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Sheriff of Dodft tad His Deputy to
Ttj 100 ud Cost Etch.
ram jrir ! Ka artio-
ill with Giiiwit Mf
eaeeta IMrfrr 1M Aatt-
64ft Art.
(From a CorraeveBderO
IXJCCOU. Jalr 1 Sprtal Te!err-m-
Aatoa Bananao. Jr.. sheriff of Dot4."
WMtf. aed W. C Condlt. his dotr. were
kiwwM as aafnrs Federal Jade T. C
V maw of tbe eoort hr today for ran-
tarns, of eoort ta allowta vl Huns rf
tMf cRr. eaateeeed to a h"tx-day term ta
the aoaatr Jsit at Frerooat trr noatiiK
th federal Bonor etattrt. great liberty
a reaentns; aeoat tha streeta aa4 sawaoae
mt that aleea
TW aaea vara Bead . and root spier,
t'ant ta be aaaa tnr Monday, Jaty 2
la saaiaslne tha floa against tb rFeoaoet
aaa Jadge Mast scaUsinsly arralarned
" taoaa. urtint that aurd opsei aad Ta-
rraat eoatatnpt of orders leaned by tha
federal eovrt of tha land as aTsbeard af.
Sheriff Ban man, following; the annorroo
M( af tba penal ry declarad that be bad
laaauUf aM throiiah a financial rrbae aed
tarn lad that be would not ask any of
kla triaada far tba money aoreasary to re
daaea tha flnee. ending wlta tb plea to th
Jadaa that aa rei-hta wM ba committed
right aow." Jodge funrr 1o'd tba orfe
atMra that they woa'.d have the extra ttn
to make their remlttanoee ta tba clerk af
Nebraska 1 1
Law la Dtaav.
ta favor of tbe en-
famaiuapt of tba SJrtl-f e grift act. pasxed
at tba lata session of tba leer: eis-- mai
ArJt watch a restrain leg" order waa ls-
mtm4 today by Judge T. C Manger af tha
federal court. ri:i eom to Lincoln July
ta aoafar with Attoraar General Martin
aalaMia ta fighting tba aiatter. Tba Bti-
tt 1a believed, will cans consldar-
i si asm ton between members af tba ra-
tafl merchants orgaciaaaoa over tba atate
and tassa storekeepers who have never be-
afTIHatad with tba orgaaisatkXL.
after tha tirSnf of tha appUcatU
ha tha fadaral court bara aa tha part of
tha Bpatry-Hutctibiaoa tradtii atuop eon
aara of Kw Jaraer. another appUeation
I in mil, tins tha llairaxiDa asd Book erm
paar af Sea Tark City, waa a'aa filed,
both batac craatad thetr reatraiidna' ordera
today. Tha lattar eoDcers, whila eperatlrsc i ono or two
I iMntbt alpo atalra that ha baa
maCned la aava a.ffmat t)pttaa.
out d rtK name thrti uL
" runr. th e?nlnara arrarad
an evrrpt that ih rrtl waa at
t'lrx-a htT4raX Ht r-xr of r-r hf
a !lxm-t-ii. wumut; :n tha akd 4
Ua phTtx-am ta maka a cwortt' atory.
D-inoa the last rfn reara f l-r l:fa
aha aa bei m-arrratl ta acwiHtala foe
th lri-are r-r pi-nn taa pmw tart of
the time. The eKlK tKa-t aha haa oe
I'mnna or hl)nnatioet aa abowa by hr
ta.ktnc to tmaclnary pww and btxrf
the anaatlon af ijwtta rreenr nndrr
tha ealn. Imw-diaTly after tha pr.riw
rt"a eft br he became ncOeat. whtrk
m a j!t orcurrora. rtrantnc w and
dwa the hail ri,; and bewailina; hr
roiw'itJon ami avwttMra. rmn:naT from one
mom ta another to ei-a1e the phrsv-iana
and Nratin them because of her belief
that they would imK after her wefre.
