Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 25, 1911, LAND SHOW, Image 12

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    M-Se.M.m -
Want aOa rcH-clTcnl at any lime lmt
fo lnttre proper cllfrntion must
lx presented liefer 12 o'rlotk m. fr
the evening edition antl before, 7:30
p. m. for morning and Sunday edi
tion. Want aria received after Midi
hour will hm their first Insertion
under the heading 'Too I.nto to
c.tsir nATrs Kin want ads.
One Insertion 1 cent pe word nnu
1 rent per word for eurh stibsrriiH'nt
Insertion. I'.-tdi insertion nialo n
odd day 1M rent per word, fl.50
per Una per month.
Rates apply to either The Dally or
Sunday IW. Always count l words
to a line.
Want ads for The may he left
at any of tho following tlrtic stores
one ! yonr "corner dniKKlsl" they
are all branch office for Tho He
and your ad will be inserted Juet as
promptly and on the same rates as nt
the main office In The 15eo building.
beTenteenth and Farnam streets:
Albach. W. C, fth and Fartinm.
lisum Drug Co., 2-1 N. 'Mh St.
Pensnn Pharmacy, Rcn"on, Neb.
Itemli Park Pharmary, iTd and Cuming
Kernnrk. t. A., H 'J 8. 11th ft- .
Rlake-Hradlsh. Sherman Ave.
Caiinhlln. C. U., 4725 Leavenworth.
Ormak. Kmll, 12M-6 S. Tth Pt.
' Cllfion Hill Pharmacy. 2213 Military A
Cooney Pharmacy, z:?.l S. Win J'-
Cris-iey Pharmacy. 24th and Lake.
Ehler A Co . 2u Leavenworth.
Pouter & ArnolUI. ilS N. th bt.
Freytag, J. J PH4 N. 24th St.
Fregger Drug Co.. 1'1 N. I'Ah St.
Florence I rug Co., Florence, Neb.
Greens Pharmai y, Park Ave. Ar lecilic.
GreemiUKh Ac Co., 1 023 t'. l'.'th
GreenoiiKh Co, loin and Hickory.
Goldman Pliaima.-y. 2lth At Lav"?,r'"
Johatiaon Drug Co., 24th and Spain. ng
Johnson Phaimary, SC'-'O 1' ' m. .
lUnnwn Park Pliar.. i:01 S. 'iniAT?'.
Hlntetiong Drug Co.. Hist Ave. ex ar
Hoist, John, S2I S. lilth Bt.
Huff. A. L.. 2M4 Leavenworth.
King. M. . !4th and Farnam.
Kuuntie Place Pharmacy, N. Ml".
Latt.rop Phaimary, 24th and Hamilton.
Mares. Fred L., ails Central Blvd.
Monmouth Pharmacy, S.:d t Ames A v.
Patrick Drug Co., IMS Noitn SL
Saratoga Drug Ho., 24lh and Ames Ave.
bchaeter's Cut line Store. K'th 4 cm.
Walton Pharmacy, uoth and Uiaca.
Walnut Hill Pharmacy, 4'Jth & Cuming.
WADE iarr lienuoli, nierrii Into life
eoneauay, Ueioin-r in, lkcii .a er.
l,ilrtt-rit I'l ,il.IIM'L liul iviiicteri'.
ini o.-inriuro of our oear youna irlend
cam like a noit oui of a iliar unu
ii.a uluw lo Iiik near mother, who lanlixed
her only buy, and to all liia nmny lnemm
wan a t-ere one. iiairy wh a yotiiiK
li. un heloted hy all who Inm. ilia
uiiiet. ai-ntie mannfr. and his riean, ti ln maile Hchoiuh frittnda lor hi in
v.i.eiever he v.aa kiiohii. He had ben In
liumnrH In Chivuiio lor about u year mnw
iravniK Omaha, lie was a ilnvolr.l. rnn
uiateui momber of All huliita and loved
Iiih church.
'fa hla dear mother we offer our deepest
evmnalhy, commeiidlnu iier to the loving
are of tnat Ood wlio aionn in ablu to com
fort her In sui h a sorrow, iler dear b'iy
la lifted uu and away from nil Ilia paimt
and peril of this enrtlt lile into the
boundless lire and inilnite nosMiniiuies oi
thut life 4hnt knows no sorrow, and no
parting nor tears. Here the lovlnx circle
in fortver belnn broken by the snarl who
(nines to call us hlsher, but there, the
deathless union of hearts Is ever growlritf
In one unbroken band.
LF.R Allan J., second son of the lat'
diaries K. Ia and of Marietta Gregory
lcej or nmaiis.
The funeral wan held at Fluhklll vll
lage, N. V., October 19.
TRACT Andrew, nsed " years.
Funeral WedneHduy, October 23. at
a. m , from the family residence, 1.111
South Tenth Street, to the St. Phllomena'i
church. Interment Holy Hriiuluher ceme
tery. announcements"
TA K i,: it
embalmer. 1814 Chicago Bt. D. 1C). li-lik&
Undertakers, ?till Fainam. A-3:ir.; II. 2X1
KOUXLi always be bappy If your wed
ding ring comes from lirodegaurd's. ill
K. tit. At the sign of the crown.
lX)UtiLA3 i'rint'.ng Co., Tel. Doug. Hi.
GET your diamonds at Hrodeuaard e.
alOVINU picture machines; auppliea,
Nebraska Film Co.. UU Farnara.
l-huue Vuun. jac
POILER, sheet Iron and tank wurtZ
Omaha bu uctural bteal Wurka.
LunUere photo, studio. Sis bo, litu m
ft, E. Waters cement con. lbltt N. W, w. ru,
Mournmg hais, ii cay. ck, l,u Lav.
Edisoa 'phone rec. BUults Urot. iia far.
1.0WU L KT T li ItH A.L tguod bona PJl
ptij, l.ouu biiihtads, l.oju ousinta taiua
1.W pl l.tMi; anu suiplua lul, other priuiOia iuaiu t-nouiig
Co.. 1U tarnaiu.
Van Uordon'a borne, dog hospital. DION. Zi.
