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Itri Boot Prist It.
Electric Fans Bnr;ess-0raa4ea.
f Charge Against Patrelsaaa Chester F.
rt.m.f, .No I., is the iub;ect
If charge fii Mrn1y with the Board of
t;re and Police Commissioner by Abraham
Mark. Mark asserts that the officer ar
rested him without cause and abused him
wall Ylslta Omaha Friends W. S. !
Howell, who less than ten year ago started
aa freight solicitor In the Milwaukee office
tn this city, la here visiting friends. Pro
motions have coma to him ur.tll he la cow
assistant general freight agent of the Mil
waukee system.
aa Bkcess af Oeed Cloth Victor Puller
. arrested Tusday morning while try-
t to pawn an overcoat pattern In a shop
lower Ioug'aa stret and charged with
being a sjsplcious character. The police
are of the belief that he know something
ft the robbery of the Franklin Merchandise
company Monday night, a hen twenty-one
overcoat patterns were stolen from their
new store.
Fanner Boy Wants Horn Flo 7 a Sopor,
a 14-year-old boy la i -oking for a
home. He has worked on a farm before
and want; to try that life acain If any
roan will offer him a home for the work
ho can do. His mother la dead acd hli
"Alter asked the Associated Charities to
help find him a place to earn his living.
Tellowstoas Beasoa is Ovwr Newa
coming from the Yellowstone park is to
the effect that the season there baa about
closed and that people axe hurrying to get
.way. Cold weather and some snow Is
reported, togethe. with a temperature
close to freezing. The railroads have ceased
routing parties to the park and the only
ones going In are a few stragglers.
Picks' Band Arrives A braaa band roads
tip of pickaninnies of various sizes la parad
ing the streets today to aavertlee the Ex
etalo Norton institute of Cave Spring. Ky.
The institute is a school for colored boys
and girls and every summer a boys' band
goes out to gather funds and spread the
name of the school. The eame boys were
here three years ago on a similar tr.p.
Parade Committee Meets Friday An
emergency meeting of the parade commit
tee of the Central Labor union has been
called by the chairman for Friday evening
at ?:S0 o'clock. Some very Important busi
ness is to be transacted and radical
changes may be made In tlx plans already
under advisement. All of the members are
Urgently requested to be present, as this
will be the most Important meeting of any
connected with the Labor day program.
STatca Missing-; Beys, Tew While being
slaved In a nearby barber shop, M. Selll
oow, the ladles' tailor at Twenty-ninth and
Finum streets, ung his coat containing
a C6 gold watch on ths rack and when he
put the coat on again the watch was
missing. So were two colored boys who had
been doing shoe shining around the prem
ises, atlhough there was nothing else to
connect the dual disappearance. The pro
prietor had hired the boys only that day
d did not know their names.
rjnder ths Starr? Sky Frank Duffy,
h:!e under the Influence of the amber
id Monday night, took the Capitol eve-
ue park for his home. The grass was his
bed and the blue sky above his roof. He
arrived at his supiosed home about 10
o'clock. Immediately he took off his shoes
and softly sneaked to the nearest tree.
Mere he disrobed himself and placing bis
head against the tree went to sleep.
tlueceat passing found Duffey snoring and
sleeping the sleep of the innocent. Duffey
Crew fifteen days In police court Tuesday
morning on a charge of being drunk.
Jacks Fought Bryan
and Jims Were for Him
John Mxher Eecaili the Last Time the
Javcksouians Made a Pub
lic Demonstration.
John Maher of Lincoln Mew Into
Tuesday and added some merri
ment to the Jim and Jack argument.
I recall that the last time the Jack-
tonlaaa bad a real revival it was for the
purpose of skinning W. J. Bryan." said
Dolsoai Maher. "I was a member, and am
One ywt, so far as the Jacksonlan club has
any real membership, and at that time
cam to Omaha to aid the Intention of the
tfluh. I went personally to Dunlin an and
tried to ret him Interested, but be refused
to oeme In because he was for Bryan.
fOrery man then Interested In politics will
recall that we bad a real fight. The Bryan
en carried the second ward by eleven
otss and that delegation gave them con-
el at the convention. Flynn was with
shlman for Bryan at that time, and the
lacksoaiana were the simon-pure anti
Bryan men.
