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Our Store TO Be Closed AH
Day the Fourth
t' Our Semi-Annual Clearance Sale com
mences bright "4 early Wednesday morning.
Watch papers fox price reductions
in all departments
F I a I J, ! 1 IVaf 1 VI Jl
Th oat are being cut and the crop will
b very light. On poor land It la necessary
to cut ome pieces with a mower. Early
potatoes ara badly damaged and In many
tnatancea will hardly return tha seed. Tha
paaturea ara dry, but tha stock la doing
well on tha grasa. Tba hay crop will ba
Hur Deatk and Prostration la City
ad Vlelaltr.
NEW YORK, July 8,-At 11 o'clock thla
morning tha official thermometer, 8f0 feet
up, reglaterad 97 degrees, with every Indi
cation that It would continue climbing.
Thla la tha hottest day of tha year and
within two degree of tha hotteat July I
recorded since the weather bureau was
Ona death and many prostrations were
reported early. In Brooklyn Eugene Cort
nell, erased by the heat, ran amuck with
an open kntfa and, after attempting to
stab two policemen and several cltlsens,
was shot dead by an officer.
At Newark, N. J., reliable thermometers
registered 100 degrees at 10 a. m. One death
was reported.
The heat caused ten deaths and over
sixty prostrations Sunday. Tba rush of
bathera to river and ocean beachea due to
the exoeaatve warmth was Indirectly re
sponsible for nine deaths In thla neigh
borhood from drowning.
PHILADELPHIA, July t.-Nlne deaths
have been reported aa a result of the hot
apelU A light breese tempered the heat
thla afternoon.
Two Deaths la Baltimore.
BALTIMORE!. Md.. July 8. Th temper
ature here reached 96 at noon. One death
waa reported and ona heat erased woman
took her own life.
Foar Death la Plttabars.
PITTSBURG, July I. During the fore
seen four persons dropped dead, one com
mitted suicide and two were drowned In
the river while bathing. The thermometer
had reached S6 degreea at noon.
BOSTON. July $. In the last twenty-four
hours, four deaths due to heat and numer
ous proatrattona occurred In thla city. At
Boon it waa W degreea.
Tot Deaths at St. Joseph. '
ST. JOSKPH, July I. There were two
deaths from heat here last night, following
the season's hottest day of 104 degrees.
Philadelphia Coatlaaea Warns. .
PHILADELPHIA. July 8,-That Phila
delphia and vicinity are In for another ex
tremely hot day waa early Indicated by the
government weather bureau thermometer
which registered 91 degrees at 9 a. m.or
nine degrees higher than at tha same hour
yesterday. A high percentage of humidity
added to the discomfort of the extreme
( Hotteat Night la Kaaaaa City.
KANSAS CITY. July (.-Following the
hottest night In Kansaa City alnce the es
tablishment of thweather bureau here
twenty-three years ago, tha local fore
caster predicted no abatement today for
the aouthwest. Most of Kansaa City that
could slept out of doors last night. Thou
sands who had n.t tha advantage tf sleep
ing porches made their beds in fire escapt
a: d In the poorer quarters of the o ty hun
dreds of nun, women and children lay
down on the curbing. In the suburban d s-
trtcts after midnight many slept on the
lawns with or without cots. The govern
ment thermometer registered 91 at mid
night, the same at 1 a. m. and just before
sunrise itocd at S3, the loweat trading of
tiie twenty-four hours from T to 7.
At T o'clock this morning tha tempera
ture waa from B to 19 degreea higher than
normal for that hour throughout the south
west. The mercury stood at M In this city,
at 80 In St. Joseph, Mo.; TX at Omaha and
90 at Wichita, Kan.; Springfield, Mo.; Ok
lahoma City, Little Rock, Ark., and Fort
Worth, Tex. There were no Ind cations of
rain, the forecaster lad. and tha prob
ab titles are that today's temperature would
crowd closely the,highett of yesterday,
which was 104.
The temperature here reached 101 de-J
greea at p. m. ana by 1:1a bad fallen
te 9.
Elaht Deaths la Chirac.
