Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 18, 1911, LAND SHOW, Page 12, Image 12

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Want nda rcttrrA at anx time but
to insure proper classification moat
hei present- hfor 12 o'clock m, for
tlm evening edition and before 7:80
p. m. for morning and Sunday edi
tion. Want ad received after uch
hours trill hare their firs Insertion
nnder the beading "Too Late to
One fiioertJon 1 H cent per word and
J rent per word for each enbaequent
Insertion. Each Insertion made on
odd dart 1 cent per word. )l.ft0
. per line per month.
Rates apply to either The Pally or
Sunday Bee. Always count - words
to a line.
Want ada for The Be may be left
at any of the following drag store
one i your "corner druttelt" thry
are aVl branch office for The Bee
and yonr ad will be Inserted lost as
r romp; J y and on the same rates aa at
the mln office In The Bee building.
berejit'enth and Farnam streets:
AlbacH, W. C, nh and riroim.
Bum pnig Co., N. Wh 1st.
ReraneV,B. A.. 13 S. 11th St..
Renaon Pharmacy. Feneon, Nn. .
Bemls Park Pharmarv, fM and Cumtng
p.)ak-F-edlh. Sherman Av.
Clifton Will Pharmacy, 2213 Military Ava
Caughlli. C. K-. 47VS Leavenworth.
Crisey Pharmacy, ")4th and Laka
Cooney rhermat-y, a R. 16th St.
Cermak. Emll. 1J04- 8. 13th St.
Ehler A Co-. 2S Leavenworth
Foster .ArnoMI. 21 a N. Kth Bt.
Freytag, . ... 114 N. th St.
Frenaer Drug Co., 1WU N. 1Mb Ft.
Florence lrug Co Florence, Neb.
Omn i Pharmacy, Park Ave. Paclflo.
Orannounb Co., 1"2 B. loth fit.
Greenougb & Co.. Win and Hickory.
Goldman Pharmacy. i4th as Leavenworth.
Johanson Drug Co., Mh and Bpaldlng.
Johnson Pharmacy, 29110 Farnam.
Hanacom Park Pbar VM B. th Ave.
Hlnterlong Drug Co.. Mat Ava Far
' Holm. John. 44 8. 1Mb Bt.
Huff. A. L.. SMS4 Leavenworth.
Klng.ii. 8., 24th and Farnam.
Kountta Plac Pharmacy. Zl N. th.
Laihrop Pharmacy, 24th and Hamilton.
Maree. Fred L., l Central Blvd.
Monmouth Pharmacy, d As Amu Ava.
Patrick Drug Co.. 1iJ North -4ih St.
Saratoga Drug Ho., Mth and Amaa Ava.
Echaeier'e Cut Price Btore, lUi A ChL
Walnut Hill Pharmaoy, 40th A Cuming.
. Walton Pharmacy, joth and Grace.
numnirr --.
McCARTHT-Ptrlck C agd U yaars,
October 17. L1L H la aurvivad by hla
. wua and una son, A. V. McCarthy ; ona
dauahiet, . Air a- John alacnln; ona
brouiar. Mlcuael Mocarthjr, and tour
alauu-a, Mrs. rfobana JbTaakluk. Mrs.
Mary Kyao. Mr a. J una Katonntara and
iri Marttia UfiQUeman.
Funwai trom raaiutuioat VOt Ohio straat,
I utuiiuua at aa o'oloolc to
feacred iirart cnurcli at o'clock. Inter-
meat Ht- atary's cemetery.
Atteatioa, tarn o. ISO, M. W. A.
The aoctai feature this month of Omaha
camp ISo. UO wiu oa a daooa on Wadne.
day, October U.
aianuwra aod their ladlas aha cordially
lnv;i4. Im not-miaa Uta opportunity to
spend a few pleasant hours with your
saignnora, JCbtartaiamant Commiuaa.
ambalroar, 1U cnicago nb u. Mca. kt-imuK
tTndei'tiLllm,-aUl FartiJ-w-Aafc; O. Sav
.iui t aImbbwa ru. hAnnv Iff ttitii, mmm
ting titit wm trom jarurteeaard a. m
av lU. at. At the mm a at tua crown.
DOLQUAM Prlnimg Co Tai. Doug, au.
OKT your diamonds at atroriaaaaraVa.
MOV1NU picture maobmes; suppllaa
Neuraatta FUm Co.. t waaa,
rata, la sums la
suit, titf Baa BKU.
BOILER, febeet iron and tank WafaV
Oinaiia auuctural aieel Vvorka
Lunuere photo, studio. HI Bo. lath at.
V E waters cement con. Ula N. tO. W. sTut
Mourning hata, 1 day, luck. USB Laav.
tdlaen 'phone reo. ISUuiu Bros. Uug liar.
PAPbltriANUcHti uaa buowflaka pasta
Oinana iwm CO., tie a, Ulu. Bwia puonee.
1 i i i.
N. FEINUOLD, ladles' tailor, announcas
. bis return Uoui lue east w.ih oompiete
line ot largesl ana best Jnporied taaiea
tjors. ror a uigu ctasa sua. sea me;
pr.cee guar. IMi a. ma. ti. tuae.
iUd. A Hinxt.
l,uuu LL'l 'i fc.HiiiuAl tgood bond pa
per j, Lvuo omnuius, l.Mi ouainuse carua.
sl.iw pal IM1 ebumaie aud kauifieei tur
susneu; oumr pimiiua. 'iiaara frmuug
C4.. iiJI aiuaiu.
Oil'lce Stationery
KU'lhHA LluAiil CO., Tsi. ixiuaiaa
Utt. New addreaa, U aoulh lota sueei.
KU'lhHA LluAiil V.O.. Tsi. iMiuaiaa
Nab. bead Co.. IAS Jonas. Botb phones.
Wedding announcements, Uouglas Ptg
at. F. Mornli, china paint, sat ttrandeia ia
bhiU't braoar for man. Gray's Narva
Vood Pilia, U par boa, prepaid, ttharuian
Av MtVuiiiiwil Vtut Cu, Oinaaa. Neil.