Our lettor duplicating work Is uiiexecllcd
A tnal will vonvlnte ou. uotu puunBa'
Western lupiicating co.. u iit, li.u.
Joba K. lUmoe, Milrts. HW PaxtoITbToek"
FOR dainty defcsiit use DuUe.l Ico
(ream. If Miss G. V iiie'ard, ;.'.u ., vullt
M., will come lt 'lhe te office wltliiu
iniee days we will give her an order lor
s it.arl orHK of tins Hue Ice cream.
WEDDING announcements.
Priming Co.
Iwenty per rent let tbun Unuiha pi ices
Taenty-iounii aud L bis., boutu Omaha.
hsrpster, paper hanging, paint g. n. iiJi
b. li. Col Sign Co. D. litis, uitf Faruani
Muftaid Van 41 glcrag. Pack. iaut
kljie aud ship 11. it. gouus. u. tM.b-Ji)
liuotypa cutupositlon for traoe. D. SiZi.
Neb. Bced Co.. IA Jones. Luio. phJli.-t
El-bT tracer for men. Gray Nerve
Fbuu t'il.a, 4 pet box. prepa.u. ahmuait
1 JucCwuoeil Ll iig Co.. Uu4u. eu.
Gat tixlutes, bleu twos, slow Wiuioiingl
liu , njHri Itp.ilitu lis new.
U.MAilA PuAlT.SLj t.O.,
r-ttabiblieu ioj. Doug ..j... Harney.
Uifico Stationery
Exeiujiv e
New auciieca 71j ti. Elu at.
11US t-uitp. ladies' tailor. ,J.Loi,iou nuie
I'l bolstering, piar.o. luin. i Cl). Kar
AMERICAN beli-l'
1 ItObT inatiuf jctures at-d
J t Unit a. lliu-ill Ltueaaoi i.i.
11. 3.U
C. E. kuuth, att'y nt laa. all ll. i. jj;.
ll. 1'. ii oil 1 1 1, pu.ul. tj LiMUdciS lu
IL'.O RAhGAINji IX USED CA'ui.'""''
1 l'.O.ST mat.uf icturi s (ind I'epbir .
I e.. a. 14 V .4 ,i i-ea c li s ur.iu
l oit t A I-E -pje::er
Lii. Ill I...UU1I. ..Wf.vl. ....,.
Ton v.'i.oda coupes. 1 C'olonih'is vl toils,
1 Coiunibiis st mhopo, 1 Hajtock vleloila.
2 avcrlv cmij:'n. i yuu i uiu-ihih
buluK ati ele,tno see us. We have Jut
what von sre hokln for; Prl-es rlaht.
P. Al F. r.lei'tric l.aiUKr. iaij iryiii' oi.
13th and Harney Bt.
"wilOLUSALB pricea on oil. Hour.
iJHISfOl.L,. auto palntlr.g. 2X. N. 16th.
TIRES tv'r yi,"r,B ,o
ALTO Tire lupHlnnc Co, 132 parnam.
Vuu lied no Konrantre when wa do 111
work; best workmen, lowest price.
Murphy did it
lAi iN" cars do most work for leat
money. 11. U. lleiu, . itisnneis inua
ONK Tnter-Mate; ono Auburn. Hushing
Pres.. booth )itiaha
tJlir1! I,l('Ii',l Aut.-, carriage painting.
W1I.I. sell mv half Interest In my new
Invention or will exchange for good auto.
illHcoutit on auto gloves.
l:i Dee Pldx., ornaha.
Burleigh Gloves
WANTKK To buy 2d-har1 automobile;
most be In flist-clitss condition and
chiap. N Ut, live.
f-'F.VFHAI. recond-liatid autnmotiil-
frum ti;Ti nt: u II In koimI running order.
Showaler, I.Mj Leavenworth Bt.
Auto lamps rept.lrsd. Omaha Hllver Co.
To tret In or out ot business call on
QANUbriTAD, ' Ueo Uldtf. Tel. L.-J4;7.
per ci;nt to m rvn ck.nt rnoFiT
ro r you en any mnotint from
tio to llOUOik
Our Investment plan has already madu
inrKs pronto lor hundreds or clients In
the ant 8 months. you can not lo'u
your money: wu Kiiarantee to mfiind
payments, If you cannot or even If ou
do not wlnh to continue
our l,Uou.0w CAPITAL
stands beiilnd our promises highest
references. Write for full details.
12 Htabart Hlk., Portage Ave.,
IF YOU want to buy a half Interest In
a well established general Insurance and
iohii ousuiehH write at onee. tiuHtnes is
ki owing so 1 cannot attend to It alone,
only good responsible man need apply. a cxt naiisi d. Auurexs lu. Her
10 VOL HovV l Mr noNuo IO
i ay t tier cent or belter on un
iii vestment of iluu or mine. P. II. n li-
LKIUli, HTATh! AUICNT, bll HlilC Hl.lMl
Hie Oiana i'l tiiiK I st-iiiu iu..iouU Is
how clusliig Its gap serosa the Iwiiuus
Msier va.ley In CL.V1KAL jbHil'lbil
COLL MlilA Hie ciioicest icgimi of the
ilchest province In Canada, liete is your
chenoe lo buy lert:le laud at opening
prices in the great i' on ueorge cuuutiy.
For further iiitutiiiatlon cuil, Mit uc
tilil l'uxton Hlilif., Omuha, Nt-U,
'Phone iJougias tU!; Hid. A-40.T.
1-CHA1R shop; 1 living rooms. U 311,
EXCHANGE CO. liai dwai e. gruveia.
hotel, pool rooiils, burner soup, aaiuons.
etc., for sale; some good bat gains in l eal
estate. Ill M. Hill ell., tweond Hour, lOUUK
1 and 1 Ed Rotnviy, i risidetit.
