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raws itM rs n.
sTlactrle fui-SiifHMrulM.
Co-aacil ea Btttlmuoi SVoeu- TV city
council Is ait t.:n today ea a board of
qua'.lMUCQ t KlJ'JK special taxes
Zlfkta for Aner-Ben a lerre tore ef
electricians is at work lartaiUcf tha street
'.lglits (or Ak-ar-Bea week. Aa ear'.y
tart bu been made on this work, ao a'l
would b la Medina whaa tka eei-nival
epans up t.e lart of thia mont
Ca Tickets for FapUa Certificate of
tnroilnnl ara beine- issued to high acbool
pupi'.s. These ara necessary la order that
only students mar have the prrrflero f
riding on h:rh achoot tickets. On account
of tha double session arrangement, ticket
will ta rood from 7 a m until 5 SO p. m .
tnrad of ( a tn. until I p m . as before.
X.evla la Confiding William Lavln had
his pockets picked of fl whl.e sleeping In
tha home of tha Volunteers of AmfTlri.
Levin arrived In Omaha Tuesday night
from Beatrice Ha was met by a t ranger
at tha depot, who told him of a good place
to rt a night's lodging. Levin awoka thta
morn m j to find his pockets empty and hla
oe--fo'jrd trend t'one
Tesaiaoeian Appointed Onardiaa J. L
Haminoaian waa afpotntad guardian for
Ibrahim Musteffa by Judge Leslie In the
county court Wednesday afternoon. Ha
announced ha at onea will a art cult against
tha Northwestern railroad for damages for
tha shooting of Mustsffa by a eectsoo fore
men. Mustsffa already haa settled with
tha road for thia injury.
Attend Wool B:angE. J. MeVana.
manager of tha Commercial club traffic
bureau, and J. M. Guild, eommiealoner,
ara la Chicago attending tha first of a
eer-tee of bearings bafora tha Istaratata
Commeroa eommlaaioB oa wool ratea and
everything pertsining to tha handling of
western woola Tha proceedings la oca of
Inquiry and Investigation Into tha method
of transportation, charge and minimum
weights and la the reault of aereral com.
pUUcta made by tha wool growers of tha
wcat against tha alleged exorbitant ratea
and practicea of tha carrier.
Heron is Back from
His European Trip
Studies Condition of the Working
Classes in Serenl Foreign
T. W. Heron. president of the Royal In
tfemnity company, haa returned from a trip
to Europe, where he went to atudy tha
"tVorkmen'a Compenaatloa Law." He
laited England. Scotland. France. Oar-
many, Belgium and Holland.
"I waa highly pleased to Bote that Gov
ernor AJdrtrh la considering workmen'!
compensation la Nebraska, and that ha haa
appointed a commission to Investigate It- I
looked Into the operation of the laws and
acta in force la tha oountrlea I visited and
have changed my viewa somewhat since I
have seen the great difference between
labor conditions there and here. I did Dot
know that aurh laws were ao absolutely
necessary aa they really ara la foreign
"I ventured right iota the ho rase and
hops of tha workers and saw with tny
own eyes eights that I did aot know ex
isted in a civilised world. Tha fellow that
aid "Let the women do the work" most
have viatted some of the working placea
af Europe and tha British Ulee; women and
girls making by hand everything from lace
to heavy Iron chains, all piece work, and
few earning mora thaa about UK) a week.
! "I was tied up with the strike in London
and It was aa opportunity for me te gather
snore real knaviedg of conditions. A strike
cannot reault In but failure in England Be
cause tha striken have so little with which
to maintain themselves. The advance In tha
price of food stuffs Is what brought aa the
strike, and mora strikes will surely follow.
There la a great feeling of unrest all over
England and Scotland, and It la Just a nit
tar of time when It will a-aln bubble up.
London la a man's town. Paris Is a
woman's town, and there is lots to see In
both placea. Tet with all the glisten and
splendor and eld cathedrals and ruins, the
waving corn and the land of "room-enough
la the beat of all for me. he declared.
'Married by Bishop Scannell I New Autumn Suits
for Boys
Bishop Scumell Perfonnt Wedding
Ceremony for Friendship Sake.
Bishop Had Taaght Bride te Talk
Eagllsh Whra She Was a Little
Girl Was a Teacher of
Mwele. ,
Flgnora Perptna Muratort. whe as a 11-yesr-o'.d
g- taught the Rt. Rev. Bishop
Richard "cannell her native tongue. Italian,
waa married to Howard P. Greeley of Ran
dolph. Neb., by the bishop at hi a residence
at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning.