'CHICAGO. July (.-Today was the hot
teat of the year and followed the hottest
- right ever experienced In thu city. Eight
deaths wsre rep ji ted to the pol ce and
there were hundreds of prostrations. At the temrerature waa officially reg
istered at 108 degrees at the stie;t level
and 99 degreee In the observatory tower,
There were aeven deatha from heat and
eight prostrations Sunday. The death
rate among bablea la extremely high alnce
the beginning of the hot wave.
Tot Stricken at Iowa City.
IOWA CITY. la.. July (.-(Special Tele
gram.) Tha thermometer registered 100 de
grees this morning st 11 o'clock. Oeorge M.
Xenyon, aged M years, waa stricken with
tha heat and probably will die. William
Nicholson. 47 years old, went ineane from
tha heat and disappeared. It la feared he
committed aulcida by drowning.
I Twt Deaths It. Si. I Aula.
i ST. LOl'Ii July I -The heat wave e n
vnutd over eastern Missouri and southern
Illinois tday. Here last night the gov
einment thcimometer dd nut tall below 79
and at T o'clock this morning re.;Lieied
83. At 10:30 the temperature wai 94 and
rising. ,- Police reports ray that two men
died last night from heat
Heavy Ralaa la Arlsaaa.
PHOENIX. Arls.. July 9 A record-
breaking rainstorm In thla section begin
ning Just after midnigrit Saturday ended
at 8:40 a. m. yeMerday after doing thou
sands of dollars worth of damage.
Lower levels of Phoenix were flooded
from one to three feet by tonenta sweep
ing down from the Phoenix mountains ten
miles to the north. Large areas of farm
land and the Artxona. Grand and Salt
'river Irrigation canals were washed over.
Adobe bouses In the path of the flood
were leveled.
Preetratlea at Harvard.
HARVARD, Neb.. July Z.-(Speclal.
Overcome by the beat. John T. Fleming
waa compelled to leave his office and go
te his home, where he died at 4 o'clock
yesterday. The heat brought on apoplexy.
Mr. Fleming, came to Harvard in June,
171. taking a homestead two miles south
where he resided till after making proof,
when ha removed to Harvard, where he
had during thla time been In business aa
a drugglat and dentist, and had continued
the dentistry practice ever since, associ
ating with It other business at various
times, among which be has been city
clerk several years which office be held
at the time of his death.
Ha was about TO years of age and leave
a widow, and one brother near Scott's
Bluffs, Neb.
This has been another day of heat with.
mercury better than 10 in the shade.
Damage at Hsaea City.
MASON CITY. Ia., July l.-8peclai Tele
gram.) The Intense heat of the last five
days la causing damage. The oata yield In
thla time has been reduced 60 per cent and
the drouth is damaging corn. Leave are
twisting and turning brown.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Klbhee Cele
brate Fiftieth Anniversary
with Reception.
MITCHELL. 8. D., July I. (Special.)
Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Charles H.
Klbbee celebrated the fiftieth anniversary
of thslr marriage and which was recognised
In an Informal way by Inviting the general
public to a reoeptlon, which waa held at
the home of their son, H. R. Klbbee, presi
dent of the Commercial and Savings bank.
A severe storm came up during the even
ing and prevented many of their old time
friends from attending. Mr. and Mrs. Klb
bee were married fifty years ago at. War
ren, O., and then movod In 1868 to Eldora,
la., where they lived until 1880, when they
moved to Mitchell, living ' here .thirty-one
years. Mr. Klbbee enlisted In tha war tn
the fall of 1862 for three years. During
hi absence Mra. Klbbee waa a member of
the Christian Sanitary commission of the
period which - collected supplies and sent
them to the soldiers In the south. She
has been connected with patriotic work In
connection with the Women' Relief corps
ever since and for twelve years was presi
dent of tha local corps. At Pierre, two
weeks ago aha was elected department pres
ident of the stats corps. The worthy couple
have a large number of friends In the city
and they, are living a quiet and happy Ufa.