FOR riALE IJtU, only grocery store,
within 3i blocks; living rooms; good busi
ness, lent. 41tf per liiulith. leaiout
lor this sacritive. Aduiess ftUi and Cji.ij
Automatic Phone Hud's, li: rtsidence, 11
l liAU 'IT FULLY fuiuUhcd l-rooni huii4
spHitinent; spieud d locatiou; waiaaig ti.a
tancr. I buiie Rsd eXi.k
FUR BALE tsmuil stock nii.liiii i ,
oveiytti ng new; voi juculiull. ..iiluli.j
1 I, tuie Dee.
WANTED man to join two
Other young melt In well cslubllsnu
paying business. fcM) luyuued. aiusl tti
a iiutiler and one witu utiice cxpxiiciics
l.ieioirud. ii ials Due.
FOR BALE Hotel; three pool tables,
barber shop, doiiig good business, Will
Invoice aud sell Iwi' cent on tho dol
lar. Address Y If. Hee.
CLOSE in business corner, with uuto
garnge for salo at a great bai'Kulii or
tiado couaidvred. tca J. W. RAbP CO.,
t Prtndits Pldg.
GROClOlty, price ' i5 If taken st once.
Investigate. Webster l.Vu.
F.VEIlY person knows who D. J.
O'Prieu is bscauee lie liai rutiio Omaha
liinums with bin canity. If Mis. J. W.
Medlen, LSI Bo. tilth Ave., wltl emus to
1 he lies office within three days we will
t;le her all order for a UO-ceiil box of
O'Hrleii's candy free?.
A M ANCFACTI'llINO concern denlrea
to offer a He beslness mini In 'each state
or large e'liy uppurtuiiity to handle a
Mate. proiMifclt.ini tor tlieia, msnuH liK of
fice and House, party must come
weil ii-eommehdcci. okia-v, tta Co., Okla
homa City, U. f. A.
Ituorulng HoRsee for Sale.
few S-roim , it.odern rooms;
uays full. Kt aon.tbte tor easli.
Acuustle Cuinaaales,
GENERAL Acovistic company; tnnira.
ments lur the deaf. t,U Om. Nat, Lank.
Accountnuts, (
M. D. THOMAS. l:q CltyNat. Bank.
DANi-lNG-Tou are invited to dance
wttn the uiuvui.cft .iiiiciiik c.ud every
ru..iiiiv evening m 1'raterniiy halt. wi.
and Harney. Adunsiou ic. Ha. or.
PI" FORK and after tho shows v:t th,
OLVMPIA for lee en am and candles.
C. J. Howell. arcliHtct, 6VI Hrandei tutf
Artesian Wella.
MICA ROOF1NU CO.. lug 8.
C. W. FlilriJ. attuiusy. :;; u. or Trade.
UuS U HALL. IAWYKlt. 4.s kit.
Asiswursta, "
APDITORIUM roller ruik. nut. .
Or .ns bund, elegant floor and the Ut
bteS IIIHl IIIUII'T wuir. lo..e i.eil
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 t ! y at
baatts, ?-c.
Aenln and Teats.
OMAHA Vent Co. Tel. S22 Douglaa.
Ilsggiige ami Taslreks.
r.. !.- ile.k'd to destination. Tail.
cabs and touring caia. Tel. Uouglas
TAX1CAHH. tl an hour. D. JTJ,
Dae; linaafactnrrrs.
T F.M13 OMAHA UAO CO.. Omaha, N.
TIP-TOP bread the bet. Wclister 1T
A. B. COKOS. bakery. Webster CI 41.
LOMK8TIO bakery; 0'iality. 2406 Cuming.
Hill Pntttoif.
OUAHA Till Posting Co.. Douglas K3I.
UnlMlna and lean Assnelatloas.
NFTinASKA FsvlnRs A Losn Associa
tion bss never paid less thsn 4 per rent
dividends. Investmenis from II to 15.000
received. lflQj Karnn-n St.. Omaha.
ltrber Uop.
rinST C'LAKS tarber Miop. mz 15th.
HAWK liHOa.. bnrber stiop, 6
Leavenworth. -
lies Klilfi Isiber shop, tonsorlal arti'tl.
Doc. H. H. Ktenort. Iinlr cutting. 217 fl.l&th
Ideal Lady llarber Khop. W. O. W. bldg.
ricyeles anil Motorcycles.
Omaha Pieycle (.'o . 101 h and Chlrairn.
Indian Mntot eyelet. Write for catalogue
Illlllnrd ami Pool ilatl.
THK new AU-f-nr-Hen b:illn-d nil lots
V(a Howard, ('has. K. Johnson, prop.
Hint Itorce.
Pinn. iIors. gnA fish. riirs.
Geisler Plrd Co.. 101? Furiiam St.
Dot anil rsrkaas Maanfactarers.
Wcodn Cox A Fackaga Co.. K14 N. loth.
t erpen ters and Contractor,
V. P. Deverell, contractor. Panics Bid.
htevenson. carpenter, cont. Both phones,
A. L'nborg. carpenter, contractor. II. UI7L
Carpets, notes est Draperies,
i. II. orcutt & Son Co.. 11th & Farnam,
POT.nAI?. & TO r,J " rcar
I Uliln X KAJ. pot. Rllk port,enl.
;s a 24.
carpet cleaning. Z
Klec. Vao. Cleaner, rent, 11.75 Cay; W. 2918
E. P. Fa. wedding cakes. :;u Lesr'h
Chiropodists nad M anlcnrlnr
tVi. nOT, chiropodist 1G05 Farnam.
Prof. J. Lund, chropodlet. 41S Korbsch
Mnnlioif Chiropodist, manicuring, dressln hair aoort.
City Kat'l Bank. Douglas 2X13; Ind. A-2X18.
Clears and Tobacco.
Tracy Bros. Co.. 1413 Douglas. La Trudi
blgh-grade Havana. ie-ue-ca cigar, 6a
TUB Sanitary Crown Pipe. 110 U. ufh.
Monopnla Cigar Btore. Ilor Grand Hotel
CTcnnerr- sail Clothes Oyer.
JNGHAMAN'S Sultorlum, m S. Mth, D
4U7. Full tli-es suit for rent.
