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Thai Boy Needs Shoes Again
Doubtless' you think that
your boy weafs out a pair ol
ehoe s in record time. He needs
the wenr-proof shoes which we
have for him.
They're carefully made of
extra quality, selected stock,
with genuine oak soles and
Goodyear welt sewed.
You'll find that the time for
Ml - -
new snoes win come less ire-
quenlly when the boy we.irs tliese sturdy shoes.
The new high toe lasts' are stylish, comfortable and
in favor with all boj's.
Sizes 9 to 13V
$2.00 and $2.50
Sizes 1 to 6
$2.50 and $3.00
nrt ywim rrcvm
crtrm arrowe
bias or prejudice in regard to organised
Mr. Davis withdrew hl question finally
ud asked of Mr. Nelson;
"Have you taken any Interest In the
labor war or have you atudled the quel
lion?" "No more than I have read In the
"Well, have you formed any opinion aa
to whether labor un . are proper, are
lnlmlral. or are a menace In the United
Counsel for the prosecution objected
that the drfense was endeavoring to
ascertain the opinion of lurora aa to other
matters that were bound to become ques
tion of evidence In the trial and that In
a direct way an effort waa being made
to determine hnw a Juryman might vote
on the verdict.
Judge Bordwell ruled that the question
concerning labor unions could be an
swered, and Mr. Nelson said:
"I am not prejudiced against labor
unions as an organisation."
"Well, do you believe labor unions aa
you understand them to be carried on
here In California are a menace?"
IMetrlet Attorney Fredericks Interjected
that the question assumed that the Jury
men knew of the conduct of 1 bor unions
and that the Iteue was foreign to the
"Union labor is on trial," said W. J.
Effect of Great Kidney
Remedy Is Soon Realized
I feel it my duty to let you know what
Swamp-Root did for me. 1 was bothered
with my back for over twenty years and
t times I could hardly get out of bed.
1 read your advertisement and decided
to try Swamp-Root. Used five bottles.
and It haa been five years since I used It
and I have never been bothered a day
since I took ihe Isst bottle of It. I am
thoroughly convinced that Dr. Kilmer'
Swamp-Root cured ma and would re
commend It to others suffering as I did.
My husbsnd was troubled with kidney
n4 bladder troubles and hs took your
Bwsmp-Root snd It cured him. This
wss about five years ago.
You may publish, this letter If you
Very truly yours,
R F. D. No. 1, Ooblevllle. Mich.
Subscribed and sworn to before ma
this 13th day of July, 100ft.
Notary Public,
for Van Dureo Co., Mich.
Ford of the procecution. "James B. Mc-
Namara In on trial for blowing up the
Times bulldng. The motve may refer
to labor unons, but that la not the Issue
Judge Bordwell ruled again that the
question was proper.
"It Is hard to answer," replied Mr. Nel
son. "I don't think an organisation
should be held reaponsllile for the acts
of any one lawless man."
Court adjourned at 3:U until Friday
morning be. aue of the legal holiday tomorrow.
Adopt By-Laws that Will Stop
Lobbying; for Office.
mete Convention of ftaffraslets Re
reives ewe of California Voir
on Qaeatfon with Or rat
(From a Staff Corres pondent.)
DS MOINES. la, Oct. 11-tSpeclaI
Telegram.) The grand lodge of the Red
Men of Iowa decided today to hold the
next meeting In Imvenport. The lodge
adopted a number of new bylaws, and
one. of these forbids politics of any sort
In seeking grand council offices, and In
case the candidates do resort to win
their offlres this way their candidacy
will not be accepted. A man who wishes
a grand office must personally announce
his candidacy by writing a registered
letter to tha great chief sixty days be
fore tha annual meeting. Tha candidate
cannot write lettar to delegates nor can
his friends or tribe ' Indorse his can
didacy. The penalty for violation of this
law Is the rejection of the man.
Knffraalsts Disappointed.
The state convention Of women suf
frsglsts In Perry today held a memorial
session anent the failure to adopt the
conatitutlonal amendment providing for
woman suffrage in California. The dele
gates had confidently expected that they
would be Informed of the success fit the
fight In California and were much
wrought up over the newa. They agreed
In atatlng that tha fight would be re
newed In California and elsewhere.
Tine of Pitchfork
Penetrates Brain
ABERDEEN, 8. D.. Oct. II. (Special.)
