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Cablet Burport Wheat and Prlcei
Work Upward.
hot smx helps com raczs
LriTri wtHl Mot Vm mmm
Cmrm DwmMrkH Btctt
Tkr u oitm OimmI
r.-'f,V aTTHX.rt.
OMAHA. June M. 1011.
Tn whaat market fot ood support
OTI firm rahla In fa r.1 nt r-ttrv4 ralra
and cooler tsmperatur In the northwest
ana price worked up from Paturoay
closing level. The market show rreat
time at ixrerralllnr nrtrea anil while
fluctuations are leea pronounced there Is
ngnting Mela on which the bulla and
bears are contending the tendency belna
There appeared the tame featurea In the
corn trane, price nilln a ahade better
pwln to the continued dry. hot weather In
the southwest. A considerable portion of
the corn belt has been relieved for the
Wheat ruled atroncer and raluea were
Wisher. Priori wrre nerroua and covered
on ine airanc. Caah wheat , waa un
shanireJ to So higher.
Torn ruled higher with wheat and re
port of damage In the eitreme outhwet
started new buying. Caeh prices were
47 e higher.
Primary wheat recelpta were M3.000 bush
1 and shipment were SIK.ono buehels,
stalnet receipt laet year of 87,000 bushels
and shipments of m,rtlO buehels.
Primary corn reoelpts were S70.0rlr) bushel
and shipment were lM OOO bushel, aitalnst
receipt last year of Rtt.OOO bushel and ship
ments of 42MXO bushels.
Clearance were 51.009 buahel of corn,
w.ono bushels of osts and wheat and flour
equal to Zno.OOO bushel.
Liverpool closed l higher on wheat
and 1 lower on com.
The following cash sale were reported
Wheat-No. i hard: lcar, S5c. No.
hard: 2 cars. 84to. A
Corn No. 1 white: I car. 55c. No. t
white: I oar, fc4c; 1 car, Wc. No. S
colon 1 car, MUe. No. 1 yellow: 1 cars,
M'4C. No. t yellow: ID car, 54c; 1 car.
64c. No. 4 yellow: 1 ear (choice). 64c. No.
2 mixed: 1 car. 53.e. No. I mlied: 12 car.
64c; 3 cars. 6;ie: 1 car, 6Hc. No. 4 mixed:
1 cars, 64c; 2 ears. bSKc; I cars, 63a
Oats No. S white: I cam, 41.c. No. 4
white; 3 car. 41 Vic; 1 car, 41c
Omaha Caah Prices.
m WHEAT No. 2 hard, MVMrWc; No. 2 hard,
2VifHjo; No. 4 hard Tuc; rejected
hard, Wgrnc; No. 3, "ioMnffR-SVic; No.
4 spring, (BOSfio; Nu, 3 durum, 81VV882rtc;
No. 3 durum, SOVasio.
CORN No. 2 white, 5455e; No. 3 white,
MfcjiMc; No. 4 white. taK&Mr.; No. 2
color, i4'dV4,o; No. 2 yellow, 6aMHc; No.
3 yellow. MHGfMVic; No. 4 yellow. 63Vf64o:
No. 2, b3H(A, No. 3, 63V04c; N. 4, ui9
OATS No. white, 4Mie; standard,
41(fK42o; No. 3 white, 4184l4o; No. 4
white. 41ig41Vic; No. 1 yellow,' 4U4e411o;
No. 4 yellow. 404i8HHio.
BARLEY No. 3, 77j-84c: No. 4. 7Sc.
No. 1 feed. mTJe; rejected. K9T2c.
RYE No. 3, SSDc; No. 3, IHi3o.
v Carlo Mamlta.
WheaL Corn. Oat.
8 32 103
1$ 101 17
Chicago ...
Peatarea of the Tradlag and Cllar
Price oa Board of Trade.
CHICAGO, June 2. Largely on the
trength of a big board market In oats to
day, every staple on the exchange closed at
a net advance wheat, uSc to o: corn,
l'nyl'-.c to lVc, and provision 3r6o to
26c. Compared with forty-eight hours pre
vloua, latest figures showed that oat had
rlsn lfcc to 2iv2,o a bu.
The exolted and higher market for oats
came In the face of heavy rains through
out the states which usually produce the
largest or ops. There was remarkably active-
trading throughout the day. and In
cessant report of field damage, due to hot
weather and preceding drought. The yield
In Houth pakota was declared by one
authority to be a total failure. South
western Minnesota appeared also to be
badly scorched, and northern Iowa Injured
to an extant which would pull down the
Notwithstanding that country dealers
old freely and that some longs unloaded
on the swells, the flurry lasted right up
to the close. The September option range
for the day waa from 41Sc to 43TMt44c, with
last sales t&20 net higher at 4aV flat.
The wheat trade was relatively tame, but
In the main firm. An advance at Liver
pool, occasioned by the mallness of the
stock on hand there and by a decrease in
the amount of ocean passage, helped bolster
prtcea. but the strength of coarse grain
had an even greater bullish Influence. Con
siderable figuring was also done In regard
to harm that may yet come to North
Iakota and Minnesota. (September fluc
tuated between Mc and SurtfrHo, with the
close firm, o up at 84j.;-ac.
Corn traders paid chief attention to the
hot weather In the southwest and to the
upheaval In the oats crowd. September
vsrled from 67o to two and closed firm at
WVjj Wc. a net gain of
Provision rallied In sympathy with the
cereals. At the end of the day pork was
liVtfi'atto more costly, and other product
dearor by 2JI10c.
Prices in Chicago, furnlsYied by the Up
dike Grain company, 708 Brandel building.
Article. I Open. HIgh.l Low. Close. Safy.
W S9J89HR8aj,J4
91'4!914kl li4
Dec..'.'. 91 "All
Corn !
65H 57 ISSViffTt
67 IWT4S9l 67J
434 41A(S-Ti
5H0" 434
15 60
15 55
15 45
15 55
15 30
16 36
8 15
3 30
8 TT
8 A
15 47H
8 17V!
15 624
15 43H
8 13H1
16 621
8 !0
8 36
8 39
8 36
8 30
3 30
8 35
8 3?:
8 32H
Cash quotations were as follows:
KLOUK Steady; winter patent, 33.900
.40( winter straights, 3S.7OW4.20; spring
tralghta 3J.86tc4.10, bakers, 33.3&iT4.30.
M V K No. I, lc.
RARLKY-Feed or mixing, TudfOc.
MALTING Fair to choice, 8nct1.16.
SLKO Flax seed. No. 1 southwestern,
normal; No. 1 northwestern, nominal:
Timothy seed, S8.0Om.76; clover, 316.26.
FKOV1810NS Mfm prk, per bbl.. 315.75
.15.li7V; lard, per 100 lbs . 3X.16: hort rlba,
elde. (Ioo!e) 37 6L'M(t S7i; abort, clear
l.l.. (boxwd) 38.aV(lN.oO.
Total clearances of wheat and flour were
qual to 290.0ii0 bu. Primary recelpta were
64J.OU0 bu., compared with 687.01 bu. the
correapomliag day a year ago. The visible
aupply of . wheat In the t'nited State de
creased 1.137 1 bu. for the week. The
amount of breadstuff on ocean passage
decreased 3.324.0U) bu. Ftlmated receipts
lor tomorrow; Wheat 3b cars; corn 472
tars; oats, lo cars; hOR. 17.0U) head.'
Chirago Cash Prices Wheat: No. 1 red
MVowic; No. 3 red, H7rc; No. 3 hard, mt
m. iu. naru, nivwi o. i northern
spring. S7cii 81.02; No. 3 northern spring,
IkkiuJI.OO; No. 8 spring, 90.(1 lioe. Corn: No,
3 cash. 5;,n.Wc; No, 3 csah. 6$f7Wc: No.
3 white. to',i6..c; No. 3 white, 6&o5bc; No.