The bride Is a daughter of Jloranl Mura
tort and CsJsa Dl Oollnelll of Rome. Her
father, now S3 years old. fought under Gul
aeppe Garibaldi, the Italian patriot, and
for this he waa excommunicated. Her
mother la the daughter of an Italian count.
Mrs Oreey rrecialixed In music as a
ehild and went from her boma In Rome to
New Tork City to study. There she met
Blahop Scannell. A warm friendship be
tween them sprung up. She taught him
Italian and ha made simple for her the
mysteries of the English tongue. Later ahe
studied la the Chicago and Boston conaer
eatorles of music, being awarded diplomas
and gold medals for work of unusual excel
lence in composition and harmony. Ehe
rose rapidly In tha musical world and be
came the author of several well received
orka. She is tbs author of "Thou Art My
Guide. My Joy and My Hope," "My Moth
er's Song." and others. Four years ago
Mrs. Greeley cams west and opened a
studio la Cralghton. Neb. Two years ago
she moved to Randolph, Mr. Greelay, who
but recently had come from Atkinson, Neb.,
to engage In the realty and Investment
business, met her. His efforts to make her
life tn the new home pleasant won her love
Mr. . Greeley Is a son of Peter Greeley
of Halt county, pioneer ranchmaa and
civil war veteran. He was bora and
reared in Holt county.
The marriage was Bishop BcaaneU's
sixth eiaos hla consecration nineteen yeara
ago. . A marriage ey a aiscop is a tar
from usual event In the Roman Catholic
church. Out of his warm friendship tor
Mrs. Greeley the bishop consented to per
form the ceremony. - .
The wedding was simple. Mr. Greeley' I
brother. Morton T. Greeley, of Atkinson,
Neb., was tha only attendant.
Hurled from Roof
of Railway Coach
While Stealing Bide Bale Smith ii
Precipitated to Tracks Uncon
scious. Tvelre Honrs.
Being throws from the top of a moving
Vnlon Psdfic passenger train la the yards
at U a' clock Tuesday night. Dale Smith of
Kansas City s now in the matron's room
of the city Jail with a fractured skua
Smith, according to hla own story,
crawled on top of the passenger coach at
Columbus Neb., and fell asleep. The next
thing be knew he was lying la tha Union
Pacific ysrds In Omaha. Going to the
nearest yard office he was astonished te
f:nd it was 11 o'clock the day following
h.s trip. Smith then made his way to the
police atatioa. where his wouads were
dressed by Police Surgeon Peppers. As
the train en which Smith was riding waa
due at tha station at U o'clock. He must
have been lying tn the yards unsconseious
for about twelve hours.
Diphtheria Attacks
Detention Home Lad
Donald Cole it Taken Down with the
Disease, but Other Children Are
Uot in Daager.
IMphtherla has attacked Donald Cola, a
-year-old bey, at the Detention home. The
boy waa taken 111 twe days ago and taken
to the county physician's office for ex
amtaarion. Ha then was placed la the
Detention home hospital and kept la a
separate room, according to Matron Byrn.
That his rase was ona of diphtheria was
announced by County Physician MoCrana
"The other children are la ao danger,
said Mrs. Byrn. "The child has not been
near them since he was taken 11L"
Industrial Floats
Being Constructed
Mannfactiiren Are Asuxed of a Large
and General Bepresentation
in Pageant
The special committee of the Omaha
Manufacturers' ssaociation. which has
charge of the details of the mammoth
Manufactnrera' parade which is to be
grrea on one of the Ak-6ar-Ben days. Is as
sured that of the forty floats fourteen are
now being constructed, and that others
have submitted designs of their floats to
Sir Knight Gus Reuse, who is superintend
ing tha work. A huge tent has been
erected adjacent to the Den and in this
the manufacturers will be allowed to build
their floats
Advertising matter and sample of the
products made by each firm will be thrown
from the parade lice, but no advertising
will be allowed to be painted on the floats.
la tha last fsw days Chairman Keily
haa bad several applications from manufac
turing firms outside of Nabraaka who wish
la enter floats, but all have been refused
because of the Ironclad mada In Ne
braska rule. At least twenty bands will be
tn line durirg the parade.
