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The omajia Daily bee
Entered at Omaha potoflc at second-
class matter
fund)' bee, on year.;.....' U M
Caturday bee, on yer 1-5
lially He (without Hunday), on year.. 4.00
I'ally Hre and Hunday, on year .00
Kvenlng He twlth Sunday), per month.. 2Se
Dally Hee (Including Sunday), per mo.. Snc
Dally Be (without Sunday). per mo.... 4;
Addres all cnmplainta -of Irregularities
In delivery to City C.rculatlon Department.
Omaha Th Bee Building.
South Omaha &! N. Twenty-fourth St
Council Bluffs 15 Scott St.
Lincoln M Little Building".
Chicago Marquette Hulldlng.
Kinui City Reliance Building.
New York-34 West Thirty-third PL
. Washington-725 fourteenth 8t.. N. W.
Communication relating to ne and
editorial matter should be addressed
Omaha Bee, Editorial Department.
Remit by draft, express or poatal order,
payable lo Th R?e rMbllchlng Company.
Only J-cent fUmpn rertvd In payment of
mall accounts. Feroonal check except on
Omana and eastern exchange not accepted.
Eta,! of Nebraska, County of Douglas, ss.
itwlght Williams, circulation manager ot
The Be Publishing Company, being duly
worn, says' that the average dally circula
tion less spoiled, unused and returned
copies for th month of Way, 1WI. was
Circulation Manager.
Subscribed In my presence and worn to
lefore m thi 1st day of June,
Notary Public.
abacrlbers lea-vla tmm etty tem
porarily aaoI4 fcav tL
114 them. Adores Will b
chaa; mm oftea r4.
The senat lias th ball.
Why doe Castro persist in being
lostT Who careaT
The weather , man's popularity ba
rometer 1 again rising.
A good rule of reason (or th trusts
to act on Is to get out and star out of
Jack Johnson was our only titled
American at the coronation and Jack
earned his.
"Long live the king." But be would
not If he bad many coronations to go
through with.- '
Evidently the coronation served to
promote the popularity of American
dollars in London.
Presumably, a man may keep bis
coat on when dining In a restaurant
and still be a gentleman, too.
Ice bills 25 per cent to 35 per cent
bigger than they ought to be may help
explain the high cost of living.
The outlook Is for a long, busy and stren
uous session. Bloux City Journal.
We bave not noticed the Outlook
advocating such. ,
If the water bonds should by IHy
accident miscarry, be ready to hear
a terrific noise like a marooned
Now that the king is crowned, you
may fire that democratic, gun in Par
liament whenever you are ready,
Johnny Bull, 1
Folks may poke fun aa they will at
Dr. Osier, but in England be is now
called "Sir instead of plain "Doctor."
Advertising pays.
Sallna, Kan., is running "fuma,
Aria., a close race for the "other
place," having scored 114 point in
the shad Sunday.
A Kansas City couple baa walked to
Washington. Which, meteorologically
speaking, look like Jumping out ot
frying pan into th fir.
Thi gam of catching auto speed
ers is one that may be overplayed if
all th surrounding towns and village
invest In motorcycles, too.
Chicago it said to be using gas
meters of fifty years ago. Evidently
gas meters and dogs are not alike
about learning new tricks.
Anselmo Braamcamp ' has been
elected the first president ot Portugal.
His name sounds like a summer resort
in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
Th Missouri mule probably recall
the sinking of th Main with consid
erable self-satisfaction, sine It put
him in bis heyday of popularity.
Th duke ot Westminster fractured
hi collar bone. W trust th duke
was not the gentleman who mistook
our "Mlstab," Johnson for another per
son. If th poltq want to make them
selves solid with some mighty fin
people, let them get after th young
sters who put percussion 'cap on
treet car track. s
A contemporary, remark that Johq
, Hays Hammond will take oft hi kne
breeches when be reaches Broadway.
He will run the risk of getting ar
rested If he doe. '
Stat 8enator Grady of New York
has a bill providing that every editor
ial writer sign his own article. Per
haps it would stilt th senator as well
to writ th editorial himself.
