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Women Are
Doing in the World
.itt (;-jT-,-i.'i, nn of ths most
a;rtrnt or:"! rtfte'ent whtts nh
bun:r in tit country, will b
tb prtn ipal speaker at the
Nebraska State Woman!
Oirts'ian Ttrprm- union convention
at Mi-Cork, September 2 to 3. Mn. Ar'
mor in r'-mj-mbrre'l by many Omahana
from having" debated rth Mayor Patil
man on th li'juor question at a Bellevus
i'bautaui':a Kvral years ago and from
htnjr taken a prominent part In the
doinira of the National Woman' a Chris
tian Temperance union convention held
In Omaha in 15"?.
The convention will open Monday even
Ir.R with a Keneial officers' meeting. The
addresa of the prealdr-nt. Mn. Francis
H. Ileald. will com on Wednesday and
the elections of officers and delegates to
tr.- national convention In Milwaukee and
to the world's convention on Thursday.
The club ipasnn 1 In full swine:. Mem of the women's orpanixatlnns have
returned from outings at lake and moun
tain resorts, flub meetings have be'in
la renl earnc-t and club work Is start
ing off wlrti a vim.
The Mu Flpma club will start Us study
M-aS'in Wednesday at the home of Mrs. H.
I). Netly. The course, which this club will
pursue this, will be the Elizabethan
period of Kngllfh literature. Wednesday's
pioi:ram will be preliminary to the retru
lr work. Mrs. C. II. Balliet will lead
the meeting and will give a resume of
tnKlifh literature preceding the Eilaa
bethan period. Mrs. Mary D. Newton
will read a paper on the "Orltrln of the
English Languaire and Literature," Mrs.
G. II. Payne will teil one of the stories
from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Mrs.
Frank Holmes will talk upon the Robin
hood ballads. Mrs. James M. Patton will
tell about the Song of Roland. Mrs. C. C.
Bdden will report on More'a Utopia,
The University Extension club with
Mn. A. T. Scrviss, lender, baa prepared
an elaborate program of work for the
year, representing the topics being taken
up by the members by home study.
The work will consist of lectures, papers
and short talks, touching philosophy,
psychology, sociology, architecture, liter
ature with particular attention to Ameri
can authors, especially Poe, to the drama,
especially the plays of Bha-kcspeare, and
to mythology.
The opening meeting will be held Tues
day evening at 7:30 In the Omaha Com
mercial college building. Mrs. Elizabeth
Fears, the president, will give an address
and there will be talks ea phases of
ducatiou. and a social half-hour. Meet
ings will be held throughout the year
very alternate Tuesday. The annual
meeting, elections of officers and an-
versary dinner will be held February
13. The year win close with, a picnic
June XL
Tuesday will be donation day at the
Old People's home, 221 Wirt street, when
all friend of the old folks aro Invited
to bring provisions foe the winter store
of proviaiona. This wIU bo the last
donation day beforv the Thanksgiving
party. iWednasday, November 23.
Al Jts neetSneT Thursday, the Benson
Woman's club elected Mrs. Charles Tracy
and lira. E. A. Searson to represent the
Xlub at the biennial meeting of the state
federation at Holdrega. October W to 12.
Miss Ada B tiger was elected alternate.
The current topics department of the
Woman's club win open Its season with a
social affair. October 10. from 2 to
p, nv. when the members will be guests
Kot the leader. Mrs. C Vincent, at the
.Metropolitan duo.
The guests of honor will be the offi
cers of the department: Mrs. E. M. Stan
field, secretary and treasurer: Mrs. J. I.
Adams, chairman of the entertainment
comsnittee; and Mrs. C B. Brookfleld,
chairman of the courtesies committee;
and the newiy appointed assistants. Mra
C. H. Townaend, Mrs. Edward Phelan,
Mrs, W. O. Paisley. Mrs. E. M. Byfert.
Mrs. T. R. Ward. Mra. K. Oehrle, Mra
C. W. Hayes, Mrs. Samuel Rees and
Mr. E. B. TowL .
The music department of the Woman's
club will assemble for the first time this
season Thursday afternoon at 2:15 at the
First Congregational" church, when there
will be a discussion of ths year's work,
a musical program and tea.