3 e1low. ivi'iuutw;; No. 3 yellow. b&.go&V'
Oats: No. 3 cash, Xti4-,c; No. 3 whit. 4i
4JV; No. 3 white. 41ia42V,c; No. 4 white.
ilr.rii-.4r, RianuHm,
Pl'TTKR Steady; creameries, 17COc;
dairies, 1,'yilc.
rXKid Steady; receipts 17.775 cases; at
mark, cases included, Hu-llV:; firsts. 13c;
prime firsts. 14c.
CHKKSE Steady: daisies. llfi1V; twins,
ll'.jll-i. ; young Americas, 12til2c; long
borns. l.'.liV'.
POTATO LIS Weak ; choice to fancy, old,
80'r9-e: new. 31 otit4.00.
POL'LTKY Firm; turkey. 13d; chicken.
12V: springs. l.'Jc.
V K A L M-a Jy ; Ml to (0 lb. wis., 8-jjSSc;
SO to Sa lb. wis, .Ml'i S6 to 110 lb. wis.,
lOi, lov. 1
Car Lot Kecelpt Today : Wheat, 8 car;
corn, 3.3 cars; oats. 103 car. Estimated to
morrowj Wheat, 26 cars; corn, 473 cars;
4ata, law vara
I'rtrla Market.
PEORIA. June 2. CORN Firm, No.
white. 6ol4c; No. 2 yellow, 544c; No.
yellow, 4-c; No. 8 mixed, 64c; No.
mlxe.1. 5uc; aabple, 47c.
OATS Firm; No. $ whit. 41c; No.
a hits. 41c
Vislklc Hoppi of Grata.
NEW YORK. June :.- The vieibl supply
of gram in the United State Saturday,
June 4. as compiled by the New York
produie earhanno, was as follow:
tbeat, S4.61o.OuO bu.; decrease, 1.127,008 bu.
Corn, 7 W.flrm bu.: Increase. 1 43n. bu.
rat, 10.I21.ojio bu.; increase, .anno bu. Rve
Jr. mo bu. ; Inrresse. 6,ntn bu. Barley, 7W.O0O
bu.; decrease, W.r0 bu.
Qootalloa of the Dar oa Varloa
NEW TOIRK. June n.-f1JTVR-Drm;
?rrJ,n Ptnte. 34 90V5.1S; winter stralaht,
W.WVjMlO; winter patent. 34;Od 4..V0;
fFr1"" Hears. 3.17SW4IO; winter extras,
o. L fr WGXM; winter extrss. No. 2, 3.11a
tJJ.35; Ksnsa straights 34 1W4 25. Re
ceipt, 22.WH bu.; shipments. H.4"l bu. Rye
flour, oulet; fair to good, 36.006.25; choice
to fsncy, 35.3096.45.
CORN WKA I Firm; fine white and vel
U; coarse, 31151.20; kiln dried.
WHEAT Spot msrket Irreguler; No. 31
rea, elevator, and 9Kc, r. o b. aflrat;
No. 1 northern ru!uth, 31 044. f. o. b.
afloat. Futures market was onlv mod
erately active, but prices were firm on
small offerings, due to predictions of a
very small crop In the Itakotas. heavy
rains In the winter wheat belt and firm
cable, closing -yifV ne' h gher. Julv,
M S-lMTWSe, closed st 96 l-lic; Heptember,
4 M-WnDfi 7-16c. cloeed at 5 7-lc. Re
ceipts. 2i,409 bu.; shipments. 119.727 bu.
CORN Spot msrket firm; export, new,
No. 2. niVkc. f. o. b. afloat. Futures mar
ket was firmer on covering, due to damage
reports rrom the southwest, closing Vjjla
net advance. July, 61H. closed at 11V!
Keptember closed st flfic. Receipt. 86 OOJ
bu. ; shipment. 61.400 bu.
OATS Spot market strong; standard
white. 47'i: No. 2. 4c: No. 3. 47o: No. 4.
4fl'4c. Futures market was without trans
actions, rinsing nominal. RecelDt. 77.771
bu.: shipments, nil.
FKED Steady : western spring bran.
loo-lb. sacks. 321.25: stsndsrd mlddlinr.
100-lb. sacks, 326.10; city. 100-lb. sacks. 321.00.
MAY Quiet; prime, 31 3.V31.4J; No. 1,
31 301.35; No. 2, 31.10if1.16; No. 3. 90e31.00.
HOI'S Firm: atste. common to choice.
1910. Ka;Or; 11)09. aH23c. Pacific coast. 1910.
!4rf27c; ln9. 164rlc
HIDES Steady; Central American,
21Hc; Hogota, 21422i4c.
LEATHER Steady; hemlock first. Uhk
027c; second. 2223Hc; third, WXk: ; - re
ject s. 14ttl5c.
PROVISIONS-Pork, steady; mess. 317.60
018.00; family, 31800W19.60; short clear, 315.7s
617.00. Heef. steady; mess, Hl.OCvgil 50;
family, 312.On12.50; beef ham. 328.O0ij28.0O.
Cut meats, steady: pickled bellies, 10 to 14
lbs.. 310 0013.00; pickled bams, 314.OOfrl4.50.
Lard, firm: middle weft prime, 39 3a8 40;
refined, dull: continent. 38.H5: South Amer
ica, 39.65; compound, 37. 6287. 75.
TALLt)W Dull; prime city, hhds., 6c;
country, aato.
BUTTER Firm. Creamery specials.
?4Vc; ditto extrss, 3Uc: ditto first, 21
22c; ditto seconds, WWa'tOHc; dlltto thirds,
lVulS'ic; state dairy tubs finest, 2223o;
state dairy good to prime, 2fllc; ditto
common to fair 17919c; process specials,
20c; ditto extras, 19Vtc; ditto firsts, 1&3)
18i4c; ditto seconds. lGttfl7c; factory cur
rent make, firsts, 18c; ditto seconds, Vc;
factory thirds, 1THS1Cc; packing stock,
current make No. 2, 17c; packing stock
No. 3. 1516c.
CHEESE New skims. BH9Hc.
EGGS Firm; fresh gathered extras 19
tfp21c; ditto extra firsts, liiVi318c; ditto
firsts. ln.fl'lfiHc: ditto second. 13(3Hi,c:
fresh gathered thirds and poorer, lltlSo;
fresh gathered dirties No. 1. 12&12Ho:
ditto No. 3. 10llc; ditto poor to fair, S'fi$c;
fresh gathered check good to poor, SflOo;
poor to fair, case, 31-602.26.
ifjuuKi-WMBea, quiet; western
broiler. 1820c; fowl. 12 lie: turkey.
Cora and Wheat Reglea Balletla.
Kecold for the twenty-four hours ndln
at 8 a, m. Monday. June 24. 1911:
Temo. Rain.
Station. Max. Mln. fall.
Ft. Cidy
Ft. Cldy
Ft. Cldy
Ft. Cldy
Ashland, Neb... .100 67 .00
Auburn, Ner.. ...104 60 .00
B k n Bow, Neb. 94 0 .30
Columbus, Neb. .100 63 .01
Falrbury. Neb.. .111 65 .00
Fairmont, Neb.. .103 4 .00
Or. Island, 66 .88
Hartlngton, Neb. 96 62 l.'S
Hastings, Neb. ..101 61 .33
Holdreeg, Neb... 104 54 . ..65
Lincoln Neb 103 66 .00
N. Pl'tte, Neb. 93 60 . 33
Oakdale, Neb... 96 68 1.9S
Omaha, Neb 98 68 .00
Tekamah. Neb.. 98 64 .13
Valentine, Neb. it SO .00
Bloux City, la.. 92 62 1.30
AJta, la 96 U 8.30
Carroll, la 96 .. .00
Clarlnda. Ia 97 - .00
filbley. la 93 S3 .96
'Not inouded In
temperatura for twelve-hour Derlod ondlnar
at 8a. m.
No. of Tamp.- Rain- I
District. Station. Max. Mln. fail. I
Columbus, O. ...... 17 84 , 70 . 80
Louisville, Ky.... 30 K3 70 . 30 !
