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VOL. XLI-XO. 15.
, Tremendous Wall of Water Sweepi
i Austin, .Ta., from Map, Includ
! iag Huge Paper Mill.
iSadden Break of Huge Cement Struc
; tore Comes Without Warning.
State Senator Baldwin and Family
of Austin Are Drowned.
1 Property Loss is Hundreds of Thou
sands of Dollars.
I (Only Forty Found W uc-ii DarkncM
! Come and Fire .Mcikco Work
Increasingly Difficult
for Reacuer.
AUSTIN, Pa., ept. 30.-At 9 o'clock the
death list Is SoO, out ot a population ot
AU&TIJi, Pa.. Sept. . Five hundred
jfpereon were drowned and many more in
jured this afternoon when the gieat dam
Ct the Bayles-Pulp and Paper company
iwent out. The debris fi om hundreds it
crushed houses caught fire and is still
turning. An appeal has been sent to
Governor Tener for help.
; EMPORIUM. Pa., fcept. 30. State Sen
ator Baldwin of Austin and his entire
family were drowned in the flood, accord
ing to word received here at o Cock to
Wuk -, . -
i CORNINCK Tf Vt- 30--Th village
of Costello, four miles thla side of Aui
tin, aiso was swept away, according to a
jreport received he a.
I COUDERSPOBT, Pa.. Sept. 80,-With
W toar that could be heard for mile the
great darn of the Bayless Pulp A Paper
company at Austin, Pa-, fourteea miles
from here, went out at 2:30 o'clock this
afternoon. Foity bodies had been re
covered tram the ruins when darkness
tsmt this evening and it was estimated
that fully 400 weer unaccounted for and
twere believed to be dead.
The dam. which was &30 feet long and
tforty-nlne feet high, was thirty-two feet
Hiclclc at the base and held back mora
than 600,000,000 gallons of water. For
the first time since its construction two
years ago the water was running over
ha top today and many persons went
out from Austin, a mile, and a half away,
to see the unusual sight.
They wore horrified when a section
about twenty feet wide gave way on the
west side. A great volume of water
poured through the hole and the alarm
Quickly was sounded. People ran for
their Uvea to the hill nearby, but some
(were caught in the flood and whirled
iwn the vaUey. A moment later an
ther break occurred, this time on the
last aide. It was much greater and par-
itted the bulk of the mass of water be-
4 to rush In a mighty volume toward
e lowlands.
Harry Davis, a locomotive engineer of
Is place, reached a telephone and noti-
ed the operator at the exchange. She
led aa many Deraona as possible, but
Ahe time was short. The raging flood
(tore down the little valley, carrying death
on ita deUrta-covered crest.
, Women and Children Caught.
Hundred of women and children, the
ea being away at work, were caught In
err homes and drowned or crushed he
re they knew what had happened.
ouaea went down before the mighty
I onrush of water, and gas pipes, bent and
yokes, released their dangerous ooa
fcts. Before the wated bar passed on
Its terrible course through the town a
floiea fire were burning In aa many
" places and the cries of Injured and Ira
prWme4 persons Joined In the terrific
liunder of the flood.
Much of the debris lodged against the
Jiops of the Buffalo A Susquehanna
allroad and there the fire raged fiercest.
: It Is believed that few If any escaped
With their lives. The course of the flood
Was through the business center of the
little village, A majority of the buildings
"were of wood and those which were not
Immediately wrecked by the torrent were
aoon In flames.
So sudden was the onslaught of water
that many , persons hsd no time to flee
to the hills, but others received the warn
ings, and believing it was fire hastened
to the center of the town. onlyto be
I caught ia the flood and swept away.
The flood passed quickly, leaving dlaola
tion In it wake. Houses had been
, .
ou. J-ri. i -ur-iij ,ut tuji-
MENT. : : : :
crushed and tossed about l!k toys, while
many bodies hsd been carried down on
the crest of the surging torrent.
With the pa&eln of the water, those
who had fled to the hills, hastened to
return to their ruined homes In search
of relatives and friends. Here and there
bodies had been cast up along the path
of the torrent and about forty boales
were recovered in a shmt tune, some of
tuem bad been so badly baiured by
the tossing debris that they were be
yond recofc-niiatlon, while others had been
carried along with no apparent Injury.