Mrs. A. K. Cault will attend ths Na
tional Conservation congress In Kansas
City this week as a delegate appointed
by the national Daughters cf ths Amer
ican Revolution.
Mrs. & D. Wilson of Omaha, state
rnaldent of the P. E. O. Sisterhood, will
aitend the national convention of the
or ier. which will be held In St. Louis
iFeplemixer 'Ji to 2a.
The Wyche Story Tellers' league will
meet Thursday at 4:15 p. m. at the public
library, when stories from American tsSa
tory will be told by Miss Ida Crowell,
11 m Agnes McElroy and Miss Krebba.
Ths program for the tenth annual
state conference of the Nebraska Caugh
teis of the American Revolution, to be
held in Kearney. October 23 to 2S, with
tho Fort Kearney chapter as hostess,
i-as been issued.
OutHue of program:
Monday. October 23 P- m., reception
a: d L.uM.Uft ty Fort Kearney chapter to
ll-M delegates.
Tueuay. October 24 Hub assembly
! i.11, morning eamon of conference. s.JO
aiternoou seiutiou. I. in. Evecixig, muaicaie,
t, . A.
velneaday. October 25 Morning ses-
on, K.mO. afternoon session, 1JU. even-i-.l;.
S, tr.ird annual wtuot and dancing
I any.
Ihursday, October SS Morning, auto
' oiouilu ruia tt Stale Industrial school and
ot..r ilak.-cs of intureai la the city before
I: a.u lime.
VI. e Woman s club of the railway mall
v. :-vica has gotlea out an attractive book
Tot of programs fur the coming year which
i. ver a wide variety of Interests. The
nub op-nrd its session WcduetMlay with a
fr lit shower at the Old People's home
M this meeting Mrs. John liltunger.
I i! il.lenl
I licrkman
r Lunnial
ii 'il.lent of the club, and Mra. W. E.
nan. wore chosen delegates to the
meeting of the Nebraska Feder
ation of Woraen's clubs in Holdrege Octo
ber 1 to 1-
The 11 an on Automobile Co. Invite ths
.ireful car buyer te Lnsnect the Mar ion
X.' Tourmg ear sow oa Its floor. The
Five-Passenger Car with TM miles per-
f ci t road score.
Waata t rrwws tke isa.
"P eaae. nuramt," said little Jack. "1st
n-.u waia ths baby. I wact to see If she
can cry loud enough to drowa the Boise
of my new drum."
(Continue-! From Tacit To.)
claim In Rockland. Idiho, for two years,
h returned home. '
Mrs. Harrv CurftmlTir" Is In Chlcaaro.
Mrs. Elirabeth Anderson has removed
to Vancouver, B. C.
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Gould go to New
Tork Funday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Hoeford are m
Chicago for a few days.
Mr. Frank Felhy and Mr. Harry Car
penter returned iaturday to Cornell.
Mrs. Herman Kountxe has left Atlantic
City and la with her sister at Dunkirk.
N. T.
Mrs. J. A. Mackensle. who has been 111
at Wise Memorial hospital. Is conval
escing. Mrs. E. A. Henry of Chicago Is visiting
her nephew, Mr. C. E. Black, and Mrs.
Miss Meta Buschbaum of Chicago Is
the guest of ner cousin, Mrs. David
Miss Mildred Merriam has left for
Boston to attend the wedding of a
Mrs. H. Rex Cotton returned Saturday
from Lake Okobojl where she spent the
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nott are at Lynn,
Conn., and will return to Omaha the
middle of October.
Mrs. Arthur H. Benton has returned
from a six weeks' visit to Minneapolis
and Lake Minnetonka.
Miss Pansy Higglns. who has been
visiting her mother and sister, baa re
turned to New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Snens arrived Fri
day from a three weeks "trip to New
York and New Orleans.
Mr. Frank B. Johnson and daughter,
Mrs. Harry Montgomery, leave today to
spend a few days in Chicago.
Victor Caldwell, jr., and Kenneth Pat
terson left for New Haven last evenlr.3
to reum their rtudies at Yale.