One Who Picks Up Paper of Family in ,
Flat Above Disappointed.
For The Bee, Evealest ss( Seeder, !
Will Be Mailed te Book lovers for
2o Cerata m Moslh, Aaeerlaa
Pwssle Plevwi-ee te Tkesa.
If you borrowed a copy of yesterday's
Bee from the family upstairs and found an
oblong hole cut Into the last page you
knew that someone had been working on
the Booklovers' puzxle picture and that you
had to get another copy of the paper n
order to learn what the picture was.
Within that oblong hole, before the r-Pr
reached you, was picture No. 22. Every
family uprtalrs or downstairs taking The
Bee Joined In the Booklovers rams, unique,
fascinating and remunerative. If you with
to be sure of getting the puzzle picture
every day you should order a copy of The
Bee sent to your address at once. The
evening and Sunday Bee la now 25 cents a
month for dty delivery. Tou get all the
pictures at this price.
Tou can enter the contest today and be on
an equal footing with those who began
with the first picture. The back coupons
are ready at the business office of The Bee
and will be mailed to you upon receipts of
1 cent for each picture.
Cum Still Get Catalog-aee.
Tou can buy one of the helpful title
catalogues, too. which sell for 25 cents, or
which will be sect to you by mail for SO
There win be aevanty-flva pictures In all
In thia contest, representing the titles of
seventy-five books. Follow the pictures
day by day, and see If you can determine
what titles are represented in the Illustra
Do not send in a partial Bet of the
pictures. Tou must wait until the dose of
tha gun and then send In ail of the pus
sies. Read the rules below the picture la
this paper. '
List ef All Prise.
The prizes te be awarded are as follows:
First A White Steamer automobile, a
beautiful five-passenger car, celebrated tor
Its durability and speed, valued at S2.00O,
Second A ten-acre ranch In beautiful
Tehama county. California; delightful cli
mate, rich fruit land: value, IU50. Full in.
formation concerning this land may be had
at the office of Trowbridge-Bo liter com
pany In the City National bank building,
Third A beautiful Krell Auto-Grand
player piano (have the music of the mas
tera In your own home): value, poo. Thia
prise is exhibited at the Bennett store. Six
teenth and Harney street.
Fourth One lot tn the business district
of Ralston, a lot ExlOO feet, on Maywood
street; value. twTB- Full Information may
be had at the offices of the Ralston Town-
site company. SOS South Seventeenth street.
Fifth In the beautiful suburban town of
Ralston, one lot In the residence portion.
fcbcUO feet; this lot Is valued at S22S. Full
Information may be had at the offices of
the Ralston Towns! te company, 30 South
Seventeenth street. Omaha.
Sixth. 6eventh and Eighth Three set
(twelve volumes) of Nelson's Looee-Leaf
Encyclopedia, tha encyclopedia that cannot
arrow old: each set valued at S91 The
books are exhibited st the store of W. A.
Hlxenbaugh at Co . in Bt. Marra avenue.
Ninth and Tenth The Book of Knowl
edge, or Child's Encyclopedia, a universal
work for school children, twenty-four vol
umes; each set, S3. These books are ex
hibited at the store of W. A. Htxenbaugb
& Co.. 1S11 St. Mary's avenue.1
Add to this forty-five cash prises, as
follows: Five 0.00 prises, ten COS prises,
ten SIM prises, twenty tXOO prises.
EACHFall a boy is a new and dif
ferent individual. He has devel
oped, he has grown, he has matured.
These varying conditions demand different
"We show the greatest assortments of the new Fall cloth,
ing for thrafo li'r boys. Complete as to the range of sizb,
and complete as to the greatest possible variety from $2.00
upwards to $10.00,
See These New Models in Our Boys' Store:
From $2.00 upwards to $10.00
I Bo
Ttic Omaha Bcc Great
olc lovers' Contest
--T-. . IW'1 .-"-'. 11.1-.-'.-.. tr
Sa-ttrintendent Graff Sayo Sporti
will Be Encouraged.
Cesspetltlve Spirit Will Xet Be Cel
ttveted ae Xtck as tke Geaeral
Beaeflts frosa OatAoor
A new spirit in athletics for the public
schools Is expected te result from the ap
pointment by the Board of Education of
Raymond L. Cams as superintendent of
athletics," said Superintendent Graff. "Mr.