LA MATCH, tools, slh and Luavanworu.
Oaa likiurea, brass beua, aiove trimmings
biid tabic tit repiaied ks new.
Eatabllsbed 1m. lxiug. mo, um IXarnay.
Van Oordon's horse, dog hospital. siuN. U.
Twenty per cent less than Omaha Drtoea
Hoilii i'LUNllLRE tu
Twanty-iouriA and L aia, acuta Omaha.
Uarpelar, paper hanging, paiat'g. B. sluL
B U. Cola Sign Co. IX Cat, UU Farnam
AmmvrA Van Jb Ulr. it
w. w , move,
atore and ship H. tL sooue. Li, lja,B-MA
Linotype composition for trade, D. wt.
VUss Bolea, ladies' tailor, sui Boston store
FKOaX nuuiufaclures and rapalrs ve
alciea. iaa-iis ieaveuwurtb.
(Jpholaiermc piano, turn. ran. jgn j sr.
AMERICAN Selt-Kanovailn Co. U. (it)
C , nmltn. att'y at law. all Bee, IX aaal.
li b an excellent show at the American
pany. If A. A. pern. Jls Webster tC, will
. w . " -vun. muun urea
we wtu give bun an order for a iialr of
Uth and Harney sUa.
, LION cars do moct work for Urn
iuuur. now, de -orenaeis 0IU4
FOR CALE e-peasenger Mtoddsrd-Isy.
ton, la esculent cou&uiuu. Herney 1,X7
. . I. J
A TYTVa tl A Dn A r TQ 1 XM TD vn, K a .rt
sm w a aa. v j ew a v es n VDCl IrMaV
SViluLUlAUi CAaea sat ail. Dm.
(Continued )
DRiaCOLX auto palnUng. N. 1Mb.
veryuilng la
AUTO Tire Repairing Co., Farnam.
Tou ned no guarantee whn we do the
work; beat workmen, lowest price.
PFEIFFER Au,n- frrtat painting.
A AJAX 4 Repairing. 33 Leav.
Aoto lamps repaired. Omaha Silver Co.
Two Wood coupes. 1 Columbus victoria,
1 Columbua stanhope. 1 Uaboock victoria,
I Waverly ooupea. If you contemplate
buying an electalc sea ua We have J tint
what you are looking for. Prlree right.
P. A F. Electric Garage, 3SU Harney Bt.
PEVERAX. aeoond-hand automobiles
from 113ft up: all In aood runnlnc order.
Showalder, 2M5 Leavenworth St.
FOR a dainty deaoert use talf!ll a Ire
cream. If Mra W. O. Marvlng, rlS Dav
enport St., will come to The Be office
within three dava we will rive her an
order for a quart of thla flna loe cream.
4V ' t w vw, w uuniKMfl emit Oa
OAj-QESTAD. 404 Bea Bldg. lal. D.-8477.
FOR SAXiB-Meat market and arrocerv
combined In a town of about l.&iX). la one
or tne nest counties in Nebraska, tales
$J5(m per year, lioing a aj.ot cnah buai
neaa A good opportunity (or tne right
man. Reasons for eeJUng, have other bust
neaa Interests. Will aU meat rcarknt
separata, IX preferred. Aduraaa Y &,
care of Lbs Baa.
- --. . - .., CU
era I ma rr". h n 1 1 1 u lintnir ra.h knalnua
dOn A IK. Almr tnr t'9 nrirt MMb
Grand laiand Real batata Co., Doiao
mag-, rana isiao-, inoo.
WANTED-Ftva capable men to reDre-
sent a Nebraaaa oorporaUon in Nebraaka
on a new and attractive pixiposiuou.
Must be willing to invest from i,uuv to
i,Uju In stock of true compan). Your
unminiaaiooa wui Da umilea only by your
ability, and wa guarantee you aw a week.
ueeiuaa, your inveatment alone win pay
you at leaat 10 per cent dividends. ! ull
and personal luvestlgatiun can be nuuis
at our otticea in una city, t-or appoiut-
ment. addreaa a, 4. a. care Dee.
Three-fourths lntareet In buaim ss dolna
4,(W to It,0uu per month, if lntaraied
in a gooa paling Duaini-ea. auareas IT 4..
cars 14aa
LAKGE building for aale or renb suit
able for hotel, manufacturing or any
other business. Address ttox H, Deatar, la
FOR slAUE Reetaurant. doing good
business: owner baa other business. Ad.
dreaa eV til. Baa.
BOTTUNO PLANT Cheap for cash, la
good town In central Neoraaka; goad
trade, large tei rltory. Addreaa X lid, car
2-CHAJR shop; Uvlng rooms. O 144,
EXCHANGE CO. Hardware. grocers,
hotel, pool rooms, barber shop, stuooua,
etc., for aale; soma good bargalna la real
aetata 111 B. 14ih t , second iloor, rooms
1 and I Kd Kotbery, President.
MENT Aulo garage, machine shop and run.
nlng businrae; alao building occupied and
two frame houses If desired. Tills Is a
great opportunity tor some one. bse
& iiranaels Bldg.
FOR RALE JU0, only grocery store,
within 26 blocks; living rouius; good busi
ness; rent. Uu per uionth. Best reaious
lor this sacrilica. Aaui esa 17 la and Cuul
Automatlo Phone Bus's. 12; raeidenca, tl
BEAUTirULLi furhlabed (-room bouse
apartments splendid location; waiiuna oia
taaoa. a'boaa Bed sua.
PHYSICIAN, experienced, wishes to
find a good location In Nebraska; N. W,
part preferred. Addreaa, in, oara Bee.
IF you want a buslneas that will nay
you Imji) par month and can invent li.uuu
or soma goon iraoa, aaorees J oi, a.
FOR 'HALE 4mall atock mbllnery:
everything new; good location. Adores
If 2, oaie Use.
