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The Dos
Oklahoma Senator and Peerless One
Fash Organization.
Morrmrnt on Foot to Captare Pop
ular Clab Organisation of N-.
bra ska br Simon Tare
(From a Staff Correspondent.) '
LINCOLN, Neb., Oct. 11. (Special Tel
eRram.) Senator Robert L. Owen of
Oklahoma was In Lincoln yesterday, but
his presence was known to but a very
few whom he chanced to meet. Senator
Owen arrived Monday evening and was
th guest of Charles W. Bryan.
White here Senator Owen was In con
ference with C. V Uryan relative to the
organization of precinct clubs throughout
the state for the purpose of affiliation
with the Federation of Democratic Tre
clnct Clubs fit the United States. The
plan Is one adopted by progressive demo
crats at a meeting held at Washington
oon after the close of the special session
of congress.
Senators Owen, Chamberlain and New
"ands are at the head of the movement,
the first named being temporary presi
dent of the organization.
' FAIRBURY, Neb., Oct ll.-(Speclal.)-According
to A. L. Cavlncss, superin
tendent of the Falrbury schools, great
interest Is being taken in the new course
of manual training, business training and
domestic science recently added to the
courses of the school system. Mr. Cav
Iness states that in' the domestic science
:ourse. Miss Alice E. Skinner of Topeka,
Kan., instructor, seventy-six high school
girls are taking cooking and In the grades
between eighty and 100 girls are taking
Prof. II. C. Hoge of Creto has charge
Of the manual training department just
added and about fifty boys' 'from the
high school department and eighty boys
from the seventh and eighth grades.
With the new arrangement the domestic
science and manual training classes are
limited to students In the first and sec
ond years of the high school and seventh
and eighth grade students. Mr. Cavlness
states that about forty high school stu
dents are taking the business training
The total enrollment of the Falrbury
schools for the month of September was
1,127 or seventy-nine better than the
same month in September, 1910. There are
256 students In the high school and 871
In the grades. The senior class of the
high school Is composed of fifty students,
against forty-four last year.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb.. Oct. 1L (Special Tel
egram.) A bitter class election fight has
developed at the university over the
election of Roland Thomas of Omaha as
the president of Junior laws. Thomas
defeated Bob Hastings Tuesday morning
by the narrow margin of 43 to 41.
President Rodman of 'the junior laws
announced Wednesday that more votes
had been cast than were members of the
class and ordered a new election. Hast
ings won the second election by fifteen
votes. Friends of Thomas now threaten
to contest the election and take the mat
ter up with the university authorities.
Rodman declares that one man cast
fifteen votes for Thomas, who is an
Omaha man, the ballots being all in the
name handwriting. Hastings defeated
Thomas Wednesday by exactly fifteen
Club Women to Meet
Two-Year Intervals
IIOLDREtjE, Neb., Oct. 11. (Special
Telegram.) A decision was reached at
today's meeting of the Nebraska Federa
tion of Woman's Clubs to hold the meet
ings of the organization at Intervals of
two years hereafter. The morning ses
sion was devoted In part to an address
by Mrs. W. J. Bryan, who, though not
on the program, was asked to tell about
her visit and experiences while In Japan.
Visiting delegates were today given a
long automnbllo rklo about Holdrege,
which Included a visit to the Christian
orphans' home. Fifty-two automobiles
were, lit line.
The annual . election of officers will
take place tomorrow when Mrs. T. J.
Gist of Falls City will be re-elected pres
ident and with her will probably go the
majority of the present officers.
An nd dress was to have been given
tonight by Jenkln L. Jones of Chicago
on Browning, but a message was re
ceived that his wife was dying.
Various committees completed their re
ports today, all showing Interest In club
work In Nebraska to be constant.
Cas of II. V. Wheeler, Chnrard with
Hank Hnhbcry, la Continued
Z. II. Ilonr Is Dead,
BEATRICE. Neb., Oct. 11. (Special.)
The case of B. F. Wheeler of Wymore,
charged with bank robbery, was called
In the district court at Marysvllle, Kan.,
yesterdoy and continued to the next term
of court. He was released on $2,000 bond.
Wheeler Is an old resident of Wymore,
and was formerly employed as a con
ductor on the Burlington road.
Charles McDanlnl, who left Beatrice a
few weeks ago, was arrested at Tecumseh
yesterday on the. charge of wife desertion.
Sheriff Schick left for that place today
to bring him buck to this city.
Z. H. Howe, for thirty-seven years a
resident of Beatrice, died yesterday of
stomach and liver trouble. He was "S
years of age. He leaves a widow and
four children. His daughter, Auss Cath
erine, Is a teacher In the Omaha schools.
In the district court yesterday Judge
Pcmberton granted a divorce to Lulu
Tatum against her husband, William Ta
tum, on the grounds of drunkenness and
nonsupport. 8he was given the custody
of theln three children.
The Beatrice High school foot ball
eleven has arranged to meet the Colum
bus team here next Saturday afternoon.
