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The Omaha Daily Bee.
to mora Omaha hornet than
all other paperi combined.
For Nebraska 8howT: cooler.
Kor Iowa nhowrr; fooler.
VOL, XLI-NO. 15.
rreildent Dclivtrt Address on Seel
proclty AUr Spending Most
Itrennom Dij.
EmcuMti) Rerisw & - nrth Pa
rade in Monnmei .
Spends Soma Tims Watch
Athletle ConUiU.
rarvrt Kim ta) Stat fair Ornaad o
Watrh llearfaa tIMala ! T
. l.HrMM Leave f'Hr
. far Waablnajtaa.
INDIAN AIUl. I". July 4 -After a few
hour' rest at the hum of former Vice
President Charles W. Fairbanks, ir21
North Meridian street. President Taft
erne this mumlng with the most etrenu
ue day of I'Ih western trip before him.
from the tint heduled for him to leave
the Fairbanks tome, the president did not
have an Idle moment.
Indlanapnll wen gaily decorated with the
presidential and American flass and hunt
las. The residents of the city were bestir
early along the line of march of the bin
"esn Tunrth" parade, one of the features
of the rtlhratlon. Mr. Taff reviewed the
parade In Monument place.
Following the parade, the presidential
party went to the Marlon rlub for an In
formal reception to the memliera and at
noon the president waa the guest of the
Columbia club at lunrheon.
At l.SS p. m. he waa escorted to the
Atneriran Association ball park for the
athletle contests and awarded the prise
to the wlnnera In the morning parade.
Railway trainmen became the hoata of
the preeldent after the ball pnrk exerrlma
and escorted him to the atate fair ground
to wltneaa the head-on collision between
twa ' locomotive The preeldent returned
to the Fnlrbsnks home at t o'clock and
rested until T, when he attended the Marion
rlub banquet and made the principal speech
of lit trip. ,
lYesldcnt f aft chose "Reciprocity" aa the
subject, of hi banquet address. In the ad
dreea the preeldent defended hla repub
licanism In making the agreement with
Doing direct from the banquet where 600
platen, were placed and which waa at
lMded by leadera of the republican party
front all over the atate, the president and
hla party boarded a Pennsylvania train for
Washington at 10 46 o'clock tonight.
Bosy Tint Way.
With the temperaature In hla private car
above loo for houra at a time, President
Taft hurried through Ohio and Indiana,
yesterday. Ha begun apeaking from the
rear platform at Cleveland after . break
faat and; did not . wi thremgJi -until' (
lie cloaed with two addreeeea at the na
tional home for dlaabled volunteer, soldier
here. The prealdent apoka of war. but
more of peaoa and arbitration to the vet
t rana. To the bankers and editors of the
tuleventh congressional dlatrlci ha talked
about the Aldrlch plan of currency reform.
On tba way over from Cleveland tbe
prealdent made nine rear platform tatka.
rkmellmes ha talked about the heat, aa
othera he argued for a "aafe and aane
Fourth," and aeveral tlmea turned to
proa parity and Canadian reciprocity which,
he ul, would bring more prosperity.
Two) Ware Esrrsvted.
In the epeech to the old aoldlera the
prealdent declared that all of the former
ware waged by thla country, except the
war of the revolution and possibly 'the
ilvll war. could have been aettled without
bloodshed, through arbitration. No fewer
than five tlmea, eald the prealdent, haa
tbe United . States Intervened between
South and Central American countries and
paaceful persuasions averted war.
"t am not a wild enthusiast or a blind
optimist." said the prealdent. "I do not
look forward to a complete restoration of
peace which cannot be disturbed In the
world, even If these arbitration treaties
are adopted. ' Morality of nations Improves
only step by step and so the making and
confirming of these treaties must be re
garded only aa a step but aa a long step
toward the securing of peace In the world."
Tbe speech to the banker and editors
waa la the nature of a reiteration . of hla
addrees to the New York state bankers at
Manhattan beach, -
"1 do not know any function," aald th
prealdent. "of greater Importance, exer
cised by. tba government, after the pres
ervation of law and order and tba main
tenance of liberty and rights of property,
than the duty of the government to fur
nish the people a currency system which
shall glva them a constant and unvarying
medium for the measurement of values
and the Interchange of products that ahall
enable business to proceed In a normal
Mr. Taft Is the flrat prealdent to visit
Marlon after hi assumption of office and
tt'ontlnued on Second Page.)