. RESTAURANT for aala, good locaUon.
cheap. UU Leavenworth.
WANTED Young man to loin two
other young men in wall established
paying business. 1200 required. Must be
a bueiler and one with office experience
preferred. eV tut. Ilea.
FOR RALE CHEAP Livery stock:
good location. Oraud islsjid. Neb. Ad
dreaa communications to Kaumans Bros,,
Uraad Island, Neb.
bv , c . t a... 1 1 u ..... . . . .
offloa, doing yearly business of lo.ouO,
must sell on account of poor health. Ad.
Ul 0 via,
Larce building and profitable bus nena
with great future; for good reasons will
sacririoa this week for U,60u, clean ex
change considered. Doug. 1U61 tstrl Brao
dets Bldg.
FOR RALE Confectionary and lunch
room; flna opening for home bakery
rent cheap. 'Phone Herney 6'iSi.
Room I as; Heases for Bala.
FURNITURE. 23-room flat.
full; money maker. 12) Burt.
FOR BALE 2-year ieasa It-room house.
cloae In; rent. Itu. and I tons hard coal.
B lit; Douglas
EVERT person knows who D. J
0"Hrlen Is because he has made Omaha
famous wun m renuy. ii nr. Louis
Handle i N. loin cm., wiu noma to The
liee office within three daya we will
give mm an oraer mr a su-cent box ox
O'Briens candy frea. .
Aeoaatlo Compeeies.
awnkrALi Aooustle eomnanr: lnn.
meats for Ina deaf. Set On NaL Bank.
M1TT.V1LLB D. THOMAS. 1361 Pit N.
Bank bldg.
Aasasaaaeata. .
nwirORE and after tha ahowa vli
OLVMP1A tor lea cream and oandlea
Architect a.
C. J. BewelL architect, 171 Brandela Bldg.
Artaelaa 'Walla.
Aapbalt, Gra-rel sm4 Hooftagj,
U1CA ROOFING Cti. 10J R 10th.
O. W. Shields, attorney, tIT B. of Trada
Bag; Maaafaetarere.
BEM1I OMAHA AO CO.. Omaha. Nea
sites and Taatcaba.
Bggajre cbeiked to deetiuatloa. Tsxl
aaba and teuimg caia Tei. louglaa 2s4
TAXI CAB a. U an hour. XX nr.
TIP-TOP bread tha best. Webstar 1081
A. B. COKOti. bakery. Webatar till.
puUWTIO bakery; quality. saM Cumin g.
Bar bar Ikssa
fTR8T-CLA8d barbar anon, sflt N. ttU.
Be Bid. fearbea anasx tonaortsi nrttsta.
Barber Bbopa Cwatlnaea. Flovlsts Coe tleeed.
rioe. . B, Btewart, hair cutting. BT tVUtk Btearart s. Corlat A aeedamaa. Ill W. It
Ideal Lady Barber Shop. W. O. W. bldg. PAULS E, Florist. . 1711 Brown Bt.
BalltflasT aal !. AseaclatloaZ BRANDEJS FLORI81. Brandels Bldg
NEBRASKA Favlnga A Loan Aaeoda- L- HENDERSON. ltU Farnam. pT ua
tlon haa never paid l than per cent rtiTU'R nnoisTa tk. . . r,
dlvldenda. Inv.trnnts from II to eVUot BATH B. FLORISTS, Boyd Truster Bdg.
reoeived. 1 Farnam bt., Omaha. . . , , , ., ,. .
. BENNETT'S, cut rowers. Doug. 127.
Blcyrles aad Motoroyejaa, ,
Fwrmacee aad gtoa Rrpslrs,
Omaha Bicycle Co., ISth and Chine rv ,Kn Tn , ,
Indian Motorcyc.aa Writ, for catalogue fArtorehT15
Bill . laundry tank bnatera, gas bestara, ther-
" moetat and combination warm air and
OMAHA BUI Posting Co, Douglas H 11 xSi
Bird .r. " lnd' A-UL
- ., A- MONROE. Agt. for tha Modern Nov.
BIRD?, doga gold flan, csa-a. Mag elty warm air furnace: ee'lmates cheer.
Oeleler tilrd Co.. 1617 Farnam St. fully given. Doug. eCW. 40S a 13U. .
Box and Package Maaafaetarere. Olson Bros , furnlce repairs. 2E70 Leav'th.
Wooden Box A Package Co., Ull N. Mth. THRANE t .a c-JT,bU. furnaces
,, I"-""" A furnace repalra. D. tail.
Caryaatero aad Coatraetora. "' " ' -r ,
W. S. Haaton, Amer. fumaoes. H.
W. P. DavarelL contractor. Ramga Bid. na Madia 1. 0,J.. "
Btevenson. carpenter, eont. Both phonea, 1
OTOIKLEB Pride of Omaha Flour.
A. Unborg. carpenter, contractor. H. 2871.
frwed Mills aad Store.
Cornets, Ran and Draperies.
Feed, all kinds. Qlanooe Mills, 231 I sard.
J. H. Orcutt A Bon Co.. Uth A Farnam. ,
POLOAR & CO Fluff r
Z,, y.Ig'l?- !'lk.Prtlr- MTONALD brass snd hront. foundry.
carpet cleaning. Ifta 6. 14. D. 2SZL A-1245. slumlnum. tin and lead castings. 16th and
. Jackson fita.
- Fare.
E. B. Fead. wedding cakes. 1SU LearTi
"' T ; Wast. Fur. Co., repairs ratnodela UG4 Far.
Chiropodists aad Maalartas ,
Groowrlea aad Meats.
DR. ROT, chiropodist. 1101 Farnam.
'... : : -- Chapman's quality meats. 140? Coming.
Pro! J. Lund, chropodlst, 41 Karbaoh.