Cams baa been is charge of athletics In
reneral la the high school for two years
and has been unusually S'-iccet fful in handl.
lnf boys on the field. He is a Dartmouth
graduate and familiar with athletic train
ing theories.
"Under the new regime he will devote his
time to encouraging athletic sports in all
of the public schools. The competitive idea
will not be made much of and the boys
will be made to feel the general physical
culture tendency. He will do all he can to
get as many as possible of the boys In
each acbool Interested, not only thoee who
have a chance to excel In the final con
tests of the yesr, to be held In the Audi
torium, but every healthy boy. They will
be encouraged to seek physical strength
and health for their own sake rather thaa
for honor In competition."
Law Library to Be
Installed in the
New Court House
Commissioner! Indicate They WiU j
Accept Offer of the Library
Arrangements for the establishment of a
law library in the new county building
will be made by the Board of County Com
missioners. The Douglas County Law (Li
brary association Wednesday afternoon of
fered to donate its splendid library to the
county provided the county will keep it up
to date by purchasing the new reports
from time to time as they are published
The offer was contained in a letter to the
county commissioners. It was accompanied
by a petition asking the commissioners to
accept the offer, signed by the district
judges. County Judge Leslie. County At
torney English and President Weaver of
the Ear association.
The commiseionrs have indicated that
they will take over the library If it caa be
done without great expense to the county.
Ton can enter the Booklovers'
any time before its close.
A Poor Weak Woman
As she is termed, will endure bravely sad patiently
agonies which a stroag maa weuld give way under.
Tbs (act is wooaea are more patient than they e-ifht
to be under sacs troubles.
Every womss ought to know that the saay obtaia
the most experienced medical advice frtt chart
and to mbflutt confidence nod privacy by writing to
the World's Dispensary Medical Association, R. V.
Pierce, M. D., Presideat, Buffalo, N. Y. Dr. Pierce
has been chief eoBsultinf paysiciaa of the IavsJidi'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, of Buffalo, N. Y., for
maay years sod bat had a wider practical experieace
ia the treatment of women's diseases than aay other physician in this
His medicines ara world-famoua for their attoauahinf efficacy.
The snost perfect remedy ever devised fpr weak ansl deli
oate wemon is Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
The maay and varied symptoms of woman's peculiar ailments are folly ant
forth ia Plsia English ia the People's Medical Adviser (1008 aegea), a newly
revised and up-to-date Edition, c.oth-bouad, will be sent oa receipt ol 31
ct-ot to pay cost of wrapping sod msiling Adoress aa above.
Abernathy Youths
Delayed by Storm
Toon; Plainsmen Enroute from JTew
York to Triaco Arme Here
Thursday Morning.
The Abernathy boys. Louis and Temple,
who are la the saddle treat Kew Tork to
'Frisco, seat word Wednesday te Henry
K laser of Bennett's beok department that
they bad been delayed at Login by a rata
storm and would reach Omaha at 1 11
Thursday morning, la time to meet the
acbool children before the bell rings. The
young plainsman were scbu!ed ta arrivs
laern Wednesday.
Scorchers Pay Fines
for Excessive Speed
Motorcycle Officer Buna Down Five
Violator!, Who Appear Before
Judg-e Crawford.
The eity coffers were swelled by
Wednesday morning when four speeders
were brought before . Judge Crawford in
police court and Cned tio and costs each.
Five speeders were arrested Tuesdsy by
Motorcycle Officer Emery, ail but ona ef
which were exceeding the speed limit la
the business district. Those srrested were
Charles Howard. E C. Ryan. W. A.
Gowan. W. F. Stoecker end Albert Seber
son. The latter is a 15-yeer-o.d boy. who.
it Is alleged, was going st the rste of
twenty-five miles aa hour at Eighteenth
and Famam streets. He did net appear tn
polios court.
J. O. Caps-e 'resents Instrrnaaent te
James Wfeelna ana tt te Pre
nenne4 Begss.
J. O- Cappe. a laborer, was arrested Wad
nesday oa a warrant sworn out by James
Whelsn. charging the former with forgery.
Whelan claims Csppe paid a bJl with a
check for Hi K. on the First National
bank, which waa returned marked "forgery."