Euatbeth Alderson, Henrietta MeCarrue
and Isabel Shukert have left to attend
Rockford collejre, liockford. 111.
Mra. , Morris Strauss and son are ex
pected home today from an extended
vlalt In Chicago and Milwaukee.
Mrs. J. E. Summers, who has been In
Canada, and recently In Atlantic City
and New Tork, returned Saturday.
Mra Jacobs, who has been the guest
of Miss Curtis for the last week, leaves
Monday for Chicago to visit friends.
Mrs. Clifford Weller and small son.
C. F. Weller. Jr., who reside In Weller,
Colo., are visiting Mrs. A. B. Jaquith.
Mr. and Mrs. Perfect of New York,
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Pearce,
leave Monday, returning home by motor.
A postal from Bermuda from Miss
Mary Hlgglns says that she has had a
fine voyage. She will sail for Mobile
in a few weeks.
Mr. Byron Oberst, son of Mr. and Mrs
Martin Oberst. left Friday for Chicago,
where he will study law at the North
western university.
Mr. George Howard Rushton left Satur
day for Cambridge, Mass., to resume his
studies at Harvard, where ha is a member
of the class of 1912.
Mrs. Miles Braden and daughter of
Rochelle. 111., arrived , Friday to be the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. John A Dempster
at the Wellington hotel.
Miss Winifred Shepherd, who has been
the guest of her aunt. Emma Petersen,
left for Wellesley. Masa. where she will
enter Wellesley college.
Messrs. Charles Metx, Fred? Meta, J. D.
5Hhy not
have it?
You can have the best Cleaning
and Dyeing to be had In Omaha
by sending your work to the
Pantorlum, and It will cost no
more than the Inferior and uncer
tain kind why not have It?
We've been fifteen years in the
business here in Omaha, fourteen
under the present management,
and wa think too much of our
reputation to turn out anything
but the very best work. Think it
Read these Dry Cleaning prices:
Opera Coats $2 to lt.
Ball Dresses $2 to $3 54
Silk Scarfs 60c to 75c
Silk or Kid Slippers 35c
Short Gloves, pair 10c
Long Gloves, pair 25c
Men's full dress suits sponged and
preased ..75c
Dry Cleaned and pressed ..$150
If you need a dress suit for the
ball come In and see us we have
several nice ones for rent.
Our wagons reach all parts of
the city daily; caiUua up on either
pnone ana we will cail promptly.
"Good Cleaners and Dyers."
lftia-lS-lT J-oaea It,
raonest Song. te3; Xnd. A-31M.
The Hisses'
and Young Women's
School Shoes
The misses and young women
should have a ahos that com
bines all the style found in a
womaa's shoe with easy fitting
and good wearing qualities. The
real shoe this winter is the
Gun rectal High Cut
In button. These shoes are en
tirely new this season and for
appearance and style, as well as
wearing qualities, they are ex
cellent. MISSES' ll!i to 2
Drexel Shoe Co.
1419 Farnam St.
Weaver, J. J. IVrlght and vT'.lliam Msrsh
are members of a hunting party at the
M ranrh near CMr, Neb.
Jack Webster and Earl Furket are
spending a week's vacation at Webster's
ranch at Fawlet, In Deuel county. They
will do some bunting while there.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cowell and Mies
Mona Cowell have gone to New Tork
City. Miss Cowell will remain in the east
and will enter her freshman year at Vas
ar. Mr. and Mr. Thomas A. Fry ''snd
daughters. Misses Alice snd Daisy Fry.
will leave Tuesday for Newton. Mvw.,
where the Misses Fry will attend school
at Mount Ida seminary.
Mr. and Mrs. Prim and M:es Ella Mae
Brown motored with Mr. entries Brown
to Colfax Tuesday. Mr. and Miss Brown
returned Thursday by train. Mr. and Mrs.
Print remaining until Sunday.
Mrs. J. 8. White has returned after
spending the summer on the Island of
Manan. New Brunswick. Mrs. White
went by boat to Portland. Sfe., later vis
iting Bath, Bosttm and Portsmouth.
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Kennard will take
possession Monday nf their new home
Just completed at Falracres. Miss Alice
Kennard leaves Monday, to visit her sis
ter. Mrs. Goodwin, at Newcastle. Ind.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hume of Sesttle.
who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. P.