Many were caught in burring buildings
and it will be days before the teal ex
tent of the calamity will be known, it
is believed that no lets tnau f.o eisoiis
perished and some estimates higher.
Estimate iuu una,
HARRIeBL'RO, Pi, Sept. M.U:ig
distance telephone mettsattes received .ire
from the vicinity of Austin. i esti
mates of more than, 4uu lives lost by the
bursting of the dam.
A telephone operator, who cut in on a '
wire near Austin, telephoned ti;t the
wreckage of the house left by the flood j
was burnm .fiercely stmrtly afior a
o cock end it was feaicd that poisons
wil.rlnor.ed in the ruins would be cre
mated. The wall of water swept down on the
town from a distance of only half a mile
and as it passed thiuuh a valley Ita
forte was little abated when it rushed
against the 500 houses in the borough,
itie daoi wits owned by the Bay less Pulp
and Paper company, according to the
operator, and he.d millions of gallons of
water. Less than ha.f a dozen house
were left standing and men. women and
children who were in the houses had no
chance to escape. Foreman btump of the
Bell Telephone company at Austin wired
from near the wrecked town that the
company's property hod been destroyed
and told a thrill. ns siory of escape by
running to the hill near where he hap
pened to be.
Reports from Coudersport by telephone
tell that the disaster occurred about S
o'clock, but word of the horror did not
become known until more than an hour
later, as the telephone wires were de
stroyed, and farmers driving Into the
borough gave the only news.
Belief parties have gone from toVn in
Potter and Tioga counties,
The dam was built of conorefe and was
located in the Einneraahoning creek.
rrrt Train T,--n VaUey, .
The water caught a train of freight cars
near the etion and they were carried
down the valley with the wreolcaja of the
railroad buildings. The hotels in the tows
were destroyed and as thsy were located
In the path of the torrent no on la
thought to haveescape d from them. The
fire started In the ruins of a warehouse
and communicated to' a row of house
which had partially escaped the flood. "
Telephone report vary widely a to the
number of people who escaped, but eye
witnesses declare that the ttreet were
filled with people who had little chance
to escape.
The report made by 8. S. Eberts. divis
ion manager of the Bell Telephone com
pany to Foreman Stump, says that the
water swept down on the town without
the slightest warning. It appoared to fill
the valley from side to side and the fury
of the flood was so terrible that It seemed
to 'tear bouse to pieoe and hurl the
wreckage high In the air.
Stump say he saw the water engulf
people en the streets ahs they fled for
safety to the hill sides The company's
telephone exchange was wiped out and
Its operators are thought to have been
Baldwin Lived at Aoetln.
HARRI8BURG. Pa, Sept 30. Tele
gram have been received here from Aus
tin asking for state police to guard the
ruins and preserve order. Governor Tener,
who Is at Charerlolx. near Pittsburgh, is
expected to order police to go to the
Austin ts the home of State Senator
Frank E. Ba'dwin, who Is It largest
property owner. He own th leading
bank and i interested In various enter
prise HI home ia In the center of
the town and a hi wife 1 an Invalid. It
Is feared hi family may bs lost.
The big pulp mill was right in the path
of the flood and a huge quantity of log
were carried against the town by the
flood, adding to the horror of the dis
aster. The Impart of the logs probably
accounts for the wrecking of th building
o completely.
At T:M tli Bell Telephone of flea re
ceived word that a line was working
Into Austin, but that no definite fururea
as to lose of life could be obtained. The
loss of property will run Into hundred of
thousands of dollar.
Th telephone report from Austin are
that th houses on th hillside escaped
serious damage, although nearly all were
wept by water. The central part of th
town wa literally wiped out.
Corporal Cameron
Improves Slightly
Th condition ot Corporal James C.
Cameron, of th Nsbrasita National
guard, who was stabbed by Private Ar
thur fc. Cooper, la lihUy improved a. id
attending phys.ans have hep of hi re
covery. Th eri bslleved to hav
passed Saturday. No symptom of blood
poisoning hav appeared. Th ahang to
oooler weather wa beneficial to th
woundsd man.
Verdict tow Mia Christopher.