AHAMO Coffea. 1-lh Una, 10a Ask grocer
Ctg are aad Tobaeea. "
, Hera ess, Saddlery, Leather floods,
Trary Bros. Co., lilt Douglas. La Truda
blgh-grada Havana. Te-be-Ce cigar, bo. FAMOUS Collins saddles. Alfred CornlBb
A Co.. IB- Famam. Writ for catAlorue.
THE Sanitary Crown Pipe, lie 8. ln '
" " " Wlchert, harness, leather goods, 630 8. IA
Monopol Cigar Store. Her Grand Hotel o.
Btook Tds Bad. Co. J. Ck Blessing, Prop.
Cleaaera aad Clothe Oyais,
IKG RAMAN'S Bultorlum, 81 & 20th. D. .TT..,
ittl. Full dross suits for rent. WfSE MEMORIAL, Mth aad Ham ay.
Clot hla. Maaafscterera. BeU-any HoapltaL IMt Marcy. D, tan.
- t..i rf,... 7!77. vt it c,. SWEDISH MISSION HOSPITAL. Two
Wear Ideal dreas shirts. M. E. Smith Co, phonea t;0 N. 24th 8L 9
Coal Dealer. Imaaraao. .
Powsrs-Heafey Coal Co , Tei. D. U. H. B. BTRNE, surety tond, Insuranca
leU D. Ind. A-1603. 602 City Nat. H
Butter Feed A Coal Co.. Far. H. b4 Blc
-s -v A T A-Uc,u S AU Bund" iNBORANChl . ASwent
i t I A I KINUS. W save burglary ALL KINDS Ljabiliiv
1 I I t I - VOU ?Kt0 4" a5"" Automo.ue' yV,"", ,lh" ul l&H Dodge Btroet. Phon Douglas ui
r.ObenoiaiiB cut Price Coal Co.. INSURE In tha Woodman of o,e
12-3 Niciiolaa to. Both 'Phonea world. Tha world's greatast organlaia.
Updike "quality yd.." 45 A Dodg. H. T8I. Uon- .
NEW coal yard; ,uih and Orand Ava FU.L aoo luSrfc
George -.. Cobb Coal Co. W. 68L a First Nat l Bank. Doug. 721
LWMASut IT Jobn Ual. A Bon. Insuranca, no
C, bv Johnson, coal. Uth Uard. 3 phonaa, , Rhodes-Montgomery Co. Ina. R.m. B
Id COAL. Its good, try lb Ask Wabatar Tn Vksy -the no.ii, ;
uT Harmon & Weelh. TALd- TO Y-.BY. In policy, placer."
OU1 you ' Paradise Coall- Tha money Iro w,r
saver. Jeff W. Bedford Co. Both Phonea A
1 Anchor Fence Co.. 2V7 N. 17th. TeL Red m
COAL HILL for economical coal. Phon '
us; both phone. Jewelry, Dlamoada aad Watches.
Coffee, Tea, Spices aad (anar. Jewelry and clothing bargains, acq b. Uth.
Moyun. Tea C-.."J"w. 1- Both phonea .&J&b&g
- Crtt-MIi Datrtwe aad Sappllea, OF EN up a charge account with us. A
' . Mandelbeig, Jeweler. Ui Farnam.
Milk, cream. Far-mii-lac. Alaralto." i. 4U. '
'". Lsaadrfee, -
Fairmont's Diadem butter. Always good.' .
Pou.lasCMl.klucar.Aaao.D. affon rnou'crarn.y4.
ELXJ1N tlanliary Dairy. Epperson Bros.; EMERSON Laundry. U N. 24th hi.
proprietor. . . ' Both phone.
CoUaotloa Aeuclea. Guarantee L.un-y High-grade work,
i Doug. 8773.
First Natioa-I Bank. Douglas &. a,thtala Roda.
JO-EPH P. CUI.t.r'N, collecuons of all Nebraska Lightning Rod Co., 2tS N. 17th.
klnda uul City Natl bank. D. ifiTu, A itoi,
i -.aasbar.
CoaipaOa bcasaa Coaapaay. .
H Gross. Lumbar A Wracking Co. Bar
si ONE T Weight Boaiee Co. 1117 Farnam. (ains in lumber, plumbing, machinery and
steam fitting. . 21at and Paul Web. 2at,
Coralea aad Steel Ceilings, ' .
. MoBBaaeata aad Maaeoleaasa,
riRTEB Bleat Metal Works. Omaha.
CAKI J. F. Bloom A Co. 17th and Cuming Bta
Uaaclass Aoadesaloa. w " "
Macaraat Maaaraotaurwrm.
Miss Mary Coil's classes and ajsamblles.
reouen at Cioishton iusuiui bail, mu bu. 6 Winner s maccaronl A spaghetti; r-r ion.
iU. on Tue-u-y. OoL lu. TeTV. 6A .
Turpln s, Paxton Blk. Classes Mon.. .
Wed, and Hat. ITiv. lesson daily, u. ju PENNELL. Millinery, R. g, Psjtnn Blk.
Morand'a, 16 A Uarnay. Daaci(ib iuuu Latest fall millnery. Raubor, 1421 a isth.
Monuay and S'riday. p. m. Uoiu puuue. -
- MRS. 8. RICHARDS, latest fall styles.
Mackl Danolng Academy. m Harney. Second floor dty National bank Bid
Dany claasea Mon.. '1 ours., bau eveuins- '
"hiisa ESTHER UlJCiSlTEK'B school V, Art d !-.
dancing. Metropolitan club, im Harney IT AXTQVM J. 1. teacher of clarinn-t
npnDo'u-i-. tST vnm' UANbi-N ins
it.d blmpon. Tel. W.b.tar 21 STBAWN j-f
Poataata. h. J. Bock, singing, piano. Davidga Blk,
Ballev. tha dentist, iu City Natl. LX Jbtl MARTIN W. BUSH, pianist and or-
" T ganuit, 12 BaJdrig Blk. Harney gfii
Xaft's denUl rooms, 117 Doug. D. is
. . Merlag, ttarace aad CIesuala
MACH A MACH. d ft Paxton. p. iot, --.
