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Mar rnal Ik
BL.ttl rassMars. Hi-annin,
Meal t BMvsrvlsw Ml. Krnmls church
fxitay h'o (,f smith tnnaha w II hold
lit mum Ionic at Kv.rvlcw park Tus-
MsArsI Will robM4 rrolmi
rsnl1 for th will iC I lri k MoAiill
Mi.Mar. Tt,s rotate am unt to IW.WW
I'airl'k Mr A Ml anil John C. MeArdl ar
! a Mcnlors.
TW IpiMUt Qauf r - rMwIn Mnir nf
Illinois ha brn aipulnt1 ti tea th
llai of W. W. I Minn a P!ll uMr
In h lnl'rnnl rrvenu drpartiiicnt f
Omaha on J my I, ! UUr having re
airnl Draff Caosss laooartaJsae In order
In 11 lh hi ditrh drc1 through the
llBM. lh Mls.mirl Pacific railroad has
lurn nut two wrtlon of Ha Platte rlvar
brdar. In tlm meantime, whll th dreilus
I MillliiKia way serosa, th Missouri l'a
flflu la nam lh lliirllnaton brMg
Tw Mar riling Mad Two filings
Kat mo wl'li lh county clerk Monday
nmrnln foi th Ati.nt primaries. W11
I am i!r ahurtge." I nut for the
eK-enth Urn for hi old office of Juatlca of
th peace on the republican ticket. R. 1
flordnn. rt.moriat. filed for pollc )u1g.
Appeals from Wnri Award Nolle of
appeal from lh award of damagfa mad
l.y lha appraleera for oienlng Half-Case
atrl waa fil1 hy .lame H. Pairott. who
asert h Is lh chief onP. Parrott waa
arrid I47 ilamagn. which h declare
ar not sufficient Thnmas HUckhurn
l-nei I ho appe al bond.
Dslsfats Coming Thrnfh Delegate
In lh annual cmv ntlon of Ihe'ChriMlan
I hurrh of America will spend three heura
In innaha on their way from the eaat to
Portland, where th convention opena
July 4 A special train of aeven cars will
arrive In Omaha n the Northwestern at
1 o'clock Wednesday afternoon nd will
leav at S o'clock. The tralnload of people
will pat lunch her and tak a little trip
round the city.
Woodman Circle Bearing Beanmed
Th hrannn wl,ciln th? administration of
the affalia of the Woodmen Circle, the
Komrn'a nraanlxallon of the Woodmen of
th World. Is b.lng ln-t gated, waa re
imed Mi mliy morrlng. Rtai Auditor 8.
tl Burton la In charge of the Investigation,
which 1 bofor a body of three Insurance
experts. feiHcna are In pioajiei In the
council chamber In the Woidmtn of the
World bii.ldlng. The hea irR waa c mtln
ued from .Mine II. when Mta. Emma H.
S!anclealer, the supreme guard an, had to
lrav for the grand Indue, meeting In Roch
ester, N. Y. Mia. Manchester and Mr.
Elisabeth rnra. formerly aupreme cleric,
were pteent when the hearing waa re
Praetratlo of Asphalt on West liar
' Br Street Itrelared) to De
Too lllarh.
A atrip nf asphalt paving about a half
block In lenghth between Forty-second
nd Forty-third on Harney street- be
ing Investigated hy Assistant Engineer
Oeorge Campen. Th pavement, which
wa laid by th Rryant-McLoughlln
company ha not atood th penetration
teata, a ye Mr. Campen.
"Th penetration la too high." said Mr.
Campen. "However, aa th company la
under a flv year' guarantee to keep th
pavetnant In good shape, w ar not worry
ing about It. We will make another test
oon. .. . -. .
". Oeorg Craig olty engineer, returned to
th city Monday and began an Investiga
tion of th brick paving being laid by
Charle Fanning on Twcnty-flrat street, be
tween Leavenworth and Maaon. Work on
this atrip waa atopped by Assistant En
gineer Campen last week because an In
terior quality of brick was being used.
Fla Over tkc laaaalar Office
Omah la Flrluar at Half
Vic Consul Antonio Venuto of ' th
Italian service was notified by telegraph
Monday of the death of.Prlnoeaa Clotilda,
mother of Queen Margherlta of Italy. Th
flag of Italy 1 displayed at halt-staff over
the consular office in the Brown block.
District Clerk Desires to Have Jsdges
wear In Others a Early
a PoaalbU.
