Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 16, 1911, Page 8, Image 8

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FAlUf a RAKCH LAIfD FOR 4.1,13
Oregeai Coatlaaoel.
developed and taken care of for B yeara
fjo " costa NO Interest NO taxes.
A reliable Investment that can be handled
on monthly payment convenient to you.
-rloe advance A; KF.R ACKB Not. L
Oregon bearing orchard net from 40t to
fl.6u Pr acre,
Boot, and GnU Bales Manager Tempo
rarily, Santoi-d Hotel.
JTrtOM" to K-ecre tract from f16
to St pec acre, tie Yogel. 6u Karbach
oath Dakota.
ACR.KS In Gregory county. South
Dakota; 11M acres broke, m acres mure
suitable Cor breaking, balance very beat
hay and gracing land; has abundance of
water and lota of Umber; this Is one of
the best locations In ttouth Imkota for a
ranch; price t-" per acre; caiih. bal
ance 6 years time, per cent interest. J.
K. Brats. fct Charles. 8. L
TOWA and NEBRASKA farma Graham
A Peters, 82 Omaha Nat l bank Bids.
Fins aad Ha arks Lasts.
1) acre Irrigated, 4 miles from Wheat
land, W'yo.; all In alfalfa; 1 section It
miles from Kimball, Neb.; tug acres
broken; fine land; and lut) acres 11 miles
from Atkinson, Neb. 11. Uross. 601 8. aid.
WAN 1L1 City loans and warranta
W. Par nan! gmlth at Co., UM Farnarn ot
OMAHA Fropertv aid Nebraska Lauda
118 New Omaha Natl Bank Building.
MONEY TO LOAN fayno Inv. Co.
WANTSD-City loans. Peters Trust Co.
C1TT and farm. JOHN N. JKENZEK.
IKK to tlO.ouO made promptly. F. SX
Wead. Wcad Bids., lath and Parnam.
MONEY to loan on business or resi
dence properties, (l.WM to Jou.0o0. W. ii,
1 HUM Ah, 601 k'lrst Nat. Dank Bldg.
Slu-813 Brandcla Theater Bldg.
vesunent Company, Omaha.
LA HOE LOAN 8, municipal bonds, raortv
ges bought and sold. bi'ULL BHuc.
IS LOTS In city of certainties, Des
aiulDus, la., lor lauds. 3ML ti. Hiin Ave.
FOR EXCHANOK If you have stocks
of merchandise to exchange fur equity In
tarms describe fully ana list with me;
commission, 8 per cent; prefer lai ge
slocks, io,uOO and up, Dura pat ties wuo
actually want a change. A. U, lUuU.
man, Lockrulge, Iowa.
KXCHAN O K&A. C. Jewell, Board el
Trade. V. lui.
EES J. L. Barber to sell, or exchange
auyinlng. t0 Boeid oX Trade. U. UL
TRADES If you have anything ta
trade, write me. d. E. Wall, Sl Bee xildg.
1 HANDLE exchanges everywhere. For
result see me. Lean, all Bee Uldtf. U. li.
WE exchange properties of merit. C. W.
Welsh, sii-le u. . Bee Bldg. Uoug. iM
WANTED, from owners only, large and
Small stocks of general merchandise,
clothing, hardware, etc., to exchange for
unimproved, clear land In Minnesota,
Norm Dakota and .Montana. Joun A.
Martin, Aberdeen, b. D.
IOWA FARM m acres, Woodberry
county, miles southwest 6oan; rich
black loam, m acres In cultivation 40
acres pasture; fair Improvements. Prioe,
IU) por acre; want Jf,u00 to U.000 In
come or implements or hardware. Get
busy, this Is a good one. J. W, Dean, tilj
B Bldg.. Omaha.
OOOD paying telephone exchange m
live town, no competition; win consider
farm In trade. C tin. Bee.
TEN first-class residence lots In t.lntnn
lnd., worth ll.W), which I will trade for
omana property. Address K. A. Kelsey,
liCS Laird street. Webster &I39.
112.000 KQUITY In fine, jno-acre farm
near Maryvlue, Mo., to trade for mdse.
or hardware; a long time will be given
on balance. Income this year IXbOO. Price,
1126 per acre. Address Y IX care Bee.
THIRTY thousand dollar southeast Ne
braska farm; Incumbrance 7,6"0; equity
for merchandise. Thoa. p. Matthews,
FORTY thousand dollar south central
lowa term; take hair In merchandise;
may be two-thirds; want goods. Thos P,
Matthews, Norfolk, Neb.
I HAVE for trade near good town In
IkKjKe county. Nebraska, close to Omaha,
40 acres of as good corn land as there Is
In the state. Want 1 or 8 room modem
house; must be well located and clear of
encumbrances. Charles llauley, Agt., llfl
ai wuiaua, rteu.
40 a. good land 2 miles of town and R.
iisnmion Li)., Kan. iYice, 111 per
" Moriesge 1.4't. vVHnt 6 to 7-room
resiueoca, juake viler. Bog 478.
uw ACRES good land. I miles north
Somerset. Lincoln Co., Neb; price, tl.tss);
mortgage, IJcO. Want auto, vacant lot
.w eyiuiy in small cottage. Box 476.
las Acuta In Garden county, two miles
uum cuoa western town; eb acres In culti
vauon, seveu aree Irrlnatrd, perr.tual
wauw rights, uil tillable; oner having
u vininna win excnknKe lor d
so sine resi(ii.iice proixTty: value, ,W per
t i wo 1 1 1 tvo aiier e p. m.
WANTKI About 11.400 for 8 or 13
sontlis; first-class security. R 443. Mea.
WANTED Becon-hand street organ.
Addrena iU Bee.
td-hand gooda Kieser, 1020 Center. D-beU.
WE PAY highest price for men's 3d
hand clothing, m. Nainan. lus 8. Utn.
A SADDLE. Address F 441, Bwa.
WlMTkU-To rent 4-ioum house, pari
THREE . or four unfurnished healed
rbuus, or aparuiumts, wa-auig dX.Lai,c
preferred. Douataa . .91.