Clothing; Manufacturers,
Wear Idaal dress shirt. M. E. Smith Ca
f oal Dealers.
roweri-Heafey Coal Co..' Tel. D. SSJ,
Putter Feed el Coal Co.. JiM Far. H. 541
At cut price. All
KINDS. We save
uu Wo to 11 r.0 per
en. "The Houis of
Uuallty Coal.
llorenblstt'H Cut Frieo Coal Co..
12:,1 Niclio'us S'-. llotii 'Phone.
Vpdlko "qunllty yd.. 4."i A Dodge. . H. 737.
I, El' Mb TELL YOG AboGi' IT
D. liW. 4J. A. WEJTtolRFlELD. A-13fJ.
C. rl. Johnson, coal, ism lsard. 1 'phones.
NEW coal Sard, 14th and Grand A
(leoinc 10. Cobb, Coal Co. W. tttl.
li COAL, it good, try It. Ask Webitsr
liii. Harmon 4k Weeih.
OHI you lataulse lal! Tho money
saver. Jeff W. lleufurd Co. l!tn Phones.
COAL HILL tor icunoniit.;! coal. I'hotis
us; I. olii puunes.
HOOD basket coat. Cull Cronn... r.i
Co. Douglaa ZDtlJ. guick delivery.
I of tee, Tea, Mpleea nnd Sugar.
Moyune Tea Co.. iH N. 1C. Uoth phonea
Crtaiucries, Dairies ud Supplies.
Mlik, ereaiu. FrniU-luc. Aiamlto. D. 411
Faltmonf Diadcro butter. Always good.
ELGIN SanHaty i'Ulry. Epper0i, i)ra
Douglas Co. Milk I'loiiuceii' A8SU. D. Uli.
ColleoOou Agraclca.
Fusl atloual imiut. Douglas Xnl. .
JOSEPH 1'. CI LLEN. collection, of n.;
kinds. i2t'i City .Nut I tuuk. o. iiio. A-4tu4.
leiiipullMg! Rentes ('ouipuuy.
MONEY Wejjhl fcule Co. JU17 larnam.
(rule a4 litvrt CelUaa,
CARTEU blctil Metal Won.. Omaha,
Ueattata. -'ieV. t''10 t".ii. .W city .Vtt; r
Taff tlenul rwouis. iilf DoUa. o.
DR. FlCUl-b. ill-3 Cli Nat i Uk
PK. DAlLKY. UU Di Slides U;Gg, u aTJi
ur. ;'J2: ma store
Dr. O.A. Gsaiaucr, 71;'-HClty Nut,i.
DR. W lLLl-VMs. -td--i UiaV.CttWud
lit. 11. v Ada int.. .N. K. Cur, lulu .if d3uT
Dli. ELaTLR, w. CUy Nat I Da. fctiatf
Uauvtua; Aratleutiee! '
Turpln'Si SS raxtoa L;. Ciusse Mon
Wed. audbttl- Pnv; itssoi.e Cay, uTIJZx
Mul Jilu ,. .uuct.,fc liUni
jqwliua - - "mil puul.
Macki s l aiimig Academy, ImTWeT7
L..y ..ass atoi... ipuis.. aac .i"''
Ml art EMllEU LosMlUcs scooTol
claucii.g. .UvtiopoliiKu.ciuo, tjul mr' 1'
M ..eniout every rtuay avtuinJ"!
p. 111. pnune lSa.7. "Jg.
' Miss Jewul aimpsou. Ti, wPi."t.r
MISS MARY COLL'ri claae and a
tembiies iv-opeasu. Cieianm,, iIlMia
nau. lH .u"u,u- ' UcuJ
t-v tiling-
Tel. W. &U.J.
LADHri Tallorliig. gowns and fes.a Wltliauia and Oudway rTiu,,, ,
Lorn abroad. Ui N. .,.;:1"
lat-ry't Dituiak i.g ColUfce. Wu 4 t4.
DrrmmaLlsg Cestlssei
Dreismaktng, plain sewing, tn S. (1st St,
Xresmaklng by day. Phone Web. 3714.
Testa Coulter, drefsmaklug, G19 McCague.
WANTED A good lady pnrtner In
dresBmsklng business; references ex
charmed. I4i California. Tyler 1174.
ItEX Drug Store. lth and CallfcrnJa.
Pure Drugs. Crsssey I'har., 24tb Lake.
omsha secret service detective atren.-v.
inc. bonded. 4JS- paxtu.1 Hk. D. l.!Ut. A-1J1J
CA PT. T. CORMACK, U7 Karbach Plk.
JAR. ALLAN. Neville Plk. Tyler 1U.
Iver thlusr Klectrlcal.
Central Electric Co.. fixtures. D. IX.
nuraci!B-Granden Co.. 1611 Howard. D. fsi
L'tctrlo lighting fix. wnolesale and retail
avhsmos. iKnltinK (lyiii.i. motors r.
ialrs. Leliron, Eli ri. Uth 8t. Doug. 2i;i
M. J. CURRAN. wlrlhg. U. CS1.
Johnston Electric Co., 411 H. loth. D. iot.
potn ti. Co. Motor repaying. D. bi4l
A. D inahuo, 19)7 Farnam. D. 1001. A-lOOl.
JL.Nbli.N. florist, 4G1! Leavenwortb.
HL8H & BWOUODA. 1U4 Farnam St.
btawart'a, florist Sc sidsmen. 111 N. It.
TAULSEN, Florist. 1713 Brown t
UUANDE18 FLOR131. L'randels liltli.
I HE.NDli.KaO.'. 1&1 Farnam. D. Uoa
bATH g, FLORI3T6. Boyd Theater fcdg.
BIiNNETT'8, cut flower. Doug. W.
Fnroaeea mm Stove) Ilepulre.
fit our store or heater. Netf furnace,
laundry tunk heaters, gas I. eaters, ther
mostat and comltination warm air and
hot water heating Omaha Htove Repair
Works. 100-uos Dougiaa bt. Tel Douglas
ICO. Ind. A-Stil.
A. MONROE, Agt. for the Modern Nov.
elty warm air menace; estimates cheer
fully given. Doug. 08. M H. 18th.