Th clerk ef the district court has noti
fied Judges and clerks of election as far aa
possible. Some have not been reached.
Ill clerk wlshea to have th Judge who
Appear to swear In additional Judges and
larks a early as possible to till up th
election boards.
Mnrrlui: Lleeases.
Licenses to wed war Issued to th
Name and Address. Age.
Richard 8. Jenison, Auburn 26
Etta IMcker. Waterloo 22
Ollbert E. Phelps, Ottumwa sr.. 24
cora B. Mitchell, ottumwa 21
Martin U Healey, Omaha (over) 21
Anna M. Morln, Omaha (over) 21
Oswald Knechenboff, Benson 22
Mathilda Heldt, Benson 22
Alfred Erie Hollander. Omaha 24
fcjlst Sign E. Johnson Omaha ti
The most
popular bottled .
beer In all
localities where
It Is sold.
Ask far bottl and
arejg (Jt rvgUMM.
Orlr cam far Om 1
' C3 Blats ConpAstF
V"jl a -at an sua 4.
i j" -
Joy-Ridingr Damiel Wtnt City Sport,
Not Cow Puncher.
Fair Prisoner Declares she Waals to
Wed, but Her Only Taker la a
Ranch r .two Olher t holces
at, Kothln Pol .'
Wedding holla did not ring at police head
I'latteia Monday morning because Esther
Smith, on nf the trio of young women Joy
riders, v ho were rounded up at Frernnnt
late Pattirdny nlpht. refused to marry John
Harrett, one of the male members of the
Th Smith girl, who la 19 yeare old. waa
corraled at Fremont In compuny with Cutle
Howard. Marie Myler. Oscar Olsen. Harry
McUowan and John Hnrrett. The Howard
and Myler girls are under 1 years old. The
mn are conalderably older and two of
them have been In the hands of the Omaha
finite for similar atunta before.
When the party wns hauled back to
Omaha in charae of an officer the Howard
Tlrl waa allowed to go home with her
father; the Myler girl was tnken to the
Detention Home and Miss Fmlth was locked
up In the quarters of Mstron Gibbons at
the pollc station. The three men are be
hind the bars downstairs, charged with
being suspicious characters.
When it waa tlm for the three men and
woman to be brought Into court this morn
ing the Hmtth girl sent word that she
wanted to get married. Word was carried
downstairs to the bull-pen and Barrett.
who Is a cow man of Sheridan, Wyo.,
yelled that he loved Kather Hmlth and was
ready to hitch up with her right away.
When Mrs. Gibbons told Esther of the
proposition she sniffed the air and said,
"I don't want that guy from the ranch.
He mav he all right out among the tall
grata where the people wear spurs, hut I
want a city sport for mine. Either of the
others will do!"
They Are Hooked Ahead.
When Harrett heard the decision of his
charmer he wilted and hid two companions
In bondage sang In chorus, "There's nothln'
doing for bright eyes; wa arc both dated
That put an end to the negotiations for a
honeymoon " with the police station as a
starting point, much to the perturbation
of Matron Gibbons, who has Esther Pmlth
on her hsnda until the Joy-ride adventure
is iinmiy passed upon oy me court. The
three men ar still held, and the girl, while
having more homelike surroundings, Is
watched just as closely In the matron's
Governor Hay Coming
to Omaha in October
Will Attend Land Show and in Mean
time Will Have a Commission
Arrange Exhibit.
' Governor M. F. Hay of Washington will
be In Omaha In October to attend the Land
show and take a leading part In Washing
ton day, which has been set for the 20th
of that month. Governor Hay Is one of
the most enthuslastlo boost era In the west
for his own state and ha gained a wide
reputation for his activities along develop
ment line. He will be on of the biggest
men at the show.
' Governor Hay Is taking a great deal of
Interest lrt the Omaha exploitation f west
ern land products, and to be sure that his
atat will all reprasented, he will ap
point a board of ten Iand show commis
sioners, who may be consulted and called
upon for advice In arranging the details of
th big Washington exhibit.
Donations Are ' Asked for the Old
People's Home Tuesday Do
nation Day.
Garden vegetable and porch furniture
are the articles moat needed at present at
the Old Peoples' home, 2214 Wirt sreet. and
will be received at the home Tuesday from
friends and other Interested In the wel
fare of the Inmates. The board of women
which has charge of the affairs of th
home, has decided that Tuesday shall be
th flrat of the regular monthly donation
day for th benefit of th aged men and
Heary 11. Iterd Passes Away at Clark,
so a Hospital Following; General
Nervous. Breakdown.