They have two children, H. R Klbbee and
Mrs. Oeorge Rowley, and four grandchil
dren, all of whom were present at the an
niversary celebration. Their neighbors
presented them with a handsome cut glass
water pitcher as an appreciation of their
Dates Anaoaaeed for Teste at Appll-
cana for Wark la Government
(From Btaff Correspondent)
WASHINGTON, July 3. (Special Tel),
gram.) Civil service examination for the
departmental service in Washington will
be held aa follows;
Nebraska North Platte. October U;
Omaha, September 12, July 25, September
11, October 18; Alliance, September 88;
Beatrloe, October 8; Broken Bow, Sep
tember 29; Fremont. October t; Grand
Island, September 10, September H. Octo
ber IS; Holdreg. October I; Llnooln, Oc
tober I. July 15, September 13, October 14;
Nebraska City, September IS. October 18;
Norfo'.k, September IV September 15. Oc
tobrr 18; North Platte, September 18.
Boutli Dakota Aberdeen, September 13,
September 13, October 18; Deadwood, 8 p
tember 23, July 25, September 13, October
18; Huron, September 20; Mitchell. July 26;
Pierre, ' September' 20, July 25, September
14. October IS;, Rapid City, September Ji;
Sioux Falls, September 19.
Convention at Tanneravllle, IT. Y.,
Receive.) Cablegram Regard.
. lag Riats la Austria.
TANNERS VI LLE, N. Y., July l.-Tha
Zionist convention In meeting here received
a cable today from Dr.' Btraucher, the
leader of the Jewish parliamentary group
at Vienna, stating- that twenty-nine Zion
ists were killed and sixty Injured In a riot
In the parliamentary bye-election In Aus
tria. Resolutions were adopted encouraging
the Austrian Zlonfota to continue their ef
forts to combat and overcome the anti
Semitic majority.
Mrs. Cordelia, W. Harmon.
The death of Mrs. Cordelia W. Harmon,
widow of tha lats A. J. Harmon. Sunday
marks the passing of another old Omaha
settler. Mr. and Mrs. Harmon were pioneers
In Omaha, having come here In ISo. The
funeral of Mrs. Harmon will be held front
her late residence, S14 Pierce street, at 3
o'clock Wednesday afternoon. Inte.'ment
111 be In Prospect Hill cemetery.
Charles M. Cowan.
BEATRICE. Neb., July 3. (Special )
Charles M. Cowan, for six years a resident
of Beatrice, died Sunday morning at ths
age of IS yeare. He came here from
Liberty, tbia county. He Is survived by no
one except his family.
Henry Weber.
WEST POINT. Ia.. July 8-Leernlng of
hla wife's death, which occurred Saturday,
nne ne was In 111 health, Henry Weber,
father of County Attorney K. C. Weber,
and one of the most prominent ploneera In
this part of th state, died here today. He
was years old. The two funerala will be
held together.
Mrs.. Anne Perkins.
Bra. Anne Perkins, wife of J. M. Perkins,
a4 Oorden street, died Monday afternoon.
July 8. The funeral will be held from the
house July S. Interment will be In Sprlng
wel cemetery. Mrs. Perkin a as 2 ysar
of eg.
r i t rr tit
Attorney General Passes Upon Point
in Hunters' Law.
Muttrbl tr Air Vehicle Ahead led
Not Tern Oat for Oa Fellavrtaav
" Reads Have Not Bees Marked
for Danger. '
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, July ' l (SpeoUl Tele
gram.) The attorney general today ren
dered a decision that will lntereat all hunt
er and persons who have guns In the state.
He waa asked by the state game warden If
a license could be required of one) who was
found merely carrying a gun across the
field , and who claimed that he bad no
Intention of hunting.
Tha attorney general found that this
could not be done, and that the mere carry
ing of a gun was not sufficient, that while
It was prima facie evidence of Intent to
hunt, it was not a sufficient basis for
exacting the hunter' license.
The attorney general also decided today
that under the Iowa laws there ia ne rule
of the road In regard to the paaaing of
vehicle from behind and that the vehicle
ahead need not turn out and give any of
tha read.
Iowa Cltle Are Remiss.
Not a city In Iowa has compiled with
the provisions of ihe new automobile license
law which requires the posting of signs at
intersections and curves, prescribing the
maximum speed at which cars may pass
those places. Officials In the office of
Secretary of State Hay ward have d la
covered that thla provision I on of the
most mandatory In the entire law which
goes Into full force tomorrow.