The Weather
FOR NEBRASKA 8hui era. cooler.
fOH IOWA-howfr. t-voler.
Omaha Yesterday.
Hour. leg
la. m. .
a. m .
7 a. in..
a a. no...
a. m..
lu a. m .
II a. ..
L' rn
I p. ra .
t p. m.,
1 p. m
4 p r..
i p. m
r- m..
I B. n..
'5 VI
4 aMratt Loral Hrl.
mi ii ta i a
1IUSM iurj4)f h M as si
!( ... u J 4 m kt
Mian inteie uj SI " Tt J
lr4Uik U .U .i
i.rfm. at. fit'iiiNs nvparrures
fr"m is u. itMi.
Svl tcnivit jr 74
vt w aa t.,r a J
l v m .nc- March I t
Hrnui M.rij-i mu-t II Ineh
I-f . - h iiw dv 14 In eli
11 ii nnlot Kur irch I T ft men
Klnn ..- Mk! 1 1Htirn
1-f i a. t. (. rit.S In fl 1 tuehe
j."! ia r lv tor t M 1 In 1 I. 4 Inches
i. A. LUtti. LH AWecahour.
Town of Newcastle
is Nearly Destroyed
b ylncendiary Fire
Almost the Entire Business Section of
the City Mai of Rnnini
Lou $100,000.
rONCA, Neb.,' July 4-Hpeclat Tele
gram.) Twenty-sis buildings In the town
of Newcastle were burned ' here at noon
todsy. It Is thought from a fire started by
an Incendiary. Home of the city hone used
In fighting the flames was burned and
crippled the fire fighting forces so that trie
flames burned almost uncontrolled.
Newcastle Is eleven miles from here In
IHxnn county. All telephone wlrea are out
and communication with there la Impos
sible. The sheriff of IMxon has gone to New
castle and aome arreat are expected In an
effort to fix the blame for the tire.
Among the burned buildings are on liv
ery stable, two meat markets, one bank,
th Edwards-Bradford Lumber yard and
all but two stores.
Newcastle haa about 1,000 population.
Bullet Into Prison
Kills Man Sought by
an Avenging Father
Proipector Oldi Meets Sadden Death
in Jail at Globe, Ariz. Mnrderer
' Unidentified, Says Jury.
GLOBE. Aria., July 1 Klngsley Olds, tbe
prospector who attempted suicide after the
drowning of Lulu and Myrtle Ooswlck, the
two little daughter of hi mining partner,
on June 24, waa murdered In hla cell In tbe
county jail her today.
When the officer finally ascertained
whence the bullet ?iad come, no. trace of
th assassin could be found. It w'as dis
covered that he had gained entrance to the
building In the night by means of keys
belonging to the janitor.
From a judge's chrmber overlooking Olds'
cell window he sent his first shot between
the bars Into Olds' .'ungs, causing Instan
taneous death.
The coroner's Jury i,,. . aiternoon ren
dered a verdict of death at in hands of
a person unidentified.
A brother of the murdered main arrived
tonight and will begin' an Inveatlgatlon.
Olds was found on June 4 by cowboys
making hla way to Globe from Bait river.
HI Jaw was shot away and he waa unable
to talk,' but wrote that while In bathing
In the river with two little girl. 10 and 13
yeara old. who had accompanied him to
Globe from their father'a ranch, he had
been shot by a Mexican or an Indian. He
had fallen unconscious, ha aald, and - did
not know what had become of tha girl..
Their bodies were found In the river, tha
next day, . ' ' ,'. a
The pass found no trace. of tha' parson
fOMs -MaM:iMs)r hlm.vml It wu
charged that ' b" pad 'aaaafaUad th girts
and drowned them to Cover his crime. Tha
bodies, whom found,, bora no trace of vio
lence. ' ''.v! .
Wesley Ooawlek," father of the girl, was
disarmed th jday' his daughters' bodies
were discovered, .a he . waa coming to
Globe with tha avowed Intention of killing
Olds later confessed that ho shot himself
In an attempt at suicide.
Sheridan Citizens
Win Point in Fight
City Council Decides to Put Off Grant
' ing" Franchise to Power Com
pany for Two Weeks.
