Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 22, 1911, Page 5, Image 5

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    THE BEE: OMAHA, FRIDAY, StTlttB.K IT.', ijii.
Coatettanta in Bookloren' Want to
Bead In Their Answers Now.
Half af Ties la Ceetest STes. Gaae
ul Theee vVae Entr !faw WIU
Staaa Exeelleat Ckaaee at
Contestant in the Booklovers' game
J'ipt remember that no answer to the
pujsl picture are to be mailed until the
close of the eonleet. Soma have wanted
to send In their solution now.
Further particulars regarding the re
turn of answers will be irlven later
In the contest All question that
eonteitan wish to have answered
hould be mailed to the contest editor of
The Bee. Replies will be made through
a question column In thl paper.
It should be kept In mind that It Is
Tivr too late to enter the contest
"Enter the eonteet any time."
Partictianta have plenty of time In
which to eolve the puizles. a none of the
coupon will be accepted until the period
ha expired for the publication of all
picture. Be euro to eave the coupons
every day and If you want extra onee call
at The Bee business office this week.
Phould you have anv trouble In getting
the correct answer The Fee will furnish
you a catalogue of E.O00 book titles, from
which lint the titles for the seventy-five
pictures have been taken This catalogue
la sold for 25 cents at the business office
or will ba sent by mall for 30 cent.
First A White Steamer automobile, a
beautiful five-passenger car. celebrated
for Its durability and speed, valued at
Fecond A ten-acre ranch In beautiful
Tehama county. California. delightful
climate, rich fruit land; value. H.250. Full
lr formation concerning this land may be
had at the office of the Trowbrldge
Bolster company In the City National
bank building. Omaha.
Third A beautiful Krell Auto-Grand
player piano (have the music of the mas
ters in your own home): value. $900. Thi
prize la exhibited at tha Bennett (tore.
Sixteenth and Harney street.
Fourth One lot In the business district
of Ralston, a lot 25x110 feet, on Maywood
treet; value, g-TS. Full Information may
b? had at the office of the Ralston Town
site company, South Seventeenth
treet. Omaha.
Fifth In the beautiful suburban town
of Ralston, one lot In the residence por
tion. 5 ixl30 feet; this lot la valued at $225.
Full information may he had at the of
fices of the Ralston Townaite company,
300 South Seventeenth street. Omaha.
Sixth. Peventh and Eighth Three et
(twelve volumes) of Nelson's Loose-Leaf
Encyloped a, tha encyclopedia that can
not grow old: each set valued at M.
These book are exhibited at the store
of W. A. Hlxenbaugh Co., 1814 St
Mary's avenue.
Ninth and Tenth The Book of Knowl
edge, or Child Encyclopedia, a univers
al work for chool children; twenty-four
volumes; each set $36. These book are
exhibited at the store of W. A. Hixen
baugh A Co.. 1814 St Mary' avenue.
Add to this forty-five cash prlxe. aa
follows. Five 10 00 prize, ten 15.00 prise,
ten I2.i) prise, twenty tl prise.
Missouri Pacific
Rebuilds Its Omaha
Kansas City Line
"By the first of next year the Missouri
Pacific will have the best line of road
between Omaha and Kansaa City." Such
la the statement of General Superinten
dent DeBernardJ of St. Louie, who 1 In
charge of the western linea of the com
pany and who la In the city after having
made an Inspection of the lines and the
Improvement that are being rushed to
completion before winter ets in.
According to Superintendent DeBernardU
the Missouri Pacific road between
Omaha and Kansas City, has been prac
tically rebuilt since the Election of Presl
dent Bush. When President Bush took
charge of the road last July, ai first
order was to put the Omaha-Kansas City
Una In the beat possible condition, re
gardleas of cost. He gave Superintendent
DeBernardl free hand and the work be
gan. Since then all of the grades have
been or are being reduced to a minimum,
curve have been taken out bridges have
been rebuilt and new track of standard
steel has been laid. At the present time
there remains about ano.ono cubic yards
to be removed to reduce the grades, but
five large steam shovel are employed
on the work.
