfortable
Hate.-', with s;ops at hotels, camps and
other ron-.anllc spots. Having made the
slate trip, tho members of the party, at
Visalia, with Mr. Lefflngwell In charge,
will board a Harrlman line train and run
tlown to Pasadena, where they will visit
numerous orange groves, after wht:l
tlicy will step over to the Adolph liuscli
rote gardtn?, here they will stroll among
the beautiful flowers. This rose garden
Ij the flust In the world, having been
constructed and maintained at a cost of
iv.tMlons ot dollars.
fckluaed from llr4 te Heel
was lien Pool, Tbrett, Ala., when drag
eed over gravel roadway, but Buck
ten's Arnica Halve cured him. 2Cc. For
Omaha Club to tikve Welcome in
the Natloual Officer General
Con In to Uellver Ad,
dress of Welcome.
Wednesday Is the day scheduled for the
islt , of Paul P. Harris, president, and
v'heamy It. Teriy, secretary of the Na-
lonal Association of Ilotary Clubs. They
arrive at V a. m. ht the Union depot ai.d
wlil he met by President Gould Jlot of
the Omaha Itotary club, and George
Rogers, J. J. l)erlght, A. J. Love, Ueorgo
J. Duncan, T. J. O llrlen, Getierul J. C.
Coin, and others, members of the local
organization. On a later train about two
dozen from the Lincoln, Kansas City anil
Ht. Joseph clubs will arilve and all will
be gecstu of the Oiunlui Kolarlans at tho
reception and luncheon to be givn at
noon In the Honshaw rathskeller.
The program for tho day Includes a
drive about the city In the forenoon and
a trip to the Land show for all the visi
tors and Omaha Hoturluns in the after
noon. General J. C. Cowln will deliver
tho addrexs of welcome, to the visitors,
and other prominent men will also speak.
There are rotary clubs In about seventy
five cities In America, while recently n
rotary club was formed In London, Eng
land. In Omaha tho Holary club has be
come one of the foremast organizations of
the city. Its purpoco Is to better the
business of Its members by co-operation
with each other and the exchange of
Ideas, as well ns to assist In the better
ment of civic conditions. This does not
mean politics, but conditions entirely
nshle from political questions. The club
has grown wonderfully slneo Its Inaugura
tion In Omnha only n few months ago,
and there Is no other Institution In the
city where the big men In business enter
with such a heuity spirit Into all the pur
poses and discussions of the club.
Here Is a woman who speaks from per
sonal knowledge end long experience, vl.,
Mrs. P. II. Ilrogan of Wilson, Pa., who
says. "I know from experience that Cham
berlain's Cough ltcmcdy Is fur superior
to any other. For croup there Is nothing
that excels It." Tor sale by nil dealers.
The Key to the Situation flee Ads.
Feels Public Pulse
for Gov. Harmon
Lieutenant Governor H. S, Nichols of
Ohio was In Omaha Monday night as the
personnl representative of Judson Har
mon, glvernor of Ohio, and in Una for th.
democratic, presidential nomination, Mr.
Nichols Is boosting Harmon's presiden
tial chances and Is touring the country
In an attempt to feel the pulse of the
public. What his trip has brought out
could not be learned, for he would not
talk last night and he left the city early
this morning. Yesterday he hi In Un
coln and held a conference with William
J. Ilryan. A number of local democrats
visited tho Paxton where Nichols stoppaj
yesterday afternoon and welcomed thu
Ohloan to Omaha.
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