Olson Bros., furnlca repair. 2570 Leav'to,
T1L11ANE U f- e"raPe. furnaces
AJ-u.nxxi.ixj furnace repair. D. mi.
W. H. lieaton, Amer. furnace. 11, tiM.
A. MONROH, agent for the Modern
Novelty warm air furnace; estimates
cheerfully given. Doug. 4006. 4Qt 8. lath
Flocr Mao lei Omaha.
UI DIKES Pride uf Omaha Flour.
reed Mills aud Store.
Feed, all kind. Uienooe Mill, CT Isard.
McDonald bras and bronae foundry, alu
minum, tin, lead caalinga. loth 4k Jackson.
West. Fur. Co., repairs remodel. 1324 Far.
Groceries and Meatat
Cbipman'a quality meat. 2408 Cuming
AHAMO Coffee. 1-lb tins, SOc. Ask grocer
Harness, saddlery, Leather Goods,
FAMOUS Collin saddles. Alfred Cornish
aV Co.. U1U Farnam. Write fur catalogue.
Wlchert, harness, leather goods. CO a 11
WISH MEMORIAL, ;mh and Harney.
Dethany Hospital, iM Marcy. D. 2oii4.
phones, g'i'tsi N. 4th fet.
H. E. UYKNE, surety bonds. Inauran;.
'tel. D. Ink. A-luuJ. utu v.ity i,au ilk.
INHERE In the. Woodmen of the
World. Tl world aieattwt organisa
lit e unu ibtnauu itisuiaoce.
iiit FUMl Nfti'l Lau. ijoutt.
John Dale A riou. insiu-a,nce. Raiuge.
Ithodes-Monlgomery Co. Ins. Haing m
AALK TO ViiiUY. "Hi policy placer.'
' irosi ssg Wire leucine.
Anchor VeacH Co.. 'Ml N. 17th. Tel. Red S1A.
jevtclry, Dlauiunds and Watches.
GET your bargain at Reynolds' Cut
Rate Jeeuy cnu.e, iub d. luth.
OI EN up a charge account with u. A
Maimtt'Ovia. Jeweloi". ltiii Barnaul.
GET your bargains at ReynolUu' Cut
Rale JcvtolO' r-tore. ltu 8. ltitli.
Jewelry aud cloth:ng bargains. 201 S. uih.
FRENCH Hand uaundry. Tel. ll.'tsit.
1ST-CLAHS laundry: guaranteed deliv
try. Call cu short notice. Harney 41
KMERdON Laundry, IXi K.
Loth phones.
4th bt
Guurantec Laundry High-grade work.
Doug. vJii .
LlKhtalac Reds.
Nebiaxka Lightning Rod Co.. N. 17th.
Macaroul Maaaraotarera.
tklnnei s tr.arcaronl & spaghetti; pk., 10c.
II. Grors Lumber & Wrecking Co.-Bar
Kerns in iumhj.i, K""""."e. inacninery and
steam tiniiM.. huu muc wed. 24.
Milliner)-. " "
PEN'NELL. Mlllenejy. l'axton Rloclt
Latest fall nnllneiy. Rauber.,i4:4 s. ih.
Slenuuteats aad alaaaoleants.
J. F. Bloom & Co.. 17U and Cumlnj Sts.
Slaslc, Art and l.atfaars. "
ITAXSF.NJ" - lnr f e!rlonet
STli WN1-'' E" n'her. sight
oiu n leading. WS ti. tliU. i jIIjl
II. J. Dock, ainglug, piano. Davidfte Rik,
MARTIN W El'Hll.. pianist and or
fanisu U lialdrige Uia. Haruey mi
Movtag, etoraue and (lrualog.
OMAHA Van as Etorage Co., ,
your carpeta oh ywur lioorsj electee
taeuum citauers. wh . Itto; jot x;ia,
Dvua- y
MOV1NQ 'no ni furniture. tor
gage Co. laua EL Mary Ave. D. kn
CALL Vernor for tuovli'g and f're
proot tort.e. Office, A -ini Dull n.
WAREHoLsE. 'iyier 111. D-iil.
fcXPREbb.ME.N'8 Delivery CoXiumoT'
(umiture pacaiiig; Xneproot stjjatt. c.iy
ellic. mt ri. Liu. Doug. 4W. Ind.
Twin City Express. Ul Howard. Uoth Tel.
Fui uituie mov. ; men. tl per hi. W. i
HOUl'ETT. express and storage. W. 47J
CU Eiprcss & Storage C.. Itik Cap. Aa
B. T. Wurn, fitting at rep's. 4(3 Brandels.
M r:KT me at Aarnn'r. b'.th nnd Farnam.
tested .mil nli'r"n ex
pettlv fitted.. 1)K.N T.
OUICCi'l. lie?. optician.
tj itisiactioti guaranteed, iiutesou L'vti.
Cat CO, ili . Pith bt.
GET yotir eyes examined by a licensed
cptumctrlst; save your eyesight, aUj
money, bandwall Jewelry Co., 3ea t). i6tn
Alice Johnson. Krandeis The. nidg.
ICalheryn Nikolas. S34- Ilrandeis Theater.
Cavld Cole Oyster Co. Wholesale only,
relate anil Glass.
11WV4 Farnam. Ind. A-JSl; Douglas 4750.
We do Picture fra.iiint! and gluing.
Fpeelal Discount tills month on Paint,
Glass, Varnishes and Wall Paper.
Fuchs. Fon & Blind, painting, decorating.
HIRAM A. RTURGEB, patent lawyer,
I!, f. and foreign putents, trademarks
and coyprlghts; years experience, IW
Ilrandeis Theater Pldg. Tel. Doug. Ztojd
D. O. Parncll, Paxton Hlk. Tel. Red 7117.
Wlllatd Eddy. U. S. Pat. attorney and
Solicitor. 1UK' Oily Aat. Bk. Tyler lUw
Taper Companies,
Western Pn;:er Co.. 15th and Howard.
Bargains In watches, overcoat. Ml N. U
KDISON phonographs, Schuits Bros.,
1400 Farnam.
Rlnehart, photographer, lsth & Farnam.