Murder and Suicide
at Ida Grove, Iowa
Charles Westfall Shoots His Wife,
Blanche, and Turns Gun
Upon Himself.
ItA OROVH, la., July 1. -(Special )
Charlee Went fall, aged S3, shot and killed
his wife. Blanche Phillip Westfall. agel
80, Saturday night, and then shot and
killed himself. A Quarrel that began when
WeetfaJl came home and discovered that
their adopted child, Blanch, I year old.
had pulled up a tomato plant while playing;
In the garden, ended in the murder and
suloide. Neva Hlgglns, aged 10, daughter
of the next door neighbor, was sitting be
side Mrs. Westfall when the crtms was
committed and waa the only witness. She
aay Westfall had been drinking and was
Quarrelsome. The row began 'when he
found one of his tomato vlnea pulled up by
the roots. Finally without a word he
walked Into the house and oame out with
a revolver. He first fired at the baby, but
missed it He then shot hi wife, the bul
let striking her on the tip of the nose and
penetrating the brain, and then pressing
the weapon against the side of hi head
shot himself Just over the ear and died In
stantly. The family lived In a two-room
rhack on the edge of town. On the table
was found an empty beer bottle and a few
erusts of dry bread. On the floor waa the
baby's milk bottle half filled with sour
ourdled milk. Th murdered woman was
a cripple and could walk with difficulty,
but ahe thought the world of their adopted
child and slaved for her. Westfall wanted
her to move to Dakota with him, but she
would not go. He also thought that the
child's oWn mother ought to take care of
her. Thee two things were the cause of
many quarrel between them and be had
before threatened to end It all for the
whol family with" pistoL
Senior Easjlaeer of Ganhoat Taooma
Kills Himself oa Veaeel la
New York Navy Yard.
WASHINGTON. July 8. Lieutenant
Thomas L, Oseburn of the United States
navy committed suicide on board the gun
boat Tacoma yesterday at the New York
navy yard by ahootlng. Detail of th
affair have not been received. Lieutenant
Oseburn waa born Id Murphyaboro, 111.,
and -was senior engineer officer of the Ta
coma. NEW YORK. July S. The Tacoma ar
rived here about two week ago after more
than a year of patrol duty along the aouth
American coast. On June 14 Lieutenant
Oseburn began the teat walk of fifty mile
In three days, required by the department
aa a test of physical fitness. He completed
the teat., but returned In low spirits, com
plaining of pains In his head and hip. To
som of hi fellow officer he volunteered
that an automobile had struck him during
the third day of his walk. Thereafter he
bad little to aay and hi messmates saw
him only at prescribed time.
A wife and a daughter 4 year old sur
vive Lieutenant Oseburn.
Harry A. Gorsnch of Kaaaaa City
Plead Not Galltr aad Give
Beat. A "
KANBA8 CITT. July I Harry A. Gor
men, secretary of the Southwestern Lum
bermen's association, waa arraigned before
United States Commissioner Roy Thomp
son here today, charged with violation of
the Sherman anti-trust law In connection
with the lasuance to dealers of lumber
price list by his association. Th arraign
ment followed the receipt today by United
States District Attorney Leslie Lyons of
the Indictment returned against Gorsuch
two weeks ago by a federal grand Jury
In Chicago, when aeventeen other secre
taries of lumber associations also were In
dicted. Gorsuch waa releaaed on 82,000 bond
to appear for trial In the United States
district court In Chicago September L
Hapld City Maa Who Had Pleaded
Gallty to Belllaa- l.lqaor ta J a.
dlaas (ilvcs Year.
SIOUX FALLS, B. D., July 8 -(Spclal.)
James Malloy, formerly of Sioux Fails. J
who waa ona of a number of persons who
were arrested at Hapld City and vicinity
on the charge of selling liquor to Indians,
appeared before Judge Elliott of the United
States court tn this city, to receive sen
tence' on his plea of guilty, which waa
entered during a recent term of federal
court at Peadwood. Judge Elliott sentenced
the- defendant to a terra of one year and
one day in tha federal penitentiary at
Leavenworth and In addition fined him 8-1OO
810 on each of the four counts in the
Indictment against htm.