As to the annual report of the Missouri
Pacific, showing a deficit of almost
12.500.000 during the last fiscal year.
Superintendent DeBernardl expresses the
opinion that it does not come about by
reason of poor business, but by reason
of charging off a lot of old claim that
heretofore have been carried along, but
have now been disposed of under the
change In methods Inaugurated by Presi
dent Bush.
Plead Guilty to Get
Away from the Dope
Ecape from the clutchea of "dope"
will be sought behind prison bar by Ed
Cherrlngton and John Ell, two young
men who pleaded guilty to a charge of
breaking and entering- before Judge Willis
O. Sears. Thurday.
Since their arreat, September It, for
breaking into a Northwestern railroad
box car and stealing fifty-four bottles
of beer they hava been in the county
Jail awaiting trial. Thursday they beggd
Jailor Osborn to get them Into court at
once, that they might plead guilty and be
sent to the penitentiary.
Count Scarampi
: Studies Farming
; Conditions Here
The Count Carlo Scarampi Del Carlo of
Torino, Italy, t visiting In Omaha for
tew day with Harold Bolster, whom he
met while Mr. Bolster was on a trip to
another country. The count is on this
side of the Atlantic studying colonization
possibilities for his countrymen a well
a commercial, manufacturing and munic
ipal problems. He made a special trip
her from Winnipeg, Canada, to sea Mr.
Bolster and learn more of the Trowbridge-
Bolster land offerings in the west and
will return again to Canada within a few
Tuesday the count visited the South
Omaha stock yards aa the guest of Gen
eral Manager Everett Buckingham and
was shown everything to be en by J.
; A. Shoemaker. The count was deeply In
terested In the wonderful facilities for
handling live stock and at the enormity
af ' the enterprise. After the stock yards
trip Count Scarampi was the guest of
R. C. Howe of Armour's. The two found
many thinga of mutual Interest to talk
of, for each has spent considerable time
In Argentina and other South American
countries. Mr. Howe having established
the Armour plant in the far south.
"It Is difficult to conceive that your
business is so enormous and yet abso
lutely cleanly. and sanitary and I could
never believe It were I not seeing- it with
my own eyes," remarked the count.
Count Scarampi visited' Ak-Sar-Ben
Monday and freely admitted having on
this occasion spent one of the most en
joyable evenings of his trip.
"No country has the wonderful cities
aa has the United States, and no other
part of the world la abreast of It In ac
complishments and opportunities for ad
vancement on every hand."
Deputy Sheriff Ira Flanagan, who spent
Wednesday and Wednesday night in and
around Springfield. Sarpy county, work
ing on the Overton murder mystery, re.
turned to Omaha Thursday and spent an
hour in private conference with Byron
Overton, nephew of the murdered man,
in Sheriff Bralley' office.
Flanagan was unabla to find any trace
of Edward Lemma, the man who diss;
peared imultaneously with Overton, bi
his trip to Sarpy county was not devoid o:
result. Flanagan, Sheriff Bralley and
other were reluctant to discus the
deputy's journey Thursday. It was evi
dent they believe publicity would do
mora harm than good at this time.
Deputy Sheriff Flanagan will return to
Union Stock Tardi Company Buy
f Sixty South Omaha Lota.
Site Casta la w elakharkaod af
OOA iti tae Herts aaa. Mala
Bars Will fteejalra aa Oat.
lay af A boat SIOO.OOO.
Negotiations for the purchase of sixty
lota on which the Union Stock Tard
company will erect a tlOO.ono horse and
mule barn have been cloaed by tbst con
cern through Its agent Joeeph Mallander.
The purchase price are not given out.
but It Is estimated that at least tw.OTO
was spent to acquire the property.
Tha sixty lots form a triangle, the base
of which parallels the north and of
the atock yard. The parcel were ac
quired from Individual and much tlma
has been consumed In the negotiations.
Thirty-two of the lot were bought In
the nam of Mary Botke, who Ls a rela
tive of Mallander.
The proposed construction of the barn
was published some time ago in The Bee.
It probably will be the largest structure
of its kind in the United States The
barn will be built of concrete and brick
and there will be two floors.