O'Neill, artlatto photographer. 18 8. ISth.
Candberg a Etudlo. 17 S. llith. Taks elev.
Uemtratidt studio, portraits. 20 & Faro.
rhotoaraphers Dnppiles.
Farnam. In their new tore; branch
lore, DOB So. lath.
wertli. Red S1C7.
an wool-
I'l ambers.
Omaha numbing Co., !G12 Sherman Ave.
plumbingCall Wessman. H. 3081, A-2017.
Usverness & Ohye. Tyler 1377. A-15.5.
Plumbing and Heating LJH
REPAIR WORK. 1708 Jackaou Bt D. 1477.
T. F. " DADFE, plumbing and heating.
1007 Howard bt. Tel. D. 743. Ind. A-:'74l
OMAHA SILVElt CO.. 314 a Uth.
Neb. Plating & Grinding Co.. 1313 Howard.
' ' Printing-.
PERFECT typewritten letter mad la
largest western letter factory. Mangum
4t CO., Printing. Hue Doug, both pnones.
11. Ledyard, printer, tin 8. 18. D. J613.
Lew. W. Kaber, Printer 't,'SSu?oi.
AM. Pi luting Co., 'iH Cuming. D. iiHi.
Phone ind. A-2uilu lor good printing.
Lngbtad Printing Co., luth 4k Capiiol Ave.
Rcls-Hall Ptg. Co. 1U9 a 14th. Ind. A-iiiJt
TlilEd Printing Co.. a.1 d. laih. D. Utid.
JOHNSON CAFE, under new manage.
nielli, LiKst iileM... wO o. into ot.
Drcxel cafe; popular prices. 62$ N. 16th.
L'NlcjCE Kestauiant, 1V7 8. 14th; llrst
class mop fcuey iiouhc; American and
Chinese utslies. tfam joe, manager.
Baxter's fine quick lunch. 1614 Farnani.
GET Hie habit; eat at Lnceda, Cap. Ave.
New Eng. bakery, best lunch, m N. uth.
Uttl Hungry, good meal. 117 n. Utt
UALT1MORE cafe; everything in eason"
pst service, good coofciog. ,tH n. loth. '
ARKlNa. no b. isth. 1'pituna,
MODEL lost., beat service. Itju Howard.
(iONZALES, Spanish Cafe, 1016 I"ainam.
PARDEE'S Cafe; Quality, good cook
ing; une llnuois. i'nvuie ditnug jooins.
Vjm rurnuiu.
HOME cooking. Morns Cafe. 31ii 8,
khuriuaLrrs aad MtluluK Parlors.
Nebraska Machine hhoe Rcnalrlng Co.
Good sou while you imi, ,! b. iula a'
C. Morgan, lat -class ho) repairs ao? Leuy
Csonka Likl.. Macli. bbue Kepaiia. els
B. liilh bt.
tiporttng Goods.
NEW shopworn gun at low pricea
Townsend Gun Co.. ial4 l arnum.
tamaarringr aad Mattcrlae.
BTAMMERINU and atuUering curi(i
JULIA VAUGHN. Kamge Uldg. "a'
btcvl Tank ud Culvert Coaapanlea.
NEBRASKA and low Steel Tank
Compuny, Hth aud Nicholas. D. lis.
teograiter Sail Court Reporter.
MTRTt.E t. KEI.LEY. depositions. o:j.
'M lJieud'-is 'i heater. D. iiiii
Estell P. Klcbards, Bteuo. Millard hotel.
Store aud Olllue t-'lx teres.
T. H. Welrlch Fixture Co.. storm window
mill work. Web. iu77. 1JOV-17 X. Mth at
Sterut Doors aud Windows.
Omal'.a Wn'dow born. Co. C: N. I( D. 4S3J
M. F1NKEL, tailor. t4J7 Leavenworth.
you often find yourself diacontr .nted w'lH
Jour owu apptiaibhce. V li p.rtiaps
Our fcei incut ti.t nt. ut
.uck lhe ry latest hImh :,i u.niun
1 uu would uu well consulting isorda
ilie peit filter and leiuudoiler vu
ladies' and gents' aartneiiis. -M fioui
1.: iK'Ugis 1' WW'. Pnoae Dmvi.
WK. ie no located at K. Pitao
block. B. O. lluflntr Tailorlug Co.
HAVE Tailor Beck make your fall suit.
Dunham 4c Dunham, fit suits. n . u.
Maiony. lai'or. Si'l S. 14th. Suits (JU to 14
vuu TAIIXjKS We make bbrh-riTIZ
UcaU; rauuabiu prtees. ijj Euu.i slut.
Tailoring; Coatlaard.
JOHN A. RTI.EN. tailor, make g.od
Clothes. 4'C 8. lit h. D.,
R. A. Williams, clothes altered. 24 A Lake.
Ac I absurd. 17C1 Leavenwort:;. Dott(t. .".11
Tent aad Awnlogs.
OMAHA Tent Co. Tel. 122 Douglaa.
Trunks aad Salt Cases.
Frellng & 8(elnlc, 1SC3 Farnam St.
Turkish lint lis.
Ladles' gents' Turkish baths. 15 Doug.
WESTERN t'mbrella Co.. 1S?3 Farnam.
Wig Manufacturer.
BEE Monhell'a wigs, toupee. 413 8. 11
D. . Gifith, wig fnfr.. 12 Frenxer blk.
Wises and Ltiuor.
Meyer Klun, wines and licinors. OS. !o.
uu. i.uxxijix ,,,,, ot Uuuort an(,
cigar. Cafe In connection. Ul b. 14th at.
MAT & CO.. family liquors. 1203 Douglas.
Cuslck Eros., liquors, cigars. 30th Ames.
C. EnceUander, liquors, clgarr. 1012 Dodge.
Automatic Phone Bus', 2; residence, tl
T. J. Hart, liquors and cigars. L02 N. 18th.
WILLOW springs beer, liquor, cigars,
nndwlches. ' Alex Jeles, IMi Douglas.
Automalia Phone Doslnens. tl; res., $1.