"It ta the UMClmo'jt optnioa of the
board that ifbe la a auieanca aad Fhad
be retsoved from the tMiaon tmm1iti
or eie a-ji table proTlHra be made fnr her
oara at the prlaon remote from the other
prtanoera. The board are not acrexd aa
to whether or eot aha i artnall In Kane
bat a majority of the board ia of the
opinion that It would be proper to re
move her to one of the hoypitaia fir the
tnaaca. at leaat on til proper provisioa caa
ba aoade at the prteon.
Tr. J T HAT.
-DR. H. B. C ITOfiya.
Aldrich Gets No Reply
to Recent Suggestion
Offer to Eed Ppr ea Interference
of Federal ConrU Brmfi K
Sise from Zatt
fTroni a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jur l (Special Gororaor
AJdrtch. who aeveral week ao wrote ta
tha oommittee on arraoa-einenta af ' tha
aorernorr athern to bo held ia New
ifT in pert em her offerisc to deliver aa
addresa or read a paper on federal court
tnterfrr-nce la the mattter of atata rera
Iatloo of public aerrica eornorationa dotn
bualbeaa under intra-atata Jariadictraa. baa
had no refty from bit lattar. Ia apeakiec
of tha matter today tha fscrveroor aaid
mat arter ail it might be he would be
watina- hia time to attend rach a meets
iaasmurh aa -all tha aiik hata who might
ba there would be afraid to apeak above
a whioper. for Ilka Harmon of Ohio they
are atraddlera and afraid to matter any
thin alood for fear they will love politi
cal praaUae aoma placa."
Snca hia remra. Governor AM rich baa
bad a rommunJcatloai front Governor
CTilaoa ia which the Sew Jeraey mai
exerutrre asked bin If ba had any ana
aeationa aa ta what tba governota might
profitably talk about at thetr meetltnc-
Governor Aldrich'a reply, which waa abort
and to the point, atated that be had made
recommeadatlona about the
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! . r u 11
tat Uua
aa a different ayeiem than the trait tr
ataiBB aehema baa a plaa whereby they
ara aaai acinar tnerchanta In bu'Miac as
their trde. which faUa vnder the provtalona
af tha aow law fal.'y aa roach aa tba com
pany which fUed tha Crat auit.
Tha haartns oa makina; tha ksjuncuoa
tha atata permanent, will be haid
otty. July 11.
Tteanuer Will Bay
BtaXa Traaaarer Gaoraa haa daddad to
Voy d-SO af water bonda Issued by tha
town af Keoeaaw otwltbatandmc tha re
cant heavy loaa ta tha buaiceaa portion of
tha town by Era. Tba bonda ara aext to
tarn oa tha reenter of bonda offered to
tha atata for aale and tha traaaurar win
accept thmrv Tha aaaeoaed valuation of
tha town la V9.M and bonda have been
vatad almost to tba limrt. Tba treasurer
ballaaaa tha town ta amply able ta pay
Ita debts not withstanding loaaea by fire.
Tbo atata traaaarar baa also agreed to buy
tattm af bonds Issued by tha dty of
Chadroa and SC.a Issued by the dry at
Ftaaks BeappaiateA.
Govarmor Aldrtch haa raappoiated H H.
Baaka of Nebraska City a momber of the
board af traataea that has control of tba
atata acaoot tor the blind at Nebraska City
and tha atata school for tha deaf mi Out-
Mr. Haaka la a democrat and la reaa-
aatated on account of hia efficiency and
tha la Mi eat ba takes ta the work of the
BaejoAettsem for tan ant,
Tha govwaor haa taaoed a roqulalTJon for
tha rot ara af AJbext.Sharweod ta Facbard
sob coBaty aa tha charge of obtaiasa'
snaiwr aadar faJaa pretense. Ha la bow at
Tanning. aQch. Ha la charged with trying
to aefraad tha Balam Rural Telephona coan
aaay by samag to it a Bcara and coA for
pa aad ranraaanttng that ha owned the
matter some time ago.