DR. riCt-Kn, 7M-8 City Nat 1 Bkuld7 yo'ur-rp.'on yofloor a2cS2
DR. DAI LEY, tol -uandal Bid.. D. j vune-ar lot a. Uth; t. MUh
Dr. Usantur. over M-tcnfs pg. store CALL Varnor for tnoving and fire-
5qA1GantnTl--t City Nat, ft sj 1' jt"
DR. Wli-UAAIS. -W Brandais Bag EXPRESSMEN'S Delivery Co.Mo7
DR. EL ITER, tut City Nat l Bit. Bid, iSSSTSSj. SSTLTtSl
Dr. H. W. Allwtna, N. a- Cor, lath A Doug. Twin City Expraas. ui Howard. Both Tst
Dresuaklg. F rniiure mov.i 1 men, tl per hr. W. 17 ta
LADIES Tailoring, gowns and dreasea BOQUETT, express and storage, W. T71
Mieee Williai" and Oduttay reuirned
Irom abroad. -J N. md. Apartmeot . Cola gxprasa A Btorsg C. 1611 Can, Are.
Terry's Dressmakmg; Collega hah A Far. Oyater.-
Dre---ui. Pi" sawing. M n ul David Cols Oyster Co. Whoiasala only.
BEW1NO by day. Phona Wab. I7 .Oataopathy.
Drag Uta. Alice Johnson. uS- Brandels Tha Bldg
RSX Drug 8tora. Uth and California. Katheryn Nikolas. (tSt-t Brandels Theater.
Fur Drugs. Crlsaey f har, Mth A Laka Optlelaaa.
Detecttv. B. F. Worn, fitting A rap' g. til Brandela
Omaha secret service detective agency. ETEB EXAMINED. GLASSES FITTED
Inc. bonded. 4- paxtoo Bk. ft Ul, A-1U 6nf action (uj snuseti. tulaoa Opu
eel Co., 216 6. lata OU
CAFT. T. CORMACK. Ul Karbach Blk,
... GET your eye examined by a licensed
sCverrthlag tleotrUuvL optometrUt: save your eyesight, also
money, bandwall Jwlry Co.. sut , Uch.
Ca-tral Electrto Co.. fixtures, ft 1S ' : -
ce-ir-i MEET me at Aaron s, 14'h and Farnam.
eyu-ruoe. Utmund Unaiuo. motors, rt, " PERTLY FI TTED. 4L75 Un
u! -Bou. tii B. Uin tot. DuugTallt. Dan L Gregg. Reg. OpUol-n. y -t UU
Burseaa-Oranden Co 1611 Howard, ft sW. Falats aad Olaaa.
,,ecuo babuug fix- wttoia-ai and r
., j ci-M-AK, wirmg. u . BARKER BROS. PAINT CO.
lsH Farnam. Ind. A-JM1; Doug-las 476s.
Johnston Klectrio Co- Ul B. 10th. ft 1 V s do Picture framing and glaxing.
. . . Special Discount this month on patut,
Poth Elec Co. Mttor repairing, ft si7 Lias, Varnishe and WaU Papar.
b'lortata. Pateata.
A. Donah ua -WI -amain, ft lOOL A-1001. HIRAM A. STUROEB. paUnt lawyer,
- U. 8. and foreign peienis. trsdamarke
JENSEN. Tor-it, 4612 Laiavanworth. - and cu plights; ti years experience. Set
-. brandels Theater BUg. Tel. Doug. sta
HE 1 A BWOBODA, 141 Far nana Bt,
ft ft Bar-all. Paxtom Blk. TaU Bad TUt
FIX) W EH pot, all aisea, Tha Na ' .
braaka Be4 W U UowaoL 7-... u WUlard Fddy. 17. V Pat. atto-ae end
aui. ! CW Nat, tik. yl ,
Paper Cwaspaalaa.
Western Paper Co ltth and Howard.
Fa a broke rm.
Bargains In watchea, overcoats. 601 N. it
Rlnehart. photographer. Mth A Farnam.
O'Neill, artistic photographer, 21 S g. 16th.
Bandberg's Studio. 107 S. loth. Take elv.
Rembrandt studio, portralta 20 A Para.
worth. Red 6167. Tro1
Omaha Plumbing Co.. 2613 Sherman Ave.
Plumbing Call Weasman. H. A-t027.
Beverneas A Ohya Tyler 1S77. A-MJ.
Plumbincr and Heatinc ycicn
. . . ' DtWJM.
nt,rAm wuiuc lw Jackson Bt. ft 1477,
T. F. BALFE, plumbing and heetln.
1607 Howard St. Tel. D. 742. In4 S
OMAHA. SILVER CO.. 814 S. Uth.
Neb. Plating A Grinding Co.. lffli Howard.
ruit n. 1 typewritten letters mad la
largest western letter factory. Manaum
A Co.. Prlnung. Utai Dodge. Both pnoae
H. Ledyard. printer, til a U ft cei.
Lew. W. Eaber, Printer T?Sh?n,:
AM. Printing: Co., 2304 Cuming, ft 6847.
Phone Ind. A-2620 for n
L ngatad PrlnUng Co.. 16th & Capitol Ave!
Rels-Hall Ptg. Co. 109 8. 14th. Ind. A-3624
TIMES Fruiting Co.. 320 fcl. 9i. D. 2-34
Reataa reals.
VINCENT CAFE, under new minus.
meat; best Zap meal. v S. lsrth 8t.
Draxel cafe; popular prices. 620 N. 11th.
Baxter s fine quick lunch, lbifi Farnam.
GET the habit; eat at Uneeda. Cap. Av;
New Eng. bakery, beat lunch. 2U N. isth.
Little Hungry, good meal. 117 n, uth
BALTIMORE cafe; everything In season
best service, good cooking. 704 s. liith.
AH. KIN a. 1 S. loth. UpatairaT
MODEL, rest., beat servioa iao Howard.