1XDORA la.. Sept. SO. flpecl.) Mies Chrlatophtr cf Aldpn, who
broujht suit tor Jlfi.Offl for breh of
pi-Aiais -flint B i. Vundenburg seon
after h had rr.arrifd ' another young
woman, wa today given a rardlot of
11.600 by th Jury.
Ti40 a. m. Arrive Union station.
Creating by reception oomuilttee.
8i45 a. m. Breakfast at Omaha club.
11 a. nv Attend aarvle at Trinity.
1:30 p. m. XiOncheon at Omaha club,
4 p. ai. Address on World Teace" at
7:30 p. m. Sinner at Omaha olub.
AUDlTOnrl, 8:30 V.
S. T. Denlson, presiding.
Selection Fourth Xnfasitry Band,
Bon He ioadetn ice
Seleotlon Fourth Infantry Bsad.
Solo Our Country
Charles X,.' Ctsrdnsr and Double
Bong ill Ball the Fower of Jesus'
or.g Jesus Shall Kelgn
Sl action Fourth Infantry Band.
Soar Amerloa
Arrival of the rres.doat, Howard
Baldrlfe, presiding.
Invocation Bsv, John atathows, 9.
Address World 7ac
WUllKt-n Xto-vard Taft. Freidett
th United State.
Photo Copyright. 1904, by the Lumiere
Twelve Hundred Mechanics Leave
Their WorK in Union Pacific
Shops in Omaha.
Officials Sit Calmly By and Say
ftaey Will Await the Return of
borne of the Men Brfore
Filling; Their Flauea.
Obeying the Instruction ot th inter
national officer a surii. was declared
at the Union Pacific railroad al.ops In
tbl city at 10 o'clock Saturday, and ac
cording to th men who walked ' out a
long struggle Is expected unlets the com
pany recedes from Us potation and oifi
daily recOkiiUeg the federated union, a
practically new organization made up ot
the different craftsmen In the shop of
the Harrlman system.
At th usual hour of going to work
tome thing Ilka XJM at the men employed
In the Union Pacific shop wended their
way through the gate of the high board
fence enclosing the buildings. A slow,
drizzling rain wa falling and they walked
more briskly than usual. A usual they
picked up their tool and went to work,
there being nothing to Indicate that two
hours later a large number of them wes
to leave) their benches and maohlne, go
ing out to remain until a battle should be
won or lost.
When the clocks In th several ahop
ot the Union Pacific company recorded
th hour of 10 all of the men looked up
at the face of th familiar timepieces
that for years hav called them to and
from their labor. Then several hundred
of tHem stepped baolc slipped out of their
trimper and overall, packed their work
ing tools, washed up, put on their street
clothe and as quietly and deliberately aa
If they were finishing the work of the
day walked from the shop grounds, som
golag to their homes and other to in
balls of th union of which they are
member. '
Roatta I Continued,
Th trlk had been officially declared
and th men obeyed. However, not all
of th 1,300 men walked out Enough
remained In all of the department s
that th routine work wa continued un
til noon, the ' regular Saturday quitting
hour. .
A to th number of men out, opinion
ar at a wide varlanca Men high tn th
affair of th union contend that more
than two-third of th antlr shop fore
la out, pointing to th tact that of th
XA machinists, but twenty-five failed to
obey th trlk order. They sear that
of th car shop workers, a still larger
proportion responded to the 04.
Offlclala Keen Cannt.
.. Union Paclfto men, who aaaert they
checked th man they left th
shops Saturday morning, state that but
(Continued on Seventh Page.)
I Vait.illMil.. n . wm -arn t a.. - . A 4 -va . m-. V ja aaierMe I 1 f 1 M I
I I "M4WMWU WYi - A enClaWaULVlia. U MLmfUJt WWt W atU BVlajM rw pMWll J : " r"j('
nit' v. -': . "
I -
!;'.-.:-. .-1, ,y. ( v .t ; . ,
;.A' V '..).,.v : t , i - ..'.. . . t , Jwwl, '
. ,.M ill
S a. m. Breakfast at Omaha olnb.
a. nt. Antomoblle tide for entire
party around the city.
0iO3 nt. Btop at KUrn school for
short talk to th students.
i3B a ni. Salute at Fort Omaha.
10i30 a m. -teave foi XiLaoom from
Burlington stitlcn.