Th death of Henry B. Reed In CUrkson
hospital Sunday night marks the passing
of on of the pioneer Nebraska cattle
barons, who laid th foundation for great
ness in th northwest over thirty years
Mr. Reed had ranches extending all
around Paxton and Ogallala. and for more
than a generation waa a potential factor
In the Uv stock Industry along th west
ern plains. He ha always been energetic
and actlv. and until a few months ago
was nai and hearty.
A little over two weeks ago Mr. Reed was
taken to th Clarkson hospital suffering
from a general breakdown of th nervous
system. His heart was aerlously affected
at th tlm and caused a complication
which ultimately resulted In death.
Although the final arrangements for th
funeral have not yet been made, th wish
of Mr. Reed will undoubtedly be carried
out and his body sent to his native horn
In Mount Holly. N. J., for burial. Mr,
Reed Is survived by his widow.
Water to Be T armed la froaa th
River Whoa Hlahor Mark
is Reached.
With th river at th fourteen and a half
foot mark, th city engineer and park
commissioners are considering th project
of filling Carter lake. The lake haa been
low ail season, and lh officials hav been
at a loss to get water.
For th last flv days, th river haa been
rising and Monday morning registered 14H
feet. A soon as It gets to the sixteen foot
mark. It will b tapped and th' lake filled.
Troog, Tares, 1'aaler Comaaad of
Rafcbl Cos, a, Had Dollgktfal
Tlaa la Oaea Air.
Troop Three. Boy Scouts, under command
of Rabbi Cohn. scoutmaster, returned
horn Sunday evening after three delight
ful daya spent In camp, which waa estab
lished four miles out on th Dodg street
road. Vndor Milton Livingston, aaslstant
scoutmaster, drills and Impressive ma.
neuvera wer held every day, much to the
delight of the visitors. Religious services
were conducted by Rabbi Coha on Friday
Balldlaaj Perssits.
C ft fefita,,. VTA. A T . i ... .
- ..... 1 1 mi i, k span
msnt. 115. UO; Modern Homes Obstruction
company. William, frame dwelling
-.-... i.unBru(-uon eom-
pway. Stl CaMwall, brick dwelling. K.000.
Thieves Ply Trade ,
With Bold Abandon
on Sherman Avenue
Burglar Locks Himself in Joseph
Jiouska s Place, Gets Loot ana
Cuts Way Out.
Sunday night burglaries hav been re
ported to the police aa follow:
Joseph llonska 1:3 8heiman avenue,
watch valued at t?"0. other jewelry, deeds
and morttrag to real estate.
Bam Husk. iM l ass street, fifty feet of
garden hose.
Ed Lucas. IMR Sherman avenue, valuable
papers contained in a tin box kept In an
unlocked safe ,
The burglar who visited th horn of
Houskii. who Uvea above Ms butcher shop,
took the trouble to have himself locked In
the basement, of th building Sunday. The
robbery did not become known until Mon
day morning, when llnuska found the bars
of the basement door cut away. Indicating
that the burglar broke out Instead of the
usual method nf forcing entrance.
The Lucas robbery was committed In
that gentleman' coal office. The burglar
entered with the aid of a Jimmy. He found
the door of the aafe unlocked and carried
away a tin box containing valuable papers.
Two Plead Guilty in
Land Fraud Cases
and Each is Fined
B. M. Fox and 0. H. McClintock, Re
cently Indicted, Are Fined by
Judg-e Monger.
Benjamin M. Fox and George H. Mo-
Cllntock, who were recently Indicted by
the federal grand Jury on a charge for
conspiracy t defraud the government out
of several hundred acres of land In Deuel
county, Nebraska, pleaded guilty Monday
morning to th charge and paid their fine
of JX and $lflO respectively.
Thirteen Weeks Set
Aside for Merchants
Jobbers and Manufacturers Will Re
ceive Patrons from July to Oc
tober This Tear. I
Fall merchants' meetings this year will
extend over a period of thirteen .weeks,
instead of five separate weeks, aa was
the custom formerly. W. M. Burgess,
chairman of the Omaha Jobbers and
Manufacturers' association haa announced
that the Merchants In Omaha' trad ter
ritory will be Invited to come at the ex
pense of the association, at any tlm
from July 15 to October IS.