Makes Addresses and Attends Ban
quet, Sneaking; Today at
CLAY CENTER, Neb., Oct. ll.-(Spe-clal.)
William J. Bryan delivered an ad
dress on the court house lawn this fore
noon at 11 o'clock. A banquet was served
by the members of the local society to
the democrats, at which banquet Mr.
Bryan presided. He went from here to
Bentrlee Council for Utah (ins.
BEATRICE, Neb., Oct. ll.-(8peclal Tel
egram.) The city council last night
turned down a petition signed by 250 of
Beatrice's property owners requesting
that the Gage County Gaslight and
Power company reduce the price of gas
from $1.35 per thousand to $1.25 per thou
sand. The company secured a franchise
to operate under the scale of $1.25 per
thousand, but the council last summer
In every
(None complete without It-)
It makes delicious dishes that all
il.o family like.
Sold In largo sanitary pnekages for 10 cents.
At Your Grocers
$kinn'r'$ s the kind you buy again.
Write for Mrs. MacMurphy'i book of 100 best
recipes. Kreo.
Skinner Manufacturing Co., Omaha.
passed an ordinance increasing the price
10 cents per thousand because the com
pany stated that It could not operate with
profit under the old scale.
BROKEN BOW, Neb., Oct. -(Special.)
Sheriff Kennedy returned to
Broken Bow last night from Rocky Ford,
Colo., cringing with him Elmer Schnerin
ger, who is wanted here charged with
obtaining money under false pretenses.
The complaint alleges that Schneringer
obtained $200 from a man by the name
of MlcAaelson at Merna, by giving a
mortgage on furniture and a horse that
ha did not possess. Schneringer was ar
rested by the Rocky Ford authorities for
intoxication, but a letter he carried
aroused their suspicions and the sheriff
here was notified, who immediately wired
them to hold him. . Upon arriving here
Schneringer was taken before County
Judge Holcomb, who upon request of the
young man's father, continued the hear
ing thirty days and placed blm under $500
bonds, which were furnished.
' YANKTON. S. D., Oct. ll.-(Special.)
Circuit court is in session her and Mil
lard Limpo, marshal of the town of
Utlca, is on trial on a murder charge for
shooting and killing John Cheek, a quar
relsome farm hand, last November while
Cheek, who had threatened Limpo, was
resisting arrest. Publlo sympathy is
largely with the officer. The defendant
is a member of one of the most 4roml
: nent Bohemian families of the county.
Arm Broken la Poor Places.
WEEPING WATER, Neb., Oct. 11.
(Special.) Ed Kelley, who has been as
sisting in threshing for William Ash,
while at work on the John Rauth farm
north of town got his left arm caught In
the belt on the separator and sustained
two fractures above and two below the
elbow. The bones protruded through the
flesh and the flesh was torn from the
bone almost around the arm. Physicians
believe they can save the arm unless
unlocked for complications set in. Kel
ley is a man of about 30 years of age and
is unmarried.
Tonne Employ Special Teacher.
OXFORD, Neb. Oct. 11. (Special.)
Holdrege, McCook and Oxford have em
ployed a special teacher. Miss Osa Mil
ler, of College Springs, la., to teach
elocution In the publlo schools. Alius
Mill will dlvlda-her time among the three
towns, giving Oxford one day each week
and each of the other towns two days
per week. She began her work this week
under favorable condition.
The Bahoale Plaauc
destroys fewer lives than stomach, ifver
and kidney diseases, for which Electrlo
Hotter is the guaranteed remedy. For
ale by Beaton Drug Co.
The highest point of woman's hap.
piness is reached only through moth
erhood, in the clasping of her child
within her arms". Yet the mother-to-be
is often fearful of nature's ordeal
and shrinks from the suffering inci
dent to its consummation. But for
nature's ills and discomforts nature
provides remedies, and in Mother's
Friend is to be found a medicine of
great value to every expectant mother.
It is an oily emulsion for external
application, composed of ingredients
which act with beneficial and sooth
ing effect on. those portions of the
system Involved. It is intended to
prepare the system for the crisis, and
thus relieve, in great part, the suffer
ing through which the mother usually
passes. The regular use of Mother's
Friend will repay any mother in the
comfort it affords before, and the help
ful restoration to health and strength
it brings about after baby comes.
Mother's Friend I
is for sale at
drug stores.
Write for our
free book for
expectant moth
ers which contains much valuable
information, and many suggestions
of a helpful nature.
Interest allowed in
savings department at
3 per annum . .
The United States
National Dank of
Omaha elves prompt
and courteous service,
affords absolute secur
ity and has a most con
venient location.
so a Ftratt
Dunbar l.cctnrc Course Opens.
DUNBAK. Neb.. Oct. ll.-(ipeclul.)-Dunbar's
clty-slse lecture course opened
last evening at the opera house with
John B. Ratto, the character delineator,
as the flrt number. A packed house
greeted him. There aro eight numbers
to follow throughout the winter season
and Dunbnr is alive to the lecture course
problem,! as is attested by the fuct that
the money has already been paid Into
the treasury to guarantee the session's
entertainment, with a neat balance on
Golden Wciltllna; at helly.