GO NZ ALE 8, Spanish cafe, 1016 F
UNIQUE Restaurant. 2OT 8. ih; tlrst-cla-a
chop suey bouse; American and
Clunas dishes. Sam Joe, Managar.
PAKUtav B cat a- quality, good con
ing; fin liquora. P rival oUulnx room."
j,iX R.rnajji. . . OOma,
HOME cooking- Morris Cafe, m a. at.
gaiety Raaeura. ' '
BAFETT rasors sharpened. 820 -Uuna Ed
PLANT Blu Grass now. Th N.
braaka bead Co.. lttU Howard. D7l2if
hoeaiakere aad Shtalaa; Parlors.
Nebraska Machine Rhoe ToBpairln rvv.
Good work while you wait. i b. loih bu
C. Morgan. Ist-olaa shoo rejuUrs 2667 Laav.
Omaha EJao. Snoe Reps-rma. cuing.
-.'ititnst.810 UCh' bh Kplr- -
Sportlaaj Goods.
NEW shopworn guns at low srloaa
Towussnd uun Co., 1614 Farnam.
tammerlaa; aad tatterlaa-.
JULIA VAUGHN, Kama Bld7 cure
tool Task aad Calvert Coupa-Joa.
NEBRASKA and Iowa Cteol Tnk
Company. 14lh and Nlchoiaa. , f.
teaoarapher aad Court Report era.
706 Brandels Theater. D. 6W2.
Eatalle ft -Uoharda, Btano. Millard hoteL
f toro aad Offloa Fix tares.
T. H. Welrlch Fixture Co., storm windows
mill work. Wb. 2677. n. Mih bL
tar at Deem aad Wladaws.
Omaha Wn'daw Bern. Co. 624 N. U ft iua
SINN A. tailor, clean cloth sa ft 17
M. F1KKRT. tailor. MOT Laaven worth.
WB ara now located at 206 Pax to
block. B. G. Ruflner lailortag Co.
HAVE Tailor Beck make your tall suit.
Dunham A Dunham, 116 suits. Ul & Is,
Malony, tailor. ZM 8. Uth. Sulu t) to tod
FOR TAILORS W make Ms-h-m.-.
coats; reasonable prices. 2uD Boston stor
JOHN A. RTXJN, tailor, makes aood
Clothe. 406 & 16th. D. tUa
Samuel A Ricklln. tailors. tJ & 1 ft 4711
CHAR C. LANDERTOU. fall -Ultlngs
en display. 211 City National bank bldg.
R. A. W'lUlams. olothos alter-. 24 A Laka
you often find yourself discontented with
your own appear an oe. WhyT Perhap
your garment 1 not a perfect fit. 01
lacks the very latest Ideas in fashion.
You would do well consulting Nordia.
the expert fitter and ramodellar on
ladlea' and gents' garmenta 2d floor,
k Douglas St., Cor. 16th, Phon D.6UJ7.
Aalabaugh, 1701 Leavenworth. Doug. -UL
Teate aad AwalaaTa,
OMAHA Tent Co. TL m CougUuL
Traaks aad Bait Casee.
Frellng A Btalnl. UDl Farnara Bt,
Tarktsh Baths.
Ladles' gent' Turkish hatha 15 A Dong.
WESTERN Umbrella Co ua Faraaa.
Wlg ' Maaaf aotarer.
D. Glffith. wig mfr.. 12 Frenaer blk.
BSB Monhett's wlga, toupe-e. i B. .
W laes aad Llqaora,
Myr Klein, wlnee and liquor. s3 N. It
cigars. Caf In conneouon. Ul 8. 14th at.
MAT A OU.. family Uquora uof Douglaa,
Cuat-k Bros- Uquon. clxara. hxh Amaa.
Wlae aad Llqaore Coatlaaed
Automatic Phone Bus's. O; msidenea, tl
C Engellander. liquors, cigars. 1612 Dodge.
T. J. Hart, liquors and cigars, tnt N. Mth.
WILLOW riprinBs beer, liquor, cigars,
sandwiches. Alex Jetes, 13u2 Douglas.
Automatic Phone Business. 12; res.,
Loftman, t-yr-old wky. 10c drink. 14 A Har.
B O T 8 E N'8 FAL8TAFF Dellcateasen
Buftct. iu 6. 16th. Board of Trade Biu.
Hansen's Family Uquors. 122)1 Chicago.
N. A : HOUSE f,"1 liquors, fine
--.-..,.- junrhea. . til bv, h.u
EVERYEOLT anjoys an evanlns; with
the Hoodaard Stock companv at the
American theater, if Mra. U B. Wbarrv
241 Spencer 8t . a 111 mm. tk r,;:
office within three davs we will give her
an onlir for a pair of tickets.
Tutoring, first to eighth grade, h. mu
.ox j in- w H. a 1 .
Day and evening sessions all tha reat
Shorthand. TvnwrUin n-i 'IT-'
Agrlculturei. Civil Service. SaJesm..hif'
E. A- Zartman. Pres., ltn and Fsrnsm.
Dlckermsn flchAAl fn, 1 a. 4 n . .
platform, stage, concert, drama; all last
- - i iiiv. n ui iooge. 0. l&it
Boylcs College
lng. Stenography, Telegraphy, Civil Serv
lea snd Salesmanship. The catalogue
Is ready and free for th asking. Call,
... v. u xur 11 at on a.
. Auurt- ri. u. Boyle. President.
Boyle college Building. Omaha, NbT
ST. RKRfHM A M' T). u .
young ladles. 27th and St. Mary s Ava
A. PftPP l,k,. -.! T ...
- , . ., . mi jb, 1.111. U T
man and cornet. ITU Dodge. D 2178.
Clawe soon to begin at th
Young Men's Christian associa
tion. Largest class In the United
States last year. Investigate.