Thirty-five thousand Invitations on be
half of the association ar being mailed
by the Commercial club to all th mer
chants of Nebraska, Kansas, South Da
kota, Colorado,. Wyoming, Montana and
Missouri, who are In territory tributary to
the Omaha market.
Railroad fares will be refunded by th
association to thosa merchants who ac
cept the Invitation. The visitors ' will be
entertained by the association. Th buying
season will find all of the wholesale and
jobbing . houses open to the merchants,
and the manufacturers will makya a spe
cinl effort toward hospitality.
By this visit the merchants hav th
opportunity of Inspecting full stocks In
stead of a line of samples. Omaha job
bers were the originators of th far re
funding system.
In adddltlon to Chairman Burgess, th
members of th Commercial club committee
In charge of the association are Roy T.
Byrne, A. A. MoClure, Herman Drlshaus,
E. A. Ulnrichs, F. Martin, H. A. Spies
berger and J. H. Taylor.
Births and Deaths.
Births P. M. and E. M. Burns. R6J
South Ninth street, boy; James and Jessie
Janecek, Omaha, Oen. Hosp , girl; -H. A.
and Gertrude Kogaas, 641 South Twenty
fifth avenue, boy; Robert and Anria Me
Aultffe, 31' 19 Seward, boy; Mr. and May
Kvans, 1324 North Twenty-fourth, girl;
Charles and May Bovee. 3M7 West street,
twins, girl and boy; Henry and Sarah
Payne, Methodist hospital, girl; John and
Francis Helfachnelder, 1214 South Seven
teenth, boy.
Deaths Joe Lohla, 3, 2009 Paul; Baby
Burns. 1 year. 23t2 South Twenty-ninth;
Mrs. Katherlne Bellamy. 56, Wise Memorial
huspiial; Haly Page, 1 year, 2W9 Paul:
l-'Mdt-o V! pin.r V) lina tj . m
Johnson, W, Immanuel hospital; Kath-
" ' oy, rresDyienan Hospital;
Charles Grow, 6, 2525 Caldwell; Edward
Helse, 11, Omaha Oeneral hospital; Ioulse
M. Rowltzer. 41. S021 Gold; Sarah J
Cooper, S3, 1410 North Thirty-third; James
H. Osborn, M, 6116 Capitol avenue; Elmore
Taylor, 26, Fourteenth and Capitol avenu.
Tbenrh Bftweie
"blus uoeeee..'
tl not
That way wltb
Campbell's rare.
Earn luscious spoon
ful "Unite the spat"
No "wred swteu
oeaa" tbsre.
They won't do a thing
to your butcher's hill
Except make it,
Our soups provide
you with just the light
nourishing deli cacy
you so often want in
6tcad of heavy meats
and just wnen ycu
Want it.
That's one beauty of
It is a mistake to let
your supply run out. The
.way to get the full bene
fit of these pure and
wholesome soups is to
keep an assortment of the
kinds you prefer always
on hand. Why not inves
tigate your supply right
21 kinds 1 Oca cars
Juit add hot water
bring to a boil,
and rt.
Joseph Campbell
Casutea If I
Look for the
They Tahe Rank Along- with Expen
sive Foreign Delicacies.
Relief May fossr Waea the
Oklahoma aad Arkaaaaa Pretdoet,
Delayed ky tke Weatker,
Rearkes Local Market.
Tat d foia graa. art chokea and straw
berries at Christmas time are luxuries, but
new potatoes have become the real piece
de resistance of the expensive spread.
When Mr. Diner alta down to a plat of
th fin tubers. It verily becomes a feast
for a king. That vegetable Monday was
selling for 12 SO a bushel in the retail stores,
and predictions that th price will climb to
It a bush--' "- heard In many places.
P peak In s rmi most familiar to buy
ers, tor t tendency Is to purchase In
small quantities, th tuber wss selling at
10 cents a peek. This price is practlcallv
Go to Real
m 11 isswiaimaui svishimi im i
Go to ,the wonderful Rockies, to the rugged, magnificent,
ancient hills, whose grandeur shames the Alps. Go where you
can rebuild your strength and restore your visions, where the
air is as clean and as pure as the first day of Nature.
There is noV train providing such facilities for reaching Denver,
Colorado Springs or Pueblo as the Rock Island's de luxe
Rocky Mountain Limited
"Omaha sleeper, urtth staterooms and berths, ready for occupancy at 9:30
This train of trains leaves Omaha 10:47 p. m. daily, supplies every travel luxury,
and reaches Denver and Colorado Springs in time for luncheon next day.