"Then It Is to laugh. Isn't it, when
its find three or fear men calling a
toeetlna; now and declaring for Governor
R'lison? And think of the aweet Irony of
smiling- a whining appeal to Mr. Bryan to
".-Jp his old enemies trim hli farmer
friends. Possibly the half dosen Jack-
Ionian now left tn the organisation ex
I aaot to swing Nebraska for Wilson, but
It Is only necessary to recall the story of
the three tailors of Toeley street to pick:
the final landing place of that little
fro up."
Music Meins Much to Ererr Person
and Appeals to AIL
F.ntlr Fatally aad Aayeee Ca
Play It. from Child to Dear
Old Graad pareats.
tld you ever consider the boundless In
fluence of music? Ever think what it
means to you personally? There Is nothing
more refining nothing which so appeals
to the Inner feelings, the sympathies to
that which Is best and truest in human
nature. Ever) one loves It. but only those
who can personally produce It understand
Its subtlest fascinations.
For years no home has been considered
complete without a piano. But, alas, how
comparatively few can play It even fa.rly
well, and how much less Is the number who
are really accomplished musicians.
For the third prize In the Booklovers'
contest of The Bee a r?00 Krell-Auto Grand
player-piano is offered. It is a wonderful
prize instrument, in a magnlf.cent walnut
The Krell Auto-Grand makes It unneces
sary to spend time and money In acquiring
a musical education. At the same time It
enables you with little effort to become
familiar with the musical productions of
all ages.
To enjoy the masterpieces of painting,
sculpture and architecture, you must travel
far and wide. Te revel in the great com
positions of the masters, you need cot
leave the seclusion of your own fireside.
The Krell-Auto Grand gives you the
power to personally produce and the kind of
muscl from the light popular hits of the
day to the moat complicated classics. What
ever you like you can play you who per
haps do not know one note from another
and have never had time or opportunity to
Eajeyiaeat fer Family.
A Krell Auto-Grand in the Dome win
furnish music and enjoyment for the entire
family. Anyone can play it. from the child,
whose little feet Just touch the pedals, up
to the dear old grandparents. It doesn't
interfere with the study of music either,
for, of you like, you can in an Instant make
It available for hand-playing and that, too,
without stooping from the bench.
No, the Krell Auto-Grand doesn't Inter
fere with the study of music. On the
other hand. It puts before the student a
high standard It shows him bow music
should be rendered it helps him to culti
vate his ear to keep good time. It a. so
tends constantly to broaden one's musical
tastes, for It la always found that the
person who Is at first content to play only
the popular fancies of the day, soon de
velops a liking for better things.
Brlaa- Owt Melody.
Tou can produce wonderful effects upon
the Krell Auto-Grand. Tou can play music
according to the ideas of some gTeat
pianist, or you can interpret It to suit your
fancy. Tou can bring out the melody
clearly and at the same time heighten or
aubdue the accompaniment without any
change in time something no other player
piano can do. The volume of music pro
duced by the Krell Auto-Grand will fill a
large auditorium yon can bring It down to
the faintest pianissimo. (Very soft.)
The old-fashioned upright piano was a
great improvement In its day, but In the
Krell Auto-Grand you have an instrument
which takes up no more space and can be
played by every member of the family.
whether they have studied music or not.
List of Prises.
The prises to be awarded are as follows:
First A White Steamer automobile, a
beautiful flve-pasoenger car, celebrated for
Its durability and speed, valued at X2.000.
Second A ten-acre raach In beautiful
Tehama county, California; delightful cli
mate, rich fruit land; value, tl.250. Full in
formation concerning this land may be had
at the office of Trowbridge-Bolster com
pany In the City National Bank building.
Third A beautiful Krell Anto-Grand
player piano (have the music of the mas-
Charming Young Musician
Wins the Ad-Getter Contest
Accomplished as a muiHin, ex
cellently educated, and a charming
younjr woman is Vera I. me Beats,
winner of the Omaha Bee's Ad
getter contest, which closed Satur
day. In addition she is Just about
the best p .eased person In Omaha.
Miss Beats, who Is a wee bit over
n years old. Is a daughter of 6. O.
Rests, a contractor, residing at 811
South Thirty-fourth street. Two
years ago she graduated from
Omaha High school where she es
tablished a unique record for at
tendance, having been neither ab
sent nor tardy during the last nine
years of her course. The last two
years she has spent In the teachers'
training school and plans to begin
teaching this fall in the city schools.