If tho legislature had not exempted
the Water board from the commission
form of government, does anyone Im
agine w would be holding a special
lection at this time to vote S,150r
000 water .boadaf
Alaskan Development
Although only an insignificant part
In number ot the Alaskan claims al
leged to be fraudulent, the thirty
three Cunningham claims finally
thrown out ss void constitute the pith
of" the whole array of coal land case
and with them out of the way the gov
ernment should have little difficulty
In- proceeding, as, Indeed, It announces
Its Intention to do, to a simple dispo
sition of the other claims numbering
up In the hundreds.
When all these claims are deter
mined as to their validity or Invalidity,
then it Is to be hoped the government
may get down to solid rock In the
matter of shaping some kind of satis
factory plan of development for this
rich peninsula. That, of course, will
Involve the formation of a new
method for governing the territory.
But no matter what method Is
adopted progress can be made easier
now that so much has been done to
get the alleged Guggenheim influence
into the . background at least for the
present. ,
Congress has arranged tor a Joint
house and senate committee to visit
Alaska and report on Its physical and
political needs. It Is very unfortunate
that the personnel of this committee
is such a to invite the criticism of
it pro-Guggenheim proclivities. It
would bave been far better, for all In
terests concerned, could a committee
have been appointed against which
such a charge would not have been
made. Surely the country has frlN
tered away enough time listening to
criminations and recrimination about
Alaska. It ought to demand action
now, and we believe It does.' This Joint
committee was named by the retiring
Sixty-first congress, and, as showing
its dissatisfaction with it, the Sixty
second congress has named another
one and on top of this Secretary Fisher
of th Interior department proposes
to follow both committee to Alaska
and get first-hand information him
self. We are promised some more fire
works by Delegate Wickersham in the
house relating to te failure to clean
up this Alaskan situation. Enough has
already been disclosed to convince the
president and the people that the time
for reform and progress has come and
th next session of congress should be
til one to put Into shape some definite
Clans looking to this end.
l-Yinsh. Cabinets and Problems.
On the day that M. Briand left the
premiership of France bis rugged old
war minister. General Brun, died and
a very, short time before M. Monls,
Brland's successor, resigns, Minister
Berteaux of his cabinet is killed by an
aeroplane, wliich also injures the pre
mier. Neither death, however, bad any
bearing on the failure of the re
spective cabinets. The Monls cabinet
ia aald to have failed, as it was ex
pected to, of its own . lack of akiU
and wisdom. The premier, himself.
was never regarded a equal to th
responsibilities that have accumulated
a a result of the succession of fail
ures, including those of the brilliant
Delcasse and Clemenceau and Briand,
covering a period of less than two
Clemenceau, in whom France and
other countries have ample confi
dence, has been mentioned for the
premiership again, but M. Calleaux,
who was requested by President Fai
lures to form the new cabinet, will
probably be the man. Whoever it may
be will be confronted with problems
grave enough to call for larger powers
than have been exercised for many
years. None of th vexatious ques
tions, it may be noted, that have fig
ured In th downfall of these various
ministries baa actually been brought
to a successful solution, so that they
all rise up now In soma form to add
their weight to the burden of the posi
tion. N
Th public will be inclined to
await result before passing Judgment
finally on th new premier. It ex
pected so much of Briand, th social
ist, and received so little, that it will
go sl5w in venturing predictions again.
Briand was nnahle to control even bis
own party, let alone adjust any of
th national differences confronting
Franc. 8inc then these differences,
with th Morocco situation and the
trouble in the champagne district ag
gravated, have grown rather than
diminished. 8uch crises as these are
enough to' tempt President Falllerea to
think of resigning, "for a rest," as
was rumored some months ago.
Canada Busy with Tariffs.
Evidently this Is Canada' busy
tariff season. It develop that the
reciprocity compact it is negotiating
with the United State is but one of
many trad agreement It has on hand
or has lately consu mated. It nego
tiated a commercial treaty with
France In th fall of 107, which be
came effective early in 1110. Inter
mediate rates and special tariff were
under thi treaty applied to certain
French products. Similar preferential
rates of duty were applied to many
other countries, under the most-favored-natlon
arrangement The
countries thus Included were Argen
tine, Austria-Hungary, Bolivia, Co
lumbia, Denmark, Japan, ' Norway,
Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
and Venesuela. Belgium, Italy and
th Netherlands were admitted to the
advantage of the Intermediate rates
on a limited number of article only
within th last few week. This
spring Canada removed a surtax from
all German products in return for the
German conventional rate on a list
of Canadian articles' and sine then
German goods entering Canada have
paid merely th general customs tariff.
