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To tho Citizens of Omaha:
The mayor and council in 1903, elected to purchase, by tie
method of appraisement, 7the water plant supplying Omaha,
South Omaha, Dundee, East Omaha and Florence, and the United
States supieme court has decreed that the city now must pay
therefor the appraised value of $6,263,259.49.
If the city fails to comply voluntarily with this decree, the
court may order the mayor and council to pay this claim by the
contribution of taxes levied upon the city to the" amount of said
$6,263,259.49, and, in addition thereto if so decreed, 7 per cent
aunual interest for so long a period as payment is delayed.
Ho Relief Without Payment
Moreover, until this payment is made, the city cannot ob
tain possession of the water plant or begin the construction of
improvements and extensions so urgently needed at this time.
The logic of this situation, the necessity for improved ser
vice and extension of water mains and the obvious economy that
may be possible in the matter of interest alone, renders it imper
ative, in the opinion of the water board, .for the city (1) to se
cure immediate' possession of the water plant; (2) to proceed this
summer with the urgently needed improvements and extensions
of the plant; and (3) to save all interest possible, if judicially
charged therewith, or the difference between 7 per cent on $6,
263,259.49, and 4V2 per cent, amounting to approximately $425
per day. '
To the end of accomplishing these results, the water board
has submitted a proposition to the electors of Omaha to vote
$S,250,0O0 in bonds, due in thirty years, for the purpose of paying
for the water plant and obtaining possession thereof, and for pres
ent and future improvements and extensions as required.
If Bonds Carry
If these proposed bonds are voted at this time the water
board is confident of the substantial accomplishment of these re
sults. If these bonds are not voted at this time the results will not t
be possible this year. In fact, nothing can be accomplished until
payment is made. .
So far as increasing taxation is concerned, the proposed
bonds are not payable until the end of thirty years, and if voted
will end all possibility of the contribution of $6,263,259.49, or
more, of city taxes to pay for the water plant.
The income of the plant will be used to pay the interest on
the bonds
No Other Bonds To Bo Issued
The $6,500,000.00 of 4 per cent bonds authorized at the city
election in 1908 have not been issued by the water board, as
bonds bearing this low rate of interest have not been marketable.
These bonds were voted for the sole purpose of purchasing the
Omaha water plant, therefore, they cannot be used for any other
purpose, and, hence, will not be issued if the proposed new bonds
are voted.
It is well known, and has been officially held by the legal
department of the city, rtiat the water bonds authorized at the
city election in 1900 were not legally voted, therefore they could
Lot be sold if issued, and, hence, have no bearing upon the pro
posed new bond issue.
The facts herein set forth have been deemed by the water
board to constitute a sufficient emergency to justify the calling
of a special bond election for Tuesday, June 27, and every elec
tor is urged to go to the polls between the hours of 8 a. m. and 6
p. m. of that day and express himself upon the proposition sub
mitted, as a two-thirds vote of thosa voting on the proposition is
necessary to carry these bonds.
If Bonds Do Not Carry
Should this bond proposition fail to secure the necessary
two-thirds vote, it must be apparent that it will be the duty of
the water board to again submit the proposition at a special city
election to be held at the time of the coming fall election. Should
the proposition again fail to secure the necessary two-thirds vote
at that time, the water board will be compelled to submit a similar
proposition at the general city election next spring, when a ma
jority vote, only, will be necessary to carry the bonds.
Finally, for the information of the citizens of Omaha, the
water board deems it but proper herein to state: (
That the members of the board are unanimously agreed that
the interests of Omaha imperatively demand that these proposed
bonds be voted at this time.
That the water board li confident of the success of municipal
ownership of the water plant that municipal ownership will not
increase city taxes, bnt eventually reduce water rates.
Further, the water board stands pledged, provided this bond
proposition does carry, that no portion of any water bonds here
tofore authorized by the city will be issued or usecLby the aboard.
6-.:fT! TO
M. T. BAEI)W Chairman.
R. B. HOTVEIU 'lo.n' .
Boad Election Tueiday Demand! the
Serricei of 67 Policemen.
vote os teeee" PiOPOSmOJfS
E1mI Will Ceet la NetaThberhee
fS.OOO aad City Clerk "Waste te
Kaew Where Meaey U
Cesalas Pram.