SHERIDAN, Wyq., July 4. (Special Tele
egram.) In th controversy In which the
cttiiens ana taxpayer' or Sheridan are
trying to prevent ' tH cfty .'council from
granting a new fifty-year franchise and
exclusive street lighting contract to the
Sheridan Electric Light and Power com
pany, tbe cttiiens won a signal victory this
evening when tha council voted to postpone
final action on, th proposed objectionable
ordinance until the third Monday In July.
By a three-fourths vote It 'was also de
cided to-retain Attorney T.VW. Laflech
of Bherldan, Who haa been one of tbe lead
era In the fight against the new franchise.
aa special counael for the city.
Tha city council -was scheduled to pass
the ordinance tonight, , but deferred action
out of deference to public opinion. It la
now believed that the ordinance will ba
killed. W.
Reports that Ambassador Is t Re
main at Post Are In-
' .... eerreet.
BERLIN. July 4 oiatements emlnatlng
from Washington that Dr. , David Jayne
Hill, the Aemrican ambassador to Ger
many, resigned, has been requested to re
main at his post for the present are in
correct. Th ambassador will laava Berlin prob
ably on Thursday next for Swltserland,
where he will continue on leave of ab
sence status until he has an opportunity to
present his leters of recall to the emperor.
These letter. It la understood are 'now on
th way from Washington but are not to
be presented until tha return of his maj
esty from hla Norwegian trip.
It Is stated at tha foreign office today
tha? a successor to Dr. Hill hsd not been
designated but that It was believed that
the prealdent had made a selection for hi'
Horse Rears at
Throwing Man Out on Headt
Th ft rat accident due to the Fourth of
July celebration In Omaha occurred Mon
day la front of a restaurant at Uli Far
Bam atravt. Ernest Brishau. of Red
land. Cal., waa Ihrowa from a runabout
and rectlved sever bruise oa th head
ha th hor behind whkh h waa r.diug
became filchteaed at tha explosion of a
busAh of "parklr.''
Fred iiaha. aoh of Dr. Uuatav Hahn.
S1U Doualaa aueet. with whom brtahau
la vital in a. was driving. According to th
story at a won empioya of tha raatau-
Absence of Fireworks and Noise is
Feature of Observance of Fourth
in Many Cities.
Mayor Gaynor Speaks at Celebration
of Anniversary of City Buildinj.
Postmaster General is Only Member
of Cabinet in Washington.
Water Sports and Band Concert In
Thirteen Parks Are Sahatttato for
for Fireworks -Historical Pa.
raaa In Several C'ltie.
NEW VORK, July 4.--Th' local ordi
nance tamed every element, of the old
time .Fourth of July celebration here ex.
cept the weather and except for sizzling
heat New York br;an Its celebration of the
day under conditions "safe and aane."
Tha princlpul feature of the celebration
was the exercises at the city hall in com
memoration of the centennial of that build
ing. There were addreKaes by Mayor Gay
nor and others. Joseph Garabalrll, a grand
son of the Italian liberator, who gained
distinction In the Mexican insurrection, was
the chief figure in a celebration held by
the residents arotim) Washington square.
The Tammany society listened to oratlona
by several prominent men, . Including
Representative Oscar W. Underwood and
Harry D. Clayton of Alabama.
'I believe the democratic party has
passed through the period of the storm of
defeat and Is facing a long period of success
and triumph," wrote Governor LHx, who
waa unable to attend.
"Next year will crown the work of the
party by 'the election of a democratic ad
ministration In Washington."
Similar expressions were received from
William J. Bryan and Champ Clark.
.' Waahlnaten Without' Fireworks.
WASHINGTON, July 4 This citty cele
brated Independence day without a fire
cracker or a toy pistol, the law prohibiting
tha sale of explosives being rigidly en
forced. Official Washington was deserted.
Postmaster General Hitchcock was left
"sitting on tha lid," the only cabinet offi
cer In town.
Vice President Sherman spent the day at
his home In Utlca, democratic leader
Underwood was speechmaklng In New York
and most of the member of both senate
and house were either at home or making
addresses to patriotic gatherings through
out tha country. '
In tha seclusion of his private office at
tha capitol Speaker Champ Clark alter
nately mopped his brow, dictated corre
spondence and wondered when the senate
would, act on the measures which the house
psaeed over to' It,
PHli-ADELPHIA, Juty -Desptte th
safe and aane Fourth' of July camo.l CD
waged here, there were many minor acci
dent last night and early today, but the
number was not. nearly so large as In
other years.