Th Dominion lowered th general
tariff rates on thirteen American Items
In consideration for the United States'
application of the minimum 'customs
tariffs to Canadian goods. Canada'a
Importations under these thirteen
Items In nine months has amounted
to $5,000,000, 64 per cent of which
the United States supplied.
Canada Is building for the future
and her tariff plans seem to be meet
ing with general satisfaction abroad.
She Is not confronted with the imme
diate necessity of expanding her mar
kets to get rid of ber own products,
for, as a-matter of fact, according to
Consul General John G. Foster at Ot
tawa in an exhaustive report, the
rate of Increase In Canadian domestic
consumption Is far greater than that
of production, and he thinks this ratio
will be maintained for some years to
come. Largely because of this eco
nomic situation at home Canadian ex
ports In 1910 Increased only 2 per
cent. So this general activity In the
rearrangement of International trade
relations must certainly look more to
future than present necessities, so far
as building up markets for the dispo
sition ot Canadian goods Is con
cerned. The Test for the Bench.
Our old friend, Edgar Howard, must
be dreadfully excited to devote nearly
two columns of his valuable space to
warding off a new menace threatening
the palladium of our liberties. "Is it
true," he asks, "that in choosing a
man to occupy the almost sacred office
of supreme Judge of Nebraska his fit
ness for the place must be determined
by his attitude regarding th white
slave traffic?" And explaining the
cause of his alarm, he declares that
on a recent visit to Omaha in company
with Judge Albert, who ia suspected
of having a design to stand as a candi
date for the democratic nomination,
he was informed by some nameless
statesman that no man could be
elected to the supreme bench who was
In sympathy with the Albert law.
Which moves Edgar In hi indignation
to declare that if Judge Albert would
only signify his willingness to run,
"all Hell and all Omaha could not pre
vent his nomination and election."
In a nutshell, our old friend, Edgar
Howard, protests, and protests rightly,
against making opposition to the Al
bert law a test of fitness for the su
preme bench, and then, reversing
himself, In the same breath insists
that "it Is high time that the demo
cratic party in Nebraska should cast
about for candidates who bold Judge
Albert's views on thla Important
question." ,
Now a void on the supreme bench
may be yawning for the author of the
Albert law, and he may have qualifica
tions to fill it, but we submit that if
he were elected a supreme Judge,' and
the question of upholding or annulling
the law which bears his name should
come before the court, all the rules of
professional etiquette Would .'require
the author of the law to step aside
and let the other Judges render a de
cision without his participation. We
submit, further, that a man may be
heart and soul In sympathy with the
spirit and purpose ot the Albert law
and still be mighty poor timber for
the supreme bench. We submit that
the real object is, or should be, to
elect Judges to dispense Impartial Jus
tice and to construe the law as It Is
without fear or favor Judges who are
competent and conscientious -and will
perform their duties as their official
oath require and that If republicans
and democrats both present Judicial
tickets made up of worthy candidates
neither the Albert law nor any other
untried law will be prejudged or mis
Judged. Paste This in Your Hat.
With all their previous promises
and prophecies gone to pot, It would
naturally be supposed that our Water
boarders would be chary about mak
ing new predictions, but such is not
the case. Here are the pledges made
by the mouthpiece for the Water board
to be- effective as soon as the bonds
are voted:
L Take possession of the water plant AT
2. Make necessary Improvements and ex
tend service IMMEDIATELY.
5. Take steps to Improve th quality of
the water WITHOUT DELAY,
4. Avoid typhoid and -other epidemics,
i. Secure lower water rate IN THE
6. Take care of the Interest on the bonds
and gradually par off the principal WITH
Thi is certainly taking th people
up into th mountain. It you think
It worth while and expect to live long
enough, cut this list out, past it In
your hat and check each item off a
the good are delivered.
N. B. Not that we have purposely
refrained from directing attention to
thee new promises until now in order
not to prejudice anyone against th
water bonds.
It looks as if the democrats wer
going to try to keep up th fusion
masquerade again this year In Ne
braska by filing their candidates a sec
ond time disguised as populists. Every
time a rock-ribbed democrat takes
oath that he affiliates with the popu
list party he not only seeks to get
votes by false representation, but he
commits downright perjury.