Would-be. poUoetnea ef every nationality
and cllroe flocked into the nmor'l office
Monday morning, scrambling for sppoint
miftli as special police to serve it the
bands ejection Tuesday. For the fifty-seven
Jobs, one man to a precinct, there ware
thrtoa a many applicants. By noon, all
but two bad bean appoints ana sworn m.
Three bond propositions win be Toted
an Tuesday. One for Issuing SR.S50.00S bonds
far waterworks purposes; another to is
sue SKSXMis to erect three engine houses;
and the third to Issue 130S.00O to complete
the Douglas oounty court bouse.
The elections will be held together th-ugh
separate ballots will be provided. The ex
penses of the election will ran about K '(".
wMch are to be divided equally iroon?
the water board, the oounty and the city.
Eleeftea Tmm Depleted.
City Clark Pan Butler wants ts know
where the money Is coming from to pay
the city's part He declares there are no
BVW) e W iha
ue4 for the purpoee as the appropriation
win be exhausted this fall when the regts
tratlnn for the election Is held.
That a light vote will be polled Is the
opinion of Butler. "I do -not believe that
more than tw votes will be cast on either
ef the three propositions," be said. "Little
naterest Is being manifested ta the bonds
and I would not be surprised to see them
beaten for this reason.
Two-thlrdf of the rotes cast Is necessary
to authorise the Issues.
jrartbweetera Special Stepped
by Peeeltar Clrcesasteaieee la
The Northwestero's reirveT special came
bite Omaha five hours late yesterday, due
to being coeJi-d in Instead of being snow
bound at a coaling point la Iowa.
The 1I engine drew up under the bunk
ers at midnight nt-ar Cedar Rapids and the
fireman pulled the rope. Intending to let
dewa about six tons of coal. Instead tbs
rope caught and the a bole store, some ISA
tons, poured down, forcing the crew tram
tte cab and eventually covering the engfae
as the smokestack alone protruded from tee
Let Reason
If coffee upsets digestion end
Berres, quit It, and use well-made
There's a Re-sen"
Gentleman Says He
Did Not Suggest to
Circulate Petition
Also Says Public Em Wrong: Ides
of Bodies Going- to Medi
cal Colleges.
John A. Gentleman, undertaker, wishes
to take some exceptions to an article la
which his name appeared Friday. He says
that he did not suggest tbs circulation of
a petition to secure money for the burial
of a body, but simply furalehed tbs peti
tion aa request. He also says the fear of
the poor that their bodies might go ta a
medical college la unfounded, as tbs oounty
is bound to provide burial If relatives
simply ask it.
'Herewith Is the letter Mr. Gentleman
writes to The Baa.
Editor Omaha Dally Bee: In yeur
Friday evening edition, under aeacuu.
'Undertakers Face Charges," 1 wish you
to correct the erroneous assertions you
printed, or kindly stats if any of your
reporters received the facts from na or
the family of John Connors. In the first
place you say ws "secure bodies and de
mand payment for burial " it is certain
we secure the bodies from hoeoltala only
by the request of some relatives or friends
or the deceased and no other way. and as
tar as payment is demanded. It ta a duk
aes with us. and not a charitable Institu
tion, for we do not live by public subscrip
tion. 1 would ssk The Bee ar associated
Charities to show where sny undertakes
has forced a tamlly or triencs te jrcu,eie
a petition, and in the case you quote in
your paper, u ou r.aa investigated tne
matter thoroughly you would have found
out that It was voluntary on the part of
the people soliciting and not even a sugges
tion on the part of myself. Insofar as
bating my letter head, the ladies asked
lor It. thinking it aould help them, as
wni told them they might be obtaining
money without cause
It is absolutely untrue that I had at
any time refused to bring the body of
Connors home and the Associated Char
ities' representative found out (or herself
that It was a falsehood. I had. however,
held the body at my chapel until Friday
on account of an autopsy being bald, and
for no other cause.
There Is a very erroneous Idea among
the public concerning bodies being turned
over to a medical college. For the benefit
of those that are ignorant on the matter.
I will state that a body la not turned ever
to a college until after we have used every
effort te locate relatives or friend, and
after that if none can be found who will
take charge ef tne body we receive our
Instructions from the stste by law. and not
of our awn choosing, snd I will stats also
for the benefit of the public that If a
pauper dies and bs relatives he is buried
St the county's expense, provided the re
latives are unable to do so. The under
taker receives the mount of SI for fur
nishing the coffin, his time and taking of
body ta cemetery.