. Historical Tmbleanx In Chicago.
CHICAGO, July 4.-Chlcago celebrated
Ita second "sane" fourth today with an
Independence day parade consisting of his
torical tableaux.
The substitution of this sort of enter
tainment for tha cannon cracker, toy pis
tol and fireworks In tha celebration of In
dependence day Is now an established cus
tom her. There waa a marked decreasa
in the number of fires and accidents com
pared with a year ago.
The first death due to fireworks was re
ported shortly after noon when Ira Hor
wltx, 4 yeara old. died at the county hos
pital as a result of bums. .
. No Noise In Kansas City.
KANSAS CITT. July 4,-For the first
time In Ita history Kansas City began a
sane fourth today. In sharp contrast to
conditions In Kansas City, Kan., th day
cam In - without noisy demonstrations.
Fireworks and noise making Is forbidden.
Water a porta and athletics were resorted
to as means of observance of the day.
Morning,, afternoon and evening concerts
by thirteen bands in parks and squares In
all. quarters of the elty were arranged by
the city
In Kansas City, Kan., tha old style
Fourth waa observed. Before noon several
accidents were reported and one baby,
frightened Into spasms by 'a cannon
cracker, waa dying. A sane Fourth was
observed In most Kansas and Oklahoma
TOPEKA, K4j., July 4.-Topeka Is hav
ing Ita first sana Fourth of July today.
There haa been no shooting of flra crack
era within tha city limits. The sale of ex
plosive In the city was forbidden. Ener
getic tradesmen, however, erected stands
Just outside tha city limits and did a
thriving business.
Eliot Speak In Fanenll Hall.
BOSTON. July 4--Boston's Fourth of
July celebration bad th aspect of a
"sane" observance which, local authorities
have been working for several yeara to
Roxbury celebration of It 281st anni
versary led In the festivities of the day.
President Charles AV. Eliot of Harvard
university delivered the patriotic address
of the day in Faneull hall.
The day was marked by unparalleled
heat. At 10:45 the mercury had reached M
degrees and was steadily climbing.
Historical ! at lu llaltlmore.
BALTIMORE. July 4.-A historical pag
eant was the feature of Baltimore's safe
and sane Fourth today. A marine parade
which ended when the key of the city
were presented to "Lord Baltimore" and
(Continued on Second Page.)
rant, the young men lighted the fireworks.
Harm declared that some pedestrian threw
a firecracker under the horse.
At the explosion of the ponder, the b rs
reared, and lioth occupants of the run
about were thrown to the sidewalk. Mr.
Uriahs us fell upon hla head. He waa un
conscious tor a rew minutes, but was re
vlved before th
police ambulancs an-
ptared. He was taken to the Wise Momor.
ial hospital, where he was treated b. lr
Harm. It waa declared at the Halm borne
last night that Umhau' injure aei, not
From the Cleveland Plain Ialer.
Sleeping on th
Champion Lays Britisher Helpless in
the Thirteenth Bound.
Honor Well Divided Until Champion
Bend Rlajht Hand L'ppercut to
Stomach Following; with Two
Similar Effective Blowa.
Champion Ad. Wolgast, fighting true to
for mretalned his title this afternoon by
knocking out Owen Moran of Birming
ham, England, In the thirteenth round of
their scheduled twenty-round battle In the
Eighth streea open air arena.
Wolgast knocked' out the Englishman In
the first minute of fighting In this round.
The lightweights had been going at a ter
rific pace up to t the very end with the
honors first wlrtt on ,ind then with tha
other. i
Wolgast, rushing the Britisher Into a
neutrsl corner In die thirteenth, ripped a
righthand uppercut into , the stomach at
close quarters, following with two similar
puriches ' that aent the game ' little Eng
lishman to the catyas helpless and gasp
ing While th arm of th referee tolled' off
the tea seconds.' ' J" , . -
t Round 1 After-. shaking hsjldsrhey losetf
in siowiy, ana almost immediately Mita
crowd yelled for the referee to break them
apart. Moran protested that Wolgast waa
"outting ' and the crowd Jeered. Wolghst
broke a clinch with two powerful lefts to
the Jaw and they mixed It, each fighting
viciously. They went to close quarters
wwlth Wolgast hooking his lett viciously
to the Jaw. Then he started the blood
from the Briton's mouth with a volley of
short arm lelts. A body blow by the
champion, delivered with great force closed
tuts tound which waa decidedly In Wol
gast's favor.