ROOMS WAN TEI-Pei sous having
ruoius to rent uurmg the next two wwks
piiMjie list Willi iiuuruiation Bureau,
Ui.mna Laud bnuw, care (.ai.ana Bee ana
Land bi.o iaioriualiua Bureau, V. M. C
A. BuuUUug.
WANTED Furnished rooms In
chkbae lur piauo lessons by a first class
ivsA-uer. v xice ollKe.
VUlitl lady, wun bigu soioul Uuc
MAN wauis position ae Janitor; good
Jiiltal' uiaas piacucal nurse
stissewl at uiu-e. iuuiju ium.
caa be
i-WlMt py t!.e cay la families; guvd
sum (usituiwu. l uiiia neusivr ikl.
laN anu wits, vuiy ci)Ll, desJrss
4vwo. vviv..
WANTEU 1'lece on farm for boy
years old. fa 13. Bee.
DAY work and family washing,
ney 2u3S.
Comptometer operator, railroad exper
ience. O. 861. Bee.
(IKKMAN. middle asred. resnavtahia
widow; ail alone, would like a good home
wiin an emeny gentleman, more than
wages. Best references. Address Y.
6, cars Bee.
FAMILY and bundle wanhlnr: ana.
dally, lace curtains. Webster 6303.
WASHING and curtains dona. T. If E420
FIRST CLASS laundress wants work
by the day. C. Peterson, 8310 Ohio St.
WANTKD-A position as stenogranher:
eight years' experience; can furnish best
of references. Address T 461, the Omaha
ties. -
CLEANING for Saturday. Web 4207.
WANTED Position
as cook. Call at
til Chicago BL
EXPERIENCKD salesman with the
best of references would like to hear from
reliable house for position on the road
In the state of Nebraska. Address B 645.
YOUNO lady stenographer: prefers po
sition out of city; experienced; good pen
man; care of Mrs. Adella Long, Truro,
WANTED Position as chauffeur, either
private or garage; am farmer; have
diploma. Box 17 It 1, Stanton, la.
WANTED" A Position bv a refined
Christian nurse, young ladies' seminary
preferred! best references given and re
quired. P SMI. care Bee.
WHITE- UI)Yda work: neat: tlrtv.
TL Doug. t!2b. Sunday and evenings only.
LADY wants laundry work. Tel. A 149L
SITUATION wanted bv colored s-trl to
work H or all day; maid or second girl.
weDsier wiu
WANTED By competent colored wo
man, child nursing or second work. Web
ster 6HSt.
WANTED-ltuaUon by a middle aaed
experienced man; position as general
farm superintendent, accustomed to op
erating lanre Illinois farm, understands
modern farm methods of handling stock
of all kinds. Address U 83), Bee.
CAPABLE youns; man with three
years' business experience wants work of
any kind, Immediately; references. Web.
GOOD penman wishes position.
dress K 444 Bee.
BhiD your stock to South Omaliai
save mileage and shrinkage your
consignments receive prompt ant
careful attention.
Byerg Bros. Co. Strong and responsible.
WOOD BROS., 234-81 Exchange Bldg.
Great Wast. Com. Co., Omaha Dsnver.
W. H. SMITH at HON juat handla sheen.
W. F. DENNY CO., ZS3 Exch. Bldg.
TAQO BROS, handle cattle, hugs, sheep.
CLIFTON Com. Co.. ta Exchange Bldg.
Donahue t Randall Co., 01 Exoh. Bldg.
Clay, Robinson U Co.. XW Exch. Bldg.
The Standard Com. Co., US Exch. Bldg.
W. K. SMITH BON lust handla sheep.
Interstate Co. Better ruuili. Bhip to ua.
L. E. ROBERTS 4k CO., V Exch. Bldg.
Alien Dudley ft Co.. 236-37 Exoh. Bldg.
Cos ft Jones Com. Co., bunch of hustlers.
Ralston ft Fonda, live stock com. mar.
Farmers L. 8. Com. Co.. 203 Exchange,
Denostt Proceeds of shlDmeuts In 8tni
Yaras Nat l Bank. Only bank at yard.
WINN BROS, ft CO.. Exchange Bldg.
LAVERTY BROS., 188-40 Exch. Bldg.
Paxton-Eckman Chem, Co. st'k remedies.
Martin Bros, ft Co., 203-7 Exch. Bldg.
Alex. O. Buchanan ft Son, 164-64 Ex. Bldg.
WEEKS GRAIN CO.. grain merchant
conslguuienu aoUulted. ,Ui Braudaia.
Nebraska-Iowa Oraln Co. 74 Brandela,
Bnts carefully handled. Omaha. Wen.
v.' ... a. irniun vvt ass tne
man who has tried us."
dealers In graXt, bay, Cbop teed, JJl
braudaia Bids.
ROBERTS GRAIN CO., grain consign
ments solicited, grain bought to arrive.
Ti Brandela.
Demand tor All Classes ef Stock la
CHICAGO. Oft. 14 CATTLE Receipts.
estimated at 80O head; market steady;
beeves, H'.6u; Texas steers, KM-):
Western steers, l4.iluuMi.76; Blockers and
feeders. Xu6.76; cows and heifers, li.00
S4Ves, xu.uoiiiV.tiU.
HOUS Receipts, estimated at 10O0
neau; niarsei steady; light 8i9Wm.70;
mixed, .oii.76; heavy. Ie.owi'4.76: Miinh.
ii AUii.; good to choice heavy, 8t.2un
b 7b; pigs, S4.7MBb.90; bulk of sales, o-S
SHEEP AND LAMRS-Reoeluts. est!
mated at 2.(k head; market slow, steady;
native, j a,m; western. 82.7biii4.00
yearlings, t3.76ui4.&o: Ismbs. native. M.umJ
e-vv, western, s4.wiutk.1u.
Kansas City Live Stuck Market.
Receipts, 4u0 head, Including 8uo south
erns; niarxet steady; aressed beef and
exiHiri steers, itu&.x: lair to i.,ii
i.wwii.76; western steers. S4.0uiu7.6u;
slockais and feeders, 14 Wtjii 90; southern
steers. S4.uuu6.2i; southetn cows, llli-rt
i.M, native i'ot Ji.jL.4.11O; native heif-
tl ...7 11- k.illl W.... . JL... I
. ... 4, . , vmi.b, T.wu..vwl veuves.