From childhood. Miss Beats has
had the finest suit of a musical
education, studying for years under
Miss Margaret Boulter. The hand
some baby grand will consequently
rive more pleasure to her than to
many who might have won first
"DW you enjoy the work?" she
was asked. "Tea." was the reply,
"except during the first few days
when I found It difficult to approach people. That feeling soon wore off, how
ever, and I really enjoyed the work immensely. It is going te help me later
on In life, too; I am sure of It."
- x f
'?,,' V7
sT j '.. " ,
t. . f
Conference Held to Discuss Changes j
in Handling Locomotiye, '
Opiates Prevails at I aloa rarlfle
Heade.aartere that Men X a.
ratioaa Will Be Restored
to Jobs I October.
The O mil tin 13 ec Great
Booklovers' Contest
the line of i
In Omaha In
ters In your own home); value, JSO0. This Is exhibited at the Bennett store. Six
teenth and Harney streets.
Fourth One lot in the business district
of Ralston, a lot ZilOO feet, on Maywood
street; value. Full information may
be had at the offices of the Ralston Town
site company, S09 South Seventeenth street.
Fifth In the beaut'ful suburban town of
Ralston, one lot In the residence portion.
:il feet; this lot Is valued at ta. Full
Information may be had at the offices of
the Ralston Townsite company, J0 South
Seventeenth street, Omaha.
Sixth Seventh and Eighth Three sets
(twelve volumes) of Nelson's Loose-Leaf
Encyclopedia, the encyclopedia that cannot
grow old; each set valued at tM. These
books are exhibited at the store of W. A.
Hixenbaugh a Co.. 1814 St. Mary's avenue.
Ninth and Tenth The Book of Knowl
edge, or Child s Encyclopedia, a universal
work for school children, twenty-four vol
umes; each set, t3t. These books are ex
hibited at the store of W. A. Hixenbaugh
& Co., 1514 St. Mary's avenue.
Add to this forty-five cash prizes, as
follows: Five S10.W prixej, ten 5 00 prlxes,
ten prizes; twenty 11.00 prizes.
Child of Suicide
is Detained Here
Baby Son of A. B. Cole, Who Killed
Himself in Chicago, i ia the
, Omaha Detention Home.
The infant son of A. B. Cole, the laborer
who committed suicide on the Malison
street bridge In Chicago Monday, is in the
Omaha Detention home. Cole is reported
to have shot himself because his wife
would not come with him to Omaha, where
he had secured work. Cole had asked help
before the Associated Charities here, as he
was a man who seemed unable to pursue
any line of work consistently, although he
knew the stone cutting trade. H!s wife
declined to make her own way and was
In Chicago. The baby was brought to
Omaha by the father and. under the direc
tion of the authorities here, was allowed to
remain with Cole's father at 112 Douglas
Since Cole shot himself no word has been
received from the child's mother and It was
placed in the Detention home.
Grip Thieves Work
With a High Hand
Twelve Pieces of Lag gig e Worth
About Thousand Dollars Stolen in
Eight Days at the Depots,
The police are baffled by a oerles of suit
case and grip thefts from the railway sta
tions. In the last eight days there have
been twelve grips stolen, and not one has
been recovered.
Police have been stationed in the depot
to watch for ths thieves.
It Is estimated that about S1.0M worth of
clothing and valuables have been stolen
from these grips. Following are the vic
tims of the last eight days:
Hannah Wlren. Los Angeles. August 22;
Adolph Dtttmora, Omaha, August 22; Elmer
Lutx, Pes Moines, August 30; Charles Ham
mond. Hattville, CaX, August 30: Lillian
Graham, Omaha. August 1; Mrs. Era Bell,
Shenandoah, la., August 19; H. M. Lusk.
Elgin. Neb., August IS; C. H. Kan, South
Omaha. August li; E. B. Toolsbay, Aux
carst. Mo., August 18; John Dematut, Den
ver. Colo., August 17; Mrs. T. E. Dun-
strombe, Omaha, August 17; J. A. Setter
quest, Carpenter Paper company, Omaha,
August 14.
Superintendents all along
1 1 1 LniDa j ii i - j
conference with the crrioaJs to im
order of retrenchment Issued from the Chl- I
cago offiie of the system. With them they j
have brought their salary lists in order
that It may be determined, where and what
emp.oyes may be dispensed with.