Rounu a Moran's supporters shouted at
him to keep away, but the Englishman
rushed in. vVolgast rocked his head with
short arm punches and paved the way fur
a volley of lefts, by sending In rights to
his stomach. Moran, fighting back gamely,
aent Wolgat tottering across the ring with
a hard right to the Jaw. Wolgast bled
from the nostrils as Moran followed his
advantage by clipping the champion sev
eral tunes with hard lett and right
punches to the face and head. Moran'
Third Round Even.
Round J Wolgast covered up, crouching
low and missed a terrific left swing In
tended for the Jaw. They roughed It head
to hoad, both scoring frequently while in
this position. Wolgast almost floored his
man wwitn a lert swing to the Jaw and
then closed In, lashing out with left and
rlirht. wolirast shot thr lnfta In nnl,w
j succession to the body and received In re-
turn a stiff right to the Jaw. Tha round
waa . even.
Round 4 Wolgast's riKht eve waa some
what discolored and Moran'a mouth waa
bleeding as they totd the mark. Moran
shot a stilt left to the face and again they
roughed It with their arms locked. Wolgast
aoing me greater execution. Moran drove
a straight right to the jaw and then
clouted the champion with a left to the
same place. Wolgast sent his right with
great force to the body and they seemed
disinclined to break from a clinch. Wol
gast hooked a left to the body and drove
the Briton against the ropes. They were
quickly back In th center of the ring,
fighting like tigers. Wolgast's seconds
tauuted Moran, to which the Britisher re.
plied: "He won't get me today." And
then protested vigorously to Referee Welsh
that the champion was Intentionally
"elbowing" him. Moran had Just a shade
the better of It.
Round 5 Ttiey clinched, with Wolgast
upperrutting to the face with right and
left. Moran Jarred the champion with a
short arm right to the Jaw. Wolgast
swung wildly and Moran rammed him
twice more with right to the face. A long
clinch followed, Wolgast breaking It with
a hard right to the face. They danced
about the ring and Wolgast landed twice
to the jaw with a short right. Wolgast
seemed the stronger as the bell ended an
even round.
Round The flphters slowed up a bit at
the outset of the round and then M rnn
shot a straight left to the face. They
went to close ranse, Wolgast landing a -v-eral
rl?hte over the kidneys. They fouRhl
at a hut pace against the ropes. n!i
scoring repeatedly. Then followed a smait
long ramre rally, both landing lefts to the
fuce and both shlttltjK blood. Moran.
hr,aklnif from a clinch, rocked the cham
pion hexd with a right Look and the
round ended wilh the men mixing It at
a fast clip. The round was about even.
Ileferree Purta Fighters.
Round 7 I'p to this stat;e Moran ap-
Larantly had landed the cleaner punches,
ut teomed to be the weaker of the two.
'1 hey ut once went into a clinch a.-; a
heart-breaking followed, Moran t.iv
ing much the belter of the wicked ex
changes. Wolfciist crowded Moran againct
the ropes, the Englishman muking a de
termined stand. Referee Welsh filially
parted them lor the first time. Wolgsit,
steadying hlmsell. ripiwd uppercut after
uppercut to the body with telling effect
ni:tl M.uan reeled across the ring to the
roi es. olpabt shot a left to the jaw t'uui
ent Moran hurdling against the ropes and
ne tu n eiuHU the round inucn in tuvor of
i he champion.
Round j Moian found Wolcaat's face
thrice with liis left. They clinched and
1 oltjast dne his rtishl powerfully to the
kidntta. Moran almost sent the champion
thiounh the ropes with a rut-h and ih-n
went nearly through himself from the f y u
of his ousiatiKht. VVolgtiat drove u ten .lie
left t'i the stomach und followed it with
riKht uppercut to the Jaw. Wolnaat h(a!
the blood in a lrt-Hin frmn nu Hi It ,
moiiili a.'.d M rsn wi'Kd like a leaf. Wol-
icust rent in a ft urn of hlows. loll., wing hla
I ' ,Z .' , ,1,. , .7 " . . 'LUH
corner wnh a bloody face and appeared
j '" Ul ;n "rt ftant. Wolgast had all the
'"V"'" ' 1 "' f',"""1 ' ,,h Moran tiring fast .