Indianapolis, Ind. 11 84 70 1.60
Chicago, 111 26 , 84 70 .40
St. Louis, Mo 25 92 74 .60
Dea Moines, la... 21 96 68 1.10
Minneapolis, Mln. 80 to 60 .60
Kansas City, Mo. 24 104 73 . 00
Omaha Neb 18 100 64 .80
The hottest weather of the season pre
vailed In the western .portion of the corn
and wheat region during Sunday, Temper
ature of 100 or above were general In Ne
braska and Kansas. Temperature were
moderat In the eastern portion. Good
rains occurred In all except the Kansas
City district. Rains of one Inch or more
occurred at the following station: In Ne
braska, Hartlngton. 2.20; Oakdale, 1.96. In
South Dakota, Sioux Falls, 1.20. In Iowa,
Alta, 3.30; Boone, 2.00; Burlington and
Marshalltown, 1.20; Fort Dodge, 2.60. In
Missouri, Springfield. 1.60. In Indiana, Lo
gansport. 2.90; Auburn, 2.00; Fort Wayne,
1.90. In Ohio, Wauseon, 4 00; Defiance, 1.50.
Local Forecaster. Weatnr Bureau.
St. . I.oal Ueaeral Market.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., June 28-WHEAT Caah,
higher; track. No. 2 red, old, 87fr89c; No.
red. new. STfc&Sc: No. 3 hard. KOiiUflc' Julv.
jS&c; September, 87c.
CORN Higher; track. No. 3. 56S68Wc: No.
2 white. 67Vu07',c: July. 669kC: September.
OATS-Htgher; track. No. 3. 43c: No. 3
white. M"4c; July, 42c.
FLOUR Firm; red winter patents. 34. 28
C4.00; extra fancy and straight, I3.60i4.26;
naro winter clears, buko'j.uu.
SEED Timothy, 36.00O41.50.
BR.4N-Steady; sacked, east track. 31.00.
HAY Higher; timothy, S19.00t3U5.00; prai
rie. 316.0u(i3 18.00.
PROVISIONS Pork, unchanged: Jobbing.
816.00. Lard, unchanged; prim steam,
W.o2S,tj8.L'S. Dry salt meats, unchanged;
Doxea extra snort, ic; ciear noa, se;
short clear, Br. Bacon, unchanged; boxed
extra short, tc; clear ribs, 9Sc; short
clears, 10c.
POULTRY Firm; chicken. c: springs.
15y:l8c; turkeys, lJl&Vic; ducks. So;
geese, 6c.
butter steady: creamery, istrutte.
KUGS Higher; 12c.
Receipt. Shipment.
Flour 7,500 ,aio
Wheat 44.010 16.000
Corn 132,0110 42.000
Oat 126,000 61.000
Kanatva Cttr Grata sad Irawtstom.
I'Dchanged to lc higher; No. 2 hard. 86ftHc;
No. 3 hard. 824tt9ec; No. 2 red, 84tr84Uc; No.
3 red, &2083c; July, 84c, sellers, September,
CORN Unchanged to le higher; No. 2
mixed, 67V'ifc; No. 8 mixed. 67c; No. 2
white, 67V!i'c; No. 3 white, 67He; July, bT
WSc. bid.
OA'IS Unchanged to 4e higher; No. t
white, 4.Vtj-t,t'-e; No. 8 mixed. 41tlt2c
HA Y Unchanged to 60c higher; choice
timothy, $18.0o19.00; choice prairie, $15,601
BUTTER Creamery. 22c; firsts, 19c; ec
ends. 17c; packing stock, 16c.
EGOS Extras, 17Vc; first. 14Hc; sec
onds, lc.
Receipts. Shipment.
Wheat, bu 7.t7 fs.oro
Corn, bu 8VO0O 38.000
Oata. bu 30,000 S.OuO
Pbllaalelpltla Pro ace Market.
Firm; western creamery, V higher; extra
w eastern creamery. 26Hc; nearby prints, 27c.
EtKIS Firm; Pennsylvania and other
nearby flrat s. free cases, $5.40 per case;
current receipts, fre caaea, 85.10 per case;
western firsts, free cases, $5.40 per case;
current receipt, fie cases, $l.9oU.10 per
CHEESE Quiet: New York full crams,
fancy, new, UVU'lVa; fair to good lHstn.Se.
Liverpool 41rala Market.
steady: No. 1 Manitoba. 7s ma; No. $ Mani
toba, 7s SVd; No, $ Manitoba. 7a Id; fu
tures, firm; July, Sa. l-bd; October. 6
SIS ; December, Ss 8d.
CORN American mixed new firm, 4a
8Vd American mixed old steady, 6 4d;
new American kiln dried firm, 4s lOd;
future steady; July, 4a Sd; October 4
11 5-6d.
FLOUR-Wlnter patent. 17.
a Battanr Market.
ELGIN. lit, Jan. K BUTTER Flrs at
Sc; output. L15a,iO0 pound.
Market Develops Reactionary Tone? in
Favorable Circumstances.
April Statistics Report that Opera
tioa Heveenes and Eisraiea
Botk Fall Off A boat
Five Per C eat.
NEW YORK, June 2 fnder circum
stances which apparently were favorable
to security value-., the stock market today
developed a reactionary tone. Ctop news
wa distinctly favorable. The decision In
ine narrlmin merger case was regarded
aa highly encouraging nnd reports of Im
provement In business were received frym
several quarters. An appearance hf
strength Mas imparted at the opening bv
rises of IS In both I'nlnn Pacific and
Southern Paclflo and a point or less else
where through the list. Refore trading
wna wen unoer way. nowever. prices fell
off quickly, cancelling many gains.
Norfolk A Western and Southern Pacific
were slrong consistently and were un
affected by the weakness which overtook
almost all of the other standard stocks at
the close. With the exception of Canadian
Pacific and St. Paul the leading railroad
strck were steadier than some of the
Atchison's May report showed a decrease
In gross earnings of 330R.OiO, which wss
offset by economy of operation, a saving
of 3323,000 In expenses, leaving a small net
Increase. 'The .April statistics reported
that operation revenues of all the roads
of the country last April decreased virtu
ally 6 per cent and operating expenses bv
the same per cent. The heaviest los in
revenue was among the western roads.
Bonds were irregular. Total sales, nar
value. 34.330.000. United States bonds were
Number of sale and leading quotations
;ti stocks were a follows:
SalM. Htah. Iaw. fine.
AIMs-Chalmor VtS 10
Amalgamated CovDor t.Dnn 714 7014 7nu
American Agricultural inn Mi M4 H
Amenran ptl BUar. ...... 1.4110 U
American Can
1,400 1J
W0 S7S
Ameriran C. As F
Amarlran Cotton Oil...
Anierlran H. A L sfd.
Am. Ico securities
American binaeed
American Ijovomotlrs .
American R. a R
Am. 8. A R. ptd
Am. steel Foundrlea...
Am. Susar Refining...
American T. A T
American Tobacco pfd.
American Woolen
Anaconda Mining Co..
K) 42 41
100 107H 107 17
son no lM linn
3. 14H 1
VIS 114 tit 1H
100 41 41 401,
11,700 IH'a Ui 114H
100 in lot 108
00 1IHH4 U9i 12
100 1M4 1044 10
i.m 1.114 8.1 n
1100 aivi ut'i 110
. t42 141 H
1,600 114 K 04
Atchlaon nfd
Atlantic Coast Una
Baltimore A- Ohio
Bethlehem stool
Drooklrn Rapid Tr
Canadian Pacific
Central Leather
Central Leather pfd
Central of Now Jersey
Chesapeake A Ohio
Chicago A Alton
Chicago O. W., now
C. O. W. pfd
Chl.-aco A N. W
Chlcaso, M. A St. P
C C C. A Ht.
Colorado F. A I ....
