Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 16, 1911, WANT AD SECTION, Page 11, Image 35

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A Change in the Rules in the
A(dGetters9 Contest
i t
On account of the many nominations received from people over 21 years old who are desirous of enter
ing the AD-GETTERS' CONTEST-the rules will be changed-so that any one, regardless of age, may enter
and try for one of the many prizes offered.
This change offers every person in Omaha an opportunity to make quite a bit of "extra" money in com
missions, in addition to winning one of the prizes. .
If you can devote a little time each day toward getting votes for yourself you will make quite a bit of
money in commissions.
There is yet time to enter and get to the top. Fill out the nominating blank at the bottom of this page or -come
to the Bee office and see Bee Want Tad Editor. He will tell you how to start right.
Don't wait, each day from now on counts. While yourest some other contestant may get ahead of you. .
Hazel Kernan, 2320 N. 28th St 503
Iona V. Bates, 881 S. 34th St 440
W. Beebee, 128 N. 31st Ave..' 229
Frank Squires, 1515 Madison Ave.... 98
Bennie Telkner, 1715 Webster 47
Bess Tobin, 9S0 N. 26th St ,44
Esther Knight, 3601 Davenport St.. .43
Wm. Campen, 541 S. 26th St.. .38
Wilma Howard, 4722 Capitol Ave.... 37
Clarence Stock, 124 N. 37th St 35
Warren Ege, 116 So. 31st Ave.. .... .35
Daniel Gruening, 4612 N. 24th St.. . . .35
Jacy Allen, 1124 So. 29th St 35 Howard Douglas, 4412 Douglas. .. . .13
James Vickery, 724 N. 18th St 13 Mildred Strafford, 120 So. 35th St. . . IX
Leland Smith, 906 So. 33d St.. 13 Albert Anthony, 2712 Ames ....... JO
Lucy Garvin ,124 So. 35th St . .13 Olive Atkinson, 1902 Emmet St. 10
Each day the ad appears counts as one vote.
': Get BEE WANT ADS. Paid ader count as votes. Little
mA tvmnt ns much as bier ones. Each dav the ad annears
- 0
., counts as one vote, regardless of the size of the ad. For in-
. stance: A 10-line want ad lor one time wm count as one
" vote, while a 2-line ad appearing five times will count as five
votes, although it cost the same as the 10-line ad run one
time. So get the ad to appear as many times as possible.
At the end of the contest, August 19, 6 p. m.. the one
having the greatest number of votes to his or her credit,
gets the first prize; the one getting the next largest number
of votes gets the second prize, etc.
A little work each day, a few ads each day, will pay you
well, and you will probably win a big prize in the bargain.
The Bee Pays You For, All You Do
I ; ' ' ' Vl ' ' ' ' ' ' ' "'"
' ONLY PAID, WANT. ADS count. On every ad you get The Bee pays you a commission of
10 per cent, whether you win a prize or not. ( THIS IS YOUR CONTEST AND GIVES YOU
Get busy lUrt-iit horn. . 2 There U sometMa
round the house around erery house which can he
eld; something which has no ralne to jrour folks, but
would he worth a great deal to someone else. Get an
ad at home first. Then go to your neighbors, they prob
ably hare a baby carriage, a bed, a oouch. Ice box, store,
table, chair, rug, desk, plsno, phonograph, chickens,
eat, dog. cow, norse, Incubator or an automobile and a
hundred and one other things, which will sell and bring
them good money If advertised In The Bee Want Col
umns. Maybe your neighbor wants to rent a room, or
buy something, or needs help of some kind or wants
. to sell their home or rent a house. Write them a Bee
Want Ad, collect from them at the regular rates, 1 4
cents per word. If run only one time or ONE CENT A
bring or mail the ad and the cash to BEE WANT TAJ)
EDITOR, who will credit you with a vote each time the
ad appears and pay you a commission of 10 per cent
for your trouble. 'Remember the more times the ad
appears the more votes you get.
Everyone Stands An Equal Chance
Read the Rules Carefully
Everyone Js eligible except em
ployes of The Bee .and members
of their families.
Only paid want ads brought In'
or sent In by contestants count as
Each paid want ad counts as
one vote each time the ad appears.
Want ads from Omaha real estate
dealers and those already adver
tising in The Bee do not count.
