Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 27, 1911, Page 12, Image 13

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    Tim BEE: CWAILX, TUESDAY, .TUNE 27, 1911.
TXfT i '"Jfff 1 )' mi p
d) f l r
lot ' Still lave
a Ciaoce
To Win This Wonderful
Lioaoidals teres
S. & IX Stamps with all purchases
. during our Pre-Invcnlory Sale.
Speeia! Sales Tyesdlay
75C Table Damask at 2Sc Yard Basement
Mill lengths of best quality mercerized table damask tfZp
all good table cloth lengths, worth to 75c yd., at ""h
Yomenfs and Hisses' Ready-to-Year Garments
Our Great Purchase From an Eastern Jobber at Less Than Half Price.
Thousands, of Popular Priced Garments on Sale in' Basement. .
Wash Dresses
Womco's Linen Sails
8amtole ' Z-plece Tailored Linen
Suits; white, natural and colors;
worth up to $ 5, at
$2.98 and $3.98
Long Coats
For Women and Misses.
Long Shantung Coats, with black
collars; long Linen Coats; long
Sorgo and Check Coats,A er
worth up to $7.60. AllV I UV
sample at ,VaU
Women, Misses and Juniors
Carpbrlc, Chambray, Gingham and
Linen, In all desirable colors
mostly samples, but all
sizes are Included,'
worth up to $S. 60, at.
27-Inch Fine Swiss Embroidered Flounc-
ings English eyelet, floral and blind
relief -effects, worth up to yj A
, $1 at, yard ................. fx J C
Fine embroidered galloons,-
galloon headings,
also medium and wide
e d g s b 1 g bargain
' Jed high; many
worth 20o yard
at, 'yard'.'.'.
18 and 22-Inch Fine Swiss, Nainsook and Cam
bric. Embroidered FlouncingB and Corset Cov:
erings All kinds. Many worth 50c af GJ-j
yard big bargain square at, yard. OC
Is oar big special sale of
W orth 33c yd, at 10 yd.
OAS' ITOU, -Mala Tloor, . hmiiiHMinimiwiiinii warn i , ,. 1. 1 urn .1 1. .1. m - ,
lisisitiiiiiS lothiEigi
Main Tloor, OLD STOKE'
Every Day This Week at Brarideis Stores
Your Unrestricted Choice .
E I J '
in our entire siock r f
mat nas oeen sell
ing up to $15, at
;A11 the patterns are desirable
all the styles are up-to-date Hun.
dreds to select from.
finy m
llckientirc (ten
that has been
selling up to $25
I'his includes all Bran-
deis highest class hand-tailored suits.
t Two greatest clothing offers in Omaha.
U Mm fill: mM
8 , mm
,The real summer footwear
n for the misses and children
are our nifty
1 Ankle Strap Pumps
i,' These pumps fit the feet and
jare comfortable and service
;.;. tble in every way. The only
practical footwear for street
and dress wear. All leathers,
' lin turned and welt soles.
Children's 8 to 11 $1.50
Misses liya to 2 $2.00
Yung Women's, 2i to
V 6...... $2.50
We have them for misses.
children and infants, the al
ijways stylish and comfortable
footwear for hot summer days
Infants' 2 to 6, $1.35"
'if 1
MMi will ii.t f wm itmm
. I
HO. 4j
The Satisfied Customer
There are many .position In a cleaning plant that
require Ba-parlaaca and Ability , bealdea . the actual
Cleaning or Dyeing. .
The Receiving and Shipping Clerk, the Oheckera.
the Aaaortera .the Inapectora, the Spottera. the Klnlahera, etc., all
have their apeclal work to do.
For fourteen years w have been getting together our corpa
of workera, and a more efficient loyal arganlaatlon cannot
be found In any buslneas bouae In Omaha. '
Thla la the main reaaon why we have ao many Batlafled Cue-,
tomera, and we fully realise-the advertising value of a aatla
f led customer therefore spare no peJna or ex pons to make each
and every person .who has. work done by ua a self -appoint! d
booster. ; 1 . .-.'
If ylu will call any Tueaday afternoon we will take pleas
ure In nhowliiK you through the largest and beat equipped Clean
ing ami Dyeing plant In the mldrtlt weat nd ou
- mny carry home one Of our Illustrated Catnlogues
ana t'rice .
We pay apeclal attention to out of town buslneas
and iay express one way on order of J.0 or
The Pant'orium
.Ocofi Cleaner and Snn.
1513-15-IT Jonas t-
naot. teoj xnd. A-aies.