Beaten and Robbed
on Wagon Bridge
John Nelson of Council Bluffs report
to the police that while he was returning
across the Douglas street bridge Wednes
day night he wa robbed of K1B. The
police say he was found unconaclous ny
two boys and was later taken to Council
Bluffs for surgical attention, having been
severely beaten by the hold-up men.
Samson Has Chosen
Some Maids of Honor
Among the out-of-twa young women
who are to be summoned to ba present
maids of honor at the coronatlotj ball
of Ak-Sar-Ben are:
Constsnre Adams. Hast'ngs, Neb;
Flue Bartels. Denver. Colo.; Ruth
Frandels, New York; June Brown,
Kearney; Luc-11 Brown. Kearney: Juliette
Brown, Buena Vista, Colo.; Haiel te
weeee, Canon Cltv. Colo.: May Doyle,
Fort Omaha; Oiadys Elliott, Lawrence,
Kan.; Aille Hecket. Chicago, 111.: Vlr.
gjnla Hammond. Washington, D. C. ; M.
C. Hughes. Battle Creek. Neb.; Louise
Kllpatrick. Aahland: Rachel Klncade.
Kansas City. Mo.; Lillian Lane, ealt
Lake; Marguerite More, Kansas City;
Catherine Murray. Orand Rapids. Mich.;
Sue O'DonnelU O'Neill: Alice Sullivan.
Cincinnati. O. ; Myrel Sullivan. Spaldir.g;
Laura Tund. Amsterdam. N. T.
If you hava young children you have
perhaps noticed that disorder of the
stomach are their most common ailment.
To correct this you will find Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablet ex
cellent. They are easy and pleasant to
take, and mild and gentle In effect For
sale by all dealers.
ilaimoc, yk
Natural Laxative
Water ,
by Physicians
Refuse Substitutes
Best remedy for
Ev Munra'd
The Beat "
M. A St
1111. 1 a - , . w
No Need to Argue With Good Cooks -They Know Skinner's is the Best
The fact tbat It is manufactured, where cleanliness la supreme and taken to the con
Burner la sanitary, dustproot package give It preference over other brands,
Skinnar'a la the kind you buy again. Large package only inc.
Write for Mre. MacMurphy'g book of 100 best, recipes Free.
Skinner Manufacturing Company, Omaha.
B"aaWBsBBw-ijBB -sjsafjBisV
Located In Omaha' Beautiful Suburb.
College. Normal School, Musical Conservatory and Academy.
Strong: faculty, representing graduate atudy In Harvard, Johna i
Hopkin, Columbia, Princeton, Chicago, Wisconsin, Iowa, Leipsic, Edin
burgh and Oxford.
Strata Teacner'a Certificates granted. Successful Athletics De
bating. Oratory and College Journalism.
Expense moderate.
afimaey Vsedaiaf
Mned w?n earieaus and
Bueinesa eeuree MVJ"
en 'he ldls and mlta
of 9"y ! t", u-
tin a nr,
h.Mta that mak
Boy tna aHiy
Our elesiicen.i .oleniuie
rare for all eol)ea, Ou sommerUa
,-r,nr.- nr,iuiFK fos business lira
Write fur illustrated eetalugue.
Xteasaey, ete,
Tall, wlllowly and aTaceful, Miss W1U
N'ell Lavender, leading lady with "The
Girls from Reno," stood at the silk coun
ter In Hsyden Bros., while waiting to
pose foe fashion pictures to be run in
The Bee next Sunday.
Will Nell Lavender likes nice things.
Where Is there an actress who does not?
A certain pfece of silk struck her artistic
fancy and she asked the clerk to wrap
up several yards of it.
Will Nell Lavender's pink-tipped digits
stole deftly into a delicately-scented
hand-bag that dangled from a long silken
cord. 8he mithdrew a bank book and
wrote out a check for the deaired amount.
Will Nell Lavender keeps her money in
the Milwaukee National bank.
Direct wireless communication was
established between Weeping Water and
Tekamah. Neb., an air line distance of
sixty-two miles, by two wireless pack
sections of Company A, Signal corpa.
stationed at Tort Omaha.