S4lA:r7 10.
lUK.s receipts, 1 roup head; market
Steady to strong; bulk of aales, !U:mi.0;
heavy. Sd.3uwiS.4i".; packers and butchers,
i;.ljt.4o; lights, o.liui.0; plirj,.
(SHEEP AND I.AMH8 Receipts, m
head; market steady; lambs, fl.boijSfc;
yearlings. 4 0vi4.76; wetliars, lJ2biJ7i;
ewes, ti.uuul.Uj; tockers and fuedurs.
St. Loola Live Stock Market.
ST. LOUIH, Mo.. Oct. 14. T-ATTLE-Recelpts,
l.Svi) head, Including Sou Texans;
market steady; native shipping and ex
port steers. l7.WuN.2fj; dressed and
butchers' steers, 36.7t47.60; steers Under
I.ojO pounds, M.tmiiO 00, stockers and feed
ers, SJ.(i Sfi; cows and heifers. i i'it
7.60; canners. 11 Ooyl f; bulls, S171,xjo it,
calves, 34tK76; Texas and Indian
sieera, l4.Uoui.UO, oows Ed hollars, li.uuqj
6 W.
HOGS Receipts. 8,603 head: market
steady to 6o higher: pirs and lights. 64 aO
b i; packers, pira-; butchers and
boot tK-avy, niii
bUEJP AND LAMBS Receipts, nona
St. Joseph Live Stock Market.
Receipts, iiAl head; market steady; steers,
14 .ixu.uu; and heifers, 4-0ou26;
ta'ves, 4.UU'7.7a.
iluijii Receipts. 2,00 head: market
strong to 6 higher, top -t, bulk of
sail-. o jo.jii to.
bllKKP AMI l.AM H-Ke elpts. none;
liiau acl uuoisLile bleakly; lainns, 4uW'juu.
Few Cattle Are on Sale and Values
Are Nominally Steady.
Few Aalmals ea Head Are told
Quickly at the Raise -Sheep
aad Lambs Are I oas
is ally Steady.
SOUTH OMAHA. Oct. 14, 191L
Receipts were;
Official Monday
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
10.JHJ l.iM 4S7S7
Official Tuesday.
.31 &
OIiuiHl Wednesday
Official Thursday .
Official Friday......
Estimate Saturdav... ert
eix oays this week....Sl,8S0 24.4 J87,lotl
name days lust week..40.J9 1,3 "1.AW7
Same days 3 wka Bgo.aS.lo.1 29.0M 144,477
name days 8 wks. ao .lf. 2h,S79 lMt.aa
baine days 4 wka aso.9),(i. 26,tit 1H.',5S
Same days last year.. 40,643 20,302 W7.&42
.Th,..follow,n ,abe shows the receipts
or cattle, hogs and sheep at South Omaha
lor the V v in Ait- n a .i.l.
'"' ,yr: mi. mo. Ino. Deo.
.att'e X2.7I8 W1.847 88.138
!" I.ttM.Xi 1.6M,2 8.T9,97
bhe,,P a,10o,U7 tllto.tM 84.147
The following table shows the average
prices for hogs at South Omaha for the
last few days, with comparisons:
Data DU. 1910.10.mo8.l07.l!K)6.ll0.
Oct I..
7 801
a 84i
Oct. ..
Oct. 7..
6 04
I 01
a w
a 06
4 W
I 07
a oj
a 10
I 40
7 ei
I 27
s n
8 ti
a 41
i K
a 37
7 64
7 67
t 02
Oct. ..
a 321
Oct. .
7 6lJ
Oct 10..
I in
a 26
Oct. 11..
7 7
Oct. 11!..
Oct 13..
I 15
a i
7 70
I 11
a 2i
7 61
t 79
I 6s
a 261
Oct 14..
s a
7 40
Iteonlnls a n rl H I . i . - - ,. . .
i-".S'n hloSk Yrl". outh Omaha, for
sItuVuayUr " ndin" "
C., M. & St P,
cattle. Ilogs. Sheep.II'r's.
Missouri Pacific '.
Union Pacini
C. A N. W.. east ".'.!
C. & N. W., west...
C., . ft Q., east
C., B. ft tj., west...
C., R. I ft P., east ..
Illinois Central
u.nicago t. w
Total receipts... 12
DisiHjsiTioN head.
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
Omaha Packing Co,
Swift A Co.. .
Cudahy I'acklng Co....
Aimour at jo
Hchwarts-llolcn Co
t'udahy, from at I'aul
Hill ft Son
J. R. Root ft f"o
Other buyers
p."'"'-; 12 1.831 942
Ll ILK As Usual on a v,
nulling of any consequence In the
beef line on sale anit ,
nally steady. Re, elpts for the week have
been only fair, footing up 31.900 head or
about 8,000 head short of last week or 't hi
corresponding week a year ago Large!?
owing to this decrease In supplieiTthere
um- oeen a nrm tone to the market all
week and the trend to values has been
.reCorn.fwl hv beerT"!!
XSn7 lnd1,ifererit supply and demand, and
prices did not show very much change
one way or the other, while west""
f?".e. "k ar Senerally quoted fully loyi
J"her wek o, and they
!iJLkSl!n Ln actlve de"'nd at that.
Jhere has been plenty 0 competition
from feeder buyers for the fleshy grades,
and this has added to the general ac
tivity of the trade.
in cows and heifers there also has been
considerable Improvement In the general
market Demand has been hrne.T.r f
the fair to choice grades and prices at
the close are fully italic higher than
last week's close. On the other hand
canners and cutters have shown no Im
provement, and In many cases are selling
10(iliC lower than IhuI ..l, n
of slack competition. Feeder buyers have
not Deen so anxious for the thin cows as
they were a week ago, and this has been
responsible for much of the weakness ln
canners and cutters. ,
There has been a very fair degree of
activity to the trade In stockvrs and feed
ers, ana lor the rirst time In several
weeks a very good clearance has been
made. Demand from the muntrv h
been vigorous most of the time, and with
a Decrease or neany lu.uuo head In the
supply the movement has been free and
closing quotations are ail of 10a20o bet
ter than a week ago. All grades of
steers have shared ln the general ad
vance, while the demand for stock cows
and heifers has been somewhat limited,
and prices show very little change as
compared with a week ago.