C. Hern, left Saturday to visit relative
In Thurman, la., and will later vl-it In
Kentucky before returning to their horn.
A delightful affair Friday afternoon
M an Informal kenslncton el-en by
Miss Zeiss at her home, 124 North Thirtv
thlrd street. The afternoon w spent
"Uh needle work and about twenty-four
guests were present.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dempster re
turned Saturday evening from a nine
months trip. After spending the winter
In TexaS they left for a visit in New
York, after which they visited in Penn
sylvan'a. Chin. Indiana and Illinois-
Mrs. John N. Baldwin gave an Informal
How Many Nn
Kep Youthful
(Fom The Social Register.)
It Is well 'mown that within recent
years the men have become extensive
patrons of "eauty specialists and mas
seurs. Not only the fastidious, but
men generally who have a care for per
sonal appearance. This haa also led
to the employment by many of means
calculated to enhance or preserve
physical attractiveness, especially by
those who abhor "beauty parlors."
Of these, perhaps the most widely
used la ordinary mercolized wax which
explains the mystery of the silver
haired gentlamen with the boyish face.
The mercolized wax, obtainable at an.v
drug store, is applied after shaving, the
same as cold creeam, only not rubbed
In. This gradually absorbs the dead
and half-deal cuticle In tiny particles,
revealing the fresher, healthier-liued
skin beneath. To secure best results
many apply he wax at night, washing
It off in the morning. Women not only
encourage husoands In this, but use the
treatment themselves. Adw
Stub Toe Novelties in
Ladies' Footwear.
The new short high toes
in tan are in great demand
for general wear.
The Sorosis tans are
The Monogram lines are
now in tangun metal, vel
vet, patent colt and other
leathers and fabrics at
$3.00 Per Pair.
Sorosis Shoe Store
203 South 15th St.
Announces a Complete Display
Goodwin Corsets
at her shop In the
Corsets in btock and
3 lade to Measure
Mrs. Stock well gives personal
service and guarantees com
plete satisfaction in fit and fin
ish. You may select from a
stock and variety of models
that insures the right corset for
every woman.
Phone for appointments.
Duujilaa 4749.
eV r:-7;- "--Tr V Jl
Lit mmA li. kl.
SulmiOTT kMl. Lmi kt: Sl.SSS '
Msla I. I. a h. .fcWl frmm.
Josephine Le Fevre Company
railadalphia. Pa.
Solil by bai-n lru o . ti.a R:i Vrag
Co., aaj iQe bcacstt Cuui(ny, umm
birthday dinner Wednesdav evening for
her daughter. Mrs. Arthur Guiou. The
guests were Mr. and Mrs. Guiou. Mr.
and Mrs. Howsrd Baldrlce. Mr. snd Mrs.
William E. Martin and Mr. and Mrs.
F. 8. Cowaill.
Miss Rebecca Smith of Biloxl. Miss,
will arrive Monday to visit M'ss Kliza'
beth Sweet, whose clnssmate she was at
Smith. Miss Smith will remain till after
the Ak-Sar-r.en bail, and In her honor
Mi-sa ?weet will give a bridge party Tues
day afternoon.
Mrs. James Hornhrook, wife of Captain
Inl- WitSiy depend upon getting just the
IL'LJ u ,i;,& I! ;E Every stone in this estab-
W t'v tt H lament is of the highest qual
its price is fixed by the intrinsic value of the diamond plus
the actual cost of the setting. The display of diamonds
here is unsurpassed in Omaha for beauty, quality and
moderateness of price. It should always be remembered.,
too, that only one price is placed on every article in this
store fall are marked in plain figures) and from. this
price there is no deviation for any person.
Albert Edholm
Sixteenth and Harney
Auction Auction
On Tuesday, Sept. 26th, commencing at 10 A. M., we
will sell at public auction the contents of the residence of
Mr. Morris Levy, 2037 Dodge street.
Household effects consist of fine Sohmer Piano, Par
lor, Music room, Dining and Bed Room Sets, Carpets and
Rugs, Pillows, Feather Beds and Down Comforters, large
white enamel lined Refrigerator, Jewel Gas Range with hot
water attachment, Instantaneous Water Heater, and other
goods too numerous to mention.