SHELBY, Neb., Oct. 11 The golden
wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs.
Ambrose Gabriel was observed today. In
the morning they were remarried by
Rev. Joseph Hess, of Stelnauer, Neb.,
and Rev. It. L. Blckert, of Shelby, In
the Catholic church. In the afternoon a
programme, consisting of speeches, songs,
muslo and bund, was conducted In their
They wero married In Germany flfty
years ago, but have lived In this county
must of tlio time.
Voiiiik Foruer la Sentence.!.
Hl'llON, S. !., Oct. ll.-Speclal.)-In
circuit court hero yesterday morning
Judge Taylor sentenced William U Wells
to serve two years In the penitentiary
fur forgery. Wells Is the young man ar
retted at . Mitchell a few weeks since and
his downfall Is the result of bad company
and lntoxlcutlng liquors.
Hoy Prnitaeil by Horse,
WEEPING WATER. Neb., Oct. 11.-
(Speclal.) Sammy Smith, 12 years old.
son of H. P. Smith, who was thrown
from a horse and dragged . last Sunday
afternoon. Is gradually becoming con
scious. Ills face and head are almost
raw and it Is feared his brain may bo
The Key to the Situation Bee Ads.
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II I WWW m Illl..... I nil I..IIHI.I , ..III. .in
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Bargain Event in Bed Room Furniture
TOMORROW morning we begin a remarkable sale
of bedroom pieces. Included are odd chiffoniers,
dressers and beds, all of the highest quality from the best of suites.
Wc lire wiling thorn nt slaughter prices bocnuse they aro odd pieces which we wish to
remove from our show rooms so thnt now suites may bo displayed. Wo ask you to sea
these articles. Then you immediately will appreciate tho cuts we have made in prices.
llcmembcr, this bedroom furniture is among the best wo havo in the store, and
tho prices on it are cut down so far that it will bo months before wo shall again equal
them. In our windows some of the pieces are now exhibited.
$65.00 Solid Mahogany Chif- . '
fonier A substantial articlo
of dignity and graceful lines.
It is a bargain, indeed $40.00
$50.00 Hepplewhite Bed Ma
hogany, fine lines, and grace
ful design; durable, construct
ed with care to details $30.00
$85.00 Dresser Solid Mahog
any; 48 inches; graceful front;
French plate mirror, 28x30.
It appeals te all $60.00
$38.00 Chiffonier Solid Ma
hogany; swell front; strongly
built; just tho kind that will
delight n housewife $26.00
$35.00 Solid Mahogany Dres
ser It is majestic in appear
ance and solidly constructed;
large French plate mirror.... $25.00
$40.00 Mahogany Dresser
Scroll Colonial design; dis
tinctive character; 3G inches;
French plate mirror 2Gxl5 $27.50
$35.00 Solid Mahogany Dres
ser Beautiful colonial pat
tern; heavy French plate mir
ror 10x20 $25.00
$80 Jenny Lind Dresser
Crotch mahogany; very beau
tiful design; 45 inches; French
plate mirror 38x26 $60.00
$60.00 Jenny Lind Chiffonier W
Companion piece for Jenny
Lind Dresser; very excellent
article of crotch mahogany. . . $15.00
$90.00 Colonial Dresser-Solid
mahogany; French plate mir
ror 20x20; excellent article at
a tremendous cut $45.00
$57.00 Circassian Walnut Dres
serColonial scroll; a magni
ficent article with a French
plato mirror 28x18 $45.00
$58,000 Chest of Drawers
Beautiful Circassian walnut;
durable and dignified; 40
inches wide; spacious drawers $40.00
$30.00 Brds Eye Maple Chif.
fonier Beautiful and distinct
design; strongly made 30 in.
wide; French plate mirror. . -$20.00
$20.00 Oak Chiffonier Large,
roomy drawers; a distinct bar
gain, that will give excellent
service $15.00
$35.00 Colonial Poster Bed
It has grace and dignity and ,
is strongly built; full and three
quarter sizes $25.00
$115.00 Solid Mahogany Dres
ser Heavy, swell front; mag
nificent article, highest qual
ity; French plate mirror 32x40 $75.00
Remember: Good furniture may be cheap;
but "cheap" furniture cannot be good.
Miller, Stewart & Beaton Co.
Th Tag Policy House
413-16-17 South Sixteenth Stroet.
Established 1884.
A REST nt the
club and an
order of letter's Gold
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the Jetlor plant su
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ramlly Trade Supplied tyt
Omaha. Huyo T. falls, 1384
Dougias St. Phone Do ay.
1643; Auto., A-1M2.
oath Omaha, Wm. Jettr, 8603
lt. Bell, 868 i Anto., JT-lBttB.
Council Blnfs, aUohell, 1013
Main St. Both phones 80.
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1911 Farnam St.
:.a.j-an jy