""""d "Igaat c""d with hi. friends
1 tCiiuiiuucU oa becuod, Pa-e.Ji
During the Hot Spell
e porch tnese hot nights isn't what
Many Senators
Will Listen to
Lorimer Case
Members of Upper House Wish to Get
Their Impressions of Testimony
From First Hand.
WASHINGTON. July 4.-Many senator
not engaged In the Inquiry have expressed
a desire to observe the demeanor of wit
nesses before the senate committee charged
with the Investigation of the election of
William Lorimer to the United States
senate. Their desire to watch th wit
nesses, particularly the confessed bribe
takers, who are expected to. be examined
after the committee reconvenes, nine days
from now, . I with a view to Informing
themselves in connection with the case
when it comes to a vote In the senate. So
great promises to be the ' attendance of
these ouislde senatora that a large hearing
room will be procured If possible for tha
coaimlttee sessions to replace th present
cramped quarter.
It was largely- to afford these senators
an opportunity of attending th hearings
and - because of th commute' members
wanting 'to remain her In connection With
othr legislative matter while. Congress
veranlna In, sesaion that tba committee de
cided 't continue its hearings -In W ah tog-
ton - instead or reauming them 4n Chicago,
deferring that trip until probably In Au
gust. During the recent sessions the dally
attendance haa been so great that senators
who came. to the hearing room late had
difficulty In getting good seats.
John H. Marble and J. J. Healy, attor
neys for th committee, taking advantage
of the recess, are searching for new evi
dence. Hundred cf letter have been re
celved by tha committee investigating new
lines of evidence, commenting on the char
acter of witnesses already heard by the
committee and giving advice generally. Alt
these communications have been turned
over to the attorneys and anything that
promises to be valuable la being Investi
gated. Camorra Jury
Threatens to Strike
' a ' '
Members Are Demanding Higher Pay
Because of Unusual Length of
the. Trial. .
VITERBO, Italy,. July 4. The jury be
fore whom the camorrlsts are being tried
for the murder of Qennaro Cuoccolo and
SI 8 nor Cuoccolo threatened to go on strike
today and It was noon before they could
be induced to take their aeats and permit
th trial to proceed.
A bill now before th Chamber of Depu
ties provides a special Indemnity , for the
jurors serving In this capacity, but the
extra allowance Is made payable only
from July 1. The trial began March II
and the Jurors demand that tha extra pay
data from the opening of th proceedings.
To enforce their wishes they began ob
structive tactics by absenting themselves
for several houra this morning and threat
ening to remain away altogether unless
their wishes wer granted.
President ' Blanchl Interrogated IJeuten
ant Marensl of th carbineers of Naples,
tha superior of Marshal Gulllant. The wit
ness corroborated In full the testimony
which his subordinates had given against
the prisoners.
The mother of , Signorlna Sentlnl, the
singer, testified that a theft from her
daughter had been organised by Uennaro
Port. Arrived.
ThIESTE rrplhla
1N!XN .1.. Minnehaha
PHILAHKIJ'HIA ... Monrollao
1-HHJsTIANSANU.. Helln (Mat
LIVKKPOOL. Admiral Dupcrr
Intense Cold Delays Ice
Cutting at Carter Lake
Forecaster Welsh promises a let up In ; soon to b relieved aa the crust Is freeting
the weather within a few days. ' solidly Jhst wagons will pass along on
The Icemen who have been cutting Ice
during the past week at Carter lake de-
clare that It Is becoming almost ImpoSMlble
to da so because the ice la getting so thick
snd hard that the saws will not rut
; through It. A
an Icelander.
m nH Nelson, was knocked off
! 'n'0 the icy waters of the t hannel last
'evening by a float. nK borg but was rescued
! i,y hla companions though numbed and
nf.r,y de(, ,, ,he ,.old
I The auow blockade oa r'arnam atreet Is
it is cracked up to be.
Believe Bridge Toll Keeper Murdered
and Thrown Into Biver.
n In Comfortable Clrcamstaaoe
and Detective Are Following
Theory that Ha waa As
saulted by Negroes.