' gerloaa Aeeideat at Bars Ralalan.
IOWA CITV, Is., July 8. (Speclal.)-Wlth
a fractured skull, due to a blow dealt by a
falling timber at a neighbor' "barn rais
ing," John Brennan may die on his farm,
a est of Iowa City. Ha has been nearly un
conscious since the mishap and the at
tendant surgeons are in doubt aa to the
outcome, . ,
Mr. Bridges' Letter
Denouncing See
r is Read at Trial
It Calls Him a Villain and Says His
Honse One of Shame Mrs. Bees
Tells of Book of Truth.
CHICAGO. July a Mr. Felicia Re
wa the first witness today In the trial
of Evelyn Arthur See, but before she took
the stand a lettef from Stephen Bridges
to hi daughter, Mildred, waa read. He
upbraided her for leaving him and re
ferred to See a villain and his house
aa one of "shame" to which, the letter
said, Mildred went "with your mother'
sanction " and approval." ,
'A for your mother." the letter con
tinued, she never will disgrace me any
longer. I .know you hold no love for -ma.
Tour love went when that villain got you
In hi power and you think no . more of
m than a yellow dog. I will apend the
rest of my life and every dollar I have
in the world but what I will land him (Bee)
in state prison."
Mr. Reea, answering Attorney Cantwell,
of the defense, said she had written an
evening prayer In the 'book of prayer'
which form part of th "book of truth."
Attorney Cantwell read several excerpts,
one of which follows:
"Do not think of ex aa Impure. Sex
being the symbol of mystery, cannot b
spoken of privately. They are coming to
that which I have appointed."
"What does the T refer to T" th wit
ness wa asked.
"To God." waa th answer.
"You wrote ltr
"Does that part where sex 1 referred
to mean 'free lover "
'Absolutely no."
(Continued from First Page.)
people will take part a well a the ohil-
oren. Music will be furnished all dav hv
electrical instrument loaned by Oeorge E.
Water Carnival.
The Rod and Gun club and the Tounr
Men' Christian association will hold their
annual all around atbietlo and water oar.
nival with canoe races, tennis matches,
nail game and ail other event which
make up a full and exciting day. Cricket
tr.a will cle&h at Miller park under the
leadership of Captain Forehead and Cap
tain Vaughn. The Omaha Gun club has
dubbed Its shoot a "jackrabblt shoot," and
a large crowd of target expert are ex
pected to gather at th ground on the
Iowa aid.
The cool spot. Manawa. Courtland
beach and pubUo parka, wUI be playing
to capacity, aa well aa tba Gaycty and the
Rome summer garden her In the city.
Taking It all together, th day promise to
be Interesting, If not quit aa productive of
casualties aa usual.
At Roark Park.
Judging from tha advance aalaa
the largest crowds of the season win K.
In attendance at th ball games Tuesday
morning ana afternoon at Rourke park,
when the Rourkes win htti .uk e.
Joseph. The morning game will be called
iv.tu ana the other at 3:45.
Nearly every box for tha af tarn tfWtn sVnte-Mst
ha been aold and but a few more remained
at noon Monday for the morning game.
iiwrve sats lor both games have bad
heavy sales. Tha aft rtlAnn erat m. HM
ise to bring 6u th largest crowd of the
day, and It Is expected that It Will equal
the opening day crowd.
Lea Hlboaz Plealc. .
One of the larara Fourth e t..i.. i
" - yiuuiCT
Planned for the younarer hi win v.-
by Lea Hlboux. Tueaday afternoon and
evening at the country home of R. F.
oacon, north of Florence. Almn.t ......
young people will comprise the party.
Novel entertalnmenta, games and races
modeled somewhat after m .'
celebration of th holiday, will make up
""wnoon program. The party will
also explore the old robber' cave on the
grounds. Decorations will h. .
large display of firework will be set off
in th evening, before tha ...
r W DlUJUl
home by automobile.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Miller win k. .k
erone. Th committee
Howard. Harry Carpenter, Herbert Ryan.,
uacon. jack Bowen, David Bow
man and Ralph Doud.