How to "Shed" A
Bad Complexion
K mmmmv i..iiriiii ii 1,1 i , nnnn, A
Telephone Shopping
BlklM trans 14
by croup, coughs er eeids sre constantly
relieved and quickly cured with Dr. King's
Kew Discovery tate and li ft For sale by
Beaten Xrug Ce.
stev. C W. Ssvidge performed his troth
wedding ceremony Tuesday evening, when
he married sitae Anna Wennlund. daughter
af J oka Waenlund and Mr. Walter C Scott
at the home ef the bride's parents. CI
North Thirty-second street. The atten
dants ware the bride's sister. Miss Clara
WennJund. and Mr. Richard Hanaley. A
wedding supper was served- a number of
guests were present.
It's foolish to attempt to cover op er
hide a sallow complexion when you caa
t ao east y remove the sallowress. or the
complexion Itself Rouge anu the like on
a brownish vkin. only emphasize the de
fect. The better wsy Is to apply pure
mereollsed wax the same as you would
cold cream patting It oa at night, re
moving It In tha morning with warm
water and eoap. following with a dash of
cold water. The effect ef a few applies.
tiona Is simply marvelous The half
dead cuticle is absorbed by the wax
painlessly, gradually In tiny. Impercep
tible revealing the beautiful
velvety white new akia beneath.
No eomea need have a sallow, blotchy,
pimply or freckled complexion if she'll
lust go to the druggist's, get some good
mereolUed wax and use as suggested
Women's Realm- A d v.
A 'JTx this tremendous alcohol
UXDOlCL It Iueson to yur doctor. . The dan
ger is too great for you to dedde
alone, Avar's Sarsararilla is a tonic, entirely free from
alcohol. Take it or not as your doctor directs.
The Bell Telephone has nude it poseible to shop
with comfort, economy and despatch.
WITH COMFORT For by telephone you can buy
aayttlcs from your home without Ions, tiresome shop
ping trips.
WITH EOONOM1 For a telephone saves you val
uable time that you could devote to pleasure or to your
WITH DESPATCH For telephoning la much
quicker than a personal trip, and; too, it comprehends
both mees&ge and reply.
sTo. 83 Thursday, T, ltll.
What Book Does This Picture Represent?
Yoar Name
Street and Number
UI ke )iKtu( ta
City or Town
Write la title and author of book and 6AVS coupon and picture.
Bend no coupon until finish of the contest 1 announced. Each picture
represents a book Utle not a scene or character. Catalogues containing
(,000 names on which all puzzle pictures are based the catalogue used
by the contest editor are for sale at the Business Office at The Bee for
25 cents: by mail. 30 cents
Roles ef the Contest
ATI smusis ere ellctble te enter thta eeevsst exeapt empleyte et
BMssbere af ttr taminaa. Sack fer. tor sct7-HT ai there
T!m Sas a sioutrc etuch vUl iprt tea aasa at a bsoe. Bases
wtil ba a blank tor taa contanant to till k tba uua a( tba book.
Cat eat bote tka aictur ud tba bia ak aa fill ta tae mama mm eetaar et the seek
.aae ada yoar aaiaa a&4 aadraae aaaUy aas siaini? ta tba apaaa srevieee.
Ns rasunctioBa wiu ba placaa es tka r ia vbieh aaswars ta tka sieteres swy Tbs Sa.
earad. Each elctare rwpraaaots osly aea title of aaa bacik. If roe ara aot aura of a tstle
sad iah ta sesft la atora tfcaa eaa aaaw er ta eaek ritura, roe atr ea aa. SCT WOT
eerract aaawars s-ill mot ba countad actus st eoatastuta II eeneet sneeai Is else tftvaav
store thaa aaa iDinr saoald sat ba put ea tea atma eaapoa. Bztra aeasaas akeals ba
ard for extra aasean. All aoavers to tka saas aaatbar aboald ba kept tactaer vnea
aaadlac la tba sat. OsJr eaa Hat stay ba susauttad br ona eonieatsat, Usees aay net tea
bare five aaavars to each ytusie.
To sumbar of coupons ai.a answers ye eieat be slats!- arrlttan en tae easssas et
each SET sab-Bitted, bet ea eat arms each tateraatiaa ea tka aiaiets.
Slna aot abaolotaly saosaamry. n la daatrabla that the atetaraa eboeM each ease
ba aaru la vttk tba aava-ara, ta erear that ail assaars ke aallerm. Adaltiraeai sietare)
ead e-ti-Ma star be ebtaisad at tba oRlea et Tba baa ka stall ar la saraoa.