The Albert law ha apparently
emptied th proscribed district la
Omaha, but Its former occupants bav
not all moved out of town. Far be It
from us to suggest that any of our
law-respecting real estate tuen ar
careleas about the character of th
tenant whose money they take.
Jc is delivered in Beatrice for IS
cent as compared with B0 cent ex
acted In Omaha. But, of course, th
weather was much more favorable for
Ice-cutting last winter In Beatrice than
It was in Omaha.
That gas controversy threatens to
make life uncomfortable for a lot of
our city councllmen. It calls for un
usual exertion to keep dodging all the
time, especially In warm weather.
A nioomtnar Wonder.
Pittsburg IXapateh.
Well, the world does move. Great Rrltaln
got through the coronation fuse without
an ode from Alfred Austin.
Whetting the Cattery.
St. Louis Globe-Democrat.
?Mr. Bryan makes- it known again that
he would not support Harmon. With such
notes In tuning up what Is the opening
overture likely to be?
Going Some.
Boston Transcript.
The Mexican revolution has not ceased
to revolve yet. If we may credit the state
ment that the slate of Guanajuato has bad
fourteen governors In seven days.
Jnatlce with the Bark On.
Chicago Record-Herald.
A New York judge has exonerated a
man who whipped another for rocking a
boat. The aotlon of the judge was all
right as far aa he went, but he should
have recommended for a hero medal the
man who did the whipping.
Jotted on the Jankit,
Cleveland Leader.
It Is real mean of Postmaster General
Hitchcock to announce that he believes tt
possible to save $9,000,000 of the annual ex
pense of transporting mall by the railroads
Just when so many ot the railroad mag
nates are attending the coronation.
Fundamentals of Domestic Harmony.
Baltimore American.
A western divorce court judge has been
giving some good advice to husbands and
wives In the way of avoiding his court. As
be recommends husbands to make presents
of flowers and candy to thejr wives, take
them to the theater or other amusement
every, week and kiss them every day, the
women will recognize him as a Daniel
come to judgment, and If his advice Is
taken great will be his fame throughout
the land.
Pertinent Remark on tho Conduct of
- ' tbo Peerless.
Houston, (Tex.) Post, edited by R. M.
jonnston, member of democratic na
tional committee.
The criticism to which Mr. Bryan sub
jected himself when he wenUto Washing
ton and attempted to bulldoze Chairman
Underwood and the democrats of the house
is not relished greatly by our Itinerant
statesman. He turns upon all his critics
and intimates they were men who were
treacherous to his Cause during his three
campaigns for the presidency. He es
pecially charges that some of his commit
teemen did not labor sealously for the
success of the ticket, and goes so far as
to assert that some of them were In active
co-operation wun the opposition.
If this Is the character of quarrel that
Mr. Bryan desires to raise he ought to be
manly enough to call names. It there were
men, trusted by the party to conduct the
battle, who proved faithless it ought to he
known. To make a general charge- la to
besmirch the whole committee and slander
men who made ' every personal sacrifice
of which they were capable to land In the
presidency. ' U,,H '
UnUl Mr. Brykftl designates the treach
eroua men and 'produces some proof, we
shall tajce it for granted that there Is not
a word of truth In the statement and that
it was prompted by Intolerance and anger,
due to the discovery that democrats are
becoming weary of his attempts at dic
tation and his Implied threats to visit dis
aster upon those who challenge his right
to go to Washington and demand ot eon'
gressmen that they subordinate their sens
of duty and obligation to his will.