Populists WiU Hold
Session at Lincoln
Populist Party Calls Co&TeatiuK with
5 SO Delegates to Adopt Sew
Platform. i
OSCEOLA, Neb, July 1 CP pedal) The
meeting of tba people's Independent state
committee decided on oldme; tha state
coaweatioa hi Ltncoia th.a year. The basts
of representation will ba tha bum as last
year, which wUl caahe a coo rent ion af SM
delecatea. Tha eoavantloa is tailed to meet
at 2:3 o'clock, the date being; fixed by
rt atata aa Jaly 2S. J a addition ta the adop
tion of a platlona for the coming campaign
there win ba elected a new state committee
and aa effort made to arrange aa1 a more
energetic campaign ba the state than haa
been conducted by tha popoBsts for
aumber af year. -
There's a big difference between COLD drinks and
' COOLINO Drinks.
The COOLING drinks are the ones to orders v
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Cold drtika shock tb stotaaxb. narvea,
aad wheat the reacticn eemea. "roa'ro hot
ter tba a ever."
rr-MU-Lje Is aervod cool not chilly.
It cools tha blood gTsduaily sad naturally.
After s fw days ot rer-Xll-Lave throe
UiBsjs Cmj, your blood temperature is
That's because Fer-M!l-Le clears tha
blood ot impurities, toxic poisons, etc
It's tba greatest summer tonic erer pre.
duoed. sad it kas tba most delicious flavor
errar put into aay drlsk.
Psopis over fifty years old should drlak
St erjr Cay, tor it kssps them almost im-
ClraBSlAC tha rra
tavt sreas daws
bubs from dlseaso.
tool x disease
srea tissoea.
All we ssk Is that you try rer-MO-Laa
tor flayor.
Tsull LIKE It so well ttst you'U keep
sad set all the benefits.
Made ia s silver lined machine trout
fer mealed sad specially processed rick
creamy aaUk pure aad absolately digssi
able. Get your first drink today at aay soda
fountain, buffet, cafe, loach room, hotel
or dub.
Family Bias bottles delivered daily to
your houao by tha
Alamito Sanitary Dairy Co.
(aUf. S4aaauaa. ,
1812 Farnam Street Phone Douglas 411; Ind. A4411
All i iv"ViVs
aja iaw 'Wiio
Skslla Sayi CoagressjsAa from FifUk
W&ats to Be Senator.
Sapparteta af Sarrto Are Wsrkbig ta
Sceaura far Htaa tba Tear Saw
Warm by the Waa freea
6 aaa 18008 Brother H
Or. C AUArlch af Johaaoa City. Tana..
heather af Governor Aidrich. arrived ia
XAaeaia this afternoon, accompanied by
Urn wife aad two children. Dr. Aldrjeh and
sua family win visit Governor Aldrtch aad
family for a tew weeks.
Baoetal C. starters
Will Ba
Waa la
From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOU. -July . tSsodaXr-After go
ing over e report fUed by the state
My board relative ta the mental eo
dittos of Tainting Bertha- Liebbeke.
Govoraor AJdrlrh today asserted that the
awooning eae would hare to complete
bar prison sentence aad that If there were
act proper uuarters tor her detention at
taw state pesiteauary arovisioa should be
aaada for them at aac. Mesas hi ie Bertha
will be taken to HaatlBsa. where aha will
ba kept only until the quarters caa be
fitted for bar at the penitentiary. Gover
nor Aidrich emphasised the tact that tha
woman oould have to serve her time out
at the state "pen" and that her removal
to Hastings woukd only be tempwary.
Aseeosaseat Ball Shoos that It C
tolas Two Mil 11m Dollars
Worth ( Horace.