Mir.W marhln- f hr . ... . .
rugi. without dusL Call and see It. Tei
A-l-iL W7 Brandels Bldg. el'
Dleatings. buttons covered, all .i. n.i
styles. 200 Dou. Blk. Doug. 1936. A.19J6.
-Willow plumes made from old or new
feathers, guaranteed. 3 s. Uth. D. 66-Z
CHIODO, Ladles' Tailor, at 8. 18th St.
Hats mad ovf: Mls f'PW. millinery
parlors, 614 8. sth. Harnev xSl
Rubber goodB. Bell Druf Co., 121$ Fara.
Y . A Fit XPa1 T-Air.w Un.. , .
-aa-.-'A-ia- AA4B.CO ICBaXlCa sUl-l
blocked. RAMSER. HATTER. 120 a. l"ut
NovalUes. pleating, buttons. Doug. Blk,
SHERMAN, ladles' tailor, Hayden Bros,
DEFLNA-NCE STARCH mads in Omaha,
vuniAinD. uArijK,TS, AND FLNF
lace bed etsci-aned. doug. 273
ELBPTRin vammm ..
fl - - par
m South. Uth Bt Douglas 6233.
' '
Agreats aad -aleewoeaea-
LADY solicitors wantad. Room ii
Faii-t-on Block. 111
Clerical aad Office.
AutomaUc Phono-Bus's. J3; residence, Jl
COMPKTENT young lady as book:
ketper; must be accurate tii figuring and
write a good, legible hand; must have
business ability, so as to take char of
small office In absence of managar one
who can do some stenographlo work' c re
ferred: eiporlence not necessary but
must be Al bookkeeper; one who want
to advance; state ago and give references
and salary expected. G 31 care Boa.
BILLING clerk who can operate Elliot.
Flaher machine. Salary depends
Two office clerks, $30.
1016-18 City National Bank Bldgi
Factory and. Trades.
FIFTEEN girls, at one, to work in
bag department. Bemls Omaha. Baa r
Uth and Jonea St . " vo-
WANTED First class experienced
seamesue-s to make petticoats. AodIv
Superintendent Brandels Stores.
ShURT and waist finisher, tmmedlatal
606 Paxton block. t,ly'
WANTED Olrls to wrsp Woodward s
Real Butler Scotch and Woodward Pure
bugar a tick candy. John G. Wood Jh
e Co.. CouncU Bluffs, la. a
Uouaokoeper aad Domestics,
Tel Doug. 1 Wagons call everywhara
WANTE1D A trlrl for housawork.
Douglas 66i0.
GIRL for general housework; four
rooms. Can go horn night. Call Red
WANTED Exparienoed girl for gen
eral hou-ework. Thre In family. In
quire at 60. No. 23d St. Dr. Tarry.
WANTED An axparlenced cook. Mrs.
John X- Webstar, bli 6o. 6th Ava- .
GIRL for general housawork. Small
family. No .wan-g. Apply 621 South
40ih St.
SOLVED Tb Ba will run your Doma.
tlo HalP Wanted ad FREE) until you
get the desired result. Brin your ad to
To Bo o ii Hiivm 1 -yr loo
an a ' un work:
small family and good wagaa, 4-1 a mi
WANT-D-A girl for general -housawork;
no objection to colored jprl, . u
tkh BC
. . . .. .1 . - - . a
GIRL, for general housework; smsil
family; good wages. 1M b. toth Ava
OIRIj for general housework. 1Q Qia.
gay Bt. Phon Webstar salt,
WANTEiD Girl tor ganaral housawork.
161 Gaorgia Ava; small family, goo3
WANTED Neat flrl to work In vary
small family; beet wages; good home,
Phon Hrney Z7.
GOOD ladlea' clothe Ironar; stead
work and good pay. 1D07 Leavenworta sl
WANTED Girl to work fur room an
board. Do-. a fit.
GLRL tor general houaework at ca No.
ttn; small family.
WAN TED a glii for general house
work. 614 B. lath Ava, or lJl Douglas.
GIRL for general houaework. Call Rod
7373. or call at Farnam St.
MAN and wtf to. workf board and
room; amall salary. 114 N. Uth. Hi am
lower left hand bell. Id floor.
GIRL, for kitchen; on that can cook.
txa bv alary Ava
EXPERIENCED rlrl for general bouae,
-.-. Us ho. tiih bi. . phon arnay 41,4
Hooaekeepr rs and Domestics Cont'd
COMPETENT trlrl fcr -neral hous-.
a-ork, famllv of S, no washing. Apply at
622 8. 'th ft.
GIRL to do reneral housework; small
family; with references. Mrs. C. S. Bow
man. Harney 6171.
W ANTED Competent trlrl or woman
for general housework for good alspd
town In Wyoming, J35 per month. D
care Bee.
WANTED A competent girl for sen.
eral housework: small family; sool
wagea Call at 215 N. SOth St.
WANTED A girl for general house
work. 900 Forest Av. Tel. Doug, fcioj.
EXPERIENCED girl for general house
work; tao in family. Apply 41S North
fr'th. Douglas ii9.
EXPERIENCED laundress for Mn.
day. Tuesday and Wednesday; references
r quireu. wri. Jixtin. i. iin ftt-
WANTED Experienced whit girl f0P
general houeawork: small family. Ul n
fifith 1 lT.n 9-97
waateo-A good cook: roferanoee re
quired. Mrs. Dixon. 426 N. 3Sth St.
Women for day work. fro. TX 884.
gin tor ooar-ing nouse. Rel
WANTED Good girl for ran eral house
work: aood wum: no wnhin . o.
Cass Ft:
GIRD to aaslet with gwnaral houseworkt
three in family. J-2 No. 84th. Harnei
194. "
Uy. 119 S? 37th St.. or 'phone Harney 8TO. "
-WANTED Girl for reneral houseworls.
Call Webster 52. C024 Blnney 6t.
v" ANTED Girl 18 r over. German OB
French preferred, to assist In housework
and care of children. MorninK free.
Best references required. Apply ,
Burt Bt.