Albert Frey. the 12-year-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. Oett Frey of near Herreld, In
Campbell county, met death In an un
usual manner. While his parents were
trading in Herreld tha buy was engaged
with a younger brother and sister In
hauling hay from the field. The children
finished putting a load of hay on the
KaKon and were ready to drive to the
barn when tha horses gave a sudden start
and A'b'rt was thrown from the seat
upon the tines of a pitchfork. One tine
of tha fork penetrated his head, piercing
the brain. The frightened younger
brother and sister removed the fork and
tried to restora their brother to conscious
ness, but In vain. When the parents re
turned home later In tha day they found
Albert lying unconscious and the youngor
children watching over him. He died in
a few hours.
Letter to
Or. Kilmer Co.,
inehmtoa. If. T.
Frsve Wait Will 0 Far Yes
end to Dr. Kilmer Co.. Blngham
ton. N. Y.. for sample bottla. It will
convince anyone. You will also receive
a booklet of valuable nformatln t-ll-ing
all about tha ktdnsya and bladder.
When writing, be sure and mention The
Omaha Dally Bee. Regular fifty-cent
and one-dollar site bottlee for sale at
l drug stores.
POCATE1XO. Idaho, Oct. U South-
western Montana Is In tha grip of a ter
rific snowstorm that has cut off Butte
from communication with the outside
world today. Every telegraph and tele
phone wire Into Butta has been leveled.
Before tha Oregon Short Line wires failed
It was reported that over two feet of
now had fallen, all street car service
was suspended and many power circuits
had been put out of commission. All
tralna south of Butta are running on de
layed schedules.
NEW YORK. Oct. ll.-Indlctmenta
charging misdemeanors In making false
reports to tha state Banking department
were found by tha grand Jury today
against former City Comptroller Edward
M. Grout and James T. Ashley, cashier
of the suspended Union bank of Brooklyn,
of which Orout was president. Both
pleaded not guilty and were paroled In
the custody of their counsel.
Death from Blood Poison
was prevented by O. W. Cloyd. Plunk.
Mo., who healed his dangerous wound
with Bucklen'a Arnica Salve. c. For
sale by Beaton Drug Co.
(Continued from First Page )
ments. Even doors and windows were
removed and tha powder magazines pil
laged. The Turks appear to have had enormous
supplies of ammunition, guns, rifles and
projectiles. Quantities of powder, cart
ridges and shells have since been re
covered from the looters and the Italians
have blown up three large powder maga
sines. Looters and escaped prisoners are
constantly being recaptured, rilgns of
loot are visible on all sides In the Incon
gruous attire worn by miserable negroes
and the ragged native children, who for
the first time In their lives are able to
wear boots, feses and tin clothes, from
the summer uniforms of the Turkish sol
One of the curious sights of the town
Is the appearance of Turkish police and
soldiers, who have been enrolled In the
Italian service, all clad In Turkish uni
forms and wearing Turkish arms, accom
panying the Italian governor and other
officials and aiding the Italian marines
to restore order and arrest criminals.
Torpedo Bouts Hunk.
LONDON. Oct. 10. A dispatch to a
London news agency from Pera says the
Turkish torpsdo boats Tokat Hamld Abad,
Alpagut and Antalla, while returning
from the Oran aea, were passed by an
Italian squadron near Mytllene October
. A smart engagement followed and
three of the torpedo boats were severely
damaged and sunk. The fourth escaped
by hoisting a foreign flag.
ROMS tVla Frontier). Oct. 11 A mes
sage from Tripoli today says there was
great excitement among tha poorer classes
of the natives whed steamers loaded with
provisions arrived. It was planned to
distribute these among the hungry In
Tripoli and Captain Cagnl of the Italian
landing fores Is devising a plan to make
iui Hint the supplies should go to those
In the greatest need.
The approaching landing of the troops
is Impatiently waited. The sailors on
shore are beginning to experience ex
haustion from being on duty practically
night and day.
The ministry of public works here Is
already preparing a plan to revive the
commerce and lnduatry at Tripoli.
At the same time the war office Is
studying the organisation of the perma
nent body of colonial troops which Italy
will require when the war Is ended. It
is figured that 10.000 men will be needed
to garrison Tripoli aid T.000 mora to pro
tect Eritrea, the Italian colony on the
Red sea. and Somallland. the Italian pro
tectorate on the Indian ocean.