If some of the public would look deeper
tnut the undertaker's aide of life thef
would find for themselves, without much
trouble, to what greater extent tnetr
charity extends than any ether profession
or business, and also look on their ledgers
snd see what ether business or profession
hss more Just claims unpaid.
Trusting yen win give this the same
I prominence a hick you gsvo the Tnaer-
tskers Face Charsres
Start is Made in the Annual Woman's
Tennis Championship.
Cbaatpiea Kls;b kkssl PI yes- Dle
passs ef Her Osseseat . Qalte -
Hand 11 y Wsars Waa .
Irs Is Chare.
With Old 8c remaining obligingly Tinder
the clouds, wtth a fresh breese oootlng the
atmosphere and with tbs clay courts la
good condition considering Sanday night's
rain, the annual Woman's City Champion
ship Tennis tournament started Monday
morning at tho Omaha Field dub.
Omaha's young woman tennis players
clad In white middy blnuse suits wtth pink
and bios ties and hair bows, nave taken
possess! oa of the dub courts and win hold
them each day daring' the week until Sat
urday, when the finals will ' be played.
Several rounds ef atnglas were played aft
before boon.
lira. 3. T. Stewart Sd-. ana of the more
experienced players, put up a good game.
winning frrra Visa Blanche KiBsJar, X
7-S. Xiss Katharine Be nm. who la consid
ered ens of the best of the younger players.
was beaten by Miss Indie Fellers, T-t. S-L
Rlgk Sekaal Cbasaplsa Wala.
Vies Laura Cluinieiinan. tbs Omaha High
school girl champion, waa tram Hiss Zk-na
Reed. -L 1-e. atlas Helen Back beat Mies
CarmeBt Jenkins, S-S. ft-1. Miss Culver
and Mies Wool worth played la the place
of Miss Hlnrlch and Miss Violet Joatym, as
scheduled, the former winning with a soars
of S-S. S-S
Miss Carmellta Chase, tho presml cham
pion. Is storing up her energies tor the
final round oa Saturday, but Is busy about
tho courts keeping scores for the players
and answering questions ef tho inexperi
enced entrants.
Miss Hertanss Clarke, chairman ef the
tennis committee, has put the following
young women la charge ef the play oa
different days of the week: Miss Susan
HcWlrgo. Tuesday ; Mary Ringwalt, Wednes
day; Ruth Hammer, Thursday; Miss Laura '
Zimmerman, Friday; Mias Cartnelita Chase,
Mrs. J. T. Stewart. M , beat Miss Blaaohs
Klnaler, S-t, 7-S.
Miss Katharine Banna beat Miss Ladle
Fellers. T-S, S-L
Miss Laura Zimmerman beat Miss Erna
Reed. S-L 7-4.
Miss Helen Buck beat Miss Carmellta
Jenkins. S-S. S-L
' Mlas Wood worth beat Miss Career. S-S.
Miss Alios Farterfield beat Mlas Char
lotte BedwaiL S-S. S-S, S-4.
Aeaea W ill Ve It rt armed frwi
a svelte far Barlal ta
Ta eompnaaee with a wish long expressed
twfora her death last week the body ef
Mrs A. H. Rswltaer waa cremated at
M'sneer-olls Moaday and the aakes will
i this week be placed In the tamih vault
la Farest last cemetery.
After brief funeral aervieee bad aeea
held at the Rawltser reeideace, til Ookd
street. Sunday aftaraaaa the body was
st ease seat ta tae cismsloiy la Mlaaa-
Built by Omaha Men
First of Its Kind Passes Through
. Omaha Monday Enronte to
PufTlng merrily and pulling a long train
of ears, tho first engine that Omaha ever
ssw that did not smoke, passed through
the Burlington yards Monday afternoon.
The angina la on Its way to Sheridan, Wyo.,
where It Is to make a practical demonstra
tion of Its value.
Figures taken by the test run show that
it win operate mora cheaply and the dan
ger ef dndars setting afire grass and
buildings Is done nway with, besides the
dlsagreeablmeea ef the smoke.
Ugnlta. tho aoft coal which generally
prod vices such blsck smoke Is to be burned
In the new engine. Tbs use ef lignite la
old atria engines . has caused many a
pralrte and forest fire.
A stoker, the Baraum stoker as It la
called, la the feature of the engine. The
Barn urn stoker was first patented by
Charles K. Barn urn of Omaha, who la bow
dead. It Is owned by the Barnum Manu
facturing company now, ef which Fred
Montmorency of the Burlington Is presi
dent and Arthur C Smith of tho M.