....,... . mj .iiu vunq eiru.
231 St. Mary's Ave., phona Douglas 471.
Pf DTTTV C T J -.u. , , . , .
GOOD -Ctrl for r.n. I h,. , v. 4991
Eowler avenue. '
wivtrn i4ia T)i--. a ' . -
...... --'"" - , - a em
to help -with housework.
W A'KTVTi 1TI . 1... H I . 1
--...--.. ...ow 91,, w 11 I 4
nouaework: onlv twn In f-m 11 sro rj,..
ney St. ' I
TO ivrirn a .i.i , '. i. . .
"-... - em v ' ' i.i.i wiui noun.
work; no washing. 608 S. 2Dth St.
WANTED Girl for aeneral hniisnwnrV
amall family; bast wages. Apply 263 Cap!
WAN f . I 1 .And 1-1 r 1 ..
. -' ' . . . . v. 1 BIIOI uuil
-i . j j i iv 1 iiej o
V' A iV 1 h I I il r I Trw -n i k..... ..i.
In 6-room anartment: thr in e ,n,.
(rood wages: apply even In its. Dr. Lsnir
felt. Normandy Apt. 7, Pacific St. arid
Park Ave.
WANTED Experienced rlrl for nn.rai
housework. Inquire SSftl Farnam St.
wmo inr vfnersi no-eewn . m.11
. 1 1 1 . - t iiuiii 'iii avo. rnrmm ,-i r-
uny 097.
loufte women coming to Omaha as
straneers sre Invited to visit th Young
Women's Christian association huiMind
at St. Mary's Ave. and 17th St., where
1 iey win i uu ctcu 10 suiiaoi poardlna
place or otherwise assisted. Look fog
our travelers' aid at tha Union Station,
WANTITn TTir - Ann. 1. .
Omaha, of agreeable personality and at
tractive appearance, must be good talk
rs, who will see six buslneas men a da
"-business men who will ba glad to ao4
cept a proposition presented to them.
a ic n .. uiuuuifl way oa pianaa nil si
earned. Address Brains Coroporauonl
crsLnton. P
WANT FID Toung lady olarki apui.
Moyer Stationery Co.. lfild Farnam tL
WANTED Lady mualolani apply otk-l
ua (JOV3. . juo uwq.
WAJVTED Cash girls, must b over la
years of aga Apply SuprUmden
Brandels Stores.
WANTED Young women clerks la ,
Candy Dept. Apply .R. C. Phelps, Bran,
dels Stores.
GIRLS to learn halrdreselng; price
reasonable. Oppanhelm, 23A City Nauonll 1
Bank Bldg. I
Aa-eats, ealesoien and Solloltors.
SOLICITORS wanted. Tel. D. 8337.
By the largettt w.ia screen man u:o
tunng company In the world. W require
a man of marked ability a a salesmao,
and .with good habits, should bo of mo.
cnanical turn so a to ba able to raea.
sure builain.s lor screens. A permanent
and desirable position to right man. Ad
dress witu expeiieuce, reference and
salary. E. H. Docaam, General Delivery,
Uuiaria, Nebraska.
WANTED People to sell book,
Holmes Co. Flrsi class proposition. Pax.
ton Hotel, Omaha. Call Tuesday after
.vuu uu ww mm u
WANTED New old field soon to ba
opened. Fortunes to be made by thosa
getting 'in on ground floor. Lot sale,
men. stock salesmen, promoters and well
drillers get In line. Glenn. & Company.
Oklahoma City. Okl. y w"
CITY saleeme-. W. A. Hlxenbaugh
Co 1814 su Mary's Ava. Tei. IX ,;.
BIG profits for you. Manufactura I
barley crisp. New confection; 6o packaga
ooats you Ho; machine, 7.6u, prepaid I ,
samplea, 10c. fina-far Co.. 6J6 Naioma
St., ban Franelaco.
XM TO 640.00 PED DAY Ufa Insur
ance Agents. Town Lot Salesmen, and
first class hustlers will do well to um
veaugat our proposition: Firat, becaua
you can make from UO.OO to 140.00 peg
day; second, because It soils Itself; third,
because It Is a straight lugiumat pro
position that doe nor have to be mis.
represented to elL The best of reiei
ence given. No one need apply who can
not furnish a first-class, personal or
security bond for toOO.OO. For furtner lu
fromauon, address. Geo. H. Cooke.
Gen 1 Sales Manager, Box 76, AusuuZ
EXPERIENCED stock remedy sales
men. It you are a live wire, looking for
gooa moral ua racier neea apply. .
vr -, i. a i.w u .
w ..v. ,, . . tVl.
'CHICAGO hous wants good salesmanl
for Omaha and Council Bluffs. Right
man will earn $100 weekly and more
Apply evanlngs, 6-8 o'clock. Millard,
. WANT ED A real salesman to sell oua
unique Una of map and other specialty
calendars. Our line is different, exclu.
siva It lands th big buyer tired ot
ploturaa W also supply strong Un
lacthsr sove'.tiea snd nrronenst
combined outfit ever offered. Big mono
for liv men. 1012 territory now being
placed. Write fully, give experience 14
first letter Kenyon Company, Ded
Moines, la. (3Cih year.)
Biggest and best 10o meal. 1310 Dodges
SIDE LINE for travehng; saieameni
Jood seller. j7 Brandels Xhcaiarl
mailt. Neb.
Money maker for agenta. 607 Brand aia!
WANTED by an old established hous
a local repreaentativ 10 caudle ted
special leaders of shirt waist on
Li ii. 1 wumii. .iii uuia HOOO uroi 11
reieranrcs, i-ann tt to,, inc. Balll-
more, u.
hOLJt'lTOR-COLLECTOU, one who un
dereiand selling and coliecnns- tor aia
old established house; bond required; aal--
ary ana commission; ex-employe or tni
Soranton acriooi pr-ferred. Call (or Mat
B. B. C-i-orua, iXenahaw haHa-