HasnUrd Karamanll Is now mayor of
Tripoli by decree of King Victor Em
manuel. ,
land at Oilmore City, retained It through
litigation In connection with the river
land rases and retired a few years ago
a very prosperous lsnd owner, whose
children have taken enviable and Influ
ential positions In the community. When
he wss M years old he begsn to writs
and rompleted a history of England. It
waa printed for distribution among his
children and friends. Mr. Van Alstlne
hsd been a progressive agriculturist and
generous with his money in cases of
philanthropy that came to hla attention.
Clarence laaaett.
AUBURN, Neb., Oct. 11. (Special.)
The body of Clarence Clagaett, who died
at Phoenix, Arli.. last week, was brought
to Johnson for burial. Mr. Claggett waa
a resident of Johnson for many years.
At Johnson he built the Claggett opera
house, which still bears his name. For
a long time he was considered the wealth
iest man In Johnson, and he traveled
for a grocery house, giving up the po
sition about eight years ago to become
manager of tha Overland theater In Ne
braxka City. Ha went to Lincoln and en
gaged In the wholesale fruit business,
but his health failed.
C. A. Beeock,
STELLA, Ne.. Oct. 11. (Special.
Norman Smille has received news of the
death of a Bister's husband, at Carmen,
Oklahoma: C. A. Bocock. aed M years.
Mr. Bocock was born In Pennsylvania.
In early life ha came to Illinois, and
there In M50 waa married to Miss Harriet
Bmllle. They enjoyed sixty-one years
of married life, and she. six sons and
one daughter survive. Mo. Bocock came
to this locality In 187K and has many
relatives yet living in this community.
Mra. M. M. Birmingham.
FORT DODGE. la.. Oct. 11. (Special.)
Mrs. M. M. Birmingham of Oowrie, 88
years old. died yesterday and will be
burled tomorrow. She Is a pioneer of
Webster county, coming here forty years
ago wtlh her husband, Major Z. Birming
ham, a vetersn of the civil war, with
whom sha celebrated their golden wed
ding over ten years before his death
about ten years ago.
John Golf.
OSMOND, Neb., Oct. 11. (Speclal.)-
John Goff, a prominent farmer and cat
tle feeder of this place, died Monday aft
ernoon of acute Indigestion. The de
ceased waa wall known, having been a
resident of this county for about thirty
years. The Interment took place at
fierce Wednesday,
Funeral of S. G. Sheffield.
STUROIS. 8. D., Oct. U.-Speclal Tele
gram.) Tha funeral of 8. O. Sheffield, a
prominent pioneer stockmen of the Black
Hills, was held here this sfternoon under
the auspices of Olive Branch lodge No.
IT, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons,
and Key City lodge No. 66, Ancient Order
of United Workmen.
BUFFALO. N. Y.. Oct 11. At yester
day's session of the annus) meeting of
the National Guard association. Brigadier
General Stuart of Pennsylvania, was
elected president. General Charles I.
Martin of Kansas and General G. A.
Storch of Nebraska were re-elected secre
Uiry and tressurer, respectively.
Illll Addressee Illinois Bankers.
SPRINGFIELD. 111. "rt. 11 -The
twcntv-flrst annual convention of the
iiiinniii Xanh.n' nxsoclatlnn opened to-
Amv th state arsenal with l.flOO bank
ers In attendance. An address by James
J. Hill, chairman or ine ooaro oi ui-
rectors of the Great ortnern rauronu.
was a feature of the afternoon program.
A Simple Way To
Reduce Wrinkles
(From The Homa Maker.)
Bear In mind that wrinkles, as well as
bagglness of cheek or chin, are due to
the muscular tissue losing Its strength
and shrinking. The skin Is then too large
In area to fit such tissue smoothly. It
wrinkles or sags.
To remedy this condition there's noth
ing so effective, so quick-acting, as a
simple wash lotion you can easily make
st home. Get an ounce of powdered sax
ollte at your druggist's, and a half pint
witch hazel, mix the two and bathe your
face In the liquid. This treatment at once
tightens the skin and solidifies the un
derlying tissue which of course smooths
out the lines and draws in the sagging
skin. It also stimulates circulation, bring
ing natural color to faded cheeks. Adv.