Colorado A Southern
Consolidated Oaa
Com Producta ,
Delaware A Hudson
Denver A Bio Orand
D. A R. O. pfd .
Planners' Sacurltlse
tl J
44 4'
1,400 i
1.400 13
100 4
S00 14S', 1474 147
It. 000 11X 117 17
ttOO 14(14 144
11 15 . IS
404 I
ton k
too n
13.700 il
1,400 H
bOO 4H
MS its
F.rla lat ptd
Erie Id pfd
46V4 4
General Rlectrlo
Groat Northern pfd
Groat Northern O-ra etta....
llllnolo Central
intorhorough Mot."
700 144 HI 114
I.IOA 3 1.1HU 15
KO t2 lli 1V
700 142 141 U
1.100 u n n
4.4HO 50 4 4S
400 Ul 125 '4 i:t
tOO 17'4 17 174
400 114 U 1
1,100 41 43 42S
1,100 M KS 9,
too lH lilt
3,500 ii m 10S
too m lit m
1. 100 14014 ltt 140
400 1714 1 7
1,400 so'4 10 r,o
100 Hi 131
100 U ii b
tOO 11 tl 3144
1.300 110H 109 10H
1. tOO 4 41 4t
ll.tni 110 joT4 int
100 74(4 14 74
ll.ano 1M 1SS 1SK
304 1744 1744 H
S.IOO 125 1244 1244
600 1MS4 104 10
400 M 4 14
400 IT 164 I0V4
too 174 v n
11, OOJ Ul 10 15DT4
100 K t0 t0
int. Met. pfd
International Hanreatar ....
Int. Marine pfd
International Paper
International Pump ........
Iowa Central
Kanaaa Citr Southern
K. C. So. pfd
Laclede Gaa
Loularllla NaahTllle
Minn. A St. Louis
M , St. P. A g. 8. M
Missouri, K. A T
M . K. A T. pfd
Mtanouii Paclflo
National Biscuit
National Load
N. R. R. of M. Jd pfd
Now York Ceo t ral
Y.. O. A W
Norfolk A Woatern
North American
Northern Paclflo
Pacific Mall
People a Gaa
P.. O.. C. A St. L
Plttsbur Coal
Pre need steoi Car
Pullman Palaoa Car
Railway Btaoi Spring
m oaa in a:
Republic B'acl
Rapublto Stael pfd
hock mans i'o
Rock laland Co. pfd
St. L. A 8. r. td ptd
St. Lout 8. W
fit. L. 8. W. pfd
Siosa-Sheffleld 8. A I
4.400 13S
100 MS
600 4S
too n4
1.000 71
ST.400 i:e4 114 124
l,oo i t ii
1.S0O 7I4 71'4) 72
1.000 41 4 4i
too t n m
400 124 124 11
1.100 U 4t4 44
Southern Pacific
Southern Railway
So. Railway ptd
Tenneaeea Copper
Teiaa ft Pacific
T.. 8t. L. A W...
St. L. A W. pfd
T'nlon Pacific
lOI.SOO 10 1S !
Union Pacific pfd
United States Realty
700 b M 1H
100 404 404 4014
M.100 77'4 7 7',
100 1104 1"H 114
1,100 61 S, 604 60S
4.100 67 66H4 6614
rnilca states Kunber....
t'nltod staiee Steel
V. 8. 8taol pfd
rtah Copper
Va.-Orollna Chomleal ..
Wabaah nfd
MO MS 174
Western Maryland
Weatinchouaa Kleotiie ...
71 76 '4
74 TS
im ims
VNoatarn Union
Wheeling A U B
Lohlfh Valley 11,000 11
Total salas tor tba day, Ull.00 aha re
Loadoa Stock Market.
LONDON. June 26. American aeeurttte
opened ateady and sUghtly higher today.
Lurln the flrat hour Southern i'aclflo and
Union Pacific were in good demand and
led the market. At noon price ranged from
H to 1H points higher than Saturday'
New York closing.
Lunaon closing stock quotstlons.
Console, meoer 74 LovrUvllla A Naah.,16IH
do account 714 Mo., Kan. A Teaaa.. IDS
Atrial. Copper 7J Now York Ontral. . ,114s
Anaconda is Norfolk A Waaler. .111
Atchison 117S do pfd II
do pfd lot Ontario A Waaler a.. 4TS
Baltlmoro A Ohio.. .111 Pennsylvania 444
Canadlaa Paclflo ...1414 Hand Mums 74
Chesapeake .. Ohio.. M Reading 2
Chi. Great Western.. 14 S Southern Railway .. 12S
Jan. aa ov. r..iai ao pro T3S
Do Bears
14 Southern Paclflo
0 ...IMS
Ueorer Hlo O.
do pfd
da let pfd
do Id pfd
Grand Trunk
. tS linloa Paclflo 1S6S
so pro n
. 174 tr. 8. 8tesl tl
. 4 do pfd id
. 41 Wabaah II
. H do pfd 1114
Illinois Central
oiuVtlt-Kar, aleaay at 24d per ounce-
iuni.i-iti per cent.
The rate of olscount In the open market
for abort bill 1 3 6-16 per cent; for three
months' bill, 2 per cent
' Boatas Stocks aad Boats.
BOSTON, June 26. -Closing quotations on
St,,, am ittia as foitows:
Allouei 11 Mohawk
Aiaal. Copper 7U4 Nevada Con
A. 2. L. a 8 l Nlplaalng Mines .,
Arlauna Com USs North Dutte ,
Atlantic 44 North Lake
It. A C. V. A 8. U. 14 OI4 Dominion ...
Butte Coalition In Oeueola
v'al. A Arlaona SU Parrolt S. A C...
Cal. A Hecia 470 Vlulncr
Cantannlal 11 Shannon
Copper Hangs C. a. 41 Superior
East Bulla C St.... 14 4 Superior A B. M.
Franklin M Superior A P. C.
Glroua Coo. 134 Tamarack
Ormubr Con 40 V. . 8. R. aV U.
Ureeoo Cananea .... 74 da pfd
lale Morale Cupper.. II I'tah Con
Kerr Lake i t uh Copper Co.
Lake Copper I4 Winona ......
La Ball Copper 1 Wolverine
Miami Ckippw U-
, 104
Kowr York Cork Market.
Tha following quotations are furnished
by Logan A Bryan, members New York
Ktock exchange, 816 South Sixteenth street.
Bar State Oaa.
II Inspiration
butt Ooalllkoa
Caotua ,
lavtalalr ,
Kir Cooa
tlt Laroaa
11 Nov. Oooa
1 Ohio (Vipper
60 haw hid Ooalltioa
ll Ray Central
Swift Pka. Co
:: ti
.. i
.. 4V
.. !S
S 1-191-14 Toaopah Mining .
1 a uai.ew ajvppae ....
Laeeat Saerwurttlea.
Juotatlona furnished by Burns. Brink
r !W . cmiana iMaUooal bank
Ctir Natlooai Baak Bida""i'!!"!"! til
Cwrs Eachaogs Nat. aUak Woek
Cowactl Biatla, la., la, m
Cur W Omaha acbool 4 Ha, 1M1
CaaWh Pacaia Ca. sa. 1M.
Pwer A Co f par seat td
falrwiaat OeaaoasT 1st g. p a.
Falraaont Cnasaery d I . a........
101 101. n
1044 14
1st tm
a 1
a iu
101 IS J 04.SI
W.rloa C, U-. Ia. IMS. M ).,
. - M n
tWha A C A. PL Rr. 4a !m tt tr
OiuakaA C A . Ir. la !!... 11 Mi
Oaaaa A C k. at. In-.
Parkar4 Mntrtr 7 per rent.
I ninn stofft Tama atora
l"nln Ko'-h Yar.j fia. nil
v California E'llaoil . lilt
Tii-ot nr. 4k U . pli
Wlae Hmurlli Hoalul U. MM....
n Vrk Money Market.
NEW YORK. June 2.-MONET On csll
ntesdy st I'itiC' per cent; ruling rte. 2
per cent; cloning bid. 2ti per cent; offered
at 24 pr rent. Time l-ans firmer; slxt'
dsys. 2H'B-, per rent; ninety days, 2VflJ
per rent; six month". 3'fi3't per cent.
ler cent.
sctual buslnes" in bankers' bills st J1 M
for sixty-day bills and at 34.K05 for de
mand; commercial bills. 3t.Wt.