BROKEN BOW. July X-t5peial.) dus
ter county remains one of tha greatest ag
r. cultural eounrics In the state and tha re
cent aaaeeamena for the year sbowa a very
aatufactory condition amocg he farmers.
atareh I there were head af hora
of ail ages on the farms In this county,
valued at SZ.K9.Ci. according ta the as
sessor's echedule for this count?. There
were head of mules, jacks aad jenne ta. ,
vaJoed at C.a; 7S U2 head cf cattle, val
ued at CMS. SO; there were ITS head of
sheep and goats, valued at 3e. M,M
head af boga. valued at tSSt SSS: there were
St.tKl buchela of wheat, valued at t3.4S;
W.TM bushels af corn, valued at 3
Z.;44 bushels of oata, valued at leLaN;
with f.Z2 bushels of potatoes. . buabala
of rye. 1.75a bushels of barley. U bushels
of flat. 1.SS1 bnshols cf grass seed. CTX!
tons af hay. The va-'ae af the carriages;
wagons aad ethos vehicles waa tlSJEa,
There were LC3 cream separators on Cus
ter county farms, with aa saseaaed value
cf f3. an The value af harness sad sad
dles as returnod by tha various township
asaeaaora was COL 710; LSei dogs war val
ued at C-SS-. taa vsJaof the agricultaraJ
implements was placed at CUM. which
did not Include HS threat-. ing machinaa with
a value of t3a.I3a. or 122 eora aheliars val
ued at CSTS.
I From s Staff Correspond ec t )
LINCOLX. July . 5pecial Tegram
Following the meeting of the officers aad
executive committee of the Xebr&eaa Pro
gressive Republican league, talk, which
before the sataeriog waa but Informal la
regard to next year's senator? tap Cgnt
from a rcpubUcaa standpoint, has become
more intense, interest centering chiefly oa
whether or not Congreaanuui George W.
Morris of the Fifth district will maka the
race. Ta Charles Skalla of StrCook. an
acknowledged friend of X orris and one of
hia most eathasiastrc supporters. Is attri
buted the . absolute . assurance that Mr.
N orris wUl get into the game. Mr. BkaOa
claims that he knows whereof he speaks
ia maktiuj the declaration, aad asserts that
every preparation ia betng made by his
Red WElow county friends to make the
N orris senatorial campaign an earnest one
from Its tnceptloa.
Aa officer of the Nebraska branch of the
progressiva league, oa the contrary, has
given out that CongreaemanVNorria la as
yet umjetrrmlaed. and has made no definite
decision la tha matter. The league official,
who wished hia name withheld, states that
ha aaw a letter of recent 'date written In
regard to tha matter, and Bays that in It
the Fifth district coegreasmaa declared
that be did not know what he would do.
Upon the dose of the present session, aa
much aa anything else, believe hia friendr
here, will depnd his final decision. As
early adjournment, giving him a chance to
campaign la the state might induce Noma
U coma out, but a lata adjournment would.
aa the other hand, according to hia sup
porters, prove too much of a load, and
streagtheaad by the fact that neat year a
primaries come unusually early, would seri
ously impair hia chances of defeating
X orris Brown, the present senator.
While It ia generally beloved that Brown
would faro no better because of absence
ia Washington, It is conceded that poases
sson af the office and an estaMisced aup-
Itakia Sew Maa 1 sate aa Eye.
BROKEN BOW. July - a (Special.)-.
Hil man of this city was operated on today
tor tha removal cf his left era He was
cutting wood a coo pie of weeke ago whea
a stick struck him la tha eye. Inflammation
set ia aad later infection and the eyeball
had ta be removed ta prevent mora serious
Rot Weather Sea ale oa.
OSCEOLA. Neb-. July X. Special V All
of the churches cf Osceola have arranged
to hold union sai k.a each Sunday evening
hereafter, to continue for eight ateeka. The
Omaha said at tha progressive league meet
ing that "I am not saying that I will not
ba or denying that I will be a candidate
for the United Btates'seeste."
Felfe Arrest Maa with Beana Draft
la Hia reeaeealaa We v. W. H.