Th party will consist of:
Marlon Carpenter.
Marthena Moore.
Luclle Bacon.
Nell Carpenter.
Margaretta Burke.
Mildred Marr.
Ulah Renner.
Gladys Robertson.
Esther Lynch.
Adelaide Funkhouaer.
Clara Jones.
Marjorle Uowland.
Henrietta McCague.
Harry Carpenter.
Ralph Doud.
Isaac Carpenter.
Merle Howard.
Robert Loomls.
Banford GIfford.
Oeorge Grimes.
Robert Thompson
Phillip Payne.
Kenneth Norton.
-Max Flotow.
James Durkee.
Henry Howes.
luise Bedwell.
Helen Van Deusen.
Helen Buck.
Eileen Patterson.
Ruth IJnitu.v
Uarda Scott.
Helen Chase.
Haxel Evans.
Luclle Patterson.
Helen Jngwersen.
Ruth Gould.
Elizabeth Hamllng.
Anna GIfford.
John Bowen.
Evertt Kurk
Cheater Nleman.
Aridur Klopp.
David Bowman.
Chester Arnold.
Walter Klopp.
Wayne Selby.
vaugnn tacon.
Warren Howard.
Herbert Itvan. -
-Richard Payne.
frank Bel by.
Clarence Patton.
Persistent Advertising la the Road to Big
Make SIZZ your 4th of July Drink
EASILY MADE Just stir two teaepoonsful of Blzz into
glasa of (ce cold water and the drink 1 prepared.
Make it at borne Everybody will like IU
!5c bottle makes II drinks.
Sue bottle niakei 30 drinks.
81.00 buttle make JO drinks.
lht Greatet. Dan. oa the Htrket - THE ONE BEiT DRI.tK
Leo Grotte Mfg. Co.
Omaha, Nebraska
Two Men Killed in
Wreck at Camdcn.NJ.
Express Train for Atlantio City
Side Swipes a Local Passen
ger Train.
PHILADELPHIA, July S.-Two persons
were killed and seventeen other Injured
when a Pennsylvania express train for At
lantio City sldeswiped a local paaaenger
tram at Lucaston, fifteen mllea north of
Camden, N. J., today.
Forest B. Henry, Berlin, N. J.
Railroad officials say the accident was
due to a brakeman's throwing a crossover
switch Instead of the siding switch. The
coaches of the local train were derailed and
partly wrecked. The killed and Injured
were In the cars.
Little or no damage was Inflicted on the
express train, but It had a narrow escapa
from an awful accident. Its' schedule calls
for a speed of a mile a minute a)4 It was
usually long, being made up of Pullman
and steel coaches. Had the Impact occurred
a fraction of a second later, both trains
must hav been wrecked with terrible loss
of Ufa.
Boating, Bnthlna-, Fireworks aad
Other Attractions at the Lake
side Resort.
Follow the crowd and come to Courtland
Beach today and celebrate the Fourth in
a aane manner. Fine display of fireworks
on the lake front tonight. Display cost
$2,000. Excellent boating, bathing and fish
ing. The finest bathing beach in the middle
west, with hundreds enjoying the cool
waters of Carter lake every day. Come
and sea for yourself.
Ride the circle swing and the roller
coaster. Trip the light fantastlo In the
superb dancing pavllllon. Muslo by Lamp's
celebrated orchestra. The finest roller
skating rink around Omaha. Come and be
convinced. Museum of stuffed birds and
animals. A great educational exhibit
Band concert afternoon and evening by
Huster' concert band. Cool shady groves
for ptcnlo parties. Excellent street car
service from all part of the city. Th
Id oai resort for the Fourth.
Bight Men Are Killed la Clash Be.
tween Two Bodies of Ma
derlste. GUADALAJARA. Mexico, July a In a
clash today between two bodies of Mader
1st In Los Reyes, state of Mlchocan, It Is
reported that eight men were killed and
ten wounded.