Mr. Underwood's reply to Mr. Bryan's
strictures upon the action of the ways and
means committee voiced the sentiment of
nine-tenths of the democratic members of
the house, and, we believe, of three-fourths
of the membership of the democratio party-
With but one or two exceptions, the lead
ing democratio newspapers of the coun
try have expressed the most positive ob
jection 'to Mr. Bryan's course. The indl
vlduals and newspapers whioh have raised
the issue of bis attempted dictation may
Include some that were not friendly to bis
political fortunes, but they certainly in
clude nearly all that during all the cam
paigns he led gave him earnest and ag
gressive support. ,
Mr. Bryan's custom of denouncing those
who do not agree with him as creatures
of monopoly or special Interests is one of
the most offensive phases of his dema
gogy. If be thinks he can palm off on the
public his fads and remnants of populism
and tongue-lash th party leaders and the
party newspapera Into acquiescence, It la
time he wer learning better. He is Just
one Individual In the party, entitled to his
views and to express them, just aa any
other Individual la, and no more. There
is not a single democrat In the United
States under any sort of obligation to ac
cept Mr. Bryan aa the repository ot party
wisdom and raith, and when he commands
men charged with official responsibility to
accept his dictum as the summum bonura
of the party faith, he Is exoeeding bis
rights, and he Is going to evoke their criti
cism and resentment whenever he attempts
to do it.
People Talked About
The coronation was not a success because
no American advertising was there to give
It the scientific attention he would give
a show, in this country. Kings will learn
the value of advertising or pass out and
give place to a president who does. "
Judge Allen of the court of common pleas,
sitting in Muskogee, Ok!., has Issued an
order to the effect that before a man If
accepted as a juror In that court be shall
certify that he has taken a bath - within
the twenty-four hours Immediately pre
ceding. .
A string of fourteen towns In Kansas
last Saturday pushed up a beat record
ranging from 101 to' lit degrees, Ellsworth
being at the top of the Hat, decorated with
the- prise feathers hitherto worn by Yuma,
Arts. The natives shed their eelluloid col
lars to avoid explosion. ....-.'
Miss I. M. Carpenter has been appointed
soUclting agent of th freight department
of the Pere Marquette-Lehigh Valley rail
road, with headquarters at Davenport
Mlas Daisy Odin has .been made division
agent on the Burlington at Rock Island.
Both women are experts In the kind of
work they do.
Napoleon Bonaparte was once a book
agent; Jay Gould was a canvasser; George
Washington In his youth sold more than
s) coplie of a subscription book; General
Grant for a time earned a living aa a
subscription agent; Webster and Bismarck
and ex-Governor Frank B. Black of New
York, paid part of their college expenses
through a book agency
Forty Years
Xtxprcsslone of Commendation
and Oood Will on th Anni
versary STnmksr of The Be.
1)14 Itself Brown.
Atkinson Graphic.
The Sunday Bee certainly did Itself brown
In presenting to Its readers a writeup ot Its
own history.
On of the Beat In the West,
Philadelphia Record.
The Omaha Dee, which celebrated the
fortieth anniversary of its birth last Sun
day, Is one of the beet of the great news.
papers of the great west. Victor Rosewater,
the son of th founder, I an able and pro
gresslve publisher, and the Record con
gratulatea him upon th excellence of his
Foundation Deen and Broad.
' , Kearney Hub.
The Omaha Bee prints a very fine edition
to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the
growth of that newspaper. Naturally the
sons of Edward Rosewater are proud of
the growth of the great paper founded by
their father forty years ago. The founda
tions of The Bee were laid deep and broad
and Its policy has been uniform throughout.
Preserve for Pntore Reference.
Alma Record.
Last Sunday's Omaha Bee was gotten put
as a special edition to celebrate the fortieth
anniversary of the birth of that great
paper which was established In 1871 by
Edward Itosewater. The publication was
full of valuable historical Information re
garding the state and should be preserved
for future reference.
Presidential Conarrntnlntlone.
Omaha Examiner.
In Its fortieth anniversary number The
Bee prints a congratulatory letter from
President Taft In recognition of Its attain
ment of Its two score years of usefulness.
It appears at top of column, riext to read
ing matter or In stage terms, L. U. E. May
we conolude that this means that we have
all about concluded to let bygones be by
gones T
Henrtr Cona-ratnlatlona.
Washington Post.
W extend our hearty congratulations to
The Omaha Be upon Its completion of
forty years of honorable service in the
Journalistic field. It has won for Itself
under the able and conscientious manage
ment of the Rosewaters, father and son,
a conspicuous position among the really
great Journals of the country. The great
west is also to be congratulated in having
as Its champion the vigilant and progres
sive Omaha Bee.
Hold m High Rank.
Hartlngton Herald.