Smith company is vice president. Ths
two Omaha men have worked five years
wtth the original design and now consider
I It perfected.
The principle ef the no smoke device Is
tae stoking. It feeds the coal beneath, in
stead of throwing ft on top. the mechanical
stoker also doing away wtth the labor of
the fireman. Aa the eoal Is raised to tbs
(Ire leveL the volatile fumes arise into the
flames and are burnt up, making a saving
of heat. la the breaking up process by tbs
heat tbs cinders are all burned up before
they can get through the fire, so tbiv fit
ao waste material te arise throuol t)i
smokestack except the steam and pcj.M!
the thinnest base ef blue fumes.
The angina Is particularly adapted te tbs
use of cheap aoft eoal and uses leas than
aa .ordinary angina. Six tons 'were used on
the nm from Burlington, la., a run which
nsuaily takes nine ton a
One ef these engines has been in use to
the Chicago switching yards tor two
months and ts reported to be
Four-Tear -Old Boy Chokes Before Ee
Can Be Bettered.
Cera Hael Beea la Bis Threat Several
Days, bat He Arrive ta This
City Toe Lata for aa
Ope attorn.
A grain of corn which lodged tn the
windpipe of 4-year-old Carroll Potter of
North Platte. Neb., caused the little fel
low's death from strangulation In tho of
fice of Dr. H. L. Barrel! in the City Na
tional bank building Monday forenoon.
The N boy had been suffering terribly for
a few days and when no surgical relief
could be obtained at borne, his parents. Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Potter, brought him to
Omaha tn hopes that his life might be
Shortly before noon the parents earns
with ths almost dead boy to the offices of
Bryant. Barrel) A Bushman and when the
dangerous nature ef the trouble had been
seen. Dr. Burreil ordered preparations
made at once for aa operation.
There was scarcely any Indication of life
ta ths child at ths time, and although ths
attendants rushed the preparations for ths
operation, ha died ef strangulation before
anything could be dona
The coroner has the body.
TO StCSH WORK O.w fj. p. UE
A paws tsars Selected aad Gradlas; Be
tas; Bashed ta Gaady.
BROKEN BOW. Neb.. June SS. Fpe
daX John MoOulra. Ira Mills. John Mead,
Robert Shaw. H H. Black and John P.
Long of the Arnold neighborhood hare
qualified before County Judge Hoi comb
as appraisers for the lirht-of-way for ths
extension the Union Pacific Is building to
ward Arnold and Gandy, from Callaway.
Their aerrloas have not been reaulred very
much, as generally the farmers are so glad
to get the road there Is no -trouble in
coming ta aa asTreement with the Union
Pacific officials regarding- damages
Ths grading Is being rushed bow, and
additional teams will be used as secured.
Town alts propositions are coming to the
front and County Purveyor A. J. Van Ant
werp has been secured to 1st out such at
Mlllaala. a postoffiee between Arnold and
Callawar. and another near Gandy, where
the road stops at this time. Gandy will
be off ths road about two aad one-half
miles, and ths new town will probably
take mrer the old bodily. Arnold has al
ready been platted for a considerable far
ther growth, Wtth the building of the
railroad new activity In business and
building of homes Is expected there.
Passenger Train
Hits Motor Tricycle
Terry Stees, Boadmaster of St Joseph
& Grand Island Line, Sen
onsly Injured,
GRANT ISLAND, Neb.. Jons . 8pe
cie! Jerry Stees, road master of ths St
Joseph sV Grand Island, with headquarters
at Hanover. Ilea badly Injured In the hos
pital tn this city as the result of a bead -on
collision between his railroad motor tri
cycle and an Incoming St. Joseph train-
Mr. Stees bsd made a trip from Hanover
to this dty on his machine and left about
S p. m. for the return trip. He calculated
that be could meet the train at the sugar
factory aiding, but Just aa hs struck the
bend west ef the city and before reaching
the siding the passenger train bora down
upon him. Tricycle and rider were hurled
of the track and Mr. Stees was thrown
twenty feet. His right leg was broken aad
a large aad deep hols waa out Into tbs
fleshy portioa of the other leg. ths head
m as badly scrstched and wounded and
there were other bruUea about the body.