This Is probably the greatest distance
messages have been exchanged with these
sets overland, except along the Rio
Grande during the lata Mexican trouble
where this company maintained direct
communication between Miners and Eagle
Pass, Tex., an air line distance of about
ninety-two miles, with these seta
'There could ba no better medicine than
Chamberlain Cough Remedy. My chil
drea were all sick with whooping cough.
One of them wa In bed, had a high fever
and was coughing up blood. Our doctor
gave them Chamberlain Cough Remedy
and the first dosa eased them, and three
bottles cured them." says Mrs. R. A. Don
' aid ao n of Lexington, Miss. Tor sal by
ail dealers
Mrs. Albert King has received word of
tha death of her mother in London. Ens
Her mother and stater were visitors in
Omaha at on tlma.
Lina P. Campbell of the Byron Reed
company haa written home that he la
teVine the eifhts of Cleveiand-v He will
vit-it uuuaio betore returning.
Jacob Krats arrived Thursday morning
from tvhepberd, Mich., and is the guest of
his brotner. Prof. Lea O. Kxsta. The
brothers have not seen each other for
twenty-seven yars.
Thomas McCacue of the McCacue tn
veotment company hae returned to Omaha
lnm tvoturora. in., where he tocom
' ranted his daughter. Miki Henrietta Mf
t ague who entered Rockford college lust
Friday evening Thomas J O'Brien, for
mer ambaasador to Japan, will pats
through Omaha on his wsy east He will
arrive at T o cock over the Lnlon Fa.
title and remaining here twenty-five mm
kvtea. wUI leave ever the Northwestern.
If the Commercial club's correspond
ence with foreign countries continue at
the present rate the club may have to
engage a linguist to serve as translator.
Monday Commissioner Guild received a
letter from Mexico City that he couldn't
read until it was translated. Todav
Manager E. V. Parrlsh of the publicity
burean received from Havana a letter of
which be cannot understand a word. . The
club frequently gets letters from Mexico,
Germany. Franc and Japan.
The Japanese are the only ones of
these sufficiently enterprising to have
their letters translated into English be
fore mailing them.
"When I left Omaha forty years ago
to seek my fortune elsewhere, the old
town looked different by far than it now
does," said Edward J. Wilcox, represen
tative of a New York cutlery firm, who
Is a guest at the Millard, and who re
turned to the place of his irth for 'be
first time since he left heie In U7. at
the age of IS.
I was born on Harney street, 'nar
Tenth, but the house has long since been
destroyed. There were tew big buildings
snd Omaha was lltle more than a thrlv
Ing 'burg.' as I remember It. Now it is
such a bustling place that 'it hardly
seems poesible that it Is the Omtha n
which I used to live. All of ra eld
playmates are gone and there are lew
old landmarks tbat I recognise."
Omaha toads are figuring on carrying
30.000 to eO.OUO to Bennett and Mellette
counties. 6outh Dakota, bet wean October
and 21, the dates set for registering for
the land formerly a part of the Sioux
Ind:an reservation that l to be thrown
open to settlement. During each of
these days the Northwestern will run two
passenger trains from Omaha to Gregory
and Dallas, points of registration. Many
of these will stop over In Omaha to se
the Omaha Land show going and coming.
FVvarmen and horsemen who will ride
In the electrical parade the night of Oc
tober 4, are ordered to be at Ak-Sar-Ben
den for rehearsal at I o'clock Monday
nlg-ht. without fail. Officials of the pa
rade say It Is essential that all tha riders
sttend this rehearsal and the success of
the parade depends upon their earning
eut Monday sight.
Key to the SMtuaUonr-JJee Advertising.
f tA sr
I 'Hi X
I skirt zC V
Coming! Coming! Coming!
The Katzenjammer Kids
Mutt and Jeff Foxy Grandpa
Happy Hooligan
Silk Hat Harry Dottie Dimples
Sherlocko the Monk
Buck Nix
Joys and Glooms
Hallroom Boys
Desperate Desmond
xclusivc in The Bee
Our New Colored Comics Next Sunday