Ctart 0 a. m. from Omaha olub, north
to Dodge, west to aid. High pobool,
torth on 83d to Cass, east to ltth,
north on Boulevard, through Killer park,
tlvrough Fort Omaha, south oa SOh
to Fort, east to 84th, south to XaOthrop,
east to 83d, couth to Blnney, east to
Boulevard, south to Oraoe, west to 84th,
south to Fraaklir.. west to 35th, south
to Rami! ton, west to 34th, through Bemls
park, west on Oumlno; to 41st, outh to
i Tl.luMniwL a, n Slt.h. aAntl tA fiawftf.
east to 38th. south to Faolflo, seat to 19 r , . . .r In
Boulevard, south to Foppleton, east to ll .' t.'- , . .S IB
east to 38th. south to Faolflo, eaat to
Boulevard, south to Foppleton, east to
Oecrg-ls, south to Itiokory, west to Fark
venue, north to Wool worth, wert to
3Gth, north to Leavenworth, west to
37th. north to Farnaiu, east to 8th, aoath
. oscrfia, south to uioaory, weax to rara s t . . . f ' in
Studio. Omaha.
Rain Fours Down All Day Saturday
on Carnival Grounds.
Latent Steam for Big Merry-Makia;
le All Stored Up and Will
Be Let Loot Tbie
ept. 87 to Oct. 7, inclusive.
Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 3. Menu
facurers' parade.
Wednesday night, Oot. , BUotrlo!
Thursday afternoon, Oot. 5, Military
Friday night, Oot. . Coronation
1003. lt.
Wednesday 4,i75 3,2 la
Thursday 7.98B B.tSl
Friday a.877. 6,967
Rain, rain. rain. All day Saturday it
fell in torrent and streams, pools stood
in the street and th tent on the Ak-Sar-Ben
carnival grounds looked drooped
and disappointed.
A better Incentive for making this week
the greatest carnival week In the history
of Ak-Bar-Ben could not have been
thought of. Hundreds, nay, thousands of
merry maker, were disappointed Batur-
day and their fun had to be stored up
until this week. All the plans for a good
time that went to waste for this rainy
day will hav to wait until tills week to
reach frultitlon, and tor that reason they
will be all th more enthusiastically car
ried out.
Too Bad for th Children.
It wa unfortunate that the first bad
weather should have couie on children
day, when the little folk were to be
admitted to the grounds on a half rate.
There wer very few of them who ven
tured forth because the drowning rain
kept up its steady pour all day. The car
nival grounds had very few people, ex
cepting thOHe who had business there.
Excepting for the unklndness of - the
clouu, th beginning of the carnival ha
been unusually auspicious. This week
probably will break the record of the
beat year ever, 1004, and that It will equal
the record of last year 1 most confidently
expected. Th shows ar Improved end
there ar mor of th good ones, every
thing 1 there, waiting for th people who
will throng the King's highway to have
a memorable festival and a worthy eele
bration In honor of hi majesty, Kins
Ak-Sar-Den XVLII.
Inearaac Company Mast Pay.
ALCONA. Ia. Sept. 80. ( Special)- Sir.
J. , X Button ha secured a Judgment
against the Illlnol Traveling Men' as
sociation for li.OOO. Her husband was
insured In this company and kept up his
dues. Upon hi death the company re
fused to settle on the groulds that h
had committed ulcld. The question wa
taken Into the courts for adjustment with
th result that lira Sutton, th widow,
won out, - - -
1 . 9
Italian Government Investing Coast
and Preparing to Take
Turkish City.
ltaliaa Warship Attack Two Tark
lab Torpedo Boats Moslem
Appeal to Power to
TRIPOLI, Sept. ' 30. The Italian squad
ron opened fir upon the fort at 10:30
ROME. Sept. 30 The Metsagero as
nouncea that the government, acting un
der the provisions of international law,
la allowing twenty-four hours to elapse
between the summons to surrender and
the bombardment of Tripoli. The twenty,
tour-hour period expire at t o'clock thli
evening, and a bombardment will begin
at that moment.
ficially announced let today that Italian
warships tbjs morning attacked two Tur
kish torpedo boats off the port of Du
raxso on th wet coast of Albania.