Ixiltnuji, S-yr-old wky, 1'ic drink. 14 & Har.
BOfBE N'S FALSTAFF Delicatessen
Uutlt ., 'm b. lutli, )oaru ot xraae iiug.
Hansen's Family Liquors, Chicago.
N A IIOTTSR imported liquor, fine
Pl.n.uouOD lunches. 1U1 fio. Hth.
The best treat for your wife and baby Is
a dish of Daizells ice cream. If C. M.
WundMon, ir7:'2 Farnam ht., will come to
The Dee office within three day we will
give hlin an order for a quart dish of
this fine Ice cream.
Boyles College
Complete courses in Business, Bookkeep
ing, Ktenograpuy, Telegraphy, Civil berv
Ice and tjaiestnanslnp. The catalogue
is ready and free tor the asking, call,
write or phone for It at once.
Address H. B. Boyles, president.
Boyle College Building. Omaha. Neb.
Tutoring, first to lgbth grade. H. UH.
Day and evening session all the year.
shorthand, Type writing, Bookkeeping,
Agiluuiturci, Civil Service, baiesiuuiiaui.
a.. A. Zaiiiiian, pres., lain uiid i aruaiu.
Dlckerman School for Acting and Voice;
platform, atsge, concert, drama; all last
tear graduates placed. JMlft Dodge. D. liils
ST. BERCH MAN'S Day Academy for
young ladles. Zith and rit. Mary Ave.
A. POPP. teacher writing, Latin, Ger
man and corntL, 1711 Dodge. D 2178.
BUNDLE washing sent for, nicely don
and delivered. Douglaa 471.
NEW machine that cleans carpets and
rugs wltnout udst. Call aud a iu Tei.
A-iiil. efl Branaoia faldg.
pleaungs. button covered, all sixes and
styles. XUd Doug. Blk. Doug. liUo, A-ljii.
Willow plumes mad from old or new
feathers, guaranteed. A tl. into. D. twos.
CHIQDO. Ladle' Tailor. 214 S. 18th St.
l In, made over. Mis Pepper, millinery
WW parlor, t14 8. lUi. uarney suus.
Rubber good. Bell Drug 1:0., uit Farn
LADIES' Beaver Hats Cleaned and Ro
blocked. KAMSER. HATTER, m ti. Hth.
SHERMAN, ladlea' tailor. Hayden Bros.
PRIVATE economical cooking lesson.
We baler tai.
AFTER a day' work a little recreation
Is welcomed. We will give to Fred Haas,
lblo N. 27th St., South Omuha, an order
for a pair of scats to the Woodward
stock company at the American theater
if he will come to The Bee office within
three daya.
- YOUR Inspection Inviled to eeo the
grund display 01 magnificent handwork
in tue
Oriental Bazaar,
Our prices are extremely reasonable.
Ono trial will convince you.
Aueats and Malcawumcn.
and cities to act as local agent for Paris
Ian model corsets. An excellent oppor
tunity Is offered for permanent income.
Write -nt once f1r territory and terms.
Hesik D-o I'arislati Cornet l'o., Cincinnati,
Clerics I and tiff lee.
Automatic Phone Bus's. $2; residence. 11
WANTED Young woman clerk in
candy dept. Apply li. C. Phelps, Brundeis
WANTED Young; lady of refinement
for reception rovm and ttudio; referenda
required. R. W4. Dee.
Factory and Trudra. -
, FirTEF.N girls, at once.' to uork a
Lag deportment. Bfcinia Omaha Bag Co'
Uth and Jone 81
EXPERIENCED waitress report ready
for work. GirVian'S uiUi, XZOH Howard.
WANTED Girls to wrap Woodwsro s
F.eul Butter Scotch and Woodward's Pure
Sugar stick candy. J oh 11 g. Woodu vj-j
is Co. Council Bluffs, la.
llousekrepere nad lluiiit-sttcs.
nonpaeeilTlaunijii r co.
Tel Doug, is' I. Wagons ca.l everywhere.
Women for day work funibshed, D. Sst
6OLVKD Tin Bea will inn sour Dome,
tic Help Wanted ad FREE until yU4
get the desired results, tlriiitf your ad 10
Th Be or telplioua iyiBr 1
WANTED A rook, llainey iJCi
AN experienced lrl for second work-
mail laini'y and good waits. 4uj h. i,in
WANTED A g-trl for general house
work; OO objt-cllou to colored tul. ii
Uth SL
WANTED Girl for general housework
UU Georgia Are.; siail family, fi09ti
GOOD ladles clothe troner; stead
ttork and go d pay. rJ07 leaven worm at
W ANTED Giil to wofk for oo ae :
bulii. ii DoUgo SL
llopscltce pers It ml Domestics
Gir.L frr trcmrri hotu'cnoik nl 4"i N.
lilt., uniill l':i
WANTED a p;iii for Reneial
wotU. olj S. iuth Ave., of iii'l Dotiyius.
GIRL for tni'tnl honvov.orlt. Call Rei
tJ'iS, or coil ul -!,". b uriiuni m.
GIRL fur kitchrn; c-o 1: at Lari co"k
KS) St. Mary's Aw.
(III'.I, for ccncirtl l.o.iii-.w j! k; sn-rl
fumlUv; N. it'll.
EXPERIENCED pii 1 771. ne'i ariToTTg".'
Work. ll'J So. 37t It St. I hotm linrn. y s.y.
COMP10TKNT rlrl for ttr-neral l,oo?c
vor!, faniilv of Z. 110 tv:ti;iiii j. A'U'ly m
1.J2 S. 4'.'th St. ' '
('.lit I, to do general housework: umii.l
(iitn!l ; with rrlc relieve. .Mis. c. . Bcw
man. Harney 1.4.
WANTED Competent girl or womr.n
for gencial hotisewoik for good mte
town In Wyoming. Ji per nicmii. D
caro Bee.
WANTED A competent Birl for (ten
ernl housework; siuhII family; good
wage. Call at -i." N. 30th St.