quotations on native cattle: Good to
choice beef steers, S7.2u7.90; fair to good
beef steers, Sfi.fexff7.26; common to fair
beef steers, S4.7(oi.fiO, good to choloe heif
ers, 4.76i.60; good to choloe cows, 64.60iu
6.00; fair to good cows, S3.7(u4.60; common
to 1 air cows, t4.7tx04.Mi; veal calves. 13.60
Quotations on range cattle-. Good to
choloe beet steers, K.M)$.60; fair to good
oeei steer, n common to fair
beef steers, H.iixu-i.fcO, good to choice half
ers, 34.764j6.26; good to choice cows. 84.403)
16.00; fair to good cows. S4.7i-o4.4u; good to
choice stockers and feeders, tS.afc34.OO;
fair to good stockers and feeder.i, 4.40id
6.00; common to fair stockers and feeders,
S3.2604.26; stock heifers. S3.ji,S; bulls,
stags, etc. $1.2606.00.
HOOS Hogs started cut ln active
fashion at futures a dime higher and the
market lasted only as long as the sup-
fly, both being short. Only thlry-flve
oads were received, and with the demand
from all local quarters lively. It required
less than aa hour to make a complete
Packing staff, weighing from 260 pounds
upward, constituted the big bulk of of
ferings but the percentage of bacoa
grades was. It anything, a little larger
than usual. Shippers favored this class
of stock but purchased only a few, scat
tered loads on outside orders.
In most respects, the trade was a two
or three-price affair, packing droves
costing between S 36 and 84-40. The long
string settled at Se-.te, and there was more
nusiueea aoove mis ngure tnan there
was below It. The best bacon animals
on sale reached 86 60, a nickel above yes
terday's top and Indentlcal with the
h'tth grade a week ago.
wnuo receipts mis week show some
Increase over last week's supply, the
total Is still very limited. Current 'prices
compared with those of a week ago, show
a little weakness, being weak to about
a iiichci lower.
Representative sales 1
No. Ar. Hh. rr. Ns
. sh. rr.
its tie is
!1 M III
i7t Sat 4 U
14 ... Si
.....f ... IS
Ml M 111
141 i 4 It
14 IH
i lulu
I' l 4 14
M ! 4 M
u...:m iw m
i i t m
I. 1st 4 M
m ... t u
MS I4t 4 at
M4 win
its tne t tt
ixi ut la
A. 8h. fr.
..tit 14 IM
..IM 1U M
tit ... II,
.HI 4 ais4
11 its I u
..lot M ttw
,.147 1M Itiw
,.il 14 Ilk
i.Md 14 III14
til at I HI
..Xt 40 it
..Ml M l
... IM 4
..171 St 4'H
..lit M
. U7 M I It
..let ... I 4t
..til ... IM
18 ITS S4 M TO.
SHEEP Nothing much arrived in the
way of sheep or lambs and as yester
day's clearance was complete, the only
offering available were about t,0u bead
of second-hand slock, held by specula
tors. Rualhfsa In this wing of the trade
was nsturany ngnt ana prices showed
no quotable charge.
Marketing during the week amounted
to fully loi.ow head, a total that com
pares favorably with the high-water re
ceipts oi lyi.wv neaa tins week last
yvar. A big To per cent of the run con
sisted of feeders with lambs In the
lo-avy majoiliy. Fat lambs were hard to
find on early days, but after midweek
the proportion of finished stuff showed
some Increase. Fat sheep proved scarce
at all times ana yearlings were rare.
In fat lambs price were well sustained
until Thursday, when packers hammered
the market severely. A 6e.0 top was
made on a fancy article Wednesday, but
the same brand had to sell at Si SO the
following day and good grades are
closing around S6.UX As compared wltk
last week's close, these figures show
small losses, but the break in no In-
Instance exceeds l&ac. The slump finish
ter drew a healthy demand from the
stsrt and are row selling steady to a
little lower In spots as compare.1 with
quotations a week ago. Light offerings
of fleshy wethers, yearlings, etc., served
as Insurance asalnt hear raids. Oood
ewes are bringing S3 2VfjS60. while tnppy
wethers claim good competition at 3.7id
Feeder supply apnesred exceaalve from
start to finish and business proved the
dullest of the season. All classes had
to be chespened In order to make clear
ances and common feeder lembs bore
the brunt rt the declllne. Price range
widened, of course, and the present
scale of values shows losses of 16X10
on the better kinds of feeder lamhs with
Inferior strings ss much as 6"aXc lower.
Anything vending at ST. 00 late In the
week carried a pretty good killing top
and $i.Mv,j4.75 quality corresponded with
U-Wii 10 kinds last week. Country outlet,
despite Its dullness proved ample and
the big barns today are cleared of every
thing excepting a fair accumulation in
speculators' hands.
feeder sheen slisred In the break. hn
declines were usually smaller snd more
or less uncertain. Thin ewes closed from
$2.76 downward snd feeder yearlings
ranged around S-1 Jt.Vrt4.10. Revised figures
on the total country purchase of feeder
sheep and lambs place actual shipments
for the week at 115,000 head.
puppiy prospects for next wee Indi
cate a sharp decrease, as only 170 loads
are In sight at present, as compared
with over 300 loads at nearby feeding sta
tions a week ago. In all probability the
marketing at this point during the coming
week will hardly exceed 126,000 head.
quotations on Sheep and Lambs i.smos,
good to choice, $S.SiY(r6.f&; lambs, fair to
good, S5.26ft&.60; lambs, feeders, S3 6O6.00;
yearlings, good to choice, S4.20if4.6O; year
lings, feeders. 83.90(34.26; wethers, handy,
83.76tH.10; wethers, heavy, 3.6B4.0O;
wethers, feeders, S3.2693.H6; ewes, good to
choice, I3.2fctt3.60; ewes, fait to good, 13.00
63.26; ewes, breeders, Si.2fya4.00; ewes,
feeders, 12.2502.76; ewes, culls, L60L2&.
Stock la Slant.