The Omaha Daily Bee celebrated Its for
tieth anniversary Sunday by issuing a me
dal number containing an Interesting his
torical sketch of the growth and develop
ment of the paper since it origin; cuts of
Its present large staff of workers and of
the elty and county officials and other an
niversary matter. The Bee ia a great news
paper and maintains a verv hlrti ittar&rv
and journalistic standard. Congratulations
were received from President Taft and
Governor Aldrlch.
A Rosewater Gnlde.
Sioux City Tribune.
In commemoration of the fortieth annl.
versary of Its first publication The Omaha
Bee on Sunday Issued a roost Interesting
and well prepared historical edition. Muoh
of It is devoted to a reminiscent review of
the career of Its founder, the lata Edward
Rosewater, and a' recital of his long war
far for better things, socially, commer
cially and politically in Nebraska. The
memory of Mr. Rosewatefs struggle
against entrenched corruDtlorv and cor.
porate privilege Is a priceless heritage to
The Bee and should Intiplre It to unceasing
seal in the cause ot right. His name is
stamped Indelibly on the history of this
middle west He was a pioneer In the
cause ot political progress, which now has
the support of right thinking and unselfish
men everywhere. He built up a great
newspaper property and left It to his sons
that they might continue In the battle
which be waged in behalf of the common
good. Whenever they are In doubt of a
policy to pursue they should turn to the
files of The Bee and see what thai futh.-
did under similar circumstances.
Recall Personal Associations.
Pierce Call.
The Omaha Bee Issued a most Interesting
and painstaking historical edition last Sun
day in commemoration of the fortieth anni
versary of its publication. The edition was
a credit to It editor, Victor Rosewater,
and the manager, Charles Rosewater, and
contained a compendium of facts and data
that Is highly valuable and interesting. It
was of special Interest to th editor of
the Call in that we found the names and
photos of two former co-laborers in the
old printing offloe back In Tipton, la..
among the employes who had been In the
service of The Bee for the last fifteen
years or more. T. F. Doyle was foreman
of the old Tipton Advertiser when we
were Inducted Into the mysteries ot the
craft and In the role of "devil" saw that
th office type lice were ted and groomed
each morning and also that the office
towel was kept well braced to the wall so
it could not fall over and break In two
or more parts. Tom Joined The Bee in
1S91. "Sherm" Ripley is the other old
friend and fellow compositor In the Adver
tiser office twenty-two years ago. How
time files)
Blar Industrial Institution.
Western Laborer (Omaha).
Monday. June 19, The Omaha Bee cele
brated Its fortieth birthday, by Issuing a
very elaborate edition the day before cov
ering every conceivable phase of the his
tory of the paper and Its founder, Edward
Rosewater. In on section It printed a list
of names of Its employes and we were sur
prised and no doubt the publlo was sur
prised to learn that It had tt Individuals
on Its payroll U6 men and women la a
mighty good alied Industrial Institution.
Th various page cover Illustrations of all
those who had a part In the paper's history
and It hi a valuable Issue to preserve for
the Immense amount of Information It eon-
tains of on of Nebraska's most Important
institutions and of her moat famous
eitlsens. Edward Rosewater was a little
giant whose influence Is still felt In this
state and there never will come a time
when be will be forgotten. The Laborer
congratulates Charles and Victor Rose-
water for keeping The Bee straight In the
course laid out by their illustrious, tireless,
gifted father. One' of the real pleasant
memories of our connection with the West
ern Laborer was that It gave us the oppor
tunity to be on friendly personal and In
dustrial terms with Edward Rosewater.
There is no guess about his attitude and
relations with the labor unions and th
labor question. We know numerous In
stances when be "came across" for labor
every time the Issue was put up to him,
and no matter bow those two boys see fit
to run The Bee th Laborer will always
save a little corner of Its heart for the
memory of Edward Rosewater.
Blue Springs Sentinel: A little hoomlet
has been started by the populists for
George W. Borge of Lincoln for governor.
The trouble with Merge I the democrats
will not vote for him on account of te
numerous compliment he has paid them.
Stotkvllle Republlran-Kaber: The IJn
coin Stale Journal la Bonding out cards to
Nebraska editors askirg questions In re
gard to Taft and the otimlng presidential
election. We hope the Journal will be as
successful In getting the exact sentiment
of the people aa It was In the recent muni
cipal election In Its home city.