SILVER Far. f:c: Mexican dollars. 4.c.
BONOS Government, steady; railroad.
Closing quotations on bend today were
as follow:
V. R. rf. ta, mt . .1"r)i4 Tnt M. M. 44i
do coupon 101x4 Japan 4a MS
V. 8. la. re 101 v, do 4S. MS
tn roupos loiv, K. r. So. lt Sa 7Ji
C. S. a. r 114 L. . Seb. 4a 1.U... US
do coupon 114 I, A N nl. 4a M
Allla-Chal. lot ta.... 7T M , K 4 T. In 4a. ITU,
Am. A I 101 S do sen. 4a D'w,
Am. T. T. c. 4a . Ill v. Mo 1'oclflc 4 77'
Am. Tobacco ST N. H. R. of M. ttil 1
do lot N. T. f!. a Sua 7i
Armour Ct. 4H.a tIS, do deh. 4a Mi
Atrhlann gen,
K. T.. N. H A H.
an cr. 4i
do ct. fa
A. C. L. lat 4a..
Ral. A Ohio ..
do H"
do g. W. 4a .
Pronk. Tr cy. 4a
'n. of Oa. ta..
Cen. Leather ta. .
II4' cv. a lltJH
.114 N. A TV. lat . 4a... M
toU do c 4a 1004
. MH No. Pactfle 4a fs
'' do la 71W.
. so1 o. 8. I,. rMf 4s. . .. 4
. penn. ct. 3a J1S. . I7
.inH do coo. 103
. Readlnr sen 4a U
(. of N. J. g. n..m
Cha. A Ohio 4Va..l01
St. L. A 8. P. If. 4a I1H
ao sen. oa phi.
do ref. ta M4 Bt K S. W. e. 4a... n .nine 4 I 8 1
Chicago A A. . 7 'to lat sold 4a..... Kl'ti tn is " i
C. B. A Q J. 4a.... a A. L. 4a 7 II""? S "
do en. 4a SS o. Pac. col. 4 ?', 1
C. M. A B P f ma M14 do ct. 4a..
C. R. I. A P. c 4a. 1 do 1st ref. 4a...
do rff. 4a S Bo. Railway (a..
Oolo. Ind. Sa ItVi do gen. 4a ,
Colo Mid. 4a 44 Tnloa Pacific 4a
. t
. r
C. A S- r. A a i u do ct. 4a.
D A H. ct. 4a..... t do
1st A ref. 4a.
TP. ft R. o. 4a..
M V. S. Rubber 4a. ...104'.
do ref. ta
rtetlllera' 4a
Erie p. 1. 4s
do gen. 4a
do 4a, aer. A
do aeries B
Gen. Bleo. ct. (a..
0 tT. 8 Steel M to. . . .10644
7""a "vi --ar. mem. 9a.. 100
8 Wabaah lat to 1M
7H do lat A . 4a.... '4
m Weatern Md. 4a. ... T
' Weal. Elec. er. to... M
144 Mo. Pao. ct. ia m
111. Cen. 1st ref. 4a. t Panama Is
nt. Met. IV 7S
'Bid. Otfoiwd.
New York Mining Stock.
NEW YORK. June 26 Closing quotations
ot mining stocks were
Alice It t.lttla Chief
.. I
.. IS
Com. Tunnel stock.. Z7
do bonda
Ontario ;.
Ophlr ,
Yellow Jacket
Con, Cal. A Vs..
Horn Silver
Iron Silver
Iadvilie Cob. .
.. it
.. 1
Bank Clearings.
OMAHA, June 24. Bank clearlnits (or to
day were 12,434,879.82 and for the corre
sponding date last year 12,800,591.44.
BUTTER Creamery, No. 1, delivered to
the retail trad in 1-1 b. cartons, 26c; No.
1. In 80-lb. tubs, 23o; No. 1 in 1-lb. cartons,
23a; packing stock, aolld pack, 16c; dairy,
in 60-lb. tuba, 20c; market change every
CHEESE Twins. 14Hc; young Amer
icas, loo; daisies, 16c; triplets. 15c; 11m
berger, 16c; No. 1 brick, 16c; imported
8 wins, 32c; domestlo Bwlss, - 20o; block
Swiss, 18c.
POULTRY Broilers, S60 per lb.; hen.
12 He; cocks, o; ducks, 20c; spring ducks,
12 c; geese, 16c; turkeys, 24o; pigeon, per
do., 13.00. Alive: Broilers, 20c; 11 to 1H
Iba, and H to 2 lb., 200: smooth legs, 17o;
liens, 10c; old rooster, 60; old duck, full
feathered, 10c; geese, full feathered, 6c;
turkeys, 12fto; guinea fowls, 20o each; pig
eons, per dos , eOc, homer, per doi., 13,00;
squabs. No. 1, per do., $1.60; No. 2, per doi.,
owe; hen turkeys, 16c.
FISH all frozeu Pickerel, 10c; white, 16c;
pike, 14c; trout, 11c; large crapples. 620c;
Spanish mackerel, 19c; eel, lsc; haddock,
13c; flounders, 13c; green catfish, 16o; roe
shad, too each; shade roe, per pair, 40c;
frog leg, per dos., S6cS3.00; salmon, 10c;
halibut. So; yellow perch, be; buftaUo, 60;
bullheads, 14c
BtiKr' CUTd-Rlbs: No. t lSc; No. , 12o;
No. i, 10c Loin; No. 1, 16c; No. 2, 12c;
No. S, 13c. Chuck: No. 1, c; No. 2, 6c;
No. S, be. Round: No. 1, 104o; No. 2, luc;
No. 3, 9 14c, Plate; No. L 4c; No. 2, 4s,c;
No. 3, 4c.
KRU1TS Apricot: California, per crate,
S2.00. Bananas: Kancy select, per bunch,
r2.2&&2.&0; jumbo, per bunch, S2.75fe3.75.
Cherries: Home grown, per 24-qt, case, $1.76
tsZ.w. Cantaloupes: California, standard, 46
count, S3.00y3.2o per crate; pony crates, 64
count, $2.6ofe2.70. Dates: Anchor brand,
new, 30-lb. pkgs. in boxes, per box, 12.00.
Uoosebcrrles: Home grown. Per 24-qt. case,
12.60. Lemon: Limonelra brand, extra
fancy, 300 size, per box, $7.60; 300 sixe, per
box, $b.O0; Loma Limonelra, fancy, 300
sixe, per box, $7.00; 300 slxe, per box, $7.60;
240 sixes, 60c per box less; Cymbal brand,
300-360 sizes, per box, $S.757.00. Oranges:
Camelta Redlands Valenclaa, all sizes, per
box, $4 00; fancy Valencia, 80-96-126 sizes,
$3.75. California Jaffa and Mediterranean
sweet oranges, 176 and smaller sizes, per
box, 13.60. reaches: California, per box.
$1.50. Plums: California, per crate, $1.86.
Pineapples: Florida, 24-30-36-42-48 sizes, per
crate, $3.25. Red Currants: Per 24-qt. case,
$2.50. Strawberries: Hood River, per 24-qt.
case, $4.00. Watermelons: Texas, per lb., 2c.
VKCiETABLKo Beans: string and wax,
per hamper. $2.60; per mkt. bsk.. 90cl.O0.
Cabbage: Home grown, per lb., 6c. Cucum
bers: Hot house, 1H and S dos. In box, per
box, $1.702.00; home grown, per mkt. bsk.
of about $ dos., $1.60. Plant: Fancy
Florida, per dox., Sl.60iS2.00. Garlic: Kxtra
fancy, white, per lb.,- 12c. Lettuce: Kxtra
lancy leaf, per dos., 25c. Tomatoes: Texas,
per 4-bsk. crate. Weft 11.00. Radishes. Per
dos., 20c Onions; Texas Bermuda, white,
per crate, $2.26; yellow, per crate, $2.00.