.All ads subject to Investigation
and rejection by The Bee.
Only bona fide ads will count;
ads found to be of bogus address
and Inserted only for the purpose
of getting votes will be declared
void and not counted. -
Cash must accompany each ad.
Aa The Beo runs Domestic Help
and Situations Wanted Ads Free,
all contestants are obliged to take
such ads with the same courtesy
as a paid ad. Domestio help and
situation wanted ads cannot be
counted as votes.
No entry fee is charged. The
receipt by The Bee Want Tad Edi
tor of a nomination blank, prop
erly filled out, constitutes suffici
ent entry, and counts as ten votes
for the candidate. Only one nom
inating blank will be counted for
each contestant.
Receipt books will be furnished
all the contestants on application.
The Ad-Cetter contest will close
Saturday evening, August 19, at
p. m.
The standing of the contestants '
will be announced weekly.
' The contest is limited to the fol
lowing territory: Nebraska, Wyo
ming, Iowa and South Dakota.
A Beautiful Ludwig Baby
Grand Piano-$750
A beautiful ntgh grade instru
ment that will bring joy and con
tentment into any home. An in
strument you will be proud of all
your life. It is worth any effort
you might make to get it. To
those who have a musical educa
tion it offers the highest quality
in the maker's art. To those be
ginning their musical education
it offers a broader scope for their
This Baby Ludwig may be seen
at any time at Hayden Bros.
Piano department.
$140 Each
A Graduation Scholarship Course in the
Comprising complete course in Business, Shorthand,
Special Banking, Preparatory Courses, Principle of Agri
culture, Business Agriculture and Salesmanship.
The;e prizes offer an education to the winners, and
starts them in lifo with the necessary knowledge to make
their efforts in the business world a success.
The management of the Omaha Commercial College,
19th and Farnam, will be glad to discuss any point relative
to the scholarship at any time.
A Beautiful Watch
Either ladies' or
gentlemen 'a solid
gold case watch with
T. L. Combs & Co.'s
Special Movement.
Selection left with
This beautiful time
piece Is one that anyone
would be proud of. It
will satisfy someone's de
sire to own a solid gold
high grade watch. This
watch may be seen In the
window of T. L. Combs
ft Co., 1620 Douglas St
$50 Each
j Two Ladlee' Suits, to
be made to measure in
any style and material
which may be chosen.
Style, fit. workmanship
and quality fully guar
anteed. These suits will be
made by the Novelty
Skirt Co., who have a
reputation for turning
out only high grade
Goods and methods
of .tailoring may be In
spected at any. time at
the shops of the Novel
ty Skirt Co., 214, 21C
North 16th Street.
Address all inquiries
and requests for infor
mation to
Bee Want Tad
ii i ii ii
is i 1 1
flOTia3 Editor,
'777777s J) I )' I VW
Seventh and Eighth
SSO Each
AV " I
. Two National Pace Follower Special Bicy
cles, 1911 model, for boy or girl. The bicycle
fad is growing in popularity each day. It U a
recreation that affords a healthy exercise com
bined with the pleasure of paying visits to
places which were out of your reach before.
These bicycles are on exhibition at the
store of the Omaha Bicycle Co., 16th and Chi
cago streets.
$13 Each
Two full memberships to the Y. W. C. A. for one year, including the Gymnasium and choice of
the Educational classes.
Every young lady should belong to the Y."W. C. A. Its elevating influence is felt the world over.
These prizes will appeal to those who wish a place to spend an enjoyable hour down town.
When you are down town, drop into the Y. W. C. A.
, Eleventh and Twelfth
S13 Each
Two full memberships in the Y. M. C. A.
for one year, comprising all the member
ship privileges, including the gymnasium
and swimming pool. These prizes areyup--lifting
aud elevating to mind and body, and
should be eagerly sought after by those
who wish to make a-place for themselves in
the world. Visitors are always welcome at
the Y. M. C. A. .
nut -v mt ti
Ad-Getters Contest
In space below fill in the name of some ambitious
friends and Fend to Bee Want Tad Editor, care of
Omaha Bee.
.This coupon entitles nominee to TEN votes.
Nominating votes will be allowed on first nomi
nating coupon only. .
Address .
Ago City
Anyone can fill out this nominating coupon. Do
it todaj'.