"Tha Mountaineer" every morning at 8:01 and "Colorado Express" daily at
1:15 p. m. provide sumptuous electric lighted Pullmans and steel coaches, dining
car, world's news service, base ball scores and the club comfort of an observation car.
Let mi tell you about tho very low fares. Illustrated booklets fret for the ashing.
V con provide tha accommodations you want.
J. S. McNally, Division Passenger Agent i
132a Farnam Street, Omaha
what the wholesale dealers charge, and
the retailers have given up hop of
profit In that line, they say.
All HeeorUs Brontes.
Th present pric breaks, all record.
Never before In the history of th city haa
the potato climbed t ' such a price level.
Rellif from toe fields of Oklahoma,
Arkansas and southern Missouri has been
expected several daya. This, crop Is de
layed b auae of the weather. It haa been
due for about three weka. Under normal
conditions the vegetable would be selling
In th neighborhood of tl a bushel at this
Texaa continues to supply the market.
Buyer are thicker around every car of
petatoea in thst state than women at a
bargain sale, according to reports received
In Omaha. The Nebraska crop will not re
lieve the situation ti a great extent,
dealer any. The hope now la for tha early
arrival of the Oklahoma product.
A Krlahtfal Ksperlence
with biliousness, malaria and constipation
la quickly overcome by taking Dr. King's
New IJfe nils. 2."c. For sale by Beaton
"rug Co.
. ?,jv
frfig For Good Been
F you'll take the few minutes
ncccss.ary to see these men's and
fear you may confuse them;
we 11 tell you that our suits at this pneo have been made
from the best fabrics we could find, in the handsomest
styles and shades that you've
"me noose or
high Me KIT. "
teln-Blooh Clothes, Bral Shoes.
Round Trips From Omaha to
Atlantic City, N. J. .$44-50
Asbury Park, N. J. .42-345
Boston via Montreal S lO'SGO
Hoston, direct . . . S41-$45
Buffalo, N. v. ...832-S34
Detroit, Mich $25-$20
Return limit 30 days. Return
Correspondingly reduced fares to many other tourist resorts In
the east .,
Chicago .
Milwaukee & St. Paul
Low 60-day circuit tour fares to New York $49.40 and up, to
Boston $52.20 and up, according to route selected. Long limit sum
mer tourist fares, to Wisconsin, Michigan, New York State, New
England and Canadian resorts. Information and folders free.
W. E. BOCK, ' Tickets, 1B24 Farnam St.,
City Tassenger Agent. OMAHA, NEB.
"Give me tome Old Ftuh
ioned Lager Beer."
It's hard to get tho genuine
old German lager beer now
adays, but here it is snappy
rich and mellow Old Fash
ioned Lager Beer.
Order a bottle pour it but,
told and sparkling you'll be
surprised how good it is. No
wonder! it's made in the real
old German way no other
beer is more delicious.
Pint bottles only of dear
glass, so you can see it's clean
and pure; the red or yellow
wrapper keeps out the light,
preserving the snap and life.
Order a case sent home.
Douglas 647 Ind. A-1218.
, Save the Caps
from bottles of Old Fashioned
Lager Beer, and exchange
them for valuable premiums.
Ask us for book of over 2,400
premiums it's free. .
ourfirey & Gi
young men s suits at $11.75,
we're very sure you'll find
so many pood points about thorn
thnt you'll tnko n suit with you.
t'p-to-dnto in stylo, fabric ind
pattern, and of n weight that is
fciiitv'd to tho sort of reather
wo'ro now having, besidos being
splendidly tailored into perfect
fitting garments, will wager you
can't equal these Ql 1 7 IT
new Miits at P JL JL O
,R if $15 re-
presents what
you would pay for suit
satisfaction, then we'll let our $15
suitti sell themselves to you. For
with the average $15.00 suits,
ever seen
mil ' ' M.'!-V'm
Btetaon Hats, Manbattaa Uhlrts.
Montreal, Que SSS.OO
Muakoka Lake, Ont.JJ?33 Q5
lw Vork City ... S42-$45,
Quebec, Quo ' S39.00
Portland, Me. . ... $42.35
Toronto, Ont $29.60
limit 60 days.
jLfjr ro
lr WfrejasaJpP
MAIL Qm&JstJ&lill&S bPLMcd the received, ey ere