Parsley: fancy home grown, per dos..
bunches, 46c. Potatoes: Wisconsin, white
stock, per bu., $1.3S1.50; new stock in
sacks, per bu., $2.00.
MISCELLANEOUS Almonds: California
sort shell, per lb., 18c; In sack lots, lc less.
Brazil Nuts: Per lb., lsc; in sack lot, 10
less. Filberts: Per lb.. 14c; In sack lots, lo
less. Peanuts: Roasted, per lb., 8c; raw,
per lb., 6Ho. Pecans: Large, per lb., 16c; In
sack lots, lc lesa. Walnuts: California, per
lb., 19c; In sack lota, lo less. Honey: New,
24 frames, $3.76.
Metal Market.
NEW YORK. Juno 26. METALS Stand
ard copper quiet; spot and futures, $12.60
13.50. ixinoon market steady; spot. ui 10s;
futures, 68 la 3d. Lake copper locally,
$12,754)13.0"; electrolytic, $12.2'&'12.75, and
casting, Sl2.77V4Jitl2.6U. Tin, rum; spot ana
future. $41.760 42.76: London steady; spot.
196; futures, .192 10. Sale were reported
in the local market of twenty-nve tons.
September at 44? 2b. Lead, quiet; $4.4fi&4.60.
New York: l4.SOm-t.40. East St. Louis. I Lon
don, 13 7 od. Spelter, steady; $&.70ifr6.90.
New York: S6.66S36.bS. East St. Lout. Lon.
don. 24 12 Sd. Local sales were lOO.OOO
pounds, East fit. Louis delivery, at $527v.
Antimony, dull; Cookson's, $8.50. Iron.
Cleveland warrants 46s 4d in London. Lo
cally Iron waa quiet. No. 1 foundry north
ern, $15.00615.25; No. 1 foundry southern
and No. 1 foundry southern soft, $14.75ij
15.: No. 2 foundry northern. H4.7b!Fl5.ow.
ST. LOUIS. June 2fi. M ktais iead
steady at $4.40. Spelter easier at $5.S2Vs.
Cottaa Market.
NEW YORK. June 26.-COTTOX-Snot
closed quiet and 25 points lower; middling
uplands, 14 iuc; middling gulf. 15.00c. No
BT. TeOtTI8, June 26 COTTON Lower:
middling. 15c; sales, none: receipts, Sr
bales; shipment. 6 bale; stock, $,523
New York cotton market, as furnished by
Logan A Pryan. member New York Cot
ton exchange, lift boutn sixteenth street:
I ,
Month. Open. Klgtt Low. Clotu. Sat'y.
July It 60 14 61 14 38 14 39 14 66
Aug 14 63 14 67 14 49 14 14 56
Sept 13 42 18 44 13 87 18 4 13 45
Oct 13 10 13 15 13 03 12 I 13 11
Dec 13 12 IS 16 13 98 IS 07 13 11
Dry Good Marked.
Trads In wholesale dry goods markets waa
very quiet at the opening of. the week.
Jobbera are busy with their Inventory
figures snd retailer were not in evi
dence. Raw silks and yarns ars quiet.
Dresa goods markets show little activity
in any quarter.
Coffee Market.
rinsed stesdy at a net advance of 7 points.
Sales, 45.000 bsges. June. July and Augunt,
10c: September, 10.82c; October, 10.70r;
November, 10 67c; December. January and
February. Wk64c: March. 10.65c; April, WSHo;
May. 1067c. Spot, steady; No. 7 Rio. 12V;
No. 4 Santo. lTc Mild, dull; Cordova.
laaar Marker!.
firm; muscavado. 8-test, 3 4Sc; centrifugal.
SS-test. 3 c; molasses, 88-test, 8.230. Ka
flned. gtaady. ....
Killing Cattle in Good Demand at
Steady Pricei.
Receipts of sheep and t.amha Largest
la Some Time, Half of the Ar
rivals Being from West
era Ranges.
SOUTH OMAHA. June . 1911.
Receipts were: Cartlo Hors. 6heep.
Estimate Monday 3..W 6 no 6
fame Days last week.... 2 W 6 97
Same days 3 weeks ago.. 3..VA 476
fsine days 3 weeks ago.. 4 !.! 6.SI4
Kama day 4 week ago.. 2.SM .11
.Same day last year 3.94 T.3T0
S iti
5 ii,
The following table shown tha receipts of
came nogs, ana sheep at South Omaha foi
in year 10 Gate as compared with las
ear: 1.1 1. IMP. Inc.
Oattle 4S3.S13 4..44 23.41
Hogs 1. 34S.SM 1.073. 00 274. Wet
fcheep 763.7OT B73.0M 10,733
The followtng table show lh averat
prices on hogs at South Omaha for the
ast several day, with comparison:
!ates. j 19U. 1910. 11W9. llJt..!eW.190t. lo
June 17..
June 18..
June 19..
June 20..
Mine L'l..
June 33..
211 T 63! S 5.11 S III
I 80
S so
7 61! I 67 S 37 39!
7 3 1 6 64 1 6 3I 3KI
I 15
6 i
6 66 5 91 I 30
a 9 4l. 7 R.i I o s, iH 6 10
171 7 6X1 I 77! 6 91! 6 13
Juno 23.
20 I
9 161 T 461 t Ml 351 I 16
6 141,
9 21 t 4.M 6 J! 5 831 1 6 20
9 261 7 431 6 371 SSI
i 7 681 6 83 3i 5 2S S 19
Recelnts and dlsnnsltlnn of live stock at
the I'nion Stock Yards, South Omaha, for
ine twenty-four hour ending at 3 p. m
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep. HV.
ai. e en. f i
Union Paclflo 26
C. N. W., east.... 25
C. & N. W., west.... 85
C, St. P., M. & O.... 8
C, B. & Q east S
C, B. & Q , west 44
Illinois Central
11 15
86 4
82 1 1
8S 26
Total receipt ....14S
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep,
Omaha Packing Co 838 906 ....
Swift and Company 810 748 893
Cudahy Packing Co 694 8.100 1,271
Armour A Co 324 2,299 861
Morrell 35
Benton, Vansant 4k Lush. 84
Hill & Son 286
F. B. Lewi 27
Huston & Co 189
J. H. BUUa 241
JU F. Husz 123
8. Werthelmer 196 ....
'Sullivan Bros 36
Lehmer Bros 6
Other buyer '749 .... 832
Totals 4,066 6,146 $.367
CATTLE Receipts of cattle this morning
numbered 46 cars which was larger than
one week ago and larger than two week
ago. The arrival consisted of a much
smaller proportion of killers than usual
of late and a much larger proportion of
stock cattle especially stock heifer shipped
In from other market. On account of the
smaller proportion of fat cattle the re
ceipts In the yards seemed much smaller
than usual and everything desirable wa
cleaned up In good season in the morn
ing. The market opened with a good buying
Jemand for beef and aa offerings of that
kind of cattle were very moderate the
trade was fairly active and pretty much
everything in sight changed hands In very
good season In the morning. Prices on
the desirable kind at least were fully
steady with last week' close.
Oood killing cow were also fairly active
and steady but inferior kinds were slow.
There were more stock heifers in th
rards this morning than have been seen
bere In a long time while the demand
was very conservative. In addition to
the fresh receipts there were sixteen or
eighteen car of the same kind of cattle
carried over from last week. Under the
pressure to sell and with the slim de
mand prices were sharply lower, at least
uxaiaa lower.
' The supply of stock and feeders steers
waa not very large and the market on
the dseirable kinds did not show much
change but common stuff wa alow and
Quotations on cattle: Good to choice beef
steers, $6.006.25; fair to good beef steers,
$6.75416.00: common to fair beef steers, $6.00
good to choice cows, $4.506.00; fair to good
65.75; good to choice heifers, Ii.004i6.ti5;
cows and heifers, $4.0004.50; common to
fair cows and heifers, $2.0094.00; good to
choice atocker and feeders, $4.404j4.85;
common to fair stockers and feeders, $3.60
(74.40; stock heifer. $3.00 3. 75; veal calves,
$3.6O7.00; bulls, stags, etc.. $3.255.00.