Dr. Lyon's
Tooth Powder
cleanses, preserves and beauti
fies the teeth, prevents tooth
decay and imparts purity
and fragrance to the breath.
s T K r a sr-v-w
? XT Ml .
; .
Oriental Rug Sale
Monday morning, October
16, we begin a sale of oriental
rugs at bottom prices. You will
be interested in this 'sale be
cause of the striking re
ductions. Watch for big
ad in Sunday Bee.
Miller, Stewart
1 & IWnn fn
li it tr e ,i
Five Dollars Three Dollars
Uave ext.nded the time limit tu Nuvsnibar let w"llea wn" 1
DORWARD, Dentist
Vfare Bleea. lath and raraam.
Vtioas Douc S74.
Tarka Ksnected Relaforcesaente.
PARIS, Oct. 11. Communication with
Tripoli having been re-established the de
trlls of the situation there are pouring
In. From today's advicaa It would appear
that Munhlr Pasha, tha commander of
the Turkish garrison, together with his
staff, trusted until the last moment that
they would receive relnforcemrnta When
they were finally, compelled to retreat
before the Italian guns they went so
hurriedly that of necessity many supplies
were left behind which might have been
carried off had they withdrawn earlier.
Even now Munhlr says that Constanti
nople must have some plan to coma to
his aid. Meanwhllf he Is gathering Ms
forces In the Ghurlan hills, to which hs
retired. He haa at his disposal provisions
for six weeks.
It seems to be tha Intention of the
Turkish commander to resist the Italians
aa long as possible.
John Ksnanael.
FREMONT, Neb., Oct. U.-(8pactal.)
John Kmanuel, one of the beet known
fanners of Pleasant Valley township,
ded at his home Sunday, after a long
Illness from cancer. He was a native
of Germany, M years of age and a resi
dent of tills county for over forty
years. For forty years he was treasurer
of his school district. He served two
terms on the county board and took an
active part In politics as a democrat.
He waa. from boyhood of strong re
ligious nature and a devout member of
tha Roman Catholic church and hia
children have followed his teachings, one
son being a student for the pr eat hood
and three daughters having taken vows
In Catholic sisterhoods. Hs leaves s
widow and twelve children. Funeral serv
ices will bs held at the Catholis church
In Pleasant Valley Thursday morning.
Father Moriarty of North Bend, assisted
by other priests in this vicinity, will
celebrate the mass. He was one of the
largest real estate holders In the county.
-!! Van AUllne.
FORT. DODGE, la., Oct. U.- Special )
elewell Van Alstiue, one of the most
Interesting figures In this vicinity among
the pioneer settlers of this state, died
this morning at his homestead near Oil
more City, at tha age of 11. Mr. Van
Alstlne won an enviable record during
service through the entire civil war, al
though he fit quite young. Then ha
earns to Iowa with hla large family,
bought a quarter section of government
Ueno Healing Power
X.beumatlo Ort p p lea
Mads to Walk Tape
Worms JXemovea Asth
ma and Catarrh Cured
Within a raw Minutes
by the Most Wonderful
Treatment, of the Age.
Wotting z,ika Xt liver
Before keen or Heard of.
Thousands Alwaya At
tend the Healing- and
Tho stsgs will ba
filled with man and
woii'en suffering with
cnronlc diseases or all
forma. See him break
crutches, canes and In
valid chairs and make
the maimed, lame, para
lytic and rheumatic
walk without tha aid of
their crutches and canes,
and make the deaf hear.
Harney and 18th 8ts.
Buy Wisely
In these days of go many Imi
tation and Imperfect diamond!
much care should be used In the
purchase of a stone. Every dealer
In diamonds cannot be trusted,
and buyers should not be deceived
by "commercially perfect" and
"perfect cut," terms which are
not employed In describing really
rlne diamonds..
When you buy at the
Edholm store you
are told, In plain
terms, the whole
story of the dia
mond you inspect.
You are told the
truth and know just
what kind of a stone
you are getting.
Don't Merely Buy
f t Invent.
16th and Harney.
is the Peninsular M375
It is so designed and constructed
that the hot air and smoke, after
it leaves the firepqt, is forced
downward into the base and
through a triple flue system the
heat and smoke traveling such a
distance that practically every
heat unit is extracted before it
passes up the chimney. Through
this heated bas are cold air flues
which keep up a constant circula
tion by taking the cold air off
the floor, heating it and expelling
it at the top.