"Sbaa roe have ail aavestr-ftTe sutataa. faataa them toeathar ia a F"LT asanas eaS
srtns ar mail thorn to Tba Omaha Ba. aadraaaad ta Baoklcmrs' Caetast Hlar. Mass
will ba svaraad ta tha eoataetaata aaadlss la tba largest aaatbar et aecTeet ealatbssa la
event et m or star a annus banns tha same aoKbar at uunaat solaUoaa, caa saraoa
aalss tba amaiiar amber of extra oonpona is hla eat af aaavora anil ba Siniaral wear, In
avast of two aareotu havtas tha una aarcbar ear-act aad eaias tka state aiisibar af a
pooa. the paraoa wboaa eat ot answers ta Boat aeeUr prepared, la tha asm las et the tall
tadgi as emuatttaa. will receive tha ftm prise.
Cm) j aea list at aaawara roar ba snbeuoed by e eontastaat aad eaty eae seta -etB be
swardad to sea family at one address.
Tba eaa ef the coupons Is sot ebllcstorv apoa tae car titer, it, sss sn
eebraitted la ear lecim aun-wr tha contestant star a. tart.
Awards anil ba maoe atrlcti arrardtns to tba stent et each aerate Hat
Tba name of rcore thaa one press Boat aot be writ tae apoa anr oa eeeaes.
Tha awards wiu ba auda br tba Con teat Editor aad a ntatiimi at
sana. wboaa names will ba aaaou-jed later
Tba eonteat is limited ta tba tollowias tarrltarv: Nabraaka. Wyaeiraa taste sKUa et
lows west et but aat laciuauis Mot aea. sa tast sicttaa et soata peseta
the Black Hills TMnrtrt.
White Steamer Automobile
A s-rassencer 1911 Model Wnite Steamer lourios Car olorlaa. ssnoketesn
and DOiselese. No cranauns. no shiftics of sears, any desired speed. Whias
fc learner aaies Increase each aucceedinj year. Has practically an eo torsemeal
af lbs United States government, which and operates more Wn'te 6teaas
ere toan all einar cara combined. Richiy upholatered. beauufully finUhed. un
limited power, controlled speed. Tills car wUl ke ealUelted la Omnaa at t. lntef
to the soft, semi -tropic climatic sona, exvcndln (
north from San Dlero to Khaata County. California.
Hee Tehama county, la which Is situated thia beau
tiful little 10-acre ranch near the towa of had Bluff.
Thia la fruit land "f a very fcifh order end Is part et
the celebrated Lutheran colony which bad Ita incep
tion with an Omaha clerg-yniaa. Literature deacrlb
tns this property may be had at tha office of TOW.
8KXXOX-BOX.arTI CO, in the Uttj BsUoaal But
SaUldlneT, Omaha.
TUTDf- PDT717 Vtlai
xxxxivi 1 1VJX.JL. sons
The mas-nlfloent. .ancy walnut
AUTO OatAsTD rrATXaV-riA VO which notts
us csn excel. No other player-piano hee la
the absolute the "human teach" ee desired by
a muaical ear and so prlcevs by the mantsfeo
turers. This Instrument will be exuus.le. a
piained end played for anyone whe nlsass te
ee it In the ware rwums (.a the third flees t
Ralston Is to be s ntf sultciurini city. Thr
have a fine start with the Brjwn Trucai Hun
lecturing Co.. he Rogers Mctor car Co . and ui
Howard eitove Workx i:erytnine deairaole u
cooiloriabie living may be found there- On one ot
toe main busm-as atreets tna bee haa selected Ita
fourua pnxe a business ivt XSslWv teeb aaJ
valued at a87&.
FIFTH PRIZE, Value $225
la the earns towa and wtui tna ame prospect of l--Tin-sment. the See
ass selected a reaudence lul 60xia ft., and valued at 1225
Kaaton la on tne only uiterurbAn trolUy una ftiuui ewt ef Omaha. aeS
en thin lorty minutes of tie Cm ara poSLoftite.
Con.piste u.Iornation about tms property st the office ef the nVAXSTOsT
rOWSkltl &OhLF AJIT, aoe Smith ITth St, Omaha.
This lngebious encyclopedia, ntuca la e os"e'rpi
ntnt raunar Wan utiLuus. I t i ies its ouatsa
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Five Prizes of $10. Ten Prizes of $5. Ten Prizes of $2.
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