Receipts of live stock at the five orln-
clpal western markets yesterday:
Cattle. Hogs. Rlieoo.
foutn omana 2.209
St. Joseph liio 2.0"0
Kansas City "0 2.000
St. Louis L2O0 8.&00
Chicago SuO 10,000
Totals 2,300 22,700
CHEESE Imported Bwlrs, 32c; Ameri
can Swlns, 22c; block Bwlss, 18c; twins,
leVic; daisies, 16Vc; triplets, loVvo; blue
label brick, 18c; llmbergcr, 2-lb., Uc; 11m
berger, 1 lb., IPO.
BUTTER No. 1, Lib. carton, 29o; No.
L In 80-lb. tubs, 28VkOi No. t, 27Vso; pack
Uif, 17V4C.
POULTRY Broilers, 18c; springs, 19c;
hena lo ; cocks, 9c; ducks, 18c; geese,
16o; turkeys, 24c; pigeons, per dotw 1.60.
Alive: Broilers, U',4c; hens, 9o; old
roosters and stags, to; old ducks, full
feathered, 10c; geese, lull feathered, 10c;
turkeys, 18c; guinea fowls, 16o each;
pigeons, per dos., 76c; homers, per doi.,
62.60; squabs. No. 1, L60; No. i, 600.
K1SH Pickerel, ilo; white, 20c: pike,
15c; trout, 16c; large crapples, lysine;
Spanish mackerel, 19c; eel, 18c; haddock,
13c; flounders, 13c; green tatflsh, 16o;
roe ari ad, 11.00 each; shad roe, per pair,
joc; salmon, 13c; halibut, 9c; yellow
perch, 8c: buffalo, to; bullheads, 14c.
BEEF CUTS-Rlbs: No. 1 18c; No. 2,
13c; No. 8, 8Vic, Loins; No. 1, Jii7c; No.
2, 14o; No. 3, tc. Chuck: No. 1, 7Uc;
No. 2, 6ic; No. 8, 64c. 3ound: No. L
Uo: No. i c; No. 8, 8o. Plate: No. L
6c, No. 2. be; NO, I, o.
FRUITS. ETC. Apples: Cooking va
rieties, per bbl., 12.76; Jonathan, per bbl.,
84.00; California Bellflower, per box, 1.25;
l oioraao jonaineo, iaii. Kanoj', per pox,
IL25. Bananas: Fancy select, per bunch,
11263)2.60; Jumbo, per bunch, 2.76X7i.
Prlc of Beef Cuts Ribs: No. l. Uo
No. 3. 13c; No. I, Hc Loins: No. L
Wc; No. 2. 14c: No. 8, 9o. Chuck; No.
L THc; No. 2, 6o; No. 8, 6a. Round: No.
I, Uo; No. 2, 8Hc; No. 8, 8a Plate; No. L
6c; No. t 6c: No. I, 4Vk.
VEGETABLES Beans. String and
wax, per mkt bsk.. Wo. Cabbage: Wis
consin, per lb., 1H. Celery: Michigan,
per dos., 36o; Colorado Jumbo, per dos,,
660. Cucumbers: Home grown, per doa,
600. Egg plant: Fancy Florida, per dos.,
II. 60. Uarllo: Extra fancy, white, per lb..
15o. Lettuce: Extra fancy leaf, per doa,
4UO. Onions: Home grown, white, per
crate, 11.76; yellow, per crate, 11.80; red
globe, per lb., 2c; Wisconsin, yellow, in
sacks, per lb.. 2Sio; Spanish, oer crate
IL76. Parsley: ancy home grown, per
dos., bunches. 46o. Potatoes. Minnesota
fc-any cnio, per ou., sue; Wisconsin White
lock, per bu., 65c. Sweet Potatoes: Vir
ginia, per bbl., 3.60; per bu. bsk., 81.36.
Rutabag-as: ln sacks per lb., lfto. To
matoes: Home grown, per mkt. bsk., 60c.
MISCELLANEOUS Almonds: Cailfor.
nla soft shell, per lb., 20c; In sack lots.
lo leas. Braall nuts: Per lb., 13c; in
sack lots, lo less. Chestnuts: Per lb..
16o. Cocoanuts: Per sack, 86.60. Filberts;
Per lb., 14o; In sack lots, lo less. Fee-
nuts: Roasted, per lb., 8o; raw, per
lb.. 7c Pecans: Large, per lb., ltto; In
sack lots, la leas. Walnuts: California,
per lb., 19c; in sack lots, lo less. Honey:
New, 24 frames. S3. 7. Kraut: Per 16
gal. keg, 82.76; per 6-gal. keg. 81.10.
St. Loola Oeaerol Market.
ST. LOUIS. Oct. 14.-WH EAT Cash,
teady; track, Nd. I red, ILOOgil.OlH; No.
hard. IL03H&1.12. Futures, lower; Do-
cember, WTc; May, tl-03.
CORN Higher; track, No. I, 73c; ino, j
white, 7 44i 76c. Futures, lower; December,
S2ij;t274o; May, 64iC.
DATS Lower; track, no. x, iiwa.Hic;
No. 2 white, 48448ViC. Futures, easy;
December, 47c; May, 60Vo.
RYE unchanged;
F1A)UR Firm; red winter patents, 84 W
4.80; extra fancy and straight, S3.90,
4.J6; hard winter clears, ss.omu'a.ia.
SEBDTlmothy, IU.v9V14.6u.
BRAN Dull; sacked, oast track, 81.110
L16. .
HAT steady; umoiny, xai.vuv.w; prai
rie, tl2.OH4ilt.00.
BAU41INU s5 1-1SO.
PROVISIONS Pork, unchanged; Job-
bins'. 116.25. Lard, unchanged; prime
steam, tk.tkw3S.S0. Dry salt meats, lower;
boxed, extra snorta, sin; ciear
SM.87S; short clears. 89.00. Bacon, lower;
boxed, extra shores, Sa.CTtt; dear ribs.
SKtfi; short clears, llO.uu.
POUbTKI Iirrn; cnicaens, xuc; spiiua.
11c; turkeys, 1416Vxc; ducks, uttc;
RU 1 l trv oieaay, creamciy, wir,
EQQS-Flrmj l&41a
Kecelots. Shipments.
Flour, bWs 12.uu ".uw
Wheat, bu . '"
Corn, bu s2."0 80 uw
niiT" bu . 44.0U0 172,000
Kaosaa City oraia til rrovisioos.
cash, unchanged; No. 2 hard, si.uito l.iw;
n x sh.-ntl.01: No. t red. 81. 0041.01 :No.