EXPERIENCED piti for i-enernl house
work; two In iunuiy. Aiply Hi North
20th. Douglas ilZV.
WANTED A cook; no washing; refer
ence;'. Mrs. Joseph Darker, Jjoo S. elh
St. Doiik. J.'iiO.
GIRL for general tiotteework; small
family; foot! wages. I'M S. tptli Ave.
WANTED Good piti fur general house
work. Bmnll lumlly, food wage. Mrs.
Harry Nott, 4ol! Farnam St.
WAN 1 ED A school f,irl tor light
housework for board ana room, good
home with man and wife. Doug. 22i.
WANTED Girl for general housework,
4 rooms; can go homo nights. Call Red
GOOD colored citi want position es
llsht housework or laundry by tho day.
Cull Webster 2472.
WANTED At once, girl or middle
aged lady to lioip with housework and
taking cure of Infant, one wifihlng steady
Job and good home, will pay $4 per week;
two and infant In family. Address Box
3U.i, Ord, Neb.
GIRL to assist in housework. S315 Hurt
St. Telephone Harney 10;'8,
EXPERIENCED house girl; very good
wages. Appby log So. 33d St., or phono
Hurney Has.
WANTED Girl for general housework;
good wages; no washing. 6110 Under
wood Ave., Dundee. Phone Harney 260.
WANTED Experienced white girl for
general housework; small family; beat
wages. Ill N. US Ave. Phono Harney 24.'.
WANTED A g!nl for second work ap
ply Clurkson Hospital, 21st and Howard.
WANTED A good, competent cool;
with rcterenccs. Apply liOti S. 22d Ave
Tel. Harney 2n.
GIRL for peneinl housework, small
family, good wages, good reference.-). CIO
8. 35th Ave.
COMPETENT girl, peneral housework,
small family, pood watres, nn wasbliiir.
701 S. S7th St. Phone Harney 1020.
YOUNG girl to assist with housewoii;,
Call B-1SM or Harney 1832.
WANTED A good colored girl for Gen
eral housework; must be a Rood cook:
family of two. References. 3J1 Dewey
Ave. Harney 3753.
WANTED Experienced girl for general
housework. 3U10 Dewey Ave. Phono
Harney 2SU6.
COMPETF.NT Blrl for general house
work. 611 So. 29th Ave. Harney 2493.
WANTED A (rirl for general house
work; good wages. 623 So. 2Gth Ave.
Doug. 8130. '
WANTED Experienced girl to cook
and do general housework; small family;
no wnahinu. 2102 Ihnn-lna j
AN experienced pirl for general house
work; family of three. Dr. E. R. Tnrrv
3K03 N. 2Sd St.
GIRL to help with house work, mom
for romnnnlnn than u-m-L Ti...nH
ster t61. Good home for good girl.
TOUNO women coming to Omaha ai
strangers are Invited to visit tne Youn.
Women's Christian associaiion bulldlns!
at St. Mary Ave. and 17th St., whore
they will be directed to suitable boarding
place or otherwise assisted. Look for
our travelers' aid at tn- Union Station.
GIRLS to learn hairdresslng; prices
reasonable. Oppenhelm, 230 City Nationul
Bunk Bldg.
EVERY person, knows who D. J
O'Brien Is because he has mndo Omaha
famous with his candy. If Mrs. W. 1)
Preyn, 2735 Caldwell St., will come to The
Hee office within three days we will
give her an order for a 60-cent box -of
O'Brien's candy free.
A seats, Salesmen aud Solicitors.
WANTED-Peoplo to sell books.
Holme Co. First clas proposition. Pax
ton Hotel, Omaha. Cull Tuesday after
noon and Wednesday.
WANTED Salesman calling on grocery
trade-in Omaha lo handle a good line on
commission. Give references. Address 1
Hi, Bee. I
WANTED salesman; money maker for
rii;ht party. Address or call af teruoons.
Lurch, Pa.ton Hotel.
WANTED three salesmen. Call Doua
las 1101. . 0
SALESMEN wanted, representing west
ern Oregon lands; high clues subdivision
fruit aud garden Hucta in Wlllametto
Valley. Apply to ownuis, t-.'S ilrandeis
Theater Bldg.
Agents wanted to sell stock In one of
the hlggeut properties of southern Cali
fornia. A going paying company. Morj
money needed tor improvements and ex
pansion. Will pity large dividends. Lest
of references. Liberal commission u
agi'nts Will advertise locally ;;ud scud
literature. Give experience and refer
ences, Jno. A. Pinie tt Company, w,
Union Tiust Bldg., Los Ar.yi.les, C;;i.
1 J". AGENTS wanted limi.-ieiiintily to
handle our beautiful lino of lioliiiuy look.;.
Interests readers of all aires. Can easily
make 2i to f;"0 a week until Xntiis. Com
plete outfit free. Send 2x.- lor cott of
mailing. The Thompson Pub. Co., Si.
I.nJIcs and gentlemen. Look. see. Tho
Little Wonder gas maker, bcincr Uemun
vtralid nt l'.il l'arnuin Own yojr
own Kan nt o;ic-liali umi.i1 cert.
CITY salesmen. W. A. Ilixenbattcli Jfe
Co.. UU St. Mary's Ave.. Tel. D.
Blfigest and best IJc mealr. 1310 Dot! jr.
SIDE LINE for I ravelin salesmen;
fcood seller. 2v7 LraiiUels Theater,
umulia. Neb.
Money maker tor aeenti'. C07 Erar.di?!.
WANTED Several tmstworthy bos;
good wages. W. U. Tel. Co.. 313 S. 13th K:.
ROT wanted, 14 or 17i years of a:--e; ono
who can ba traveling coinpatuuji pre
ferred; splendid oportunlty lor profes
sional training. Apply Prof. J. Eiinire.
115 N. a-jtli St.
4 1e;al aud Office.
BOOKKEEPER tor flrst-elas wfco'r.
sal house. Don't reply un'ess you are
euuipelent aud expr;eiiced. J. lu!. Lee.
WANTED Experienced dress goods
salesman at ouca, Av" "''I'lsuat ul
t.Ma. b nr.,