O'Neill Frontier: Senator Brown has an
nounced that whoever the republicans of
Nebraska desire for presidential candidate
that their choice will be hla. Time was
when United States senators led the people
in their choice of presidential candidates,
but things seemed to have changed in Ne
braska as well as In other states In this
regard the last few years.
Kearney Hub: Senator Hitchcock of Ne
braska flew to the defense of Governor
Harmon of Ohio in a little tilt the other
day in the senate. His newsnaner i
shows a distinct Harmon Mas. Governor
Harmon Is conceded to be the "big busi
ness" candidate for governor, and Senator
Hitchcock's partiality for him naturally
excites considerable question and comment
In Nebraska.
Aurora Sun: We slncerelr tm.t ih.i
Charley Pool will not try to become a
candidate for the governor's efflce; that Is.
noi on the melon ticket. If he does make
the trial, and if he wins, we are nn,ir
of the opinion that he would defeat the
party. Editors who secretly believe he Is
unfitted for this office should say so In
open meeting, that we may not have a
repetition of the gubernatorial campaign
of 1910.
Tekamah Herald: The recent lnvMtln.
Hon at Washington, n. c ...
E. J. Burkett, our defeated senator.
owned body, soul and breeches by the
sugar trust. Then why should the voter.
of Nebraska cast their vote for Benator
Brown, who Is not half as loyal to the
stat as Burkett was. Brown Is a traitor
and a coward to the best Interests of the
state. He should be retired at the ex
piration of his present term.
Falls City Journal: The State Journal
and other mugwump papers seem incline
to WooJrow Wilson because he favors a
ot ot old popullstlo fallacies of govern
ment In an academic ' way and has the
ability to make a lot of nonsense appear
to really have some vital force. But the
republicans will puncture his tire If he Is
entered In ie race against them. Nothing
will please the party organisation better
than to have a visionary like "Wilson put
up by the opposition.
Beatrice Express: The Omaha World-
Herald hates a straddler. That paper has
said that straddling cost Senator Burkett
his re-election, and says that Senator
Brown Is of the same stripe. It believes In
coming out flat footed for policies or candi
dates, and has Criticised Renntnr nrnwti
because he has said he will not assume to
dictate who shall be the candidate of Ne
braska republicans for the presidency. So
far there are three democratio candidates
for the senate for next year, and the
World-Herald, editorially, comes out flat
footed for Its favorite candidate thus:
"Nebraska democrats have warm places In
their hearts both for Thompson and
Shallenberger as a candidate for senator.
Some will prefer one and some the other;
still others prefer a third." Such a stand
Is refreshing. It leaves not the slightest
doubt as to whlcb candidate th World-
Herald stands for.
Boston Transcript: The clrqult . court.
Which has Just sustained the Harrlman
merger, holds that the Union Pacitio waa
not a competitor with the Southern Pa
cific. But surely the court will not under
take to maintain that the Union Paclfio
wag "a poor relation!"
St. Louis Globe-Democrat: The late Mr.
Harrlman Is also vindicated in the decision
upholding the Union Pacific-Southern Pa
cific merger. And were he still in the
flesh his exultation would be voiced Just
as loudly; and no more loudly, than It is
being voiced right now.
Pittsburg Dispatch: Comparing this with
the Northern Securities case it is seen that
though there was not so dose a proxltmity
In the parallel lines, virtually the same
element of suppressing competition is pres
ent In both. If the clroult court of appeals
can reverse the supreme court on the prin
ciple Involved in both cases, cannot the
latter court return the oompllmentT
St Louis Republic. The decision will do
much to silence those Individuals who have
clamorously asserted that the government
had gone mad on mergers and the courts
were "seeln' things" wherever combination
In restraint of trade was alleged. We note
with much Inward calm the absence from
those portions of the decision thus far re
produced In the publlo prints of our old
friend the "rule of reason."
Sioux City Tribune: The decision In the
Union-Southern- Pacific case was inevit
able. Congress made it so when. In the'60a
It chartered the former to build only to
Ogden and created the Central Pacific to
to build from San Franclaoo to Ogden. It
was done to facilitate construction, but
as transcontinental commerce developed,
and, especially when the Southern Pacific
absorbed the Central. It became a matter
of life or death for th Union Paclfio to
own the line to the coast. To get It
Harrlman bad to buy th whole system.