2, 9ScSl.00; December, Sv'sCiutLUO; May,
I1.03H: July. 96issi'o.
1 1 . , - .. ...1 a ILt l.lph.p.
mixed: 71ia71c: No. S. TOWc; No. I
while. TlV4tl72c; No. I. 71(&7H4c: December,
XI a v. fciViHU'to: July. t346tlVa.
OAT64 tncnangea; no. s wane, o
4bHc; No. 8 mixed. 46Vi-&H7a
11 V V StkilttbC.
HAY-Steady; choice timothy. $18,109
II Oo; choice prairie, 812 6UO-13.UU. creamery, c; iirsia, m;
seconds, 4c; packing stock. 19a.
KGUS- Exuas, uc; iirsts, uyia.
onds, ISSiC
Itecwpta. ouipuienis.
Wheat, bu 10L 76.(XK)
Corn, bu SO .OHO 41.WW
Oata bu 13,l 17.0U0
Mlomeaoolts Grsis Market.
cember, Sl.OO: May, Il lSOi UH; No.
k4 II U .1 N. nnrtharn I HVMSV'
No. 3 northern, ll.wcwoi-U.,; .
1.04 4.
FIAX tloeea,
BA RLE Y 0ctL 16.
CORN No. 8 yellow. 9Ha.
OATS No. I white, 4tjc
RYE No. 3. WSvuio.
URAN 821 .60a'23.M.
FliOUR First patents. 8S.40ifrS.70: second
patents, SS.0uu6 80; first cieara, 3.9uuv4.6
second clears, tX8O0s.Su. -
Pklladrlphta Prodoeo Market.
Steady; western creamery, 33c; nearby
prints, 344i c.
r JH I nchanged.
CH LreiE Firm; New York full creams,
fancy, 16c; New York full creams, lair
to good, 1414Stc.
V '
Mllwaokoo Grata Market.
1 northern. 1 1. laCL 13 H; No. I northern.
$109 111. No. I hard winter. 1.04 J
I M; December, tl.OoS; May, Sl-tHVt,
OATS Standard. 4;c.
BARLkY Mailing, 11 11 JO.
tnter The Bee s Eocklover Cootcat
Feeling- on Buying Side of Wheat ii
Greatly Improved.
Cash Dessaad for Wheat Less Active
and the Market Shows' aa Easier
Toae -VOIame of Sales
Hollas; Factor.
OMAHA. Oct. 14, 191L
The feeling on the buying side of wheat
has greatly Improved because mills and
elevator concerns have come Into the
market for good round lots this week.
Even without positive damage ln Ar
gentina, the mention of frost In three
cables Is made a bull feature, and north
west conditions are deplorable, and the
weather Is still rainy and foggy In that
quarter. The market looks good to buy
on after any temporary decline.
It looks like the people who are
friendly to the buying side of corn are
waiting to learn something different as
to the quality of the new crop and the
chances for marketing freely the balance
of the month. The cash situation con
tinues strong and renewal of rainy
weather may start a fresh buying force.
Cash demand for wheat was less active
today and the market showed an easier
tone. The volume of cash sales will be
the ruling factor. Today's cash prices
were Wala lower. '
The corn market again failed to respond
to the bullish features, new buying force
Is needed and scattered liquidation eased
tha market. Cash prices ranged lift' toe
lower today.
Primary wheat receipts were 1.1M.000
bushels and shipments were 784,000 bushels.
against receipts last year or i.ui,tju
bushels and shipments of 491.000 bushels.
Primary corn receipts were 4.t,0o0
bushels and shipments were 863,000
bushels, against receipt last year of
653.000 bushels and shipments of 290,000
Clearances were 8.000 bushels of com.
none of oats and wheat and flour equal
to 230,000 bushels.
Liverpool closed Hd higher to Hd lower
on wheat and Wttm lower on corn.
j ne roiiowing casn sale were reponea;
WHEAT No. I hard, 2 oars 81.0OV4; No.
8 hard, 1 car S1.01H. 1 car 11.01. 6 cars
11.004; rejected, 1 car 96c; No. 2 spring,
1 car S1.02H; No. 4 spring, 1 car 11; No. 2
mixed. 1 car II.OIH.
CORN No. 4 white. 1 car (Wc; No. 2
yellow, i cars 74c: No. 1 yellow. 9 cars
nc; No. 4 yellow, 1 car 67c; No. 3 mixed.
S cars tfc, z cars 67 He.
OATS Standard, I cars ISUc; No. t
white, 10 cars 464c; No. i white, I cars
Omaha Cask Prices,
WHEAT No. 2 hard, tl.OWjn.04: No. 3
hard. 99c?tl.08: No. 4 hard. 97cS1.02.
CORN-No. 2 white, 6tWHc; No. 2
white, 68Cd8t4c; No. 4 white, 6717iiTi8c;
No. 2 yellow, tTrWic: No. 3 yellow,
GiHtf'fiTV.c; No. yellow. CTi(&fi7'4c; No. 2,
67.ig7c; No. 3, 67H73c; No. 4.
OATS No. 2 white. !14rt46Hc; standard.
4(V34'4c: No. 3 white, tutiiSHc; No. 4
white, 45Vij'46c; No. 3 yellow, 45M46c;
No. 4 yellow. 46m546.
BARLEY Malting, $1.101.20; No. 1
feed. 81c(&1.06.
RYE No. 2. 9697c: No. 8, 596c
Carlot Hecelpts.
Wheat Corn. Oats.
Chicago 66 - 286 211
Minneapolis 35
Omaha 20 65 24
tDuluth 229
Featores of tko Trading; and Closing;
Prices oa Board of Trade.
CHICAGO. Oct. 14. Confronted by pros
pects of an additional big Increase of the
visible supply, tne wneai mir
turned weak. The close was btUhke to c
under last night. Corn declined HtSNrC
to Ho net and oats 'ho to kc The end
of the day left provisions varying from
unchanged to 6c advance. 1
Receipts of wheat were large, not only
In the United States, but also across the
Canadian line. Arrivals for the week at
primary points reached more than 2.000.000
bushels u excess of the total a year ago.