Tha police of Omaha and Council Bluffs
are hard at work on tha theory that H. K
Fallers, the toolkeeperf at tha Douglas
street bridge was murdered and his body
thrown Into the Missouri river shortly b
f n r Unniliv
A series of blood clota on tha footpath of
the bridge near th middle of th structure
led the police at one to suspect murder.
The railing of the brtdg on th north aid
was spattered with blood and th cable
which run along over the water wer like
wise blood, stained, which la believed by
the police to Indicate that Fallers waa flrat
beaten up and then thrown overboard In a
final effort p hide tha crime.
Captain Henry Dunn of tha Omaha po
lice department, detailed Detectives Dona
hue and Hettfelt to aolv th mystery of
tha tollkeeper ' disappearance, and tha po
Ae of Council Bluffs are. also working on
"tha case.' ,' . :. . , .
Fallars resided at MM Third avenue and
waa known to ba In comfortable circum
stances. It waa learned by th polio yes
terday that ha Invariably carried as much
aa IM of his personal funds with him. Aa
far as could be ascertained up to a late
hour last night none of the toll money had
been taken by the men who are supposed
to have made away with Fallers.
Thre negroes who had been seen hiding
on tha Iowa side of th bridge, are sus
pected of having murdered Fallers and the
efforta of the polloe of both cities are di
rected toward locating them.
Last Seen by W. A; Laury.
Fallers was last seen at 10:36 o'clock by
W. A. Lary, 614 South Seventh street, who
paid him 46 cents toll, and tha police be
lieve that th man disappeared shortly
after that time aa his cash register showed
th last toll to have been 46 cents.
The street car company was notified of
his disappearance about midnight. by per
sons who had passed the toll gate without
finding a collector.
Tha police of Council Bluffs and Omaha
and mora than 100 cltlsena of tha two
cities started on a search for tha missing
man but up until an early hour yesterady
no trace of him could be found.
It Is known that Fallers had 18.46 In his
pockets at tha time of his disappearance.
Twenty-one dollars waa found by th po
lice In a secret drawer 'in th toll house.
Tha cash register waa Inspected by offi
clals of the street railway company and
showed that .7.46 had been collected sine
Fallers went on duty at o'clock laat
FaUev it la sajd, always placed his col.
lection In his pocket and rang them up
In th cash register. When his pocket waa
tilled ha emptied them Into tha aacret
drawer. ,,., ,
Arnold . Clark, a atreet car conductor on
a Council Bluffa car, told tha polio tliat
ha had seen three negroes hiding behind a
barrel nar th toll house thre minutes
before th time W. A. Lary said h had
paid Fallers 5 cent toll.
Fallera la about 40 years old and had
been employed aa toll collector since he
was injured In a atreet car wreck ton
years ago. , .
DVBUQUB. la., July 4-Leslle Miller,
who lived near New Hampton, la., mur
dered hla wife and two of his five chil
dren and then committed suicide this after
noon. H. flrat killed the two children
with a ahetgun and then went to. town,
whera hla wife was In a sanitarium. II
called her out and shot her and then ahot
loi ,h .0,"l,l, Xo ",ore dw"h 'r"
cold have been reported although there
! have been luunv frosen ears and hands
ulld bualneas baa been paralysed by the
Impossibility of going freely along the
I streets., The mercury thermometers In the
, poaloffk-e have fruxen up and alcohol h is
been substituted for the nulck silver.
j Thirty-seven below as registered st I
o'clock last night snd with a high wind
jit looked aa If there would be ar.o her
,e, ort breakerbefore morplug.
And then ha oke up.
Official Record Shows that Mercnc
Reaches One .Hundred Five De.
grees at Four 0'Clock.
Only Once in Thirty-Nine Years i
July Temperatures Higher.
At Fife 0'Clock in Morning of Four
82 Degrees Registered.
Darin; Day Mertary Climbed l a Tab
by Leap and Bounds, Maklas; Te
and Three Dearees Dnrlus;
sjavoral Monrvi
Maaintuni Teiuperata
Valentine M Chicago .
North Piatt ,, MKnnsaaCI
nioux i;ny VH Phoenix .
lea Molnea o Tiiscnn ..
Davenport P'J liilavlll
Huron m New Vork
Ht. Paul PJ Boston ...
Ivnver 4 lmiuth ...