Hla recovery Is expected.
to Toronto. Montreal, tb Mum
koka Lakes. New England and
the FlshlDg and Hunting Re
sorts of Eastern Canada.
Twe tareack tfafes sally trass Caleae
The one real ecenlc route to
Seattle, Tacoma. Portland. Spo
kane. Vancouver, BelUngham.
Bissau rareeck tialas trum M. Peel
ad Safer
aay railroad
D sanative scatter a
tloa oa apaUeaaoB so
JLB.Cildr, ben. Art CXI. itxhtr
gas Se. Clark l rasa. Traff . atrr.
Chsoage Meatreaa, Oaa.
SD srSaOaaVt, T. S. A
41 katilay SilAg. --r-s City
Ma aaser Shay Seepc-aded.
CHICAGO, June K The Indefinite sus
pension of Msnager Shay of the Kansas
City club of tbs American association waa
announced today by President Crlnngton
as a result of ths fiKht between Shay and
Umpire Hayes at Columbua. G-. yesterday.
Shctcct IJctiKcf!
Cct thi Criminal &n. Emulat-
Tkt Feod-.rlnk for A3 Agis. ' ,
Pure Nutritixi, up buiding the v. bole body,
krigorates the mining toother arid the aged.
p1 tnVj mahfd prainjo powder form,
A (pick back prepare J is a minute.
Takt m substitute, krvcHOM ?rr.
la No Combf "o-
Tewthfel Player susd Tsteras Getfe-
te Play at stiller Park
Semi-finals ta the contest for the Brede
gerd were played at Miller Park Golf
club Saturday aad Sunday. Merrlaat beat
fhlaa I op la an eighteea-tantae; bole
match and Warrant beat Cajaoob 4 P
Warren, oae ef the youngest members ef
the club, will sceet Meniam. who Is oae ef
the vet eras g rtf rrs of Omaha, (text Satur
day. Both the boy axd the p oneer as
p aymg speedy gs
Next Saturday the Milter Park! tea start
the annual
Millar cap.
HaatieS Teachers KMre4la Sew Work
la the aebeeS.
CHAD RON, Keb.. June Scectal.V-
The Chadroa snmmer normal has aa en
rollment of ever H teachers. The work la
Pregi-eetar toi a moat satisfactory manner,
wtth the tollowtaa corps of instruct on:
Miss Kate E. DrtaouU of Valentino, read
ing, drawing and art.
Mrs. Laoxta A. Ruetla ef Lincoln, model
Prof. W. T. Stoekdals of Madison, thao-r.
agriculture aad geography.
r-r-M e. P. 'Wltsoa of Chadrwn, ob-vslcal
geography. Cntted States history, civics
and orthography.
Charles w. Phi: pot ef IAneola, trlge
aometry. physics, chemistry.
Lory M. Clarke of Ltaoola, nt era ore,
eotnpeettloa aad rhetor ks.
J. Howard P touch. Atchison. Kan.. Latin,
anrteat aad European history sad dm nies
Miss Jeesae B. Elliott. Abingdon. I1L.
H. H. Retmund of Crswford. algebra,
arithmetic aad botany.
W. B Starrtti of Rustrtilie. grammar,
physiology aad plane geometry.
A Dasgi teas H'sssl
rendered antieeptls by Buckles' Arnica
Salve, the healing wonder for sores, auras,
piles, seaema aad salt rheum. Per mMx,
by Bestflsj Drag Co. ....
The original ,close;fTtting
lold colto.Never.siapAssed
for style or comfort 3 hei$Jits
THE Laundry Bag 9
, n,vcry man at tne oat
can't rap out a three
bagger. Nor can every
collar make a home run
from the laundry un
broken. Play safe! Get)
the collar, that have a '
retififd for Horn
That means Corliss- Han
Coon. Tbey certainly
can make the laundry
trips, all right" ,
j at . a m . s-w sv ' m -kev
i ,. f
I J IA I vei
, I-'? - nil I
1 Tit VU with
f7Jr eohtalne', ,j
J ; J cents a . a 4j
n i S Tbl w
l r" day for
Ask 1aeas Doaglas 4S8 er
A-tlSS A boat It.
Ccibi lei I Co!. Storagi Co.
Writ Fr Thla ppi iv .!. -yi;
JTc til ml yes ssiUsisi u I beak as tim Lax mi tae
1 1 ssi a rse bm re ou esat 1 r tu
I aTrCC4tX,beA. SW tMLSSaSusWeUsfe