Furthermore, It was shown that the
European crop had proven to be the third
largest on record, and not a great way
below the bumper yield of 19U0. Under
such conditions the Importance of the
shortage In Russia was minimised to an
extent that only a short time ago would
have seemed out of the question. The
bulls were still more discouraged by re
ooits that cash sales here had not
amounted to nearly as generous an ag
gregate as most traders believed and that
the transactions were chiefly In the soft
winter wheat trade. In consequence, the
market at no time displayed any sign
of being elastic, and the close was at al
most the lowest level of the day. De
cember, during the session, fluctuated
from 9ST40 to 99H!(i,J9,4o, with last sales
lM7tc, a net loss of c.
Uiilciai predictions 01 rair weemer imu
many longs to reduce their holdings of
corn. Weakness ensued as there was but
little short Interest to absorb the offer
ings. December ranged from 64MjO to 64mc,
closlror Kko net lower at 64&44c. Cash
Krades were only In fair demand. No. 2
v. nw nnlRhMl at IZOTtfZ'fcC.
OalS ruiea a trine sieaaier man nnier
grains. The reason appeared o be iirm-
ness in the casn market. iop ana dui
torn figures for December -were 474j4so
and 47Hc, with tne close c 011 ai 4.?a,
Provisions trailed upward after 'hogs.
At the last gong, pork was 2o to 6c
dearer, and the remainder of the list
either uncnangea or ai an auvauce i uui
to exceed a nickel.
r-aah nimtntinne were as iouuws:
FLOUR Market steady; winter
patenU, 14.164.75; straights. s.uti4.ou;
spring; straights. 4.60'-1.75; bakers, 83.70(4
HVS Tin. I. B6M.C
H1HI.KY-Feed or mixing. SOcCSl.OO:
fair in choice malting. Sl.KXnl.22.
SEEDS Timothy, tlltAKU !;; ciovcr.
phi iviKinNS Mess Dork, per bbl..
UK a.-u.' Lard, per luO lbs.. S8.77Wa
t.80. bhort ribs, sides (loose), i.,VQ.w;
hnri nw aloes iduuui. o.nuo.iit.
Total clearances 01 wneat ana iiour
went Musi to ZJU.UUU DU. i'l uuary re-
celpu were 1.199,6u0 bu., compared with
L064.VW DU., tne corresponaing uay o ywi-
o. . . . -
Ketlmatea receiDta tor lomurrvw:
Wheat 4a cars; corn, 262 cars; oats, iM
mrm hlL 2X OOfl head.
Chicago Cash Prlcea Wheat: No. 2 red,
WHwc; No. I red. 87bc; No. 2 hard.
ll.UXu7l.Ue; MO. I nara.; ro. 1
northern. 81 12WS1.14: No. 3 northern,
ti loor.i 12: No. 3 northern:; No.
3 spring, tl-O4al.l0Vs; No. t spring, SLOji
1.10; No. 4 spring, 90ctitl07; velvet chaff,
9oc4tl.0lVi; durum, 9ocal.0. Corn: No. 2,
71Vtfi2c; Mo. wniie, i-i;iu; ixo.
yellow, iiuiA'aG. o. . nv1! m. m
white, 7Hu7Ho; No. 3 yellow, 71a72c;
Kr. 1 10(0.700: No. 4 while. 71j.illc:
No. 4 yellow. 71i71V4o. Oats: No. 1 4t,V0
47c; ro. I wniie. 4.i4tu'H;, u. wniie,
47Cti4Tlc: No. 4 white. 4usr7c; standard.
47W48c. Rye: No. X 9(Wc. Barley: 7&c
ll.o. Clover, tl4.uu4tly.60. Timothy. SU-Ouu
BUTTER Steady; creamerlea, 23C59c;
dairies. 214j26c
EUiiS steady; receipts. 4,880 cases; at
mark, casea Included, 17c; firsts. 20o;
prime firsts. iic
CHEESE Steady; daisies. 1414Vc;
twins, 13SuUc; young Americas,
144c; long horns, 14ul4Vic
1HJTATOES Weak; choice to fancy, 68
fcwk'; fair to good, 63i4ftc,
POULTRY teteady; turkeys, 15c; chick
ens luc; spring, llo.
VEAL Steady; 60 to )-lb wta. SgHc;
60 to 66-1 b. wta, HVi'ulOc. 85 lo 110-lb.
ts. He.
Dally movement of produce:
Articlea Receipts. Shipments.
Flour, bbls 24.1ou 81. x
Wheat bu Meal id. 700
Corn, bu 2OS.6.J0 209.5t
Data bu 2t2.s tui.TuO
Rye, bu 6.6u0 U.SuO
Barley, bu S3.6U0 ls.uu
Carlot Receipts Wheat, 66 cars, with 32
of contract grade; corn. 2t cars, with 64
of contract grade; oats, 311 cars. Total
receipts of wheat ai cnicago, Minneapolis
aud Duluth today were s"9 cars, com
pared with 876 cars last week and 648 curs
ins corresponding day a year ago.
Liverpool Grata Market.
nominal. Futures, dull; October, 7s6Vtd;
December, 7Vd; March, 7s Id.
CORN Spot, firm; A me, .can mixed,
tsSd. Futures, easier; Jaauary, 6sid,
February, 6a 6)4d.
Dolath Grmlo Martlet.
DULUTH. Oct. 14. WHEAT No. 1
hard. 1110: No. 1 northern, 11.01: No. 2
northern. SltMClO'. No 8. 1101102. l
cemher. II (U asked May, tl U asked.
Ttic Omaha
Booklovers' Contest
? ;
Ho. 62 Monday,
What Book Does This Picture Represent?
Tsnr KsuDs) ......................
Street and INinxtter ...................... mm.m
City or Town ................ ......r..
Writ tn title and author of book and BATS coupon and picture. Bond
no coupon until finish of the contest la announced. Kaon picture represents
a book title not a scene or character. Catalogues containing 6,000 names
on which all puxxlo pictures are based the catalogue used by the contest
editor are for sale at the Brnsiness OftW at Tha Boa for 36 sau. br mTr
lu cecta.