St. lil WO
.. i
.. I
With tha mrvoury registering 10R degre
Omahans dragged through tha hottest da
of th year yesterday. f
Only once In thlrty-nln yeara hat th
temperature gone higher, that being I
July of 1894. when the official thermomeU
registered ICS degrees.
From th very outset th Fourth of Jul
In Omaha waa marked for a scorching. A
6 o'clock In th . morning th day w
started with a tmpwaj.ur of M. Frtil
that time on th mercury went up ' b
leaps and bounds, reaching, a maximum I
103 at 4 o'clock, , , , '
Yesterday wsa probably th hottet
Fourth that haa ever been officially
corded her. Laat year on thla day It wi
88, the year before SO and In 1909, Rg. Th
record July temperature occurred on th
27th of last July, when th mercury ragli
tered 104.
Even though th temperature went aoal
Ing to a record point tha day passed wit
a reasonably few number of fir. Thl
was largely due to the fact that Omahao
Indulged In tha sanest Fourth in th till
tory of the city. There seemed to b i
general tendency to dlacard explosives an
enjoy tha day with other forms of pleat
urea. Vp to 7 o'olock last night onl
eleven fire alarms Were turned In, - Th
most serious fire of the day occurred l
Sixteenth and IxrcuM. whera thre barn
burned Incinerating several horses.
According ta ' reports received from al
the principal citiaa of the United Stat
Omaha waa tha hottest place on th ma
on tha Fourth. ' Tha area of high tampei
aturea seemed to begin along tha Mlaaoun
Ponca, Neb., reports unofficially that U
degrees waa reached on th trt then
but thla marking ta 4int accepted aa it wa
mad a in tbe suit au iona'Jeloba ho street
of tha town. The aara apparently (n not
Ing to th northeaat. In tha southern staff
temperatures ranged In tha tlghtle an
ninetlea, and In tha northwest aa tow
aeventy degreea was reached.'
LINCOLN, July 4. (Wpaolal.) Lincoln
celebration of th Fourth was much tb
same aa other celebrations of yeara pal
save that mora people journeyed out 4
town than usual to nearby park or grovt
whera they might picnic to their heart!
oontent. Thoee who atayad at horn In th
city wer treated to on of th most furs
ace-like atmospheres aver experienced a
the nation's birthday, the. thermometer
1 o'clock registering 104 degrees In th
shade and one degree above that shorU
afterward according to tha United Stat
weather bureau. A big Woodmen celebra
tlon at Bennett, prlvat picnic parties a
Epworth park, and different, excursions t
woods wlthjn driving distance of tha MS
were tha objective point of many thorn
and capital city people during the day,
Woman Mayor Gets
Ungallaut Council '
to Meet with Hei
HUNNEWELU Kan., July 4. -At las
the city council met with Mra. Ella WU
aon, tha mayor, tonight. It waa tha fir
regular meeting the aldermen have al
tended atnee a woman was (elected tbj
head of th city government on April 1.
Th meeting tonight could hardly b
called a victory for tha mayor. But ta
piece of official bualneaa wer transact1
Th resignation of Alderman W. L. Lewi
waa accepted and a resolution provldlr
for repairing th town pump wa adopt1
Every appointment tha mayor asked tb
council to confirm waa turned dowa.
Mrs. Wilson first proposed the name
Mra. E. R. Hilton for city clerk. Tb)
councilman smiled, nodded approval am
then refused unanimously to confirm Urt
Hilton's appointment.
When th mayor nam ad Robert Hoy
for city marshal. Alderman J. F. Klchard
son said:
"Wa don't need a marshal. There wll
be no arreat a her."
Th mayor then aald she would ae tha
there was a marshal and that ha woui
find something to do.
Finally tt was moved and seconded tha
the council adjourn. Without walling fo
the vote Mrs. Wilson dm lured the meat
Ing adjourned. But th aldi rmen did n
"What ar you waiting tor?" aha U
This question brought a laugh from th
council, and then some one explained the
It waa the mayor's duty to put tlja.pig
Boxes of O'Brien's
Round trip tickets to Lake
Quart bricks of DalzcM't
. ice cream.
All given gwgy tree to lb a li
find tuelr namee In tb want ail.
Head the want aJa every day,
four uatu will appear loiualiUi
may be tuore thao once.
No putties to aolv nor ukrrio
tioua to gel Just lead the waul
lura to it wat 4 (.aa-