It 1 officially anoouxicM that Greece
1 mobilising troopa
The newspaper announce that Minister
ot War Mahmoud Shefket Paeha has tel
egraphed the Turk&h commandant at
Tripoli to defend that territory with the
utmost energy and to appeal to the re
ligion of the people.
It 1 probable that the Italian declara
tion of war and the attack on Turkish
torpedo boat destroyers at Pervesa has
decided the Turkish government to re
verse Its decision not to defend Tripoli.
In this attack a Turkish torpedo boat
was sunk In th harbor and the govern
ment house was destroyed.
The Turkish government today addressed
an appeal to the power expressing pained
surprlh at Italy' action In declaring
war yesterday and saying that there 1
still time to prevent the disastrous and
evil effects of a war which nothing In the
attitude of the Turkish empire Justifies.
The port appeals to th peacetul,
humanitarian and friendly sentiments of
the power to assist In convincing lial)
of th conciliatory Intention of Turkey
end o prevent the useless shedding of
blood and grief to thousands of famlUea
Th government ha asked the United
State to take charge of th Interest of
Ottoman subjects In Italy.
Th German ambassador to Turkey,
Baron Marschall Von Biebersteln. noti
fied th porte this morning the Germans
had assumed the protection of Italian
subject and interests in Turkey. The
Italians In Turkey number SO.OuO.
It wa reported that an Italian warship
had goo ashor near Tripoli.
Later account stat that th erw of
i ' j u i
the Turkish torpedo boat deetroyar which
ws sunk In th harbor of . Prevesa tn
Eplrus by an Italian cruiser yesterday
Th war office announce measures to
make the rule ot martial law more sever
because of tne public excitement. Public
meetings and alarmist publications are
prohibited and any movement calculated
to endanger public order will be Imme
diately suppressed by force of arm. But
flolent troops have been stationed In
convenient places to meet emergencies.
Official version of the engagement oft
Prevesa say that an Italian cruiser, ac
companled by torpedo boats, attacked two
Turkish torpedo boat destroyer as the
latter were leaving Prevesa On of th
Turkish vessels found refuge in Proves
harbor, while the other wa struck by
several shell and ran aahora Th crew
was saved.
Th committee of union nd progreas
published th following proclamation:
"Italy at length ha unmasked Its hos
tile designs on Tripoli. Th Italian
charge has handed a note to the porte
announcing the occupation ot Tripoli
province yesterday. The ottoman nation
prefer honor to life and Indignantly
repel the Italian audacity.
"There will be war between the two
countrle and our nation will employ
very mean (gainst th esemy. Tripoli
will courageously defend itself. The Ot
toman government will expel all Italians
from Turksy and Italian schools and
business houses will be, closed
"Our committee will employ all Its In
fluence to cause these measures to be
applied in a calm spirit towards the na
tion which has trodden under foot our
most sacred rights. We beg th popula
tion to remain tranquil and leave to the
government the duty of acting against
the Italians, thus demonstrating that Ot
tomans are more civilized and equitable
than Italian who drove their govern
ment to the preaent action.
"We invite all children of the father
land to be united at this critical mo
mant." The principal newspapers use language
of unmeasured violence against th
Italian, while the Ottoman psopl are
advised to show their patriotism by the
strictest boycott of Italian product and
at th same Urn to treat th Italian In
Turkey a guests.
The government ha decided to
strengthen Its military fores op th
Greek and Montenegrin frontier a
Bnthaslaam in Italy.
ROME. Sept. SO.-Th declaration of
war against Turkey ha been received
with snLhualam In all ports of th
oountry. Upon th receipt of th now
from th capital great procession were
organised at Genoa, Milan, Bsrgamo,
Parma. Bart, V orcein and ferugtv th
crowd singing patriotic song and ac
claiming th army and navy.
Th government 1 communicating to
th powers it position respecting th va
rious phase at th conflict
A dispatch from Genoa say that th
Turkish consul there has received In
struction to go to Turjn and withdraw
the Turkish axhlblt from Uia Interna
tional exposition.
A new dispatch from Tripoli says that
a boarding larty from th Italian
(Continued from Becoud Pae.)
Chief Executive Will Be Entertained
Today hy Whole Populace Ex
tending Loyal Greetings.
Goes to Church at Trinity Cathedral
in the Morning.
At Auditorium Will Discuis "World
Peace" Before Mass Meeting.