The fight was the outcome of the organ
isation of a force by Sabaa Valladare, the
son of a wealthy planter, who had aasumed
charge of affairs at Los Reyes. On hear
ing of this move Marcos Mendes, command
lng the regular Maderlst force at Zamora,
went to Investigate and In the resulting
fight won a victory over Valladare.
TORRON, Mexico, July 8,-Aa the result
of a fight In the plasa here yesterday when
a number of federal soldiers tried to desert
from the garrison, the captain wa killed
and a body of the deserter took to the hi 11s.
A force of Maderlsta, which had not yet
disbanded, assisted the deserting federals to
Grandaon of Foaalber of Bis; Iron
Works Dies Saddenly of Ma
lignant Cancer.
NEW YORK, July 8. Augustus W. Mott,
vice president of the Mott Iron works o
which hi grandfather waa th founder
and well known as a yachtsman, I dead at
his home here aa tl.o result of the develop
ment of an ordinary pigmented mole Into a
malignant growth. The mole, which was on
Mr. Mott' right arm, showed the first
signs of Irritation less than a year ago. It
developed rapidly Into what la known aa
melano sarcoma. Medical science has no
cur for the disease. Mr. Mott was not yet
GO years old. Until his death he had always
enjoyed good health.
Epwortk League Convention.
SUTHERLAND, Neb., July 3. (Special.)
The fourth annual convention of the
North Platte district Epworth league will
be held at Sutherland July 11 to IS, In
elusive. The program Is to be the b'est of
the kind In the history of the district or
ganisation, and it Is expected that the at
tendance will be !arge.
Wednesday morning renews the bargain
festival Benson at Thorne's semi-annual
clearing sale.
81a Horses Burned to Death.
MASON CITY, Ia., July a (Special Tele
gram.) The stable of Liveryman Nelson at
Clear Lake, together with alx head of
horses, grain, harness, eta., burned last
Look ahead by getting school shoe for
the children now. Benson & Thome's semi
annual clearance sale Wednesday morning.
Fifteen Bushel to the Acre.
TORK. Neb.. July 8. (Special.) Harvest
In Tork county Is about over. Wheat will
average about fifteen bushels. Corn Is
going to the bad every day and will not
stand more than one more week of exces
sive hot days. There haa been only .35 of
an 'Inch of rain In forty-one daya In this
Orange, Lemon. Celery and
Root Beer Flavors,
go at all Boda roan tains.
Cotton Crop Will
Exceed Record by
One Million Bales
Official Estimate Says Beports Indi
cate a Condition 10.3 Fer Cent
Above Ten Years Average.
WASHINGTON. July S-Offlclal esti
mates of the cotton crop r?port of 1911 in
dicate that It will be the largest In the
history of the country, approximating, ac
cording to th present figure. 14 425.IK
bales of 800 pounds each, exceeding by al
most a million balra the record crop of
1904. .
lr. N. A. Murrav' afn rhl.f r,t (ha
crop reporting board of the Department of
Agriculture, today made the following
atatement subsequent to the Issuance of
the cotton crop report:
"The report shows the condition of the
crop to be higher than on any correspond
ing date In the last ten years. A month
ago the general condition waa 8.5 per oent
aoove the ten-year average. Today It la
10.8 rer cent above the ten-year average.
"The acreage of cotton this vaar ) ihnui
85,000,000. Allowing for the average amount
or anandonment-about 1,000.000 ncres-th
Indications are that anoroilmatel-r S4 oooonn
acres of cotton will be harvested.
The condition Indicates a probable yield
of 802.8 pounds per acre, which on 84.000.0OJ
aores would mean 6,89R,O0O,O0O pound, or
about 14.4;5.O0O bale.
"This calculation allows for average de
preciation. The critical period In cotton
growth Is In August and September, so
that any atlmote at this time must be
taken with some allowance.
"The largest previous production of cot
ton In this country was in 1904. when It
aggregateed 13.679,954 bales of 500 pounds
Crawford Recapture- af Reno.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Julv 1 (Knui
John Crawford, a former Wymore resl-
aeni wno broke Jail at Monmouth, III., re
cently, after being arreated on tha
of bank robbery, was arrested at Reno,
ev weanesaay, and taken back to Mon
mouth. Crawford, It la thought, figured In
the Kansas robberies last winter and l
believed to be the fellow who sold a tour
ing car to H. H. Hoerr, the Wymore man
who is serving two years In the peniten
tiary for bank robbery.