Representative sales:
a. FT. No. A. FT.
1011 I 46 16 1101 I M
10K4 I 66 21 1301 4 00
1071 t 44 II 1211 I 00
171 6 06 40 Ill I 00
1101 I 76 11 107 I 00
1244 I 80 II 1146 I 10
, U1 I 16 4 1400 4 10
1140 I M II 1421 4 11
1086 I M II U66 M
1070 S M
666 4 IS 44 S06 8 M
400 t 46 1 II T4 4 06
707 I 60 61 141 4 '4
, M0 t 60 4 10 I 60
, N IM 1 1011 I 71
, I7 I 76 10 1021 10
, Il S 10 II M 18
104 I 16 tl I 4 60
, 1064 S K 7 110 4 4
M 111 1 110 4 71
, 471 I 76 1 114 I 4
, 160 4 00 1 716 6 OS
101 S 00
401 S 00
Ill I 14
621 I 10
64 I II
40 I 16
6S6 I 40
474 I lo
124 I SO
4S4 S 10
ll I 10
611 I 16
401 I 20
66 I 16
416 S 16
7 160 1....
....110 4 00
....UN 4 74
.... 146 S H
.... 140 S M
.... 1M 6
.... 110 I 6
.... no 4 6i
.... 114 4 71
.... Ill 4 11
1 141 S 44 1....
S10 I W I..
71 I 26
144 4 II
ZOl 4 II
Ill I 00
10 I 00
141 4 00
110 I 00
114 S 00
too T 00
10 J 0
700 I 10
606 I 40
1 421 4 IS
61 4 16
404 4 SO
nt 4 40
171 4 40
144 4 44
7M 4 44
70 4 6
111 4 64
,44 I 16
in in
, 411 4 10
,444 4 10
, 61 4 II
lal 4 20
, 411 4 20
, 740 4 SS
HOOS Condition In tha hog trade were
largely traceable to supply flngurea at
other point, especially at Chicago. A rea
sonably large run at that market afforded
the main reason for cheapening cost, as
local recelpta had usual limited Monday
volume. Buyers remained under cover
until well along toward 10 o'clock and
when trading finally started, best bids
averaged all of a nickel lower. The big
bulk of ninety-car supply rhad to move
at figures fully fiv off, all weight shar
ing In the decline.
Absence of life featured movement, aa
there was little activity to demand, and
clearance wa delayed until well along'
toward noon. Shippers and speculator
furnished poor suppor. at all time.
Spreads between various weights r.awei
a narrowing tendency and preference tor
bacon animala was not quite as pro
nounced aa on Saturday. Long strings
ranged from $6.05 to $6.1$ and CAviloo
grades weighing around 209 pounds cold up
aa high aa $6.25.
Representative sales:
No. Av.
I 110
61 nrr
61 Ill
44 200
61 110
II 171
III 101
II r,i
44 Ill
44 167
8k. rr. No. A. Sh. Tr.
I 90 44 Ml 10 1
OIK 44 241 140 4 1
... I O4 44 24 12 I 10
..- 4 00 41 14 ... 1
140 00 10 Kt ... I 14
14 I 02 II 14T ... 11
I 04 44 Ill ... I U
... 46 II Ill ... 4 16
44 4 44 14 ill 4 I II
... S OS U 241 v 40 S 11
14 S 04 74 221 10 4 16
SO I 04 IM till H 111
... 4 04 44...... .141 4 4 14
124V 4 04 41 ilt ... S 11
4 4 1 74 Ul ... S IS
... SI II IM ... S 174
... S 1 I lot US I I
48 4 I 44 14 ... I 10
si s in ... si
IM 1 II u ... i to
4 1 44 1 4 IS
It S 10 II 14 ... S M
I 1 40 14 14 I M
10 4 is 11 an ...
ssi 1 ui ... it
M I 14 44 14 4 I
I 14 94 ... S SS
4 S 1
76 ...
M ...
SHEEP Th markat for gfaoap opeasd la
rather quiet faahlon. a good slxed supph
prompting a demand that did not appear to
be very active. In the nelehborhood of
twentv-flve loads of stock were received In
all. fully half of the run consisting of
srsssers from vsrlous western states Cali
fornia sent In six or seven loads of spring
latnl'M and wethers. Oregon was repre
sented with yearlings and wethers, and
Idaho also produced one shipment.
All of the regular buyers were out In the
alleys early, but there was not much busi
ness done until bulk of offerings had been
thoroughly "looked over.' Considerable
trash among arrivals, esoeclsllv In receipts
billed from sections msrketlna- the inii.-r.
of the fed crop, had more or less of a de
gressive inriuenre upon demand, and some
title discrimination was nnnarent lri..
steady to right around a dime lower himsht
a large portion of supply, Inferior T;lnds of
sheen and lambs usually showing easier
Oregon yesrllngs moved at t4 3ft rr.u
wether sold around IS 75 and choice shorn
Ismhs are still quotable up to $ 2r. Spring
Ismhs would hsve to be flrst-cIaM In every
respect to reach $7.00.
lambs, good to choice. $r, vyj7 00;' snrlnrt
imns. inir in gooo. o -S' ' M): shorn
Ismhs, Brood to choke. $H.flrT7s,.25; shorn
Ismhs. fair to good. $5,506 Id 0ft; feed In
Ismhs. shorn. $3.6004.26; yesrllngs. shorn,
I4.o0fr6 00; wethers, shorn. $3,7544.09: ewes
good to choice, shorn. $3.60(17400; ewes, fair
trgood. shorn. $3.004ji.6o; culled ewes, $164
10 western ewes ; lr$ $ 3R
81 western lamb T2 6 50
S4 western ewes -....101 8 so
87 wetern yearlings 7 5 50
10 western culls M ! 60
117 western ewes 104 3 7."
67 spring lambs (a t 00
68 western ewe S3 8 0
S3 western ewes, rnlla aa f nn
713 Oregon wether lis 3 70
5 spring lambs, cull 60 4 50
6 spring lambs 113 5 50
41 spring lambs 73 7 00
IS western ewes and wethers. ..1.17 4 00
f spring: lambs ai K
182 western wethers 101 ' 1 ao
217 western ewe '. M 3 so
29 western ewes, cull 87 I 00
20 western wet here cuiia k in
V west, weths' ylgs. ewe 72 4 00
23 spring lambs 71 S 60
10 spring lambs, rnlla Ii3 4 ?k
149 western vearllnss. faerlera 79) I 7S
870 western yearling 85 4 80
Demaa for
All Classes
of Stock
I Weak.
CHICAGO. June 2(t C ATTf .trB.o.ii.
26,0(10 head; market weak; beeves, $4.75(g
6.65; Texas steers, $4.40fr5.90; western steers,
$4.60415.70: storker and feeders, $3.15$6.35;
cows and heifer, $2.2&7j6.75; calves, $5.75
HOGS RecelDtS. 41.000 heart - market wreak
to 6c lower: llahts. Sti lOififi 52U.- mi..H
$i.KKij6.62H: heavy, $6.0oCilti.4V; rough. $.00
ioo.iu; gooa 10 cnoice neavy, so acf 47Vi;
pigs, $5.66ft.30: bulk of sales. SS.lVati.SO.
BnejBjf ainu UMUS-Receipts. 26,000
head; market weak: native. tl25(H4 05:
yearlings. 83.9ntif4.60: native lambs. lATJ.-io
0.10, western, e.lA"t().a9.