This Base Burner ....d
Is a handsomely proportioned stove and
neater. it has extra large radiating surface in the
batre, many new features new fiuts. Klvinit double
licetlna CHDsotty. . All Joints are around inrkpil n.i
bolted. Has handsome silver nickel trimmings all over
It. and patent swinging top cover price ,
Taken In Excunge
powerf u' -ft a- jk t
W) Tad's Dental Rooms
THE substantial kind with character, stability,
and high qualities. These attractive pieces were
made to give satisfaction and are priced in a way
that will make it an added inducement to buy.
(Like Illustration.)
Solid mahogany, full post front and bark, box frame con
struction, seat fitted with loose cushion, covered In high grade
green Panne Velour. Large full site.
Rocker or Chair, value $18.00; your choice, $12.50
(Like Illustration.)
This Is a high grade, selected quarter sawed golden oak
table of excellent colonial pattern, heavy scrolls, pattern shelf.
Top Is 30 Inches wide by 4 8 inches long. Contains one Urge
Value 928.00; special $10.75
(The Home of the Ostermoor Mattress, $15.00.)
Next Monday morning. October 16th, we place oa special
sale all carpets, rugs and mattings used the night of the Ball
at the Den. Big bargains.
to a
A handsomelv it.
signed heater, full or fumed
nfcki.1 trimmArl-
m o a t durable.'1- WJto ! H
firebox. paten-UC
anw center
frate, screw
raft register,
air tight, swing
top, absolute y
guaranteed t n
every particu
A massive Table. 6 ft. length,
heavy base and legs of artistic
design, made of (ren-f.
nine solid oak. fin- l
Ivhed Early English
C- . Cvt finish. Prli
f 58.85
lar. Prl
Dining Chairs
Made of aolld
quarter aawed
oak; seat up
h o I s t e red in
genuine lea
Handsomely designed
dreser, three largo
drawers, heavy bevel
golden or
m a h osrany
A handsome
rocker, a
r a r bar
fc a 1 n ; In
golden oak
o r mahog
a n y finish,
a large,
roomy rock
er; very
, comfortable,
at this sale.
Solid Oak
m .t w Vm H Erly Engu.h rm-
H WU. 5l A IM 1 h. lattice work
EglRt'i2d loors. lined drawers,
FtjLPi -'nm genuine solid oak.
6M ..,..$19.75
t 1Q.75- v. tsrw S1R.7S
AJ I I " "
Solid Oak
China Closet
To match buffet.
Early English finish.
artistic lat
tice work
SI .98
a ii .isnnsniimsnwsaean n n n i.mi ,--i.n m n tin a m.s n J 1
"ipwi,iih , .iiihh.ih.iii i. iiiiiiiiii i iniaiiwsmnttKMi mm
Jou should call at our store this
k and see this great range In
operation. Tempting b 1 a o u 1 1 s
baked in three minutes and served
free with prime coffee to all vis
itors. First Joint of stove pipe
made of common wrapping paper,"
thus proving that we use the heat
in the oven and not up the chlm- "
ney. During this week each pur
chaser of a Majestic will re
ceive a fine
Set of
Kitchen Ware
This ware Is worth $8.00 and can only be obtained by placing
your order this week. You don't have to take the range at once,
simply make a small payment and the range and ware wll be de
livered when you are ready.
If you are tired of the ranges made of Cheap Bessemer Steel,
that rust out in three or four years, come In and see one made of
GKXIINF. CHARCOAL IRON that will last three times as long and
that has puttied Joints to open up and leak air and ashes.
We sell for cash or easy payments.
2407-O9 Cuming Street.
"If you buy It of Hussie It's right."
Nona safer. Rent a box In our
great Sate Deposit Vaulta and
place your Jewels, bonds and
private papers there when not
fiucfa articles kept In your
home become known ana are a
constaat menace to your family.
Call and aea our Safety fctoxee
Street Level ratraare to TaalU.
1611 FaraaJn Street
For this week
only we offer in"
Bottled In Bond
Old Log Cabin
per qt. ...05a
Golden Raveu
per quart. fJOe
C. Schlank
& Company
1307 Dougaa St.