It is in no way probable that the order
to retrench will be applied to the Omaha
shops, aa they are running light at the
present time, retrenching having been In
augurated there almost six months ago
when the men were plactd on an eight
hour day and a five-day per week schedule.
A bunch of engineers of the western
divisions of the tnlon Pacific have ar
rived for the purpose of taking up with the
officials a demand for some changes In the
rules of running and handling engines.
It Is not considered that the demands will
be granted at this time, as It is fgured out
that they tend to an Increase In wages.
While officials are nonconimuntcaiive.
the opinion prevails around t'nlon Pacific
headquarters, that in the event that busi
ness picks up most of the employes who
are to be laid off will be restored to full
time and their old places early in October.
This restoration will apply to ail clerks
and employes between Omaha and Ogden,
with the possible exception of the men on
the section.
Road la Owed Condition.
As the physical condition of ths road Is i
the best In its history, there is a possl- !
billty that the section forces will be main
tained on the winter basis for some time.
There are some rrsons here who blame
the local officials for the retrenchment !
Doner being adopted. They, however, have i
had nothing to do with It, aside from
carrying out ths orders of officials higher ;
up in the service. ,
It is contended, however, that the r
trenchment at this time is no greater than
usually occurs every fall after the rush I
of business ceases, the only difference
being that now the employes are laid off !
In what might be considered a wholesale
manner, while heretofore they have been
laid off singly, or a few at a time.
Week Holds Forth Mur Dlvertls.
seats fer Estreats la later.
Clak Tearoey.
Tennis players entered In the lnter-club
tennis tournament now in progress at the
Omaha Rod and Gun club will be enter
tained at a special vaudeville entertainment
at the club pavilion Friday night. Fred
Whlttemore. in charge of the program,
promises bits of stirring comedy and take
offs on the actions and beliefs of the play
ers entered. The regular program during
the week at the Qun club will provide much
pleasure. Tuesday night the regular dance
is to be held and Thursday night the
weekly vaudeville stunts are scheduled.
Friday comes the special night for the ten
nis men and Saturday the second of the
weekly dances.
The uniform success that nas attended
the use of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy has made It a
favorite everywhere. It can always be de
oended upon. For sale by all dealers.
not by weight,
by the amount of pungent oil that
girea life and snap and "go," And
by such judgment, you will pick
The world's best growths. Cleaned
to give full weight. Ground by
the most perfect of modem
methods. And all the strength
retained by the air-excluding box.
10c at your grocer's any kind.
If he can't supply you, send 10c
for full size box.
TONC BROS, Dos Malnas, la.
hree Grocers Sell
Short Weight Spuds
Inspector Pegg Finds it Out and
Lodges Complaints Against
Them in Police Court
Complaints against three Sixteenth street
rrocers, accused of selling potatoes under
eight, were lodged in police court Tues
lay morning by Inspector John Grant Pegg.
they are:
Ruber A Ryne. 514 North Sixteenth.
Spot Caah grocery. 2 North Sixteenth.
L. Roeenbloom, su8 North Sixteenth.
Complaints came to the inspector through
mother grocer a bo claimed that he could
lot. compete with those who were cutting
noeo and then making up the difference
- .selling short weights. The offending
rroeVrs a HI te heard in police court Wed
eaday morning
ti3Hsaps'jfesjijntMjUa scttP,nPMIWBBxS94',a,,,C,M,
I siridMMft
Tbi PeJawtrasw-Cakta Castor?; (feoqrporste)
aWsppk u iiiJMsissi iWrliii JWsfti I famtttSmflllmim mmm TPrilUcWHi i i i i i mW win-in mm mini i Win
oh. JEB5 8lI9TI
X- H. Wilson has returned from a four
-eks' tr.p to Geneva Lake. Wis.
Frank rrexel ef the Irexe! Shoe com
pany has gone on a bj;nee uip to Chicago
ind Milwaukee.
Marriage L.le-eaaea,
Two following marrtsge licenses have
eea granted:
Kame and Residence.
Carles I Fre!s. Omaha
ruallla Hen.iereon. Omaha
'osoph W. Anderson. Omaha....