Kaaaaa Cltr Lira Btook Market
celpts, 9,600 head, including 8,000 southerns:
marxet strong to 10c higher; southern lOtgi
10c nisner: aressea riser and ea-nnrt erw
S6.90lti4i.60: fair to KOod. S4.90l!i6.90' weatern
steers, 84.2n.10; stockers and feeders. $3.60
o.a; southern steers, $3.75!o.l6; southern
cow. $2.6014.00; native cows, $2.6iti6.00;
native heifers, $4.26.20; bulls, $3.004.60;
calve. $4.0037.00.
HOGS Receipt. 10.000 hesd: market
strong; bulk of sales, $6.266.30; hravv,
rl.2F.ti 6. 30; packers and butchers, S.25
32H; lights, $6.206.36. '
SHEEP AND I.AMFUS Rjwelnta 1 tm
head; market 10ff26o lower; lambs, $6.00-8)
6.60; yearlings, ROCKS-); wethers, $3.5oS
3.80; ewes, f2.6tt98.26; stockers and feeder.
St. I.oals Live Stock Market.
E.900 head, including 2.100 Texans; market
strong; native snipping and export steers,
S5.26&6.40: dressed beef and butcher ateera
$4.6O&.06; steers under LO00 lbs.. $5.00$ 6.25:
Biocser ana leeaer. lifcftlt.Vb: cow and
heifer. 83.00a6.40: canners. 81.nrtfftl.ori: hull
$3.00185.00; calves. $6.00(8.25: Texas and In
dian steer. $3.26ti6.00; cow and heifer.
$3 OOtj'R.OO
HOGS Receipts. 10.000 head: atronr: nlira
and lights. $6.4dtS6.66: Packers. $fi .7506.40:
butchers and beat heavy. S6.46(o,.57VS.
head: market native mutton lion
23.75: lamb. $3.0097.00: cull and buck,
$2.00?2.?6; stockers. $1.00nT3.00.
St. Joaepk Live Stock Market. '
ceipts, l.sou head: market steadv. steers
Sa.60i&.2fi; cows and heifer. $8.60i&6.75;
calves, $3.607.50.
HOQS Receipt. 8.000 head: market
Steady; top, $6.30; bulk of sales, $6.20ji6.30.
SHEEP AND LAMBS Receipts, 6,000
head; market slow; lamb. $4 5O4j5.90.
Stock la Slgkt.
Receipts of live stock at the flva nrln.
uiikii western marKeis saturaay:
Cattle. Hogs. Sheep.
South Omaha 3.800 60 6.800
St. Joseph 1.800 6,000 6.000
Kansas City 9,6i0 10.000 7.000
St. Louis 6,900 10.000 6.200
Chicago 26.000 41.000 26,000
Total 46,600 72,900 60,Ouo
Minneapolis Grala Market.
uly, 96c; September. 98c: December. Wi'et
96-Tic; No. 1 hard. 984c; No. I northern. 9tiH
unic; mo. s northern, 34istHc; No. 3,
Mllwaakee Grata Market.
MILWAUKEE. June 26. WH EAT No. 1
northern, 99c41.00; No. 2 northern, 798c;
July, 89c! September, 894o.
uajb (standard, 4l4.!fj42c.
BAKLEY Malting, $1.KS'1.16.
Dalatk Grata Market.
DTJLTJTH. June 26. WHEAT No. 1
northern. 96c; No. I northern. 93c to 94c;
July, 96o bid; September, 96c bid.
UA1B-U i-sc.
Wool Market.
8T. LOUIS. June 26. WOOL Unchanged;
territory and western mediums, 1719Vc ;
fine mediums, 16(tfl7Hc: fine, 11314V.
Mr. Lew William, assisted by Mis
Pearl Rhyno. entertained at dinner yes
terday In honor of her guesta. Mr. and
Mrs. Whits and Mrs Beckman of Lincoln.
Cover for thirty guests were laid.
Panama Canal Gold Bonds
Maturing January 1, 1SG1
Non-taxable Coupan or Registered
Available for Security Government Deposits
Legal Investmeat Trust and Savings Funds
"We offer sairre at market, quotations made upon request
by mail or wire.
List of Investment
Bonds Paying From 2.85 to 6
mailed upon request
A. B. Leach & o.
Investment Bankers
148 Broadway
Fourth Chaatnut Sta.
Prime Minister of Australia Say
Large Land Owners Bane.
Itefaae tgreea at Oxford and Cam.
bridge Lord ftoaehery Deelare
Eagllsamaa's Homo Xs Longer
Hla Castle.
I.ONDON. June !. Andrea- Flher, whr
left Scotland, where he worked a a pit
boy. to seek employment In th mines ot
Atistrslla, and who Is now hark as prim
minister of the commonwealth, ha been
shocking the English by his outspokenness
and his support of Ideas which her are
c nsldered almost anarchistic. Mr. Fisher
Is no respecter of persons. Ills speech In
which he attacked James Kerr Hardis for
the gentleman opposition to armaments,
showed that the Ideas of Australian and
English labor leaders differ radically.
Now he has been speaking to Iindon
financiers who, have Interest In Australia,
in even plainer terms.
A deputation from eompanie owning
large tracts of land in Australia waited
upon him to protest against the new
Australian land tax, which alms at break
ing tip large estate. The spokesman of
the deputation said the tax would keep
capital out of Australia.
Mr. Fisher' reply was:
"You don't know what you r talking
about." and then h proceeded to how
how. In hla mind, th large land owner
retarded the progress of the country by
tying up hi land and holtS'lng It for pec
ulation. Mr. Fisher ha thus fiir declined All
titles and degree offered h m. He did not
accept one at Oxford, whloh waa to con
fer a degree upon him In common with
other prime minister, and he declined a
degree offered him by Cambridge,
One Proad Boast none.
Lord Rosebery hsa exploded the Idea that
"an Englishman' house Is his castle."
The former minister has Slscovered that
In the finance act of lait year, which
provided for the valuation of land, there
I a clause which permits a valuer to en
ter any house and Inspect It at his will.
Lord Rosebery, accepting the privilege of
every Englishman, wrote to the press A
letter of protest, concluding thus:
"There I thus a definite end of the proud
boast of centuries that tin Englishman's
house la hi castle. We all remember
Chatham's boast. The poorest man may .
In hi cottage b'd defiance to all the forces
of the crown,' and so forth. I warn all
off this recitation, for It Is now a mock
ery and a deception. We are a tamer race
Sir Harry Poland, an eminent lawyer,
undertook to reply to Lord Rorebery and
established that the boast has been "a -mockery
and deception" for nearly seventy
year and further that under the finance
act of 1894, when Lord Rosebery wss a
member of the then liberal
there waa an exactly similar provision. A '
long ago as 1836 Inspectors w.c ...
light to enter a house.
Kills Officer and
Wounds Police Chief
Pipe Moulder at Anniston, Ala., Be
comet Crated When Police Seek
to Arrest Him.
ANNISTON. Ala., June $6. Policeman
Jphn L. Cunningham I dead, Police Chief
Nathan Glosson la seriously wounded.
Officer James Glasswood I hot through
th wrist and W. 8. McQuffln. a pip
moulder, charged with having killed th
one and wounding the two officers. Is In
a local hospital riddled with small shot
fired by an unidentified man who was In
the posse that caught him.
McQuffln, it is said, was resisting arrest
on a charge of Intoxication.
The town Is excited and numerous threat
of lynching prompted officer to movi
McQuffln to the county jail from th hos
pital. It I not believed he I fatally
wounded, though shot In many place.
Stanley Hotel Blown
Up by Gas Explosion
Half Million Dollar Structure in Eitei
Park is Wrecked and
Eight Hurt.
ESTES PARK, Colo., June 26 Th Stan
ley hotel, built at a coat of $500,000, was
partially wrecked tonight by an explosion
of acetylene gas. Eight persona wer In
jured, one seriously.
None of the guest wa injured. Elisa
beth Wilson of Lancaster. Pa., a hotel
employ, waa hurled from th aecond to tha
first floor and both ankle were broken.
The other seven injured are negro waiter.
Th explosion wrecked th west wing of
the hotel.
Persistent Advertising is the Road to Big
South Doarborn 8L
18 Stat St