Child's 8Mj to 11 $2.00
Misses' llMj to 2 $2.50
:'i 1419 Farnam Street
iafi'sDaalaJ Rotms
Lainidl Omipoanui
' "
Lesra Wberc It's Efest to Faro
Tblnldnv about buying laadT Want Ht know ta
oil and climate bit suited (or certain tarmlnst
Oar Land Bureau gives free) Information about
soil, climate, conditions In all parts ot the country. '
j ' -Ws
have gathered data and can tell you what
you desire to leara. i
Write the Labd Information Enreau, . Te
Twentieth Century Farmer. Omaha. Neb., today
and your avesUona will 'get prompt attention
".111 1 US'
Concerning Our Pre-Invcntory Sales
We think it is good merchandising to hold sales of this
character for the purpose of turning into money all the
merchandise possible before taking inventory.
Not a department in the store will
escape the mark of the blue pencil
Begin in the basement and go through the entire estab
lishment. Each and every department has something that
you will need soon, if not immediately, and the savings are
worth a long journey to fecure. As you love a bargain, be
here early Tuesday morning and every day this week if
possible ' '
Sale Will Last All Week.
Tuesday Will Be the Second "
Day of the Big Waist Sale
Continuing the, sale of "one of those
extraordinary purchases for j which this
store is famous. . ' 1 . j I
There 'are white foile, whltis mar
quisette and lingerie iwalBts,,' In a great
array of handsome styles together with
many from our own splendid assort
ments, added - to make the size ', ranges
complete. '"',''
All these waists were made with' an
eye to long wearing qualities and In low
neck and elbow sleeve styles elegant
summer waists in every particular.
Values Up to $7.00 ,
At Your Choice for
$2.50 Each
Sheer Dimity
I A new model that has just
arrived. Made of sheer dimity
In black, blue and lavender
shades. The low neck has a
medallion, there are tiioks in
the kimono sleeves and a lace
girdlo completes the beauty of
the garment. A very special
value, at
Sale of Long
Kimonos i
Tuesday there will be a large
lot of SI. 60 and 1.75 long
kimonos on sale at $1.26.
There are several' styles made
of fine crepes, figured lawns
and cotton .xhallles,. la pretty
floral designs. During the P re
inventory Sale they go at, each,
You will get as much pleasure
from wearing these ; suits ; as , we. will get
from selling them to you. They're very .satisfying.
Tou will like the price part, because we
secured them at very advantageous figures in a'
special, purchase. Tou will like the quality, be
cause It measures up to Bennett's high, unvary
ing standard. You will. like the style, because
all of them are new and there are kinds for
every personal desire. . . . , . (
We will take pleasure In selling them to you,
because we think you will be so well satisfied,
that you will' tell your ' friends about the sale
and then come back for succeeding purchases.
Dlues, browns and, grey, are here In great
variety they appeal to the majority of men for
summer wear.'
All sizes, so come expecting to be accurately
$18 to $25.09
Values at . . . .
W" hp
a s-aaM--J
OSlT remodels fioFS
Special summer prices expert work.
Corner 20th and Farnam. Telephone Dong. 3040.
. . . :C'I
-V "yjgjrsf.-: . ..- '
'CSl OS--
A Sight Seeing Trip
in a New Touring Car....
a - - v
Free InSoFiroation
would be a fine thing any time. It may be one along country
.roads, or on the boulevards and fine residence streets out to
. the Country Club or Field Club. Both you .and your visiting
friends will enjoy a trip so well worth making.
All our cars are bright and new and are handled by two
shifts of expert, wide-awake chauffeurs.
Phone us for rates. ,
Omaha Taxicab & Auto Livery Co.
Phones: Douglas 4678; Ind. A-3678
2024 Farnam Street
are weddlns; days nothing nker for a Rift than our
liver or cut k!hs. y urt showing some beautiful
pieces In these lines and would le pleased to shew
yuu. Look for the name.
1516 Douglas Street. Omaha, Neb.
j- j Vm W IT!
Measure The Bee against other local papers in
respect of quality as well as quantity of timely j
i a. i j . 3 . . i
neivM ci till ihiktumiitilj aruciem jrom nay to any
and TheBees superiority will he demonstrated
ayer Piano
Second Prize in Bee
Bobklovers' Contest
I I I , i:
fl."r.''.'l.'''v"i - ;. n. ....... I j..-j.'jr
II I'll n .1 f ' - 1 v
Jrlk IZSr'-'-1- - lTirttrfWrwwv-7 .
Sclv- ...... . J ." ,
Value $750.00
Not everybody can play a piano,
but everybody would like to. The 88
Note Kimball Player Piano, worth
$750, which is the' second grand prize,
will furnish music for you, whether
you play or not. It is a wonderful
instrument, and will make some home
a happy place for every member of
the family Even Grandma can play
this instrument. If sister wants to play
lt! without the mechanism, she simply
has to lift a lever. This player is ex
hibited at the A. Hospe store, ,1513
Douglas street. v O
Contest Does Not Close
Until 6:00 P. II. Sun
day, July 2
AH puzzles may be
bought at Bee busi
ness office for 75c,
with title catalogue
$1. 5c extra by mail.
See Kimball Player at the A.
Hospe Store, 1513-15
. (
Douglas Street