Firewater Biases.
GLASGOW. Scotland. Julv 1 n.imn,..
distillery was burned causing a los of
8300.000. A remarkable spectacle was fur
nished by a stream of burning whisky run
ning from the flame-swept building into
the Cromarty Plrth.
Fireworks Fire at Hatch Insoa.
HUTCHINSON. Kan., July 8,-When fire
of unknown origin brkoe out today in the
factory and rnhmi.. n - . ' . ,
and notions factory here a large aupply of
...onuma biuitu in ine Duuaing exploded
and rockets ahootlng in all olrections en-
Tk. vT,j. J 1 naming mo names.
The building was completely destroyed. The
Tou can afford another aummer suit
S3H per cent discount Benson A Thnm.'a
eml-annual clearance sale Wednasdav
Hamilton Apartments
Single room and private bath 816.00.
Two rooms and private bath, $35 and $40.
.Three rooma and private bath $40 and
All advantages of the hotel at half th
price. Away from noise and dust.
Fine Cafe la Oonneotion.
July Furniture Sale of
Tremendous Bargains
Begins at 8 A. M., Wednes
day. It will be a history
making event in Omaha
Furniture Business.
418-15-17 South Sixteenth St.
Beautiful Teeth
There are but few people who hav
them. Good teeth everyone might have
it they would go to Vr. Bradbury. The
quickest, easiest and least painful are
the only methods employed by us and
hundreds of our patients, both In and
out of the city, will gladly tell you about
the good dental vors and our up-to-date
ways of doing things. Crowns and bridge
work from $5.00 per tooth. Plates that
(It from $4 00 to $18.(0. Painless extrac
tion of teeth. Nerves of teeth removed
without hurting you. Work warranted
ten yeare.
IT Tear lam Location.
ISO Tarnam sw fbone D. 1750
!J ..... .... u.
1 Waft - :: -1
The Place To Spend a "Safe and Sane 4th"
A LARGE GRAND BALL ROOM new and airy, with delightful
X)A8TEH, MERHY-fJO-ROl'ND and many other amusement.
SHADY GROVE PARK lias been added an excellent placv.for
picnic. Free use of stoves for making coffee.
Concerts by Covalt's Band
Admission To Park, Free
II. M. BAR NET, Manager.
For the July Birthday
If your friontl lias u birthday
this month your present should
be a ruby. The Edhotm atoro
offrrs you n wide choice of these
stones in rings, pendants, pins
and bracelets. They aye of the
latest designs, made up in tlit,
most attractive sizes and priced
at the most moderate figures.
If your gift is a ruby from this
store, it will be appreciated for
Don't Merely Buy Invest.
Albert Edholiti
Sixteenth and
John Says;.
Tiff! Bang I Every
eannon oracker that
goea off oa the 4th'
costs aa inneh a a
Trust Buster do Ci
gar. My I What a
wasteful nation ws
are. . And t o b a e o o
smoks 1 safer than
gunpowder smoks,
John's Cigar Store
321 So. 16th St.. .'
Courtland Beach;
Delightful, Cool and Convenient
July 4tlv
$2,000 Display of Firework
Dancing from 1 p.m. to 11:15 p.m.
Bathing, Boating, Bowling
Roller Skating
and Other Attraction
Huster 's Concert Band
Afternoon and Evening
A Cool and Pleasant Hide at. 5c '
Excellent Service
JULY 4-4-B
July 4 Horning gam called at IOiSO
July 4 Afternoon gam sailed at Si45
leave lath and rarnasa at Si30.
Theater Cooled by icett - Air.
All the Favorite Appear lir
TUB BEliLE Of i. .. .O.M :
Holiday Matinee Tuesday, July 4.
Slvr. 10-6i few at SOei Vbirt Watst stats. -
Tnar. ana jvq, nuo.
Vaudeville and Photo Play3
Dine Out Doora '
Admission 80 Cats
1 1 -4
Phone Dougta SS3 ' R
Residence) Harney 4283 . D