.'.iriclhla I-t-ord. Moines..
foha E. Feltys. Omara
race Whiteey. Omaha
rrank E. Perry. Irwir. la
iraca McCord. Harlan, la a
!rt E. Wallace. Omaha
;.are Krokautfger, Oinaha 3
A Life 1'robleaa Sol red
rr that great health tome, F'ectrlc Bitters,
r the enrichment of poor, this blood and
Trenr-thenlnjr the weak. fee. For sal by
leatuo ru Co.
PIIAS33ZS3 TTYEZm again case clean sweep awarded first ants. '
TBccfa all the prlsea Siera ward 'H Ler claaa In Jen Cays f 6ltatiTlr$
jron Ulnneapolia to Helena !!ontasao FftrJe at Contest any Tight car)
orer entered one thousand t lire 6 hundred hlnety cires orer nountafnd
i&nd plains worst1 roaSa In Jaerlcsa and! rained fcost ziar? S&s x&'c! hub
Peep The two ?&5DEH3 Vere dnl cara In her class x6 finish ttith
erf eot eoores and cnlj one) other oar of hag pries "a fcarnon $2703
finianed rerfaota Cara penaTixed inolndad pacSarl Btoddard-daytcL
lahtot-detrolt arrplexmaxsrell ool krif hupnoMTa an3 other snail frgv
Shis' Ib 8erio"na great "yiotorj Jor IHSICIS In a bonth otlOT '
tras tnrea perfect road scores in Iowa little gTiTden no btEer i$800
car t5n eartE can stand up with "FLUTTERS TWESTT" in nafJ road wor audi
5n this latest contest ehtJ bent out of her class and ffjme tfi 'iou
tiousaal iollar fellows i i yt w-, v.-
2-11-? fantoxlfisu
nTk- ftt rnai;
Sfo. a Wednesday, Anf-nst S3, 1S11.
What Book Does This Picture Represent?
Your iame
Street and Number
City or ToTm
writ, in titia and anthor of book and 8A"E coupon and picture.
Send no coupon until finish of the contest is announced. Each picture
represents a book title not a scene or a character, catalogues containing
5,000 names on which all puzile pictures are nasea too ciiaiuSuo uj
by the contest editor are for sale at the Business Office at The Bee for
25 cents; by mail. 30 cents.
Ralea of th Contest
lii-l wt i Mir tsmlllaa. Bark . tmr stau-Bil era tkwe S'",
Tb h a iae kM will nrmt sua m a mm. - -
vlU to a stank lor Uw musui u fill la tk tltu ml tb tok.
Cn nt Ml iti swtae. u4 IK Mi ik ui DU la tH ntm 4 sthr af the tow
N. naflMw iu to u war W, wki trrorm t tto Hfww ""7 to -nm
Kacb slctan resrwMota self UtU 1 tos- if rw. ar. mm ' "i
mm wtt t mmmi ta mfm Use waa aaaw er la aace !-, rwa war "yr
SSrI th i TrVri i7iwtM wt oxa nu wix as rsRMrrriD. i.-
rerrM suwm will mml to mrmmtm asaia SI l nmiaa If ' ' anew W aio sfrwu
Umrm tmmm mm, aosww km14 awl to swt aa tka sum MU).a. .mm2
mm for eiva unm Ail aaaww. tm tto wune sawtor to kja
awKtna is th. set. Oaly mmm lkat mar to setouuwl hr awaiawiaai. ttot aaj list way
"t. ..-"l. "-."..'-liU., mm. mi to Sr wH - tto WW.4. -eat
SrT watollttM. to aot wrna awik tatwrMM 'fs".
to swat ta wttk tto aawwwa. la mrmm tot al liawws pi; aa iform. A4Sltlwaal plwtorwj
aat naowtia awr to aMaina at tto offlM ef Tto Sm by sall mr a swrwa.
total wr . the. to Tto O-aka . " STH. LLmmt miimmTl
WIU to fnimmi t. ta. .tu. Mta( la tto law
art wj't wr aw. mmrmomm tort.s U- aaaw awaitor mt mrt w,.,,,
estBf tto analler aamtor ml wrtra aJUMt ale mm wt J si J"1 T"' '
- tw. H toTlM.tto ..-tor
a wtoa mm mt unwi is 1 - '
sttaa win to
awns, tto mmrmam wao mm mt mmrwwrm
hatrat aoaawinwik will inwn tto OrW f1"
Onlr aa Hal mt atowrra air to wafemltt mr
ewaro4 a was fasallr at was aadfwaa
Tto aa at tto aoaswaa Is aot WlsMaer aswl
im tm iMlhla ms&MP tto toStMSt.t aiT
Awards win to w4a atrtatlT aaooeatas to wont mt
Tto aaaa of wora tbaa eoa aaraoa neat sol to wrtttas asoa
Tto awarta will to waao to to Contoat Miww mm a eaau
ia aula Hat.