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There Is a lot of humbug, anyway. In
thla prohibition of merging 'ii-allel and
competing" rallwa.
She Kate Is a Itickv woman. Pha has
married one nuin out of a thnuamM.
He Well. hiw n"'i . i' on expect her
to marry?-Host on Transcript.
"Io you think kx-IsI condition in this
ccuntry are Improving?"
"Oh. yes. My wife came home from a
rsrrt parly the other dav and didn't hle a
single new scandal to report." fhlcgo
Record -Hera Id.
"Do you believe In these meetlnjss where
they pretend that spirits speak?"
"I don't see why not. F.very medlal col.
lege can prove the fact of a skeleton's
articulation." Baltimore American.
"So you have a bliick eye again," aald
the young msn's father.
"1 hnve."
"Didn't. I tell you to count twenty before
you utter an angry word."
"That's what I wns doing when he got in
the first blow." Washington Ptar.
"Pa. why does love make the world go
"Because every lover Is a crank, my son."
She I'm afraid. Tom, dear, you will find
me a mine of faults.
He Inrllng. it shall ro the sweetest
labor of mv life to correct them.
She (flaring up) Indeed, you . shan't!
Boston Transcript.
"My deer," she aaked, "ar the umpires
always wrong?"
"Not always." he replied. "Sometimes
they give the home team the beat of It"
"Now that you havo a baby in your
house, Mrs. lladshy, I suppose you will
have to give tip traveling so much."
"Oh, no. We have a nurse who hss
promised to send nte a night letter about
the little darling at least three time a
week." Judge.
Smart Aleck Here's Jimmy Jiggers' been
arrested for uttering a forged note.
Stupid Steve Then If he uttered It, they
ought to have known It was forged.
Smart Aleck How could they knowf
Stupid Steve Because he Stutters. Balti
more American.
"Out to luncheon back in five mluntea,"
read the sign on the door.
"Are you sure he'll get baek that soon?"
asked the anxious caller.
"res m," said the wise office boy. "He
ain't got the price of a ten-minute lunch
in his clothes." Toledo Blade.
"Rut, say. those lawbreakers are cettlnir
away with their plunder. Call somebody,
quick." '
Iso use. Seven of the trust-busting law
yers are busy making out their hills and
the rest of 'em are down In the cashier's
orffice with handcarts drawing their nav."
Cleveland Plain Dealer. -
Willis The first thousand Is the hardest.
Gillls That's right After you have It,
you can get enough credit on the strength
of It to live comfortably . the rest of your
days." Puck.
"How does your lawnmower run?" In
quired Nexdore, looking over the fence.
"It doesn't." replied Subbubs, mopping
the perspiration from his face; 't have to
push the blamed thing.'.' Boston Tran
script. Damocles saw the sword suspended by
the hair. '
"Since It can't cut the hair, I Judge your
wife has been sharpening her pencil," he
remarked to the king. New York Sun.
New York Globe.
I see a man strut through a Jam In a hall.
Take a seat 'mid the speakers and chat
with them all.
"Is this Murphy?" I ask. "that the crowd
he defies?"
"No," says some one, "he's one of the
newspaper guys.".
I see a man pushing hjs way through the
Of the cops where a fire brightly glimmers
and shines.
"Chief Kenlon?" I ask. but a fireman re
plies "Oh, no, why, ' that's one of those news
paper guy a.".., r i h .."-ill. w j.. J,
I see a man start on the trail of a crook.
And he scorns all assistance, but brings
him to book.
"Mr. Hums?" I Inquire.' Some one scorn
fully cries
"Burns? New. He's just one Of them
newspaper guys."
I see a man walk through the door of a
Where great throngs are blocked by the
sign a. k. u.
"Is this Goodwin himself, that no ticket
he buys?"
"Well, hardly. He's one of those news
paper guys."
I see a man knock on a president's door, .
And the sign, "No admittance," completely
"Is tills Morgan, that privacy's rights he
"Morgan? Shucks! It's just ona of those
newspaper guys."
And some day I'll walk by the great streets
of gold.
And sec a man enter, unquestioned and
"A saint?" I'll inquire, and old Peter'll
"Well, I should say not, he's Just a news
paper guy."
. .
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