VOST-High Grade Furs
sUs Corner 20th and Farnam. Telephone UoukIss 304U.
Any system of personal cleanliness is incomplete that
does not include a sanitary hair-dressing.
Don't neglect the hair. Its proper care is far frpm being the least
important part of the toilet. There is no portion of the person more
liable to accumulation of germs and dirt, yet the hair is most fre-'
quently neglected.
People consider themselves models of bodily neatness when they
bathe regularly, clean their teeth diligently, devote hours to manicuring
and industriously conserving their complexions while they seldom or
never pay any attention to the condition of the hair and scalp. Besides
t. il . -1 e i .
oemg open to me ciiarge oi nncieanuness, tnese people are still more
unfortunate because by their carelessness they are really aiding time in
the destruction of their beauty and youthful appearance.
Adds a sense ol refreshing c.sanliness that is
extremely comforting.
The consciousness of having the hair and scalp sweet and clean
brings a feeling of pleasing self-assurance. HERPICIDE is a real scalp
prophylactic and its use produces one of the most apparent evidences
of personal cleanliness.
Besides keeping the hair .and scalp in an absolutelv clean and
highly sanitary condition all the time. XEBWROS'S HERP'lCIDE erad
icates the dandruff and prevents its accumulation by destroying the
germ that causes it. It is also an effectual check to falling "hair.
The delightful and exquisite odor of HERPICIDE without regard
for its sanitary and hair-saving qualities, appeals to" all persons of re
finement and taste.
Try a Sample Battle and Read the Booklet
If not already acquainted with the delights of using this most pop
ular of all hair-dressings, send 10 cents in postage or sijver (to pay post
age and packing) for a trial size bottle and booklet on the care of the
Address THE HKRP1CIDE COMPANY. I-pu 1 li, Detroit, Michigao.
. Applications a! the letter Birber Shopj an J &air. Dressing Parlors.
The larfe s:z: Newbra's Henreifh snM miW -n .r . . l
'B Sherman & McConneU Drug
Owl Drug Co., 16th and Harney Sts. I Loyal Pharmacy 207-9
Hornbrook. arrived In tmaha Thursday
from the- rhKlpplnes with her daughter,
Genevieve, who enters 'Brownell Hall.
Captain Hornhrook Is ordered her as pay
master and will arrive In Omaha the mid
dle of November.
The Misses Clara an 1 Msrghuerlte
Schneider of Fremont. Mrs. C Wesley
Turner. Jr., of Omaha, and Mlsa Betty
of New York, who have spent the sum
mer In Europe, will sail for home Sep
tember 2. sailing from Southampton on
the steamship Amerika.
Buy It at Edholm's
To select the ring that will
be sure to please is a delicate
problem, but it is easily solvel
when you come to the Edholm
store in quest of your solitaire.
The assortment here ranges to
meet every requirement, from
the most moderate-to the mo.-t
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ity for the price asked. Every
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by the most skilled of workmen.
Every ring has that exquisite,
.distinctive Edholm beautv, and
Co., 21th and Farnam Sts. and
bpecial Agents.
. '
Monheit's New Millinery Display
We Invite the ladies of Omaha to se oar
new display of fall mUlinery. We carry a stock
and variety of styles that will insure complete
satisfaction at prices commensurate with your
Hair Goods Department
The advantages of, this department have
been acknowledged" by the women of Omaha
throueh a most encouraging, patronage. Women
who have traveled all over the country agree
that this department is meet modernly equipped
and that the prices are most moderate. For
appointments call Douglas 2333. or lnd. A-2333.
Visit Our Store Monday
Convenient location for biwy women ground
floor of Omaha's skyscraper City National Bank
(Ol M 1 M M . M t H M li t M TT J tl 5
8 a
h v n
a i
i !
Ut-H-Hjl1 n r n ( tt
16th and
'I ' !
' ' ! ;
Try Herpicide Aseptic Tar Soap for the hhainpuo.
There la authing better. To know the real comfort of
N 16th St. h dr"in
,,hou,,, u Herpicide cub, .o.