Baaa ta atraaala la City.
FREMONT, Neb . July . iFperta ) J.
P. Williams, a supect who waa picked up
by the sheriff at the Cnicn depot yesterday.-
had as his only assent a draft far
tP&Ot, purporting to have, beea drawn aa
the Commercial National bank of this
city by Hendcickson A Sen of Kansas City
through a Kansas City bank wha haa
no existence. He eras at the back earl er
in the day and obtalaed a ,Maak d-aft-
Re-r. William H. Boss off the Coogregar
tatal cbuTcn announced from the pulpit
tria mcrning that he would decline the call
g1ea him to the . First CoasTegatiooal
church ef Tcprka. Kaa.. and rcfiala in
Fremont. Tfce local church had unani
mously reuwerted him to runaln and hia
many frienda outside the church a'ai
urged him to decline the call. Mr. Buaj
came to Fremoet ta U from Lead. E. D.,
making hia pastorate one of tha longest
cf any m.Lhe state.
Oa af the Meet Draaaatte Tbaatrhta
la taa History af Baeatea
taJse out a blue bic ijM.-a, in U2
and evea the terrorists shuddered at the
contemplation of the ghastly rcece which
was to f oDow. Tet the minutes flew by.
and all was going well. No machine was
sees, to be falling like a atone through the
air, to be ahivered Into a million fragments
aa it struck tha ground; aod. to the aston
ishment aad Indignation of the watchers
beneath, the aeroplane, looming larger and
larger, finally came gently ta rest at the
feet ot the cheering crowd for Maaene
wltch. as an officer of tha csar. had found
himself unable to break hia parole.
At the tribunal held la the dty that cra
ms f. it waa unanimously resolved that the
traitor must die by hia own hand within
taenty-foor hours of his sentence.
At "dar break the following morning Ma
sea witch wheeled his biplane from its shed,
sad. climbing bate the pi lot' a seat, rose
rapidly td a height of VBM fee.
Some few moments later the spectators
below were horrified to sea the machine,
for no apparent reason, dive suddenly for
ward and. turning over aad ever in the
air. fall Bke a stone ta the ground. London
Some months ago speculation was rife
amocg Dying men as to the cause of the
terrible accident which befell tha weT
knowa Rusalaa aviator. Captain Maxene
witch. who. for no apparent reason, fell
from a height ef 2.4W feet, being Instantly
killed, by -his fail.
Light haa aow beea abed upon tba mys
tery the confession of an arrested ter
rorist named 'Anev, who, by his confes
sion, lifts tha veil upon one ef tha most
dramatic episodes la tha history of Rua
siaa terrorism.
Captaia MaaeuaaltLh. though aa officer
of distinction, waa, nevertheless, at heart
an ardent nihilist: and. with the birth of
aviation, Maaeaewitch. together with his
conspirators, realised that the Eying ma
china had put Into their hands a novel aad
effective means ef bringing about tha de-atruc-tioa
of a certain general, a high
dignitary cf tl emperor's court, a maa
who. by his sweeping reforms and puhti-
The following is the report made by the ' a"" outdoors aad the
state tasaauty board to the governur with ! Pa1" ot the various churches concerned
reiatloa to the n-ocnaa a bo haa caused I are to alternate ia conducting the meetlnga.
trouble for the po'Re cf mure thaa a j
aosca clues of the atuddie nest; j
i ae wnr. t. neater M Aldrv-h. 1
IJacola. St.: We. the pemitenuary nt-l
csl board, have tba asy eaaauned Mrs. J. '
Armstrong, conunoniy knoma aa Faaung !
rrU.' a prisoner at tae peaitecu ry.