Rule of
AM persons sre eligible te entsr this eeelest except employs! ef the Omxba Bee sad
Minbsrs of ihslr (.males. Sack day. tor sevsaty-(te saya there will be published la
The Bee a picture which will represent ths name of. a book. Beneath 4aea picture there
HI be a blank lor tha contestant to fill In the title ef tne book.
Out oat both the picture snd the blenk and fill lo tha name snd author of the book
sad add your name and address neatly and plainly la the space provided.
Ne raatiicUona will ba plaosd on the way in which antears to the pictures may be se
cured. lLaca picture represents only one title of one book. If you are aot sure of a title
snd wish to sand tn mora than ono saaw er to each picture, you may So se. BUT NOT
correut an. wars wilt aot ba counted against contestants If correct answer Is also flna.
Store than one aniwer should hot be put oa the same coupon. Extra coupons ahould be
uas for extra answers. All answers to tha same number should be kept togather whsa
sanding la the sat. Only cos Hat nay fee submitted fey one eoniaatant, though say list may
Save firs an.wara to sack puiils.
The number of oouixrae uaad answers given must be plainly written oa the outside ef
each SET submitted, but do not writs snch Information on the wrapper.
While aot absolutely necessary. It Is desirable that the pictures should 'm each eaae
be sent Is with the answers. In order that all answers be uniform. Additional pictures
aad coupons may be obtained at the office of Tha Bee by mall or In pcraoa.
Wben you have all seventy-five pictaiss, tauten tham together In s FLAT package lni
bring or mall them to Tha Omaha Bee, addressee: to BookloTars Contest Editor. Prlies
will be swarded to the contestants sesdlsg ln the largest number of correct solutions, la
erent of two or more parsons having ths same suraber of correct solutions, the parson
eslng the smaller number ot extra coupons In his set ef snewcrs will be declared winner. Ia
event of two parsons having ths same number correct and using the same number ot oos
pore, the partem whose set of snewcrs Is moat neatly prepared, ia ths opinion of ths full
Judging coram It tee, will receive the first prlie.
Only one list st answers mar ne submitted by a contestant avd only one prlte will be
swsrdee to one family st one address
Tha use of ths coupons Is not obligatory noon the eontcstsst, snd an answer may be
submitted In any lealble manner tha contestant may select.
Awards wilt be made strictly according to the merit ot each separate list.
The name of mors than one pcreoa mnet not be written upon any ens coepoa. "
The swards will fee made by the Contest Editor aad a oommlttee st wall-known ettt
aens. whose names will be announced later.
r?ie contest Is limited to the following territory! Nebraska, Wyoming, that portion ef
Tows wast of but not Including Des Moines, snd thst section ef South Dakota known ae
the Black Hills District
A 6-passenger 111 Model White Steamer Touring Car odorless, smokeless
and notseleas. No cranking no shifting of gears; any desired speed. White
Steamer sales Increase each succeeding year. Haa practically an endorsement
of the United States government, which owns and operates more Whits
Steamers than all other cars combined. Rtehly upholstered, beautifully fin
ished, unlimited power, controlled speed.' Ixli car will be exhibited la Omaha
at iwrasiBiesHg. ItrU aad tbhraosj mtm.
In tha soft, seml-troplc, climatic gone, extend
ing north from San Diego to Shasta County, Cali
fornia, lies Tehama county, ln which is situated
this beautiful little 10-scre ranch near tha town
of Bed Bluff. This is fruit land of a very high
order and la part of the celebrated Lutheran col
ony which had lta Inception with an Omaha
clergyman. Literature describing thia property
may be seen at tha office of TtJ walautuuS-BOIr-tub
OO la ths City national Baa Build lug-,
JL VUJAllJ. llUifli
Ralston la to be a manufacturing city. They
have a fine start with tha Brown Truck Man
ufacturing Co., the Rogers Motor Car Co., and
the Howard Stove Worka Kverythlng desir
able to comfortable living mav be found there.
On ono of the main business streets The Bee
has selected its fourth prize a businesa lot
26x100 feet, and valued at $8TS.
FIFTH PRIZE, Value 5225
In tha same town and with tha same prospect of advancement. The Bee
haa selected a residence lot 60x120 ft, aud valued at tags,
Ralston Is on tue only Interuban trolley lino running out of Omaha anC
within forty minutes of the Omaha postoffloe.
a.A-mfilt,!jlL,r.mlM?n.li07i.t .Property at the office) Of the BiUTOST
TOWBBITB CXlafjr AJTT, Sua ttoata ITth Kt, Omaha.
. . . AtuaawiAXSj W niCQ WM TOUndtttl III 1 7 & K
Thla ortcyclopedla of twelve volumes, which Is valued in lt a sit may
ba seen at the Omalia office of W. A, Mlxsabaug-k ft Oo. lil Bt Vary'a Ave.
ThHU lels.. n u 1 - . u .. , . . .. . ...
. - - i y. i.,i;'iuur -uiuiiie cioin Bouna sets or tha Boon
of Knowledge." sn eucvcluncdla made eanecUII. ..r k.n.i-l -Z j ? ..
a set
This work Is written in simple language snd la a "wonder hVJTw"
- -.vim .ruiBD in Hiuiuia i.ii.i
-v.. icu
watch for tile daily picture in the bze.
Bee's Great
October 18, 1911.
tha Contest
Steamer Automobile
The magnificent fancy walnut XBZZJra
Ing can excel. No other player-piano haa it
tha absolute the "human touch" so desired by
a musical ear and so prised by the manufac
turers. This instrument will be exhibited, ex
plained and played for anyone who wishes to
ae it In the war rooms on the third floor of
This Ingenious encyclopedia, which Is a develop
ment rather than Invention, has besides Its con
veniences the value of hundreds of editors men
tally equipped to make one of the greatest ency
clopedias ever compiled. One of the strongest
recommendations for this Work is that It Is from
the oress of the reliable old house of TKOB.
BMjWaT OXS. of M.w Tork? tJndoa, BubUa
. , mere are
ack and white Thia la a fully
"-:o oaaaxa vuuuvaiiusl IU UlgaCK UQ W Ii 1 1 Th 1 as 11 1 I If
MS. Saary's Avenae.
iiKa ui ipu. il'u i nzes 01
Prizes of $1.
was psrthj induced ly a tumbling tradi
tehecp kii yearlings suitable for slaugh