was mil.
isituaa ef woll-fenwaw oM-
a wfeM aaojMa will aa aaaoaaowo ymymt
TkioTtwa la IIWJW4 ta tto tollowia torrttam Wewaaka. WywwJar ttol swrUwa mt
UmimmTmtJt mmt immlmi P. Mwiaaa, mm Ctot mmmmm ef swwlk Tiatota kmaw. aa
tba Mack Bllia Dlatrtoi.
"WTiite Steamer Automobile
A 5-rassenger 1811 Model White Steamer Touring Car odorless, smokeless
snd noiseless. No cranking, no shifting of gears; any desired speed. White
Steamer aaies Increase each succeeding year, liaa practically an endorsement
cf the Limed States government, which owns and operates more White Steam
ers ihan all other cars combined. Richly upholstered, beautifully finished, un
limited power, controlled apead. This car will be exhibited la Omaha at a later
Sate' '
In the soft, semi-tropic climatic kone, exvendlng
north from 6an Diego to Shasta County. California,
lies Tehama county. In which is situated this beau
tiful little 10-acre ranch near the town of ked Bluff.
This is fruit lend -it a rery high order and Is part of
the celebrated Lutheran colony which bad its incep
tion with an Omaha clergyman. Literature describ
ing this property may be had at the office of TOW-B.XDaX-BOX.STJ
CO, in the City BsUonal Baak
Building, Os
The magnificent, fsncy walnut XXZXXf
AUTO OaVaJID SX,ATZX-rrajrO which noth
ing can excel. No other player-piano has in
the absolute the "human touch" so desired by
a musical ear and so prized by the manufac
turers. This Instrument will be exhibited, ex
plained and played for anyone who wishes to
see it in ths ware rooms on ths third floor of
Ralston is to be a manutaekurins city. They
have a rice start with the Bnvn Truck Manu
facturing Co., -he Rogera Motor Car Co., and the
Howard Stove Works. Everything desirable to
comlortable living may be found there. On one of
the main business streets th Bee has selected It
fourth prize a business lot 25x1 V0 feet, and
valued at 9379.
FIFTH PRIZE, Value $225
la the same town and with the same prospect of advancement, the Bee
has selected a residence lot (9x120 fti, and valued at S22S
Kaiaton is on the only interurban trolley Una runiung out of Omaha, and
within lorty minutes of the Oman a poatoffice.
Complete information about tnis property st the office of the S1LITOI
TOWIUTE COkriST, 308 South 17 til Bt, Omaha.
This ingenious encyclopedia, mhieh la a deveiop.
ment rather tnaa invention, nas besides lis conven
iences the cf hundreds of euiiura mentally
equipped to mat one of the greatest encyclopedias
ever compiled. One of the strongest recommenda
tions for tills wora Is that it la from tr.a prei of
the reliable old bouse of TMOS. aTEXUsOsT a BOUB,
ef Sfew York, Xondoa, XtukU aad Sdlasargh, .ni!n
. ,
This encyclopedia of twelve volumes, which is valued at S a set, may he
sen at the Omaha office of W. a- Xixsabaagb B Co, lsi Bt- Mary's Aveaae.
These pHtes consist of twenty-four vol una cloth bound sets of the "Book
of Knowledge, sn encyclopedia made especially for chiidien and aold at tit a
set- Tn.s ork is ant ten in aimple lahguae and is a "wouder book" In that It
makes smipie a.l knoudge necessary to broad education. There are hundreds
of coloied p.ates and thousands in black and white This la a fully eiuit.ierf
enryci .ped:a made for children, and may be seen at the OUitha offices uf w
lillkkACOI at 1S1 Bt. btarys Avaaaa. tiuas tti w. A.
Five Prizes of $10. Ten Prizes of $5. Tec. Prizes cf $2.
Twenty Prizes of $1.