No. mSX. aad find as fliuws: ,
Tbe pnsoaer answered all oueatioee
promptly and coanprenuu-veiy. S&s gate ,
a history of ber lit about aa fuliwe:
iSi aa onm-ii iun. it, taiily-tsro
eare asa. At about the age ef sekemeea
haa hst tr ortt call M Vitus
at auoot teat ume she
the votes . necessary to win the
coveted repubucaa non-nation. Senator
Brown a attitude on the Vtll preaideetiai
caatpaiga and hia open admiratraa for
Taft haa admittedly worked against him
na i , wxirrwLa vu s4jmm j
maa u i tnat wrun, a . tee more opu
anistic believe that George W. X orris could
defeat the Kearney maa without f -Tiber
Tha possibility that both Norris and
Brown, ia the event that they were arrayed
against each Other in a eenatortal f rbt.
might both be defeated through the en
trance ef a third candidate "who was
Johnny-oa-t he-spot, beea ef their ab
sence at Washington, through both the
present special and the aomung regu'sr
east ion, have given aupponers of both mure
or less concern since John I Kennedy of
- snaised about ai-e mcaibi j
time betoeea te
v y coanarawai at taieowood and
j was mi ta t a aiaa a no tra
W". S her aad taught her the a
st to the institute for feeble as nded at!
uieavaM. law atier she remained about
nine saoatha. Sooa after leattcg If. at ln
atltutioa a e waa aent to the a p.t 1 for
tbe insane at 1 lartada. la. a hers aba r
oervda of her
. )ariBla aa
eid as MMit
of t k-
" poc-ata Later, ami in l.i.-ao. r
was anested. oVtl ef steair and
ated to th peiuteaury at Juliet for
a perud of from oa t fourteea vara.
Whiie weder 1 1. m sentear abe a aa aa la
riat ofatb b-orital tor toe insane at
-' tor a rni of about tune month,
at tae hospital fur th mean at rmria
(or a period ef at-out taro eara and ax
tba boapital for tb tnun at K-nasae
fjr aeveral ssaaTha. a ben ah n ta-ra
ba-k t th pnsua at lo. and rVscJ
b peuro on .
leatlbg Joliet she states that ah
" ri i in nosi'aj fur
" w pa. sto.. fur sever
Detailed Census of Nebraska Counties"
The director of the cenaua haa aaaoancod the pocuis-ion of Otoe county,
cording to lis minor avii dinuoai. as follows:
Belmaat precinct
I tin precinct, indudlna; Berfla vin'.Ve""""""" '"
Berlia vtilaae ...
rJaare precinct, tnc!duur Dunbar tUlage
lnnbr vtare
Four ili.e trrurt
Heo.irca preexart. including DougUa village.
Iwuiria villaatr.
McWrbams iT-.trt, lacludiog Lortoa and Talma!
IMtOO VtiOLC. . ..
Tiinatv vute.
Nebraska City... ....
Ward I "
Ward 2
' Ward 1
North Braarh avweinct
ttiace acenw-t . . ...
Ot orecmct
lUniTra precinct. lacJudlsc Palmra village
rutmra vuisae ... .........
Pock irea Precinct
Kusa-rll irjM-t uscluduig I'naditla nliag
t'nauia viilase ?"
iouia t iivi precanct, Ircluaiag Burr viajce...
burr vinare
br village ...
Wyuoomg prtoact
might be enough ia his favor to i rmJ oeiieis. naa maoe nusseu tae oeteatea
enemy ox taa revol u tloolsta.
Tbe general was kaowa to have the
greatest sympathy with avlaiioa, which
at that thne waa little heard of la Rus
sia; hence Maaenewitch. having obtained
' leave of absence, was dispatched post
baste by his comrades to England, so that
he might return as a killed and proficient
ariator. well fitted to carry out the tank
allotted to him.
Captain Maaenewitch first visited Brwok-
lands aerodrome, but subsequently left for
Fan. Wtthia a few days of commencing
his sp eatlceship Maaenewitch was exe
cuting spectacular flights In a rough
arind with laubf sang-froid to the
tonisemcat of his fallow pupils aad in
structor, and articles appeared ia
Eagiisa papers at the time, forecastiag
that a bniilaat career aa aa ariator lay
Wort the courag-eoua Ruaaiaa.