In an Automobile Will Be Shown
the Beautiful and Busy Town.
Meal of the FrldniUl Fry t
Be served at the Exclual)
Clob and the iant pa
William Howird Taft, prcs.dent of th
United State, will arrlv In Omh t
7 tft this morning to b th city' guest
today, tonight and th grtr part ot
tomorrow forenoon. .
Every man. woman and child In Omaha
will in a sense be host to tne pmran,,
fnr be I to bo th guest of au. rainer
than of any particular organisation. Th
mmmlttaa on arrangement l nonpsr-
tlssn and th reception committee t th
Auditerlum. wher h will paK tni n-
ernoon under the auspices of the Younr
Men Christian association, l com
posed of stt, county and city officials,
director of a number ot business and
octal organisation nd about 100 rep
resentative men beside.
Th presidential party I eheduled to
com ovr th Missouri Paclflo at th
at th v
will be ,
an com- X'
r com-
Union tatlon at 7:40 a. m. and
met bv member of th reception
mittM and eecorted by th mUr com.
mlttee on rrangement. composed of
Victor Rosewater. chairman: Chart H.
Pickens H. H. Baldrlg. Senator O. M.
Hitchcock and M. L. Learned. Imme
diately to th Omha club, wher th
members af hi party, th local commit
te at flv, Governor Aldrtch and Sen
ator Brown will breakfast wtth him.
Th president and hi Prty will attend
church at 11 at Trinity cathedral, wher
pew hav been reserved. Service wt'.l b
obductad by Bishop William nd Dean
Tancoclc Going to ohuroh ha will b con
ducted by Mr. Plckena
At 4 o cldfck the preeldent wUl deliver
an address tn th Auditorium on "World
Paace," whr h will be presented by
Mr. Baldrlg. and on hi return escorted
by Senator Hitchcock.-
Luncheon will be taken at th Omaha
club with members of his own party and,
dinner with member of th oommttte
and a small group of Omaha friend and
breakfast Monday morning with hi
XL o'clock Monday morning th pres
ident, accompanied by hi entlr party
and a number of Omaha boat. wUl start
on an auto tour of th city, in which th
only atop will be made at th high school
building whr Mr. Taft will address th
students for tan mlnutea - The president
will enter through the south entrance
and proceed to th main ntranc. where
he will be Introduced by Superintendent
Oratf to th 2.000 tudnt drawn up in
front of the building.
Residents along the rout ot th auto
tour ar requested to decorate their
borne with flags. Th trip will and at
th BurtlngtoA station, wher th presi
dential party wilt take train tor Lincoln
at 10:30 In th morning.
It will b seen from the program that
th president' request to be allowed to
taka Sunday for rest is to be respected,
as he will have the greater part of th
day to himself. -
The most important public appear nc
of th president her wUl ba this aT ear
noon at th Auditorium, where he is to
peak under th auspices of th Toting
Men Christian association, General Sec
retary B. F. Penleon presiding. Th
door of th Auditorium wlU open at 3.
th meeting will begin at 1.80 and the
president will speak about 4- Th Fourth
infantry military band from Fort Crook
and a double quartet will furnish th
On th ta with th p real dent will
sit about tOO cltlsens ol Omaha and Ne
braska as members of a recaption com
mittee. The Invitation list for this com
mittee, sent to SOO. mbraoaa all leetlve
city official, elective county official
nd elective stat officials. Including dis
trict judges and th congressional dele
gation, th directors of th Commercial
club, dlreotor ot th Omaha olub. direc
tors of th Young Men's Christian asso
ciation. Board ot Governors of Ak-Bar-Ben,
all leading protectant and Catholic,
clergymen of th city and about 100 rep
resentative man in addition. Members of
Boxes of O'Briet; a
Dalzell'g Ice Crea. j Bracks.
Base Ball Ticket j.
All ar lva a ay fro to
thoea who Had t a name la
tn want ads. 4
Read th watt ads every day,
.your namo mill appear soui.
Um. ravt mor tuan one.
. be
NO puttie to solv nor sudu"
acrlptlons to gotjust read "'ad
want ado. inuin
Tur. to th want ad paseVvur.
thar you will find nearly a'"1-, '
business - boua U th clt
rntL. , . . , '
v v