Oa obtaining hia brevet Maaenes-iurh re
turned to Russia and proceeded to carry
wut eating evolutions ever the dty ef
Peteraburg. As th terrorists had fore
seen, it was but a matter of time before
tbe exploits of their comrade wooid re
ceive recognition, and. la due course, th
imperial court, among wfcora was General
N , paid a private it ait to th C-.-ins
1 ground outside th dty.
It had been arranged ry the society that
Maaeneaiu-a. with the genera as passen
ger, should nse to a great height, and.
when at an altitude of some thuusasde
of feet, ahould suddenly tak his band
from the lever aad aoaadoa the machine
to its fate.
After a few preliminary circuits kuttt-
wttch arproacbed bis victim, who. all ua- i
conscious ot tbe plot caved about him. .
accepted 1ih alacrity the offer of a flight !
around the aerodrome.
A moment before starting detectives ;
stepped across to the pilot, and. la low '
tones, urged tha captaia to give his word, j
aa aa officer and a gentlemaa. that he '
would, as tar as aaa ia his power, restore j
kla passenger asf and aound. Maaeaewttcn (
thereupon gae fcis parota The engine aaa j
narted ua. aad presently te aeropUaa be- 1
I?l. ls
, is i3 4 S
S3 7 ii
li l:.i
l S3I
.. , lS7 M"
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The Modern Wash-day
Ume was when The Wash was a weekly
nightmare, wash-day dinner a by-word.
The New Perfection Oil Cook-stove has
changed all that. Once the wash-boiler is
on the stove, it leaves you free to attend to
the dinner or any other work.
You can move a New Perfection vrhere you please and
light it ia a mornentJ It requires no Attention after that.
A single? ioa of oil lasts all three barriers serea Loan cr
more. No coal cr wood to carry ; no fire to feed ; no soot
nor ashes. It keeps a kitchen cr h'dry coci and dean.
It cooks to perfection, wi the least trouble and expense j
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A Ride Among the Breezes
in a New Touring Car
will maka yoa forret the heat anil you'll return rcfreibed .
relaxed rested. There are many beautiful ri3-8 along the out
skirta of Omaha where pure air, blue skies and green-fields ara
to b fouad.
Phone Us for Rates
All our cars are a?w are operated by to thifta of expert
chauffeurs a ho are familiar with good roada and routes ot great
eat interest. -
Phones: lKulas 4G1H aad lad. .S.-.1H7H.
'MH Farnam Street.
to Toronto, Montreal, tha Xaa
kcka Lakea. Near E inland aad
the riahiag and Hactlns
son ef Eaatera Canada.
(TaM taioasa Inka aU, an
Tha ana real scenic route to
f ea'.Ue. lacoma. Portland. Spo
kane, Vancouver. EeiUashaia.
sai i mt miss a aa. r
Dosoi drttve Master aad tofna.
uaa oa apaltrstsaa e aay saussd
JULCaUef.Set.lsl eXXIssatf
U4 . Clark a, rasa Trart an
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t&l aseiaiss atst- TaaaaaCtta
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50 ST remodels furs
J Special stimmer prices expert work.
iL Corner 2Cth and Farnam. Telephone Doug." 3040.
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Lears Uherc It's Best Id Far
Tnlaklsc about kaytac laad? Want aa know tn
soil aad climate beat skliad tor canala far sine ?
Oar Laad Bareca glvaa free laforaiauoa stout
aoll. cl!mite, cobiuobi la all rttrts ot lbs eusatry. -nave
eataerad data aad caa taU yoa sraat
yea dralre ta laara.
Write th Laad laformaUoa r areas, Te
TaeaUeta Caatury raraser. Omaha. N6 . tocUy
aad rear eaaatloaa will cat prciaDt atteatlaa.
Free Inlormatloo